Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
31 May 1936

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
31 May 1936

Read an issue on 31 May 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 31, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin I w what our readers have t to say. Is win by paid for i any comment lied i in this column j l sunday journal times bulletin vol. 6 no. 7. Racine wis., sunday May 31, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 throws some Quot eggs Quot at Racine s police dear editor lately i be read about robs of Praise for the italine police Force but i done to think they tre so hot. The Racine cops can always Pinch or get rough with some minor or drunkard but when some major crime is committed in this town where is the police Force just because a Man has a tin badge does this give him any More special privilege than anyone else some cops stroll into stores and eat up what they want and leave without so much As saying thanks. doubt you have read or heard about the wrestling matches at the eagles Hail and some of the riots that follow. Upon entering to see the matches you will notice 4 or 5 officers who Are not on their beats their excuse is that they have to quell riots but when a riot starts you can to e in see a cop. Some of our trave squad car patrolmen upheld his duty bravely the other Day while giving a Young boy a ticket for Riding 2 on a Bike. Well Why did no to one of these courageous cops give John Dillinger a ticket for speeding and Over drawing his i Ank account e. M., Marquette St spies to Wiles unveiled favors amplifiers for bus Drivers dear editor some weeks ago there was a letter printed in your column in which i was very much interested As it was a thought which had often occurred to me. It to about having some sort of megaphone arrangement for the bus Drivers so that when they Call the names of the streets they can be heard All Over the bus. As the Driver sits in the front of the bus his Oice does not carry Back very far and when Riding in a part of the town where one is not acquainted it makes it very hard to know where to get off. During this last Wanter a Friend and i were downtown one evening and coming Back the bus windows were Frozen so we could not see through them. Consequently we Rode five blocks beyond our Street and had to get out and walk Back which was not pleasant As it was very cold and Slippery. So i think it would be Fine if the buses could be improved in this matter by next Winter. Thanks much for the bulletin. We All enjoy it. . A. F., w. Sixth St is this a dig or faint Praise dear editor records show How noted agents courted danger a a it it women win Fame in daring exploits <3> Mata h sri Mademoiselle be Docteur Belle Boyd Redl and Wassmus noted in an nals of espionage. It a. Reader suggests rent a Bike stand dear editor i have a suggestion that i think Many lovers of sports agree with and would also make a profitable business for someone. Why does t someone open up a a Orent a Bike stand Many times my friends and i would like to have gone biking but could never borrow enough bicycles. And we Felt that we could t afford to buy one. Not Only do i think this would make an enjoyable amusement for the younger set but in to sure the older set would be caught in the spirit of the thing and also go biking. Hoping to see this in print and the suggestion followed up. Thanking you for your wonderful paper i remain i. N., Kearney ave interest rising in Hobby Vogue exhibition proves wide Range of things collected. Good Road 1910 version horses plodded through the deep Sand on the old Lakeshore Road South of the City Back in 1910 when this picture was taken. A three Lane Concrete Roadway now carries heavy motor traffic. Lake Road 2 ruts of Sand Back in 1910 51. C. Of Frank Avenue is a Frank Quot and i d like to be a of Frank also. Your what our readers have to say column is going to the dogs All right. To for the life of an editor. Well there s one sure Way to fix it Stop paying out Good dollars then you la either get constructive letters or none at All. Personally if most of the letters had dials in to turn them off. In fact the captions Are enough for me sometimes. But ifs the old Story a you can to please ?� a country woman stood at her a window one night feeling very lonely. She sighed then murmured to herself a omy in Tell bet ifs Gay in the City ?� a City woman stood at her window one night feeling very lonely and red of the Hustle and noise. She too sighed then murmured a omy but i la bet ifs quiet in the country ?� so cheer up editor it takes All kinds of people to make a world and All kinds of letters to make news. We have the Best Little bulletin this Side of Kenosha and it to pretty too. Thank you. A. t Morton ave another broadside at working wives dear editor i sure do agree w Ith s. P., Hubbard St., that some married women should use a Little common sense and give their jobs to girls that have to work. It must have been disgusting to hear them actually admitting they done to need the Money but working just for a pastime or for poker Kames. Such women Are both a nuisance and a Burden and use very Little of their brain. really Bure they would be ashamed if they knew what we think of them. The reason i am writing is because i also know several cases where the husband and wife Are both working. She also spends her Money on foolish things while some other girl would be using it for necessities. I disagree with c. M., Frank ave. Bulletin. I think it is an paper and enjoy read a to sure every one else thanks so much for the bulletin. C. V. L., Bate St turn to Page i column 5 Philadelphia. A a the spreading Vogue of a is reflected in a current series of displays and programs at the Franklin Institute. The first annual Hobby exhibition of the playground and recreation association proved both the popularity of past time production and the wide Range of things produced. The show was unusual in that the followers of the Multi coloured hobbies were at work during the display demonstrating the processes they employ and the results achieved. Proving that tangible results May obtain from the application of spare time to constructive interests several score business and professional men and women brought their work to the Institute. The result was an exhibition that boasted several thousand elaborately diversified items. Collects walking Sticks. A Hobby that attracted wide attention was that of or. Allen h. Moore of Philadelphia who showed and described his ingenious collection of walking Sticks. Most of them were gifts from grateful patients and the collection is studded with canes of Many varieties and hues that come from All parts of the world. Rare Woods Odd shapes Glass Sticks sword canes and even one that boasted an attached automobile Horn in the Best tradition of Harp Marx were on View. Among the most interesting of the exhibits were those showing pottery rare minerals and shells i Wood sculpture linoleum Block prints Fine Needle work Glass musical instruments and rare books. Girls $77 budget allows $12 to buy her silk stockings Chicago. Our a silk Stock Ings for the average working girl run into Money according to a compilation made Here recently by a group of Home economics experts. In an annual clothes budget of j $77.75 for the stenographer the item of $12 for stockings is second Only to that of dresses four totalling $20, miss Mari Floto fashion expert of the merchandise Mart Points out. The $12 allowance for stockings provides for 15 pairs at an average of 80 cents a pair. This would mean the average Wear ability of Hose is set at about three and a half weeks a pair. By see m. See today we go out into the Sand a not the Sand dunes of Indiana j because it is not necessary to go that far to demonstrate what conditions prevailed South of the City in the horse and buggy Days. The accompanying picture was taken Back in 1910 and shows a portion of the Lakeshore Road now Highway 42 South of Piper to i Park. At the right May be seen j Piper to Park a popular Outing i place. The electric line no longer j runs along the East Side of the Highway but now is located along the North Western right of Way to the West. Today a three Lane Concrete j pavement extends the entire length of the Lakeshore Road South of the Racine Kenosha county line and some Day it is hoped the three Lane Roadway horse racing thrives at 70 soviet tracks Moscow. A a horse racing both trotting and running is one of the most popular sports in the soviet Union and in addition to providing the Only outright form of gambling permitted is important As a stimulation to horse Breeding. Five out of the 70 hippodrome in the u. S. S. R. Operate the entire year despite the extreme cold of the Winter months. These Are in the Large cities of Moscow Leningrad Kharkov Sverdlovsk and Novosibirsk. In Moscow the nations most important track tests from 1,200 to 1,300 trotting horses and 400 running horses annually. Valuation of the animals is difficult to determine because after racing they Are sent to serve As producers in horse Breeding establishments and Kolk Hoz co operative horse farms. Mother saves he children she races into blazing Home after men fail. By Hubert Johnson As old As the Art of War a spying has been the instrument by which every military Leader has sought to outwit his foe. Most spies of the past were Dull prosaic persons who happened to have the disreputable abilities needed for the work. However a few stand above the rest for one reason or another Mata Hari for her use of her sex. Mademoiselle be Docteur for her ruthlessness. Alfred Redl the traitor for the harm he did this country that he could appease his lust for luxury. Wassmus for his patriotism and the methods he used to cause Britain i to keep three warships and thou i Sands of troops in Persia to hold i his influence in Check As much As possible. Belle Boyd of the confederacy for her work As the greatest american woman spy. Baker for his work As the head of the Union secret service in the civil War. Doctor Stieber for his army of 40,000 spies. Chevalier do Teon for his blackmailing of a King. Schulmeister Napoleon to spy for the feat of becoming head of the enemy to secret service. Trained As dancer. Mata Hari the spy who danced her Way to death declared that she was born in Java the Daugh i ter of a Rich dutch banker and a famous javanese Beauty. At 14 she is supposed to have been placed in an Indian Temple to be trained As a dancing Beauty. The will extend North to Racine. Sand Many inches deep. Wigan England. Ins after it May be seen at a glance that men a been unable to amp it highways of that kind could not through a 28-year-old English meet present Day transportation Mother raced into her blazing Home j facilities. Jumping out of line to Here and saved the lives of her two notables in every european Metropolis. Becomes German spy. One Day in Berlin a a person age High in the Imperial government a one of the chiefs of the German secret service asked her to entertain As a hostess. She was Given a luxurious mansion equipped with mirrors which permitted spying upon the occupants of the rooms with hidden dictaphones and with a Fine wine eel Lar. She had become a spy under the name of countess von Linden. Her first assignment put her aboard the train of a russian courier bearing a diplomatic Pouch. The courier a Little later heard the a of conductor a German secret service agent abusing a a pampered noblewoman Mata Hari. Naturally the Gallant courier came to her Aid and made her acquaintance. She invited him to Dine with her when the train had a Oan unexpected difficulty and was delayed in Berlin. He was drugged at the dinner in her mansion and searched. His papers were photographed and returned to him before he regained his senses. The courier later was imprisoned because a secret concerning the Franco russian entente had leaked out. Her system revealed. Mata Hari was sent to Paris when the War opened. Her dutch citizenship made this possible. Her Beers and wines kept separate on new ship Southampton eng. A a the class distinction which reigns among beverages has separated by a considerable space the lager Beer room and the wine cellars aboard the Queen Mary. The Beer will be stored in an immense room near the tourist swimming Pool on the f deck aft. Away Down in the Bottom of the ship where mechanical disturbance is less than in any other part of the vessel lie wine and Champagne cellars. Here the prize liquors will be Safe from any undue stress or Jar. Pass a car coming from the opposite direction would be a real Job. Bicycle riders found it necessary to build a track of their own on the West Side of the Road Between Racine and Kenosha and for several years the bicycle path was Well patronized. Hundreds of riders peddled to Kenosha and return. When the automobile came into popularity with the Well to do in Chicago there was a cry for better roads. Wisconsin then As now was known As a great place for a Day to Outing and Illinois residents were intent on supplying a suitable Road on which to tour this state. I Well remember the arguments of the Illinois residents for better roads in Wisconsin. The Sheridan Road association was organized in Illinois. The association raised enough Money to Macada Mize a Highway As far North As Evanston. Then there was a clamor for Extension of Sheridan drive through Kenosha county. Sought Council Aid. Those were not the Days of the million Dollar issues of Road Bonds and agitators for Extension of the drive As far As Milwaukee came Here and sought to interest Racine City and county officials in the project. A packed City Council chamber greeted the Illinois residents the night of the meeting. Spellbinding speakers made explanatory talks painting a glowing picture of the benefits that would accrue to Racine business. The aldermen sat and listened attentively promising to take the matter up later but that was As far As it went. The Cost of the project was staggering so the councilmen and others thought. They talked in thousands then whereas not Many years later a Bond Issue of $2,-000,000 for the county was passed for Good roads. The Cost of automobiles came within the reach of the average worker and that turned the tide in favor of Good roads. Student candidate offers cigars wins Pasadena ?" is a Rob Ert Mahoney California Institute of technology senior Tore a Page out of tammany Hall to Book when he ran for student body president. He passed out five cent cigars to the students and when the votes were counted he had won by a margin of 132. Children. Afterwards when neighbors spoke in marvelling accents of her nearly suicide feat she settled discussion by asking simply a what else could i do a she was mrs. Mary Jane Mack Inson wife of a Miner. For some Days she had been nursing her 14-months-old son Jackie through pneumonia. Awakened by smoke. About nine Oclock mrs. Mackin son was awakened by smoke in the bedroom. Finding the Kitchen in flames she ran out and gave the alarm. Several men rushed to the House. By this time the Kitchen was like an inferno. Mrs. Mackinson cried a omy children Are upstairs a several men made Rescue attempts but were driven Back by flames and smoke. One Young Man Frank Adamson a grocery to assistant managed to get to the Bottom of the stairs but could go no further. Dashes into House. Neighbors attempted to restrain mrs. Mackinson. But she broke away from them rushed into the blazing Kitchen and up the staircase which was also in flames. She snatched the children out of bed and dropped them into the Street where they were caught by two men. The Young Mother was on the Point of exhaustion and suffering from bums. But she managed to clamber on the window Sill until a ladder was brought. In getting Down she slipped and sprained her ankle. Her face and arms were badly burned and she was a once rushed to a Hospital. Returns to child. But she refused to stay after treatment and insisted on returning to her sick child. Edward Morris next door neighbor said the Kitchen was a Furnace. How she got there i do not know. She was in her nightdress and her feet were Bare when she rushed to our Back room and gave the alarm mrs. Mackinson whose arms were bandaged spoke modestly a othe men could not get in so i had to go. They said Quot you can to go in it but i ?� the family was rendered practically destitute by the fire. Priests named her Mata Hari a Eye of the ?� other stories declare that this is All Bosh j that she was bom in Holland and j travelled to Java. When she was 16, a scotch no j Bleman sir Campbell Macleod j fell in love with her and stole her j from the Temple. He appears to have been immoral brutal and j besotted and often beat her. She bore him a son and a daughter. When a native Gardener poisoned the son for revenge against Mac i Leod Mata Hari shot him and1 she her husband and her daughter fled to Europe. Mata Hari divorced her mate and placed the child in a Convent. Then she took up a dancing career and became the rage As the a Sally Randy of her period j among her suitors she had the head of the dutch Cabinet the j German Crown Prince the French i minister of War and Many lesser i reputation preceded her and Many influential men awaited her arrival impatiently. Among her lovers she favored the fighting branches of the Allied forces a because my husband was a British ?� her questions revealed her unusual interest in military and naval matters. One evening she entertained an official of the merchant Marine. She seemed hard to please. However her mood seemed to change As she asked him for a gift which could be had in Spain but was difficult to get in Paris. A Titi wire my agents in Barcelona to Send it by the next boat a he beamed. A when will that be a she asked. A othe Corona will sail thursday at Midnight and should reach St. Nazaire thursday. You should have it by ?� a Little later a Telephone Call to turn to Page to. Column i Bride contest Worth while avers last year to Winner june i tells who will be winning Bride Competition for Many gifts to Start at Midnight. Tomorrow will be june i and that is the time when the tenth annual first june Bride connect sponsored by the journal times with the co operation of Many Racine business organizations gets under Way. After 12 Oclock tonight those who plan to be married should have two disinterested witnesses record the exact time when they Are pronounced husband and wife if they expect to compete for the Large assortment of wedding gifts that Are to be presented to the Lucky couple. These witnesses together with other principals Are to sign affidavits which Are to be turned Over to the journal times specifying the hour and minute and second if possible of the actual joining of the couple. Must be from county. Competing couples must be from Racine or Racine county. They May be married wherever and by whomever they choose. In other years the Competition was so keen for the Honor of being married first that Only a few seconds determined the Winner. I one couple was married about a second after 12 Oclock and pre a seated an affidavit bearing a no Tarys to Seal and testifying As to the exact time with the Type of watch i used. The winning couple will be Given a free honeymoon trip aboard a Lake Michigan Steamer by Nye amp Winter travel Bureau. Nelson i hotel will give a wedding banquet for the bridal party and immediate relatives. Wedding cakes will be presented by Ostergaard and odder bakeries and progressive Dairy co., and Many other gifts will be added to the collection that will go to the first Bride. June Bride edition today. A tabloid edition dedicated to j the first june Bride is contained in j this edition of the journal times sunday bulletin. The following organizations Are co operating in making the event possible Brenner to jewelry Dolister to Ace Grille Witt lunch Nemode hosiery Lark s millinery de luxe Beauty studio we Tagner hotel Nye amp Winter travel Bureau Lincoln hardware co., progressive Dairy products co., Racine pure milk co., Kohlmann to inc., Hollywood studio Doering to Sears Vogue hat shop Theos Bros. Shoe repair. Wiegandt to Racine dry goods co., Schowalter sons co., Adlene permanent wave Floral Ait shop. Earl Trauger jeweler Lau shoe House Vogue hat shop Geol Eye to Racine seed and pet Harbridge drug store Vakos Bros. Shoe repair the Marvel. Other firms co operating. Bayermann furniture co., Wink soap co., Cook Gere co., Eitele to Mangels to Star clothing Nelson hotel Andes candies figs inc., Leo Brennan Miller to Flowers Racine Woolen Mills Rialto Thea ter Flower shop. Van Bree clothiers Domanik wholesale grocery odder to bakery Horlick malted milk corp., Arcade Barber shop yellow cab co., Junction furniture co., the knit shop of West Racine Lincoln photo shop Ostergaard bakery Trues Dell furs the Murray held co., we. J. Lange amp son Ryder to clothes shop Kay to Beste Beauty shop. Lur. And inns. Amp Uwi us a year ago there was keen Competition in the june Bride contest to give an idea of the thoroughness with which the winning couple made their claim the affidavit submitted showed a othe marriage of the above or. And mrs. Edward Carl Rosenquist was completed at exactly five and three fifths seconds past 12 Oclock on june i 1935, Central Standard ?� or. And mrs. Rosenquist Hap Cari i amp Okenquist Pill married reside at 2062 Carter Street or. Rosenquist is employed at the Western printing 8c Lith graphing company. A owe were presented with a number of valuable and attractive gifts after being adjudged the winners in the 1935 contest a said or. Rosenquist today. A owe Are glad we entered and certainly recommend the 1936 contest to Young couples contemplating marriage. It will be Worth their ?� Texas town to guard 1,000 Centennial tree Nacogdoches Texas. A a Nacogdoches has taken the firs step to prepare for Texas to second Centennial too years hence a planting More than 1,000 Youn Elm Trees along highways of the country. The Trees were Given the stat by capt. I. Stur Devast Ani Thomas e. Baker. A i

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