Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
21 Jun 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
21 Jun 1942

Read an issue on 21 Jun 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 21, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday bulletin it it vol. 13, no. 6 Racine wis., sunday june 21, 1942. 8 pages the world last week Send ended from United Prest and Astor in ted Prest dispatches front sunday june la 1942, through saturday june 20. L94s. By Paul Freye speculation on a second front is a perfectly justified a said presidential Secretary Stephen Early thursday evening. The Secretary had just finished announcing to the press corps that prime minister Winston Churchill was making his second visit to the United states for purposes of talking War problems with Franklin d. Roosevelt. The Secretary s expressed permission to dwell on the possibilities of a second european front probably was not necessary because the newsmen undoubtedly would have seized upon that phase of world War ii anyhow. Therefore the permission appeared to be significant because such talks Between the Allied leaders Are extremely Well cloaked in secrecy. Furthermore at no other time has the moment for a second front seemed so Ripe. And at no other time has it seemed so necessary. The question now is where when and How will that second front be established Cripps demands March on Berlin atom in 9, a necessity for the new front was clearly visible in Russia and in Africa where news throughout the week almost ceaselessly told of Axis successes. In Libya Gen. Rommel s mechanical columns turned their own heat on the British defense line stretching from Bir Racheim to Al Gazala finally forced the imperials to withdraw from it and then resumed the siege of Obruk after capturing the two vital outposts of that Mediterranean bastion Al Adem and Sidi Razegh. By weeks end the panzers had pushed the British Back toward the egyptian Border but were repulsed in an attempt to penetrate that country. Hints of German paratroops against Obruk gave weight to British military comment that Obruk May be abandoned because the difficulties of supplying it by sea were too great. A push through Egypt to Suez was regarded As a distinct probability. Perfectly timed and lacking Only final Success was the drive of hitlers desperate legions against Sevastopol in the Crimea key to the vast Oil Fields of the caucasus. It was obvious by saturday that the nazis were attempting to capture Sevastopol and thus announce a great Victory on monday the anniversary of hitlers �?o60-Day campaigns against Russia. A Victory on the Black sea would open up the Battle for the Middle East and with Rommel coming up from Africa the British could be pinched somewhere in Syria or Iraq. The germans were pushing ahead again on the Kharkov front and managed to gain a Bridgehead on the donets River for further attacks. But northward near Moscow the russians were preparing to unleash a big movement of their own in an Effort to take some of the pressure off the Southern fronts. A Zero that adds up to o wreckage of a Jap Zero fighter lying in front of bomb gutted Barracks at port Darwin Australia after being shot Down during raid on the vital United nations base. Photos passed by United states army Bureau of Public relations. British repel Axis thrust near Egypt germans increase onslaughts at Sevastopol base Churchill s future linked to Parley by United press sir Stafford Cripps. Government Leader in the House of commons today called for an Allien invasion of Western Europe a with determination to March through to Berlin before we Call a final a it May be sooner or later though Hitler has apparently ahead a Cripps said without giving any hint As to the probable Date of establishment of a second front which president Roosevelt and prime minister w in s t o n Churchill Are believed to be considering in the United states at present. The combined productive Jap bombs found a hangar Jap bombers which have raided Darwin Australia repeatedly left this wreckage of a Hudson bomber strewn under the steel Skeleton of an Raaf hangar. In the left background is the wreckage of another bombed hangar. By Joe Alex Morris United press foreign news editor the first Axis thrust to within 32 Miles of the egyptian Border was turned bark by British mechanized forces in Libya today but on the russian front the red army was hard pressed to withstand Ever greater German onslaughts against the crimean naval base of Sevastopol. Dispatches from Moscow said German and rumanian reserves were still being thrown into the Sevastopol Battle and it was indicated that the enemy had made Progress against the City a formidable fortifications although at a heavy Price. Some German units lost up to 60 per cent of their effectiveness and probably 40,000 to 50,000 have been killed so far in the 15-Day Battle. Final preparation. The conflict in the Crimea was widely believed to be the final preparation for hitlers promised Ukraine offensive. Speculation was still widespread on whether the allies can relieve the red army by opening a second front in Western Europe this summer. In London the government Leader in the House of comr tons sir Stafford Cripps promised that All Aid would be Given and called for an invasion of Western Europe by Strong United nations armies that would not Stop until they reached Berlin. On other fronts i intr m i done to swim alone. Always Libya a two Axis columns have a Wrater buddy preferably a turned Back about .5 Miles from swimmer stronger than you Are. Barma without attempting Strong 5 swim Only at a supervised fight Raf bombs Axis lines and i Beach or Pool Avert tragedy tip to bathers twelve vital safety rules for bathers were listed today by Harry Mantle physical director of the Racine Myca As part of a National Myca Effort to lower last years heavy toll of Lake and Ocean tragedies. A six thousand persons died by drowning in the United states in 1941,�?� or. Mantle declared. Six of these accidents occurred in the Racine area. Most of them could have been avoided. Now. With our country at War and every Man woman and child needed to share in the War Effort waste of life seems doubly tragic. However the drowning toll will not decrease unless people pay More heed to common sense warnings and tips. Here Are his warnings and tips 1. After the Wanter Lay off take your swimming in easy doses. You May not be As Good As you used to be. 2. Done to take foolish chances. Many fatal accidents result from horseplay in deep water. 3. Walk out and swim in. That Wray you la never get beyond your depth. Democrats would keep firm control of House of election were today it he Mediterranean last week was the scene of another in by George Gallup a director. American Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., june 20.�? if the republicans Are going to win counter Between the British and control of Congress this novem the italians but this time the u. F. ,. A Ber As they did in the wartime army air corps joined the fracas. Rome started the news Story Section of 1918, they have an up monday by saying that two British Hill Road ahead convoys had been blasted near even allowing for a Low turn Sardinia reporting two crates out of voters which has been am one destroyer and four steamers sunk and others damaged. 1 put a evidenced in recent elections. London took up the Story tues a fact which works to the Adan Day saying that two italian Battle i Tage of the republicans they ships had been fired and one Etui would still do no better than they ser sunk. London said the convoys did in 1940 if a congressional elec reached Malta and Obruk and Tion were held at this time. In added wednesday that they had fact the evidence As of today ind suffered damage making the in i Cates that the democrats would gag ement a a limited actually gain some seats. The u. Bombers hit the two the line up in the House ases italian battleships 35 times timoted by the Institute on the Rome s claims were reported As basis of its latest nation wide poll party line up in House since 1932 the following table shows the division of seats by parties in the House of representatives since 1932, with an estimate of the division if the congressional election were held at this time seats in the House dem. Rep. Other 1932313 117 5 1834 .322 103 to 1936 .334 89 12 1938. 262 169 4 1940 .268 162 5 if election were to Day. 278 152 5 a dal elections held to fill House vacancies the average turnout has been less than 40 per cent of the turnout on regular election Days j republicans made substantial j gains in three out of the six elections. The primaries held thus far Tell the same Story of Low voter turn turn to Page 7, col. I bases in Libya Crete and Rhodes in spreading struggle for control of Eastern Mediterranean. Europe Raf attacks Emden and other nazi targets in night and Daylight raids by hundreds of bombers and fighters. Malacca Straits a British submarines sink three Large japanese ships including two Supply vessels in operations near Singapore. Guessed that it May not be too far j strength of the United states it great Britain and the soviet Union will one Day permit a a great successful attack upon Hitler in the West a Cripps said. Would damage cause. A but its Success is the essence of help we can Render our allies a Cripps said in addressing a Brit ish russian demonstration. A failure would damage instead of assist our common cause. A was we make our preparations so no doubt will Hitler try to make his preparations too and this in itself May influence the time Cripps pledged Britain to give Russia a every help that lies within our Power during the critical and anxious months that lie he warned that disappointments j and reverses Are still facing the allies since the enemies Are still powerful. A it May take us a Long time to overcome their vast military and Industrial organization a Cripps said. Germans jittery. Belief. There were increasing indications that the germans were getting jittery Over the possibility of invasion of Tvetem Europe. British dispatches from Stockholm said that hospitals and schools in Norway had been notified to be ready to evacuate on Short notice and that German reinforcements j were moving into that area j a dispatch from Stockholm said that Many masters of swedish Coal boats had advised the ship owners association that they refused to continue to sail to Rotterdam due to persistent British air attacks and Price chief Battles tor subsidy act Henderson willing to resign to put idea into effect at any rate the British move in daring to Send convoys directly through the Mediterranean instead of around Africa was an indication of the desperation faced by the allies in that theater of War. Quot Over in the Pacific the japs were being kept in hand. A Battle was brewing in the aleutians said news stories monday. Tuesday came word that american airmen had sunk one Cruiser and pounded seven other ships in on political sentiment completed Coal miners Settle strike Washington. June 20.�?0j.r _ the labor department announced today that representatives of the Indiana Coal operators association and the United mine workers of that Battle. Details of the in America have agreed to a Settle this week would be As follows if an election were held today if election 1940 were election now dem. Seats .268 278 rep. Seats .162 152 other party. 5 5 american airmen Safe after Rangoon raid an Allied airbase in in a Dia june 20�? a5 a word was i flashed today from a tiny military outpost on the Frontier that the american airmen i who were lost behind the enemy lines june 6 after their flying fortress braved anti aircraft fire and a dozen Zero fighters to make a Daylight raid on the Rangoon docks were Safe. China chinese counterattacks inflict heavy casualties on japanese in Tiangsi province but enemy attacks spread near Kwang Feng and in Supeh and Kiangtung sectors. Australia. A Allied planes bomb 10-000-ton japanese transport and Down three of four enemy planes on Island front North of Australia. 6. Done to got in the water soon insufficiently protected convoys. After a meal the swedish newspapers printed 7. Done to dive until you re sure letters regarding the difficulties of How deep the water is. The other obtaining Coal from other German fellow May not need As much As ports. You. Reversals stir unrest. 8. Its not Brave to give or take in Washington president Roose a dare. Its downright silly either Mem and British prime minister Way. I 9. Stay out of canoes and Row Winston Churchill continuing their boats if you can to swim. If a boat historic conferences at a secret turns Over while you re in it cling to it for support. 10. Learn artificial respiration. It May mean the difference Between saving a life and losing one. 11. If you can reach a person in trouble with a pole Belt or Towel do so. Its More sensible than jumping in. 12. In making a Rescue use a boat if possible. Its less spectacular but safer than swimming. Rendezvous somewhere in the United states today were believed to be considering decisions which May have a far reaching effect on outcome of the War and May influence Churchill a political future. Reports from London said British reversals in Libya were generating political unrest and that Churchill a position in the British turn to Page 2, col. 6 May use beef plasma in army transfusions Boston june 20.�? a beef blood plasma May be substituted for human blood in transfusions to save the lives of wounded american soldiers. Harvard medical school scientists have injected the beef plasma into 2.690 Massachusetts prisoners and All but seven of the voluntary i a Guinea pigs reacted favourably. Plans were reported under Way to Washington june 20.�? a establish beef blood receiving Sta president Roosevelt has signed leg tons at stockyards throughout the Myca Secretary endured torture in Gestapo prison How the nazi Gestapo held a kidneys and hit me. Myca Secretary prisoner for i could give them months and tried to wring from about the work of our legation him by torture political secrets he and the commission for polish re they said information $9,500,000 added to train War workers it must be borne in mind How. ,. Ever. That the political situation is a �3ppropj, an add Honal country. $9,500,000 to finance the Cost of did no to possess was revealed today by Harold b. Frame general Secretary of the Racine Myca. A the Man is James w. Brown for Many years our representative in Rumania a or. Frame said. A a in a now at Liberty to state the facts As conveyed to me by our Lief. I Hung there for 45 minutes. In pulling me Down one of the guards twisted my wrist so that the Bones cracked. A a a i was pretty much of a wreck by the time they returned me to my cell. I had Only Black bread and watery soup during the next gag ement were vague and have not yet been announced by the army or Navy departments. Admiral Nimitz said however that the Midway Victory of the u. Had considerably weakened the Jap Fleet and Secretary Stimson said the setbacks had reduced the danger of attacks on the West coast. The japs were reinforcing their Southwest Pacific bases though and the australians and americans were having to fight hard to stave off severe blows on Darwin. Pope passes to Isis Bern. June 20.�? a5 a Pope Pius Xii who h3s been reported mildly ill has considerably improved in health and the a a crisis can now be considered past the italian news Agency Stef Ani reported today. A dispatch to the Lugano newspaper corriere Del Ticino said the Pope was suffering from a Light attack of influenza. Ment of the strike of mine shooters and drillers which has shut Down operations of virtually All Southern Indiana Coal mines for four weeks. The agreement calling for immediate resumption of mining operations also was approved by Thomas Hutson Indiana commissioner of labor and James f. Dewey of the u. Conciliation sender. The four Point agreement called for 1. Mines to reopen immediately. 2. Secretary of labor Francis Perkins to appoint a three Man panel to investigate All facts in connection with the demands of shooters and drillers for a pay increase of 40 cents a Day. 3. Both sides agree that the panels recommendation shall be binding. 4. The panels authority is to cover Only the one Issue and it shall submit recommendations j within 30 Days. Today is coloured by favourable War news. At the present time the Public is highly satisfied with War production and cheered by naval and air victories in the Pacific. If such a combination of Good news does not exist in november the democrats May suffer politically just As military reverses from time to time increased opposition sentiment in England. Gop lacks Issue. Up to the present time the republicans have failed to find an Issue with sufficient Appeal to win a sizeable part of the Independent vote that bloc of approximately 10.000,000 voters who hold the it balance of political Power in the United states today. Lacking such an Issue today the republicans Best Hope lies in the fact that voters this year Are taking considerably less interest in elections than at any time in recent years. That is shown by the Low turnout in All the primary elections to Date. More republicans Vole. When turnout is Low the republicans generally Benefit. More republicans than democrats customarily take the trouble to vote. Since last november in six Spe training War workers in vocational courses of less than College Grade the White House announced today. Authorities said that pending completion of the Harvard experiments however persons should continue to donate their blood to the red Cross blood Banks. Very sorry just 12 kids official count taken of Tim Wong s family t san Rafael calif., june 20. A amp a the size of Tim Wong s family for years a subject of Friendly but never satisfied curiosity of Wong a laundry customers and other townsfolk was settled officially today. It numbers 15�?no, Pardon 14 and a dog. The Man who settled the question was Victor West air raid Block Captain. He had to take a census for the District Warden. When he arrived at the Wong House he found Tim was out with his truck delivering washings. A Large part of the younger members of National Council in new York be five Days of my cause Brown is Safe. He returned a intercession by the rumanian to this country in an Exchange of prime minister procured Browne a our diplomats and nationals for release from the secret prison on those of our enemies. Christmas eve. Mrs. Brown was a Brown had been 21 years in trimming a Little tree As a spirit Rumania As staff worker for the Ual link with her husband when International committee of the he walked in. A he had aged so Myca. His welfare efforts for much that i was frightened she rumanian and polish refugees says. Probably put the nazis on his Trail. Protected from Gestapo. The Gestapo first arrested him a the Browns remained in their aug. 20 on charges of espionage Home closely guarded never sure for the British. He was held for of their safety until the diploma the family had gone along for the ride. A 6-year-old daughter inter ter pretend for West who asked How Many songs there were. A an interesting question a answered mrs. Wong. A let me think a she thought. A fifteen a she said. A and a fifteen West wrote. He skipped the dog. Then he left. A half Block away he heard the Pratter of Small feet it was the 6-year-old Wong girl. A ooh a the child said. A my Mother she very sorry. She say counted one too Many. There Are Mother and father. And just 12 kids. 48 hours. Wife returns Home. A just before Rumania declared Rumania War on the u. S., or. And mrs. Jan. 27. Brown left Bucharest for Turkey passed at the legation but at Svile Grad Bulgaria they John Ratay american were detained and turned Over to the Gestapo. You re prisoners of Gestapo agents told them and they were sent Back to Bucharest under guard. At Bucharest mrs. Brown was permitted to return Home under House arrest and Brown was taken to the German secret police jail there j after six Days in solitary confinement his ordeal really began. Tic train that was to take the staff of the american legation out of was ready to leave on the last night they colonel military attache in Bucharest took them into his own compartment on the train to protect them from being kidnapped by the Gestapo at the bulgarian Border. A Day later they reached Lisbon. A Brown is a retiring Friendly Middle aged Little Man widely known and regarded in All Rumania for his welfare work. He is a native of Florence s. C. Mrs. Washington june 20.�? a Price administrator Leon Henderson said today he would be willing to resign if that were necessary to obtain congressional enactment of subsidies which he contends Are necessary to assist certain industries in observing Price ceilings. Henderson told a press conference that subsidies a plan which Congress has rejected once but is reconsidering Are necessary to support Price ceilings at March Levels and to prevent suffering among Consumers and retailers. He said he believes so strongly in the idea of subsidies that he would quit if necessary to see that idea put into effect. He gave no indication however that he did not expect to win the Battle for subsidies. Threat to stabilization. He said a major threats to Price stabilization besides the Lack of subsidies remain in the yet a effectuated parts of president Roosevelt a anti inflation program. These include holding Down agricultural prices stabilization of wages and failure to reduce the inflationary Gap through any tax action to Date. Henderson said he had predicted that As Price administrator he would become the a most unpopular Man in the country and he admitted that he a was making he said he expected to continue the same relationship that he had always had with his a a Bossy a president Roosevelt. He said that he had always stayed on a Job As Long As he was useful and then he had said Good Bye. Cut As a discipline. The Price administrator admitted that his original request for $161,000,000 for opa operations reportedly was being Cut by Congress As a measure of but he insisted that his a a modest request was necessary to maintain enforcement of the Price control act. He denied that such enforcement would be of the Gestapo nature. A personalities Are to be chewed up around Here a he said in discussing his feud with Congress Over patronage. A the trouble is i done to Chew so Damn other High Points in the Henderson press conference included that $38,000,000 would help insure present East coast gasoline prices through subsidies. He does not have the Money now. Savings under Price ceilings in steel alone were More in 1941 than the entire Cost of the proposed opa budget. He said this saving As contrasted with the pattern of prices during 1916, amounted to $200,000,000. War Cost reduction. If Price ceilings hold during the next 20 months he said the entire War Effort will Cost $62,000,-000,000 less than it would Cost if prices Rose As they did during the last War. Nationwide gasoline rationing is the a Best mechanism for control in conserving rubber although such rationing is a damned approximately 2,000,000 to 2,-500,000 persons eventually May be helping with Price control and rationing although few of them will be concerned directly with enforcement. Henderson said the original opa budget provided for a total staff of 66,000 of which Only 6,000 would be on the inspection staff and of these Only 3,300 would be investigators for rent rationing and Price control regulations. A a a i was questioned and beaten Brown is an attractive Blue eyed first night from 10 30 until Blond. The 4 30 a. Rn., he says. A i was stripped and Hung to a Rod by the wrists while the Stool was pulled from under me. They kicked me in the a emr. Brown was a guest of the Racine Myca seven years ago while on a visit in the interest of1 listed fathers Day in they a world service program.9 served today. Father s Day founder says Honor thy son Spokane wash., june 20�? if a fathers Day which gained its impetus during one War enters another with its founder suggesting a special slogan for 1942�? a Honor thy a War time censorship and soldiers pay limits the letters and the gifts a Warrior son May Send his father but there is no limit or restriction to the words a proud dad can Send his boy a mrs. John Bruce Dodd who Stab 1910, of

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