Radford Times Journal in Radford, Virginia
22 Aug 1976

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Radford Times Journal in Radford, Virginia
22 Aug 1976

Read an issue on 22 Aug 1976 in Radford, Virginia and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Radford Times Journal.

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Radford Times Journal (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Radford, VirginiaBerry s world c19?6t one Alec look Honey just like Nastase Don Oakley Pulaski a August 22,1976 die Sun Tinti times journal -5 getting a handle on the cd Boom  the hottest topic of Public interest this year is not the Bicentennial or even the presidential election. Be advised Good buddy that it s citizens band cd radio. Cd has captured the fancy and imagination of americans like almost nothing since the Advent of Home television three decades ago. Everyone from truck Drivers who started the current Boom during the 1973 gasoline shortage to stay at Homes from school kids to the nation s first lady known by her handle of first mama seems to want to communicate by radio. One measure of this soaring interest is the number of applicants for cd licenses. The Federal communications commission s issuing office in Gettysburg pa., is being swamped with half a million applications each month compared to 30,000 a month a few years ago. Another measure is the mushrooming appearance of new publications serving the cd Market. There Are now at least 40 magazines devoted to cd according to Burson Marsteller the Public relations Public affairs specialist reporting on a just completed Survey of the Field. This time last year there were Only four. Another seven magazines All of them less than a year old Deal with cd Trade subjects such As marketing and retailing. Cd is also invading the newspapers of finding a place alongside the crossword puzzles and Bridge columns. Newspaper Enterprise association for one example has just introduced a weekly column called cd co vac is cd Sejor conversation. J in addition the wire services Are producing and distributing cd features and interviews and radio and to Are devoting More time to the subject. Researchers a Burson Marsteller predict that the cd Boom will generate equipment and related sales of More than $1 billion this year and that the Boom will continue unabated until 1979, especially since the acc recently increased the number of channels from 23 to 40. From 1979 on they say cd is Likely to have the commonality of today s television with americans tuning into cd As routinely As they turn on to both at Home and on the Road. Marconi what hath thou wrought by bomber has earned its wings by Dale d. Myers there is regrettable irony in the fact the air Force by bomber is the focal Point of a funding Battle on Capitol Hill. The Senate has recently decided to delay that decision until after feb. 1, 1977. The delay was proposed so the newly elected president whoever he May be can further evaluate by flight test data before deciding on a go ahead. There Are two reasons a delay is unsound. First after More than a year and a half of intensive flight testing at Edwards air Force base California plus years of ground tests the b-1 already has demonstrated virtually All of its major design requirements. Air Force Secretary Thomas c. Reed recently pointed out that no new test information of significance to a production decision will become available Between november and february. He second reason is tha a delay now will add Nii Lions of dollars to the program. The air Force estimates that the additional Cost could reach As High As $500 million. It is ironic that the by debate has created the image of a questionable product. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Ever the United states the acknowledged Leader in the manufacture of Fine military aircraft has produced a Superior air plane the by is it. Each of the four secretaries of defense since 1970 has supported the program after careful evaluation of its need. As Secretary James Schlesinger requested and defended the Long Lead procurement funds approved by Congress last year. The by s performance in flight testing is so outstanding Mission in the air. The by is the most successful of any test program the flight test Center has seen to being developed by the air Force to modernize its strategic bomber Force the by is designed to survive in today s environment of sophisticated radar defences by penetrating the target at Treetop altitudes at nearly supersonic speeds. It s been said that there Are other systems which can do the by s Job More cheaply and effectively but the record does that former astronaut maj. Gen Thomas Stafford commander of the air Force flight test Center at Edwards said the by system is the result of six years of Active innovative development preceded by seven years of intensive study. Never Havene so thoroughly thought out and tested an aircraft prior to turning it Over to the ultimate user. The True proof lies in the system s ability to adequately perform its Ray Cromley l managed programs in the history of the department of defense a remarkable achievement when you consider the complexity of the Gen. Russell e. Dougherty commander of the strategic air command recently outlined 14 reasons Why the answer is unequivocally yes. He Points out that a bomber can be launched immediately in a crisis to provide High visibility of National resolve while providing precious time for peaceful negotiation. Most importantly it can be recalled if peace prevails a ballistic missile cannot. In conclusion Gen. Dougherty said a Long Range manned penetrating bomber offers a uniquely capable and dependable strategic delivery system that spreads itself reliably and capably across the broadest possible spectrum of those required military capabilities. When completely modernized and manned with skilled ingenious military Crews such a penetrating bomber offers. The United states an Overall flexibility of Choice and application that is unmatched by any other weapons system. Simply stated i View the by As the Best candidate vehicle reasonably available to satisfy the future requirement for a modern manned penetrating bomber and to provide the . With the diversified characteristics that Are and will be needed in our complementary mix of strategic delivery systems. Not Only do i View it As the Best i do not see any other comparable system that can reasonably be expected to do this Job As i think it must be done for Assurance or for Long term William warn pier voting Bill would cause fraud chaos Washington the House of representatives is trying to Rush through the postcard voter registration Bill with an amendment that makes it effective upon enactment. Fraud and chaos could be the result if local election registrars Are saddled with this new system at the last minute this. Fall. This Bill permits the mailing of registration application forms by the postal service no later than sixty Days prior to the close of registration in states. Since most states close their registration Rolls thirty Days prior to the election that Means the forms could be mailed no later than the first week  end in August which of course has already passed. However the forms could still be distributed under the terms of the Bill by any interested group which requests them. Hence selective registration by special interest groups would be allowed so Long As the prospective voters return the forms no later than thirty Days prior to the election assuming the forms could be made available prior to october 1st. I have opposed voter registration by mail for several very valid reasons first the possibility of fraud just cannot be controlled. Trying to Chase Down registrants using fictitious names or borrowing the names of others would be More than difficult and would be impossible second judging from the records of states already experimenting with voter registration by mail there is Little reason to believe it will add significantly to vote turnout. The legislation opens one More door for Federal intrusion into state affairs one More Way for the Federal go dominate the individuals one More Agency to Issue regulations and edicts. The Cost estimated to be from $30 million to $500 million is prohibitive to say the least and such figures Are consistently underestimated. The president has said he will veto this Bill. He would be doing the nation a favor if he did. What is wrong with being required to show up in person to Register to vote anyone who won t make minimum Effort is hardly a concerned citizen. Soviet research dangerous Washington Nea the Basic danger of the soviet arms buildup is not the number of their weapons nuclear or conventional. Nor is it the size of their warheads firepower of their Navy or the rapidly increasing number of soviet tanks. And it s not the billions the russians Are pouring rather inefficiently into military expansion. The major concern nere is growing evidence of increasing effectiveness in soviet military research and development and their capability for translating technological breakthroughs into working hardware. The soviet application of new ideas is not limited to weapons systems but includes also imaginative military a strategy and tactics if american observers Are Reading soviet military data correctly. All this seems strange when one studies the Sloppy inefficiency of Russia s civilian Industrial system and its apparent inability to translate theory into practice within. Reasonable periods of time. The United states has been secure in the past regardless of the size of the russian buildup in the knowledge of our technological advantage the accuracy of our missiles both conventional and nuclear the efficiency and reliability four electronic equipment the superiority of our computers if which Are the heart and soul of much of our weaponry and the wide Range of our research. I the evidence now in suggests that this margin of . Scientific and technological advantage is disappearing. The evidence is equally Clear that this is not because of a superiority in russian science or efficiency in military production technology that surpasses ours. The evidence rather is that the inefficiency which pervades soviet Industry carries Over into military technology As Well. The data collected Here so far seems to indicate that soviet Progress is by sheer weight of technical manpower. The russians apparently pour scientists and technicians into priority military projects in such numbers and cover such a Range of options that breakthroughs come from the overwhelming mass of work done in laboratories and testing Sites. This is not to downgrade the soviet Union s Topflight theoretical scientists. Some Are among the More Brilliant in their Fields and can compete with the Best in the West. The russian problem historically however has not been theory but in application of theory to practical problems. The soviet Union is Strong in computer theory for example but weak in the production of advanced computers. The net result though the russians Are now clearly abreast or in front of us in a number of Fields is that we Are still Well ahead., but perhaps not for Long. One note of cheer it is far easier for a nation technologically behind to catch up than it is to take the Lead. However tight the Security the nation that is behind inevitably has Access to much of the modern technology of the Leader through scientific publications commercial applications and Patent application records. The nation that s behind having this Access can divert its research to new possibilities. Dale d. Myers president of North american aircraft operations of Rockwell International inc. Not support this. Department of defense studies conclusively show that there is no feasible alternative to the by As indicated in congressional testimony by former air Force Secretary John Mclucas. A b-52 with modified engines would have substantial deficiencies in Takeoff and in Low level capabilities compared to the by or. Mclucas said. He said it would require ten times As Many enlarged or stretched feb ill s to do the Job of by s. A stretched version or. Mclucas said could not provide adequate target coverage because it would Lack the necessary space for sufficient fuel or the often proposed air launched cruise missile is also judged an inadequate substitute. Or. Mclucas said that wide bodied transports carrying cruise missiles would be More vulnerable to attack than the by both during Takeoff by submarine launched ballistic missiles and at Altitude by Long Range interceptors. The conclusion is that the by is the most Cost effective Way to insure that the bomber portion of the . Triad concept of deterrent defense which includes land and sea launched missiles remains sound. In terms of Cost the by program has been victimized by distortion totally without foundation figures As High As $91 billion in today s dollars have been cited for the by s life Cycle Cost. In rebuttal the air Force Points out that in terms of today s dollars the total life Cycle Cost of the by Fleet is $26.8 this Cost encompasses in addition to research and development work and the manufacture of 240 operational aircraft the Cost of fuel Crews weapons maintenance and ground support equipment and personnel Over a 20 year period of full Fleet operations. The by research and development program itself has been a Model of efficiency. In sue years since the contract was awarded by the air Force the Cost estimate in terms of 1970 dollars has increased by Only 11 per cent despite the complexity of the program. A full 89 per cent of the total increase is due solely to inflation according to the air Force. Secretary Reed recently said the by is one of the Best hand. And just when i think i have him eating out of my 2nd class phone service editor. On october 7, the state corporation commission will hold a Public hearing on another proposal to increase state Telephone charges. To be considered is a request to raise rates for private lines in state Long distance Calls and certain other tariffs. Fellow readers May be interested in comparing the Cost of Telephone service in Virginia Rural areas to its Cost in other areas of the state and nation. Ift Frankfort by a residential phone plus Extension costs $12 per month plus taxes. In North Stamford ct., a residential phone plus two extensions costs $12, plus taxes. In Pompano Beach fi., a phone is $13 plus taxes. Just outside Richmond a phone plus Extension is $14. In Rural Albemarle county a single residential phone is $23.20 per month plus taxes nearly double the Cost of a phone in nearby Charlottesville which is $11.20 plus tax. It might be time for the state corporation commission to reexamine its practices on Telephone company rate making. These practices have always made Rural residents second class customers. The. Rural rate is statewide. County governments should be especially interested in the Sec policy of encouraging Virginia Telephone companies to impose costly zone charges based on distance from the Central office nearly always located in a City. It might also be timely to remember that the out dated party line is still widespread throughout Virginia another second class service imposed on residents outside the cities. Virginia s refusal up to now to phase out old fashioned zone charges and Semi Public party lines years after even Rural residents have seen americans walking on the Moon via to is nothing Short of mind boggling. It is said the past is prologue. If so when does the prologue end and modern Telephone policy begin Barry Esmont Virginia thanks to Newbern folks to the editor in behalf of All the people of Newbern i ask for some space in your paper to thank the churches schools clubs Many organizations and numerous individuals who have helped Newbern in the past two years in celebrating our nation s Bicentennial. Newbern extends special thanks to All who have helped in anyway in Newbern s participation in the july 3rd and 4th activities in Pulaski and at the new River Valley Fairgrounds in Dublin. I thank Archa Vaughn and the Board of supervisors for allowing me to be one of the appointees on the committee to represent the county on the Pulaski county Bicentennial commission. Newbern extends Praise and thanks to Dan Macgill chairman of the Pulaski county Bicentennial commission mrs. . Morgan chairman of the Celebration committee miss Jane Graham chairman of the activities committee and mrs. Becky Thompson for the theme Formant and hours of work on the Parade. I am grateful Tor the hours of work and willing participation of All the citizens and organizations of Newbern Newbern s churches Christian methodist Church of god and Community Christian Newbern s homemakers club Newbern Community club Newbern s fireman and fire department Newbern recreation department Newbern elementary school Newbern s boy and girl scouts Newbern s 4h club Farris Brothers Dairy old Newberne foundation inc., Puritan National headquarter Newbern. Newbern is grateful to the businesses Many organizations and individuals throughout the county and neighbouring counties who have joined us Here in Newbern for our Many activities the past two years in celebrating the Bicentennial and for All the help Given Newbern in the july 3rd and 4th activities when we were a part of the county Celebration. Newbern extends thanks to the Extension office for their advice and Aid a special thanks to mrs. Brenda Aust and mrs. Rose Martin Extension agents also or. And mrs. Edward Umberger or. And mrs. George Morgan the ladies of Belspring presbyterian Church Roscoe Farris Stanley King and David Stanley and the Pulaski county senior 4-h ers. And thanks to Raympnd Ratcliffe mayor of Pulaski Leo Jackson mayor of Dublin Walter Dobyns and the Fife and drum corps Duane Dishon and the Fra Pulaski Dar Pulaski county retired teachers new River Valley Community College new River Valley players Snowville puritans Dublin puritans and Lions club Pulaski Civitano and Jaycees farm credit Dublin Pulaski Radford and Dublin order of the Eastern Star. 1 extend my personal thanks to the following partial list of individuals who helped with Newbern s entries in the Parade and exhibits Evelyn Alexander Aldah Apperson Hazel Brillheart Archie Dalton Tim Dalton Thelma Endicott Bill Endicott Julia Farmer Bayne Farmer Ellen Farmer Gary Farmer Ann Farris Henry Farris Gene Farris Miller Farris Fred goad Margaret Hester Mike Hinson John Ingram Irene King Howard King Velma King Clifton Mclawhorn Margie Mclawhorn Barry Mclawhorn or. David Lily James Quesenberry Kenneth Quesenberry june Quesenberry Pete Rouse James Tabor Jimmy Tabor Jerry White Donald Williams. Kirk Williams Nancy Williams Emma Williams. Mrs. John Williams Newbern a. Raps rec program to the editor we have lived in Pulaski All our lives and Are very much interested in our local recreation programs. Ii seems there has been much negligence in our recreation program this year. For instance take the Loving Field Complex which is a Beautiful recreational facility. This could be better used if More attention were focused on the Complex itself. Where Are the lights that were supposed to be installed last year there was a softball tournament especially held last year for the purpose of raising funds for the lights. Recent tyra tournament was being considered at the Complex for which a letter was submitted to or. Ned Bane for permission. The answer came one Day before the tournament was to be held. This of course made it impossible to advertise even if the outrageous sum of $200 a Day could have been afforded. Also a policeman s salary was asked to be paid and any damages made right the Only sensible request. now a word about the women s softball program. The bathrooms at Cool Springs and Macgill Village were a disgrace especially at Macgill Village. The key was never available to the women s restroom so the men s were unlocked. Most of the women had to make other arrangements because these bathrooms were unfit and always out of order. Or. Ned Bane s office was called about this two or three times. He was never in. His Secretary said she would convey the message. The bathrooms Are still out of order. The bases were torn to pieces and the stuffing scattered All Over the Field. This was very dangerous to base runners. The umpires were not agreed upon by team captains As stated in the rules. As a matter of fact a few limes no Umpire even showed up. There has not been enough coverage of local softball games men s or women s if More time Effort and funds were applied to local Talent Pulaski could have a much better recreation program. We feel with the promotion of or. Jerry Ratcliffe in your paper this coverage be provided. At this Lime let us thank everyone who participated in the games and Tell you we enjoyed being associated with you. We look Forward to hopefully a better recreational program next year. Judith s. Jarrells . Jarrells. 221 Linden Circle Pulaski the Battle of Bemis Heights on oct 7, 1777, was the last Battle of the Saratoga Campaign. Benedict Arnold rallied Gen. Horatio Gates Continental troops and forced the surrender of gentleman Johnny Burgoyne after Gates refused to move against the inferior British forces. Arnold directed the Battle against Burgoyne s lieutenant Simon Fraser. With Fraser s fall the redcoats withdrew leaving behind 600 casualties the world almanac notes

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