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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1940, Page 1

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 24, 1940, Racine, Wisconsin Routed italian forces Jam roads As victorious greeks continue attacks Strug a Yugoslavia nov. 23.�? forces by retreating italians. Greek troops continuing to harass greek and British air plane bombardments have made in a during the flight from Koritza the italians abandoned driven out of Koritza by the greeks fled northward in Dis the italians North of Koritza were operating Only two tenable As an italian base. During the night retreating Large quantities of War supplies. Italian trucks attempt order All last night. The Road from Koritza to Pograjec Miles from the Koritza Pograjec Road and another greek italians attempted to snatch sleep in albanian hovels. Butling to Salvage equipment from the Koritza sector Wert newest italian base 20 Miles North of Koritza was jammed i detachment was Only a few Miles from Pograjec which the italians were harassed on All sides by enemy troops jamming roads West of Koritza and near Pograjec. Sunday journal. Time bulletin vol. 11, to. 28racine, wis., sunday november 24, 1940 to pages red a a cells of Racine and Kenosha Are merged by Tex Reynolds when most people think of the word a cell a they think of a Niche in a Hoos Egowa. But when you write about the communist party you must think of a a a cell As a unit of the party. That is you must if you want to write like an authority on the subject because practically All of the books and pamphlets use a a cell almost exclusively instead of such common Garden variety of names As a group a a club a a society a Etc. Having thus paraded my knowledge and established myself As an authority on the life habits and customs of the subversive lads who like red flags and think in the same color let us get Down to the burning question at hand on this last sunday in november. What happened to the Racine cell of the communist party that a the question. A week ago i could t have answered it. An expert hates to admit that he does t know but i would have been in that fix. Now however i have the answer. The Racine cell has merged amalgamated tied up with and become a hyphenated part of the Kenosha cell. In other words we Don t have a separate Racine cell any More. Neither does Kenosha. But the two cities together boast or do they of one double cell officially known As the a Racine Kenosha a a a where do i get that Well i am Able to announce exclusively to sunday bulletin readers that the information comes from pamphlets circulated by the Racine Kenosha cell itself but since Only a few Hundred of them were distributed Here its More or Leas confidential so please keep it to yourself. Those of us who Are in the secret service must be tight lipped about such things. The communism business seems to have gone downhill hereabouts since the a Good old Days when they held parades with men women and children singing the a when they staged riots and demonstrations in which Dobbins were knocked and when throwing bricks through automobile windshields was the favorite form of outdoor athletics among the lads with the Crimson. But the amalgamated hyphenated surviving cell does reasonably Well with the material at hand. See special care apparently was taken to see that the pamphlets were Well distributed in labor circles Here. One fellow i know got four copies in his mail Box at Union Hall. Apparently the red lads wanted to be sure he Wasny to missed. But there a a Peculiar thing about the message signed by Dalton Johnson chairman of the by City cell who used to be a business agent for the labourer so Union in Kenosha but got tossed out of the Al figuratively literally spiritually and physically. The Peculiar thing is that instead of the usual firing at the a big Bosses and the a greedy labor baiting capitalists a the communists used their ammunition on or. Roosevelt mrs. Roosevelt the defense commission As a whole and Sidney Hillman of the Cio in particular. Secretary of the Treasury Hank Morgenthau and assorted others. As per custom they hauled off and took a crack at the press. But not the a capitalist controlled press Quot this time. No sir now the boys Are mainly mad at the labor press and they mentioned Backie and Kenosha labor writers by name. That latter fact sort of hurts me. Back in the a Good eld Days i used to get my name on Eon can to Pace i Cai Goodwin fund drive opens monday Racine payrolls increase More than 21 per cent during past 12 months figures reveal Rosier picture of business and Industrial conditions in this City in 1940 average weekly earnings per worker was $31.44 in september 163 manufacturing establishments employ an average of 11,692 Van in fail Branne Gaspard report of business and Industrial conditions in Racine nov. I employment an actual Survey just completed by the manufacturers association of Racine among 157 of Racine s manufacturing plants revealed 2,556 More employees for october 1940, than october 1939�?an increase of 21 per cent. September shows an increase of 15.2 per cent Over september 1939, in employment. Payrolls payrolls for september 1940, increased 27 8 per cent Over september 1939, in a governor vote Breaks record Heil carried 42 counties had a majority of 12,242 Madison wis., nov. 23.�? a governor Heil was re elected on nov. 5 with a majority of 12,242 votes Over Orland s. Loomis the progressive candidate the Secretary of states office announced today. Tabulation of votes cast in All 71 counties showed a record breaking total of 1,405,540 ballots were marked in the gubernatorial contest of which Heil a Republican received 558,678 Loomis 546,436, and Francis e. Mcgovern Democrat 264,985. There were 35,441 scattered votes. Lost is of his 1938 counties. Governor Heil carried 42 counties. He lost 18 of the counties in which he led former governor Philip Lafollette progressive in i the 1938 election but picked up j two counties which had registered progressive margins two years i ago. The counties in which governor Heil won two years ago but which he failed to carry this year were Barron Buffalo Columbia Dunn eau , Grant Iowa Juneau Kenosha Lincoln Milwaukee Monroe Oneida Portage Sauk Trempealeau Vernon and Wood. Florence and Taylor counties which went progressive in 1938, swung into the Republican fold this year. Answers question Why women close eyes when kissed new York nov. 24.�? the better vision Institute claimed today it had the answer to a Why most women close their eyes when a the drooping of the eyelids in a woman about to be kissed is an emotional reaction a the Institute said. A however women consciously Aid their eyes to dose. By closing her eyes a woman shuts out her visual Contact with everyday objects relaxes and slips into a world of i Cine with an estimated weekly payroll of $345,300. Average weekly earnings per worker for Racine in september was $31.44�?an increase of io1 per cent Over september 1939. West Allis $34 84 Kenosha $31.71 Racine .$31.44 janesville.$30.44 wis. Industrial commission Racine has 163 manufacturing i establishments employing an average for the year of 11,692 pm j ploys with an annual payroll of $17,217,025. U. S. Department of Commerce 1937 report Independent store sales september 1940, compared to september 1939�?no change. September 1940, compared to August 1940�?no change. First nine months of 1940 As compared first nine months 1939 �?1.5 per cent increase. September 1940, compared to september 1939, in Wisconsin cities Milwaukee a 3.9 per cent increase. Kenosha�?3.6 per cent increase.1 sheboygan�?.9 per cent increase. A madison�?2.2 per cent decrease. Appleton�?5.2 per cent decrease. Green Bay a 2,4 per cent decrease. La crosse�?9.16 per cent decrease. Superior�?8.6 per cent decrease. Beloit�?4.1 per cent decrease. Average for state�?1.8 per cent decrease. Banking Racine had 8,330 Christmas savings accounts in 1940 $774,500 will be paid on these accounts dec. I 1940 $134,500 increase Over 1939 $224,500 increase Over 1938. Bank clearings in Racine october 1940�?$12,665,-391. Credit information requests for credit information incident to buying and opening new accounts 1940 1939 incr be first Quarter. 6129 5439 780 second Quarter 7541 6384 1157 third Quarter 7585 6146 1449 october 1940. .2699 fourth quar., �?T39 6804 Racine credit association Relief and spa figures represent number of individual cases on Relief Roll in Racine county not just City of Racine. All Relief work is handled on county basis Relief. 1940 1939 decrease january .1374 August 1216 1725 509 september 1113 1915 702 october 1039 2130 1091 spa employees Imo 1b30 dec re w september. By Isi 40s october. Bib 1345 3bb spa Patko la september. 9 b3.m7 b b0.bm b m.0s3 Harbor Entrance it a photo by Ruby Weixiu a prize photo a Harbor a picture taken by mrs. Gene Weins of 1525 Wisconsin Avenue won second prize in the advanced Amateur class of the sell Racine to the world with pictures contest sponsored by the Racine camera club. The shot was taken from the main Street Bridge and shows the two Large Coal cranes which stand like sentinels at the Mouth of Root River. The Trail of broken ice a boat left in its Wake As it headed for Lake Michigan and the Long shadows of buildings along the waterfront caught the Eye of the judges. Christmas goes to Hollywood on wings of a playful Gale it recruited women to carry Brunt of attack in Campaign to insure Christmas party for youngsters stores offices factories and Homes to be canvassed for contributions donors names listed on Honor Roll in downtown store Hollywood. Nov. 24.�? urn i Christmas came to Hollywood Friday night on wings of a Gale which nearly removed Santa clause whiskers gave the bathing beauties Goose pimples ruined Dorothy Lamoure a hair do and blew pieces of Palm fronds into the eyes of. 300,000 celebratory. Heralding the great Day a full month ahead of time were to brass bands and a lady with a Calliope All tooling away at a Jingle Bob Hope travelled Down Hollywood Boulevard in a drive less automobile Jack Benny Rode in a bogus Maxwell towed by a horse and John Barrymore put his arms around Santa Claus atop a three Story float which was said to have Cost $25,000. Bergen full of Wice cracks. Down Hollywood Boulevard whose every lamp Post had been covered with a tin Christmas tree marched the welcomes of Christmas in november. Moving with them were travelling searchlights and in front of each Light was a drum majorette and her band. Edgar Bergen Rode in a car wired for sound and made wisecracks via Charlie Mccarthy while Fibber Mcgee and Mollie lolled on the cushions of one of the most magnificent limousines in the West. Behind this masterpiece of motor Dom came the employees of the Wistful Vista finance com j Pany with shotguns to keep an Eye on their property. The celebrated Leo Carrillo Rode his horse. Smiley Burnett the cow opera comic nearly fell off his. Andy Devine also had horse and so did Irene Rich. And about the Only Star in town who was t on hand was Dick Powell who had a cold. Grade Allen Shivers. Bob Burns drove a six horse team of Percheron Gracie Allen shivered under a Blanket and Rudy Vallee was the Only citizen for Miles around in a dinner jacket. Benny a Maxwell provided the Only crisis of the evening. He promised to ride in one with his trusty Rochester at the wheel but the nearest thing his agents could find was a one Cylinder Bush manufactured in 1907. Rochester studied its manipulation during a i Quick lesson in a p e King lot but Benny a Bosses said a no Sirree Christmas or no Christmas we Arentt going to risk damaging a valuable piece of property like so they hitched a horse to the machine i and Benny Rode in safety. Behind him came Basil Rathbone As Sherlock Holmes Complete with Meerschaum pipe which he did t Light because he said it was too Strong. And then marched the Angels with the Pink noses and an unidentified platoon of gents in red suits and Golf hats. And finally came Santa Claus himself shouting greetings on a Loudspeaker against the cold wind from the sea. A Superb traffic Jam. He Rode upon a two seater Shay attached by strings of electric lamps to four solid Silver Reindeer. The whole works was perched upon a Mobile Mountain of White Gypsum. In the rear seat sat Santy and Barrymore in a Homburg hat in front were miss Lamour and Vallee. From above came imitation Snow puffed from a Gold smokestack. That ended the Parade and started one of the most Superb traffic jams Ever devised by the hand of Man. At an Early hour today mrs. Santa Claus said her husband still Hadnot come Home and anyone who thinks this sounds a Little farfetched has plenty of time to come see for himself there la be More of the same every night until dec. 25. Heater observers approximately 6,000 observation stations Are maintained throughout the country by the u. S. Weather Bureau which expends $5,000,000 annually on its weather observations. By Don Huth pennies Nickels dimes quarters half dollars and Bills will Start tumbling into the coffers of the Christmas Goodwill committee monday when the annual drive to raise funds for the Racine children a yuletide party begins. A corps of women recruited from labor civic fraternal and educational groups throughout the City will carry the Brunt of the attack in this years Campaign to assure More than 12,000 boys and girls of a party on saturday morning dec. 21. Donors to sign Honor Roll. Armed with a Pencil a receipt Book and an Honor Roll the solicitors will visit stores offices Industrial plants and Homes for contributions. Each person who gives to the fund will be asked to sign his name to the Honor Roll. Arrangements have been made to Post each of the Honor Rolls As they Are filled in the windows of the store at 513 main Street. To give Racine residents an insight into How the Campaign will be conducted radio station Wren has arranged a series of broadcasts by Short wave on monday wednesday and Friday from 11 45 a. In. To 12 Oclock noon. With Herb Mann at the microphone Wren will describe How the Campaign is progressing. The first broadcast will come from the Western printing 8c Lith graphing co. General chairman Bernard Magruder who also has served As general chairman of the fourth of july Goodwill committee announced that the theme of this years party is a a merry Christmas for Racine a co operation urged. In discussing the financial Campaign or. Magruder pointed out that a no one Type or group can bring about the kind of Prosperity we All want neither can anyone provide the kind of Christmas party wanted but if we All work together we can produce the real spirit of Goodwill in this year not Only the graded and Junior High school boys and girls will be eligible to attend the australian fliers bag three italian planes London nov. 23.�? a a a the australian Raf scored its first Success in the Middle East when four australians flying Gloster Gladiator fighters attacked 17 italian Craft shooting Down three and a probably two or three others a the air ministry news service reported today. The australians were said to have lost on officer and one plane. Greek triumphs Over italians May Force Mussolini to reorganize fascist Hans of Quick Conquest urges social Security for Holiday workers Milwaukee nov. 21.�? up a the Milwaukee office of the so Del Security Board issued a statement urging that social Security cards be obtained by those expecting to obtain employment in commercial or Industrial establishments during the Holiday season. The cards should be obtained before application for work is made the statement added As some employers will not consider persons who do not present a cent by j. W. T. Maron United pres War expert the greek capture of Koritza Italy a most important Field base in Albania must Lead to reorganization of the fascist plans of Campaign against Greece and May stimulate revolt among the albanian tribesmen gravely increasing Italy a difficulties. If Mussolini receives no help it is Well within the possibilities that a must choose Between abandoning the greek War or lessening his commitments elsewhere or calling More troops to the colors. It is disconcerting to the italians that the greeks have shown a stronger offensive fighting spirit than the fascists. First in defense tactics within their own territory and now in offensive operations amid the albanian mountains greek leadership and greek military plan have been Superior to their opponents. A Kurrer far mesh Alai. Mussolini apparently has erred primarily in taking on a More ambitious program of Conquest than his present military strength allows. In his speech last monday la Duce said the italian armies now total 1,000.000 men. That number is not sufficient for such grandiose enterprises As the fascist general staff has envisioned. At the top of Mussolini a list of future accomplishments promised to the italian people is the defeat of Greet Britain in North Africa. A huge army must be required before any such major offensive can be started. In addition Yugoslavia a a position necessitates keeping Large italian forces near the Jugoslav Boundary. Too in warfare it is essential to maintain heavy Rosary at horns to guard against the unexpected. Italy needs Mare Trespa. When the requirements of the Campaign in Greece Are added to these other demands it is certain that much More than 1,000,000 troops Are needed. However la Duce has assured the italians that there will be no general mobilization. Indeed parts of his speech last monday already have caused speculation concerning the Domestic reaction in Italy if important additions Are called into the army from civilian occupations. It is reasonable to believe that the greeks May Well out number the italians along the fighting front at present even if Mussolini has available the men and material in readiness at Home to Geeky the balance rapidity of movement can scarcely be expected. British and greek aviators have damaged the albanian Landing ports and they can be expected to continue these attacks disrupting the smooth working of the italian lines of communication. Mussolini a predicament could be relieved if Hitler were to Aid him by sending a fully equipped mechanised striking Force through Yugoslavia into the greek Plains which run from the Jugoslav Border to Salonika. But All evidence to the present suggests the germans ars not yet in a rescuing party but a special entertainment also will be provided for the j kindergarten children at memorial Hall. I of most interest to the Young ters however is the eats and j Charles Dembowski chairman in charge of the gift bags has the answer to that question j three and a half tons of Candy three tons of peanuts 12,000 Popcorn balls and 150 bushels of fruit will be used to satiate hungry juvenile appetites. A Large Crew of volunteers will go to work the i week before the party placing this Mountain of food into individual bags. Nervous Russia watches nazis a counter move by Stalin is deemed eventually inevitable new York nov. 24. A a rumanian a signature to the triple Alliance added to Hungary a inclusion within the German sphere gives Hitler formal control Over a continuous sweep of territory from the German Border to the Black sea. Sooner or later it will be necessary for Russia to make some counter move or else abandon All slavic ambitions in Southeastern Europe. Hitler now has uninterrupted strategic command of the Center of Europe extending from the North sea to the Black seats Northwestern coast line. Hungary and Rumania As Germany a military vassals have allowed Hitler to threaten Russia with a Southern blockade. Pressure put on slavs. Moscow a denial of a Berlin statement that Russia previously had been informed of the invitation to Hungary to join the triple Alliance is significant of Stalin a feelings. More pointed is the report from Sofia that Bulgaria is reluctant to follow Hungary and Rumania without russians approval. Russian pressure on the bulgarian slavs thus May be beginning. More than Ever before Russia can now discern hitlers intention to keep Stalin out of Europe by. A policy of envelopment. The German gesture of pointing to Middle Asia As russians future area of expansion is being followed by undisguised strategic movements of enforcement. Russia awaits her Chance. Rumanian a obedience to Berlin has made her Oil Fields a legitimate target for British and turkish bombing if Germany starts an offensive movement against the Dardanelles. The rumanian cannot hide behind neutrality even though rumanian troops do not participate. Partial destruction of the rumanian Oil Wells might have a vital effect on the whole course of the conflict if any weakening of German Oil supplies became evident Russia would be in a position to show her real feelings. It would seem that some such development is what Russia eagerly awaits no that the German design in Southeastern Europe is unfolding. House stalls in 8tibt Haddonfield n. J., Nev. 23. Off a a three Story House used As a Convent was a stalled Quot today in the Center of a Haddonfield Street. It bogged Down last night when a wheel on a moving apparatus came off As the building was being transported to a new location

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