Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
11 Oct 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
11 Oct 1942

Read an issue on 11 Oct 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 11, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday bulletin vol 13, no. 22racine, wis., sunday october la 1942. 8 pages the world last week it by Paul Frey it secret weapon of course. No self respecting nation at War would be without one. They Are known As great morale builders for the Side that has it and often act As morale destroyers for the other Side. Sometimes when a secret weapon ceases to be secret it loses its efficiency. Then it must be discarded. Not so in the Case of russians j a a secret weapon which was revealed by Moscow last week after being in use during most of the 47 i Days of the siege of Stalingrad. For weeks the germans inside i Stalingrad had been terrorized and j baffled by a silent machine which i glided silently through the air and dropped bombs Down the chimneys of houses which the invaders had seized. Nazi Searchlight and antiaircraft batteries went frantic trying to locate the device. Letters found on the enemy told folks Back Home of this Vampire bomber which struck at night and vanished at Daybreak. Navy announces Jap destroyer Sunka it it a Quot a a its it British admit tying hands of prisoners order countermanded upon complaint of German government London. Oct. To. A a the British government in a formal statement today said that the hands of German prisoners taken at Dieppe and also at Sark had been tied and that some of the then the russians chagrined the nazis captured at Sark had been and germans by pulling the covers from the new weapon. It was nothing More than a 15-year-old. Canvas covered biplane Trainer with a top Speed of 70 Miles an hour. Pilots stacked Small bombs around themselves in the cockpits of these Little ships took off for Stalingrad and then with motors Cut off glided swiftly to the target area. Slowing his Speed the Pilot can reach out and drop Tion for the nazi action in shackles bomb on specific buildings Ling British prisoners taken at even ones right next to those held j Dieppe. This action had been an by his own troops. German me bounced for noon today Chancial a a ears for the search r. Lights and flak guns could t find. Pm broker away him and he was Able to make five be germans taken in the raid and six trips each night. On the Isle of Sark it was said i had their hands tied so that their while the nazis and reds were arms could be linked with those occupied with secret weapons of their captors. Shot when they broke away tried to give the alarm. The statement said that the binding of prisoners hands at Dieppe was unauthorized and that the order had been countermanded when the German government complained. The lengthy statement did not disclose whether German prisoners have been shackled in Retalia and otherwise at Stalingrad the rest of the world was wondering if Hitler was pulling out of that area a to save his but like the Man with a Wildcat by the Tail and can to let go. Hitler apparently must stay and fight. First hints came thursday. Berlins radio admitted plaintively that there had been no advances made on some Days and very Little on others in the drive toward the Volga River. Friday Berlin said that frontal attacks on Stalingrad had stopped some of the Sark prisoners nevertheless broke away the statement said and attempted to give a he alarm by shouting. The British raiders shot these men the statement said. It was understood that prime minister Winston Churchill was planning a formal statement to the House of commons on the shackling affair. Political sources said that there was a considerably More behind the German action than was apparent on the surface. Edgar l. Granville Liberal Mem and that the City was to be reduced Ber of parliament raise a demand by dive bombing and artillery that the allies Start maps raids on Snelling. Berlin unless the nazis take the Russia immediately and pm shackles off British prisoners. Phat Cally denied this change in German tactics and reported new fierce attacks. The Battles raged deadline in Canada. On through Friday and saturday. I Ottawa oct. To. A a by week s end. Despite the fact j chaining of German prisoners in that the nazis had driven deeper into the City itself earlier in the Canadian Anson Camps was started at the stroke of noon today the department of National defense announced when that hour passed week it was apparent that mar i Shal Timoshenko a Rescue drive coming Down from the North was causing the German to turn their attention More and More to tie attacks on their flank. Premier Josef Stalin handed a letter to Henry c. Cassidy of the associated press monday in which he declared that Allied Aid so far was Little effective and Call without word having been received that the German government had taken the chains off British and Canadian prisoners captured at Dieppe. The number of prisoners being manacled was not disclosed but it was announced that it would be enough with those being chained de upon the allies a to fulfil Obi j Britain to equal the number i nations fully and on time. Only answer to this besides loud silence from the allies was the biggest Daylight bombing operation of the War on Northern France by american planes Friday. They smashed the German War plants at Lille. What appeared to be a generous helping of soft soap was handed out wednesday by president Roosevelt who said that the United states would demand the surrender of the Axis War criminals when peace comes. A action in the Pacific blazed anew last week both in the North and Southwest sectors. The Navy revealed that army bombers had been keeping the japs at Kiska in the aleutians under constant daily attack. Thursday came germans have shackled. Germany announced yesterday it was shackling 107 officers and 1.269 men of other ranks. Tony Given merciful death Hollywood oct. Ion . A Tony the grand old horse of the movies who pranced to Fame with the late Cowboy Star Tom mix died quietly today in a barn of his masters palatial estate. Ivon d. Parker Hollywood attorney and horseman who has cared for the 40-year-old Tony since mixes death in an Auto Acci news that two of the islands Attu Dent said the movie horse was and agatto had been vacated by the japs. Meanwhile the yanks moved into the Andreanos islands in the aleutians. New Jap landings threatened the marines positions in the Solomons. But Allied planes immediately set to work to reduce that threat. A Carrier Force blasted enemy areas in the North Solomons said dispatches Friday and on saturday came news that the biggest bomber Force of the War in that area had left Rabaul vital Jap base on new Britain Island in almost Complete ruins. Australian forces kept up their Pursuit of the japs on new Guinea and saturday had forced them Back Over the Hump of the Owen Stanley mountains. A in rouble for the Reich flared a again last week in Norway Denmark France and other occupied countries. Seeming to fear an invasion. Germany ordered martial Law at trondheim. Norway and at other coastal Points kept troop reinforcements on the Alert and began mopping up Norse patriots Given an overdose of chloroform that put him to sleep. He died a almost instantly without any a i almost wonder if Tony did no to know what was coming Early this Parker said. A i took him from my ranch in a truck and he entered it easily. On the ride to the Tom mix estate he looked about the country As if he knew he was getting his last Parker and the veterinarian led Tony to his familiar old stall where he met his merciful death. Tony had failed rapidly in the last few years. He eat dry food and attendants who watched him constantly were afraid he would lie Down and not be Able to get up. Lady Simon talks through hotel transom see Story on Page 7 Columbus stepped ashore 450 years ago on oct. 12 it w?5 just an Accident this uncovering of a whole new world by a tiny band of men in unsure Craft. They at least their Leader a Man named Columbus wanted to find a new route to the indies. On the 69th Day land was sighted the next Day they landed on an Island. Here Are the links by Century Steps in the Long Chain of events which began that Day discovery on oct. 12, 1492, Columbus stepped ashore to Plant the Standard of Spain in the Bahamas. He voyage South found Cuba and san Domingo. November poll to Settle few major issues Public plebiscite would favor draft of War workers air War Breaks Lull on desert front exploration by 1592, explorers had uncovered vast sections of the americas. Here sir Walter Raleigh is commissioned by Elizabeth to found Colony for England in Virginia. By George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., oct. a time when America is faced with More serious problems than at any period in a generation the coming election will actually shed Little Light on the mandate of the people concerning National issues. About the Only thing the National elections will decide is whether the republicans will control the House or the democrats. Advisory plebiscite. Yet if each of the 60 million eligible voters of the country could not Only vote on candidates but could also vote his opinion on issues of the Day in an advisory plebiscite hours of futile debate in Congress and in the nation could be avoided. Such an advisory plebiscite was held in Canada Only a few months ago on the question of conscription for overseas duty. One of the services which modern scientific surveys can perform is to show with a Small margin of error just How the country would vote on the pressing Public issues of today if those issues were put to All the people in an official plebiscite. In Canada for example the Canadian Institute of Public opinion was Able to show Many weeks before the conscription plebiscite How Canada was going to vote. At this time the United states is faced with the Issue of manpower mobilization for War industries a one of the most serious problems of the War. If this question could be placed on the official election ballot and be voted upon by each citizen in the polling Booths this november the results would show an overwhelming sentiment for action. By Harrison Salisbury United press staff correspondent air War flared up in North Africa to break an extended desert Lull and on the blazing Stalingrad front russian forces fought off More nazi attempts to break through to the Volga River. American British and Allied planes touched off the North african air offensive. Madison greets 470 Waves Madison oct. . A preliminary training of the radio division of the Waves female Blu jackets of the u. S. Navy began today with a press conference picture posing and a visit to a football game. Approximately 470 women Between the Ages of 20 and 36 moved into Chadbourne and Barnard dormitories of the University of Wisconsin for the four months of their training period to become naval radio operators for Shore duty. The full contingent efforts and revealed that priority of 480 will be completed tonight Iha been Given to shipbuilding they swept Over Axis Aird Romes and bases in one of the strongest attacks which had been delivered in Many weeks. At least 20 Axis fighters were shot Down in the air and Many More left blazing and wrecked on the ground. American fighters flying with their own machines and in their own operational squadrons for the first time shot Down at least one nazi fighter and probably several others. The big desert attack coincided w Ith fridays big Anglo american sweep Over Northern France in which 600 planes including More than too american bombers participated. Threat South of City. Front line dispatches from Stalingrad said that nazi pressure in the Northwestern Quarter of the City continued but there was a slackening of infantry activity. However the nazis threw additional motorized and armoured forces against the russian flanking column Northwest of Stalingrad and were developing a threat to the russians South of the City. A Tokyo report said that japanese shipbuilding workers were being exhorted to redouble their enemy lands reinforcements on Solomons Cruiser and another destroyer damaged in new actions and tomorrow with the arrival of women who received their orders late Only one of the enlisted Waves that reported today was in uniform. That was miss Emily Bradley Saltonstall daughter of gov. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts. Miss Saltonstall was Washington oct. a american airmen battling japanese troop landings on Guadalcanal Island in the Solomons have sunk another japanese destroyer and damaged a heavy enemy Cruiser and a destroyer. But the Navy a announcement today of these successes also revealed that the enemy was getting stronger forces ashore on Guadalcanal. This is where we hold a strategically important Airport from which u. S. Navy and Marine corps planes now Are operating. The communique hinted at a fierce Battle in the making for control of the Airfield on Guadalcanal one of the first spots captured by marines when they began the Battle of the Solomons Early in August. It told of three separate occasions this week when japanese warships landed reinforcements for. Their troops still holding out in possible indication that Japan is the Island s Woodlands suffering from the Strain of her seven enemy planes also were Long Pacific sea lines and the destroyed in these and other late mounting losses of warfare. I actions in the Solomons. The t0_ raw materials and manpower a the soviet communique reported that a Only Small infantry attacks occurred within Stalingrad itself. However fighting North inducted sept. To at of in ton mass., and transferred to Madison. She has had enough work in radio communications to handle code work at the rate of Coloni Afton by 1692, Cavaliers had settled toward the South puritans were in new England where Witch burning was a Peak Force. The colonies were becoming Strong. 13 words a minute. She has two Brothers in the armed forces one in the army and another in the marines. Eleanor Hudson of new York City quit her Job with a new i York department store to join the Waves a mainly because i graduated from Smith Edith Kingdon Gould a new York heiress posed with miss appeared to be increasing. A nazi communique claimed i that German artillery fire had i sunk two Volga River gunboats a a a. And blown up a skyscraper inside Tai of enemy aircraft destroyed there since Early August now is 245. The Navy announcement of the new actions followed a communique from Gen. Douglas Macarthur Headquarters in Australia disclosing one of the most devas and Lieut. Dorothy c. Ging by Institute surveys a Stratton senior women a officer manpower mobilization program would be voted into effect by a margin of about 2 to i giving the government the right to draft workers at will and move them about the country if necessary. Such a plebiscite if it covered the Issue thoroughly would also show that the Public does not believe persons required by the government to take jobs in War industries should be compelled to join labor unions in those industries. The tax problem. This week Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau warned that six billion dollars in additional taxes must be raised next year. If that Issue were put to the people in a plebiscite this november the Public would be shown in favor of an income tax no matter How Small for every family in the country except those on Relief. The majority would likewise favor a Federal sales tax of two or three per cent. If the administrations labor Union policy were put to a vote in a plebiscite it we Ould meet with considerable opposition. The majority believe that unions should be More strictly regulated and of the contingent. Miss Gould member of the Junior league said she was Happy to be in training. The youngest wave was Karen Jacobsen 20, of Towson my the oldest was Edrie s. Moore 36, of Memphis Tenn. She quit a Job with a Telegraph company to enlist. The City the Relief column of marshal Semyon Timoshenko was said to be making Progress southward and had driven the nazis out of several More Strong Points. Spearhead into Steppes. Radio Berlin claimed that heavy fighting was under Way for Possession of a big armaments Plant outside Stalingrad proper. The nazis according to russian reports were driving a spearhead into the kalmyk Steppes a Broad Flat Prairie Southeast of Stalingrad but there was no indication How far this column had progressed. Moscow announced that the red army a famous system of political turn to Page 7, col. 4 questions and answers Given on features of Victory tax Washington oct. Here is a question and answer summary of the main features of the new Victory tax which the Senate adopted Friday q. Who is subject to the Victory tax a. Everyone earning More than $624 next year or $12 a week will pay a Victory tax next year. It does not apply to 1942. Q. How much is the tax a. Five per cent of everything you earn Over and above your $624 minimum exemption. If you earn $2,624 next year you will pay a Victory tax of $100 in addition to Ward it to the government. All others will pay the tax on March 15 of each year or in quarterly instalments a together with the regular income tax. For example if you earn $24 a week your employer will take 60 cents out of each paycheck which is five per cent of $12. Q. Suppose i earn $24 a week but work Only 20 weeks out of the year a. Since your annual earnings Are Only $480, which is on Rabaul Japan a powerful base on new Britain Island to the Northwest of the Solomons. Oct. 5-8 actions. The new actions announced by the Navy covered a period from the night of oct.5 through the evening of oct. 8. During the night of oct. 5-6, american dive bombers and torpedo planes from Guadalcanal attack 3d six enemy destroyers attempting to assist Landing operations at the Northwestern end of the Island. A destroyer was sunk and another damaged in this engagement. But the enemy continued to put troop reinforcements ashore on Guadalcanal during the night of oct. 7-8. On the night of oct. 8, Navy and Marine corps bombers and torpedo planes assisted by fighters intercepted an enemy naval Force Northwest of Guadalcanal 4 seaplanes downed. This Force including a Cruiser of the 7,100-ton Kako class and five destroyers also was engaged in covering Landing operations. A torpedo hit and some bomb hits were scored on the Cruiser. It was still burning the following afternoon. In that engagement four enemy seaplanes were shot Down and two of our planes were lost. The Navy also provided additional details concerning the raids announced on last thursday night in which Carrier based planes your regular income taxes. The strikes forbidden by Law until the tax is the same for married and Freedom 1792, the colonies had become the United states of America. Congress met at Independence Hall. Growing pains 1892, the u. S. A. Had grown to the Pacific it was the exciting Era of civil service Reform. Determined oct. 12, 1942, 450 years after Columbus the u. S. Heads the Western hemisphere in joining other free nations in a struggle to preserve Freedom. War is Over. A plebiscite on other important issues would show the following overtime pay in War industries would Start after a 48-hour week instead of 40 hours if the majority had its Way. A program for co scripting single women aged 21-35 for War worn to Page 7, col i single persons end there is no additional exemption for dependents. But if husband and wife both work both get the $624 exemption. Q. Does the government keep this Money for Good or will some of it be returned a. Part of the tax is refundable. The refund amounts to 25 per cent of the tax paid for a single person 40 per cent for the head of a family and an additional two per cent for each dependent. If you Are married have one child and pay a Victory tax of $100, you would be entitled to a $42 refund. Q. When and How could i get this refund. A. If you Are entitled to a $42 refund under certain conditions you could get it right away in the form of a credit ref in Northern Ireland. Against your Victory tax. In other miss Barry who was entered in words you would pay the Golem the current contest by corp. Al j ment $58 instead of the full $100. Bert Wexler Asbury Park n. J., j these conditions Are that during less than the exemption the government would pay you Back All from a Pacific task Force and army that had been withheld from your heavy bombers attacked shipping new Jersey girl chosen sweetheart of sep in Ireland Belfast oct. To. A . A Janet Barry an 18-year-old blonde from Belmar n. J., was selected today As the sweetheart of the pay checks or $12, at the end of the year. Q. If i earn More than $624 a year and pay my whole Victory tax through pay Check deductions How do i get my refund if i am entitled to take it right away a. If you had taken $100 out of your salary checks during the year and were entitled to claim an immediate $42 refund the government would apply this $42 against your 1942 income tax liability. In other words you a pay $42 less in income taxes. Withholding table Milwaukee oct. uj9�? accidentally locked in her hotel Chat to be or foreign in the mopping up process room while waiting to appear at a and Domestic subjects reached such a fast Pace that Vid j press conference and lecture Here Washington oct. To. Up Kun Quisling himself had to Appeal j today lady Simon Berlin claims 26 ships sunk in 24 hours. Lon Dan oct. j3 a a Ger oat Nhav for Murii firs finn of the i i Manchester in Dent Roosevelt a half hour in Man broadcast said today that 26 saturday for modification of the England was forced to wait while Monr a t a a a a United nations ships including brutal Gestapo methods. Hotel employees removed a door a a a our warships had Xen sunk Indell Willkie is on his panel to release her. During thee air. 11116 to we. P38 24 Bours Way Home. Wednesday he j enforced delay lady Simon Sug both Domestic and foreign sub j warships were sunk replied to his critics by saying at tested her interviewers question jets. P r e s i d entail Secretary i in the Atlantic and Volga River and fifteenth Street Des Moines Iowa. Chunking a a in a Wendell Willkie j her through the a transit a her eng Stephen Early thus described the 1 included a Cruiser two gunboats j the title of a Johnny doughboy a and i say what i in Well Lish term for the american Tran speech today adding that the chief and a patrol boat. Irish Rose went to miss Brisbane Friday he escaped Japan san. Jokingly she remarked that executive had told callers it would there was no confirmation from Speers 22, Belfast entered by pvt. Shelling. I it could be a a a panel discussion. Be a a Homey any other source for this claim. Al Porte Indianapolis ind. Will be officially announced tonight As the Winner Over scores of other nominees. She and Wexler plan to marry when he returns Home from the War. Second place in the Competition went to Louisa Tanzi Cleveland entered by private Bob Gizzo Bedford o. Third place went to Joyce King 19, Brookline mass., a recent graduate of Stephens College Columbia mo., who was entered by sgt. James Woodman 21, of 615 the year you must have spent at least $42 for buying War Bonds paying off a mortgage or other debt outstanding on sept i of this year or paying premiums on a life insurance policy which was in Force on the same Date. If you Haven to done any of these things you will have to pay the full $100 and wait until after the War for your refund. Data on collection. Q. How will the Victory tax be collected a. If you Are a wage or salary earner other than a farm or Domestic worker or a member of the armed forces your employer will deduct the tax from your pay Check and for Washington oct. wage earnings will find their pay checks reduced by a specific amount beginning Jan. I if Congress finally approves the 5 per cent Victory tax on Gross income Over $624 yearly. This tax which the Senate inserted in the new Revenue Bill yesterday would be withheld by the employer with the 5 per cent and japanese installations in the Solomons. The Navy said that in addition to the operations by those elements army Navy and Marine corps land based aircraft attacked enemy positions at Buka Island Gizo Island and Reata Bay. Planes damaged. At Kuka 375 Miles Northwest of Guadalcanal the plane parking area was bombed and several planes damaged. Results at Gizo 215 Miles from the american base could not be observed. But at Reata Bay 185 Miles to the Northwest Beach installations were bombed two seaplanes shot Down and another seaplane and a Small launch were destroyed on the water. The latest japanese ship casualties brought to 38 the number of enemy vessels sunk probably sunk or damaged in the continuing Battle of the Solomons. The Kako class cruisers one of which was damaged comprises four vessels Kako Hur Utaka Kinugasa and Aba. They carry Normal complements of 604 men Levy being applied on All amounts Over $12 weekly $24 biweekly $26 Semi monthly $52 monthly 2l? finl and $624 annually. The following table shows the amounts which would be withheld weekly payroll monthly payroll if Ute but amount if the but amount wages not withheld wages not withheld Are Over Ara Over Over Over $12 ois $0.10 s 52 s 60 9 0.20 is 20 .30 of 80 a 20 24 .50 to too 24 28 .70 too 120 2.90 2$ 32 90 120 140 3.90 32 26 1.10 140 160 4.90 30 40 1.30 too 200 0.40 40 so in 200 240 6.40 50 of 2.10 240 200 10.40 of 70 2.00 200 320 12.40 70 of 3.m 330 to 14.40 beam of 50 3/5 feet. Their armament consists of six eight Inch guns four 4.7-Inch anti aircraft to machine guns 12 21-Inch torpedo tubes above the water and possibly 48 altogether. Bag 43 nazi planes in Lille operation London of by the u. S. Army Bombo command tonight reported that american planes shot Down 48 nazi fighters during the Lille operation yesterday

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