Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
4 Oct 1936

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
4 Oct 1936

Read an issue on 4 Oct 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times (Newspaper) - October 4, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin I what our readers have \ to say. I x is will of paid for f i any Cemment i Sod i k in bit column. J t sunday journal times bulletin i vol. 6�?no. 25. Racine wis., sunday october 4, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 wants Large dogs tied up at night dear editor several people a e had the same experience i have had. This is my a pet this has happened quite a few nights lately. First allow me to say i have a dog. Picture yourself walking along the Street about i p. In. Of May be either whistling or thinking j about something. All of a sudden a Large Black police dog comes a a tearing a out of a Back Yard and gives you a couple of deep growls and loud barks and starts following you. What would you do Why you would be so scared that your hair would almost stand on end. That is my a pet Peeve a Why in. The world Don t people keep their dogs tied up at night. Of they say that the dog would t Hurt a soul. How Are we supposed to know that maybe they can pin a sign on them saying a a done to be afraid he won t bite. People keep their Small dogs tied up at night. Why leave the Large dogs Loose to frighten the people who walk by i think there should be a Law compelling dog owners to tic their dogs up at night at least. Thanks for the bulletin. It gives people a Chance to voice an opinion and to read other people s opinion. J., route 2. Student defends Towel system dear editor i d like to write in answer to m. R. Slauson Avenue concerning the Towel question. I agree with Lier that 50 cents per semester May seem a lot of Money but does she realize what she is getting she is provided two or three times a week with a clean Towel for showers. She does t need to bother about laundering towels or carrying them Home wet. I am a student at Horlick High. We were requested to pay the Towel fee As were the students of Park. However we did t pay immediately. I can t say if the teacher at Park has been As Liberal As ours at Horlick but i m sure m. R. M. mind saving a few pennies each week if this were so and thus paying this Towel charge. As for me i think this is an exceed let As Well As an economical plan. Here s to our old Side kick the bulletin. M. C., Geneva St waste wars staggering Chest army to launch 1936 Campaign tomorrow 300 in drive will use unit a attack plan goal is set at s131.332 agencies i agent need stressed. Another Appeal for Ash collection dear editor with the cold weather quickly creeping upon us there comes the question of the disposal of ashes. If the Public could be Given a monthly service of this nature it would greatly relieve husbands give several men employment and beautify the City by avoiding the dumping of ashes and cans on every empty lot and on the Lake Banks. The City is to be congratulated on its prompt and dependable collection of garbage. A similar service could be arranged in accordance with the above mentioned subject. I am making known my Peeve Early so As to have the opinions of other readers and to enable officials to make the necessary plans for this beneficial work. Thanks for the bulletin. M. W., n. Chatham St Why not fountains for horses cats dear editor i get a big a kick out of what our readers have to say in the sunday bulletin. The one that gave me the Best laugh last sunday was from g. M. M. Owen ave. This person wants to have a dog drink at the Bottom of every drinking Fountain. Why be so partial Why not consider the Many other animals and pets that inhabit our City As Long As we Are going to provide the dogs with water we might As Well have a watering trough for the horses right next to the Bubbler. Of course the cats Musnit be left out so we can have a cat drink at the Bottom for fresh milk. If we can find any More room near the Fountain we could put up a Bird Bath. After All maybe the Birds and beasts Are particular Wuth we Hom they drink. Here a to a real idea for solving a drinking problem and a real newspaper. R. A., Riverside drive. With the slogan a be proud of your emblazoned on their standards and with determination in their hearts to oversubscribed the 1936 budget of the Community Chest 300 Volunteer Public spirited men and women will launch the current Chest Appeal at an j a Early Birds breakfast to be held at the y. A. At 7 30 Oclock tomorrow morning. Immediately thereafter they will go into the Community to carry the message of the service rendered every Home in the City by the to private social welfare agencies financed by the fund. Goal is $131,532. Their object will be to raise the Chest budget amounting to $131,-532 and if they succeed in doing. So it will be the first time in five years that the people of Racine will have the satisfaction of subscribing adequately toward the Community s program of family rehabilitation better health and the More profitable occupation of Leisure time. Despite an impressive service record during the past year Community Chest agencies have been handicapped in their activity and have been forced to curtail their programs to the Point where the effect of the curtailment is being Felt in every Section of the Community leaders declare. Many of the organizations of the Chest in order to provide rehabilitation and health service to the unfortunate have postponed imperative restoration of physical equipment and the program no longer can be carried on even in Skeleton fashion until the equipment has been repaired or replaced. Climax tomorrow. For the last five weeks representative business and professional men and women under the leadership of t. Gleason Morris and John s. Addison general chairman and co chairman respectively of the Chest Appeal have been perfecting Chest solicitation and educational personnel pointing toward the Climax which will be reached tomorrow morning. A word of Mouth educational program this year has been carried to More clubs organizations and groups of employees than Ever before in the belief that if the people of the Community Are fully cognizant of the manner in which the agencies Are serving less fortunate residents of the City and How their programs affect the Engineer at Wrin offers to Kaboush any a across talk persons residing in the immediate Vicinity of wry no a new transmitter Plant in it. Pleasant May in some cases experience interference in the form of a across talk that is the Wren program May appear in the background when another station is tuned in. This condition does not indicate any defect in transmission but is caused by the close proximity of the radio receiver to the new transmission Plant. Wren will be prepared to investigate these cases of interference in the next few Days. If in the opinion of Wren engineers technical conditions justify it an attachment will be installed on the receiving Aerial without charge. On modern radio receivers the interference area is confined to but a few blocks from the new station. Those who Are troubled by interference of this nature Are requested to phone the engineering department at Jackson 293 Between 12 and i p. In. Seats on Sale caricatures of Racine men tomorrow for i to be printed every Day cooking school dentists Here use strategy yank and yell Era fading As they Calili children s fear. The Day of the yank and yell dentists in Racine is definitely past judging from a remark overheard recently. A Mother a said a Racine 5-Vear-old, a when can i go to the dentist a questioning revealed that a neighbor boy had been to the dentist and had received a comic album with serious rules on health habits presented in an easy to take manner. Gold Star ruse used. Some of the dental offices Here have special fixtures designed for children including a rocking toy in the waiting room. Others offer charts with spaces provided to award Gold stars for the care of the Teeth. One Racine dentist makes a lavish presentation of a Toothbrush to his prospective clients. Stress is being Laid on bringing the children to get acquainted so the old time scene of dragging a kicking reluctant youngster with a swollen face to a person whom he considers a deadly enemy is fading fast. Unearth roman swimming Pool on Church site Rome a ins a beneath the foundation of one of Italy a oldest welfare of each Home regardless Catholic churches on ancient via of its circumstances sufficient funds will be forthcoming to meet the full requirements of the budget. The new a unit plan of Campaign has been initiated into the organization program this year. It Calls upon All concerns and institutions employing five or More men or women to establish their Appia first roman Highway to the eternal City archaeologists have discovered the Well preserved remains of a Pagan roman swimming Pool dating Back to Imperial Days. Vatican students who examined the Pool believe it w As constructed during the third Century before Christ during the Rule of own organization quotas and con emperor Septimus seven us duct miniature Chest campaigns within their own employee unit. Wider coverage expected. This a program has met with a genuine enthusiasm on the part of executives and employees alike it is said and leaders believe that in the Black and White panels representing Marine scenes w Ith tritons sea horses and nymphs tickets available daily at journal Tini is office. With tomorrow set As the Day on which the adv Ante Sale of tickets for the journal times cooking school will open. Women of Racine Are looking Forward to a return to 1 their school Days this time for four nights of study of the three is of their particular Domain roasting recipe revision and rolling. The cooking school this year is being termed a foods of the nation and will be conducted tuesday wednesday thursday and Friday evenings oct. 13 to 16, at memorial Hall with miss Lucile i Harris Well known food expert and lecturer in charge. Ticket holders first. To assure seating facilities for those most vitally interested in the cooking school and the Many features it will offer Alert housewives the journal times will conduct an Advance Sale of tickets at its office daily from 9 a. In. To 5 p. In. Beginning tomorrow. Tickets sold will not exceed the seating capacity of the auditorium at memorial Hall and thus seats will be assured All who have their tickets in Advance. Those holding Advance tickets will have the first privilege of admission to the building. Admission to cents. Tickets May be bought for the four nights of the school or for single evenings. The Price of admission to the school will be to cents. Housewives of Racine already know miss Harris As she conducted the journal times fall school last year. Homemakers who were helped by her suggestions last year will Welcome the Opportunity of again benefiting from her demonstrations of the latest and Best cooking methods. Innovations give Flowers new lure for Racine women Flowers for Milady malady once was satisfied with a bouquet of whatever Wras in season plucked from the nearest Garden but today her Choice seems to be flaring out a bit. Innovations seen in the Flower situation in Racine recently include a Bride with her hands tucked demurely into a Muff formed of Flowers a girl at a formal dance with a Spray of Gardenias fastened to the Collar at the Back of her neck Honor guests at a Lodge function receiving tiny wristlets of blossoms in place of corsages garlands of flow ers we Orn in coiffure a colonial bouquet presented at a Shower with handkerchiefs deftly folded for the Lacy Border. Retired Chute jumper Hurt As paperhanger Galveston Texas a a whole civilizations destroyed ancient cities obliterated it it cultures lost nations exterminated lands made Barren. By Hubert Johnson observers today decry the horrible waste of life and property in Spain s civil strife but history re Esi a a Memphis once a i of 2,000,000 souls Veals that the devastation is Only a repetition of even More Shock As populations were forced to emigrate. About 2,000 years ago North Africa was prosperous. The Advance of the desert forced abandonment of cities of fantastic wealth such As Cyrene ptolemaic and Leptic Magna. Ruins now j crumble around innumerable oases. I a Grove of Palms whispers on City multitudes have plagues and floods. Perished in hunger still ing destruction and More terrible j kills millions in India and China. By Vogel caricatures of three prominent Racine business and professional leaders As drawn by by Vogel one of America s leading news Busy wielding his sketching of Many to this time he has a Hundred caricatures ready for publication Pencil in the subjects. Up paper artists in his line will be and As the series gets under Way printed daily on the front Page of the journal times beginning we Ith the monday Issue. Since coming to Racine. Or. Vogel has been cordially received and has been kept exceptionally education group of state urges teacher Security professional Security As a Means of increasing the effectiveness of teaching is being advocated by the Wisconsin education association. At the same time the organization Points out that it does not condone poor instruction. Persons identified with the association declare it is fortunate for the teachers As Well As students that the time honoured custom of a one school a am for each new term has been relegated to history along with the Birch it is contended that poor teachers should not be rehired but professional Protection in a school system prevents dismissal for Petty political reasons and that retention is More nearly determined by educational efficiency. Not Only Are parents in Accord with a proportion to keep capable teachers employed in the same school for a Long period but students As Well take that attitude the association Points out. According to figures released by the association at Madison the length of teaching service in one school among Wisconsin teachers has materially increased since 1925. Professional Security is emphatic will continue making others before coming to Racine or Vogel was employed by a number of leading newspapers and other publications in Michigan Illinois Iowa Wisconsin and other states he has sketched Many persons of local state National and International Fame including film stars political leaders business and professional men and women Aryl others ranking High in All walks of life. His work has won High Praise from several authorities. In his sketches the artist exaggerates prominent features of his subjects portraying them As their friends see them. A few lightning Pencil flashes completes each picture. It takes him from eight to 15 minutes to Complete the most difficult sketches. Calamities. Whole civilizations and nations have disappeared ruined by Man. Most of the culture of nearly All the prehistoric and Early historic civilization has been lost. In wars the losers have been decimated and sometimes even exterminated. During the world War 1,000,000 armenians were killed by murder thirst starvation and direct attack. Juju sacrifices and slave Hunts through Central Africa depopulated wide territories. Since 1770 the helpless docile Ona indians have been outlawed from Australia. They were shot Down by hundreds. In Tasmania hordes of natives were driven into the sea from a precipice. In the Interior of Australia where there is Little food poisoned meat was put in the forests and colonists shot the natives like rabbits. One report declared that this mass murder is still going on. Mongols scourged near East. The mongols caused the Low state of civilization in the near East. All in 1901 human flesh was sold publicly in Shenski province. 5,000 claim big Fortune phantom $50,000,000 May not even exist. Rome. A ins a a mysterious Fortune of $50,000,000 which is supposed to have been left by an unknown number of Brothers named Pascucci who went to America in 1850, is being claimed by 5.g00 first news of the phantom Fortune was disclosed in 1896 when an unstamped letter arrived from America to a certain a emr. Pascue habitations of Man Between Syria Cir of Fano Italy. But the name w. Baker 55, thrilled thousands sized by the association after suitable probationary period the Chest message will be carried to thousands of persons in Racine this year who never have been j nebraskans increase approached and offered the Opportunity to participate in the Chest program heretofore. Plans to Honor concerns and institutions in the City that Are carrying a proportionate Respo Sibil there Are visible Oriental touches Ith spectacular Parachute jumps of softness and corruption Testi durig a career of barnstorming tying to roman decadence which brought about the fall of the roman Empire. A in student drive begun to curb White plague Berkeley Calif. A up a a 10-year program to end any incidence of in the student bodies of the University of California and Leland Stanford University has been announced by or. R. T Legge University of California physician. It is hoped that the program also will serve As a Model for a general drive against the White plague not Only in California but in other states. The plan already in Active operation embraces virtually every test and curative method known to modern science. Every incoming freshman receives an examination through Intra dermal x Ray or fluoroscopy test for in a a Khz the competence of the teach j cations c f tuberculosis in any irrigation demands Lincoln neb. A up a Many Nebraska Farmers Are talking irrigation As a practical method of fighting the drouth and lesser dry from 1897 to 1912. A Parachute failed to open but a tree broke his fall. He escaped with several broken ribs a fractured Arm and leg and became a paperhanger. A few Days ago he fell four feet from a ladder while papering a room. His leg was broken. But he will not change his vocation again he said. Or May be thoroughly tested. Australian government bans anti nazi play Sydney new South Wales a ins a a play entitled a still the and every form. This is in addition to the regular physical examination for each student. And Mesopotamia were wiped from the face of the map. Mesopotamia remained a vast desert until modern times. General Hulog massacred the populations of 143 cities. In Isfahan general Timur killed 70,000 in one Day. He ordered the inhabitants of sivas to be buried alive. In Mesopotamia he built pyramids each consisting of 10,000 bodies. He threw prisoners alive into Chalk pits to petrify. In India Timur ordered each of his warriors to carry a severed human head or suffer death. His army of 800,000 obeyed him. At a drinking bout Alexander ordered the firing of Persepolis the City with the most Beautiful palaces of the ancient world. Theodosius in 385 a. D., burned All Heathen temples while the goths were killing greek culture. From 250 to 269, horrible raids ruined the nations Between the Danube and the Aegean. Scholars were sold As slaves. The gothic wars 450 a. A dropped the population of Rome to 5.000. The City was empty for 40 Days after at Tilas evacuation. Priceless libraries burned. In 47 b. B. 700,000 priceless manuscripts were burned in the great Library of Alexandria. Omar destroyed a unique Library of 200,-000 manuscripts Given Cleopatra by Antony. Greece had 350 poets 800 tragedian and 600 great historians. Modern students know Only half a dozen philosophers and one comic writer. Caesar destroyed the 1,000-year-old Library of the celtic druids at Alesia. Leo of Isaura burned 300,000 classic manuscripts. Diocletian destroyed the ancient secret manuscripts of Egypt. In a War Phleas fought against the syrians in 962, a Fertile country was transformed into desert 52 is common in Italy. It never was known for which Pascucci it was meant from 1896 to 1915 letters continually arrived bearing news of the death of one or another of the Brothers later came news of their sons and of considerable sums left by go to court. During this time thousands of relatives appeared to claim a a Legal rights to the Money. Many of them went to court to prove their right and identity. Finally in 1922, Umberto Pascucci of fal Conara in an attempt to Clear the mystery and also to get his share of the Booty succeeded in gathering All the relatives of the emigrants numbering in All 94 families none of which believed that the other had a right to the Fortune. Now nobody seems to be Able to prove the Fortune exists to add to the general confusion i it has been discovered in the meanwhile that some of the Pascucci Brothers went to South i America. I left no information. Whether they Are still alive if i they have living relations in South America if they also have Amas a sed great riches or whether they Are living in poverty is As yet a i mystery to All. The Pascucci Brothers moreover left no written testament no addresses no indication As to 1 what professions they followed no j news of where they had banked or hoarded their Money. Those students having Active cases of tuberculosis Are Hospital i cities burned fruit and Palm Groves sized As usual while the quiescent or arrested cases Are examined periodically their contacts being Cut Wells filled and 100,000 girls and youths sold As slaves. The conquistadors of Mexico Day i die a by Clifford Odets Cio Seiy watched and a regimen of it and Peru provide one of the most dealing with the suppression of medical treatment Laid out Tori Quot communism by the nazis in Ger j pm bait for sweetheart almost razes Home Mattapoisett mass. A ins a Barbara Counsell will never again be in a hurry to satisfy herself that her sweetheart loves her. The seven year old miss started a fire which almost gutted her Home. Ity of the Community Chest Bud years against broadcast at License Bureau dear editor in reply to a v. H. Main streets suggestion of. Broadcasting from the marriage License bureaus that would be impossible Here in Racine for there Aren t four or five couples obtaining licenses every turn to Page 4, column 3. Get Are under Way and it was an i bounced that frequently during the period of the Campaign oct. I 5-10, the list of concerns conducting their own campaigns together with a comparison of the goals which they set for themselves1 and the amounts which they raise within their units will be published. Honor Roll certificates will be sent to All concerns where the total corporation executive and employee subscriptions have attained the objective sets. Volunteers Are t lot re a Complete list of Volunteer they note that the irrigated North Platte Valley of Western Nebraska expects to produce 50-Bushel com a Good sugar beet Harvest and other crops despite the j worst drouth known to this state. Robert h. Willis chief of the state Bureau of irrigation says an increasing number of Farmers Are using pump irrigation in Eastern Nebraska where the rainfall in other years was sufficient. Irrigation Willis pointed out is possible Only when water is Avail Rhie and when the land is not too Hilly. Many has been banned by the new South Wales government after one performance at the Savoy theater Here. A protest was lodged that or a Japan a the play gave a false impression of German conditions. Horrible examples of bloody avar when playmates told her that if ice religious fanaticism and he she could keep a match burning to japanese buy Wool from South Africa Cape town difficulties with Australia have caused it to turn to South Africa As a source of Wool supplies Are eager to buy there j air fillers i Rasport t. Ohta japanese Consul said in an interview Here. Brother and sister joined by illness Toronto ont. A a sister Mary Pius Mother Superior lobsters across u. S. San Francisco a a like carrying coals to Newcastle lobsters were flown recently on United air lines plane from Maine to California to tickle the palates of san Francisco gourmets. This is believed to be the first instance of Atlantic coast of a dominican Convent at new dry land Farmers of Box Butte Orleans la., and her brother John crustaceans being flown Long Dis men and women who Are enrolled and Cheyenne counties in the West i Mcmullen were reunited Here for in Hie 1936 Campaign organization j Are petitioning Federal officials for j the first time in 47 years when my funds for irrigation experiments. Mullen fell sick. Turn to Page 2, column i Tances As air express. The air fare for the Maine to California lobsters was 96 cents a Pound. Federal soil Aid is allotted Hawaii Honolulu a a Hawaii a agricultural industries will receive Between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000 during the first year of their adherence to the Federal soil conservation program according to Chauncey b. Wightman aaa representative for the territory. Man fury. The Spanish Bishop j its other end it would prove her Don Juan de Zumarraga destroyed j sweetheart loved her. She has no lightning hits House singes Many Sbeard Toledo a a lightning struck the House while Carl Mcnutt was demonstrating an electric Washer. Mcnutt Sbeard was singed. Every work of Art he found. He burned books As a the damned work i of a Devilish gems the size of i a fist were crushed to powder. The Bishop of Merida burned 5,000 j idols and countless manuscripts. Mounds of Gold were wrung from the natives by Force. Nature ruined nations. Nature has aided Man in his work of destruction. Deserts have buried cities Waves have destroyed coastlines lava has burned towns Walls of water and Earth have covered cities for Ages. Once turkestan supported millions of persons. Then the mongolian sea disappeared 12,000 years ago. Rivers and lakes dried out. Dozens of cities were abandoned sweetheart but Locking herself in her room she tried it anyhow. The fire was confined to her room. Endurance drive test for russian women Moscow a ins a a 5,000-mile endurance drive a to prove that women a can achieve great and Beautiful Aims a is now being accomplished by 44 Young soviet women. They have left Moscow in 14 motorcars. Their Way lies through the Kara Kum desert across the ural and Kazakhstan Steppes Over the arid expanses of the aral sea coast through the ukrainian Republic and then Back to Moscow

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