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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1940, Page 5

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 24, 1940, Racine, Wisconsin Thi Racine journal times sunday bulletin november 24,1940. Unlocked Home has 588 locks Ohio Man s Hobby takes him to Many foreign lands Mansfield Ohio of ibo Paul Harter has 588 locks in his Home but not one on its doors. Harter Colin to locks. He has locks from China Germany France and every Corner of this r % of j in we have your favorite Beer Budweiser Beaumeister Fox de luxe Bobbie ale cases halves quarters ponies we furnish pumps Quot try Grenay Quot taste and look like Champagne then get sparkling beverage of your dealer cannot Supply you phone Earl Halberstadt 1202 Douglas ave. Jock. 2464 country big ones Little ones old ones and the latest models. He makes friends with banners antique shop owners locksmiths and junk dealers to get them. And he also is on Good terms with policemen because they know the locksmiths in town. Harter frequently takes trips to Distant parts of the country and on these journeys he a always on the Lookout for old and interesting locks. One lock requires 2 keys. He has one old padlock that requires two keys to open it one for the top and one for the Side. Another was carried through tile civil War by a member of Stonewall Jackson a brigade. A third has a Small protective pad Over the Keyhole. Harter Learned that when the lock was in use in an old distillery a Small Seal was placed under the pad and Over the Keyhole to show when the lock had been tampered with. Radio programs news on Wren Dally limb Luton list kilo Cycle affiliated with in Wise Maata Bruti Ulivi Sya tei kilo Cycle 0 00 in. odes it Trow positions 9 to a. nows 10 00 p. was 12 15 p. Flash i cubs 8.3 p. Newt 1 15 p. Tai sri la p. slur Pisa wow ass wind ass we Aqa its won it wbb my Rte he so Ris Weney its we Fly a Ballet in May be heart we his ate defer the hear Sally except Belsay. The i aet rep a Lyle fee Errer see to Leat Albite Eha Agee by Rasi Static Hohns so Nobby lobby 1351 state St not a Nite club but we entertain you every night now playing every Nite Charlie Carrington thing a leading sensational pianist every sen. Afternoon a Mon. Nite a such smoothness such grand flavor As Pabst s can Only coma from the blending of 33 separate brews. Today meet "33 to i Quot the Best bet in Beer it s the blend that betters Tho Beer Tiv Jimmy Duke Kino of the ivories Pabst bide Bubon a and prove it the of your dealers or Call Domanik wholesale grocery co. Phone Jackson 3s69 Hub Corner Lith St. A grand ave. Schafkopf tournament holy Nome Holt tonight 8 p. M. 25c to play�?75% in Prises saturday Kyi. 5 i p. M. Wbb my new a a Billie the Brownie. Wenky to be announced. Won syncopation. A Maqi Elchico. It be p. In. Wbb my football score. Atm Jarmy program. A Maqi religion in Newt. Wenry playhouse a Gnu of p new. 5 4ft p. M. A Gnu red Orange. Wbb my world today. Emja sport Plash. A Maqi football Roundup. A i p. M. Wry no barn Dane. Wbb my people platform. It mjg Dane music. Won Ralph grub urge. Win re message of unil a Maqi orchestra. Wind German hour. Clit p. In a Gnu sports. Atm june a. A Maqi new it 3d p. M. Wry no Phil Gran was. Wbb my Gay do re Lew. It mjg dance orchestra. We Aqa musical entice. A Gnu news. P. Of wry no news. Vim Aqa Kaltenborn. A Gnu inside of sports. 1 00 p. Re wry no ballroom. A Gnu orchestra. Wbb my marriage club. Or Iju play House. I wind forum. 7 1ft p. M. Wind music. A Cpl mar. And world won Eddio Dooley. 7 80 p. M. Wry no Charet of Gad. A Wmk Wovna King a Maqi truth consequence a a a Gnu Boake Carter wind comedy tune. 7 4ft p. M. A Gnu sports desk. Wind news. A a a p. In wry no White Gerlat. A Gnu voice of Liberty. It mjg Barr. Dance. Wbb my hit Parade. Wlsh barn dance a Maqi song of your life. 8 30 p. In wry no a. B. S. Wind orchestra. A Maqi John b. Kennedy h Ift p. Re wry no a. B. 8. Wbb my serenade. 9 00 p. Of won play. A May it mjg Uncle Ezra. 0 15 p. M. Wbb my Public affairs. 9 80 p. M. It mjg symphony. A Maqi orchestra. Wbb my Man on the Street. 9 4ft p in in . A he my Spota huddle. Wind news. 1 m p. Of wry no sign off. A Gnu orchestra. Wbb my orchestras. First thing 1 Osh amp la amp jul a Maqi sunday Down Bouto. Wenry hit Tunas wind German hour. It la p. In won radio warblers 12 99 p. In won hit of today. Wbb my in Chicago. 12 48 p re it mjg off the Gridiron. Won new s 1 99 p. Re wry no West Allis bundles. A Maqi smoke dreams. It mjg football. Wind jewish hour. Wenry an. Pilgrimage. Won radio s Vole. 1 99 p. Re wry no scandinavian Bene. We by my army program. Won pronunciations. Wenry musical. Wind modern Melody. A Maqi round tabla. 1 48 p. Re won dog chats. Wind Hawaii Calla we by my magic Carpel. 2 99 p. M. Won Haven of rest. W bump symphony. Wenry areas Playa. A Maqi Washington calling. W ind sunday Danes. Rift p. M. Atm Aqa Kaltenborn. T 99 p. Re wry no sign off. A Maqi a Orleans cameos w Gnu organist. T 48 p. Re we May wings o r America. Won piano. 1 99 p. Re won Peter Quill Wenry sunday Vesper. 9 19 p. Re Webb my learning. Won drama we Maqi Art pageant Wenry orchestra. 4 99 p. No wbb my design for he Ponesa. We Maqi opera audition. Wenry orchestra. It mjg audition. 4 99 p. Re wbb my qui i Doodle. Won the Shadow it mjg tour dream. Wenry behind the milk. A Maqi dreams com True. We in do currant new. 9 99 a. Re Var Jno news. Wbb my by Kathleen Norris won Arthur Godfrey. It mjg Houseboat Hannah. Tini it a Start Day right 9 18 a. Of wry no dad Martin. Webb my Myrt and Marge. Won passing Parade. A Maqi by Kathleen Sorrit Wlsh vie and sad. Wino men and Job. 9 99 a. In wry no Darlington. Wbb my Stepmother. Won keep pit to must. It mjg Ellen Randolph. A lbs Mary Marlin wind Hawaii Call. 9 48 a. M. Webb my to be announced. Won Home management a Maqi guiding Light a lbs Pepper Young. Wind Bong 19 9 a. Re wry no Newt wbb my Short Short Story won Tom. Dick. Harry. It mjg Man i married wind weather court 19 18 a. Re we Jno Barling Tea Indian. Wbb my Martha Webstar. Won organist a Maqi against the storm. 19 99 a. Of. Wry no Cenabel Capers. Wbb my big Bister. Won bachelors children. It mjg Road of life. Wind Newt 19 49 a in Webb my aunt Jenny. Won Linda s first love a Maqi David Harum. Wind dance and Romance. 11 9 a. M. Wry no hem ser let w by my Kate Smith Speaks. A Gnu editor s daughter. It mjg hymn. A Maqi Kitty Kent 11 18 a. M. Wbb my a Lorl marries. A Gnu new commentary. It mjg grimms daughter. A Maqi the o Neils. 11 99 a. In we Jno Deve Lenal parted. Wbb my Helen Trent. Won your treat. It mjg Tobl and Bual. A Maqi farm. Home hour. Wind Organ. 11 48 a. M. Wry no Goodwill program. We by my our Oak sunday. Won magic violin it mjg sidewalk reporter. Wind dance and Romance. Sunday a. M. 8 99 a. In wry no West Aillet wbb my news of Europe we Gnu Good morning it mjg Church be meet a Maqi Newt wind Baptist Church. 9 18 a. In wbb my pianist. A May it a children s program. 8 89 a. Re wbb my Wing Over Jordan. We to mjg comic caravan. We Fly sunday Dolvert wind soul stirrers. 8 48 a. In a Gnu pianist. Wind popular Mel Odist 9 99 a. In we by my Church of to air. A Gnu Church hour. It mjg new highlight to we ind italian hour. A Maqi radio pulpit. 9 18 a. Re it mjg european pc kept 9 89 a. In wbb my youth orchestra. It mjg masters of rhythm. A lbs Southern Alres a Maqi chill and the lilt 9 48 a. Re a Maqi songs. 19 99 a. In wry no or. Jake Wabl wbb my news rhythm. Won new. A Maqi Newt wind news. 19 18 a. In a Gnu reviewing stand. A Maqi radio Parade wind martial music. 19 89 a. Re wry no Emu program. Wbb my sunday Sunshine a Gnu want a Maqi american youth. Wind major Bowel 19 48 a. In wry no cat a Tabernacle wbb my men and books a Gnu news. 11 99 a. In wbb my news review. A Gnu radio canaries. A Maqi turning the Paget we Fly radio City. Wind melodies. 11 18 a. In won symphonic hour. 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A Maqi american album. Wenry Irene Rich. 9 49 p. Re won orchestra. Wenry sports 9 99 p. In wbb my tag or leave it mjg hour of Charm. Wenry Good will hour. Wind revival club. Roi p. In a Maqi serenade. Wbb my Helen a yet _19 99 p. In wbb my Hermit Cave won answer Mae it mjg today events a Maqi news music. Wind orc be strut Wenry hockey. Sunday f. No it 9 Neon. We Jno Croatia Bear. It mjg thru a Leonato. Monday . 1 99 a. In we Jno Newt 7 98 a. Of. We Jno musical Clack. 9 99 a. In we Jno news. Webb my melodies and menus. Won morning news. It mjg top of Tho morning. A Maqi tour neighbor. We Fly breakfast club. Wind polish program. 9 98 a. M. We Jno masks cloak. 9 18 a. In wbb my headline won gospel Binger. 9 99 a. In we Jno Newt wbb my brighter world. Won Melody package it mjg what new a Maqi Coffee time wind Organ 9 99 a. In we Jno musical Cleek. 9 49 a. In 1vbbm�?shopping. Won wishing Wen. A Maqi bongs in fashion. Monday p. M. 12 99 no a. We Jno Gwing Organ. Wbb my Beautiful Ufa. 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Re wbb my meet the my taut a Maqi a Perkins Wlk honeymoon Hul 9 99 p. M. We Jno pint pet. Won Cense Romance. Wbb my school of the air. It mjg Pepper Young. Web John a other Wilt 9 48 p. Re we Jno a p l. Program. Won Newt a Maqi vie and bade. A lbs just Plain bul 9 99 p. In we Jno Tan Ebeel wbb my Portia Biak won radio s voice. It mjg backstage wife. Wenry Mother of mint 9 19 p. In Webb my we. The Abbottt won pianist. A Maqi Stella Dallas. Wenry Betty and Bob. 9 99 p. In we Jno International Newt won gossip club. Webb my Hilltop Houat it mjg Lorenzo Jones Wenky club malines 9 49 p. In we Jno mystery number. Wbb my Kate Hopkins won organist. A Maqi Widder Brown. 4 99 p. In wbb my Goldbergs. Won Stokes presents. It mjg Lorl alone. Wenry Tours truly. 4 18 p. Of we Jno variety. Wbb my the o be lit a Maqi Lone journey. 4 89 p. M. Wry no polish pretreat wbb my pour clubman. Won football show. Atm a a guiding ugh Wenry heart strings 4 48 p. M. Webb my Scattergood Walnea. It mjg Beautiful ufos. Wink a Thunder Over pm lao. 60,000 canadians pay Feudal dues for last time Montreal nov. 23�? 4 a some 60,000 French Canadian Farmer whose forefathers paid rent to Seigneurs land of Merit for centuries turned in such Feudal dues this month for the last time. The final payment marked the end of a a Seignior Iol tenure a medieval system of land holding brought to Canada in the 17th Century. It survived Here More than a Century and a half after its death in France during the French j revolution. Seigneurs received their land i from French monarchs and parcelled out their Grants to settlers whom they charged rent j about one third of Quebec s i Rural population last year paid i roughly $180,000 in rent to 245 Seignior ies government sources i said. The Quebec legislature voted at its last session to buy up All land held under Quot Seignior Ial the government will continue to charge rent but these funds will be used to amortize a $3,200,000 loan made to finance the transaction. Eventually the tenants will receive title to the land the government said. Better films league rates current films venetian. Nov. 24-26�?"the letter a Betty Davis Herbert Marshall. Bette Davis at her Best. Melodrama. Adults. Quot dancing on a musical. Mature. Nov. 27-30�?"arise, my Claudette Colbert Ray Milland. Adventure in War time Europe. Excellent. Adults. 4 East of the John Garfield. Gangster picture. Adults. Rialto. Nov. 24-26�?�?~�?Tchristmas in Dick Powell. Comedy. Unusually Good. Family. A Cherokee Richard Dix. Better than average Western. Family. Nov. 27-30�?"the letter from venetian. Adults. A Golden Jean Cagney. Exposes boxing rackets. Mature. This week in radio by Faul Fri i notes from the networks. News of the week from Columbia broadcasting system is announcement of the signing of a half hour show featuring Andre Kostelanetz and his orchestra to Start sunday dec. I at 3 30 p. In. Albert Spalding a in e Ricas greatest violinist will be on the program As Well As a guest Star each week. Sponsor of the new program is a company which has the slogan Quot to h e pause that refreshes. Bill Johnstone inset plays the role of the Shadow on the Mutual ghost to ghost network on sundays at 4 30 p. In. Margaret Speaks Soprano will Pinch hit for the ailing Richard Crooks on the voice of Firestone monday at 7 30 p. In. On Abc red. National defense news will be revealed by nine of the nations Industrial leaders in a special broadcast wednesday at 8 p. In. On the Abc Blue network which includes went. Speaking of Abc Blue station Wemp of Milwaukee will join that web on Jan. I As a supplementary outlet. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt who needs no introduction Clifton Fadiman conductor of information please and Archibald Macleish newly appointed librarian of Congress will discuss Art and culture in american democracy on the University of Chicago round table program today at 1 30 p. In. On Abc red. The program coincides with the opening of National Art week. The Campbell playhouse opens its 1940-41 season on lbs Friday at 8 30 p. In. Professor William Lyon Phelps makes a guest appearance on the metropolitan opera auditions of the air program today at 4 p. In. On Abc red. Grace Moore will be a guest of Raymond Paige on musical americana thursday at 9 30 p. In. On Abc red. Bill Sterns sports program tonight at 8 45 will have Bill Woods army football coach and swede Larson Navy Mentor As guests. The two men will meet again in Philadelphia a week later to watch a football game. Japs seize americans for photographing Shanghai nov. 24.�?wi�?au-tentative information reaching Shanghai indicated that an american Newspaperman and a vice Consul reported seized by japanese in indo China had photographed a japanese guarded warehouse in which was stored american merchandise destined for chunking. It was said the japanese prevented re shipment of the merchandise for the chinese provisional capital after closure of the indo China Kunming railway. Information received in Shanghai indicated the americans considered themselves within their rights in taking the photographs. The confectionery business largely built on Jennies is the sixth most important division of the food Industry in the United states. Adults 15c kiddies 10c today and monday 2 big features last Racine showing All in technicolor Quot the Bluebird Quot Shirley Temple a Spring Byi Agthea Quot Young As you feel Quot with the James family Quot stranger than fiction Donald Duck cartoon sunday matinee Quot Tea Shadow Quot chapter 14 sunday matinee free Candy to kiddies free Bingo tuesday. Nov. 99th Douglas 15 kiddies 10c sunday by monday Hemen Brank to doll a ise by this diabolic monster All color i Ray cartoon i Whitely a a Terry j singing pirate a a Cowboy be. 12 \ comedy held Over the i Load bom Bakal is Alice Faye Betty Grable John Payno a Jock Tokio Quot tin pan Alley Quot also Richard Dix Florence Rica Quot Cherokee strip Quot adventure As you like Iti nature show climactic Boise a spectators Here watched squirrels gnaw a Bolo in the hollow Branch of a tree where a swarm of bees had taken up Winter quarters. Once the Hole was gnawed through the Speed of the get away of All parties concerned was first for the bees second for the squirrels and third for the onlookers. A a a i ends today 20c�?12 30 to 2 00 Quot women without names a a a bib added a a a by a a a Winner it the Weald Chapt. I a Werteen a a magic Pencil a Rio Newt new is in a p. to p. In Pawn map Jln Mem m z venetian starts today 2 big hits 2 i to i \ la / i no Iii i / was Sot it Imi la Davis in flus flans try it fugitive from knife of surgeon flees Home in Milwaukee Milwaukee nov. 24 a Udo police helped search today for a fugitive from a surgeons knife. Their Only clue was a note which Earl Winger 22, left for his wife Caroline professing his affection for her but asserting that he was afraid to face an appendicitis operation to which he was to have submitted saturday morning. He announced his intention of hiking to new York. Or. Norbert f. Dettmann Wauwatosa who advised the opera Schafkopf every monday 8 30 p. A Cost play�?78% to Prince �?��?�32&Quot club Isis Leaoto Anat Tion said that wingers appendix was not in any condition to go Long without attention. Mrs. Winger notified detective Lieut. John Niederkrom who had the Young Many a description broadcast on the police radio. While police lacked authority to Force Winger to submit to an operation it was hoped that he might be persuaded to do to if he could be found. Nit Flud Sinke Al Chilco Chevrolet orca Zenith a Truk Tomi Silverton Farnsworth colonial Stewart Warner mid Wist Oki s Mem since ims wihtag4aa Emma sunday doors open sunday 12 is Skow starts 19 99 2 great first run features flus a swill show of comedies and monday your favorite stars beheld jail Arlena Eune is who so Yahoo did 6th annual Al wan is minstrel tells All spectacular scenes it Beautiful dancing it singers it comedy it specialities a real stage show a local people professionally directed by Frank a. Carey get your tickets now All seats reserved venetian theatre wed., dec. 4th -rsnr1 thrill Fiato Iii a tire filed Tare gee Moo. A a Facia a thousand Lee steers in straightest in Reilag. In biggest Itaf mabalmvtjpriafc"9o4mstaaaaadil a fwd the Miracle Haena Ai thin Gal dad Shew i by Harry Langdon la Kun Laten Ca Abaiy Quot what a Turkey movie dog stars War or. And mrs. Nio Man Cato de Quot Asta Quot Quot Iii Rabii iia i latest i comedy Capitol Granada is bargain matinee until 4 o clock 15 now showing the program Al thrills Romance end comedy Cev. An Sheridan Mumm Noma act Begary Aiea shewing we who ape Young s Hull Donald Duck a Kew bar bargain matinee in i Quot until s o clock 13 now showing entertainment for everybody 6010 Rush Virginia Welti a la. Fiam Zand udic6 Aakhus k Samson a Olivier color cartoon a news free Qiana Cees Kara i Van tall Chirea i bang capital not Granada Nestor free

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