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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday journal time bulletin vol. Ii no. 6.Racine, wie., sunday june 23, 1940. To pages now you Tell one. London. A up a if j. R. B. Branson has his Way englishmen will be mowing their lawns for the breakfast lunch and supper. Convinced that grass is Rich in vitamins or. Branson has conceived various ways of serving grass. So Wilson Midgley London Star reporter got an invitation to a grass luncheon. The Newspaperman found it difficult to Chew the Crisp grass at first but will Voo take Catsup ? Parks to open summer season monday Romance rides Highway aboard monster buses passengers Tell their stories to new found friends by Hubert Johnson student group urges free Campus press Hamilton n. Y., june 22�? a suppression of the Campus press by a a dictatorial methods of College administration and faculty supervision is condemned in a Resolution adopted by the National student federation of America at its conference Here. Other resolutions urged academic Freedom for faculty members regardless of social or religious beliefs and denounced the new York City Board of higher education for failing to support Bertrand Russell in his fight to serve on the . Faculty. Miss Janet Skinner of Adelphi Racine residents Are beginning College Garden City n. Y., was pictures show students inside of plants Here slides give View of jobs they May hold in future this is How things proceeded from there a with a Little crushed beetroot added my grass became delicious. I added lettuce Cut into so rips. Or. Branson apologized for rot having Rose leaves which he said make an excellent Garnish for grass. A when i was ready for another course we added toasted crumbs to our grass and a Little sugar. This was solid eating but there was More to come. A the next delicacy was Tomato stuffed with grass. These were excelled Only by the next course. These were like Little meat balls which you ate with your fingers. Cooked with dry grass and a mixture of vegetables and herbs bound with eggs and Fried they were like the most deliciously Flavoured sausage Roll any Schoolboy has Ever tasted. A a summer vacation season that will it is expected bring a 15 per cent National travel increase with 60,375.000 persons spending More than $5,000,000,000 in vacation jaunts. Part of this Gigantic motorcade will consist of big transcontinental buses. Travellers on these motor monsters see a Cross Section of american life with All its comedies and tragedies romances and human problems. The Miles of travel loosen tongues and newfound friends hear a variety of stories. Modern Day Pioneer. In one seat is a 22-year-old slender youth who looks More like 19. He is with his Young wife and tiny baby. He had operated a Small store in the East with his father but his wife could not get along with his the father delivered an ultimate named federation president. Spa Quot factory Quot cuts Relief Cost $75,000 Worth of by Verne Hoffman Racine has an Industry that few people know about a clothing a a factory that in five years has turned out 132,000 finished Gar family. 1 ments. Those most vitally interested in urn one of them must buy the the business a spa project Are other out. So the youth was head Racine county a Relief clients ing West like one of the old they get the garments pioneers looking vaguely for a boast of the 39 project workers place to Settle his family. J now on the Job is that they Are a Middle aged Man Blind in equipped to turn out anything in by Jack Roberts film strips and slides Many in colors will give students in Racine Junior and senior High schools actual insight into just what it moans to work in Home town factories and offices nex fall. They will be Able to see r. Crankshaft made at the j. I. Case company from the melting of the raw material to the final balancing process without leading their class room. Also they will see engraving printing and binding processes in operation at the Western printing garments turned out amp Lith graphing Plant top uce a coloured illustrated Book. At the. New s. Johnson amp son inc. Office they will see typists bookkeepers file clerks and others at work. Given idea of jobs. Tours of these plants will be made through a series of film strips and slides prepared under sponsorship of the civic development committee of the association of Commerce with co operation of the industries and social science and Industrial Art teachers. The program arranged to give by 39 workers jumping goldfish Beaconsfield up. A a a a. U 44. A mrs. Kathleen Bishop was look one Eye and sporting a misshapen the line of clothes except Over the student a better idea of toe ing for a goldfish when she nose is a Boxer going to Cleve Coats and dress suits. Types of jobs available so that he land to try to collect $10,000 in a m. Miller buyer for the pro can better select a course of study some sort of compensation suit. To and sponsors representative Quot a ill be unique in the american a a in a like this because i did no to estimated that if those garments educational system. General Voca know How to defend myself a he had been purchased at Quantity tonal guidance film strip now explains. A fighting is no place prices Racine county would available but this is Fin time for second raters. I used to fight pm qut 175 too. Actual expense any Sebck l Bas bad them prepared in a carnival taking on All Comers. Involved not available but exclusively from Home town in ing for a goldfish showed a Light during the blackout Here. When she appeared in court she claimed the fish had jumped out of its bowl. She was fined 10s $2.22. Problem in offensive and defensive Genius Roanoke a. Top a j. E. Stanley put i inventive Genius to work after a thief had stolen several bottle of his baby a milk i almost got killed a couple of Meg because my manager was crazy for Money. He did t care what happened to me. He in no Horry. Would be much less. It was said. I destries which increase interest Relief Lead reduced. And value to the student. A your interest in the prefect Isnit j continuity prepared by the entirely to produce garments for 1 teachers will be used with each Relief clients although that is thei do ship explaining every pro a a in a going to stay with my Sis result a or. Miller said. A every Cess and telling requirements of ter but she would rather see me person on the project cuts approx workers in each Type of Job num going than to see me coming. I mately $50 a month off Racine Ber employed average number county a Relief Load. A openings each year and other at one time the project ran pertinent information. The teach with double shifts. Now with the ers presenting their ideas to Heads spa quota Down 39 Are employ of the factories and business coned cutting sewing ironing and i seems which agree to co operate Way to California from Annapolis doing other specialized jobs. J by furnishing necessary photo but he is in no hurry. J recently the project became so graphs and paying for preparing a i flunked out after a year a a mechanized that we \ workers the film strips and slides there he explains. A my dad j Are turning out 4,000 garments knows about it but i done to know these men and women will be in charge of playgrounds the men and women play leaders above will be in charge of the City a playgrounds for the next eight weeks. First Row from left to right they Are Alice Hahn Shirley Nelson Helen Savides Ann Hebble Thwaite Jeanne Nash and b. A. Solbraa director of recreation. Second Row Jean storms Marjorie e. Stege Alice Huck Anita Marcussen Betty Larson and Jim Masik boys supervisor. Third Row Gertrude Blodgett Ruth Nash girls supervisor Lois Williamson Lois Gregg Louise Lukshus and Pete Belconis. Fourth Row George Miller c. J. Papara Dave Barry Warren Nelson and Ernst a a Bingo Beh rends. Fifth Row Lyle Peterson Kenneth Seitz and James Bush. Sixth Row Frank Demark Bill Madden to Kores Ben Timler and Rodney Hanson. Top Row Art Steele and Jim Borge Soru get drunk All the time and she does no to like a youth has one of those Butch haircuts the hair cropped As Short As a Golf Green. He is on his primary training 45,000 fliers by july 1941 is government aim efforts coordinated. Teachers have been meeting for several weeks to decide on proper off the front porch at night he rigged up a wooden Collar that would hold the bottle until unlocked from a Post and proudly awaited the result the next Day he found an empty bottle containing a Straw. Success Story milk Box grows into a factory Arlington neb. A up a Jim Marshall Arlington a Dairy Farmer say it was just a a fool a Luck that got him into manufacturing. When losses from Frozen milk began mounting last Winter Marshall devised an insulated Box insect and dust proof. The milk did no to freeze at la below Zero. Jim a neighbor demanded he make them boxes. So he turned his Hay mow into a factory got a Patent and when the demand kept growing established a factory near Here with six employees. Prisoners is. Cops Gate to pension fund Tulsa okla. A win the in mates of Oklahoma prison Are going to contribute to the Tulsa police pension fund despite the fact that some of them Are in amytm4ms for a each month so that 1940 will have How he will take it. Besides i highest production of any one lost a $40 camera he gave me for year the about 40,000 garments. My the project occupies the entire methods of presenting the mate another student is going Home fourth floor of the Mcmynn build rial to the students and to pick to Washington d. C., from school ing where the Relief department subject matter. They also have in Maine. He brags that his Auto functions j conferred with representatives of Mobile License plate is in the within the last three month. J various firms to co ordinate their 300s expecting his new Friend to new machines added to St u a efforts in preparing the films. W. Be impressed. But the latter production Are an electrical Pat pc Giese. Superintendent of schools Doest know about the a License tem Cutter us want Cutti b is greatly interested in the prolate aristocracy of the Cap Tai. Harf n r Kwh machines i Gram. The student tells How he did 65 Serge a for inside seams Button and j film strips and slides were set Quot. Forand Pitman butt it in machines and at i levied rather than motion pictures Only a old him to be careful. Home Tach menu for trimming. The pro because time can be spent on each act now has 30 sewing machines. Subject to inspect the operations to first two pattern cutters were carefully and discuss its various sick he looks eagerly for a d. C License plate explaining very thoroughly that a Pennsylvania plate resembles a d. Plate but has certain differences. He offers his Friend his phone number in a spirit of hospitality and then explains he wont be Home he has to Rush Over and see his girl. A Vermont potato Farmer chats with a Young army officer from West Virginia. A youth from Georgia seriously tells a Pennsylvania girl that a nah used to have an accent Belo a came in a rear seat a Middle aged woman with a Southern accent explains Why she is going to Reno to get a divorce. He was a brute she says. A a. And the Miles pass under the wheels. Employed and were unable to Cut More than a dozen patterns at one time. With the machine 400 chambray or 200 Corduroy patterns can be Cut at once. 2,999 patterns. More than 2,000 patterns Are used by the project. Styles Are kept up to Date As new patterns Are added from a Milwaukee spa project. Dresses shirts and torn to Page 3, column 5 de luxe Road to have Penny per mile toll Pittsburgh june 22.�? or a Pennsylvania a $65,000,000 a dream diapers Highway really will be something prison because of the efficiency of Tulsa officers. Warden Jess Dunn of the Penitentiary has afraid to permit the prison baseball team to play a police team Here in july. Profits go to the pension fund. Not so Subtle Pueblo f a woman Fortune Teller told the judge that the cards said he would be i an automobile Accident within three is of he made a certain decision. But the judge tempted Fate and fined Ber $10 for violating the a to Tom tailing ordinance. Wartime Timber prices Rise 40 pct. In Britain London june 22.�?<ua��?the Cost of Timber in this country since the outbreak of the War has risen 40 per cent although the Timber has been in the country All the time. The maximum prices fixed by the Timber control have in most cases become the minimum prices also. Contracts have been cancelled and remade at the maximum prices officially allowed. Moreover it ukes about seven Days of form filling to obtain permission to buy $100 Worth of Timber. The purchaser has to apply to a local area officer. The area sends a form. The form is returned. The officer returns the form duly approved. The Jam tues to the supplier for signature. The supplier signs the form and sends it Back. The purchaser returns the finished form to the area officer. After that he can go ism Ani buy the limb. Called Blitzkrieg pants by the workers Lead in production. Almost 20,000 dresses 20,000 shirts and 14,000 diapers hav been finished. With new attachments production is including trousers and Mackinaw for men and boys. Among articles turned out Are dresses shirts comforters coveralls pyjamas nightgowns mufflers aprons blouses sheets quilts Pillow cases diapers Wash cloths baby blankets trousers slips boys suits children a bloomers shorts dish towels pot holders towels mittens snowsuits Overall Panu for men knickers Mackinaw curtains chair covers Sun suites layettes bibs slip covers and maternity frocks. Supervisor of the project mrs. Gerturde Murphy. Is nation s Beauty Bill. Set at $142, Ekx Chicago june 22.�?about the business of being Beautiful the american Hairdresser beauticians Trade paper reported that 40,000,000 women spend $142,000,-000 annually in Beauty salons. Of this amount approximately $6,-000,000 is spent for Scalp treatments $13,000,000 for cosmetics $15,000,000 for manicures $17,-000,000 far dyeing and bleaching hair $18,000,000 for facials $73,-000,000 for permanent Waves. Motorists dream about but Seldom see according to w. Cline a Tunnel Engineer who is helping build the 160-mile Road which will run Between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. But it will Cost Money for motorists to use it i cent a mile to be exact. Trucks will pay 4 cents a mile for use of the All weather Highway. However this is no Ordinary Highway. For example there will be no Steep Hills Sharp curves or a Speed limit it will be 78 feet wide enough for four 12-foot traffic lanes each separated by a 10-foot wide strip of Earth. There will be no Cross roads. Over or underpasses will carry intersecting traffic. Vehicles entering the new Highway first will be admitted to a a warm up stretch paralleling the Road before they Are routed onto the through traffic lanes. The maximum Altitude of the new Road will be 1,300 feet compared with almost 4,000 feet on the Lincoln Highway. Curves Are being so constructed that they will hardly be noticeable. The Pennsylvania Turnpike will maintain its own police Force on the Highway. The tolls have to be charged to Clear up a pea loan to the state. They Are expected to pay off the loan in about is years. After that the express Highway will a turn and avos to the stalag. Special to bulletin Washington june 22.�?immediate Steps to provide for the primary training of 45,000 new pilots by july i 1941 were announced by chairman Robert h. Hinckley of the civil aeronautics authority. Following the pattern \ established during the past year i in the civilian Pilot training program which will have turned out 9,810 new pilots by june 30, the enlarged program will undertake As a first step to train 15,000 additional pilots by sept. I 1940. I a the civil aeronautics authority can undertake this task at such Short notice a said chairman Hinckley a because we Are already mobilized to do so. During the past year the civilian Pilot training pro-1 Gram operated with thorough effectiveness in 550 centers distributed through every state in the nation Alaska Hawaii and puerto Rico. At these centers More than 500 Small commercial aviation operators Are already organized to furnish a thoroughly proven course of flying instruction. Ground school instruction. A facilities for Complete ground school instruction Are immediately available at 435 colleges and universities and in 75 communities where last years training was conducted on a non College basis. All of these groups have been thoroughly trained in the required government procedure in instruction standards and in measures for insuring safety in this Type of aviation. We know this organization is efficient. This years graduates have been pronounced by Independent inspectors to be far above the average of civilians of equal flight experience trained by usual methods of instruction. During almost an entire year of intense flying activities once regarded As inherently hazardous Only one student has been lost in an aircraft Accident this mobilized organization is fully prepared for immediate action. By june so 1940, 9,000 students in 435 colleges will have completed a ground school course of 72 class hours and a primary flight training from 35 to 50 hours. In addition 750 students in 75 non College units will have completed similar courses. A further 60 students Are receiving primary flight training in so called a spin proof air planes in an experimental program to test the effective Ness of such planes in elementary instruction. Meanwhile 75 students who received their elementary training the Basic course was tried out at 13 colleges have been undergoing a special 45-hour course of secondary training. Will train 15,009. A in launching our program during this past year a chairman Hinckley stated a one of our lamest tasks was to make sure that the flying instructors in the course were thoroughly capable of teaching students along the lines set out in the so called a controlled course of the civilian Pilot training program. During the year 1,200 of these instructors have been put through re rating examinations. An additional 825 instructors have been Given a special 10-hour course of refresher training. Two Hundred instructors have been Given refresher training in the advanced or secondary course which we plan to establish this summer for those students who have already graduated from the primary Between june is and sept. I 1940, the civilian Pilot training program will give primary training to 15,000 pilots. This instruction will be identical with that Given during the past school year and will consist of the same ground course of 72 hours and flight course of 35 to 50 hours. A Large nucleus of enrollees is already available in the form of students who have passed the ground instruction in the College and non College units but for whom no flight scholarships were available. While College training is desirable it will not be required. In addition the authority plans this summer to extend secondary instruction of 45 additional flying hours to 1,000 students who have already taken their elementary training. Five Hundred of this years instructors will be Given refresher courses of 25 hours to fit them for secondary instructors. Will a Salvage experience. During the fall semester of the coming school year 15,000 additional primary pilots will be trained. Three thousand of those who have passed the primary training will be Given secondary instruction. An additional 1,000 primary instructors will be Given refresher courses of 15 hours. During the Spring semester the Park program Calls for training 15,000 More primary pilots and 5,000 turn to Page 2, column 3 rectifier May permit . Power transmission Seattle waah., june 22.�?oja a James Ross 30, Nephew of the late j. D. Ross Bonneville dam administrator is carrying on the family name in Public Power. With several associates he is conducting tests of a new Type rectifier which would enable Power transmission by direct instead of alternating current the younger Ross lived with his Uncle for 17 years and absorbed the latter dream of a Gigantic Public Power network Over the country. Ross is employed at City Light Seattle municipal system of which his Uncle was the chief figure. Broad Range of recreation awaits children 28 play leaders will function mostly As advisors or instructors Racine a summer playground season begins tomorrow and several thousand children ranging from toddling 3 and 4-year-Olds to those 15 and above Are expected to Stream to their favorite playgrounds. In charge of the local 14 playgrounds Are 28 men and women play leaders two to each playground. Before children and play leaders for the next eight weeks lie activities designed to attract everyone softball volleyball dancing handcraft Archery checkers washers horseshoes Ping Pong Tennis newspaper reporting. Game week starts monday. A game week beginning tomorrow and lasting through Friday will be devoted chiefly to organization of clubs and softball teams. Clubs such As drama stamp camera poster Tennis and others to satisfy the youngster s demands will be formed. Play leaders too will enlist the services of children for duty in the stockroom. Others will act As masters of ceremonies for the weekly Amateur shows while Many will patrol the playground acting As safety captains and As caretakers of the grounds. A the idea from the recreation departments viewpoint says b. A. Solbraa director of recreation a is to see that in As Many instances As possible children be Given responsibilities by performing most of the tasks to be done on the playground. The play Leader should function mostly As an advisor or instructor the work however should be done by the child. Softball teams for boys will be formed in the following divisions cubs under la midgets under 13 cadets under 15 juniors under 17 minors under 19 and seniors any age. Handcraft classes will be organized also. Preparation for the doll buggy Parade on july 3-4 will keep both girls and boys Busy for Days in decorating buggies wagons tricycles and floats. Work on these vehicles will begin immediately. Dance classes planned. Miss Lorraine Steinman who tutored hundreds of children in dances for last summer s colourful playground pageant will instruct dancing groups again for the citywide playground circus which climaxes the play season on aug. 14. This phase of the recreation departments program will provide an Opportunity for hundreds of children to gain valuable dancing experience without Cost. Miss Steinmanis schedule each monday wednesday and Friday Marquette and Douglas children at Douglas 9 to 10 30 a. In. Case and Lakeview children at Lakeview 10 30 to 12 Albert state and Lewis Field children at Lewis Field 1 30 to 3 and at fratt 3 to 4 30. Tuesday and thursday at Knapp for Lathrop and Knapp youths 9 to 10 30 Franklin and Winslow children at Franklin 10 30 to 12 Howell and Racine Street at Howell 1 30 to 3. Archery instruction for boys and girls 14 years old and Over will be provided at Lewis Field under Ben Timler s Tutelage. Maryland colonists forced to practice crop control St. Mary a City md., june 22.�?there�?Ts apparently nothing new under the Farmer Sun. Come Corn planting time an Ever Normal granary program in Maryland will be 300 years old. It was in the Spring of 1640�? two and a half centuries before Secretary of agriculture Henry a. Wallace was born that the Maryland provincial government first got into the managed Economy business. Southern Maryland Farmers descended from the colonial yeomen would scratch their Heads Iii bewilderment if they could see great great great grand Pappy they get benefits for soil luring the sprint cell Atken conservation Ai i crop control but grand Pappy got jailed if he did no to Plant Corn and More Corn. Research into records of the provincial Council which met Here in 1840 disclosed a statute which required planting two acres of com for every labourer employed in tobacco culture. Footnotes explained the 1640 a farm Relief program was necessary because Farmers had a gone crazy seeking to satisfy the growing tobacco fad in Europe. The Jamestown va., Colony was threatened with starvation because so Little acreage was devoted to food crops and the Maryland provincial Council ordered Tho m ize pm Ninf to prevent a Raj tit my a St Ham county. Plane Trade borrows idea from the Kitchen Baltimore md., june 22.�? a an idea borrowed from the Kitchen is reducing the Cost of building air planes. Ifs a a double boiler to melt Zinc with greater purity and lengthen the life of pots in which Zinc is melted. Zinc is used in making Dies to form Metal air plane parts. The Glenn l. Martin company announced the new development. Formerly Zinc was melted in pots placed directly Over the fire. But heat concentrated at certain Points and the Zinc took on impurities from the melting of Tho pot itself. The costly pots quickly eroded or a burned out Lead a not water As in too Kitchen is used in toe Bottom part of Tho new double boiler. The smaller pot containing Tho Zinc is piss a inside toe pot of molten Lead what. Distributes heat evenly. Research men say there is no tendency for the Metal pot to Alley with Tho Zinc. The a cooked Zinc is purer thus making better Dies and they believe toe Farmr pot will last indefinitely. Alsot cheaper steel can now be used to make Tho gtno4fi9$fpg Gok

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