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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 10, 1935, Racine, Wisconsin What our readers have to say. Isi will a Paia for to any comment coed of in the column Ujj i sunday journal times bulletin j vol. 5-no. 30. Racine wis., sunday nov. To 1935. Circulation 19,500 j would like spelling of English simplified dear editor i am 12 years old. I bad to May after school because the English spelling is so terrible that it seems impossible for a kid to spell correctly. I think somebody should simplify the English spelling by leaving out All the unnecessary letters such As Tho for though. I like to read the funnies and wish you would have some More. R. M. College ave says Townsend plan will Aid millions dear editor i wonder if everyone who avers the Townsend old age pension actually realize what they Are doing for the older generation. If this plan should by some Miracle pass Congress at the next session there Isno to a person eligible for this pension who would not ask god to most Bountiful blessings to fall on All who were in favor of same and who were responsible especially i it a. Townsend himself who proposed this plan. It will mean Security Comfort and Independence for several million old people who Are now to either working or dependent on someone else. The Money would have to be spent in the 30 Day period and would put much Money into circulation besides providing jobs for younger folks which older one Are now holding. There Are Many thousands of people Over to years old. Both men and women who hold very responsible positions who would he Iliad of the Chance to step aside in favor of a younger person of he or she got this Townsend pension. I know to the sunday bulletin will favor this hit of evidence to help the Good work along. As they end also the journal times Are always trying to favor any Good that can he done for a great majority. Thank you. B. F. C. N. Main St j friends make life Sweet says poem dear editor a Little poem. Railed a Friendship a to to which should serve As a hit of a reminder to us All. In regard to the Racine Community Chest fund. Friendship of nobody smiled and nobody cared i and nobody helped us along of each every minute looked after himself. And the Good things All went to the Strong. Of nobody cared just a Little for you and nobody thought about me. And we stood alone in the Battle of life what a dreary old world this would be. Ute is Sweet because of the friends we have made. And in the things which in common we share we want to live on not because of ourselves. But because of the people who Ca re it s giving and doing for somebody else on that All life s splendor depends and the Jov of the world when it is ail summed up. Is found in the making of friends l. H. Carter St when you marry \ heres a formula dear editor when you Marri him when you marry him love ii intr after you marry him. Study him of he is secretive Trust him of he is sad. Cheer him when he is talkative listen to him. When he is quarrelsome ignore him if he is jealous cure him. If he cares not for pleasure coax i in. If he favors society accompany him. When he deserve it. Kiss him est him think How Well Jeu understand him but never let him know you manage him. W Hen t of Mabry heh when you marry her. Love her. After you marry her. Study her when she is Blue cheer her. When she is talkative by All Means listen to her if she dresses Well compliment her. When she is Cross humor Hei if she does you a favor Al a her. When she is jealous cure her when dinner is cold eat it not Lier. When she looks pretty Tell her so. Let her feel How Well you understand her. But never let her know she in t Boss. M. M. R. Tout St baby Battles Stony death amateurs find love friends on air Waves radio called great Aid to International Good will. Armistice brings no peace to these victims agencies Bare heart throbs in social Aib modern Cinderella helped family gains Friend in need. Lists main causes of Auto accidents dear editor automobile accidents occur i frequently and in Many cases won be avoidable. A few of the cot Mon causes of motor vehicle a Trident Are listed below improper training in tile open it Ion of an automobile. Pm regard of traffic rules a regulations. A othe world s my backyard. Foreign lands i visit and new people i meet through my Telegraph key and microphone. I number among my friends All nationalities French Canadian japanese russian English and German. We talk the International language of telegraphy and have a common Bond for Friendship with hundreds of people i perhaps will never ??t in every Cit a town and Hamlet in the United states and All Over the world radio amateurs can say those words. These amateurs or hams it As their Brethren Call them have a Force at their control which is perhaps one of the most potent in creating internal j tonal Friendship and Good will. Stories show radio s value. Many stories have been written. And some not. About the value of the radio Amateur and the work that he does. Many lives have been saved by him when he has set up his Quot Ham transmitter in time of disaster or tragedy when commercial communication was destroyed. In the quake at Long Beach a year or so ago the Only Contact with the outside world from the stricken area was through several Amateur stations. All wires were Down and the masts of commercial radio stations in the Vicinity had been toppled. New was carried to the anxious world and first Aid treatments were sent Back All by Amateur radio. Then too International friendships have been cemented Only to be torn when one nation took up arms against the other. The strange Case of a Yankee Soldier who fell into the hands of some nicaraguans Only to learn that one of his captives was a Friend of his wit conversed on his tor Back in the s told often. Radio amateurs have proven their value too in the line of invention and development of radio. Progress can he traced to Jurious experimenter in his in basement workshop. Stranger than fiction Story a is Worth relating. A Canadian Amateur introduced his girl Friend to an English Amateur via radio telephony. She became so intrigued with his voice that they began corresponding. Finally they became engaged and he sent for her to come to England where they were married. Anything is possible with radio it seems. Armistice Day. 19 35, brings no occasion for rejoicing to the thousands of permanently disabled veterans who were among the 28.757,767 killed or wounded in the world War. Nor can the patriotic addresses and military honors accorded the War dead of the world bring happiness to the hearts of those whose relatives were among the 8,53$,315 who died in the world War. Cancer being robbed of horror declares Well known surgeon whom he had Adio transmutes. Has been m us t he attn o Peri Chicago. Nov. 9.�?" or a cancer a horror to its victims and an Enigma to physicians is giving Way to the inroads of medical science and is definitely curable in its Early stages or. Bow Man \ Crowell associate director of the american College of surgeons said today. Or. Cromwell Back from the convention of the College at san Francisco said cumulative records show that More than 25,000 persons were treated for cancer and have since remained Well tor from five to 30 years. A Olf the records Are any proof a he said a Othen cancer is ?� he Citee records. Or. Crowell director of clinical research for the College cited the records of three cases which he said were important in proving his Point. The first concerned a 29-year-old Pennsylvania woman who developed cancer of the womb. The Case was far advanced he said before it came to medical attention. A othe examining physician noting the dangerous spread of the disease and the woman s own physical condition a he said a Obad Little real Hope of administering a cure. A Ohe treated her with Radium however hoping to relieve the symptoms. Even then her death seemed but a matter of weeks. The woman left the Hospital. The surgeon received no answer to his inquiries concerning her condition and after 12 years concluded she was dead. A Ohe wrote to a medical Friend asking her to investigate the Case because of the confidential nature of their work Many cases that Are handled by agencies i hat share in the Community Chest funds for which were raised last week for the coming year to activities never come to the attention of the Public. Social service leaders Point out that the real value of some of these agencies lies in the fact that their services Are confidential because there Are some families and some individuals who would rather lose their lives or have them wrecked than to submit to Public attention. Girls to Case reported. Take this Case reported by the salvation army red haired Cross eyed homely thought to be Dull because she did no to like latin apologetic for a shiftless drink Loving father neglected by a Mother who w worked at night unable to Shine As an older sister a girl of 14, wished to prove she was �??� her temper was fiery and her Quick undisciplined mind suggested that she prove her cleverness by walking out of a department store shirtwaist a pocketbook a string of beads and a pair of stockings. She became a family scandal by her shocking escapades. Difficult problem. The problem was difficult to solve. The a of somebody that she was trying to become never could be socially acceptable. So that the rare malady brings 16-month-old girl to Madison Hospital Madison nov. 9.�?" a three or. And mrs. Aloysius Breska a weeks of treatment at the wisc on i is Dia wis., who first noticed thata v their daughter was idling when a sin general Hospital Here have not s Lump appeared on her head As she produced any apparent change in was beginning to a Zulk tend rattle the condition of Dolores Breska. Baby talk. She was taken Lodr. 16-months-old infant in raise body Skroch Arcadia physician who gradually is turning to Stone it was regulated her diet for two months Learned yesterday. Hoping to arrest the trouble. Apr othe ailment we works very slowly Yearance of other lumps on her so it is impossible to Tell in the neck and shoulders accompanied by Brief time we have had her Here stiffening of the tendons and whether the child will respond to Muscles indicated that the Condi treatment a said or. John k. Gonce Tion was spreading so be sent her University of Wisconsin professor to the state paediatric Center Here of paediatrics who has been attend for expert care ing the infant. A about All you can suffers t ittle pain. Do for her is to restrict her diet to1 Dolores to cheerfulness indicated foods of Low Calcium Content a he she suffers Little pain although explained. J Skroch explained that it is difficult the malady results from Solidi to Tell what Small children feel fiction of Calcium salts in the Gonce was unwilling to estimate Muscles and tissues. J the child to chances of recovery Al rare among infants. � though he cited that the ailment other physicians reported that does not affect the vital organs and four cases have been treated at the others afflicted with it have sur Hospital. Ossification of infants a ois vice for months and years often extremely rare a however Gonce with the slow Deposit of Calcium pointed out. Salts in the Muscles gradually re Dolores is the Only child of Youn during bodily activity to rigidity. Indescribable agony i faces new Jersey Man Atlantic City n. J., nov. 9. Undetected with two a a a Man in the Vicinity of Atlantic City is in danger of death in indescribable agony. He does no to know it probably we tent calmly to work this morning will Dine with his family tonight May enjoy life for As much As three months but unless police find him he almost certainly will woman far from being dead was hanging out the family washing on the Day she \ visited ?� offers Oiler proofs or. Crowell told of a new York City woman 7 6 ears old. Who was operated on for cancer of the bladder. A Oshe i cd to be 84 my died without a recurrence of the disease a he said. A another Pennsylvania woman a he said a oat the age of 61 discovered she had cancer of the breast. A of surgical operation was performed and at 85 she was Bale and Hearty still in Active charge of her farm. She died in 1932 without any signs of the ?� Post office maps program to handle Christmas Rush Racine has 70 \ a Tours. There Are Between Dio amateurs been real government. 70 Sod All mail Early prepare parcels correctly postmaster advises. Inability to judge Speed and Dis Tance. As to their fad eyesight. Hearing and health of what to fault brakes. Carelessness in not having steer is no Cost no mechanism oiled and cheeked distinction regularly. Headlights improperly focused. Many girl Quot worn tires and tubes. They Are gasoline leaks and Short Cir Cuits. Own Iran is who wish to transmit must a Ament test certifying ability and knowledge r intend to do. There i n \ i As Lith my grossing streets in of the Block and at a crossing streets w to left and right. Children playing it disobeying traffic traffic police. of elders set example. Remote the cause and there will not but Lieve if Motorist Ai alike will study the and try earnestly to Racine would become for it Safe streets. C. K. It Arango the a i do rust re As it Quint it Val lib i Tore is no Thoro arc a Oil so As build their receivers front Rev Gold Broad a do an i Rac Ped it or parts cd for 36 Wes w9ppp, it it housewife complains of Magazine scheme dear editor week. A Man came i from another state and six the Best sob store iou a or at the time. I Felt very s thetic and signed for some lit club. I was bus it getting is and i reall was no to very atreus what i signed i just did. He told me the lease was a in months period Only a thought could t lost the and would help the fellow what with his poor Little k Home and his wife and he h such a hard time making meet. He told n e that i had be offered Hun a the Sale stalk. People just i his face and earned All w Gan to feel like the All pearls. I made a Down Pax Rev husband came Bon him the a tease. And re it Dent. He then Pointe in printed line on the sad the terms could n or cancelled once the sighed. It also went n i had to to cd Ped to Pax it turn to Page 3, 0 Watts s Gene world Hon y pay Clit ii has Anding i he w edited by at the a to g wave Ralph Greet sexpot or Many a Small Cost of n heard of the i to Rem i urns t of the stations i some of Iver. Amate implies indie Many in one Side other they a opt Money d at w pallier Outlook Washington weather Outlook i nox. La to nov. 16 of the great Rake nov. 9.�?" or a it a the period of a for the Region s temperatures h of week Xith anon periods. Uncle Sam is getting organized for Christmas holidays. Through Bis agencies the pos offices of the United states be is preparing to expedite shipments of 5 yuletide gifts and postcards. Postmaster George Rickeman has received instructions in which he was advised that City end Rural Carrier and Village deliveries would be suspended Christmas Day with the exception of gift parcels. A Fleet of trucks will be used to deliver tile Christmas mail and special attention is to lie paid to delivery of parcels. Advises Early mailing. Postmaster Rickeman ii advising rat Ine residents to mail Early Haxe Correct addresses on All mail matter Haxe return address on each parcel or letter wrap and pack securely insure parcels and to use air mail special handling and special delivery features a provided by the department. Already the staff at tin Post office is arranging details so that when the Rush begins everything will be running smoothly. Overflow window service will be provided to a greater extent than in other years. Some window is will be designated solely for acceptance of parcels others will be used exclusively for the Sale of Stamps while others will handle Genera delivery. Will increase for let. Tile Force in the mailing division will be increased. A these men Are on the Job Long hours at arduous and confining work going at top Speed at All ?� said postmaster Rickeman. A Oit Max be said in connection with the delivery of mail that the most difficult thing Carrier lax to face Are poor or indifferent addresses weather conditions and icy ?� in order to expedite Del very of parcels during the Christmas season it is urged that residents obtain pre cancelled Stamps. This eliminates one operation at the of i fire and saves a great Deal of time Rickeman said adding that the Public should make sure that the full amount of postage is placed on. Each parcel. Urges insuring parcels. A oat this time ave cannot stress too strongly that parcels tendered for mailing should be insured to guard against loss and ?� said postmaster Rickeman. A oif the Patron is in doubt about making a shipment and what special service j should be attached thereto he j should make inquiry at the Post office and clerks will gladly provide the information desired a i at the financial Section which handles the issuing of Money or Ders Sale of postal saving certify rates. United states Bonds the wholesale and retail stamp windows. The registry division re or i a animation has Bern effected so that All non essential activities Are eliminated. The retail stamp Section is to be split into two divisions one handling parcel Post and the other retail Stamps. An auxiliary unit assists the clerks in this Section by writing up All insured parcels. When the Peak of the Christmas Rush is reached not Only is the entire Fleet of trucks Iii use but seven or More trucks Are hired temporarily for parcel pest delivery. During the Busy season trucks carry two men in addition to the Driver to hurry deliveries. A time element is of utmost importance in the whole Christmas setup and report on the time of death. Ger Cou j be mtr get Ber own the Friend wrote Back and said the eyes she a ,0 a Ven Ather i w Horn she could respect a Mother who was More than a family serv i ant a sister who was a chum a i i school wherein her ability would be recognized and a doctor to Cor j rect her eyes. The fairy godmother of the salvation army enlisted the co operation of the older sister. The girl s Cross exes were straightened and her rough red hair was transformed. Commer rial studies were substituted for . After her father became the working head of the family the Mother no longer slaved. Her irritating ways toned to gentler i measures. The girl was restored a to her family and her family was Given Back to Ber. I she in approved ways. Has become the Happy a of somebody of her dreams. Happiness restored. More than a year has passed since the salvation army discovered this unhappy Cinderella. She has Learned to be the Type of girl she must be to live in a world where nobility opens Many doors of happiness to ambitious youth. The fairy godmother to work is not altogether done. Quot a he family still needs the kindly overseeing of the social Agency. Failure to go on will undo All. Society of St. Vincent de Paul cites one Case of a family that would have been ruined if it had not been for the helping hand of that organization. A Young couple was married in Racine in 1919, the society reports. The Man was a machinist who earned a Good salary for about to years. They bought a Home on which monthly payments were made. Two children were born. Illness came to the family and the Man found it difficult to meet additional expenses. Then came the period of Only part time work and Small checks with the woman living in constant fear and the Man turn to Page 5, col. 7. Honor delayed for dollfuss funds idea for memorial. Die with his Throat convulsing in fiery pain his eyes staring from their sockets and in maniacal frenzy. The Man stopped yesterday at a Roadside lunch Wagon Between Trenton and Atlantic City. While he munched a hamburger a Little Browm dog frisked about his motor car. A Large Black Mongrel loped up the Highway wheeled off the pavement and leaped upon the playing terrier. The Small dog to owner stepped into the fray yanked the cur off and hurled him _ away. He dismissed a tooth scratch with a casual a Law hell a Austria can not find finished his Sandwich and drove away toward Atlantic City with his dog. After he left the Black Mongrel developed Plain symptoms of rabies and was killed. Authorities said the unidentified Man scratched by its Teeth undoubtedly a infected with the disease to virus. Physicians described the Fate that awaits him he can be warned and treated. Purchasing Stamps for letters and Christmas greeting cards three to four weeks in Advance of the Christmas season. In that Way they can avoid Long Waits at the stamp windows and avoid the crowded conditions As showboat on River to sell merchants St. ?" ins a a merchants to showboat a which has not been seen on the Mississippi for 20 years is attempting a comeback. Fitted up by a local wholesale company the excursion Steamer Capitol is now Enro Ute downstream with displays of clothing Luggage and toys. More than 7,000 merchants were invited to visit the boat. Stops were scheduled for Cape Girardeau. Cairo. Caruthersville Memphis Helena Greenville Vicksburg Baton Rouge and new Orleans. Three weeks will be required for the 1.200-mile trip As the a of showboat to to will tie up for three or four Days at the Large cities. All runs Xxiii be made at night in order that the Days May be devoted to display of the merchandise. ?" a Austria wants to erect a dollfuss National memorial but despite almost a year of pondering and pocket searching has been Able to find neither an idea which it considers worthy of the a Martyr chancellors nor the funds to develop a definite plan. Col. Walter Adam commissar of Home service and executive Secretary of the fatherland front is the head of a memorial committee which so far has been Able to make no headway. A number of proposals have been made none was considered appropriate hence All were rejected at temporarily More students mean better times near Hamilton n. Y.,�?" ins a that the much talked about depression is As Good As Over a far As the american institutions of higher learning Are concerned is indicated but in an announcement by or. Frederick Jones registrar of Colgate least University that the current enrol proponents of two1 ment of the upper new York school memorials sketches for which were is the largest in the 116 years that submitted in an open Competition Colgate has been in existence. Sim were granted equal shares in the Ilar reports Are being made by Reg second and third prizes. Prize unav varied. The first prize however has not been awarded. Some believe that a combination of the ideas of the two which won the second and third prizes has been agreed on by the committee As the basis for the memorial. Popular subscription has been opened but so far As can be ascertained the amount contributed is Only a Small part of what will be required for any kind of a memorial which would be considered impressive enough. Officially it is stated that the first prize is still open and that new plans will be considered this fall. I stars at other colleges and universities. The total enrolment at the present tim is 1037 undergraduates As compared to the previous High water Mark of 1007 for four year ago. Only 300 freshmen Are admitted to Colgate each september. Nondescript natives blissfully await Call to Battle and death in Ethiopia copy rat 1935. By United Prev i it Ion armed Harar nov. 9_- a the mighty mass of humanity sent into Ogaden province in an attempt to keep italian forces from the Southern Highlands of Ethiopia has begun Bac washing into Harar. Mob rather than an army. No organization. They Are suffering from Complete Lack of organization discipline or military knowledge. Even the crooked est and most their Supply service is hopelessly Dusty of this City s winding streets j tangled the horde of warriors to Are filled with dirty Little tents of the South of Jijita having eaten nondescript material in which the country Bare Are suffering thousands of irregulars blissfully unaware of the perils of modern warfare Are encamped awaiting a Call to Battle. Lieut. Widmer belgian military said Rickeman. A othe Public instructor ordered to Jijita to can assist by Fol Loving the Sugges join capt. Duboise Ras Nassibo s Lions offered by the department. Belgian adviser there confirmed the Public also can sax time but reports that the Black forces is from Lack of food because the officials behind the lines Lack the faintest idea of How to meet the transportation needs of fighting forces. Experts seeking to guide Ethi Ning to Tell on ethiopian morale they say. Warriors in the Gorr Ahei area after weeks of constant Aerial bombardment and absence of news of what is happening except in their immediate neighbourhood Lack proper food communications and medical supplies. Rain still falling. Light Rains Are still falling in Ogaden almost daily shattering All crows responsible for mysterious shots Auburn n. �?" a George Fronczek 4 4, promises to us scarecrows instead of bullets to keep crows from his Small City Garden in the future. Fronczek used a Rifle to Chase the crows from his land and the International Harvester company had to close part of its plants when workmen were endangered by bullets from an a unknown ?� after an investigation the source was found to be Fronczek and he was Given a suspended sentence on a charge of discharging firearms within the City limits. Ohioan retires after 68 years As Miller Toledo o. Our a after 6 8 years As a Miller. Joseph Mocken Sturm has retired from the company with which he took his first Job and Only Job in Toledo. He was a 15-year-old boy when weather precedents and increasing he entered the milling Trade in a the ravages of malignant malaria Small alsatian town. Coming Here censorship is growing steadily 54 years ago he first worked in worse. The authorities make it the old Stone grist Mill of Man Clear that the Only dispatches Hattan Mills inc. Later he became Topian military fortunes admit Likely to Clear Are those suffice head Miller in the roller Mill Plaat. That thy fear the italians. The entry inaccurate to mislead the he fixes in the House he built 50 a softening up process is begin t italians if they Are intercepted. It ears ago

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