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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 29, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin What our i readers have j to say. Sunday journal times bulletin p1 i Al i Quot will by paid for any Cora mint lied n t h i a column vol. 5--Ino. 50. Racine wis., sunday March 29, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 declares Bonus builds Good will Doar editor the Case company sure made a lot of people very Happy by giving them a 3% Bonus Check on thir earnings. The s. C. Johnson company also gives its employees a generous Bonus. How it changes an employee s mind to know his work is appreciated by the company. Now Why could not other Large factories do likewise and create Good feelings Between employer and employee surely it can be done if Case company and Johnsons can pay bonuses. I surely Hope this w ill be printed. I have written Seye Ial times. I Hope this is published. We ail enjoy the sunday bulletin. Keep up the Good work. Thank you. It. T., Racine St How about using Racine College Pool Pear editor since the question in regard to the use of the Racine College swimming Pool has been dropped for a quite some time now. I feel that it s about time to revive it. We girls would appreciate so much having a Pool for ourselves As the boys have at the y. M. C. A. Although we have Access to that Pool one night a week wednesday a for which we feel very grateful it would be so much better if we had our own Pool. Several Young girls have enrolled f Irth lessons and a Many older girls and women come for the plunge. Wednesday night is looked Forward to by All of us who attend these swims for it is real enjoyment. We swimming enthusiasts would make use of the Pool every night if we had the Chance. As the College Pool is not in use Why can t it be opened and have lessons Given there As it was a Oso Long ago a the Pool is still in fair condition although some repairing would have to be done to put it in tip top shape again but think of All the fun that would come of it whatever became of that suggestion of making a natatorium of the old Library or was it another building i Hope this will Start a serious discussion on this subject. Thank you for the bulletin. C. Linden ave weird mystery stories hint that two plus two sometimes equals three even in Tola Neri is Fig Boycott of nazis urged on hindus after Hitler jibe Calcutta India. A a an gered by Hitler s recent statement that the a British taught the coloured races How to walk particularly the indians a nationalist leaders Are organizing protest meetings in All parts of India. Retaliation through boycotting Hifp in strange thriller. By g. A. Madie there Are More things in head and Earth than Are dreamt of Europe leads in War types of air planes hour May decide Fate of a nation in next conflict. Science assists a men in their War on crime How much value for Auto License dear editor in Reading today s bulletin i happened to read e. S. A a of Carter Street letter saying that an Auto owner does not get very much for his License Money. Did he Ever Stop to Realise if it was t for License fees and Gin to he would t be Able to travel anywhere in this state the year around also look at the Wear and tear on an Auto before the Concrete roads were built. As far As parking space is concerned there is plenty for those who care to walk a few blocks. I have a pet Peeve that i May As Well get off Ray cheat now. Going to and from work i travel 60 Miles a Day. During this time on the Road in the noticed Many Drivers violating arterial signs. At least i out of 3 a it of those Drivers owned or drove cars from one to three years old now just what makes these Drivers go through Stop signs. Is it because they drive a new car and figure they done to have to Stop or is it because they Are just dumb i am for a Law that applies to All Drivers whether ifs a 1009 Model car or a 1936 Model. I am glad we have a paper in which the citizen can voice his opinions. A. J., Kewaunee St when Shakespeare s Hamlet said that he perhaps uttered the Only explanation to the Many As yet unexplained occurrences which seem to turn this existence of ours from one of 2 plus 2 equals 4 to one of 2 plus 2 equals 3. From time to time one picks out of newspapers and magazines Odd stories which logical reasoning and deductions of science fail to explain. No explanation is offered for stories Given Here All clipped from newspapers or received by word of Mouth. Countless persons have been in places which they say seem familiar. Although they know they never have been in a particular spot an inner consciousness tells them they have. Story about Pola Negri. The erstwhile movie Star Pola Negri and a party of friends were j vacationing in Spain. They toured j Many famous old castles. During a visit at one of them miss Negri surprised the guide by adding Many facts to his talks concerning the Castle and its former occupants although she never had studied Spanish history. In one instance she told the guide of a secret staircase which it was supposed very few knew of. She even showed him How to get to it through a Wall contrivance of some sort. Pausing before a Large door she suddenly stopped. She was Able to Tell the guide whose room it had been and to furnish accurate details of the Way the room was furnished. She could offer no explanation other than it seemed to her that she had been there before. It was a fact that she Hadnutt. Publicity Story maybe. Tale of vanishing Road. About a year ago several Learned English scientists members of the Royal Academy returned from a visit to Tibet. They told strange tales at which their colleagues would have scoffed had they not known the integrity of the men. A guide was leading them through the mountainous terrain of Tibet. Their guide they explained was a Monk of the order of Buddha. They came to a Canyon some too feet across. They shouted to their guide to turn Back but to their Surprise he continued to walk to the Edge of the Cliff. He turned to them and said a a come follow ?� these logical men of science declared their minds seemed to whirl yet they followed Over a smooth Road which presented itself. Upon reaching the other Side of the Canyon they turned and looked Back j the Canyon was just As they first pictured it. No Road. Just Plain space. Walks on hot coals. You perhaps will remember Reading the Story of a hindu who in modern workaday England had walked on a bed of hot coals before the sceptical eyes of scientists and emerged unharmed. He had done this with his Bare feet and suffered not the slightest Burn or injury. Try to explain this if you will it was told to the writer by friends who throughout their lives have scoffed at spiritualism. In their own words a two friends of mine and myself were touring through Indiana and we heard of the spiritualist meetings that were being held near Indianapolis. Heres explanation of a april fool Quot dear editor Here is an explanation of interest to your Many readers. In ii j april f into t do you Ever w Onder Why w e paste a kick me signs on our friends feed them Candy filled with soap and do All other tricks on april i Well at the time the Calendar was changed to have the year begin on Jan. I rather than april i Many it eople objected to changing their celebrations to the Middle of Winter in the Northern hemisphere or the Middle of summer in the Southern hemisphere and they made All sorts of joking and mockery Over it. Each year they would Send to those who made the change All sorts of mock new year to greetings on april i and paid them foolish formal visits and generally made fun of them. And so they say. The custom began and is continued till this Day. Whether or not this explanation is the True one and while we get a lot of fun playing pokes on All tools Day we should be careful not to carry the jokes so far As to Hurt j there were eight others in the a anyone s feelings or to do some damage. I. E., Iuzie ave German goods has been urged at meetings in Bombay Lahore and Karachi. Invariably the meetings have ended with resolutions to Boycott and with shouts of a Down with Hitler a labor demonstrations. Labor organizations in Bombay demonstrated in front of the German consulate with the same cry and the German Consul protested a and in turn to local authorities. Later a statement was issued credited to the German foreign office which stated that Hitler to remarks were applicable Only to a Oan Dent ?� but this was inter-1 pretend by the Indian leaders they have indicated at their meetings j As Only adding insult to injury. Library lists pastime aids solves problem o f empty evenings with useful books. A How shall we spend our evenings after working hours please done to propose Bridge wer Are tired of ?� to this inquiry from Young business girls Dorothy Dix suggested among other things a Oget books from the Library about your particular line and read them and discuss ?� the Racine Public Library offers some titles it Hopes will be helpful. A manners in business a by e. G. Macgibbon is based on the supposition that every Well bred girl brings from her social training three assets that help her business manners consideration of others a Well modulated voice and the habit of being Well groomed and appropriately dressed. Beyond this manners in business Are widely judged to be a special technique. It is this technique that the author seeks to codify. About business behaviour. A Oshe strives to conquer a by f. M. Maule discusses business behaviour opportunities and Job requirements for women. A few others that apply definitely to business Are a getting a Job and getting ahead a by Fancher a applied office practice a by Morrill and a your Job How to get it and How to keep it by Pickard. If you prefer drama read a keys and cues a by Findlay these Are plays depicting business attitudes. Alice Foote Mcdougall s a autobiography of a business woman Speaks for itself. From the viewpoint of Leisure Overstreet to a guide to civilized loafing and Hambidge to a time by Ira Bennett Mcclure newspaper Syndicate the problem that faces the general staffs of Europe is How can we get the jump on the enemy in the first hour of War so rapid has been the development of aviation since the world War that the Fate of a nation May depend upon what happens within an hour of the beginning of hostilities. This fact is strikingly brought out in the information assembled in the division of aeronautics of the Library of Congress. In this division is concentrated All the information available concerning aeronautics throughout the world the pictures formed by proper focusing of the data Are striking exhibits of the breathless rapidity of scientific Progress in aviation. Europe ahead of u. S. The greater european Powers Are far ahead of the United states in military use of aviation Keener study More deadly weapons larger air forces quicker adoption of new ideas. Each nation conceals As Best it can the size Quality and location of military and naval air forces. The rivalry in espionage is razor edged. None of the governments can keep All its secrets. And everything that leaks out finds its Way to the american Clearing House of aeronautics. England. France Germany and Italy have provided their cities with bomb proof and Gas proof shelters. Germany Italy and France train their people to some extent in anticipation of air raids. No present problem of War engrossed More study than the question of air defense. No adequate defense has been evolved. Experts know that two warring Powers could inflict terrible punishment upon each other to science has taken its place As the right hand Man of the detective. The a Olie Detector shown in operation above has been of much use in crime detection. The device is based on the physiological changes known to take place in the human body under stress of emotion. Microscopes Ultra Violet rays fingerprints and lie detectors give agencies of Law an advantage Over fugitives. Span of life increasing in Racine study shows by John Roberts \ death. Today it is at least sixth in no other period of the City to in the list. Taking its place As history has there been such a re the greatest cause of death is Marrable increase in the length disease of the heart followed by evidence the government detects nicer apoplexy and diseases of Tives Are Able to present such airtime blood vessels then followed by by Hubert Johnson while Bruno Hauptmann was fighting for his life the department of Justice turned repeatedly to the silent witnesses of the written word and the latent fingerprint offered by the newest aide of the criminal Detector the scientist. The department of Justice trains its men intensively in the Art of scientific crime detection. The agents study footprints and broken Glass inks and tire Marks papers and bullets. They work with Ultra Violet lamps and comparison microscopes. At fort Meade md., they undergo advanced instruction in the use of firearms and Gas guns. Every one of the 350 operatives in the services is a graduate lawyer with the exception of the men who work on Bank cases. They Are expert accountants. Rhodes scholars and graduates from almost every University in the country make up the Force. It is the Cream of the Law enforcement army of the nation. The country is divided into 25 sections with a Field officer and a group of special agents under him in each division. Each group in constant telegraphic touch with Washington covers its territory so that a minimum of time is wasted in travel. Trained to know the value of ing. By arranging the hieroglyphics of the message according to their frequency the detective can solve the message by consulting the table which lists the letters of the alphabet in the order of their frequency of use. Certain types of fast photographic plates sensitive to the chemical reaction of Ink residue on charred paper make the burning of documents to foil authorities useless. Ultra Violet rays help. Ultra Violet rays used to bring Forth hidden Marks or acid secret writing. This process makes useless the filing of numbers from engines of stolen autos. The rays will reveal blood on cloth in spite of the criminal to efforts to be rid of the stains. Experts who scorn character turn to Page 12, col. I schools crude in Early Days slates stoves and wooden benches used in classrooms. Of life of the average citizen As during the last 15 years according to records just compiled by health commissioner i. F. Thompson. Or. Thompson s annual report shows that previous to 1920 less than half of those who died had lived to be 40 years of age. Cities but they do not know How since 1931, of those who died to Ward off attack. With planes capable of going into action in enemy territory within an hour stress is Laid upon the Clear Cut advantage of getting in the first blow. Guns greatly improved. Anti aircraft guns have been greatly improved. They can Force planes to keep above 10.000 feet. Hence attackers cannot hit Small targets. But a Fleet of 1.000 planes Rushing Over a City can work destruction with incendiary and explosive bombs. Defending fleets of Pursuit planes would be on the Job. There would be carnage in the air but an attack of this kind so far As aeronautical study turn to Page 12, col. 6 lived to be at 60 least half have years of age. Twenty five years ago tuberculosis was the principal cause of diseases of the kidneys and diabetes. Not a Surprise. Or. Thompson says a Othis change should not be a Surprise. With the increased knowledge of child care reducing infant deaths the development of methods of tight testimony to juries that they have established the record of 95 per cent convictions in All cases that come to trial according to John Edgar Hoover department of Justice chief. In the Luer kidnapping Case in Nii Nois when the a Odice Box kids and his gang abducted the 77-year preventing deaths from com old Alton banker Albert Luer and Mun Cable disease and an increase kept him for Days in an under in the average age attained it is ground room the a men cleaned Italy returns to horse gabs automobiles go while gasoline prices soar. Professor rates a a men to Superior to Scotland Yard Columbus. Ohio up a Harvey Walker Ohio state University criminologist tips his hat to Uncle same to department of Justice agents and says he would rate them better than even with England s famed Scotland Yard operatives. Walker an authority on English police methods says a definite comparison could not be made because of a othe vast difference in the to live both contain Many Valu criminal problems Here and abroad Able suggestions about making More satisfying lives. For inferiority Complex. For the inferiority Complex needs to be downed is suggested Cobbs to a discovering the Genius within ?� the author takes the thesis that every Man has the As a Lark we decide Capac it a to Excel along some line. Faced big Job. A but Scotland Yard never faced a Job like that the Federal agents ??l?�?ot.n.?.11i5er i wonted Money in their pockets. Some of them Hadnutt driven Rome. A ins a Rome to High wheeled old fashioned a Scarozza a the world to Only counterpart of the russian Drosky is prancing on to Prosperity behind its rickety and ancient horse. Almost overnight sanctions have brought the horse drawn cab of other Days Back onto the streets of the capital and with taxis steadily upping their fares to cover the increased Cost of gasoline the cabbies Are reaping fortunes. Ban withdrawn. Since sanctions the government has withdrawn the ban that prohibited horses to encumber the traffic of the Central part of the City. Now the ancient Coachmen some of them Over 70, drive proudly through the streets jingling uned to attend one. Those who wanted to a Oseep departed friends had to a sign up for the seance. We did. That night we entered the Hall where it was to take place. Wants single girls to give up jobs Dar editor to begin with we heard so much about married women working now How about the single women Tak in away jobs from married men. Most girls nowadays occupy jobs which formerly were occupied by men. Married men have More responsibilities in most cases where single girls have Little of any at All. Why not give jobs to those who have the most responsibilities and by this Way it would lift the tax Burden for our government. Thank you for the bulletin. A. L., Highland ave Zience and on a Small stage were five a mediums to and one was called a control through which the spirits were to return. The lights were darkened except for a Small Light which fire regulations required. In this near darkness we could distinguish the five on the stage. Goes into trance. A othe a control to went into her trance. Then one of the mediums declared a a Man wanted to come through to but that he a was very weak having just made the transition of death to and that he a would for those who have been in the work a bit longer is suggested a keeping Young in business by j e. B. Weiss in which the author i gives advice about getting out of the rut on following sensible health rules on rest and play and i on the right attitude toward the whole game of business. Lest the men feel slighted the following title is added a problems in human engineering by f. A. Magoun. This turns the attention to the human Side of the Job and gives the Reader vivid glimpses of problems of personal relationship which wage earners and management must meet. Though planned As a Case Book for classroom use it is an amusing volume. The Library has hundreds of it i and similar gangs a Walker says. A your Federal agents to work has been Brilliant spectacular and effective. They have fought crime in America with crime to own weapons fast cars scientific equipment modern firearms and have won. A Scotland Yard to enforcement is entered on an Island on which few criminals hide successfully after committing a ?� Reader assails Telephone a of hogs dear editor i have a pet Peeve which i Ara certain has bothered Many persons. I mean the Telephone hog. Have you tried to get a certain number for be unable to stay ?t suddenly other interesting books which before us appeared an image of a can suggest. Man. My girl Friend nearly screamed. I Felt prickly heat running up and Down my spine. There before us stood the exact living image of her husband who had died not Long previous. A omy girl Friend stuttered out the name of her husband. He replied. Knowing How his voice had sound j de in real life i must say that even i if this was some hocus pocus who i Ever was doing it had All his minor came Over confident however and former judge leads polish burglar band Gdynia Poland. A up a by choosing As their Leader a former judge a band of burglars Here managed to fool the police for several years. A Ohio Zoner finally be banker gives up Lions As he moves to town Houston. ?" up a much As he loves them Wade h. Irvin is giving up his Lions. The banker to pets have dwindled to a Dozer Deer about the same number of monkeys and six dogs. When mrs. Irvin s health required their residence in Houston he agreed to part with his a of playthings to save her worry about their confinement. Three Black bears three Lions and other assorted pets formerly kept at the Irvin s Bayshore estates have been disposed of. Weather notes perhaps half an hour to one hour and not been Able to get it the speech inflections perfectly repro he an i the whole gang have had turn to Page 3, column i turn to Page 2, column 4 to move into a Penitentiary for the Region of the great lakes Snow monday followed by generally fair with Snow again about thursday or Friday colder monday with temperature considerably below Normal first of week rising somewhat latter half. Through the Middle of Rome for More than to years. Carriage makers report a Rush of business painting re upholstering and otherwise Patching old coaches not seen on the streets of Rome since the world War. Even Royalty has taken to the horse drawn vehicle. Princess Maria Pia Small daughter of the Prince of Piedmont is taken for her daily drive in the Villa Borghese gardens in a simple Black coach drawn by two White horses and with two footmen in Royal livery on the Box. Taxes Are High. Before the hostilities began in Abyssinia the Fate of the roman cabby closely paralleled that of the Moscow Drosky Driver now being exterminated by the soviets As a a private ?� the number of Rome horse cabs had shrunk from 3,000 to about 500. And taxes and the ban against their activity in the Center of the City was rapidly cutting them further. Taxes As a matter of fact still Are High. It to estimated that it costs a Rome cabby 20 lira a Day to pay his assessments and feed and stable his horse a vast sum in a country where the pay of the average Workman is about 15 lira daily. But the Inrush of Trade to the horse cab is putting the old Jehu Back on his financial feet again after the lean years. Only natural that As More people Are living to be 60 years old and past More of the deaths should occur from those diseases that affect people of that age. A Oit is not Likely that heart disease and cancer Are actually in j creasing a continued the health commissioner. A Othey Are better diagnosed and people Are living to an older age. The increase in the number of deaths from these causes is approximately in the same proportion As the added number of people living to be 60 years of ?� better water helps. Purification of the drinking water Supply through chlorination and later through filtration has saved Many lives according to or. Thompson. His records show that in the five year period. 1910-1914, there were 52 deaths Here from typhoid fever. In 1913, hypochlorite was constantly added to the Public drinking Supply which reduced the deaths from that disease in the next five year period to 20. In 1922 liquid chlorine was added and As a result the deaths for the five years 1920-24, numbered Only seven. Filters improve record. In 1927 filtration Beds were added at the water Plant and since then there has been Only one death from typhoid fever in Racine. With the addition of the filter Beds now under construction the City will be assured of an abundance of palatable Safe water and there is Little likelihood of the capacity of the Plant being exceeded at any time within the next to years. In this connection or. Thompson asks a oif it is necessary to filter and chlorinated the water obtained i to Miles out in the Lake what do you think is the condition of the water along the Lake Shore a up the crime and saw six members of the gang on their Way to the Penitentiary three for life in less than 60 Days. Device sorts descriptions. The government service is organized to track Down every Rumor. If a report says a wanted Man is six feet tall and has a broken nose thousands of perforated cards Are fed into a Long Black mechanism which automatically kicks out every card standing for an underworld character so described. In 30 minutes the mechanical brain Narrows thousands of cards to a handful of suspects. Nearly 25,000 kinds of paper and watermarks Are on file in the Laboratory in Washington. Often watermarks in paper will prove a document is a forgery by revealing that the Watermark in the paper was not in existence when the letter or contract was supposed to have been written. Inks and specimens of typing from practically every known make of typewriter Are stored away for reference. When a typed note reached or. Albert Fritz new York physician threatening harm to his children unless he paid $10,000, this reference collection enabled a crime expert to report that the note had been written on a child to dial typewriter. Clue traps extortionist. A Check on All the doctor to patients revealed that one John Isola had a criminal record. He roomed with a family including a boy who owned a dial typewriter. Isola had borrowed the machine. A comparison proved the threatening letter had been written on it. Isola went to prison for to years. Another Aid in the work of the Federal sleuths is a collection of blueprints showing the treads of practically every known make of tire. When a of taters Raymond and his n. ,. Accomplices abducted George n. Coaching by japanese i Davies retired industrialist of charged in Philippines j �f7nnnurg�?t we Van holding his fort a _ $10,000 Ransom the tire prints of their car formed an important clue. The scientific detective often makes models of plaster of Paris or Soulage to record footprints by see of. See Way Back in the a slate and Pencil Days there were no red Brick school houses nor were there any accommodations such As the children of today enjoy. There was no talk of auditoriums or manual training rooms and tablets were unheard of in the lower grades. In the so called a baby rooms slates and pencils were the Rule the slates being placed on the floor when they were not in use. Used Long benches. There were no desks As today in a baby rooms and i remember when i used to sit on a Long wooden Bench during my first year in the old fifth Ward school on Milwaukee Avenue. There was no question As to whether there was sufficient moisture in the air As the air conditioning was an unopened Book. Each room held its own heat unit a stove. Pictured on an inside Page today is the old fourth Ward school located on the site of the present Janes school on North main Street. Some of the pupils shown in the picture Are still residents of Racine and some of them Are known to be living in other cities. Versailles �?o111 wind brings some Good Ahrweiler Germany. Asp a at last some Good has blown from what every nazi Calls the ill wind of the Versailles treaty. It to the 75,000,000-Mark network of Railroad tunnels Between lib Lar and Ahr which was started before the world War to connect the Ruhr and Alsace Lorraine. The treaty forbade completion of the Enterprise on the ground that it would be a a strategic ?� for two decades the tunnels furnished Only a shortcut for pedestrians but now they have been turned into mushroom Beds the soil in them being especially Fertile. A crop of 200,000 pounds is expected this year. Manila. A up a alleged illegal fishing in philippine Waters by japanese boats has caused army and customs officials to urge All citizens to report such incidents immediately so that the offending boats May be pursued. The latest of a Long list of incidents occurred recently off the Moro islands in the South. Provincial officials reported that japanese were fishing off the isolated Island of Bagayan de Sulu and near Sion Ngan Parang. The intruders were alleged to have gathered thousands of Turtle eggs killed Many male turtles and carried away hundreds of the females. Circulars printed in the dialects of coast tribes instruct the natives to report illegal fishing to the constabulary. And tire prints the Mark of a Jimmy on a window casing or the break of a door Jam or lock. One murder Case was solved by the cast of Teeth Marks left in an Apple. Fingernails Tell Story. Microscopic examination is made for fingerprints a strand of hair or fibres of flesh against a Wall. Shreds of flesh scraped from beneath a murdered woman to fingernails were identified As having been scratched from the face of a suspect during a struggle preceding the murder. A newly devised a frequency to music and monologue in graveyard Puzzle Appleton City to. A a what late passersby heard coming from the main Street Monument works convinced them am articulate ghost was performing an eerie ritual among the tombstones. Strains of Church music interspersed with Short monologues in a sepulchral voice flowed from among the grave markers. One of the listeners called Clyde Kelley owner of the Monument Yard. On his arrival Kelley discovered he had forgotten to turn off his office radio. Pilot lands to buy a bag of Popcorn Haverhill mass. A ins a Charles Holmes Merrimac who runs a Little Popcorn stand on the shores of Keno a Lake has had All kinds of customers during the several years he has catered to tourists. But he gasped with amazement when he watched an air plane Pilot set his ship Down on the Lake taxi to the stand on the Shore and nonchalantly Purchase a bag of Hie aids in deciphering code writ Popcorn

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