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Redlands Daily Facts (Newspaper) - July 24, 1958, Redlands, California Vol. I34a 68th year no. 72 Redlands California thursday july 24, 1958 facts phone by 3-3221 twelve pages 5 cents agrees to n. Y. House votes defense dept. Organization Mcelroy says Mideast crisis shows . Defense forces ready Washington up the House unanimously approved a Compromise Bill granting president Eisenhower Powers to reorganize the defense department for the nuclear missile age. By voice vote the House approved the measure As drafted by House Senate conferees. There was no debate. The Compromise legislation now goes to the Senate. It gives the president most of what he asked for but ignores several Powers he requested. Chairman Carl Vinson a a of the House armed services committee read the House a letter from Eisenhower which said that except in relatively minor respects the Bill adequately meets every recommendation to the Congress on this Eisenhower submitted the sweeping reorganization plan at the outset of the current congressional session in the Wake of soviet sputnik successes. It was a major demand on his part. Meanwhile defense Secretary Neil h. Mcelroy reported that the Middle East crisis has demonstrated that . Defense forces Are ready and that they can move rapidly to those parts of the world where they Are needed missile development the Secretary made the statement to the Senate preparedness subcommittee he was recalled for what chairman Lyndon b. Johnson Tex a audit of the nation s Mceroy s prepared statement included an optimistic report on missile development. It stressed the fact that the defense department has recently let a contract for the development of a liquid fuel engine with about one million pounds he commented that since his last subcommittee appearance two incidents have tested the Speed of our forces reaction to situations of one was in connection with vice president Nixon s visit to Caracas the other is the current situation in the Middle East Mcelroy declared. We believe that the record clearly shows that our forces Are ready and that they can move rapidly to those parts of the world where they Are Mcelroy also reported that the defense department s advanced research projects Agency has been fully organized. He reported Progress on Thor and Jupiter intermediate Range missiles and said they should As previously announced be ready for assign intent overseas this year. He reported Progress on the intercontinental Atlas and Titan missiles. He testified that tests have shown that the Navy s Polaris missile can be fired from a moving platform from underwater and that the direction of the mis Sile is not hampered by the motion of the launching adm. Quiggle disappears on Pacific liner san Francisco up Navy rear adm. La nne c. Quiggle 52, disappeared aboard the liner president Cleveland while it was in route from Japan to san Francisco american president lines officials reported today. A message received by Al from the Cleveland s skipper. Commodore h. J. Ehman said Quiggle was last seen at tuesday Midnight 36 hours out from san Francisco. He Lead been travelling with his wife Anne who reported him missing. The Cleveland was due to arrive Here at 1 . . Today. Twelfth naval District officers planned to meet the ship and investigate the Admiral s disappearance. Quiggle had just completed a tour of duty As chief of staff of the joint command . Forces in Japan. He was in route to san Diego to assume command of amphibious group 1. The squiggles official residence is Chevy Chase my. They have a son Robert l. Quiggle. Police woman dismissed los Angeles up Florence Coberly Stanton chosen As the outstanding woman on the los Angeles police Force in 1952, today faced dismissal from her Post because of a shoplifting charge. Dismissal was ordered wednesday by a police Board which reviewed a charge that mrs. Stanton and her Mother lifted s2.32 in groceries from a supermarket. Police chief William h. Parker said he would dismiss the policewoman As soon As he received the Board s order. Marines May guard 15-Block approach to . Building United nations . Up the United nations has begun working on Security and protocol problems connected with a Summit conference in the Security Council and it was reported . Marines May be asked to guard a 15-Block approach to the building. A source close to Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold said the United nations would be ready by monday to play Host to president Eisenhower soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and other government chiefs invited to attend. But some sources doubted Security arrangements could be completed in time. It was expected that anti communist organizations in new York particularly remnants of the hungarian Freedom army who escaped the 1956 soviet tank attacks would give the soviet Del negation a sizzling reception when it arrived. U. N. Security officials said they were ready to cooperate with the u. S. Secret service Britain s s c o 11 a and Yard the French surety and Russia s Security organization. Khrushchev s sudden provisional acceptance of Eisenhower s bid to a Summit meeting in the Security Council immediately touched off reports that a 15-Block stretch of Manhattan s first Avenue May be closed off and policed by u. S. Marines. The glistening u. N. Edifice fronts on first Avenue while the East River flows behind it. Soviet ambassador Arkady a. Sobolev who wednesday night delivered to Hammarskjold Khrushchev s request for a monday meeting of the Council said he had no qualms about putting up the soviet Premier in his embassy in the heart of new York s Park Avenue to at a us Birban place the delegation owns at Glen Cove Long Island 25 Miles from the City. He said however that Khrushchev might decide to stay at a new York hotel. Tension eases slip reply in Lebanon opposition warms up to trouble shooting Mission of Murphy Beirut Lebanon up the opposition appeared today to be warming up to the trouble shooting Mission of . Deputy undersecretary of state Robert Murphy. An end to the crisis and the withdrawal of american troops seemed Only a matter of time. Tension eased sharply wednesday when speaker Adel Osseiran of the 66-Man lebanese parliament announced it would meet july 31 to elect a successor to controversial president Camille Chamoun. The session originally had been scheduled for today. Murphy has talked with leaders of both sides in an Effort to help find a suitable Cor Promise candidate and his efforts Drew Praise today from the opposition newspaper Telegraph which predicted confidently the . Forces will go Back where they came from soon. It said Murphy through talks with opposition leaders now knows the facts about the situation in Lebanon. We have Learned that the information collected by Murphy will Lead to a relaxation of the crisis within the next few the pro government paper Al Bina also reported the possibility of a Compromise arising from Murphy s talks but expressed government feelings against such a move although the government decision to seek a presidential candidate outside parliament represented a major Compromise. The Independent newspaper Nahar said Murphy is making Progress because he had president Eisenhower s full authority to engage in talks. The feeling Here was that every Day is vital in seeking a solution. No one knows How Long the extremist opposition elements will continue to accept . Troops and Fleet activities without provoking a real incident. Nea Redlo clap hot Beach head scene in a carnival like atmosphere scores of lebanese gather on a Beach near Beu it to watch As new reinforcements land to join the first contingent of marines to land in Lebanon. Weather los Angeles up noon forecast As prepared by the . Weather Bureau skies will be sunny this afternoon and Friday in Southern California but coastal Low Clouds will spread Inland to coastal valleys again tonight and Early Friday morning. Not much temperature change is expected. No material change is seen for saturday. San Bernardino Valley mostly sunny Friday but local Early morning coastal fog. Little temperature change. July 24, 1958 2 . Reading highest 91 lowest 55 one year ago today highest 101 lowest 57 Grant funds for full freeway West of Colton Sacramento i opt funds were allocated wednesday by the state Highway commission for several Highway construction projects throughout the state including san Bernardino county $725,-000 for construction of inter Chang e structures to convert about 14 Miles of the san Bernardino freeway from express Way to full freeway standards. However the Southern Pacific Railroad has not agreed at this time to put up additional Money that would be required for the work in the Rialto and Fontana districts. The Highway closely parallels the up tracks in that Section. Smashes car into store suicide attempt fails Malibu calif., up a Man despondent because of his unemployment rammed his sports car at 60 Miles an hour through the closed doors of a drug store in an unsuccessful suicide attempt today. He then drove around inside trying to shake Down the building s roof sheriff s deputies reported. Damage to the drugstore and an adjacent Coffee shop was estimated at $75,000. Jarnes Sidney Macdonald 39, an unemployed Public relations Counselor and father of three said he fled from the building when he accidentally started a fire by flipping a cigarette into some spilled liquid. Five engine companies and three pumpers responded to an alarm and extinguished the Blaze. Macdonald told deputies he had been unemployed since october and decided to kill himself by smashing into the drugstore. When i Felt around and discovered i was still living i drove around inside the store trying to Knock Down the pillars so the roof would collapse on top of me he said. He said he also picked up pieces of Glass and Cut himself. Pharmacy operator Richard Simmons 36, Santa Monica estimated damage to the drug store at about $65,000, while Coffee shop owner Vern e. Herrick 37, said his establishment had about $10,-000 damage. Man who helped Macarthur escape stricken at sea Honolulu up the Man who helped Gen. Douglas Macarthur escape from the Philippines during world War ii underwent emergency medical care today on a ship in the Pacific. Capt. John d. Bulkeley 47, now skipper of the Fleet Oiler Tolo Vana suffered internal Haemorrhages tuesday while his ship was sailing Northwest of Hawaii. The Tolosana arranged a rendezvous at sea with the military transport Gaffey 467 Miles Southeast of Midway Island wednesday morning to place Bulkeley under the care of the Gaffey s doctor. Bulkeley was expected to be transferred to a Small boat off the Midway Channel Marker sometime today for further treatment at Midway. When world War 11 started Bulkeley was in command of motor torpedo boat Squadron Iii in the Philippines. He later wrote a Book about his experiences which he called they were it was one of his boats that carried Macarthur from Corregidor to Australia when it became apparent that the Philippines w Ere lost. Bulkeley received a congressional medal of Honor for his exploits during the Early Days of the War. Khrushchev s acceptance surprises diplomats by Henry Shapiro United press International Moscow up Premier Nikita Khrushchev s prompt acceptance of a Summit conference within the United nations surprised the Moscow diplomatic corps today. But they saw no major obstacles to an actual meeting. There were no major ifs and huts in Khrushchev s worded message to world leaders. On the contrary he protested this is not the time for although Khrushchev was accepting a Western proposal it Siul was a personal Triumph for him. He has Long sight a Summit conference and often has expressed the desire to visit America now he May achieve both. Observers said his Stock is Likely to skyrocket in the soviet Union and probably in Asia. He appears in Arab eyes to have emerged As the chief non Arab protector and spokesman for the Arab world. The agreement on the Summit meeting itself proved an easy matter compared with the virtually unsurpassable obstacles Likely to come up at any big five meeting at the . Khrushchev s maximum proposals were Likely to include immediate withdrawal of Anglo american. Forces from the Middle East. Dissolution of foreign bases in the Middle East. Renunciation of the use of Force. Cessation of supplying arms to the Middle East. Establishment of a Neutral non nuclear zone in the area. All of these have been Stock soviet proposals rejected in the past by Western Powers. U. S. Drafting note to Russia de Gaulle s about face comes As Surprise even to frenchmen Washington up French Premier Charles de Gaulle in an about face today agreed to attend a Summit meeting in new York if it is kept Short. Tjie general s decision announced in Paris surprised even French officials who thought he would refuse to participate in a Middle East conference if it were held in the publicity Glare of the United nations. De Gaulle s decision was Dis House of lords admits women to membership Londo Nup the House of lords today admitted four women to membership the first in 700 years. The four chosen to join the hitherto a male upper chamber of parliament Are Baroness Ravens Dale 26, social worker whose maternal Grandfather was the late l. Z. Letter of Washington . The marchioness of Reading 26, an authority on child welfare mrs. Barbara Wooton former la borate professor of social studies and Dame Atherine Elliott 55, widow of a tory Cabinet minister. Navy boats search for Wickie the space mouse mafia invasion of la. Probed los Angeles up dist. Atty. William b. Mckesson says he plans to Confer with dist. Atty. Frank Hogan of. New York next week on rumours that the mafia is considering a move into los Angeles county rackets. Mckesson. Said wednesday he was concerned about recent testimony in Washington d. A from capt. James Hamilton chief of intelligence of the los Angeles police department who said criminal syndicates were looking with a Friendly Eye at the West coast. Mckesson said he did not believe there was any present mafia activity in his District but noted there Are several persons who were members of the new York underworld now in los Mckesson said he would talk to Hogan about those persons and try to get information on How to prevent Ariy syndicates from mov ing into our Cape canaveral fla., up air Force planes and Navy recovery boats reported no Success today in the South Atlantic search for Wickie the space mouse. The air Force said the Hunt is still going Wickie blasted into space at 3 13 . Put wednesday in the nose Cone of a Thor Able missile was the second rodent to be shot through space in a combination military scientific test. The recovery package of the Thor Able nose Cone contained a radio transmitter outfitted with a flashing red Light and a constant White beam but if they functioned Tomato truck spies cargo on freeway East los Angeles up truck Driver Wilber Carl Rollins 36, Oceanside was injured seriously today when his truck trailer Rig struck an abutment on the Santa Ana freeway and overturned spilling tons of tomatoes Over the pavement. Rollins was treated in Angelus emergency Hospital for severe head injuries and multiple bruises. California Highway patrolmen said the Rig Jackknife and flipped on its Side Rollins was thrown about 60 feet from the cab and the engine was found 30 feet from the wreckage. Properly the search Force was unable to detect them. The Hunt was being entered about Halfway Between ascension Island and the coast of Africa. It appeared the Best guide the searchers had today if it worked was the Medicine Ball size balloon designed to suspend the nose Cone and its Little passenger just beneath the surface of the water. The search for the nose Cone of the Thor Able re entry test vehicle launched last evening is still going on the air Force said in the first statement since the rocket was launched. But the Odds favored Wickie s survival on the 6,30d-mile trip through the hazards of the unknown outside the Earth s atmosphere. A spokesman disclosed wednesday that Wickie s predecessor another Albino female named Laska heed for 32 minutes after she was blasted into the heavens. This is the period required for the return of the Thor Able nose Cone to the Earth s surface in a 6,300-mile journey. It was believed the last recovery Effort failed either because the nose Cone s Parachute did not open or the balloon designed to suspend the package just below the water failed to inflate. The last official statement on the rocket s most recent performance was issued two minutes after its launching wednesday too Early to Tell whether the missile completed its flight pro Perly. Los Angeles up service station attendant Charles ear Brubaker 39, has confessed murdering a 40-year-old Divorcee and her 9-year-old son in their Wil Shire District apartment according to police. Police chief William h. Parker said Brubaker admitted murdering mrs. Irene p. Morey 40, and her son Craig sunday night after a lie Detector test lasting More than five hours wednesday. Brubaker was arrested tuesday Ess than 10 hours after the bodies of the victims were discovered by fellow employees of a los Angeles newspaper who called at mrs. Morey s apartment to see Why she had been absent from work. According to chief Parker Brubaker confessed hitting mrs. Morey when her son found them together in the apartment. She was suffocated and the boy was hit on the head and strangled. Miss Morey s body Clad Only in a sweater a Robe thrown across her was found on a divan. Her hands had been bound behind her Back and a stocking was twisted around her neck. The boy s body was on the floor nearby. Brubaker told officers he met the Divorcee last Friday when he helped Start her stalled car took her to a movie that night and went to her House for dinner on the night of the slayings. Neighbors who described mrs. Morey s visitor put officers o n Brubaker s Trail. Knowland protests Russ Summit meet terms Nikita s face Dull Chicago up Youst Karsh world famed portrait photographer who has snapped Many of the world s celebrities said he s willing to pass up soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev who has a Dull uninteresting face like a meat Washington up Senate Republican Leader William f. Knowland protested today that a Middle East Summit meeting on terms Laid Down by soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev would result in another Munich for the West. The californian particularly objected to Khrushchev s demand that Indian Premier Jawaharlal Nehru participate in the proposed meeting at the United nations. Knowland also suggested that president Eisenhower might consider calling in former presidents Herbert Hoover and Harry s. Truman for advice on the Middle East crisis. Of Khrushchev s Summit terms Knowland told a news conference we cannot idly stand by and let him say who will attend the conference and How it will be conducted. If we do the United nations effectiveness would be severely damaged and it could Well go the Way of the league of he also criticized Khrushchev s insistence that no votes be taken or resolutions adopted if the chiefs of state meet. We cannot sit Back and let the soviet Union unilaterally change the provisions of the . Charter the gop Leader said. In another development. Sen. Hubert h. Humphrey a Minn said the . Should insist that israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion be included in any Summit Middle East conference. Humphrey said we would be anything but realistic if we did not insist on including he also urged that the . Insist that president Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic attend the conference. Nasser is reported willing to do so. Administration spokesmen have been passing the word Here that this government wanted no part of the kind of Summit conference now shaping up. It has been made Plain that the . Is being dragged into a conference by Circum stances a mainly British pressure and the need to Deal somehow with the Mideast crisis. The reaction of numerous members of Congress to this attitude was reflected in the comment of Humphrey a member of the Senate foreign relations committee. This administration s negative approach will weaken and undermine our position he said in an interview. Claim baby held until Bill paid los Angeles up or. And mrs. Bernard Phillips today sought $20,015 damages for their 4-month-old daughter who they claimed was held by a North hoi Lywood Hospital As Security on an unpaid Bill. The couple filed the suit wednesday in Superior court against Victory Hospital Victory medical group and five persons identified As operators of the two facilities. The action claimed that Phillip s infant daughter Jane Ann born March 9, was held two Days after the Mother had left the Hospital because $80 was due on a Hospital Bill. Miyoshi Umeki director wed Hollywood up Petite Miyoshi Umeki the japanese actress who won an Academy award for her performance in Sayonara honeymooned today with to director Winfield Opie. The couple was wed wednesday night in a simple ceremony in the Home of Ward Ellis a member of the staff of the Tennessee Ernie Ford show a program directed by Opie. It was the first marriage for 29-year-old miss Umeki. Opie 34, was wed once before. Closed As president Eisenhower and Secretary of state John Foster Dulles were drafting a proposed new note to soviet Premier Nikita s. Khrushchev on Date place and program for the meeting. There was no hint As to the contents of the . Note but White House press Secretary James c. A erty said it would not be sent to Moscow until it had been looked Over by Britain and France. Ever since the subject of a Summit meeting in the Security Council was broached this week Paris has been reporting that de Gaulle objected strenuously to holding the conference in new York. French authorities said he preferred a More Neutral place such As Geneva and a meet Ilg without publicity. . Security Council meetings usually Are televised. Dulles goes to Europa it appeared that de Gaulle s decision removed one of the possible obstacles to a Summit meeting soon on the Middle East crisis. Still to be resolved were issues of time representation and ground rules. It was Clear however that the meeting time proposed by Khrushchev next monday was out. Dulles will be in Europe Over the weekend and will not return to this country until tuesday morning. He has dates that Day and the next with italian Premier Fanfani. The White House gave no indication of the official . Attitude toward Khrushchev s demand that Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and chiefs of the Arab states be invited to the meeting. Security Council meets the president and Dulles conferred on the reply to Khrushchev by Telephone before attending a National Security Council meeting. It was assumed that the Council also discussed the reply. Hagerty said he did not know whether the reply would be completed and the necessary consultations held in time to transmit it to Moscow today. Other developments London Britain welcomed Khrushchev s acceptance of the West s Summit invitation. But it said monday is too soon. A government statement said we Are prepared to meet As soon As a special meeting of the Security Council can conveniently be Nehru is willing new York Khrushchev in answers to questions submitted by Kingsbury Smith United press International vice president said he is willing for the meeting to be in new York Geneva or any new Delhi Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru said a will attend the Summit conference Only if both parties East and West invite him. United nations the United nations was working on the Security and protocol problems that must be solved if a Summit meeting is held in new York. It was reported . Marines May be asked to. Guard a 15-Block approach to the . Building. Cairo president Gamal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic was prepared to Fly to new York for the Summit meeting if the West accepts Khrushchev s proposal that Arab leaders participate. Beirut Deputy undersecretary of state Robert d. Murphy the . Troubleshooter in Lebanon appeared to be making headway in talks with both government and rebel leaders. An end to the crisis and withdrawal of . Marines seemed to be Only a matter of time. Taipei informed sources said nationalist China probably will approve any Summit conference formula accepted by the . Nationalist China is a permanent member of the . Security Council. Within two weeks diplomatic authorities in Washington said the Summit meeting might get under Way in two weeks. First however the Allied governments must reply t o Khrushchev s demand that India and the Arab states participate. \

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