Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
8 Jun 1947

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
8 Jun 1947

Read an issue on 8 Jun 1947 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 08, 1947, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday journal time bulletin vol. 18, no. 5.racine, wis., sunday june 8, 1947. To pages Public favors veto Reform by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. ?"Many presidents and or. Truman is probably no exception have wished that they could veto parts of Bills sent by Congress for White House approval. With a momentous veto decision confronting or. Truman in the shape of the labor Union it control Bill the president vote record hard to get by James Marlow ?"up a the voting record of your senator or representative in t easy to get. Congress in t showing any there is a wide Public support j Glen of making it easier although for Contention. A Survey by Hep Hale bows. Louisiana demo must under the Constitution either reject the measure in whole or accept it in whole. Some students of government have Felt that this should in changed mat the president should have the Power to pick out parts of Hills for disapproval especially in the Case of appropriations Bills. Several question asked. The Institute finds that among people who know what a veto is sentiment is overwhelmingly Iii favor of permitting a president to veto some items in a Bill without vetoing the whole measure. In probing the Public s attitude sever i que it tons were asked to out How much people know about the subject of vetoes. The first question was a will you Tell me what the term a veto Means to you for example what does it mean when j the president vetoes a Bill sent him by Congress e get out of every to voters polled 80 tier cent gave a Cor j reel answer while 20 per cent gave Esther an incorrect answer or said they did no to know. The 80 per cent who indicated Correct knowledge were asked at the present time when j Congress passes a Bill the presi i Dent cannot veto parts of that Bill but must accept it in full or veto j it. Do you think this should be changed so that the president can veto some items in a Bill without vetoing the entire Bill a the vote of those who gave a Correct definition 80 per cent j mar yet. 49% no 21 Don t know .20 80% the favourable ratio is More than 2-to-1. Opinion on the matter of vetoing parts of Bills was tested once before in 1945. During that year to congressional session. Senator Vandenberg of Michigan proposed to allow the president to veto parts of appropriations Bills. His proposal died in committee but an Institute poll at the time found the Public for it by a substantial Laa Jority. Many hell informed. Erat has offered a Bill to do just i that. The Bill went to a committee then to a sub committee for consideration which has t started. And this session of Congress is almost Over. The Bill if it became Law would do this by writing to the congressional Library any newspaper editor or group of to or More citizens could get any congressman to voting record free. Hoggs said he made it a group of to or More citizens just to prevent some individual a Crackpot from bothering the librarians the congressional Library now keeps a record of every congressman to voting and gives it to him at tile end of the year but just his own. You As a citizen or editor could t write to the Library and get your congressman to record. Can boy service. Not even a congressman can get from the Library the voting record of any other congressman. The Library won to give it to him. How then can you a private citizen get a record of your congressman to votes Here Are three ways 1. You can write but must for the service to a private Washington which keeps such records. 2. If your local Library has it you can search through the congressional record of each Day to work in Congress. That to a Gigantic task. 3. You can look up the files of your local newspapers. Papers which print votes in Congress generally use Only those on major issuer. Why won to the congressional Library give even a congressman the voting record of another congressman there to no Law against it. This writer asked top people in legislators anxious to wind up session in Madison ?" or a the Wisconsin legislature Heads into the last Lap 1947 session next week when three big Bills come up for action in the two How Long it will take the legislature to reach the adjournment Gna s St Republican party leaders Hope the legislature which already Hiss Beer in months will wind up its business by july i. Sen. Gordon Bubolz r., Appleton head of the g o p. Steering committee legislature was a to trying hard to finish by the end of ?� Quot the session certainly will not end later than july 15,�?� he added. Next wednesday the Assembly starts debate on the $105,000.00 1 Budge i u the finance c pm Tiu it uses. Til a Sass to Aid the railroads average 40 mishaps a Day by Jim o Brien by s. Burton Heath Washington a Nea a you arc sitting comfortably in a re i dining coach sent. Or maybe in a Pullman car speeding along on a i do luxe train. Suddenly without warning. Your car is off the rails and you i Are on the floor. If you re Lucky the car stays upright and uns mashed. You have j nothing worse than a bad scare Anil a few bruises. At worst you May lie for hours under a heavy i beam while Rescue workers try i frantically to Cut it away and free you. In Between you could be dead. This Isno to a common occurrence j in fact it happens infrequently. The average person could ride 14 million Miles in a Tram before it came his turn to get Hurt More than half a billion Miles before it was his turn to be killed. I last year american railroads a delivered the equivalent of 5,000 passengers from coast to coast for every one they injured. They gave the equivalent of 100.000 coast to coast round trips for every passenger they killed. But that record is the worst i peacetime year s showing since 1929. If you have thought there were an unusual lot of tragic be taken before the trip right and at Abrine by physician to wrecks in the past few months. Re re Aal oui l Vigil to Reward for three weeks 4-year-old Linda Knight and five of her playmates kept Vigil at a Robin to nest they found in a Holly tree in Ole tangy Village near Columbus Ohio. Tile nest hold ing Crotch was so Low the children could peer into it. At first mrs. Robin was alarmed by her daily visitors. Gradually she gained Confidence in them and went about her matronly business. Soon the children found the nest held three greenish Blue eggs. Excitement ran High among the nest to six �??� their watch was intensified and finally was rewarded. One morning As pictured above Linda found the eggs Cracker open and three downy baby Robins in tile nest. Now the youngsters have banded together to dig earthworms for mrs. Robin a Oso her children will grow big and ?� going abroad be cautious warns City health officer on Lek Iii u to see How Many voters Are the Library and in Brief got this accurately informed about con answer Gress Mal Powers in regard to a a owe did it until 1942. Then veto the Institute put this ques Congress or rather the appropriation to the hoj i cent who Indi Lions committee of the House located Correct knowledge of tile dictated strongly it wanted us to meaning of the word veto. If Hie president vetoes a Bill can Congress Over ride his veto a the results show the Public very Well informed. Vis. It can Oser ride 70% no. It can t4 Don t know. To 80% the next question in the quiz was this a How much of a majority is required for the Senate and House to Over ride a presidential veto a the Correct answer a a two thirds majority was Given by 44 per cent of ail voters. People who have had College training scored High on the definition of what a veto is and did Well on the question of whether Congress can override one. On the matter of How Large a majority is required to override two out of every to College trained persons interviewed either muffed the answer err did t know while eight got it right. Stop doing ?� respond to threat. That powerful committee decides How Lilac ii Money a government Agency like tin congressional Library can have to keep running a to Liis is what the librarians meant by that statement Iii 1940 a House member ran against a senator for the latter to sent and Defeated him. The House member got the senator to voting record from the Library and the senator got the House member to record the same Way. They used those records in the Campaign. Two years later Mem in is of the appropriations committee remembered that Campaign. Foreign travel popular again along with getting a passport and prescription and pyrethrum Are this Jet Attar a Lay War time Steamer tickets sol bomb for mosquitoes and lies. Be vaccinated for typhoid Para we Lac trav Chang m foreign coun typhoid smallpox yellow fever i. Typhus and cholera. The first three rest arc other suggestions Are it musts a the doctor said the that will minimize the chances of last three depend on your Destina serious illness lapse has its health hazards or. Albert c. Edwards City health commissioner warned those who Are planning trips abroad. Or. Edwards outlined precautions that travellers can Luke to reduce those Ion and rules of the countries you a my drink Only articles known hazards. A oif you Are planning to travel abroad you will enjoy your trip More if you observe common sense health ?� or. Edwards said. So me he Alth precautions can be taken before the trip and some Are visiting. Have a thorough dental examination. Toothache can spoil a trip. Secure a Small first Aid kit con to be clean. You were right. An average of about 40 train accidents a Day were reported to the interstate commission during 1946 a a total of 15,566 for the year. Most of them were very minor. They included every Accident involving a train or a locomotive or cars that did As much As $150 boil water for five minutes or damage to Railroad property in add two Halazon tablets to each Taining sterile dressings Antiseptic. Quart of water and let it stand for Talcum powder medicinal charcoal � 30 minutes before using. When in for diarrhoeal conditions Burn Point doubt drink Tea or Coffee. During a stay in foreign countries. , aspirin Throat lozenges Zinc avoid ice ice Cream cheese and three a to must to vaccinations. Oxide ointment Halazon tablets butter. Never drink uncoiled milk. Here Are a few preparations to splinter forceps sulfa Guanadine never eat raw food or salad. Eluding the Cost of cleaning up. But some were serious and caused the deaths of 103 passengers and 329 Crew members besides injuring 4.617 passengers and 16.060 Railroad workers. The Pace has stepped up this vote fraud talk hurts Republican sandpaper tender hides except Fixl that has been dipped year. During the first two months in. Boiling water. 2.967 accidents were reported use alcoholic drinks moderately compared with 2.758 during the in hot climates. J same months of 1946. Avoid Over exposure. J 29 passengers killed. If you perspire freely eat Salty Twenty nine passengers were. Ii. Killed in january and february food use Salt tablets or two Tea Row seeded off Bennington curve near Altoona. One dead one injured passengers escaped miraculously when a through Pullman car broke Loose from the Pennsylvania to Sunshine special backed wildly downgrade and crashed an embankment also near Altoona. Nineteen killed 139 injured when the Pennsylvania to Golden Triangle slowed into a derailed freight at Guthrie Ohio. Eight killed. 86 Hurt when the Southern Pacific to owl hit a broken rail at Lerdo. Cal. Six dead 132 injured when the Union Pacific to trans on went off a Sharp curve near Oro Grande. Cal., at 75 Miles an hour. Five dead 47 injured when Loose steel plates on a passing freight raked the sides of the Pennsylvania to american at Huntington. A. Crack trains. To o killed and 38 Hurt when the Burlington s Zephyr slowed into a 12-ton tractor which dropped off a freight Tram. These Arentt second rate trains on second rate roads. They tre the crack trains of the Best roads. Add to them among others that have met up with disaster in the period studied such famous names As super chief St. Louisan. Powhatan Arrow Broadway limited Havana special tennessean Orange Blossom special rocket. Gotham limited Manhattan limited these Are the trains of which d american railroads Are justly Utko j Ico i 146-up proud. They Are trains which cer Milwaukee w 3 a Carru mainly get their full share of care Reece Hamm in of r e re7. Can Ful attention. They Are most National comm Vee. Saturday As Likely to have the latest finest sailed the democratic j 1rty foe safest equipment owned by the a playing Bai with fro is roads. In return for political sup ?� yet they the All cracked up Dur Reece spoke Here Over Ana r ii ing a 13-month period from april radio network of the Young re-1, 1946, through april 30, 1947. Public ins National c River to it Isno to the whistle it to the calories boys cover state costs of most state Der merits institutions and a Des for the next two fiscal be assemblymen a two amendment by the r i line a get night would do Veteran fund one of the amendments res the 55,000.ooo ado Mon t. World War ii vein r a a that the finance committee from the original Bullet Btl the late gov Walter s Glt Dot. Howard ohm. Head of the Illa Tive r of the a othe us Ping for for depart once the the Way to action on the our ent appropriators been held up pc the budget Meas the lower he will Start to Wor approved Bill out Public utilities. Wednesday Star lobbying control Only last week legislative proce Compromise a step toward big problem a St taken this Weeker sub committee of my committee c Promise school hearings on to venial prop a 1-tuesday. The will hold a salary raise amendment judiciary c six Bill plan legislative a. � Art f Ana a Sui it. The As tree will Hirn reappear state a accuses democrats or Muk ukr c. Othman i be told that she to already voted Washington a up a you the i site a Oid be had t. The Man been Reading lately about the vote i outside to Confer w till some frauds Case in Kansas City pres i other it no Iii of. Ident Truman Home town. And Quot then he pushed some Bills at How some eggs sneaked into the my an Ltd i0�?t uni it 1� take this and courthouse the other night with re and buy myself some Beer a wet mattresses and a Jug of Nitro the indignant Estella wrote Glycerine blew the door off the i torturer Ferguson grinning spoons of common Salt a Day. Brush your Teeth with boiled water tap water vault and stole the impounded ballots. This has pained the democrats. It has pleased the republicans j the More piteous the cries of dem j of crafts the happier Are the re j publicans. And with no further j ado i want to Tell about a re pub j bran torturer name of Homer i Ferguson and How he Sand red some tender hides. Is polluted. Keep your hands away from your Mouth and Wash them with soap before eating. Avoid Over exposure to Sun particularly in the tropics by wearing a ventilated hat or helmet. Mort broadly than Ever asked St met oxide ointment to Mai Sam Hie District attorney Wyeth in to sunburn. Or he to told the three judges about j or Protection against insects Estella in his report. Sam thought use aerosol bombs on surroundings he had but a careful Reading of j Anc. Mosquito nets in malarial the document produced no word j District of the Man who wanted to Trade Beer Money for Estella to uses Bulldozer to dig for pirates treasure convention site fond do Lac ?"</p>�?"the advisory Iniard of the pure milk i is head Man in the senatorial in products co operative has select i Quiry into the hocus pocus of last cd Wausau As the site for the 18th summer s primary election As annual convention of the milk pro i uncovered by the Kansas City Star. Duckers oct. 18. J he called in Sam Wear the District attorney who did no to think any Federal Law had been violated. Some vote. It was Here that the gentleman from Michigan applied a fresh senator Ferguson of Michigan j pm a text a sandpaper and laughed a at the resultant anguish. He called the judges to testify. The elderly White haired judge Albert l. Reeves read miss Carters to statement Over again. No Morr quest ions. A now judge senator Ferguson in Case of illness get medical attention through the u. S. Consul or local health officers. Of this year compared with 16 1 last year and 770 were injured this year compared with 664 last in Many hotels year. Employees have fared better this year but not enough to offset the greater damage done to passengers. Over All. Wrecks in the two months kilted 143 against 139 last year and injured 2.068 against 2,119 last year. It is easy to recall some of the headlines of the past 13 months forty five died 69 were Hurt when the Burlington to exposition flyer crashed the rear of the Advance flyer at Naperville Iii. Twenty four dead 138 injured when the Pennsylvania to red army skin with More that in you s cd so a escort kind 1 your Tive f you in Tui my fun ii up Mahone Bay. N. ?"0j.pi�?"an american with a Bulldozer is seeking to hit a possible buried treasure Jackpot which has eluded generations of pick and a h o v e i wielders. Since 1795. Treasure Hunters have probed the Earth of tiny Oak Island for the fabulous buried Sil the Oak Island Story began in 1795. Three Young men found a great Oak there with Marks on a Branch indicating a Block and tackle had been fastened to it. Underneath was a depression in the grass 13 of a it in diameter. They started digging. At 95 feet they found a Flat j he also called the three u. S. Dis asked a Oise t there enough in that i strict judges who read same to re i one letter to cause you to ask a j port and on the basis of it agreed grand jury for an indictment a with him. J a of am inclined to answer your i 1 question in the affirmative a judge Reeves replied choosing his words j carefully. Ferguson called the next judge. They Walt we want to know Vee Cache of Captain Kidd. Now Stone bearing a curious i scrip Jack b Faulkenham. Andover me., Tion. Some said it read a Oten feet Lumberman is emptying a Bull below two million pounds lies Dozer in a new Seal cd. ?� the diggers hit a solid Captain Kidd visited. Wooden platform and then an and later in the summer de overnight flood filled the pit with Vard Reichert of new York is sex water. They Sank another Shaft. Peeled to turn up with a technical Crew bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Reichart recently made a Survey of the Island a Dot of land one mile Long and a half mile wide in the Bay which once was the haunt of pirates and said he would be Back later. Captain Kidd according to local records was a frequent visitor to this part of Nova Scotia. He was arrested in Boston in 1699 and barged in London in 1701. Many pirates used the Bay As a had a but water seeped into it from the first. Other expeditions failed. Half a Century later another Why did a and All i denounced the White thatched i Ferguson smiling broadly a ois Why there was no investigation by Federal officials. They waited until 1 the ballots were stolen. Only when j the horse w As gone and the Oats too did the attorney general order an inquiry by the ?� the portly Sam tried to reply. Ferguson squelched him. This Al most caused sen. Pat Mccarran it of Nevada the Only Democrat on the committee to blow a fuse. A now you the made a political speech a Mccarran sputtered. A and we till get your name in the ?� Ferguson said Mccarran to name undoubtedly would appear in print too and with that he began putting into evidence the affidavits Albert a. Ridge who was a Little younger and asked him what he thought about Estella to statement. Judge Ridge said it certainly deserved further investigation. �??� said the gentleman from Michigan a Othey used the refusal of you judges to ask for an indictment As an excuse to Call off the Fri ?� it seemed so the judge agreed. Senator Ferguson bowed to senator Mccarran. Tile latter was fresh out of questions. Expedition sent a Boring apparatus about dead men voting in Kansas City live men voting twice and others who could t remember their names until they to consulted with the democratic Bif wigs at the polling Booths. Money for Beer. The senator stressed in particular the statement of Estella Carter into the water. The bore w ent through the platform and some Metal 22 inches deep. The Effort undermined the in Tom of the shafts and mud and water covered the �??� in 1h9g there w As another try. Twenty shafts were sunk. In 1912 armers the name Mahone comes water Defeated another Enterprise who went to the polling place in m a French we Tord for a pirate four other expeditions including a radio shop on East eighth St. Aft artist Globe Trotter Heads for Pasadena Portland. ?"-.pl a a 5 000-mile hiking trip to Pasadena ?"with Many detours in route a began saturday for a. Dean Swift 31-year-old Madison wis., mural Painter who claims to have Globe trotted 508.960 Miles since 1933. In Pasadena. In will visit his Mother mrs. Nellie Swift. He expects to reach there in a year and a half after making Many Era in a costly one last year also failed. In Kansas City to vote Only to stops for painting. What to so funny a a Okay. Go on and laugh. That to the trouble with you silly humans. When you see this picture of me you bust out laughing fit to kill. If you think i always look like this you tre Barking up the wrong tree. In to hard head Pepper if you please a prize Basset hound. In to hot stuff in the dog show rings around Philadelphia pa., and my master. Ira d Dehoop. Of Norristown can show plenty of ribbons to prove it. So in to not sad just terribly terribly ?� by Hal Boyle Oklahoma City a what i fun is it to be whistled at of the whistlers Aren t Worth a Hoot that to what a number of okla Home High school girls wrote in to ask miss Maxine Turner state nutritionist after she told them in a Frank Bookie that the Best Way to become a a whistle jobs was to develop a a Classy ?� the girls complained that the Quality of a Onice wolves was so Low it was hardly Worth the trouble to develop Eye Appeal. So miss Turner an attractive Brunette w to follows her own advice has prepared a Booklet for i the Oklahoma state department of health telling High school boys a How to be a big time ?� diet for Guys. She talks in their own Jive Lan i Guage. A oif you tre Only slightly repulsive you can talk it Over with the physical education teacher or the j coach a she wrote a Othey were probably Young once. Too. However there Are a few things every Guy can do to stay on the beam such foods As milk shakes pastes. Cakes Rich sauces Cream fat meats and candies Are no go if you sport a plump Rump. A oif you tre a slim Jim and you can Tell from the number of times she slams that receiver Down in your earn you Tell need to eat More of the fattening ?� under the heading a Oaing to you i got no Happy a to. Miss Turner told the High school Romeos a ooh. Sure diets Are for Dames. You say. But Guys Are for Dames too so you can draw your own i conclusions a miss Turner listed As the seven Basic food needs Green and yellow vegetables one serving a Day. Citrus fruits one sen my a Day. Potatoes and other fruits and vegetables a two or three Servings i a Day. J milk products one when she bark once meat fish eggs and poultry two Servings daily. Whole Grain or enriched bread and cereals three Servings daily butter or fortified Margarine three Tablespoons daily Why glum. Chum the Booklet also advised boys How to Clear up skin a of Luckiest by getting plenty of sleep cutting Down on sweets and using a mild face soap. A z Kun int n Csc rail. Dog wins class honors Chicago a ? a 2-Yea old i Dalmatian named miss Dix e offal Dale was chosen Valse Conan of her class at do College saturday. Her owners or and mrs. Shu Art g. Morrison took or me a Small Gold trophy miss Dixie got a can i of dog food la b. Mccullough Trainer a the South Side All Breed d g in. school a Che through her a. Ment exercises class. Quot sheets one of ing pupils a he s decide to go in ?� the school of my from Funda biting the la in Vance subjects and jumping the mrs. Morrison Dixie to school learn not to Bari a Oshe almost f miss Dixie go � Orrence beginners to it Ampf Quot it o re she ii courses rang reals not Man to and. A e retries G hex in f at is e j an. The first class a Oshe took instructor it sit Down walked Arr morn Sony to mrs. A play she in Heel. Milk and quart daily w mrs mom miss Dixie j class to work a Mon ?"4 robs Bank k ans Al Lone Bandi Trust co. Saturday under term d am it est Dang with ast it Apoc of

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