Recipe Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Jun 12, 1970.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, June 12, 1970

but she is doing very well now and went home ThursdaymorningJason and Melba Bealls have just returned from a month-long visit in Missouri and the deep South.Thev have had a wonderful vacation and I look forwardto seeing some of the color slides they took of the beautiful Southern gardens. She brought back a delightful recipe book called “Hillbilly Cookin,’’ Mountaineer Style, and it contains many recipes used B in my part of the country, plus a few bits of wisdom J'afi and superstitions. One superstition in particular, I T'n( remember far to well. I learned about it in North. Carolina during World War II. “If a hoot owl comes'j^ to your window three nights in a row, somebody close jn to you will die.” In this particular little town in North Hue Carolina, soldiers and sailors weren’t looked upon too corn favorably and housing was next to impossible to find.We found two pitiful rooms in an old house ownedby as superstitious, uneducated and narrow-minded an elderly woman as you could find. I can remember * a' practically having a heart attack one night when I e heard an owl outside my window. I was warned byj^e2lt; my landlady the next morning to be on the lookout h; for a couple of more visits from the wise old bird, land Superstitions had been unheard of in my home as of a child, but I found myself fearing additional appearances of the owl. Fortunately, we were transferred from that area within nine months.There is one recine in the cook book I can attesta'laditestmajSch(135andDito being delicious, and that is “Confederate slaw.”As an introduction to the recipe, it is written: “We don’t know exactly how this side dish got its name, unless the Daughters of the Confederacy gave it a title. The slaw is older ’n the Civil War, I reckon ’cause it’s so downright good.” “The recipe is: Shred one cabbage. Chop one red and one green pepper to one cabbage head. Keep cool till you add the other ingredients that make up the dressing. Here it is: 3 ^ tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon flour g f Mix this then add 3 beaten eggs, 1 cup sweet milk. afte Cook in double boiler and pour in real slow a cup of was vinegar as the mixture cooks. When dressing thickens, ters add 2 tablespoons butter and one-half teaspoon celery cor seed or celery salt. Take out of boiler and cool. Pour schnon cabbage and peppers.” IThe book was published in Thorn Hill, Tennessee, a^jr and I’ll be dang if I’m not going to order one for “we-|of a uns.”annc