Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
24 Nov 1935

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
24 Nov 1935

Read an issue on 24 Nov 1935 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 24, 1935, Racine, Wisconsin What our readers have to say. Isi will be Paia for la any comment it i in kit column Ujj sunday journal times bulletin vol. 5-no. 32. Racine wis., sunday nov. 24,1935. Circulation 19,500 reveals danger in rail crossing dear editor now that the Racine police department is doing All in their Power to prevent accidents Don t you think it is up to us to do what we can that is Why i am writing this in Hopes something will be done to regulate the danger signal at the North Shore crossing at Lindermann Avenue and West Boulevard. I sincerely know How dangerous this crossing is As i can see it plainly from my window. So often the signal starts to ring and keeps it up sometimes for 20 minutes or More and will finally Stop and no train conies. Two different times i timed it and it rang for Over half an hour. Cars lined up Clear to the Corne waiting to go across. First one then j another went across while it was j ringing. Now hardly Ever any of the cars Stop of they just done to happen to see the train. Although this crossing is close to the station trains from the North have plenty of Speed anyway. I would t like to have one bump me. I Hope this signal will he regulated before an Accident occurs. Maybe a life taken. In the heard so Many motorists complain about this Strnal and believe me i g t the jiggers myself after i be waited la to 15 minutes to Cross and decide to go. My heart bumps an extra beat for fear a train will pop up. The old saying is forewarned is fore armed so if we can do anything to prevent an Accident t i believe it to our duty to do so. Thank you. Editor if you have space for this. N. Grove ave Racine students find University at Madison offers helping hand Here to appreciation for historical work dear editor i am writing this in order to express my appreciation of the Racine historical society s work. On three occasions i have visited the department at the Racine court House and i feel or. Leach has done a Fine piece of work. Or. Leach has devoted Many years of his life to the completion of his history of Racine and certainly deserves a place of respect and admiration in the Community for what he has done. Whenever i visited the place he has always shown me about and treated me in a very kind manner. I Hope you will print this As i believe or. Leach deserves to be commended. Best of Luck to the bulletin. F. O. Park ave aviation shows gain but Birds Rule air comparison reveals Arctic Tern rivals Clipper planes in annual 22,-000 mile hop nature gives creatures a instrument reply to plaint a of neglected wives dear editor i am not a Man but i just read a. S., 12th St. Letter Why husbands take their wives for granted. I have been married for five years and my husband has not forgotten birthdays Valentines and All those occasions. I have noticed in most of the marriages that after the honeymoon is Over the wife gets so interested in her clubs and housework that she has no time for Hubby and when the baby comes poor Hubby loses All affection and interest that no wonder husbands lose interest and take their wives for granted. Though in to Only one person with one thought do any others think the same As i do i would be interested to know. A. Republic ave by Hibert Joh Nso v a Oman has equalled the feats of Birds a to to Many say As they enumerate the achievements of aviation which Are about to be crowned by the trans Pacific leaps of the american Clipper planes. This statement is ill founded for the aviator at Best merely can copy nature comparison indicates. Nature has had the advantage of hundreds of millions of years of experimentation while Man has Only scratched the surface of aviation. The Bird has his own instrument Board. The inside of his ear is like the air planet to aneroid barometer. By the variation in air pressure Rockies yield origin secret Range fades in Liard River area ending hot Valley myth. Team work makes Home tick he says dear editor in answer to a. 12th St who says that you women get together and discuss your husbands and the Quot Why a Quot about married life i d like to say this i am a married Man of Middle age have a wife and three charming children and have been married for 20 years. My wife and i Are just As much in love with each other today As the Day we were married in fact i can say More so because of All the wonderful things she has done in these 2ft years. My wife is the Type that does not care to go out during the Day for any sort of amusement. She keeps the Home tidy and never do i have to wait for my meals or eat canned Beans. We both enjoy our evenings of amusement together. An occasional meeting takes me out alone and after that i dash Home to my family. Some of you May be bored by continually being together but i can think of no better solution for happiness. Most every evening when coming Home from work. I see women of All types dashing madly Home from card clubs shows. Etc., and what would they expect to have Friend husband say something like a of you the had a Busy Day dear i la get dinner i would not advise any women to get together and discuss husbands. I would suggest that they stay at Home try my wife s method and perhaps Friend Hubby will invite them out for dinner Bridge or a movie. My motto is a team ?� now ladies done to get on the up and up with tis men you asked for advice and you got mine. Try this plan. And i Hope some of you will write in again telling if this plan worked. Yours truly. One of the married men. E. H. Twelfth St Edmonton ?" or a an other romantic Arctic tradition the reported existence of a tropical Valley in the Liard River area of the Northwest territories a has been shattered. Returning from a 4,0ftft-Milc flight in the far North or. Charles Camsell Deputy minister of mines in the Canadian government reported the Valley was a myth. Or. Camsell made the trip which started at in Trince Rupert b. C., and ended at Edmonton to inspect the work of several geological parties working in the Mineral areas of Corsair b. Finds end of cookies. Among the important geographical discoveries made during the flight is the settlement of the question of what becomes of the Rocky mountains North of the j Liard River. The question has intrigued geographers for years. Or. Camsell said the mighty Rockies which run northward i from the United states through Canada drop out of sight in the country North of the hard and that they do not blend with the Mackenzie mountains. He said the Rocky Mountain Range gradually sinks to rounded knolls North of the River. Trapper started Story. The Story of the tropical Valley was originated by a trapper named Tom Smith who said he he can Tell the weather for a Day ahead. As a navigator he is Superb. The Little hawaiian Finch flies from the hawaiian islands to Alaska to nest. As it is a perching Bird it can not land and must cover 1,500 Miles of open water. The hawaiian Plover does the same thing. Our own Bobolink flies Down to Argentina each year and returns. The Globetrotter of Birdland is the Arctic Tern who Winters in the Antarctic Circle and nests along the Arctic coast. His annual migrations Are almost pole to pole a journey of 22,000 Miles. These Birds depend upon the upward currents of the air to permit them to rest. Birds have �??� the microscopic Eye of the Bird can be focused upon a minute Distant object with great rapidity. The Bird can pick out minute objects on the ground while at a 2.000 foot Altitude. Man at this Altitude has difficulty in finding an object As big As a House. Hawks at this Altitude can sight Field mice and Power dive for a kill. Tiny protecting membranes or sub eyelids come Down Over the Birds to eyes giving him a pair of �??� a sensitive sense of direction enables the Bird to maintain a course four co operative houses help undergraduates in keeping Cost Down Bureau offers part time employment. Of flight Independent of landmarks judgments resulting from their neg Birds can find their Way through licence goes into effect today the densest fog with unerring aim. Automobile insurance companies the a of homing instinct of the car j reported that they had experienced ruler Pigeon is an example. I some increase in business since night flying offers no obstacle j passage of the Law by the last leg to the Bird. An ornithologist at Slature. But that they did not sex Madison reported no less than 3,800 j pert to feel appreciable results unbind Calls were heard in a single it til after the drastic provisions of new Driver to liability Law of Wisconsin in effect today the new automobile negligence found negligent in respect to his 1 of one person $10,000 for More Law designed to keep motorists off operation of a motor vehicle in any than one injury or death and $1,-the highways if they fail to satisfy civil action for damages growing too in Case of property damage in out o an Accident and against i cases where the judgments a final judgment shall have cd those sums. Night from one place. But it was evident that this was not even a fair estimate of the throngs of flying Birds he declared. The reef Lighthouse attracts Many night Birds and scores who had beat themselves to death against the Light May be found after storms. Military air formations Are copied after the flying formations of the Birds. Ducks and geese May i e seen flying in a perfect nov a or by squads or in a Box formation or in a Crescent formation. The formations Are in command of a Leader and some Birds can Man Euver from one formation to another with ease even crows have their ragged mass flying formations. Birds Best at Landing. Vultures and certain types of gulls Are great scaling experts. They tre lightly loaded and Are expert in the use of up and Down currents of air. They can hover the Law have been invoked. The Law was sponsored by state senator Herman j. Severson progressive Iola. The a of Teeth to to Are in this paragraph a Ono person who shall have been been rendered on account thereof shall drive an automobile upon and along any Public Highway of this state until such judgment is fully paid and ?� bankruptcy no Relief. Bankruptcy does not relieve the judgment debtor from the requirements of the Law. The new statute specifies that the judgment debtor shall have complied when he Lias paid $3,000 of his judgment in Case of personal injury or de Atli recreation department urges Public to attend league games the Law provides that the debtor May continue to drive his automobile when he obtains an order from the trial court in which the judgment was entered permitting the payment of the judgment in reasonable instalments. In Case the debtor fails to satisfy the judgment or to pay instalments the Secretary of state must revoke his Driver to License until the judgment has been satisfied. In such cases the court shall order the surrender of the License. Persons violating the Law will be guilty of Misdemeanour and subject to a mini Racine students who must to self supporting find the University of Wisconsin offers a helping hand through her student employment Bureau and her four co operative houses at Madison. The Cost of a University education is much greater to the student than attending Washington Park or William Horlick High schools. Racine people have found. The great increase in Cost is caused by the additional expense of room and Board. Realizing this the University has established houses in which the students share the household tasks As Well As the Cost of room and Board. The University owns and operates two co operative houses for men and two for women. The men to Homes accommodate 48 apiece two to a room. The women to houses have a capacity of 20 each. The Homes Are completely furnished and each House has a Large living room and lounge in addition to the bed rooms and study rooms. The object of the houses is to furnish desirable room and Board at a minimum Cost. The residents of the houses co operate in keeping Down costs by caring for their own work. Wholesome food is furnished in the Central dining room. The purchasing of food and supplies the cooking and serving of meals and the general management of the houses Are under supervision of University managers. Averages less than Dollar. Students Are billed on the first of each month at the rate of one Dollar a Day. At the end of the school year each student receives a re fund As his share of the balance remaining after All expenses have been paid. Expenses during the last year have averaged less than a Dollar a Day. A owe Are not operating Rooming houses and boarding ?� explained Don Halverson director. A your dormitories Are rather a group of co operative houses where the House Fellows counsel and advise tile students and help to provide a Friendly ?� part time employment is found for University students by the University student employment Bureau. More than half of the students at Madison must depend upon themselves for part or All of their resources. A number work Only in the summer others borrow to and do not attempt to work while in school Many Are employed part time while they attend although it is impossible to place All students who apply the Bureau gets positions for about 150 persons a month. This Bureau is called upon to furnish students As stenographers typists clerks waiters and waitresses dishwashers Cooks janitors Bell boys clothes pressers musicians repairmen window washers House cleaners gardeners and House workers. During the depression Fera jobs have been offered the students. Two thousand students applied for jobs this year on the Fera. In addition to these jobs the state has allotted $38,000 for Loans to students from Wisconsin who Are attending school at Madison. Many Racine students have been benefited by a $35,000 fund set up to loan to students taking Extension Woric from the University. The regents and friends of the University have contributed Money to assist students of limited Means and Good character. The income from some special funds is Avail turn to Page la col. 4. Nearby Isles fear japanese afraid they lie in Way of nip ponese plans. Mum Fine of $100 and a maximum jail sentence of six months and the \ Unixes to. Finds Iso jobs a month. With the indoor baseball season ment particularly wants additional women to entries. All games Are played Between the hours of 5 30 and 7. The department is furnishing All equipment and officials. Already under Way and the basketball leagues soon to begin the recreation department has revealed it wants to create added interest for sports fans this Winter. Municipal league games in All sports Are open to the Public. Games of major league Caliper again will be promoted at school gymnasiums. Indoor baseball will be played every tuesday at Stephen Bull and each Friday at Mckinley had found a Valley dotted with hot in the same spot almost motionless and Stephen Bull. Would like to know about new Library dear editor the past week has been Library week. I wonder if it Isno to tim worthy to wonder what is going to be done As regards the need of a new Library. Rating. I believe has outgrown its present Library. For a number of years now. Because of i that High school students have had to leave at 7 30. Also there has been i the recent incident where plaster i has fallen from the Walls luckily 1 not hurting anyone. That mind you i in the second largest City in Wisconsin. Quite a while Back land was bought but nothing Ever came of it. Also i believe building of a new Library was to be one of the Public works projects. Well. I done to know. Maybe it to just going to be like the paving of 12th Street just another lost cause. Yours sincerely. H h. Dekoven ave Springs and Palm Trees. Smith a performance an air plane can not was drowned while returning to even approach. Civilization with his daughter 1 the Birds to greatest Man Euver is Jane with a Boatload of furs. The Landing. The slowest plane or. Camsell found Smith to must set Down at 30 Miles an hour Cabin with roof Faller and decay rolling 150 to 350 feet. A Bird ing. It was situated near a num lands on an insignificant Twig Wither of hot Springs with Lush vege out an Inch of Speed left. Basketball meeting. All managers of prospective major and Junior municipal basketball teams will gather tomorrow night in the Park Board office to discuss plans for the season which will open dec. 0. The department urges All managers to be present at 7 30. Gymnasium permits Are being issued to teams desiring practice. Games tills week. After the men to basketball 1 leagues get under Way games will 4ss4fr4s Fouad be played each monday and thurs tation springing up from the sub irrigated soil in the midst of a Grove o Spruce and Poplar Trees. The vegetation grew seven feet High he said but there were no Palms. Or. Camsell attributes the rank growth to the sub irrigation of the soil from the hot Springs. Some police a Odon its Quot for school children dear editor police Quot lion tip to school children. From the Indianapolis Star. J do not step out into the Street j from Between parked cars. To do not Cross the Street in the j. T _ Middle of the Block. Always Cross i 18 head Blit when others followed at intersections and always look i and passersby complained both ways before stepping from the seagulls rain apples Down on policeman Vancouver b. Cd ins a the veracity of police Constable Alex Mckay was endangered when he insisted seagulls had pegged apples at him while on duty at the City Hall Entrance. Mckay said he thought nothing it when one Apple whistled by run while crossing while crossing the the curb do not Street. Do not play Street. Do not play or skate in the Street a any time. Do not trespass on right of Way. Do not thumb rides on Automo Biles or trucks. Of the Apple barrage he decided to make a tour of the building. On the tenth floor his search was rewarded. Somebody had left a bag of a railroads pies on a window Sill. Marauding seagulls pecked holes in the bag. Seized apples in their beaks and do not throw stones at vehicles. ,. ,.when walking on highways a1 tried to fat away. The task proved ways walk so As to face the on too much and they let the apples Aida is respect and obey police i after fixing a few feet with turn to Page 7, col. 3 their burdens. The flycatchers Are the Best example of the Maneule ability of Birds. They Are lightly loaded and can turn on one Wing or the other with agility necessary to catch flies. The Muscles of the Bird give the mane vering advantage Over an air plane. Some Hawks do upside Down flying. Trained a of Tumbler pigeons become so involved in their fancy tricks sometimes they die in �??� the Bird can change the camber of his wings the ratio of the Convexity to give him a High lift Wing and Tail surface to slow his Landing or a compact i streamlined surface for Speed. They have a remarkable Power to suddenly change Speed and direction. That is Superior to that of the Best plane. The body of the Bird is streamlined. Although ail Birds Are monoplane there is no need for struts or braces and no danger of Struc Tual failures. The perfect balance of the Bird allows nature to dispense w Ith the rudder air planes require. Birds to great willpower. The win Power of most Birds is great. Common Small Birds probably travel at the rate of 30 Miles an hour while migrating ducks and turn to Page 4, col. Oldest Export of new England Amherst mass. A ins a old Sassafras was a horticulture Pil i grim. William l. Doran research professor of botany at Massachusetts state College in a communication declared that it was the first i Plant product to be expo rid from new England a a Plant of sover-1 eign ?� makes observations. Professor Doran made these observations about Sassafras it is a highly ornamental tree. I it might Well be More used in Southern new England. It was first found near the seacoast. Bartholomew Gosnold forerunner of Day at Mckinley and Knapp gyms j Only persons of ninth Grade age and Over Are permitted at the night contests. Younger school 1 children Are admitted if accompanied by parents. Indoor baseball contests this week bring together Christiansen i furrier is. Racine storage at 7 15, and service paper company is. I mod Ines at 9. The games will be played at Stephen Bull school tuesday. Friday to schedule at Mckinley gym is s. Johnsons is. Taylor Avenue merchants at 7 15 and Webster electric is. Western printers at 9. On the same night at Stephen Bull Chicago rubber clothing will meet Dumore co. At 7 15, while Halter produce will mix with Massey Harris at 9. Badminton schedule. The men to and women s Badminton schedule for next week is As follows monday at Lakeview it Cobbe Hall monday at Racine St., Jensen Zehrt is. Schemmel Frank tuesday at Lakeview gel Mesen Frank is. Climic Mortenson at Racine St., Bowman Peterson is. Palinski Schmahl wednesday at Lakeview Kelson Schuleit is. Jorgenson Olson at Racine St. Betty Newman 1 Sorenson is. Keman Galizanski Chicago nov. 23�?"cp�?"weath Friday at Lakeview. Tufnell Trump or Outlook for the period nov. 25 Bull is. Lizdas Valley at Racine j to nov. 30 St., Anderson Graham is. Jarago for the Region of the great ski a. Lizdas. Lakes temperatures mostly sea entries Are still being taken for Honable precipitation Middle of Badminton leagues and the depart week. Operator to License May be suspended for a year. For a second offence the Fine and imprisonment May be doubled. Turn Down sonic applicants. Some insurance companies reported that a majority of Drivers who up to this time have not carried automobile insurance Are not desirable As policyholders and that it has been necessary to turn Down Many recent applicants. Senator Severson tried vainly at the last session to push a com Pul i Sory automobile liability insurance Law through the legislature. His negligence Law however is expected to have somewhat the same effect As a compulsory Law. The new Law is also expected to he a Factor in promoting safety on the highways. Among the new safety measures enacted is one which defines the duties of automobile Drivers in Case of accidents and provides severe penalties for non compliance with the requirements of the Law in death and personal injury cases. This act also provides for Accident reports to local authorities and to the state Highway commission where the Accident results in personal injury or death or More than $50 of damage to property. It provides for the tabulation of Highway accidents by the Highway commission. Other safety measures. Other new safety measures make Drunken driving criminal negligence punishable by imprisonment for not less than 30 Days or More than a year and suspension the employment Bureau has several thousand on its waiting list. Wren to launch Townsend series in program today what promises to be an interesting series of radio programs will be inaugurated by Wren today at 2 p. In. When the Townsend old age pension plan will be discussed by Leslie h. Fountain retired Milwaukee manufacturer and nationally known speaker. Today to broadcast will be the first of the series which will be heard every sunday at 2 Oclock with various speakers taking the microphone. Every program will he conducted along open forum lines and listeners Are. Invited to Send in questions which will he answered during future programs. These radio talk about the much discussed Townsend plan will he presented under auspices of the Townsend clubs in the first Wisconsin congregational District. The Public is especially invited to participate by listening and asking questions and making criticisms. Ing for Sassafras. It is supposed to have a medical value a mild aromatic stimulant. Weather Outlook Lizdas is. Llovd-Menden-1 the Pill rims spent the summer of or revocation of the Driver to License 1602 on Cuttyhunk Island search for two years. Make available to the Highway commission Money in. The Highway marking fund for promotion of safety and safety practises. Require safety Glass on All motor vehicles manufactured after Jan. I 1936. And operating and registered in Wisconsin. Limit the total Width of loads of pulpwood along the Highway to 8 feet 4 inches. Increase the penalty for hit and run driving to a maximum of $1.-500 or five years. Bulgarian town uses wine to put out fire Bela Bulgaria ins a for Lack of water Many wine vats were broken and their liquid used to extinguish a fire which threatened to destroy the whole town. This locality is famous for vineyards and wine but also for its aridity As it is situated or rather perched upon a Hill Iron which is found no water whatever. The villagers Are compelled to cart All the water they need from a Brook which runs some distance below the town. Torio. A up a Japan to South Ern Island neighbors the Philippines and dutch East indies Are afraid they lie in the pathway of a japanese program of southward expansion said Katsumi de Buehl former ambassador to Washington on his return from an official tour of the South seas. The rotund and Jovial Diplomat who held the Washington Post from 1928 to 1933, and tried to make the United slates take a sympathetic View of japanese expansion on the continent was on a a Goodwill Mission to the Philippines new zealand Australia and the dutch indies. Calls leaders �??� he told the japanese press that leaders in the new Philippines Commonwealth and in the dutch colonies a labor under certain delusions with regard to Japan s policy of Advance in Tho Southern ?� a Oan exaggerated View of our expansion in the Southern seas prevails in the Philippines and Tho islands controlled by Holland a he said adding a misunderstandings seemed to prevail a and implying that Japan has no intention of harming her Island neighbors in the course of her Rise to dominance in the Eastern Ocean. In Australia and new zealand de Buehl said he found friendliness toward Japan with a fall former misunderstandings arising from our manchurian policy ?� to 4 Philippines need markets. De Buehl who visited Manila in August emphasized that Japan in her relations with the Philippines through the next to years must avoid causing uneasiness or affront to the still Sovereign United states. A of Japan to relations with the islands during the Commonwealth period must take full cognizance of american opinion and the three nations must co operate along lines of Mutual Concession a he said. It must he admitted however that after Independence the Philippines which hitherto have found the chief outlet for their products in the United states must seek other markets. Economic difficulties probably will beset the future of the Independent philippine state. Fie sees Bear runs no hypnotism for him Portland ?" ins a it May he True that a Bear will never attack a Man if he holds the bears to gaze with an unfaltering Eye but James Stubblefield employed at the conflagration had already the Chiyona farm near Chinook swept a number of houses and it was assuming a fearful aspect. Finally the villagers rushed into their cellars smashed the vats and fetched the wine to the burning houses. The fire was soon put out completely. Wash., a chose to run when he came face to face with a Bear on the state Highway. A of can look a tem in the Eye at a zoo hut when you meet one at night alone on the Highway ifs time to move a Stubblefield said. T i

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