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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - October 4, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday is bulletin vol 13, no. 21racine, wis., sunday october 4, 1942. 8 pages the world last week by foul fryc to Here was a time when a speech by Adolf Hitler grabbed some of the biggest Type in any newspaper composing room. His rasping exhortations surpassed in world wide attention even the Best of Benito Mussolini a Balcony bellowing but last week Der fuehrer should have followed the example of Pancho Villa according to an incident in Mexico which the associated press remembered from 25 years ago. Early in october of 1917 the mexican insurrection St was planning an attack on a town. But Pancho was publicity conscious so he asked Norman Walker of the associated press for his advice. Walker told him to wait until the world series was Over if he wanted to make the u. S. Front pages. Pancho thanked him and promptly postponed the attack. When the world series was Over he captured the town and made the front Page headlines. In contrast last week wednesday Hitler bumped smack into the opening game of the 1942 baseball championship series. Americans naturally were More concerned with the cards spectacular ninth inning rally than they were with the pronouncements of the Axis chief. Jittler had something to say however and he said it for 70 minutes in berlins sports Alst to a crowd which included Field marshal Erwin Rommel Home from the War in Africa. A we believe that we Shah continue to defeat our enemies until final Victory is that was the keynote of his speech which As usual rapped at Allied leaders. He enumerated German successes promised his enemies that he was ready for any second front and declared that Stalingrad was bound to fall. That last statement probably gave the attacking germans some impetus in their attack on the besieged Volga River City because they scored slight gains the next Day. But at the end of 40 Days of unabated battling Stalingrad still stands in russian hands. Moreover the russians were increasing their counter attacks and taking the initiative in several sectors. The red armies were sending \ heavy attacks at the nazi flanks North and South of the City while the invaders were plunging their steel spearhead directly at the heart of the City. The drive on the bastion now reportedly was under the direction of Sigmund list a German general noted for his savagery and utter disregard of losses to his own men. He replaces Gen. Fedor von Bock. It also was reported tuesday that Gen. Von Kusch Ler had replaced Gen. Von Leeb in the Leningrad sector. A absence of Gen. Rommel from the egyptian scene May have caused the British armies to make the first move in this seasons desert fighting. Thursday came news that the British had struck at the Alamein line occupied new positions and then repulsed Axis counter attacks. British leaders themselves declared that it was a preliminary action with More to come. Allied planes were Busy last week taking off from african bases to bomb Axis ships off Crete and Greece As Well As Madruh and Obruk on the african coast. Offensive action by the unit i de nations in the Southwest j Pacific and in the North Pacific j area was reported on the increase last week. Tuesdays news included the Downing of 49 Jap planes and five ships in four Days of raids in the Solomon islands and in the Aleutian islands. Fri j a came word that 12 Jap ships and been sunk or damaged by subs and planes in the far East and off Kiska in the aleutians. The toll included five sunk by subs in japanese Waters. Meanwhile the australian troops a on new Guinea were pushing Back the Jap Advance on port mores j by in Fine fashion supported sex j cell entry by bomber and fighter j planes. Wandell Willkie is in i chunking. China and still j talking. On monday the Defeated re pub a horse and stage coach is what its inventors Are calling this contraption. These lasses Are demonstrating a two Cylinder Job called roller skates. This is strictly for the wealthy who can afford chauffeurs. Here san up coming Little number motorcycle built for five. Food Price freeze effective monday this device not Only takes you places but provides milk when you re thirsty. Coupe family style. We always knew automobiles were just a fad. Gas or not they go rolling along Uncle Sam can ration Gas and tires but As Long As there Are a few oat burning horses and paper engined goats around americans will still find ways to go places. Here Are some ideas showing How you can ride gaily past your ration Board. Of course even if you have none of these Handy gadgets you be still got an Ace in the Hole a Youji feet Squirrel spends 36 hours atop Concrete pole Davis urges Post War ties new York oct. 3 a Elmer Davis director of the office of War information said today that an a organization of collective Security based on the United nations will be necessary after the War a if we Are not to have an i other War like this one Only More so in another 25 or 30 i Davis told the foreign policy i association the Bond Between the United nations was a the strongest ground for Unity for it is a matter not of preference but of j Efcy Friday he was St there look safeguard for future. Eng a bit upset about the whole a the nations which Are United thing. I belatedly to defend themselves then Milwaukee to the Rescue. I against an attack that would never the police department was ap-1 have been made if they had stood preached but immediately washed i together earlier those nations Are i its hands of the whole thing Likely to have to continue to stand the humane society intimated together As safeguard against fun delicately that its Milwaukee oct. 3 a my Milwaukee the town whose citizens fret about Kittens stranded in Trees and sparrows tangled in thread and Small nondescript dogs with no place to go had something new to worry about yesterday a Squirrel was marooned on a Concrete Light pole. He got up there thursday when haste got the better of his common tanks Pace red Advance Ture attack a he said. A no matter How Complete May be the military Victory that we Are going to win the experience of the past 20 years has shown that peace Loving workers were not insured when climbing Cement Light poles. The electric company expert on squirrels declared that what a Squirrel can get up a Squirrel can nations cannot afford to separate j Down. And go their ways a and the last expert was right. He said that while a obviously j after 36 hours aloft the Squirrel our primary interest is National Security a the continuing shift of military Power toward the air and the possibility of Surprise attacks nullifying a single nations defences will Force this country after the War not Only to maintain the military might it has built up but j also continue an International or i a animation. To keep militarily armed he said a we must be economically armed As lican candidate for president now r in a Dinver on a world tour As personal emmy a Olmyr Dull Noyce a Pinky Hargrave Dies Moscow that Russia needs major Aid in the form of a second front. He was of the opinion that the germans will never conquer the russians. On tuesday Winston Churchill got up in the House of commons and declared that he did no to like speculation on the opening of a second front on Friday when Willkie landed in chunking by plane he said that a the common Many everywhere fort Wayne ind., oct. 3 a up a William Pinky Hargrave former big league Catcher died of recent weeks. Became embarrassed by the attention and departed. Planes blast Jap shipping somewhere in new Guinea oct. 2. A delayed a up a United states flying fortresses ranged across the Coral sea to new Britain and the Solomon islands today to Deal out some of the most damaging blows inflicted on japanese shipping in that area in Moscow oct. 3.�? a marshal Semyon Timoshenko a powerful Don River counter attack was reported today to be grinding Forward paced by head y tank battalions including american made machines while the defenders of Stalingrad held their ground taking a toll of nazi troops that exceeded the bloody losses of Verdun. Timoshenko a diversion Al assault was reported to be driving a deepening wedge into German positions in the Kletskaya area hammering along the Eastern Bank of the Don in an Effort to slash the rear communications of the nazi army at Stalingrad. Private advices from the fighting zone reported that american tanks Are playing a part in the action designed to weaken the terrific nazi pressure on the beleaguered Volga River City. Number unknown. The Type of the american machines engaged in one of the wars bitterest Battles was not disclosed and there was no indication How Many u. S. Tanks have been put into action. The nazi High command today reported that a number of soviet attacks had been launched across the Don River but asserted they had been beaten Back by italian troops. Sharp soviet counter attacks both North and South of the Stalingrad Battlefront were admitted Timoshenko a drive was reported to have captured from the germans an important and Strong fortified height where a considerable amount of German equipment and arms was seized. Poll indicates gop to gain seats in House democrats will retain control estimates show by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., oct. 4.�? with election Day just four weeks from next tuesday Republican prospects for winning additional seats in Congress look favourable. But the indications at present Are that the cop will not take control of the House. The Republican gains will not represent any important change in political sentiment but will come about largely because of a marked shrinkage in the total National vote which will affect the democratic candidates More than the republicans. 15 to 35 seats. On the basis of present estimates of turnout gop gains will be confined to Between 15 and 35 seats depending largely on How effective democratic party efforts Are in getting out the vote. From the institutes most recent views in selected areas throughout the country in the past two weeks the most Likely division of the House is estimated As follows est. Democratic seats .248 est. Republican seats. 183 other parties. I the Republican total is larger than the number won by the party in the last election�?162 seats. But it is still Short of the 218 necessary to win control of the House. 30 million turnout. From evidence at hand voting this november will be extremely Light. The Institute has estimated that Only 30 million people will go to the polls. This is to million below what would be Normal for a mid term election and 20 million below the turnout in 1940, which was a presidential year. By far the greater proportion of non voters will be democrats. Institute studies find that for every 1940 Republican who does not vote there will be two democrats. For that reason the Light turnout will actually help the republicans. The effect of turnout can most readily be visualized by comparing today a estimated democratic seat total of 248 with the number which the party would Likely win i if the turnout were Normal for a mid term election and 2 Czar takes control of inflation Battle Washington oct. 3�?oj.r a Price administrator Leon Henderson acting under the presidents anti inflation directives today established sixty Day emergency Price ceilings effective monday Over virtually All food items. The order freezes quotations at the highest Levels for the five Day period sept. 28-oct. 2. Henderson also announced that within the next few Days he will Issue rent control regulations re Here s text of statement Washington oct. 3.�?cu the text of the presidents statement on the anti inflation Bill the Congress has done its part in helping substantially to stabilize the Cost of living. The new legislation removes the exemption of certain foods agricultural commodities and related products from the Price controls of the emergency Price control act with the result that i have today taken action to stabilize 90 per cent of the country s food Bill. It leaves the parity principal unimpaired. It reaffirms the Power of the executive Over wages and salaries. It establishes a floor for wages and for farm prices. I am certain that from now on this substantial stabilization of the Cost of living will assist greatly in bringing the War to a successful conclusion will a make the transition to peace conditions easier after the War and will receive the whole hearted approval of Farmers workers and housewives in every part of the country. Foremost authority. Washington oct. 3.�? a in announcing the appointment of supreme court Justice Joseph f. Byrnes As director of economic stabilization the president said a Justice Byrnes is one of the Foremost authorities in governmental administration in the United states. He knows the economic problems of this country whether they concern labor the Farmer the consumer the Small retail store or the manufacturer. I would never have asked him to resign from the supreme court w Ere it not for the fact that this Job is one of the most important positions in this country. I know the american people can be sure that in keeping Down the Cost of living he will be fair to everyone. A this. Position Calls primarily if the turnout were a areal As in i for judicial consideration. The or line turnout were As great As in Gamzat Lon will therefore be Small n i i ele Hon j because the administrative action on the basis of Institute studies win be carried out by the existing of election sentiment Here is How the seats would Divide if the turnout were Normal which would mean about 40 million votes. If 40 million voted est. Democratic seats. 270 est. Republican seats 160 if on the other hand All 50 million voters who cast their ballot in the last presidential election were to vote this november the results would be As follows if 50 million voted est. Democratic seats 294 est. Republican seats 136 hence it is Clear that the turnout Factor alone spells the differ turn to Page 7, col. I agencies. A Justice Byrnes patriotic action in accepting this appointment deserves the Praise and commendation of All our Quested by or. Roosevelt covering every dwelling unit in the country not now under regulations. The new freeze order increases from approximately 60 per cent to 90 per cent the coverage of Price control Over the average family a food budget. Effective monday the Price ceilings on food retailers wholesalers and processes will be Frozen at the highest quotations for the five Day period at which they sold the following items butter cheese evaporated and condensed milk eggs poultry flour dry onions potatoes fresh and canned Citrus fruits and juices dry edible Beans Cornmeal and Mutton. Opa officials explained that after monday the Only important foodstuffs exempt from Price control would be fresh fruits and vegetables a except potatoes dry onions and Citrus fruits fresh fish and peanuts. Opa representatives explained that these items were of a seasonal character and Are most difficult to control. Byrnes named. President Roosevelt today named associate Justice James f. Byrnes of the supreme court to be director of economic stabilization with full control Over the anti inflation program. At the same time the president ordered wages salaries and farm prices stabilized at sept. 15 Levels in accordance with the new Law which he signed last nighty he ordered Price administrator Leon Henderson to fix rent ceilings throughout the entire United states including Urban and Rural communities alike. Or. Roosevelt accepted Byrnes resignation from the High court shortly before he announced the appointment. The series of Steps taken to stabilize the Cost of living came simultaneously with the appointment. Henderson also was instructed to establish ceilings on All agriculture commodities not covered by the original Price control and was ordered to determine All ceiling in a manner that would prevent unreasonable or exorbitant profits. The presidential executive order establishing an office of economic stabilization with Byrnes at its head also provided for the appointment of a Board including the secretaries of Treasury agriculture Commerce and labor the Federal Reserve Board chairman budget director Price administrator head of the National War labor Board and two representatives each of labor management and agriculture. This Board will work with director Byrnes. Job for Nolb. Another order gave the National War labor Board the actual mechanical Job of controlling wages turn to Page 6, col. 5. Eagles flying under u. S. Flag win army Praise bag 4 planes Racine joins in prevention of fires week demonstrations to be held throughout City oct. 4-10 proclamation for a number of years past the people of the United states have observed National fire prevention week. The purpose of this Observance is to bring Home to everyone the tremendous losses suffered from fires and to show people How by simple precautions and the use of common sense fires May be prevented now therefore i g. T. Morris mayor of the City of Racine do hereby request the people of the City of Racine to join in the Observance of National fire prevention week from oct. 4 to to 1942 in witness whereof i have Hereunto set my hand this 3rd Day of october 1942. T. G. Morris mayor. Citizens of Racine were called upon today by mayor Gleason Morris to take an Active part in the nations Observance of fire prevention week oct. 4 to oct. To. At the same time the association of Commerce announced that the fire prevention committee headed by Dewey Liegler has arranged a series of demonstrations to be held the City during this week. Co operating with the committee Are the fire department police department Public schools and the Racine insurance underwriters association. In addition because of the War the fire and police auxiliaries will also actively participate in the program. Four demonstrations. Under the direction of Herbert Brown auxiliary fire marshal auxiliary firemen and policemen co operating with the regular departments will stage programs at the following Points during the week monday oct. 5 North Side High Street and Douglas Avenue. Tuesday oct. 6 Taylor Avenue Meachem Street and Taylor Avenue. Wednesday oct. 7 West Racine Washington and Grove avenues. Thursday oct. 8 downtown Monument Square. The program will begin at 7 30 each evening. Methods of preventing and combating fire will be demonstrated together with proper methods of applying first Aid. In this critical year when every fire diverts material and manpower from decisive War production interrupts and impedes the War program and in Many cases destroys vital materials and facilities that can not be replaced during the present emergency it is turn to Page 7, cot 5. A heart attack today on a municipal baseball Diamond which he was helping to convert into a football Field. Hargrave played with Washington Boston and Detroit in the fortresses unloaded tons of bombs on a concentration of enemy vessels in the Harbor of a Gas truck overturns rams bus explodes St. Pauls n. A oct. 3.�? uj0 a a loaded gasoline truck Over Farmers told to raise Only essential products Tylertown miss., oct. 3.�? up a Secretary of agriculture Wickard said Here today that agriculture in wartime must be limited to a producing Only the farm products which Are absolutely is Headquarters United states army air Force England oct. 3.�? a a message posted today on the bulletin Board of the Eagle Squadron Headquarters told the Story of the part fighter planes played Friday in the biggest Day so far of the army flying corps a congratulations on a splendid show. It was a Good Omen for the future under your country a Brig. Gen. Frank of Driscoll Hunter commanding the fighter command had sent the message after receiving reports of the eagles american volunteers in the Royal air Force who had been transferred to the army air Force Baul new Britain and returning. ,. I I turned on a Highway near Here the american league and ended his pilots reported that despite intense a major league career with the bos anti aircraft fire they scored i today s dded to a Carolina _ or ton braves in 1933. He played his rect hits on two transports one of i coach company passenger bus and speech that the 1942 farm product Royal air Force among the enemies of the Axis last league baseball with Syracuse 15,000 tons and another of 7,000 burst into flames which enveloped Tion a near record one might not capt. O. H. Coen Carbondale 0% i a a. _ t a. A. A a. T a a a i a1 act a a 9. In the great bomber fighter raid sen Tiala and predicted the time Over Northwestern France. A when the lot of Farmers will seem j in their first raid under the hard a much harder than it is american Flag the eagles shot now. Down without loss three German inaugurating a food for Freedom Messerschmitt-190s by themselves Harvest Observance program Here and a fourth in company with Wickard declared in a prepared Wing Comdr. Duke Wooley of the j Schmitt with 398 Miles an hour a a a ceiling of 42,000 feet and a Bat the eagles won their victories Over the St. Omer flying Field and the nearby Long Enesse Ai drome escorting fortresses and making a diversionary sweep. The Victory of the fighters and of the flying fortresses which themselves shot Down 13 German planes came at a time when air experts were clamouring for Allied fighter planes to restore the fighter supremacy which the germans were challenging for the first time in the whole War with their new Focke Wulff-290. Two new fighters. There Are reports that the germans have two new fighters the Messerschmitt-209 and the Hein-Kel-113, but they have not been announced As operating Over the Western front. Air circles credit the Messer wants action now. President Roosevelt re turned from an 8,754 mile two week tour of inspection of the u. S. War Effort from coast to coast thursday and in the 1938. International league Topsy Dies Cambridge 111., oct 3 immediately had i mrs. Mary hinge too who played conferences with military leaders 1 a a Topsy in a Uncle Toms Cabin to catch up on his War work. He said the nation was operating at 94 to 95 per cent of efficiency in War plants. He said the morale was High. In tons. Probable hits also were scored on a Cruiser and an unidentified ship. A communique issued from general Macarthur Headquarters in Australia today said both the transports mentioned in this before the outbreak of the civil dispatch were set afire. The com both vehicles. Deputy sheriff w. M. Barnes said an hour after the crash that he counted the bodies of la dead in smouldering wreckage of the bus and that 16 other persons had be exceeded for years great though the need and that future production might not be sufficient for All needs at Home and Broad. A we must increase our reserves of food a he Saith a the wartime been taken to a Hospital some with j requirements of american food severe bums. Will continue to grow later. Next War died today. She recalled see Munique also reported a japanese. The victims would be impossible ing president Lincoln in Fords Cruiser was bombed off Burn in j for several hours at least and that theater in Washington a week be j the Solomons with unobserved re a it might not be possible to indent fore he was assassinated i suits a them at ail authorities said identification of year we will need. A farm product Stant. Iu., Lieut. S. M. Anderson Indianapolis Lieut. G. B. Petrew Upland calif., and Lieut. A. Clarke Westbury n. Y., were the Eagle men who shot Down German fighters. One of them which one was not known and Wooley fired into a German plane at the same in Tion even greater than this years. Maj. W. Daley Amarito tex., i must Teu you though that i am and Lieut. Brewster Morgan Hono not at a sure that total product j Lulu were credited with damaging Tion will to even As Largo. Gorman planes. Tery of eight machine guns. It is believed that the latest British spitfire which it was assumed the american army fliers used has Over 400 Miles an hour and two Cannon and four machine fun or four Cannon. The latest British fighter the Hawker typhoon May be the Best at nearly every height it is credited with More than 400 Miles an hour and is said to climb like a rocket it has a Battery of machine guns and Cannon. Report 217 croats die in German reprisal London oct. 3 a up a two Hundred and seventeen croats were reported today by Reuters to have been executed for the death of a German shot during a Parade by the German minority of a croatian visage. Croatia is an Axis puppet state a part of Yugoslavia. Yugoslav sources in London could not confirm the Reuters dispatch which came dateline a at the German German firing squads have put to death 12 More czechs and four nether Landers for continued Defiance of nazi Rule and hostages Are being rounded up from the ranks of Belgium a native Law enforcement agencies As a precaution against violence and sabotage Continental advices reported meanwhile. The Czecho slovak gov emment in exile said that in september the germans shot 79 persons in the former Republic. Schedule blackouts for Racine Kenosha Kenosha wish a oct 3.�?oo�? a second stage blackout with Only Industrial plants and institution remaining lighted will be conducted in Racine and Kenosha counties tuesday night at an unspecified hour according to h. M. Pauley commander of the citizens defense corps

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