Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
17 May 1936

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
17 May 1936

Read an issue on 17 May 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - May 17, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin What our readers have to say. Sunday journal times bulletin in is will be paid for any comment lied n t h i i column vol. 6 no. 5. Racine wis., sunday May 17, 1936. Circulation Oyer 21,000 High school concerts draw commendation dear editor i think it s about time the directors of music at Horlick and Park High schools received their due Praise for the endless time and Energy they spent in preparing two of the most Beautiful Spring concerts Ever presented by our local High schools. In to willing to bet that most people attending these concerts never fully realize the untiring patience and Energy the director must possess. Of course the Success of the concert depends largely upon the co operation of the participants too but the work of their teacher is almost endless. So Here s giving the music directors at both Horlick and Park High schools a great big Pat on the Back for their splendid work. Thank you for a real paper with plenty of news the sunday bulletin. Ltd. T., Blake ave landlord blames parents for children s pranks dear editor i we Tould like to answer j. Fits of Center Street pet Peeve. I see he wants to know Why some of the ads in the paper for Flats and Homes to rent Are for adults Only. I have been renting out furnished rooms and Flats for 20 years and i have had plenty experience in Why people put in ads for adults Only. When people with children move and leave your Walls All cluttered up like a funny paper with pictures and Marks in different colors and we the have to get it redecorated every time they move out that ought to Tell you Why they put that kind of ads in the paper. Now i love children and i love my neighbor s and i have raised five children of my own i done to blame the children it is the adults that Are to blame. I rent out to adults where there was Only Man and wife and when they left i found our lamps without cords and the socket and globes and the rest of the place damaged and household articles missing. When this class of adults raise children they Are the ones that make it bad for the others with children. I rent out to a lot of Good people but we always find some bad and they Are the ores that do the kicking. We Are very thankful for the sunday bulletin it sure is a splendid Little paper. W. Racine St Romance upsetemp1res famous love affairs leave imprints on history Catherine the great Queen Elizabeth Madame Dubarry Anne Boleyn Empress Theodora and others among noted victims of consuming passion. Landlord explains a adults Only to to stand dear editor it is a pleasure to answer j. Center Street to letter. I own a Home and had some renters in it 1 with children to my dismay. My j error i found out. These children j not Only were a nuisance they practically Tore the House apart wrecked the Yard took my Rock Garden apart Etc. A Little too much done to you think j. F.? if i knew with. Out one bit of doubt the rearing of these children before i took them j in do you think i would let then rent the House. Would you j. F.? i have nothing against children who Are Well trained on the subject of letting other people s property alone. When mothers Chase their children out to play and then Don t keep an Eye on them the children Are bound to get into mischief of you owned a House j. F., you repainted it and fixed it up and you got a family in with 3 or 4 children they scratched your Woodwork did their Art of Pencil drawing on your Walls dug the dirt up from Between your bricks on the Brick walk plucked All your Spring Flowers every Chance they got called you names at the top of their voices left their toys in the Middle of the walk so that you tripped Over them at night we that would you do j. F.? Grin and Bear it i can see you doing it. So you see j. Why we landowners Cater to the adults. We try to get adults to keep sane and in Good humor from adding a few Gray hairs Over worrying what the renters Are going to do next to keep from breaking our necks by toys left in the Middle of the walk and which their parents failed to bring in. So j. We landowners figure that we will live longer if we get some adults. Don t you agree with me e. E., state St wants dog carcasses taken from Orchard dear editor i think that someone from the garbage Plant should go to the Apple Orchard in West Racine on Orchard Street and Clear it of dead dogs that have Frozen during the Winter. I have noticed two dead dogs there and expect there Are More. I think it would make Racine much More healthy and pleasant to live in if the dogs were cleared out. I enjoy Reading the a sunday bulletin Quot and Hope to see this in print. C., Blaine blvd experience How can youths obtain it dear editor i have just finished Reading the letter e. G. Hilker place wrote and it brought tears of real sorrow to my eyes to consider How too True it is. My own experience has borne oat the truth of her statements. My own son a boy of 19 years old also has walked the streets Day after Day willing to do anything to make Money to buy his own clothes. Times without number his Lack of experience was the excuse of not giving him a Job. How can they get experience if no one will give them a Chance to obtain it through the efforts of Arthur Gruhl a read Friend of boys he was sent to a c. Camp and he i so Happy to have something to do. Now the younger generation is turn to Page 3, column i by Hubert Johnson a direct bearing on the fall of love has penned its share of Rome. The revels of Babylon Are the chapters of history an exam another example. The French Rev nation of famous romances Indi solution followed an Era of morals Cates. Although this phase of the too Loose even for a despotism. Story of the past has an unsavoury wars always have been followed reputation these love affairs have by a period of moral laxity and sex had an indirect beneficial influx Cess resulting in a loss of values ence on history. Monarchs have and a growth in immorality and been swayed by feminine charms its results wrecked Homes scat enough to Grant their subjects re tired families illegitimate Chil forms. The other Side of the Story shows lost thrones shattered reputations and broken hearts. The downfall of empires and kingdoms always has followed corruption of morals. A glance at history reveals that moral laxity had King Carol of Rumania whose love for a count Ian shocked his nation and Europe. More Racine women get age pensions than men a woman resident of 95 who has since died. 1,865 ask pensions. Persons making application for the assistance number 1,865. In addition to the 767 granted the Aid theer Are 150 cases pending which have still to pass the director. Of the 617 not included in the foregoing figures assistance was not granted because the applicants were not old enough Ordias not resided in the state the required under the second division from i length of time or for Many other reasons. These include the following not citizens of the United states in private or charitable institutions income of More than $30 a month deceased since filing a 70 to 75 years of age women exceed the men by five the total being 126 and 121. In the next division from 75 to 80 years there Are 85 men and 83 women. In the 80 to 85 year Section men j plications applications withdrawn applicants for assistance exceed i duplicates or voids deferred of the women by 14. Of the 24 Grant j on Blind pensioned assistance in the 85 to 90 list j Cost of granting the assistance la Are men and 13 Are women. Six during the first four months of the of 90 to 95 years of age comprise year was $17,286.30. Average pay four men and one woman. Ment to applicants was $22.77 a oldest to make application was 1 month for the year. Zeppelin brings 2 Racine men letters from former resident Mary Pickford America s sweetheart and former wife of Doug Fairbanks. Sr., whose heart was trampled under the wandering feet of the screen s o Artagnan. Louis Wortman Field manager for the journal times and Barney Richter of Richter s restaurant were among the few in Wisconsin who were privileged to receive letters that were brought from Germany to America on the Zeppelin Hindenburg. They were written in Koenigs Berg Prussia by Walter Wagner have kept in touch with Racine happenings and my ?� he has filed All copies of the paper received since returning to Germany. Or. Wagner said he saw both the Graf Zeppelin and the Hindenburg in Maneu vers together Over Koc Eigsberg recently. Conditions in Germany continue former resident of Racine who re j to improve he said and German turned to Germany about two years ago. From Lakehurst n. J., where the Zeppelin landed the letters were brought to Chicago by air plane and from there to Racine by train. In his letter to or. Wortman or. Wagner said he still receives the journal times sunday bulletin and that a a it is More Welcome now than ?� he added a a through the sunday bulletin i people Are encouraged by the Outlook for the future. All Are hopeful for continuance of world peace he asserted. Sending greetings to his Racine friends or. Wagner stated that be is feeling Well but that he would feel better if he were Back in Racine. Or. Wagner formerly was employed by or. Richter at the Copper lantern restaurant. New Quot Chain letter brings Ware of kissing to chinese Magda Lupescu the vibrant personality who lured a King from his throne and in whose hands Carol of Rumania is believed to be Little More than a Marionette. Bel sends a cyclist on 3,000 mile trip Adelaide Australia. A a to win a $5 bet Writh 27 different persons Alex Fraser 40-year-old chemist cycled 3,000 Miles from Cairns Queensland to Adelaide. He won his bets but lost 28 pounds. He narrowly escaped being killed by crocodiles while swimming Rivers. Teeth ills High Windsor ?" or a ninety seven out of every too canadians have bad Teeth or. Harry s. Thomson of Toronto estimates. Chinliang. A ins a an epidemic of promiscuous kissing has broken out in Chekian province from a new form of the Jochain letter craze. When anyone receives a letter he is supposed to copy it together with the 2 list of previous recipients and pass it on to five other people. From the list he omits the first name belonging to a member of the opposite sex and adds to it his own. Then on the night of the next full Moon wearing a red ribbon for identification he is to repair to a spot designated in the letter to meet and Exchange kisses with the person whose name he has omitted. If All the recipients carried out the instructions contained in the letter it is estimated they would kiss or be kissed by 15,000 persons. The originators of the a of chains state that their object in starting it is to enable single persons to find suitable mates but the authority Are not impressed. The ministry of the Interior has pronounced the idea a of immoral and ordered the Chekian police to Stop circulation of the letters. Reno Nev., builders need More workers Reno Nev. A . A the depression has ended at Reno for building tradesmen. Two years ago Between 200 and 300 building tradesmen were Idle. More than 150 skilled artisans were on Relief. Today there is a shortage in All building crafts. Lady Sylvia Ashley the Lorelei who sent the Fairbanks Pickford love on the rocks. Frog May Aid cancer fight virus might be first clue Given to science. Missing eight years Pigeon conies Back Wilmington Del. Our a missing nearly eight years a wandering homing Pigeon returned to its owners to loft. The Bird was identified by its leg band. ?" ins a the lowly Frog May help medical science prove a 25-year-old theory that a virus such As is found in other diseases is the Long sought cause of some forms of cancer. This was revealed in an announcement by or. Balduin Lucke professor of pathologist at the University of Pennsylvania that inclusion bodies or a of tags denoting the presence of a virus have been found in the kidneys of frogs suffering from tumorous growths. Isolation of a cancer virus medical men believe would open the Wray for successful control of an ailment which has baffled scientists for decades. Considered proof. While the Tell tale a of tags Are not found in All virus diseases they Are considered proof of the presence of toxic materials when they Are found and have accompanied smallpox chickenpox and rabies which May be immunized successfully. Careful not to use the word a proof a or. Lucke reported that the presence of inclusion bodies in a Large number of the cancerous frogs nevertheless a Omay be regarded As presumptive evidence of the activity of a ?t Dren and sex orgies. Catherine the great of Russia with the Aid of her Lover Gregory Orlov caused the downfall and murder of her husband Peter Iii. Upon her Coronation she rewarded her Lover by making him count Orlov and he went to live in the Royal Palace. Public opinion prevented her from marrying him. He was Given a suit of clothes that Cost a million rubles and was sewn Over with diamonds. He lived with the Empress for to years when he was sent on a Mission to the South. During his absence he Learned that Catherine had a new Lover whom she had established in Orlovs to apartments. Hurrying Back to St. Petersburg he was stopped by Royal guards and imprisoned. Orlov goes mad. Catherine bribed him with gifts and the title of Prince so that he would not bother her when he was released. He accepted and made a Friend of his successor Vasse Chikow. Gregory tried in vain to win Back Catherine to love. He went violently insane and would cry out wildly again and again that he saw the apparition of the murdered Peter. The famed Madame Dubarry started life As the daughter of a servant. 4 priest struck by her Beauty took her into a Convent and educated her. She left the Convent at 15 and became a lady to maid. Later she worked in a parisian millinery to shop. She was not what could be called a Good girl when she provoked the interest of Jean comte Dubarry and became his mistress. She presided Over his j gambling House and her Fame spread enough to attract the King to her. Ruled Over court. By Royal command she was presented at court and shortly it is recorded she became the ruler to mistress but was married to the brother of the comte Dubarry for forms Sake. For five years her influence at court was supreme and courtiers abased themselves to win her regard. When the King died she retired to a Convent but the Queen gave her the magnificent chateau of Lucienne. For years her Salon attracted the leading men of Europe and Benjamin Franklin the american Quaker was no stranger to her. She fled when the revolution came. Returning to recover the millions in jewels she had left behind Dubarry was arrested and the revolutionary tribunal condemned her to death. Queen Humours Earl. The Young Earl of Essex loved Queen Elizabeth As Only a Gallant but poor Knight of less than 20 years can love a Queen who is More than 50. The two were constantly together they Rode walked talked and played cards together until Dawn. When he found that he had a rival for the Queen to affections in sir Walter Raleigh the Young Knight errant decided to dash off to the dutch War to forget but the Queen brought him Bact and they were reconciled. She made him the master of the horse and Knight of the Garter end gave him the lease on Sweet wines to help him financially. The Queen stormed when the Earl married the widow of sir Philip Sidney but she decided that a Queen could ignore a wife to show that she forgave him the Queen put him at the head of the English army in France where he fought boldly if foolishly. He came Home in the dramatic style of a conqueror. Publicity insults Queen. When the Earl returned he took an interest in politics. He had a violent quarrel with the Queen Over politics and publicly told her to a Ogo to the Devil a Elizabeth forgave this unprecedented insult but it rankled in her heart so thai he never wholly regained her favor. He was appointed lord Deputy of Ireland however. He did not stay Long in Ireland and came Back to England without permission. his Surprise the Queen had him imprisoned because she was displeased with his blunders in Ireland. He won his Freedom but not the Queen to favor. He was deprived of his lease on Sweet wines his chief source of Revenue. In desperation the Earl Lent his support to an intrigue against the Queen and was seized tried and convicted on a charge of treason. He was beheaded in the courtyard of the Tower at the age of 34. Legend of ring. A legend declared that the Queen had Given the Earl a ring in the Happy Days of Friendship with the Promise that she would Grant any request sent to her with the ring. While in the Tower the Earl sent Elizabeth the ring with a request for a Pardon it is said but the wrong person got the ring. Elizabeth did not learn until two years later that her Aid had been sought and she wept when she heard of the incident the Story goes. The most famed of the wives of Henry Viii was Little Anne Boleyn. The trite Story of the misunderstood husband won her sympathy for him. Henry flaunted his love for Anne in the face of his wife and his court. Henry wanted to marry the ill fated Anne but the Church would not give him a divorce from Catherine. The egotistical King decided that he was powerful enough to declare himself divorced. Despite the shouting of the mobs and the warnings of his advisors the King declared himself divorced from Catherine. Anne and Henry were married. After three months a child was born but the populace continued to Hoot. This child later became Queen Elizabeth. After a year Anne lost her Power Over the fickle King and he began to Hunt another pretty woman. Anne did not suffer in silence but upbraided her mate. Convicted As faithless. Henry looked about for a Way to get rid of his now bothersome wife. She was brought to trial for faithlessness and convicted. Henry declared that he never had been married to her. Anne remained the fastidious coquette to the end. The Day before her beheading she asked for he Block that she might practice placing her head in it. She remarked that the executioner would not have difficulty in severing a neck As Small As hers. The fickle Henry secured a License to marry a third Queen on the Day of Annex to death. One Day in 527 a. D., a few months before he ascended the throne of the Eastern roman Empire Young Justinian was struck by the Beauty and Charm of a girl he saw spinning Wool in the Sunshine of a Street in constantinople. The heir apparent to the roman Empire had no difficulty in making the acquaintance of the comely girl. By pouring the treasures of the East at her feet he soon gained her favor. Despite the breach Between the personalities of the two they were destined to be bound together by an intense love during 24 years of wedded Bliss. Contrast Between two. Justinian was studious and an unusually devout Christian. Theodora was the daughter of the keeper of the bears that performed in the Arena. When her father died she was 5, Theodora entered the Arena As a performer. At 13 she was the most popular comedian in the roman capital. Her youth and arresting Beauty turn to Page 6, column i weather notes Washington May 16.�?"�j.r>�?" weather Outlook for the period of May 18 to 23 for the Region of the great lakes considerable rain indicated first of week followed by generally fair Middle and probably at close temperature above Normal first of week

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