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Racine Journal Times (Newspaper) - November 22, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin At our j readers have j to say. Tell wit Tift is irl i any comment int i t in t b i a Colo in. J student urges 12th St. Bus line dear editor i am a student of Park High school and i would like to comment on the twelfth Street bus idea. Now Many of my friends and i live quite a ways from school mostly towards downtown and the Lake and there is no Way for us to get to school in the Winter time except to walk. This certainly is no joke either for we Are required to go to school yet Many of us freeze our toes noses ears or fingers As we trudge unhappily to school in the dead of Winter. The closest bus is the Washington Avenue one and then there is still Valley drive to go Down or twelfth Street if one gets off there. Considering that i live on grand Avenue there really is no advantage in taking the bus As i must Transfer downtown and still walk nost of the Way to school. I personally think that the bus company would make Money if it would have a bus run from Wisconsin Street and twelfth straight out twelfth Street to West Racine and Back the same Way. Park students from West Racine and the cast Side of town would be Only too glad to buy weekly bus passes and besides there Are quite a few St. Catherine a students who would profit by this system. I think the bus company would profit by Only the student Trade and the buses need t be run in the evening at All unless there was enough business outside of school passengers. I Hope something will be done about this so that i won t have to freeze my nose and ears again this Winter. S., grand ave sunday journal times bulletin vol. 6�?no. 32. Racine wis., sunday november 22, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 nation nears recovery goal Grid records recall career of a wild Bill Quot had stale scoring Mark to uncommonly comely commoners prove lure for Queen victorians great grandsons when he left a Atherine. St. Beware of scalds mothers warned dear editor this is the time of the year when the Small children under 4 years old have to stay indoors More so they get into everything pulling things off the table and stove Many fatal accidents happen in Hie Homes every year. This is what i m getting at the scrub pail in the Center of the Oom with boiling water in it its pure carelessness on the Mother s part. Its just As easy to put cold water in the pail first if you must let it stand in the Center of the room then when the child Falls into it there is no harm done Only a Good scare. The Coffee pot will Cool off at the Back of the stove just As Well As it does at the front of the stove. If mothers would Only think first before they do these things there would not be so Many innocent Little ones fatally burned every year. F. R., Carlisle axe let s All give at Yule is plea dear editor this column is the Best Means i know of expressing my gratitude to the boy scouts and others who made it possible to distribute gifts to the children last Christmas. In just a few weeks it will again be Christmas. I know there will be disappointed children if someone outside their Homes does not remember them As i know where there is by Keith Brehm while posting scoring statistics recording unusual touchdown plays and closing books on High school football for tile 1936 reason during the past week i came across a number of entries under the name of William Angel class of �?T32. St. Catherine s High school. It was just five years ago this fall that a wild Bill a closed a Brilliant High school football career by chalking up what was then a state scoring record of 121 Points. In the past nine years there have been Many outstanding players at every position developed at Racine s three High schools including several who went on to make names for themselves at major universities and various colleges. There have been a few and Only a few better All around backs but As a showman and above All. As a Gambler none has outclassed Bill Angel. Knocks himself out. The first game of High school football in which Angel took part was played on thanksgiving morning 1928. St. Catherine s battled it. Carmel of Chicago to a scoreless tie that Day before a crowd of several thousand fans at alumni Field. Toward the close of the game coach Gene scrap Young decided to give All his reserves a Chance. put a Young freshman in the game named William Angel. On the first play Angel grabbed the Ball put his head Down and ran Forward at top Speed. crashed into one of his own linemen and knocked himself cold. As a Sophomore Angel became a regular halfback but was just another Ball Carrier until the final i game of the season with Racine College. In the third Quarter of that game Angel took a Short Flat zone pass from Frank Schmo Witch while running at full Speed. carried the Ball about to Yards when it shot out of his hands. caught it on the Bounce however and ran about another to Yards when he dropped it once More but again trapped it in full stride and continued on his 65-Yard run for a touchdown. became known As the a boy who dribbled for a touchdown 5 his Start to Fame. Tom Hearden succeeded scrap Young As coach at St. Catherine s the following year and Bill Angel we As one of the few Letterman he inherited from Young s undefeated 1929 team. The saints opened with a powerful Washington High team of Milwaukee. Angel grabbed the aaa aaa aaa Many of King Edward s Royal cousins in Europe share his a demo cratic romanticism it probably was just As Well that Queen Victoria of England shown cent Erin a Little known portrait. As a demure girl of 19�? had no Way of looking into the future. For she was spared a spectacle which might have shaken her out of the regal poise that made her a Symbol of proud Royalty throughout the world. % the spectacle is that of a Large number of her Royal great grandsons forming romantic attachments with comely commoners. Bronner in this article reveals that King Edward in enjoying the companionship of mrs. Wallis Simpson of Baltimore md., merely is showing the same romantic tendency displayed by Many Royal cousins. Queen Victoria mrs. Wallis Simpson Duchess of York mrs. Sigvard Bernadotte countess Covadonga Dorothea von Salviati Madame Lupescu no income there Cen be no Christ opening Kickoff an 1 thru add has epitome of everything Arch Royal Mas cheer. I Hope that All who can will help a Little. They will be Well repaid when they know How Happy the children Are. M., Blake ave Way through the amazed Purgold ers for a 90-Yard touchdown run. Washington won the game 40-7. A fn8hten-d her san later King Helm. And his eldest child is Prince Wilhelm who in june. 1933, married miss Dorothea von Salviati at Bonn. The brides father was. Of course not Royal. had been marshal of the court of the eldest sister of Kaiser Wilhelm. To marry the girl of his Choice the Young bridegroom had to renounce All chances of Ever coming to the throne of Germany if the Hohen Zollers Are restored. Pastor Haun in marrying the Young couple said a i am glad you have taken a girl of the people. The Hohen Zollers were always proud of being one with the Prince Wilhelm s marriage to a commoner has made As chief of the younger Hohenzollern Prince. _ Louis Ferdinand the lad who she was so regal of manner that i worked for some m the Kord she intimidated her ministers by Milton Bronner Nea service staff correspondent t King Edward s preference for the companionship of Many commoners Best exemplified by his romantic Friendship with mrs. Wallis Simpson of Baltimore u. proves him to be a True great grandson of Queen Victoria. This statement May Surprise students of victorian history for that indomitable Queen was the sir Ernest Cassel who was a close Friend of King Edward Vii. King Carol twice loved commoners Queen victorians fourth child was Alfred Duke of Edinburgh. Who wed Marie daughter of Czar Alexander ii of Russia. Their daughter Marie Princess. Gains in business activity and Rise in buying Power reflect growing optimism Awakening of heavy goods industries is promising sign. By Hubert Johnson across the financial pages of j the country a newspapers during the last few weeks have marched news stories announcing that the Battle against the depression is nearing its final phase. Increased mass purchasing Power Stock advances and figures on Industrial and commercial activity have reflected optimism. The heavy goods industries which form the base of economic life Are showing indications of rising from their slump. Industrial activity during october swept up to the highest Point since february 1930, and is expected to be to per cent higher still during november. National income has risen along with the value of stocks listed on the exchanges. Retail and foreign Trade show upturns. The Farmers Are benefited by an upsurge in farm real estate values and in their Cash income. Millions added to Prosperity. Increase in employment and big i Ger payrolls will add $130,000,000 to the income of a million american Industrial workers during the next year. Christmas savings and special payments will amount to More than $25,000,000. Extra dividends announced unusual smelter uses oxidation process the Dalles a the Dalles lays claim to a unique smelter in the Industry one that extracts Metal from Ore through oxidation rather than melting. Under the system a which the inventor Albert j. Koebel says experts have always said was impossible pulverized Ore is subjected to such terrific heat that it oxides instantly and the metals in gaseous state Are drawn off by suction. By a process which in principle is the same As a vacuum cleaner the gasses go into bags. Oxygen is then withdrawn and the Metal remains. September compared with 939,000 in March 1933. Optimism was reflected in the monthly Federal Reserve Board bulletin and a chamber of Commerce statement the Reserve Board reported Industrial activity has reached its highest level since 1930 corporate earning was 60 period Cash farm income was $7,-850,000,000, an increase of $750,-000,000 Over a year ago and nearly double that of 1932. A making steady recovery. The chamber of Commerce declared the United states is Mak their daughter mar ing a steady uniform widespread Garet married the present Crown recovery notably lacking in spectacular or sporadic spurts and involving a much More Progress Russ to build 16 air giants world s largest plane to be flagship of 15 like her. a the a Joseph Stalin a Flag plane of a Fleet of 16 giants each of which will exceed in size the Maxim Gorky which crashed in May 1935, with a loss from nov. 6 to nov. 13 totalled of 48 lives it is nearing completion More than $160,000,000. The Joseph Stalin to be the the National Industrial Confer i Wor s largest air plane is being ence Board estimated the Unze built according to a design consid played to number 8,975,000 in Rabiy advanced in comparison 15r with the Maxim Gorky. Thousands of detailed parts have been constructed and Assembly is Well advanced. No definite Date has been set for its first flight but it is expected within a few months. To have 6 motors. The huge ship will be powered with six motors set in the Wing in the first six months i which has a spread of 206 feet. The per cent Over the 1935 fuselage is 32 feet High and Over Karin Nisswandt lady Mountbatten married the Man who was afterwards King Ferdinand of Ruma Prince of Sweden. Their second Nia. And their eldest son is the son. Prince Sigvard is today or. Present King Carol of Rumania. Bernadotte the original common than the owners of the English news americans Index of Industrial production since the sum Don t Lei tots lie in leaves dear editor my letter is not a pet Peeve but just a Little Friendly advice to the mothers of Small children. In the fall almost every year there is something said about this. It is that the mothers should warn their children not to lie in the leaves in the Road. I have seen quite a few accidents happen in this Way and i do Hope that Racine can keep its death rate Down this year by the help of mothers. Of course it s fun for the Little ones but think of the fun the Mother gets when she hears that her child has been run Over or injured very seriously. Then it Isnit so much fun. Mothers Aren t being heartless to their children when they forbid them to do such 1 Way Back a thing. She is Only helping them and herself. I do Hope this is printed and that every Mother reads this As it May set some of them thinking about the pleasures their children indulge in. But that touchdown run was to Start Bill Angel to football Fame. Hearden revised his entire offence substituting an attack built around Angel for the conventional a a Rockne or a notre Dame style of offence. Angel immediately came into his own As a runner and the following week counted a couple of touchdowns against St. Ignatius of Chicago including a 70-Yard Dali for one score. It was in the game with it. Carmel the next week that Angel s gambling instinct was first noted j he was playing the safety position j when a Mtcarmel punter sent a High kick Over his head. The Ball i All hit the ground and bounced crazily j toward the goal line with Bill and a Trio of it. Carmel players in Pursuit. Angel was a step or j two ahead of his opponents As he dashed Goa i Ward picked up die Ball out of the air with one hand As it was about to go Over the line and then circled and made his 97 Yards for Edward Vii even when he was a Middle aged Man and lectured to Kings czars and Princess As if they were school boys. But by the marriages of her off automobile factories and who is the Only Royal Prince in Europe to mile. Talk with a real american accent. I forced George is children shun Royal marriages Phe second child of Queen Spring. Victoria became the j a Victoria was King Edward grandmother of most of the Royal Vii. His son was King George v to of Europe. Papers who pretended to be so shocked because american newspapers printed full details of the Simpson Case were themselves not at All reticent about the love affairs of King Carol. The bars were Down. The sky was often the limit. When still Crown Prince Carol married for love a commoner Lambrino. His parents a divorce. Then they i brought about his Loveless marriage with Princess Helen of Greece. Soon afterwards Carol went away with a new charmer i in the person of Madame Lupescu. It was decreed that he had lost in some other countries or French name of the present which have gone further in re swedish dynasty. Sigvard fell in love with and married a commoner in March 1934, in the person of miss Erica Patzack daughter of a Berlin merchant who owns stands in various Mer of 1935 has jumped upward 28 per cent while in great Britain where the slump was less drastic it Rose in the same period Only 12 Berlin markets. Their wedding per cent. Took place at a Register office Ini Barrons National financial London. Sigvard lost Al l rights j weekly found to the swedish throne and All his princely titles and privileges. worked for a while in the Ufa film studios in Berlin and now is reported to intend to apply for american citizenship a a a Well diffused Prosperity in the reports on third Quarter earnings of scores of companies. A with but few exceptions a the publication commented a the figures were fully up to expectations and coming from All length 116 feet slightly greater than the length of the Maxim Gorky inside Cabin arrangements have been changed radically to provide greater Comfort for its 50 passengers. With the design perfected construction of 15 sister ships is not expected to present great difficulty for workers of the Central Aero Hydro dynamical Institute of Moscow where the Joseph Stalin is taking shape carefully guarded from the Public. Another Joseph Stalin designed to be the worlds fastest ice breaker equipped with catapults to launch hydroplane for ice surveys is under construction in Leningrad. Incidentally in this game of the steel motor construction and automobile and it is and his eldest son is the ills chances for the throne and his a strange truth that King Edward Viii. The latter sister Princess Mary wed a commoner in the person of lord Laseelles now Earl of Harewood. His brother the Duke of York wed a commoner in the person of lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. His brother the Duke of Gloucester wed a com sooner or later in almost every one of these Royal families at least one scion of the proud Stock broke away and Quot fell a for a commoner. There is no Story like it in All Royal history. The Roll Call reveals a whole series of Royal romances. Heir to Reich throne renounced rights \7 Ictoria a first born was Princess Victoria. She married the German Prince who for so Brief a time we As Kaiser Fred Erik of Germany. Their eldest son Michael was actually King for a while until Carol suddenly returned and won Back his place As Sovereign. divorced Princess Helen but he has never j broken w Ith his Egeria Madame Lupescu. Princess Helena s Moner in the person of a daughter offspring wed royally we like the bulletin very much and Hope that it will always be published. L. A. H., n. Main St son was the present sex Kaiser a touch-1 Wilhelm ii. His eldest child is Down. Present sex Crown Prince Wil took lots of chances. Angel took lots of chances and when he muffed a punt or got i 111 Lam trapped running without integer j to death Over love ence he looked a bit chagrined but London a a a a most of the times he gambled he of the Duke of Buccleuch. Queen victorians third child was Princess Alice who married Prince Louis of Hesse. Their daughter Princess Victoria married the marquess of Milford Haven. And one of their children the present Prince Louis mount Batten married a commoner miss Cynthia Ashley. Her Grandfather was the famous jewish financier Queen victorians fifth child Princess Helena married Royalty and the children did not marry commoners. Victorians sixth child Princess Louise married a commoner the marquess of lome afterwards Duke of Argyll. Victoria s seventh child was Arthur the present Duke of Connaught. married a prussian marrying a commoner he was preceded by his Cousin Prince Lennart of Sweden who in March 1932, came to London and at a Register office married miss Karin Nisswandt daughter of a Well to do Stockholm business Man. Spanish throne sacrificed for love Queen victorians eighth child Princess Beatrice married Prince Henry of Battenberg. Their daughter. Ena married King Alfonso Xiii of Spain. Their eldest son the Prince of Asturias married a commoner Senorita Edelmira Ocejo of Cuba. To do so he had to give up All rights to the Spanish throne in Case the monarchy is Ever restored. And he was Crown Prince. Since their marriage they have been known As count and countess Covadonga. A a borrowed car gone for Days Man jailed Wallaw Alla ins red Barger was arrested and held in jail Here under $1,000 Bond because he a a borrowed a to go for a heavy industries from the utile. A a _ ties and from All of those lines i Atuf Quot de. Barger borrowed a i which traditionally record the car. Belonging _ to Wesley _ Woods so that he might take a ride and then kept right on going Back to pulse beat of american Industry reflect a Prosperity comparable almost with 1929. American new 7�rk City. Where he entered _ Rodeo. Woods grew tired of and freight planes to link five Canadian cities complains about crossing Misup dour editor i wonder if something can to be done about the freight train that Parks across state Street tracks won six Points for the saints. Against St. John s Cathedral the score was tied at 6-6 with five minutes remaining to play and the Racine saints in Possession of the Ball on their own 12-Yard line. Angel Wasny to willing to Settle for a tie so he asked Cash rus Stom Mel to try a Forward pass. Stom Mel threw a Flat zone pass from his own five Yard line. Angel i caught the Ball on the 15 and went London or a a fight to the death Between two love smitten Bate Leur eagles in which one of each evening around 6 30. It stands there for All of five min j 85 Yards for a touchdown. Stom utes and on a Busy Street such As j Mel kicked the extra Point. The turn to Page a column i turn to Paga 12, col. I the Birds dragged its rival to drinking Pool thrust it in and held it Down until it was drowned was witnessed at the London zoo. The two Birds were rivals for the affections of a Hen Eagle and for a week had waged spasmodic warfare. Then came the Climax. Without warning doth eagles rushed at each other and fought ferociously using smashing blows with their wings ripping strokes with their enormous talons tearing bites with their razor Sharp beaks. Round and round the Cage they London. five twin in went with the object of their of shied monoplane built at Han Section looking on from a Perch Worth and especially named after carry passengers is a matter of a few minutes. The Fleet will work twice daily services through the maritime provinces saving Many hours on surface transport schedules. For a above among four other occupants five of the chief Canadian cities in i example the journey from Monc of the Cage. Suddenly one Eagle seized the other in a Vise like grip and dragged it across to the Pool of water in the Middle of the Cage. With a terrific Effort it hurled it in and jumped after it. It landed which they will operate Moncton Halifax St. John Sydney and Charlottetown. The planes were ordered by Eastern Canada air lines. They Are designed for the transport of on the breast of the Defeated Bird heavy and Bulky packages. Floors and stood there until it drowned and Cabin sides Are reinforced then the Eagle emerged Shook the and Laige doors enable baggage to water from its wings and flew to j be loaded and unloaded easily and the Side of the Hen Eagle. 1 quickly. Installation of seats to ton to Halifax is 200 Miles by rail and takes 12 hours by air it is 114 Miles and will be flown regularly in less than an hour. Between new Glasgow and Charlottetown is a train journey of 185 Miles which takes 12 hours by air the distance on the direct route across the Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island is Only 45 Miles and will take Little More than 20 minutes. Industry has in some instances surged to a new High level in rails buy equipment. Three railroads announced equipment programs aggregating $25,000,000. Chicago Burlington amp Quincy plans to spend $8,000,-000 for freight equipment and Western Pacific will Purchase $13,000,000 Worth of rails cars locomotives and other equipment. Pennsylvania Railroad ordered $4,-000,000 in equipment. Gulf Mobile so Northern is considering buying both locomotives and freight cars arid other roads Are in the Market. The Outlook for increased activity in heavier products encouraged the steel Industry. Steel production has gained 80 per cent from the depression Low. Bethlehem steel corp. Plans a $35,000,-000 expansion program and reported a new peace time High for orders on hand. Baldwin locomotive works reported orders received during october were More than double a year ago $3,092,739 against $1,-305,655. Thursday the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific Railroad placed an order with Baldwin for 30 freight locomotives. The order estimated to be Worth approximately $4,000,000, is declared to turn to Page 2, column i a waiting after a couple of Days a and reported the car to police As stolen. Police arrested Barger when he returned in the a a borrowed automobile. Jailed for stealing boards off school Bend ins a the next time j. E. Pierce needs a few boards he will make certain they Arentt a part of the a Little red schoolhouse before he takes them. Pierce was arrested and sentenced to three months in jail when he pleaded guilty to removing a number of boards from the Side of a schoolhouse. Police who trailed Pierce found the evidence of his guilt when they turned Over several boards in his car and found them painted red. Vine proves peanuts can grow in Oregon Reedsport Ore. A ins a proof that peanuts will grow in Oregon was produced Here by a. Gardner in the form of a full fledged Peanut Vine. Gardner planted several peanuts last june using Sandy Loam soil which was taken from surrounding River Beds for the purpose. now has several plants which produce four or five average sized peanuts

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