Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
28 Sep 1947

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
28 Sep 1947

Read an issue on 28 Sep 1947 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - September 28, 1947, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday or bulletin vol. 18, no. 21.racine, wis., sunday september 28, 1947. 8 pages Eisenhower leads in popularity poll by George Gallup director. American Institute of Public opinion Princeton n. ?"even though general Dwight d. Eisenhower is one of the five most admired men in the country today the aver age american voter has not. Up to now thought of him particularly in j terms of politics. Comparatively few voters Volunteer the name of Eisenhower when asked about possible presidential candidates for 1948 and fewer than two fifths say they faces of Japan yesterday and today wage cold War at feverish Pace would like to see him run. But a great Deal of potential 44 per cent for gov. Dewey and to per cent without opinions. Sex strength for an Eisenhower Candi i Ciu Cjang the no opinion the vote Dacy is shown in an Institute sur by pitting the general against president Truman in a presidential a trial ?� not a party Man. Was 51 per cent for or. Truman to 49 per cent for gov. Dewey or in other words about an even race. A trial heats do not in them at this Early and inconclusive selves however present a Conlu stage before the 1948 election. I Sive picture of political sentiment Gen. Eisenhower runs ahead of today. Any general appraisal of or. Truman in popularity. The the situation must take into a general has denied any intention count not Only How voters react of becoming a candidate and to specific candidate possibilities most voters do not know whether but also the Basic strength of the he is a Republican or a Democrat democratic and Republican Par Smice he has never openly sex ties pressed himself on the matter. But Here is How voters look upon the two men at the present time a oif the presidential election were being Beld today and Gen. Eisenhower were running for president on the Republican ticket against Truman on the democratic ticket How do you think you would vote a Eisenhower. 48% Truman. 39 no opinion. 13 exclusive of the no opinion the vote is 55 per cent for general Eisenhower 45 per cent for or. Truman. Political observers would be ill advised however to jump to the conclusion that the general i Ake Success n y. A Ltd it a the soviet Union sparked its diplomatic and propaganda offensive against the United states with demands for removal of american and British troops from foreign soil and More violent charges of american �??� this was part of an expanded world wide counter attack against the United states anti communist soviet veto. The u. S. Claims the life or death of . Depends upon this. 3 to suppress through a an overwhelming majority of votes every it tort of the soviets to increase their prestige or strength in the . Soviet Deputy foreign minister Andrei y. Vishinsky disclosed at an extraordinary 24 hour press let hair Down having edict to women greatest Powers. Even Many who disagree with u. S. Policy found it difficult to striation president said. Party key Factor. This latter is a key Factor. The Institute s 12 years of polling experience show to that the most Basic and reliable Index of voting sentiment is a Survey in which voters Are asked what party they would prefer if an election were being held. Whereas polls on candidate popularity tend to show wide temporary fluctuations the Index of party strength has throughout the years been a highly reliable indication of How voters will Likely behave on election Day. The most recent Survey of that Type reported in july show Ted that 55 per cent of voters expressing an opinion said they preferred this was the face of Japan when the yanks marched into Tokyo in september 1945. Two years of peace have washed away the tears and cleared the rubble but the country is far from recovery. Today the japanese face reflects serious contemplation of the future. The nation pins her Hopes on children like this Tokyo boy whose fresh Young minds can be trained to rebuild Japan along democratic lines. Follow Vishinsky to arguments that his list of alleged warmongers on which Dulles is a key member Graphy. ,. The democratic party As compared can Quot Fco of Sally ,1 or to Man i to 45 per cent expressing a pre in 1948. Paradoxically Gen. Eisen a cwt Ter might lose popularity if he became a candidate. His greatest strength As a popular figure is his aloofness from partisan politics. Were he to become identified with the Republican party and All it stands for As he inevitably w Ould As a Candi j Date a great Many democrats who Admire him and whose admiration is reflected in today to. _ poll. Would undoubtedly part com Teeth due t0 Putin Quorine nto Pany with him. In Short the Gen j the drinking water of Newburgh eral s non partisan popularity n. Y., for the past two years we tas might not translate itself into announced in the official Scien winning votes on election Day aft Terence for the . Fluorine test shows results new York up a the first apparent Benefit for children s or a partisan Campaign fought to Fie journal science. Pant min Nam Nora i. J fluorine also is put into the along and democratic. Drink eng Waer to Sheboygan. Democrats vote 27% the current poll show to that 27 wheels of Jap Industry still turn slowly. This is a silk factory worker. The people Are hungry and ill housed. Slipshod shacks Are Homes for bombed out japs. But the modern touch is there As seen in this contrast in dress on Tokyo to Ginza. Wis. The Newburgh children now have in their Mouths consider per cent of democratic voters a ably less of the germs Lacto Bacil Vor Gen. Eisenhower at present Lus Aci Ophilus we Thich Are know to put no one can Tell now How Many to be present during tooth decay. Of those democrats would on elec i fluorine in the water is credited t on Day actually Cross party lines with this drop. To vote for him if he ran As a Republican. The non partisan character Gen. Eisenhower to following Puppy saves 2 from Bull Sterling ?"ojr a Teddy 1-year-old dog of Uncertain easy Way to get Famo sell sirloin for 39 cents Campaign in Europe and the conference Friday More than any United nations general Assembly other single event in recent weeks at the end of the first two weeks a How wide and unbreakable is 1 of the Assembly the . Diplomatic War was at fever pitch. The objectives of each Side were to completely discredit the other in the eyes of the rest of the world. Tactics Are clarified. The two week debate has accomplished nothing yet but it has clarified the tactics of each Side. The russians have three main Points of attack against the u. A allegations that prominent americans especially John i Foster Dulles a u. S. Delegate to Are a warmongers a and that the u. S. Is preparing for a third world War with the soviet Union. Demands that the u. S. And Britain remove their troops from the we world a to trouble spots Greece Korea Palestine China Etc. A year ago the u. S. Was pressing Russia to get her troops out of such trouble spots As Iran and Manchuria. Accusations that the u. S. Is a of running the governments of Western Europe and. Through the Marshall plan. Seeks to deprive those governments of their Sov Erigney through a Dollar Woald bypass Tela. The u. S. Policy although less hysterical is just As Clear to convert the 55-nation general Assembly into a year round organization which can take Over problems which Are stymied in the Security Council by a soviet veto. The russians claim the americans want to abolish the Council. The americans admit they a Eek to bypass Russia s veto. Chicago a women must let their hair Down if they want to look new on top. The National hairdressers and cosmetologists association which opened a convention saturday has created a a new look to go with the longer fashions. It will be Flat and smooth and the split Between the world to two fairly Short and will face Forward instead of Back and up mrs. Margaret condos of Hollywood As the updo she added is As dead a last year to Short skirt. Neatness and sleek Ness is the a should be jailed along with White new password in keeping with slavers and dispensers of porno the 1890 elegance of today to Fash ions she said. Food plan is unworkable housewives say in Survey by United Presa fourteen out of 20 housewives interviewed by United press said president Truman to plan for voluntary food conservation would no to we Tork. The housewives a from a dozen representative cities were chosen at random and questioned about their reactions to the president to two Point plea thursday a waste less food and buy food More selectively. Most of them said High prices already had forced them to save the limit. Of eight hotel chefs interview save More food and still keep the customers Happy. One of these was the chef at the Swank Waldorf Astoria in new York City who said that hotel would return to the food practices which saved 50 per cent during wartime. Ale Beans instead. Here Are some comments from housewives and chefs mrs. Joseph Lovejoy. New York City i just saw the headline and laughed. I Haven to bought any meat eggs or butter for about two weeks. When you eat less meat i. Newburgh and Kingston nearby Are in a 10-year Experiment of to learn we thether adding minute is quantities of the chemical element i Tail distracted its attention Long enough for Nels Hensen. 79. And a by Frederick c. Othman an j Washington. A hip a i must vestry was a hero after saving two extend my sympathy and my apol elderly men from attacks by an angry Bull. The Pup by biting the animal to evidenced by the fact As reported fluorine to a City to drinking water aug. 27 by the Institute that 58 a Supply will reduce tooth decay. Per cent of american voters done to know whether he is a Republican or a Democrat while 22 per cent Cay germs or. Kingston none is added. The yardstick for the tooth de think him a Republican and 20 per cent believe him to be a Democrat. A a 0 a recent a trial heat per is having 20,000 or cubic centimetre of More saliva. Before the Newburgh we Tater treatment began 63.5 per cent of pitting its children had the 20.000 germ or. Truman against a Man whose saliva count. This percentage in party connections everyone in the the first year of drinking do urine j aged Man about 12 feet in the air. Hansen cried for help and Nel James Nelson. 80. To crawl through a Fence to safety on the Jacob e. Hurd farm five Miles Southeast of nearby Rock Falls. Hansen had entered the pasture to drive cattle to the barn and Nelson was working in a nearby Field. Suddenly the Bull charged Hansen knocking him Down. Then four times in a Row he tossed the country knows. Governor Thomas dropped to 55.2 and now after two e. Dewey of new York showed years is Down further to 47.3. A much closer race. The results reported meanwhile there has been no in july drop in Kingston where there is were 46 per cent for or. Truman no Flourine in the water. Hope easement will be found in jewish Arab problem by Dewitt Mackenzie a foreign affairs analyst. The tragic jewish Arab problem in Palestine May find temporary easement but Little which will contribute to a useful solution in Britain to announcement that she will end her mandate if the United nations does no to work out a settlement satisfactory to both sides. There will be easement because the quarrel Between British and jews has grown increasingly bitter through the years until the presence of the mandate Power in the holy land has become intolerable to the jewish inhabitants. As things now stand it to better that the British Clear out. However one of the world s most difficult questions will remain to be answered by the United nations. That is How to fulfil Britain to Balfour declaration of 1917 by providing Quot a National Home for the jewish people. I it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which May prejudice the civil and religious i at that time a general strike � was declared by the higher Arab committee which demanded the creation of a National representative government the stoppage of jewish immigration and prohibition of the Sale of land to the jews. Naturally these demands were not complied with. There followed a period of Arab terrorism. Hundreds of jews were killed and much damage was done to property. Then in 1937 the British Peel Royal commission having spent seven months in Palestine reviewing the situation recommended that separate jewish and Ai a states should be created. Britain would have a permanent mandate for Jerusalem Bethlehem and Nazareth we Tith a corridor from Jerusalem to the coast. Turn Down proposal. This proposition was turned Down by both jews and arabs. Disorders again swept the land. These have continued Ever since son went to his Aid. So did Teddy the dog. The Pup charged the Bull and Sank his Teeth in the 1.400-Pound animal s tender nose. Then be let go and tried a flanking attack biting the Bull on his Tail. While the Bull was engaged with Teddy. Nelson helped Hansen through the Fence. Hansen was badly bruised. Nelson was not harmed. Chinese reds capture National mines report piping a i pm chinese communists were reported to have captured government mines which tap one of the world s biggest molybdenum deposits. 15 Miles from Chinshi in Southwest Manchuria. Press dispatches said one Japan get technician was killed and an unspecified number of chinese workers taken prisoner when the reds occupied the mines operated by the National resources com j Mission. Ogles today to Dick Rickert. The honest Butcher of Shamokin a. If in to known what would happen to brother Dick that to what the Happy customers Call him i never would have written an item about him Selling sirloin steaks for 39 cents a Pound and Lamb chops for 14 and a half cents. When that hit print telephoto reproductions of his advertisement in the Shamokin newspaper dispatch were rushed across the land. If Ever a paid advertisement had become a red hot news picture this was it. Hard work for Dirk. Photographers hastened to Shamokin and forced brother Dick All 259 pounds of him to pose in the act of slicing 39-cent Chuck roasts. Reporters interviewed him. One after another and brother Dick patiently repeated the Story of his pre War Price tags. This added up to hard work on brother Dick to part Long hours careful buying conservative meat cutting and Small profits. It also added up to More Black headlines. And there was the joint congressional Price investigating committee asking whether i could put the lawmakers in touch with brother Dick. A owe want to shake his hand a the committee a Aid. A and find out How he does ?� i de i did the necessary and brother Dick has received an invitation not a subpoena mind you a asking if he possibly can find the time to appear before the subcommittee of sen. Ralph e. Flanders of vt., to reveal officially the secret of his 29-cent hamburger and 35-cent rib roasts. Othman apologises. Here he is a National figure already. If he can find a boy to tend his shop while he talks to the senators and he kind of figures this is his duty he Tell be the bes known Butcher in America. Then will come the movies the radio and i done to know what ally and poor brother Dick life never will be the same again in his Little giant Market. In to the inadvertent Vil Lian and i apologize. A Peculiar Backwash of the Story is the fact that there seem to be brother Dicks Selling meats at reasonable prices in Many a Small City. Why this should be while butchers in the big towns weigh steaks on jewellers a to Scales is a mystery i Hope the senators can unravel. 2 to succeed in getting positive t action by the Assembly in the greek Case As an example of what the . Can do despite the mail helps girl to to get artificial Arm Cleveland a a itt tar old girl soon w ill have an artificial Arm and her Mother. Mrs. Isaiah 1 Detweller gives credit to a email j from All Over the United ?� her daughter. Phyllis had her right Arm amputated at the Elbow because of a tumor. Phyllis to neighbourhood playmates 1 began a fund raising Campaign this summer giving their earnings from baby sitting Lawn mow my and other chores. Mrs. Detweiler said contributions prompted by newspaper accounts were received from a nearly All the states and the fund is Over $900�?� a. Only two thought Thor could i Jeat a or bread 1 Don t Veo i throw out the crusts. Mrs. Katherine Purdy. Dalles. I Texas a i went to the Market the j other Day and asked for four pork it chops. They Cost $ 1.20. I told the Butcher to put them Back in the i refrigerator and my family ate Beans. Mrs. Milton grouse. Kansas City to. A i be been feeding my family hash since before last Christmas. I hardly need a garbage pail except for potato peelings. I Haven t been Able to figure out a Way to use them because my family does t like them. Mrs. Frank Domke. Detroit a Wiley to fight Seaway delay Washington Chi a senator Wiley a wis said saturday he intends to prevent any a Oside tracking of the St. Lawrence Seaway completion proposal in the next session of Congress. The Seaway measure has been approved by the Senate foreign relations committee and proponents Are seeking to have an Early my husband and i both work and showdown vote in the Senate in the new session beginning in january. Wiley in a letter to chairman Dondero a Mich of the House Public works committee which i Don t have time to fuss with leftovers. Mrs. Birdie Watson. Brooklyn w i the everything so darned High we fill in on wheat. We Only get Little pieces of meat instead of big will continue hearings on similar ones. I can t think of anything legislation in the next session of More to Congress said a of know that enemies of the Seaway May try to use tactics of mrs. H. C. Martin. Atlanta i have always used any leftovers i had. However this usually Means delay and diversion in attempting usog extra milk or butter and to shunt aside the Resolution once More. A of for one. Win however do everything within my Power to frustrate any Saboteur tactics and i am sure that we can count on you to do likewise a three More held Chicago police saturday detained three More persons for questioning in connection with investigation of the fatal stabbing of mrs Gracelyn Bush. 32-year-old minister to wife. In a South Side parking lot wednesday. Nations press officials and members of the world press Here said that the action of an american Consul in Paris a of restricting a French communist Newspaperman to the environs of the in Headquarters proved the need for Clear i International agreements on Freedom of the press. The French newspapermen Pierre Courtade. A member of the communist party and chief Edi with butter at 97 cents a Pound now and milk in Atlanta at the highest Price in the country this in t practical. In. Nell Starrs. Takoma Park my. A i have to and i am going to Cut Down. I am planning to Cut Down on every ingredient i now use to feed my family. I also plan to pull out the menus i used during and right after depression Days and Start using them again. Mrs. Hayden Henley Detroit i believe that americans Are a bit extravagant. The people could Cut Down a great Deal if the housewife is made food conscious. On Jot say Chela. Charles Eusebe. Chef at the olympic hotel Seattle a i done to waste any the my because i know How to re use leftovers. I Check the food to see that nothing is souring. Slatier hotel chef. Washington d. ?"we try to save As much three Days to pick it up. When he pc xxx 35 we ran a time so i did so he was told there had been Don the Nolc there a much waste to in press officials weigh restriction on red writer Lake Success it up United Florial writer for the Paris communist Organ la themanite was required to sign a statement agreeing to confine his movements in the United states to in Headquarters and new York City As a condition for obtaining an american visa in Paris. Courtade who arrived Here this week said he applied for the visa in Paris on sept. 2. He was and i Vised to return to the consulate in nazi built shelters defy British explosives berlins Many germans i smiled saturday As the nazi built air raid shelter in the tie Garten defied British efforts to flatten it with explosives. Last month the j British army tried to destroy the massive steel and Concrete Shower with varying degrees of intensity i and flak Tower with 50.000 pounds firm. Rights of existing non jewish communities the arabs in pal a clashes Between jews and arabs. Of int. And clashes Between British and jews. Now s. A Ltha i Tito says magnates seek Estine. Destruction develops. In the generation which has elapsed since that pledge was Given the holy land has seen bloodshed and destruction develop out the Tower stood though shattered inside. Palestine committee has recon mended that the holy land be to bring Back fascism divided into two states with Jer of the differences. The great goal a Salem sacred City of christianity has become a will out the Wisp and Judaism and mohammedanism Many observers have come to be a Neutral District. Again the arabs Lieve that there is no Way of re Are expressing disapproval of the conc Iling the wishes of the jews idea while there seems to be a and the arabs. Be that is it May division of opinion among the there is no sign that the Lamen j jews some of whom Are against nations against the ancient wailing Wall of Jerusalem Are about to cease. In 1922 the British announced a plan for the establishment of a legislative Council but that was rejected by the arabs. The proposal was put Forward again in 1935 and was turned Down both arabs and jews. So the next step is up to ., and the problem is More complicated than Ever. Not Only is the Belgrade. Yugoslavia <41�?" Premier marshal Tito charged saturday that a International reaction headed by american magnates is trying to bring fascism Back and turn it into an aggressive Force he spoke at the second session of the Congress of the Peoples to front attended by 1,500 delegates. Two die in car Madison. ?" Uso a two whole Arab world supporting the Mazomanie men were killed Early a delay. When he returned on sept. 19. He was promised a visa on condition that he sign a typewritten statement prepared by consular officials. The statement placed these restrictions on his movements he must remain in the United nations site area for the duration of his stay he must enter and depart from an Atlantic port and he must not engage in any propaganda or subversive activities while Here. Newsmen to opinions vary. Opinions of newspapermen of All nationalities working at Lake eliminate right now. Matthew Bernatsky chef at the Shiek s cute Minneapolis i certainly am in favor of the idea. The plan has tremendous Merit. It must be handled by practical men who know How to make the Best use of foods. This Illinois tavern is half wet half dry Chicago up a Jama Floe a tue to tavern is half wet and half dry. The front part of Fiocchi to new Success ranged from one that the tavern is in suburban Highwood action was a Obad taste on the part of the United states a Champion which by local option permits Sale of alcoholic beverages. But surveyors disclosed that the rear half of Freedom of the press to a Sug is in Highland Park dry by local Gest Ion that there was nothing to option prevent the Frenchman from boarding a train and going we there he wanted to. George Barnes head of the in press department said the Inci liquor is sold in the front part a in Highwood soft drinks and sandwiches Are served in the rear a in Highland Park. Dent would not Nave occurred had May resist dismantling the Paris consulate been aware that the state department was adhering to the spirit of a proposed convention with the in under which All newspapermen accepted by the press Section As correspondents were to be granted visas. Of Reich zone factories Hamburg Germany a up a German Trade Union leaders and industrialists predicted open Defiance by German workers of British american military gov this convention has not yet been eminent orders to dismantle fac Palestine arabs in this Issue but the holy land is a highly strategic area of the Middle East in which by not Only Britain but Russia France and America Are deeply interested. Saturday when their car overturned on Highway 14 near Mazomanie viaduct. They were Donald Segebrecht 23, and Gerald shac Keiton 29. Wartime a Ospy named . Advisor Sergei m. Kukri Avseev left who was named by the Canadian government As the organizer of o War time bed spy ring that mat 17 top secrets from Ottowa to Moscow relaxes with Andrei Gromyko. Soviet . Delegate in the lounge at Lake Success. Kukri Avseev is advisor to the ohm rom uhf. Of blast firm approved by the general Assembly. Courtade was the Only foreign tories in the Western zones for reparations. Orders already have been is reporter now at Lake Success to be sued by the Ruhr Trade unions to asked to sign a statement before their members not to co operate obtaining a via

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