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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 18, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday bulletin vol. 13, no. 23racine, wis., sunday october 18, 1942. To pages the world last week a by foul Freye Denito is Back in the news. He of the Square jaw who for 20 years has controlled Italy appears to be faced with the necessity of making a decision or having one made for him. While renewed Axis blows at the i United nations were making the big headlines last week on two j widely separated global fronts Benito and his countrymen became the object of much speculation by both sides of this conflict. There is no doubt that Italy is tired of War tired of being hungry and cold tired of being watched by hitlers Gestapo and storm troopers who patrol their streets. Italy a tiredness seems to be personified by Benito Mussolini himself. Thus Wrhen the United states announced monday that 600,000 unnatural Zed italians would no longer be classed As enemy aliens but As free people a Hope must have sprung into the breast of every tired italian. News came wednesday that Heinrich Himmler chief of the i dread Gestapo was visiting Home. By Friday from Bern Switzerland the word was that Italy was i fearing itself As the scene of a Sec \ Ond front invasion in View of Ger Many a strengthening of austrian Alp defences. Saturday turkish j dispatches reported that Hitler was through fooling around with Mussolini and that he would take j Over All of la Duce a Mediterranean and Balkan commands and in Short assume All Powers of this j minority Axis Leader. Putting All those items together j and adding a couple of a ifs to them j the situation sizes up like this should the British with Ameri can help be Able to shove Rommel entirely out of Africa and at the same time attack and seize the vital West african coast i Points the allies might then be Able to launch a thrust up through j Italy provided that the italians j with or without Mussolini a sane j Tion assume some of the responsibilities which other free Peoples of Europe Are prepared to take j when the time for a second front arrives. A a principal news of the week for americans came out of the Southwest Pacific area where the i japanese have launched their expected supreme drive to recapture the Strong Points of the Solomon Ren mysteries which Are Burden islands. A a Good stiff Tough fight some t0 United nations leaders is going on said Secretary Knox and especially to americans who saturday. Must Strain across heart breaking but now forces ground and air \ distances to help solve them. And army bombers blast ships Kiska one destroyer probably sunk Navy announces direct hit fires Jap cargo ship one plane lost can the Luftwaffe keep it up the German air forces strength and availability for a Multi front War is mystery no. L can it attack and defend it triple mystery holds Fate of War in 1943 by Thomas m. Johnson j in Russia. Japanese occupation of Washington oct. 17. The some of the Aleutian islands failed minds of United nations Strate j to Stop this. Gifts now Are occupied by three second mystery is russians what a russians Industrial capacity ignorance of the True state of soviet War production handicaps Allied estimates of hitlers next move. Who la get the jump in the near East american a Gen. Grant tanks like these flock into this vital theater and Rommel admits they Are Good. Vital and immediate problems which Promise to determine the course of the War. If favourable answers can be found the German army will be split the nazi Luftwaffe will not dominate the cd and russians resistance will continue with Little abatement. In such cases the projected invasion of Europe would not be a a a second front a but actually a third. And surest of All the War in 1943 would be americans War in a mounting and encircling tide of men and Metal. Developments which May not be divulged at this time Are said to be pointing up the three cur of the u. S. Army Are fighting with the marines on Guadalcanal main Island of the Solomons and the japs will have their hands full in this crucial Battle. On this Battle hinges the future ability of the whatever is said today officially or unofficially nobody knows the real answers. First mystery is the nazi air strength. Nobody really knows allies to strike Back along the Long whether the Luftwaffe can Simul route to Tokyo. For the japs the to Neoushy fight a Little or a lot islands must be retaken to protect1 in Russia and the near East and that route and also for a possible invasion of Australia. On tuesday Washington announced that in a naval air engage j ment in the Solomons the japanese lost one heavy Cruiser four destroyers and a transport. Wed j mesday the Navy announced that Jap warships had shelled the All important Airfield of Guadalcanal and had landed More troops. Also the Navy said that u. S. Subs had sunk five More Jap ships including a Cruiser in far Eastern Waters. Thursday the japs landed More men on Guadalcanal and bomb-1 de u. S. Positions. Friday the japs landed artillery and began to use it. A Large Force of the enemy Fleet was seen approaching the Island and by saturday u. S. Naval quarters predicted a giant clash of opposing fleets in the Solomon area a clash which would probably decide control. Jermany resumed the assault on Stalingrad monday after saying the week before that All costly frontal attacks on the City would be abandoned. This reversal of policy appeared to be linked with hitlers purge of Gen. Franz Blitz Britain by bombing or cover an invasion. Goering has just said it could not but did Goering Tell the truth and if so for How Long american efforts Are intensified Industrial strength. In spite of much High talk nobody knows positively whether German conquests and bombing have left the u. S. S. R. Enough raw materials factories and tools to turn out equipment for a powerful offensive or even for a protracted defensive. The russians just Arentt answering that one. They say that september production a beat Augusta and a a broke the record but done to specify what record or How much was done in August. This does t help their allies estimate when or whether Hitler May turn on Britain and its budding ref. We Are running convoys through the Mur Transk archangel Gauntlet at a Cost far heavier than on the persian Gulf route where ports railways and operation need improvement and ship turnaround needs speeding up. Such improvements Are vitally important to solve the imminent third mystery. Third mystery is who will attack first in the near East and who will win hitlers speech and Rommel a interview indicate it May be the Axis. The More optimistic View Here is that once again Russia has spelled doom to an invader. October november Rains and december frosts fix nazi House blocks amendments fixing training period of teen age soldiers army Heads had no intention of i minimum selective service age permitting that situation to occur i limit was lowered to 20, the a again. Tiona a lawmakers moved swiftly to should the 12 months training Ward meeting the demand of Mili Wren will carry lutheran rally speech today wry no a radio audience will get an idea of what is in store for listeners every sunday throughout the Winter months when they hear a broadcast today of a speech by or. Walter a. Maier of St. Louis during the lutheran hour rally at memorial Hall sponsored by the Racine county synodical conference of lutheran churches. The rails starts at 2 30 p. In. And radio station Wren will broadcast or. Maiers speech starting at 3 p-t0 i have barred use of teen age troops or. Mater professor of semitic in foreign combat until first train languages at Concordia College j de for a year on american soil Wil go on the air for the Lith with passage of the Bill by consecutive season next sunday As Nightfall apparently assured the speaker and conductor of the in House blocked the training period fire these youths Are sent to for ter National lutheran hour. Radio amendment by adopting a Rule i eign station Wren will a one of the i preventing consideration of any a the brass he shorted Sal stations carrying the broadcast amendments offered from the floor a More not infallible. In the last throughout american and foreign except those bearing Areca on i War. They sent these youths into Washington oct. 17.�? up a legislation lowering the minimum draft age from 20 to 18 years was passed by the House today less than a week after the White House and War department asked for Swift action. Washington oct. 17.�? up a backing up the arroyos High command the House refused today to consider amendments to the 18 and 19 year old draft Bill which would requirement be made mandatory Marshall wrote a a we would in effect have to put thousands upon thousands of men a a on the shelf after their essential training had been completed before we could j his War aides had found the step use them. In the air corps alone necessary there were confident pre possibly 500,000 such men would i diction from House leaders and be rep. Fish protests. A this Rule a protested rep. Fish rep. N. A denies to the membership of the House the right to insist upon one years training be lands. To build up air strength not Only. ,.in Britain and the near East but Lam to Haj year at a v�?~rt��1 St be _ mate at Stalingrad and the Possi Jeffers promises enough Gas for worker Farmer Chicago oct. Ion . A rubber director William m. Jeffers said today that the gasoline rationing program would be administered in the Midwest and West a to get men to work and the Farmer to town no matter he said the greater distances and less Reliance on Public conveyances distinguished that part of the nation to be rationed gasoline starting nov. 22 from the Eastern Seaboard area now under rationing and that this would be taken into account. A whatever happens we be got Haider who has been Der fuehrer s be men to work and we be got chief military advisor. The nazis struck and struck hard at Stalingrad All during the week and at the same time engaged in fierce Battles for More territory in the caucasus both below novo Rossik on the Black sea coast and near the Mondok Oil Field Region. By saturday despite the fact that marshal Timoshenko a drive into the German flank was still progressing the russians had to admit four retreats in two Days. The germans themselves claimed to have penetrated to the Volga River Banks and if so. Were threatening to split the russians wide Cuba establishes a pin relations with Russia in other War fronts the British Washington oct. 17�?0jj9�? held off a Long Axis air As a Sault on Malta u. S. Bombers Diplomat a and consular relations struck at Supply bases in Africa Between Cuba and the soviet Union British and american planes have been established for the a de bombed targets in the nether-1 a elopement of Friendly and Cornland and France and the Raf to get the Farmer to town a he said. A i will emphasize to the Midwest rubber directors a he said a the absolute necessity of taking into account that conditions in the West Are not altogether similar to those on the Eastern Jeffers advised civilians to do their a a social driving Between now and the beginning of gasoline rationing nov. 22 because a there wont be any synthetic tires for family use until sometime in 1944.�?� threw More bombs on the ruins of Cologne in Germany. Last Jap base in the aleutians Kiska. Was a a rider almost constant attack by american Long Range bombers. Mine derails train chunking oct. 17 �?0j.r3�? five Hundred japanese troops Mercial ties Between the two Nable German capture of Astrakhan the optimists think that Germany a failure to win the russian Campaign Means eventual failure to win the War. However More cautious minds Are inclined to await the outcome of developments in the near East. Rommel to blow. The nazis May swing their mass of Man Euver South at Egypt Iraq Iran even Turkey hoping to realize the old Berlin badged dream. The blow would fall perhaps from Greece surely from Rommel looming Over Suez. If he succeeds then Germany has a real Success this year if he fails then next year the strategic initiative passes to us. Already Rommel has met u. S. Tanks which he admits Are Good. Some had american Crews. So have the american planes which always improving in Quality and numbers Fly across the South Atlantic and Africa. % and tanks and planes Are not All. Few americans understand How nearly the near East is a major a second front where an Allied offensive would directly support Russia and might reconquer the Balkans and eventually free Italy. In that Allied offensive More than tanks planes and their Crews would be american. Suppose a favourable solution can be found for the three mysteries then what by sometime next year we May have abroad 4,000,000 men a almost twice As Many As in 1918. We can make the equipment for them if As now seems Likely we put into effect the Industrial mobilization plan worked out in peacetime by our army but hitherto adopted Only by the nazis. Supply problem difficult. Here is a bigger a a if a great expeditionary army will be effects u a thus is the first latin american Republic to establish relations with Russia since outbreak of War. Both countries Are members of the United nations. The embassy said the relations a were established through an sex have been killed or injured in change of notes Between russian the derailment of one troop train f ambassador to the United states by a land mine and an unknown Maxim Litvinov and or. Aurelio Tive Only if we can apply the tons a the cuban embassy an equipment at the Point of Contact bounced today. With the enemy a which Means lutheran groups agree on doctrine Fellowship Louisville ky., oct. 17.�? up a the United lutheran Church in America today directed its president to accept an offer of doctrinal agreement and to establish pulpit and altar Fellowship with the american lutheran Church. United lutherans holding their 13th biennial convention Here instructed their head or. F. H. Knubel of new York to Confer with or. Emanuel Poppen of Columbus Ohio president of the american lutheran Church and a in conjunction with him to consummate and declared the Unity of doctrine and Fellowship at the earliest possible Date. Congressional awards Washington oct 17.�? a the Navy announced today that president Roosevelt has authorized the award of congressional medals of Honor to Lieut Milton e. Ricketts who was killed when the Yorktown was lost and Lieut j. A William Edward Hall. Changing the present 20 to 45 age Range for selective service. Vote 212 to 42. The action came on a standing vote of 212 to 42, following the Reading of a letter from general Battle As replacements with less than 30 Days but a fellow Republican rep. Michener of Michigan said a this Isnit the kind of a Rule we like but it takes a Little courage _ a a a a ,.in time of War to get the kind of George c. Marshall army chief of legislation necessary to win the so Lxi a the committee had rejected the 12 months minimum training pro i also to open the Bill to general vision when it approved the Bill amendment arguing at one Point thursday. That danger existed that colleges general Marshall urged Congress Washington oct. 17.�? a army medium bombers probably Sank one japanese destroyer and damaged another destroyer and a cargo ship in the Kiska area of the aleutians the Navy announced today. The communique issued shortly before i p. Rn., told nothing about the Progress of the Battle of the Solomons. Martin b-26 two engined bombers known As the marauder were used in the attacks on Kiska. This was the first time that medium bombers have been used in the Western aleutians. Second destroyer hit. The two japanese destroyers were intercepted Northeast of Kiska sole japanese base in the aleutians. One destroyer was hit by three bombs and was probably sunk the Navy said. The other was hit too but was listed As merely damaged. The cargo ship was caught by our bombers in Gertrude Cove on the South coast of Kiska. One direct hit set fire to the ship which was observed burning Many hours later. Our losses were Only one plane which was downed by anti aircraft fire. Again there was no report of any aircraft opposition from japanese in that area. The new japanese ship casual i ties raised to 42 the total of enemy ships hit since they began their. ,. Aleutians adventure in Early june military committee approval of a the included 13 sunk Drob. Kill Ammino re a la a minor Acrite an Ese Loc Lugea to sunk live prod tary chiefs for emphasis on youth in building an army with a planned strength of 7,500,000 in 1943. Amid repeated expressions of regret that president Roosevelt and chairman May dem. By of the military committee that the Bill would pass overwhelmingly. Meantime the Senate a step behind the House in the drive to Speed the legislation to the chief executives desk received from its War. Rep. Ceiler dem. N. A sought to a Trust our judgment and our own insistence that we fight Only with trained however the chief of staff explained a such a limitations As that proposed would a impose an almost impossible administrative Burden on the War department. Marshall reiterated what he previously had told the military committee that the Normal training period lasts at least a year but the army does not desire to be tied to such a program by Law. The War department Marshall emphasized in his letter has no intention of sending untrained men into combat. He conceded that Many american soldiers were engaged with the enemy during the last War without having first had reasonable training and said the would be forced to close. A if it is necessary to close every school in the country in order to win the War then we had better get about the business of doing it a retorted rep. Nichols dem. Okla. The letter was read by representative Wadsworth rep. N. A in support of a rules committee recommendation which would prevent the submission from the floor of amendments to require a fixed training period for soldiers under 20. Proponents of the amendment had mapped out a fight to put it into the Bill and to head them off the rules committee recommended that Only amendments dealing with draft Ages be permitted to be offered except from the military affairs committee itself. Ten months to the Day after the u. S. Public would give air production first place on War priorities schedule by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., oct. 17.____ when historians come to write the j whee Emph Alth uld Given As history of this War one fact singled Between land sea and Airpower out As having utmost importance i and Many other factors it the pub. May be the Public s persistent and i jct a Confidence in Airpower is not a air pm ver merely a recent enthusiasm the while military experts have de j voters have not been won Over just a a bated the importance of air planes in the Jas jew m0nths or even in Power studies cover marry issues include if the vote is confined to those ing congressional appropriations j with definite opinions the ratio is for the air forces the question of army 13 per cent Navy 15 per establishing a separate air Arm j cent air Force 72 per cent. Long term trend. These results will come As no Surprise to those who have followed Public opinion trend in recent years on issues involving air Bill differing Only in Dinar aspects from that pending in the House. May be delayed. Plans of Senate leaders to bring the measure up for a vote on tues Day met the objection of minority Leader Mcnary rep. Ore. While i declaring himself heartily in favor of the Bill Mcnary served notice that he would be obliged to oppose any motion for a vote until the i absentees have been Given an Opportunity to return. Thus Senate action May be delayed until late next week or the following week. Navy operations in Solomons target of critic Washington oct. 17. A a rep. John m. Costello rep., Calif a member of the House military affairs committee said in the House today that he feared the Navy a attempted to conduct a grandstand play in the Solomon islands without asking the Aid of the army ground and air it was the first congressional criticism of the operations now in Progress in the Solomon islands. Costello told the House that the entire situation in the Southwest Pacific a cries to heaven for an Navy communiques have made several references to army air forces operating from Guadalcanal Airfield in the Solomons. Secretary of War Henry l. Stimson said thursday that army ground forces had arrived in the Solomons Aud a Navy communique later that Day made the same assertion. Number have been killed in a second land mine derailment the official Central news Agency reported today. F. Concheso cubans ambassador Here and that the two men were a duly authorized by their respective ase we need ships and Crews. If we can do it then in 1943 the War will enter a new pm then Hitler will be fighting least a two front War with a one front army and air Force. That phase will be the american phase. It will last probably two years but some not exactly Feather rained observers believe it will be the winning phase. Today they believe we Are just getting our first glimpse of it dim but of the shape of things to come. In modern warfare the Man in the Street has without exception voted with those who believe that Airpower has not yet been Given its full and rightful place in world War ii. Only the events of the future will write the final verdict to this controversy. Possibly those events will prove that the Layman has placed too much Confidence in Airpower. On the other hand the future May prove that the Public is As far ahead of its military leaders As in the past it has been ahead of its political leaders. In a recent column on Airpower Walter Lippmann declared that a the argument about Airpower represents the kind of profound difference of View among professional men which will in the last analysis have to be settled by laymen a study Many issues. If laymen were actually called upon to Settle the question Airpower would be Given far greater emphasis than it now receives. The institutes studies of the Public attitude toward Airpower go Back at least seven years. These i the last few years. On the contrary the Public a attitude was firmly crystallized even before there were any signs of War in Europe or any indications that War might be imminent. The latest bit of evidence on the Public a attitude is a Survey completed this week by the Institute on the question of which Branch of the fighting forces land sea or Airpower should have first claim on materials for production. The Issue put to voters throughout the country was As follows a if there is a shortage of raw As far Back As 1935, just two years after Hitler came to Power the american Public was definitely air conscious. In an Institute Survey at that time the Public showed its far sightedness in not Only favouring a larger army and Navy but in voting by 80 per cent for a larger air Force. That was just the beginning. By 1939, just before Hitler precipitated the War in Europe the Public favored a larger air Force by the overwhelming majority of 91 per cent. A few months later in March 1940, when the army asked for materials for manufacture of War Money to buy 1,200 planes con speeding costs Driver Gas rationing Book Philadelphia oct. 17.�? or a Lawrence j. Moses a Frankford Arsenal worker today became the first Motorist in the nation to lose his gasoline rationing Book for violation of the 35-mile-an-hour Speed limit. His a a cd ration Book was lifted after his arrest for driving 50 Miles an hour in South Carolina while in route to his fathers funeral. The announcement was made by Francis a. Silver assistant general counsel of the office of defense transportation who came to Philadelphia to study violations of the wartime Speed limit. Ably sunk and 24 damaged. A a Bam in Solomons. As for the Solomons there has been no news of the fierce Battle for Guadalcanal Island and its vital Airfield at last reports held by u. S. Marines and army troops a since late Friday. At that time Secretary of Navy Frank Knox said he a hoped and expected americans would hold their positions but that the Battle had not yet been deter tried. The japanese were using land artillery on Guadalcanal to bombard the american positions. Hit merchantman. Somewhere in new Guinea oct. 17.�? up a United states fliers returning from a patrol during which their flying fortresses bombed a big japanese merchantman in the Buin area of the Solomons said today the enemy ship was seen swinging in wide erratic circles apparently out of control. The attack was reported in the communique earlier Loday from general Macarthur Headquarters which said then that the results were not known capt. Edward Scott of Holland mich., Pilot of the fortress said they had been flying several hours Over the sea Between Buin and the Solomon Island of Farsi when they sighted the ship. She put up an erratic anti aircraft fire he said but the plane dodged it and made four runs before the Bombardier got a Good enough Bead to Start unloading the few bombs in the fortresses Racks. The plane was not scratched. Scott said the bombs straddled the ship about 30 feet off on each Side but because of the planets height and Speed he did not have time for a close look. Goods which Branch of the service do you think should have first claim on materials the army the Navy or the air Force a about one person in four said he had no opinion but of those who had a definite opinion the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the air Force. Here Are the findings army. 9% Navy la air Force. 52 Dori know it Gress appropriated enough for 59 yet at that time the common people were not Only for a bigger air Force As indicated above but were also willing to pay extra taxes to get it. The Public is particularly anxious to have the younger generation thoroughly trained in the principles of flying. A recent Survey found a substantial majority in favor of pre flight aviation training for boys in All the High of the wat inn. Vote Post War credit for corporations Washington oct. 17�?ohs�? Senate House conferees on the 1942 War Revenue Bill today agreed to give corporations a postwar credit amounting to to per cent of excess profits taxes paid. House conferees accepted a Senate amendment designed to provide a Post War Cushion for corporations which under the pending Bill will pay the highest taxes in history including 90 per cent on their excess profit government moves to keep men on jobs Washington oct. 17�?<u.� a the Federal government today moved toward a policy of putting civilian workers on jobs where they Are most needed and of keeping them on the Job once they get them there. This became evident when the War labor Boa cd Friday night granted a wage increase of la Day to Copper Lead and Zinc workers in Idaho and Utah. Its order provided a 50-cents-a-Day penalty for workers who fail to meet certain standards of continuity of work and production. Carrier launched at Camden Yard Camden n. J., oct. 17.�? urn a the aircraft Carrier uss Princeton will be launched tomorrow at new York shipbuilding corp., the second Carrier to slide Down the ways of the Camden Yard in the first two and a half months. The Carrier Independence was launched aug. 8. The Princeton named after the new Jersey College City where a major Battle of the revolutionary War was fought in 1777, will be sponsored by mrs. Harold Dodds wife of the president of Princeton

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