Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
1 Mar 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
1 Mar 1942

Read an issue on 1 Mar 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - March 1, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sundays bulletin vol. 12, no. 42racine, wis., sunday March 1,1942. To pages the world last week condensed from United pre and a Soei ated press dispatches from sunday. Feb. 22. 1942, through saturday feb. 28, 1942.1 by Paul Freye a and air forces of the d United nations did some Plain and fancy shooting and bombing ast week in the Netherlands East Dies smashing hard at two japanese attempts to reinforce he Bali occupation forces and Hen scattering the first enemy attempt at an invasion of Java. That news indicating the de pensive Power of the u. S. And hitch brought cheer to the lies along with such items As the trapping of the entire 16th German army by the russians in the Taraya Russa area the attacks by Gen. Macarthur troops on Bataan and the Parachute and commando raid by the British on occupied France. Paced by u. S. Dive bombers my flying fortresses the allies m monday wiped out a Jap Fleet at Bali sinking or damaging at least 20 enemy ships. Thursday came word that the flying forts had attacked a new Jap warship off Bali and that u. S. Subs had sunk four or five transports. Java was braced for an invasion Ever since Singapore fell and it finally came saturday. Allied ship gunners and Aerial Bombardier Aid their sights on the invading Leet and let Loose their explosives. The japs fled Back to Borneo. It Cas the first big Victory in the Southwest Pacific for the United nations. It bras by no Means a conclusive Victory however one that a Ould Mark the end of any at empt on Java. The japs fled Lack to Borneo but merely to i Lek their wounds and Patch their hips and planes in preparation for another smash. Ort Hward in Burma the japs were sweeping ahead toward All but evacuated Rangoon i pushing the British Back across Kimmel and Short face courts martial United nations score victories Brace tor blow raid on France believed forerunner of big invasion army Navy charge dereliction of duty Washington feb. 28.�? . I cations filed by both men for re a court martial trials on charges Tir ement but specified that the of a dereliction of duty were or acceptance was a without condone dered today for rear Admiral to on of any offence or prejudice husband e. Kimmel and maj. By the United press striking forces of the Gen. Walter c. Short who were the Navy and army commanders at Hawaii on that fateful dec. 7 when the japanese Surprise caught american forces off guard the two officers were accused United i by the Roberts commission which to any future disciplinary subject to whatever verdicts the courts martial May recommend they will receive $6,000 retirement pay a 75 per cent of their Active service base pay of $8,000. Army and Navy spokesmen de Racine girl asleep As sirens Wail on coast bursting shells Searchlight remind her of july 4 a i slept through the air raid Siren warning but at to after 3 i heard investigated the Pearl Harbor Dis cuned t0 say whether Short rumblings. The lowly tin can is playing an important part in the War program of the government. This picture shows a Bale of tin cans collected by the school children of the City being placed in the electric Furnace at the Belle City malleable Iron company to be made into steel castings for the government weapons of War. The intense heat in the Furnace which reaches Over 3,000 degrees temperature melts the cans Down and re claims the High Grade steel that is in them. Racine to be test City in tin can collecting estimate 10o tons a month can be salvaged nations hammered Back the first japanese sea assault toward Java Aster of dereliction of duty and today and successfully raided the j being primarily responsible for German held coast of France pos japanese successes in the Surprise Sibly in preparation for american assault. The reports charges will and British attempts to open a new form the basis of the trials it fighting front in Europe. The trials were disclosed in sep United states and dutch War i Arate but simultaneous announce scribes her experience in los an ships and air planes battled a pow ments by Secretary cd the Navy much As Many High off cers who a Kimmel had requested the trials my first thought was that it by court martial was Thunder but 11 kept up so Knox and Stimson specified that u Finall a dawned on me the trials would a not be held until that a a Muat Guna a so 1 got up such time As the Public interest i and opened a he blinds. And safety would Inas in those words a Rac be girl de n by Don Mcmurray Racine will be a test City for the collection of tin cans and the. City wide collection by the school the sitting River. Chunking said. A children will be resumed tues ing toward the Java naval base of so Rabaja turning the enemy northward in Retreat after inflicting losses which one unconfirmed London report put at several warships and five transports. But authoritative dispatches from Java emphasized that the operations still were in Progress that renewed enemy attacks were expected at any time and that both sides had suffered losses. Discount a tide turn. A United press dispatch telephoned from Java at 10 30 a. In. Cvet said that authoritative sour that Only a Small Imperial Force was left to resist the Onrush into the burmese capital. The american Volunteer group however in As leaving nothing to be desired p n the line of Aerial offensive w accomplishments. Wednesday came i lews that 29 Jap planes had been hot Down Over Burma and by saturday the avg had reported i another 88 Down in the past 48 hours. Those victories coupled with i Washington a announcement that Jap losses in the Southwest Pantie had averaged one ship a Day i and six planes a Day gave evidence that much damage was ii curing done that would be hard for the japs to replace if they hoped to continue their Pace. Erful japanese sea Armada strik Frank Knox and Secretary of War Henry l. Stimson. Both ask retirement. Knox and Stimson also announced acceptance of the apply bartender Dies 3 men jailed Viroqua wis., feb. 28.�? a a three men were held in jail to ports that the Java sea Battle had Day sheriff John Hassler said wrecked the enemy Fleet or a turn following discovery of the body of where de the tide in the Southwest a Louis Caldwell 62, a bartender civic. They pointed out that Only behind the bar of the tavern where meager official reports had been he was employed. And Racine steel castings com i fold purpose first to Salvage tin j made available concerning the a the sheriff who was investigate the War Effort has received the Pany started on an experimentation 1 coating a vital War material and j Tion and that Java must be braced ing the death with District Attar presumably would testify at the Geles Early in the morning of feb. Trials Are scattered All Over the j j y j1 Antl aircraft guns hurled world it was considered Likely that hundreds 0 t0nsj a u Oun who Trivic to Ohio Rori a ii identified planes described by Secretary of War Stimson As Craft Day dist. Atty. Richard g. Harvey jr., chairman of the drive announced today. The collection of the cans from which the Iron is salvaged to be used in making steel castings for one place on school grounds and j the opa division of the War will be hauled to the Salvage Yard production Board recently set a the following Day. Or. Anderson ceiling Price on this class of scrap said that there is a shortage of in order that they might be in scrap material and the government position to control the flow of this Ces strongly discounted London re is antics to have All available scrap wherever practicable. They Metal scrap obtained by the steel Are anxious that tin scrap material foundries. Be shipped to localities about three years ago the the so called de tinning plants Are Belle City malleable Iron company available in order to serve a two As operated by enemy agents. In a letter to her father William g. Luther 1720 Green Street miss Frances Luther now working in los Angeles tells How the barrage fired at intruders aroused the sleeping City. Bursting shells and Glare of search lights she says were reminiscent of a fourth of Green Light from the state Salvage committee and the War production Board it was revealed at a meeting of county Salvage chairman Bernard f. Magruder or. Harvey mayor Morris representatives of Belle City malleable Iron company and e. L. Simmons executive Secretary of the state Salvage committee. Charles s. Anderson president of the Belle City malleable Iron company said that his company program to determine if lighter grades of steel scrap would be suitable in the manufacture of steel a stings. They started out using automobile body and fender scrap and various grades of coated Sheet steel one of which was tin coated steel clippings obtained from the manufacturers of so called a tin tin cans Are manufactured from steel sheets covered with a very thin coating of tin. By careful Laboratory control they found that this coated material could be used then to have the de tinned scrap for All out invasion blows by available for melting purposes and powerful enemy. India received definite notice of. Could use 4 goo tons of tin cans japanese plans in its direction year in the production of steel Jap planes roamed to their far castings for the defense program. A an electric Furnace because these West Points of the War it is estimated that too tons thursday in hitting at the Andaman islands in the Bay of Bengal directly threatening the Allied shipping lanes bringing Aid to China. It was no Token raid delivered As a threat to indians spice Rich islands. Of much of a Token Quot Ere the month can be collected in Racine the City has been asked to Aid the Salvage committee by arranging to have the garbage trucks pick up the cans at the schools and deliver them to the Salvage Yards the terrific heat generated by the electric Furnace arc Volatilized the tin immediately and Only from 15 to 25 per cent was retained in the finished product. Well known authorities have substantiated that this Small amount of tin has no h where they Are crushed into com detrimental effect on the Quality pact Bales. This request was made of the steel Hastings produced necessary when the government opa sets limit. »v.i%t0nc 1 ceiling a tin can scrap believing that if tin coated clip area of the u. S. West coast monday night and wednesday morning remain to be seen. A big Jap sub came to the surface a mile offshore monday night and lobbed 25 shells at an Oil refinery. Little damage was done. On wednesday in mornings dark hours sirens screamed and lights blacked out in los Angeles As enemy aircraft was reported Over the City. Antiaircraft guns went into action furiously but no bombs were dropped and no aircraft was shot Down. Secretary of Navy Knox mentioned something about a false alarm but thursday Secretary of War Stimson said that about 15 enemy Craft probably commercial planes operated by enemy agents had flown Over. Helling of California of $10.50 a ton which is a reduce pings from the manufacturer of Tion of about $8 from the previous new cans could be successfully Price paid by the foundries. Used the company further expert every two weeks. Rented with baled discarded tin present plans of the committee cans Voith equally Good results. Is to have the school children make suggested the inauguration of _ _ the tin can collection program a citywide collection every two which was originated by District weeks. The cans will be piled in attorney Harvey. Production Board launches drive to Spur War Effort second to have a collection of tin cans for leaching by Copper mine Waters which results in the precipitation of Copper to tin. This is being carried out in the southwestern part of the country. Next in importance according to government authorities is the use of tin cans for melting purposes in localities such As Racine where it is impractical to transport the tin cans for either of the above purposes. The closest de tinning Plant is at Pittsburgh. Favourable response. Because of its successful use of this Type of material in the manufacture of steel castings and because of the present serious shortage of steel scrap c. S. Anderson decided to Call this to the attention of the Bureau of Industrial conservation to publicize his companies experience in order that other steel foundries might possibly make similar use of this material and thus facilitate the production of much needed steel castings in the defense program. His Call on Paul c. Cabot Deputy chief of the Bureau of Industrial conservation War production Board Washington received immediate and favourable response. Or. Cabot arranged for one of his associates w. R. Talbot to meet with or. Anderson in Milwaukee at which conference or. Simmons was also present. It was agreed at this conference that or. Sim up to that hour however there were no new reports of attacks and no reports of Landing attempts on the Island that is defended by dutch american British and australian forces. Radio Tokyo claimed that the Allied forces had lost four Var a Ney Martin Gulbrandsen said that i the three were charged with drunkenness. He said the men declared they remember what happened. Ejected Trio. Caldwell a body the head covered with blood was found by policemen Clarence Hanson and Ellis the trials would be delayed until after the War. There was no definite information on this Point. Navy regulations provide that a court martial shall consist of not less than five and not More than 13 members of whom at least half must be of a rank As High or higher than the defendant. An army court martial must comprise at least five members and in cases _. Involving High ranking officers u y Jat Long a a usually comprises 13. They pro-1 in the Day after the raid Sec Bably would All be of equal or fit. Navy Knox in a higher rank than the accused. Statement issued in Washington e v a a a i said was a alarm that no subject to review. Aircraft bad appeared Over los court martial convictions Are Angeles. Secretary of War Stim subject to review by the judge son however said that 13 or 14 advocate generals of the respect commercial planes operated by Tive services and their recommend enemy agents had been fired upon. Nations finally Are passed upon by in her letter miss Luther Subtile president. A service attorney j St Antipates Secretary Stimson and acts As prosecutor and defendants refutes the contentions of Secre May have either service or civilian tary Knox who said it was a a false attorneys As defense Council. J for writes miss Luther there is no specific charge of the ships were a frightfully High dereliction of duty in the articles i but could be discerned by the of War so officers declined to thousands of observers on the speculate on possible penalties in ground. Ships in the Java sea fighting but Schoonover. The officers said acknowledged Strong United states sever Swenson who was in the naval and air attacks on Wake tavern Friday night told them Island and in the direction of Caldwell and the Trio quarrelled Japan had caused damage and Cas j and that the bartender ejected the Salties. Washington has had Noth men. Caldwell slumped in a chair ing to say regarding these naval behind the bar when he returned actions reported by the japanese the officers quoted Swenson As propaganda broadcasts. Saying. In Russia and in Northern France the red army and the Brit ish air Parachute naval and com snort Ngorn Australia Mando forces struck stiff blows at in Jgr military Rule the germans. A Adolf Hitler was reported to Canberra feb. 28. In night to have shifted perhaps 1,800 military Rule for the whole North air planes to the blazing Northwest j pm territory of Australia was Proem front in a desperate attempt to save the 16th nazi army at event of convictions. The courts martial would have simple narrative. Without any attempt to be dra widest latitude in recommending Matie miss Luther wrote penalties. Some cases involving major charges in the past have been punished by dismissal from the military service. It was recalled that the court martial which tried col. William Billy Mitchell on charges of insubordination recommended dismissal from the army. Taraya Russa from annihilation under Short Range blasts of russian artillery fire. The Luftwaffe was suffering heavy losses at the hands of soviet fighter planes and anti Aii Craft Commonwealth War guns official dispatches to the press reported As the germans sought to Parachute munitions and food to their encircled and battered forces. Foresees new front. Unofficial sources in London expressed belief that the British raid claimed by army minister Francis Forde. Such measures had applied until now Only in the extreme Northern area entering on the naval part of Darwin. Meanwhile at Melbourne the Council was reported continuing its secret de liberation on new offensive strategy in the event of attempted japanese invasion of Australia. Washington feb. 28.�? in a i the War production Board set Forth today on a Campaign to increase military production at once and to a keep stepping it up further As i so it t t Kim in a in a i the War jelling of California was the c0ntjnuing drive was pro. Done at a tto Ely moment for ejected on the basis of an Appeal j the japs in Ashington. Prest by president Roosevelt who said Dent Roosevelt was making a re in a Etter to chairman Donald m. Port to the nation predicting bitter Nelson of the web that the Days and setbacks ahead before months just ahead were the a Crit Victory comes. Prime minister Winston Churchill. Echoed his words the next Day in London. Joseph Stalin spoke monday also on the 24th anniversary of the red army. No spectacular news was forthcoming As expected ical months of the War and that Victory depended in Large measure on the expanded production which the nation would get in the Spring and summer of this year. A what has been done so far must be exceeded a the president Only a pledge of Victory not yet said. A this is total War. We Are won. All under fire soldiers and civil ians alike. No one is a Spectator russian troops were knocking we Are All belligerents. To win at the door of Kharkov push we must ing around Bryansk toward Smo j replying Nelson said the new Lens and then finally trapping drive his Board was undertaking the 16th German army in the was aimed to increase production Taraya area. This continued and immediately in plants now having Vance by the soviets plus the War contracts and to convert other commando raid with parachutists plants to War production As Speed at a nazi radio locator station in Fly As possible. France revealed saturday May he said the Campaign would inform the big Pinch on Hitler this j dude Spring before he can launch his a i. Greater utilization of plants �?o2. Recognition and awards for outstanding Industrial accomplishment both by management and labor. �?o3. Establishment of a plan for joint labor management War Plant committees which will consider suggestions from All quarters for increasing production and which will help demonstrate the importance of our soldiers of the Roosevelt Nelson Exchange of letters was made Public at the White House. The presidents letter dated Friday went on to say that a the urgency of today must be Felt in every shop and factory producing War goods in every Home and on every farm. Then we shall achieve the spirit and cooperative action that carries a team to Victory. A i therefore direct you to take every possible step to raise production now to bring to labor and management alike the supreme importance of War production this crucial Spring. Mons was to direct the program j on France was the forerunner of for the bijection of tin cans in Many big scale invasion attacks Racine and the results would Bei that might open a new front with watched with much interest by i the Aid of the american expedite Federal conservation Bureau j tonary Force or at least open a it is their plan to make Racine i number of temporary fronts by laments he must buy or sell pair of tires Union s. feb. 28.�? up it a James h. Arthur a travelling Salesman inserted this want and in a newspaper a wanted a if somebody wont a last night was a particularly Beautiful night though rather Chilly. I have been having chills for the past two Days and thought perhaps i was coming Down with the flu but i guess it will just pass me up because i do feel better this morning and not even a sniff his a. Well i had gone to bed rather. In Early to Ward off this cold and of this was review course had n0 that a mind t de by the president the sentence All of a pos Sib e air raid there was reduced and instead he was ordered relieved from his command for a number of years and to forfeit part of his pay and allowances. Mitchell then resigned immediately. Kimmel was commander in chief of the u. S. Fleets and of the Pacific Fleet at the time of the japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the temporary rank of full Admiral. Short then was a temporary lieutenant general in command of the army a hawaiian department. Was a Good stiff wind blowing and the meter Box cover outside my House was thumping away and i just vaguely remember thinking that i imagined that a what a bomb would sound like Miles away. A about two Oclock this morning the policeman who lives across the court from me very noisily backed his car out of the garage and drove away in a big hurry racing his motor like everything. I wondered Why he have More consideration for the neighbors although he does no to usually make so guerillas strike London feb. 28�? a guerillas in Yugoslavia were reported by radio Moscow today to have counter invasion of Russia. Thurs j now producing War goods aimed captured towns in the Vicinity of Day came news that a big nazi at bringing us As close As possible Sarajevo and to have driven ital Cruiser had been torpedoed off to the theoretical maximum of Ian troops from three strongholds Norway and that the two escaped i 168 hours work per week for eve i on the southwestern tip of Mon Battle Thipa were out 06 action. Cry machine in those plants. Tengra a test collection City and if prov Quick Surprise assaults that would sell me a couple of 600x16 tires in successful this same procedures sap the enemy strength in Russia. Of some description soon i am will be followed in various parts american troops in Britain were j going to have two pretty Good of the country. I reported a pitching to tires for a on which the court martial orders were directly based said that in View of warnings sent to both Kimmel and Short by their respective departments in Washington a it was a dereliction of duty on the part of each of them not to consult and Confer with the other respecting the meaning and intent of the warnings and the appropriate measures of defense required by the imminence of a the japanese attack was a Complete Surprise to the command turn to Page 5, col. I lunar blackout due for u. S. Tomorrow there la be a blackout celestial variety Over most of the North american continent the night of March 2. The first total eclipse of the Moon in 1942 is scheduled to begin at 5 28 p. In. Eastern War time that Day but will be first visible in the East at 6 41, when the Moon rises. This drawing of the eclipse shows by the heavily shaded area the Section of the Earth from which the total eclipse will be visible. If you miss this one there a another coming on August 85. Ifs the first Complete eclipse visible in the u. Amp since nov. 7� 1838. Much noise 1 want to sleep again. I slept through the air raid Siren turn to Page 5, col. 3. Move to eject negroes starts riot in Detroit Detroit feb. 28.�? up a mayor Edward j. Jeffries ordered postponement of an attempt to move negro families into a defense housing project Here today As police were trying to disperse opposing crowds of White pickets and negroes. The action came soon after a Brief skirmish which resulted in patrolman Edward a. Koss and miss Delores Homer a White woman being struck by flying rocks. Three moving vans loaded with furniture had been parked near the intersection. Spokesmen for the White people who carried placards objecting to negro occupancy of the project said their group would go Home if the vans were removed. The negro group began breaking up after an Appeal by Horace a. White negro minister and a member of the Detroit housing commission. White residents of the neighbourhood surrounding the project have complained that negro occupancy would depreciate the value of their Homes. The project contains 200 dwelling units and was constructed it a Cost of $1,000,000 to House defense workers from nearby plants. Ii i

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