Racine Weekly Advocate in Racine, Wisconsin
23 Apr 1862

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Racine Weekly Advocate in Racine, Wisconsin
23 Apr 1862

Read an issue on 23 Apr 1862 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Weekly Advocate.

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Racine Weekly Advocate (Newspaper) - April 23, 1862, Racine, WisconsinHill it Nukuto util Lif re a Hanii Ilij into pre Senlin u Piti Ruof Imi Quilitz. Lorr Tung him orid fitly so lint in tic wit lit1 even More Minn ordinarily Nihil it was Well known unit of juy lie Hud Prii ipod i Muir ult Witti Dubli Pori Iii ii Oli Ilic Onu to Wim culled 10 prove unit Lily Limu and ii fugitives in her House or Intel of surf pocked it or Niter the Bat the of slug Elnoor scared by Tho Loo kit of Iho thut he Jinn and Chi Iii of ism hard tin Iri Uii the judge to eoiui1 out of n a Iuit Knave. Sow Cipiti Olio help abhor ring both men and to licit religion1 wild Lii to our a Tiili no in impudent Nischt Hull Thiu my we Miry see Bis business cards. I. Von a a ii a 71 a Pattok Nevii at Law. 3toky Kaelene Tlush Lynx of main incl 13 i1, , Ven. M Euoolis moulding of full so Liik Lilii but it lord Iii inn Raki ac., a. Lilt j Jurld a vainwm1ciit, i i Misc Tim ii Miulli Litif ii in incr i ill Ami Milr. Liusila. Jul. I Walsh limit. Kill of Uko Auk Isaac . Tavlos a Ted Huay co., who uial and i Shipule Holts Cedar i of jets. Gullli Cut to order. in tour the Lake the bac1.vb. Wisconsin. Ita Sist and to Koukil rums 1 j in Havink n1. U. Sixth Stu kit Mac Ink Wisco Sis. Thl. Of Jan writ Snowa House u to Flat cd up in i Carafo Stubli alld Lylo. Tul from Ili i la Ira find h Quirt of tie i sta11i.ixo. Iho 1 rom re Tor Njie to motive a fair of the i Blic . Hotel. Of Totite a met Hottot Cauca. I St kit Evan Jonkin late 0v Tuk hum a a a joint. I Roiti actor. Ulic Stturr liar uni Rohrl t or. Tlioinak1 Hilj Oju mid Well known Loiue. To inform old frit my Hwy that to lieu flt Tail City lot of in d in prepared to them in n i tune like style Nimit to Merit a lib Rel of i a a Iii of Ilie buit they Sii a tile judge was the prisoner Tiluy Turtil a Villi u verdict Sot guilty on life of the the Judth i Oil. If tit of of Tullow porn prof Aulia und again pout of inquiry Lisle. Hud Ihlen red the Hau known Oisiu u Bijj in Iii Wiful to Minwier of god s word Slit the widow of in jul invt parliamentary inn in thu old coi cml. Slip of Al that Piiru Iolj. And of at Hiir Tonyi stud they brought while ten v Scro i Liberi Iuni for hours with the any n proceeding into gentle pm new. Her Ler a tool by liter und hold Tho s Tiu Lull upon Iho set Cpin fief mini infirm of. The word guilty ent a thrill of horror i Broili the court knit proceeded to pro croat Wos a. Pull ourt Thiu arc attire t us my Tery. Thun Turnini oui court Thiu in a of horror Ilia , dropped it ntntelj1 Courtesy Lam had been the Favali Ion of her Day to the Bench und Reata ii her a ranted to Ludy she to bchutide4 instead of burned. Ant King Lungi win Tsuck inv atrocity of h Wonnum item Booty years of laying Gray upon tic Block for no other fault Len unit of humane to p. 0. Lutkin 5 co., Utlex and i to visions mais the Lith it Market foe Huber , Corn mid of All ii w a it w f o n t k it no. 13. Mils St Kkt tint us pm ploys none us t skilful work and lib work if Jim what undue. Xiv. Incl. Am puof1t by it 1 time come at . It. K i u u l m k k c in a it t a i i-0 a i m us Elj costs a custom and it Kapy made clothing by of workmen Athu i . M r 5 k k 1 d k i tit Rbt hah Al to Ruc Birilli a saw Asi Kasilo Salk Stock or Tali. Win Tiu 1 i i m k v it no and Oban blvd a of urn Worth of coppers Aii ill hi1, Oil returning to Tho office and Down pile Iho window of Iho u Ivory i Kun a i can Nuil the Nuudi Imit Ltd looked at the of and coolly a Pricil Coji por at Ono if not u u Gul tender the Loithi Ryn Nui looked it the composted wifi civil Fortha it Inco of a Tim Stu without stir Rinc and then by Chad out Here Yun almighty kind . For bucked up in Stich n jail Ere you Don t Tonko Only Throe of Copper tit time hey will then s Pono you Klvac Tii Rue Conw a Voth of Tho very politely Cut him Oit n Cli it Imp mul it out for Wlinich the try nut to Ifrid Down flirt in cd ii. If wet it Joul .0 jew Awny when tin latter Crisi look Here you time i or ii Ono now i von gift me Tilroe cents Worth Norvon cml Nelv skin s a Lark not slow in Sisouv Thul to nil caught a to turn i in to Ilie window and asked How Muny Linic Yon Onk about of pm. 1 had r Hui Loci when i piss them Iho in Tel re pity. 11 out ii to and 1 will but t Ruckin vow Woi 1 Kulch Tom sump ifcri1 out and Uio con porn Han Luil Covert Ulo Oft Beoni Iso n flow lilt is of Lico under Unelus Sam to Lii Nosho is Man Rwy n All 11011 but 1 gut Iti they Larn i Soihr Whitig Ilmet cortical letter tin Oft co in Cleveland of idiot lately directed follows i mid this frug Down to Nashville Tenn i flu cent pay the Cost. Until Vou find Sophia Doit i Anu Notor a urls. Or even South Murvy open it. And sad the truth 1 merely wife s got Welt and Kot baby an Crom As Koukl to com Iii Ilia Al Batinic world during War Wilt a 1" in the rebels of Mioi to in to i inn Hihl Tiu Union Hovi Krutol Ricl Orui. They will Roou lilt pc Toj of Elti a d us tractors coi tikk of and sixth to a , the suppl stole Quality of to stir mail Tynkky a Atli cd Ciconi inc ult Ornu tit of Init tonal Lum in Xii Vii or till a Libki i us he St Tohms amok Etc a Clit on Natul fifty by poors Sash bunds Koor u Lurt few of any Orul nary arc Prici Parfil to to on scr Ai any time Boom n my of Mai und or Roll Vrh f univ style. Cut or Lut uber. Roar for uni Sci in Wood cajun it Stock Ufi Oom i Asdis nbwk1. Posts Kalu Btkos. , Skok yours in in Workmanlike manner . It nil which Etc prot mod to n Luil Mongi Oil a new on the limit at round tic Only a he lev in comity for n Tuur to Jar sri i a to of kooks. Ith iioo.1 Worth urn. To ii Winn d inn crime it Fisk for n la Btrne Coil Lull of o , Silks Asp sattix8. Flo bus Boss and to Silt Jekab and usde11si.slvi9. Miil run i i it in Nln Straw milk acied i its sad and coloured flu la Mellon inv Law in. Coll us int i Artel a Llose Kwh jail of Iron from York. _ _ fall and Winter fashions. Sew i mi8s Mckitt Cizik i Iron. Tull. .11 i l i. I i v Woodsi of Iho Bill Quality or . Of Crew wrcati1s. Fat Titus kiudos8, Jikaku Uris has cars uuuupattek.n9, .111141 a foot it opt a mall Tanury kill of wkly i null Oil Low i i n sir i Fri Katf la i Tut Silicki Holt to Ink us 1 on til Iii Muhli crij1 in follow los Cuin Pinoci of no City j ii y and h v a Hull Lii Climer that Btl Fulli if Milf of Skirtic Lilno i Aker. k ii i. Anil to. Toti i Muri kit j Mill our Culm i. I Lorillard Murwood. I Kwi. I Jon 0. . I 1 k i. Ii Aii a Mitzi Ait Lii j i new Youk City. Oahu James to Lilmet Tiwa to a Stasuck Koi but u. An Usta y 1 Smith of incl. Suva qty Dve Jour cent of thu uun1 laity ill Lilc Minuni i in.1 Iii Klimik 1. Tiiu now. Tills unchain for Fly you Tiuliu Liy lil i by Lily Cit ily huh ruler t Aumi ilium co Iii y 0 k k c 1 t v Uzwij fils Jonathan Stikl i Rel Vul .1. Jtj us 1 it. North american fire Iii Iii co., of Lurt Foro Vonu. Sulk Lus. Jam Kii g. A a Karo coup Kun or new surplus. Jaguar a lat Oal ital. A s Jurijs j i. 1 . Pines i u victim. Kor n a Ioctl fellow Liy and Liun Ihu of i Lucy am air Sci Lienen to lie a of unto ilm Ever Iti rothls is Halcli from Lonic eternity then n hand on u Iky. is lit Folry ily Mil by hurl hut film Mem be Olio Omie it of 5. U. , soc Cla i j a and prouly paid Una Radii a arc lord in Laid on ,1 ally observes thut it if us to than Tom i in Lon Jeat a rum in reality but nil in stunt of Timu. Jlou Ever Ilio cd Gnu in it i Hhd tue in to prolonged the entire Drain in Drain nil fron of end during Iho Iii Ojik nthrj1 net of Wiki diff. To f in Izilor of tid Rimm from its Gojii Innee Wal be found to have Ili rect Rufurd idea to Thi net it be Eliut in Mieli Cit Sua Ilie bloc per has ponor m forc Mittig tic cause Tyml will tier Fevo him Naidul pm Ticino to Liis it of in minis Ftp in lilo i inn Oil it it would follow Ihm tin1 Ili cry Ropoc Deij by our Lii Lossi Phi r be the Only to Noble Onu. Of Cutiss of ii re referred to the following is Sci Nerlia ule Cue As Illura Iino thu Hysoil Pesiri in lion 1 one fit n puny on q Ync Luing Mexcur Dion. Tic being u null one the in was of Ilie swim treat my bed und lied room Beitin r late Knock Liing in Tho Usi Ihl manner from Trio of of the de Ciufi Ihu Newny and the third so Rand nil i on Tinl beneath. Al this Juliu Tirc f Ivock and found to like Tho Popit by Wii Icli Iii Rundek Wah a Speed. De ii ail Yivon who mid i wad rolling on the tit the new York Tom Tiki Wplf of a of people on this sub rih Liui one opinion whih to prevail at a Ned Tut in regard 10 the be density of having Aonia Joist bankrupt a. Such n Chw Miled Tor by both debtor and tin Tatu ut1 hit country a Ulii thai Ulo action id req Inrid Tiu debtor for action and to the a Tuny Honvo u Uliitru-1ono More to to work. The creditor do minds h uniform in to him Iii his and to Litton Ugai Niit lit Irp i ii Lici und by Trio Iii sign cd nil the country Lia Vii in in it mijo by Tho Robt lion and ii Helion Iri we built Niueli Nii l Al Lull be Inid upon Ilie shelf. The Battle in not Ihu Only place where men in Uii life Mali Ivd and life crippled. Every in dirt of by Inch him iia wound cd a roaming a Jiff demand our alike Wii ii our. Bleeding Zorro trick told Lily Hevr not been Pitr cod with rebel bul letj1, bul Lluy and thur i milk of having lot in Iii on Ihly nil Aru lived Witti suffering in spirit rpm Tifi i keen he Over n is in Dillrud in Iio flt no. Sann Irilan. Nynie pallid in order us All tinier Siml everywhere and now it inv Lino 10 is Luis it. Many of in r Vul Uahle citizen i1, Nobu a civic brim Iii m no n to Mir by Lilit pro slavery rebel lion know of men by Tco Reu bankrupt by has been c wholly by und of Cli Ristrim Init kind of who Whin a or give up except tiny urn pure. To f their Ope they arc in or. Of a and not tie tie men cd nah till bal in v tit air influence and i Riei . Win want to Weir help in the Livney burdens of taxation soon to be lir own upon i. Thoro Ore but few men who on never h debtor. They Iliin Lime a Daft Oliy divin.1 Ril lit to oppress e 1111111 and Lipold their debt Over him for right in than yield a , pain Cipul or Imer a St. Sutlin men like the co. Jea it Ute in ulis iral to but they think in their Case it Don t Ftp pay. Of course not for it Wai never to apply to who have no Joule. Ali arc no Way to meet Nuch men except with a bit erupt objection ii Niada to any to Congress just now because in snid that tic Softli would take i la Alford. Co City fire insurance comi k of Vilart Kohl sons. Paid in cd Petal Liia Coqui Illel Wolti tin of a term in a Lilli it u c. 0. Sec y. K 3 t i r s i k a n cell 0 t i k thro Isikli All of the company in inc a morn. Ortli Wale in and South Fli icon. of it and Ini Inu irim Ikuru Cabin formed by Luio Treine bows i Dittly itself from Sot Hern indebted. Enough to con in my Hummock. Business Man. Want n bankrupt Tyml u number of horns and dried i i0 enable to Correo Thorie Southern re Iko my self from tie i was j pud Isitoro. Liere is no Hope of obtain aug and had pointed a port it Monys from Thoin to an extent of dome one Hud Iliad failed to produce n like unless to can Ham Somo Romp tory Power new for which crime i Stu before j a Lucli now docs rot Chin. The South would t criminal court on n Olin re of felony. So j undoubtedly prevent nil agitation of Trio Hub fur my dream wan in begun in acct in conure cd if it had the ability the present tense on my finding in the Dock for tiie verdict which was either 10 liberate me or to consign me to an death on lie Fri tubed. The in jury bet oru whom i tried con Sid cd entirely of my nil quives nut most inti malt friends. I in Pard for their Var Dion which i titty with inc i Lnu the severity of Lush Oslo by visited upon i. The judge Pui on hip up and tie usual la part Fri be pm without holding out the least Hope mercy. I left the Dock i the and after tra suding with a deputation of photographic the re tired to Smith for Luck no and Vicinity. Of role. March 1 p h e n i x fire 1 company of brio Oklys x. Y. I together a Lars surplus my of Curtis ?i., of pontus Tom clip Mill no. Fit Hull Fanpi Kur no turn Lun Nebold Kutlu cart Joo. While in Iino Vlic my mid in of cd uav1d on the Day two Clergyman worn announced coming with the intent of Kirin Ginex to to a k we of the enormity of my guilt. On in Icrine they proved 10 be he Only two members of the episcopal Bench thut i hid Piwin cd in no tune by Stop of and archbishop of. Thu latter personage quiet and but l Litt cd Neil to Trio ocl Dicion. Thu of was More Depinon Jermin in fact by Brou Glit me the ilm Coni oltion i had had Vilice my her out you Ara to Han pod in dear 1 i Elul True it a not a pc giant Tion to find oneself in though in some res peels n prominent and. Let us add in Al Cru. Tud one but it a noilting nothing in the you la be Cut Down All hit you have to Oti und to u to net that you fall Dull you have something soft to fall upon Ilie moment Tho two Rygh gent Lornzo were most has Idoun in to Weir Tiitu nation to , in fact they Nerer Iii during blur a Quirt period of that Between my Trul Anil execution. I was he Lowed lilo to t of i Are. And the Cook it wan an excellent one in the in Al Ter of Bitch fico Hawa above critic Pisni Laid n33w of Cossac till t. 35 j. Ii. Howley a Feut 43 kac1.vr.-wi3. La . . to is sliol1 on by Owumi Velhi and Surv tit list Pirir where in for any libel nor a null i. Lim1n a of Tiu iroc utter Bluit to on anywhere. 1 will kill kinds of Ull Ruvi Ufi rep Alan i fort Taliu county of c of whte Litlie new York if not Tito Ord Al ii Tatum. Hie indic of flu inn. Ma.llmi-, mid i a Ink til no 1 will Cliburn Throe mini to. 5 will to turn nil 8 Eji urn Annj ill f pm. Two trial will of Alvun Annj if not pro Lnu return the Cliburn your Moody will be refund Ute. Or w. Haa Uit re flit to a Uin Canil i in proved thixuniii1 of tic Bent Muchlin h Kenil Eximia Der. Through Wiloh in our Petit or water u thu wait Lar in us Mot i Thoro Fth Maitner. without injury Loui Moi t . my shop. Sir Alioa Girt for inc Premium can tall inuit to tie Public. E Fohir i1ayjsu Llyn Ted talk Mui of North Alt lit of Kulver Oil Ollo Uio Hal Road Lepov an.1 Hwy us uttam jlollkk8 and. Of of for of Usu Lnch by fair dulling Lurlyn any Sliu will Lavor Olio Hull. Poor to tic fellow no Gin Tlora try Talob. Salvit a i. Wan you Bettyh or in any City than can lie found at of John w. Knuf Kwh Corner of a file Boj third him Avail j Hufled with it was the uttry dinner i that 1 had oct partaken of at lie table of i or s. The rift fat in Listh gourmand refi Dent in Purist. Then the wine we not Only i Fruin the dirt Rick but of the Clingi Chi Sii Lury Oltha Claret of 40, and u fire Hock of incr than Johannia but with n in Iii co Lone thin f Aline nut a Cumber it tit ilm 1 Tad i truly by that to Buli Opi Diu cd with Niu Uit Tuilio of with thu govt Cor. During the meal Trio Bishop continually Arpud on my it 1 idiot to to Cut can you full instil after tie Ati cond bottle of Sill cry the to by Consoli Ilion och old Tho and a toured me that i might to Cert tin of Hufi Mijc Cut Down. Tom Only no liar a Lent my and who had fur mud the jury tools of me Wai their coir in and in Rouglin Iho grating of my Coll dirring tlil1 dinner. The government of it of Davia co. Wihs not taken of the 060ple, it will be hard to without Tho grip of Podehl want n. New therefore a National which shall Cor pol a nmn who properly not ill or South to two to limit property in pay his such n Law would make Ilie Ruben Short uie Ier. Want a Law Wlinich Nihill compel a in i to drive up All to tins under oath of if Thijn men South perjure themselves n of Only will not free from but will Lotio All their property ant then nol obtain can rec. Without a bankrupt Law Trio Refore to soon is to Chi co Viquer peace. Want every doll fir slim can be Coll Etc from the South in the time. If we have no other nid to attn Southern state Laws will us we Thall poor and Milnw work in Ink we slim find rebellion hero in a troublesome form and we want the Power to input it let us then Hare a permanent Luw Majc i perfect humane and aft Juat by Fol lilo men enu Nemko it which Ahall be alike beneficial to debtor and creditor. Sueh a Law will data which other unit will be Lonu it will Prev Rel fraud alignments preferences and i 111 Oil end i pm delay in up a bankrupt estate. It id k matter of Groat that while England Franna and Niort other countries Honvo for Yenry enjoyed the Advant Agoa of permanent bankrupt us thai country Notile mod Eipl Dieni to adopt such a Niena Uro. The conflicting Intel Meta of debtor and creditor which always Eitai and Wirich Are new att. Pre cd on both make it npcc5 Lary thin every Well governed Commerce nation should adopt a Uiti judicious uniform and equitable Law by which the i Meta of every bankrupt jihad be fairly distributed one r the Southern states will Proba Bly do if we have no bankrupt in. Uliey will Laws when tin War in Over to pre vent the collection of the North unprincipled it they t to be in rebelling Tho Boxt govern to . Ii univ Tiik i Khz wok Kkt Thiol of. A Correl ipod uni of Iho la och Eitor a col. Engineer to that paper the follow Iii rccou7it of Itie labor of Thia body of Ratti in cutting Tom canal through to from aug vhf the after the Aurrli Der of Forti to Madrid col., Bia Icli d Engineer were engaged or four Dayi. In liking gum Clinna Baturin now work and other Ati glittering Mattura. Then were omit Over by Gen j Opo to ascertain whet Ivr it was not practicable to valid Bollati Laland to Lade to Weir works on the Kentucky Thoro. T three in in with Der key my Gumma but found Tho project fib s0f in writ thu fort Nom of 31 chapter the lev Ltd 1 Fumu hed. April 8, chapter an to a mind auction eight of a emptor 12u of Trio it Tidd fun Tut enlist Lff of the place of trial of civil in and Fra mad follows 1. Eulion eight of chapter Hundred Una of us Xcvi Ted it Talburt a hereby Nie Zijad to n party in civil action pending in any court own re Ahall apply to thy court or Uia tilt of. For n Chapov the of trill of t Uch on nce Tirl of thu prejudice of the judge a of col. Four full How err court and no full verify Appl that lie could by Hird labor gel i by out i or court or the tid through lilo and. Bayou i jul get ill it of and by that Lind our for Dit Tif Lurly of but no court county Al a Madrid and to flu All the enemy it m it court Abill in Tho rear. Gen. Pope at Docu gave to Placo of Riihl him h carte in Nam and lie sent to Cairo for i of Tny. Nation. When Aiichi four Stettn Bohnii mix Flau and such Guna in i Riidu to Llic judge it on Nolick of could by they w. Not pm Titino tto to Pirty. B. Terry John Trio Gelli Urc. Tend Koinm i Sec. 2. Net shall effect and Bri in with the a Quantity of lumber ic., Force from and after Vid one Highl Inch Coluin Biad and Siruc thir approved Panl is 1802. To two to jul dirt. To tilt to did not a Ted for j the regiment carries Ivory thing front the Ropen and Orewn Down to Fine buc drills for Unpi Kinig kilns Wilb about twelve Miles Long of which Tivo were in Oligh thick Timber no the remain ing to a throng narrow crooked a joust grown up full of Kurtli Niall Trouti. We hav Ocul our Way right through track being fifty Tefft wide in which to girly feet forc scr Quirt d for inc of the Bonith Tho Tim Beril Cut four below the air fun of the water. In one Iliot to Cut Sci Emy five to com thus Loop not one Ian iwo Ali rough. Thu machine were rigged from Nils ind our lowest Fiat until worked Encl by about Twenty men. In tin place three urge Sun Cluj Cut Ahe Iid out and Puih out of the truck the Ondr Bruch and Driftwood three or. Which euro Llic men who Cui Down and Cut thu Trees i to Iii inc then two Large Barf cd then one of the meant Boa la. Very urge Scro provided to run from the capstan of the ind haul out by urm Tali what to Cotile not inc flu. followed the Uto of Tho Leev men Ngn ged All Iho Pablit life april 8, ism chapter Jot. An u to Thoi iz4 the cd Lection of Ufi Cul Lionil nine Rel and . Btu tit Sicri and to repeal chapter fifty two of the a tint nil of 180t, chapter Tifty on of univ of Isis cd Raptor teen of the revue and chapter one Hundred and air qty Iii of general of 1861. Wix Contin reunited i Smalt a enact at l Al be tote duty of the in a Cignoni of the several and in tins wine it Pic of making he Tingnal us Koti Mout of Feal anal per boil property in the your is fill and onco in every ten thereafter to collect the in their Tiv Oral Dalj Cilien. Of All Nacri cultural Mio Onil Rind interests carried on in to Weir town and Cilito Sunj in Itic return of the ionic to tin clerk clocks of Thyl comity Board boards of Tuper visors on or before the Firat. Monday in in Tisne converting inc la to Coati into floating i i. .1, i Yaj i lib in butteries from the River to the and t took one whole to c route full of slum i it y old to vice thu we cml was require to us ten be allowed employed the 1br14 this. In Ilie levee. It Ere it fall was Over two feel and run of War win Remc Noim. The in get bout waa dropped through with five line out to lion a Eom raid Orr Lowed from a Cut in levee. Of a Channel Cut by the water Hoij to along nearly a Quarter of Milt to Woods hero wan the two straight and i Lei to the nearest Point to the Bayou it took flight Daya to go then Kiuon i Bayou then e m Mykl a Hal then the be audited by the proper a buyout then St. John emptied into Kiver hich Madrid. If you have never been a Southern so nor you Ullha it no idea How thick Ilia a York Elm Doca not begin. It took Twenty men a whole any to get out a tree Croni the a Nofiu. Such a thai kept us Ril of the Niew or Hall by and All bad to unit. The water after we pol into the Woods was about Fis feel deep with a Gont Lyl current Selling taif Peninsula. In the East Day on the current we Traci Mondouri and the Boniti had to be checked Down with heavy Drift it cutting inges of the or tillage in which i lilo duty May five been performed Sec. Iti Lmh be the. Duty of tary of Atac on or before the Day of april in year 1885, and every ten Yarm thu Reafurs to Furnoh Tho Clerici of the county of Rupert Jioras of the counties of h nuni Bettr of blink Furmil for taking Bucl Itati Atica said form to be re follow apples bnaheli1, valuation. Agricultural Init Liik new and in Achmore Anlu Pitlon. Acres . Bound and items in Lunation. Buou and Quirt Anlu Atod. Biniek Wicht Bun Heln value Ilion. Buiter Tolu Alioti Cubino euro Val Muon. 1 spit Tel in manufacturer. I Kytle unil calves on hand i Imber and value Tina. Cuttle and Calva number and a mention. Choose valuation. One or two would nun All the cur Ren t. Ii the hardest Job i Ever seen tinder Hokeii but col. Biasell far Down now no to Call it for Are in night of the Fence on t other Lide of Fordon 11 the Sag of the raw girls the Correct arc of the Circle. Al Encl of the Haw a Ropo thirty feet in length is fattened and carried to boat up on which men stationed. Ten Man Man and work Cadi la Bra Ilio Daw Runi right it Hare Cut Oft a stump two feet in diameter in fourteen Inin often it pinched and run then r one of i Una decided pain merely i hoi 1 of Quinla a Anetipa Ion not Icsel Init til be. J out of the up Irv in Tiu end Iho Acio inbred Nult Lando. By bin n Zilic Nome Iii pita ended Itil it in pad on place people mid All a lowly but at daily moved round me when it the Ond elation they atop pod , and turned in the oppo mitc direction. Thin did Why and be fore few thai Lliel Noah Long Rioth than in cd rope by which i Wai o pan of Iho Dreau in Ore Lull of minor detail Lioti the period do Piik which i Hung tin if Oit trifling events Nood omit and defined. Than twice 1 Marlc t my pull out Iii note the in Knutei i to l Wai to be Cut Dow Rind w at length to a instar n 1 uontd1 fctr1 Bulow r in tar Tho dark chamber fur in id by the and with Long pacer proceed knife on Cluj flak Itti Iii Tala opera Tiomi occupied tic it Kwh fold and taking Livit begun la Law at it with fila Knific thin n action 1 on lire More correctly speaking la cation Fth i Kin i in grate through by Cirn Iid of a Ropeti and Hook Ruy we ply Frame in a Nom anymore at and and painful Kirk it Pat remained n Wii Nesi of c Roll the nun that wan in him Iii curd him to Hin place in Tom treat Struj few of tar bin youngest brother up to hip House. At out of Hin i Anil Lind been pm timing with Rifle Nurk and had just loaded. Tho brother i am a Ltd you , about your gun. You had be tit a join k i wan Iho Cabi reply Cloud my tic hollow voice of tic joined in the lofty1 the voice of the kit nil is upon Maiert the god of glory Tiu Dereth the lord a upon Many site did Fly. U pot my whispered the wind. And the file it air replied i aug Tho Trenth of Ftp Muon of Bis be Nign we hear Tho Long of Neil the oar Aall Praise am Lent and and Tho falling Dew reply i will nourish the Tho thit Oliou he Refre Ihfe and. in until shall Bloom Jiko the Young Rod a j joyfully to replied lilo refreshed meltdown the full can of Corn Wared a a we reihe blending of god you from the Moon. 11 we ii he the Tarp. And the me too he Uii in the m . The. Corn acres. Valuation. Cotton Vanluc valuation. Drain Tiloi nut uber valuation. Eur than Ward valuation. Flux Ouinn flax wed valuation. Valuation. Jjo pounds valuation. Hay acres Toni valuation. Jomp Pounci valuation. 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A Dafo two a Sci Iowa a Vixo 3lo cum offal but following deign Pinion o the american procure Hill be on application of one or More but not All of Cral Defoe dunes in an indictment upon which n trial May properly he had it not be Isicc Tiwary to trud Nusic the Origi aul indict Imbt or Pihur in the in Tiu court to which the venue shall to a cd noted but Iho clerk Hull Tran Etnix a cer to Fijoj transcript of Trio docket entries in thu certified of the indictment and such other at tic court. Direct in Tiitu of Tho and the court to Tho be Liau Grid iroc cd to hear try and to termino Iho Csc m the flume with if Trio dict tent and Parem Hui dec Sec 2, such of Abodi not att it the proc Odinga in the Defendi Inu not joining in the Lippi Ickson therefor but the court Iball proceed to the trial of numb upon tit indictment in lilith Nihi Iner if pc duo bad Baco awarded 10 their co Duff Nduati Sec this shall Tacic to get and be in Force from and alter Iti a Sugo and publication. Approved april 7, i Senate Hud ate rawly to enact suction 1. The governor of Liia is kor by and empowered to Nellle und adjust the tax levied upon and upper Onod to Glne by an of at Tho extra Sti wion n aught Jugl us for the Pur Poao mid pay no to the Covern Merit of the United san tue if tip tax governor in authorized ind to Mouw Fudd Loio Torf and Transfer to Iho mid United stated any and nil or Lintt Winch inny by and owing to tute from Tiu United govern Cut for Pur Mcaa of prot Idini a Mili by Force to Aid in protecting mid Debondini the Constitution and the of which in any manner to duo to incurred for Awin Tanco the government daring the War by Miry be required to liquidate and pay ii Icli lax. Sec 2, in Cane tic tax Lavurl upon apportioned to ibis by the of the of cop in Section one of this . Bizall not to and my or to Chc Pecoud Holiday in october there shall to forming to Weir. Duties an Casora Ahall Ascer Tain and enter upon n schedule pro Par sit Foi that in of such each deaf and dumb., Blind Jintana and idiotic person in Pra color occupation and place of birth of said arc educated 01 Dol a to us tuber of. Mid Alto what Affinity of blood if any ill Wen said Alao tha num Ber of and dumb Blind and idiotic. To Hilvrin of said Pannu and tin dark Cark ii of county Board of with the. Ame Damudt Roll by him turned no the Iball fun Rush and All for the us of the accompanied with printed chapter provided that in to any to it Laurup Accordi Riff , of Juiia Chafer to not than nor than forty Dollar in Uio inane to of trial duty Soui Lorn Hai g Bui Trio Only Ald other u of Iuit Board of Tiu forthe Lervic i required of Liia Board 7 Chapur of the of us oat bid re d april a 18c2. Cap tar 324. V to i Tido for the of x for 1 of state o in cd rated prior to Chc Accord Init alien in that Ca levied adj collect id for the Yew 1802, the judgment debtor or for the Najim of numb property but Tobii damages in such judgment Rall not exceed amount due on the execution for dry Nadu did or the Coart. In in discretion at apy time Afler inc Gurii Tybee Hafi and Irereo mar Render a directing and re Quintic him or it to deliver to the of Tariff any property in inc Porsch Filion of the Gir Nib cd or under or control belonging to the judg Moni debtor. 10. If it up car from the answer of the Guni Lohec or but the Fjarli Mihee holds the tulo of any real or and in text for the judgment Liebfr or for hire Benefit the Genii Ithoc Atwall font of the Misc w inc it main and the sheriff shall and of the under inc Dinc Tion of the court from which the elocution a Ted in the manner provided by us and lilt Rule it practice of the court for Sale of real Enuta by appointed to tie cution and thu court inny by its judge mint the title to any Ench real cub us situate within Tiit cute in Case Garcia he re Lutei to convey the Winie. 1 u to action Ahall be commenced by the judgment debtor or Aii Siple against any touch from tint time Sac i Nuriu Nonorl to. Appear and until he ail to appear and answer in Oake an action it pending for the recovery of any Tuch Money or pro Ortr at the time of the service of notice Garnis hoc May obtain an order buying proceedings in bulb action until the Gan Hie can Hiattt an Opportunity to appear and an incr. Or for Scull Fiir Thor Lima Al ill .1 making swell order shall pro h dirt Var that a judge or court commit Ioner May. Upon the application of the Judy rent debtor or Hia a sign ii upon Caum being Hown Tler for to the of Sulci judge or court Conin Ivi onor an Ith the into cat accenting Ali Floron and the 1 permitting him w or. Action Hall apportion Aiduk fat nit the . I1 trl e -.1 the Neveril count Ion of this Tunte on or before them Iid second monday in october next which tax Liall a mortified and. Returned Tho Mueiler As a pcs and the a count collected by the of shia Iri approx printed for Uio payment of the government. Lax indicated by Section one of a. Thin . Ileal a Ulic Elf stand in Sci from and after u paita Agu. Approved april a 18.v2, 18c2. Chapter an. Act to tha of to audit certain ainu for rent. Tiff in Kowm in ski Mia do if Urf sect Fox 1. The Sec Reury of i i2i when1 Thuro is More than judgment debtor he inst the execution a shall be liable w pay Orer. Nov Money and deliver property belonging to Oil her or any of Luch Judt mint Sec. 13. If the in bin or an All Orlias Ihfe judgment dub or Irjud Reot do Bora or of them tic or full recover jut Ignont is auxt creditor in the Fol fit for travel and attendance which Ald be the name Tho fir allowed w a Ulm the judgment creditor Ball elect to have trial on Ilus formed by tailor. Sec. 14. Tic affidavit mentioned in Section of be deemed comply let in Riga input of the garnished r iicinlij1 author izod to tint lil tie ii Couitt Ajir Hall in such rent for the Roobina occupied by be adjutant action a. Unwary general. Nmi3 such As Tho of of Haa engaged or May for Uitti of tilt Suto. 2. Plihall by the duty of Tim upor of , to All Ait lionized to by Tiiu of Tho and to that amount o win accordance with Skol t. After Auch Sec Okinu audited the serf Tarj of Stamfl War rant on out of a the appropriate fund a and smrt it of Money a affluent to pay Taio Warr Anli h from and fur in Puaga. Approved chapter Amend chapter 1r4 of tie v a Tauff tall blvd of a mutism and Punj Stu Olid ii incl four l t Stan Oil. If alter tie luring of an Tupu the sic. 15. In cart that Jody racist creditor ii nth Annj shall in of a trial on the formed by such answer such tic Rucj Gmadt cart dlr and will and judgment thereon and calf awarded and execution a tied in ammo manner and with the like a in other Reno nil actions that the Grant Liec Ahall in la gun thee Nuite fora greater Amotio than inc it count. On ten. Judgnier.1 of which i Pic execution k issued Sec 1ft. Hec Aliah Loire Jud Meul creditor Fiat the we indebted to the judgment bad prom Ray of the dbl for which not paid let Rcd to officer a provide in or Cimon mint Agi final Nie Riti of the care in manner provided in action nine . Dhal r upon the i of. The Jarn Iahey or. From the. Courier jury on Iho trial of the Issue the Gyrn Lifie ii Lubec to a Sliver to jul intent debtor property or we officer having if Ucb of five cannot

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