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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - June 01, 1947, Racine, Wisconsin Racove nor Rev fund. June i 147 the Washington merry go round it a Marti by Drew pc Orion Ashing to Ati. I Iree str tit6 or n a Des Idle we a Doorstep i interested it in t is t preside my repro part men pile re put1 he to in an the e in Kev Terr Inonu nations t tur tur to in handling our affair under the Community property state Law a snapped Connally. A othe senator from Illinois is injecting a Little Jar amal matter into a Public quest on. I shall not retaliate by discussing any of i private affairs. A Otho senator took after me while i was sitting Here very quietly and peacefully and he has relent to to me on two or three Cliff Seemer de Abo a Wucki s. Creel i whal s. Obj in for or r. B More Condon which bout 30.000 the it r cd it occasion Lur As persists the red the Ting was the Only time i re o the senator said cd a i referred to him because Broada Ting senator has been Broad Ever since i have been in 57% in poll favor he it on Lin tier from fats 1.1 popularity is shown in the follow ing table do you approve or disapprove of the Way or. Truman in handling i Job am president Quot the trend or. Truman s popularity since he took office As shown by Gallup polls. \ Cit decide Inonu of t Herm con lore that \ r 94s. In e. Concentration con ii evident Hoose with president How my the the two Days Beteta pc place Kenly pro aim of the a Ovar Lik Quot i est ions by to Bummer Senate oratory. Lid Lenin a the c Auget de a a party in and but n i. Lime to Sena stand it flail at each Silver maned Texas and i of Illinois St torn each 11 Yutile Nihil Over they k their hot in the be lout to snare in Rizzie i was w senator la c \ Den his that theory attracts e in or wide , to Sheppard a under Tom i w ill a Illinois Quot he namely my v More proper there Rte were i w Ler it by e senator from pressure from Tate within the immunity pop going into the per to system i launched into a of women to right earnings of interrupted Cas a oif the senator i Heck with his wife on mrs. Conn sly is hic to of Connally to Texas in late senator Morris this apparently got v to the senator from retorted a that Fortune is possessed of to than i Ain. And if Ary division on that jul id gain something my wife benefiting a he other Way Quot shot id i a no difficult sew and save Waltl the y Annite dress kit t a sumo of Quot of new Quot out a shod u Tho mukti it�>9 co or. Of wet inc in Ramus a Vatric Emu no to it it i Eit Fiatt inti a Oto the great advantage of the senator from Connally bad Wisecrack. �? said Lucas. A of have never Learned very much from the senator from Texas because he is always on Bis feet with witticism which he thinks Are wisecracks but they do not turn out to be very a of do not expect to gain the approval of the senator from Illinois because of his ?� shouted Connally. A Ohe has a Little amendment and he thinks that senators ought to flock to tile support of his amendment. He knows that the senator from Texas is not ring to support his amendment. I apologize to the senator Quot he added in an after breath. A othe senator does not need to apologize Quot Linas retorted. A othe senator interrupted the senator from Texas by talking crackled Connally a and that a my excuse for saying that i would yield to ?� a Olf the senator from Illinois interrupter 1he senator from Texas a the result of a Little conversation which i had i wish to say that tin senator from Texas has inter i opted Many a debate As a result of what he has been doing in the Way of conversation. I resent it Lucas replied. A what does Hie senator resent Quot a of resent Quot said Lucas a what the senator has said about the senator from a of am sorry Quot Connally apologized. A of did not know that i had Aid anything to the discredit of tin senator from Illinois. He says?� i frequently interrupt. When i interrupt i interrupt under the de i address the chair and get the rigid to interrupt. Or. President. I am sorry that tile feelings of the senator from Illinois have been ruffled. There i nothing personal involved. I heard the senator talking and saw him looking around and i said i would yield to hot weather tempers then subsided. A copyright 1r47 both Bells Nodi late Lur i Moon superstitions linked to 2-week weather cycles min it is warm at the dark a Al Moon of Digap no pros e Pear e opts. July. 1945 17% 3% of feb. 1944 63 to 15 july. 1946 43 45 it let. 1916 St 53 15 Jan. 1947 35 47 of feb. 1947 46 39 13 March 194 7 kits 17 toll 5$ 57 25 it the or Tau Dent to popu Tarity highest in the sout Lowes t in to East Central state. I the vote by sections follows a Dap a new Moon is the dark of the Moon if \ if Theis ape Many Clouds a j Cand rain _ Vith warm Aik a at full Moon.0ult i it Jok Moon u ? m act it to narc. Win be 4 Rcv Clouds no rain att cold air at night from. Prove prove Opin. A Cag. A 51. All. 55% t6% 19% i enl. 59 36 39 5v. Cent. By 29 19 South 66 17 is rat. Min. A Pac. Coast 61 24 is ii is of tech fair 2. Gold at the nut log tit of the Moon. Temperature. E. V. A by prof. S. Maxwell noted meteorologist. Many people believe that plants thai produce above ground should he planted in the Light of the Moon while those that produce below ground should be planted in Hie dark of the Moon. Most of tins belief is rank superstition hut there is just enough truth in it to make it seem plausible. The superstition has it that the Moon draws plants up or Down. When we have the Light of Hie Moon that is when tile Moon is shining in Hie night sky. Its rays Are supposed to Diaw plants upward while when the Moon is dark and is not visible in tile night sky its Lack of rays is supposed to draw plants downward a Little thought will show that this superstition cannot possibly he Hie rigid explanation because tile Moon is in the sky just As much in the dark of tile Moon As it is in the Light of the Moon of there in to be a tide considered As a part of tile superstition the dark of the Moon has somewhat of an Edge when it comes to pulling for the High tides at new Moon Are on the average a Little stronger than those at full 111 to mat mat to pm Amrita of i it m Lam urn a it in?5.94 Tampa 7 Ria Ricci Drill Uci a tor Crimi y to a or a i ta1 a to la to Tov in Quot a of a a it a cow i pad i App by a dad. He a Topp a pop Jap. Fuci Mlp a up a to ipod fwd a a Ca allow i Veo a vast Buda spa i a Felt to a a .�?�hiod<-9 Aru a Milfs it i i m exam self it afer i sushi tia0ih8 Coho Bation s3 Wpm a Daw. Sone Lark of. N y?"�?"111 i Quot i i t America s largest bulb grower i offers you Gladiolus. N Usu l u 0 bulbs \ wholesale Price to t pm of a i. A pm in it v l of ?4 at Dpi to id to Wpm a pc m to a it a a guaranteed a p o a Ltd up 0. I we we in a i this us vhf f Tjw Iron Gold in rep i of p. To w . Tath it a a in in p. #.<#, St pm to it r a i a r. A t i a it mar to him cow a it a v. pm t of own Gay n do of in pc a pot card a Dpt it pay. Drop a there is usually rain or at least fog Mist or Cloud whenever the temperature Falls. In summer these local drops of temperature often bring Thunder showers sometimes there Ait dozens of these local storms going on in different places All at once. Q a Tan fish see Iii Hie dark do they feed at night or Only in the daytime l. S. K., Ohio. A?"fish see moderately Well Iii Clear water and not at All in Muddy water. But a fish a an excellent seme of smell and it can also feel the tiniest vibration or variation of pressure in Hie water. A fish can detect a struggling insect in the water Many Yards away and Iii the Ocean a shark can seemingly smell blood for a mile. F ish probably eat at All hours. J. Is there any Star that neither rises nor sets what holds it up mrs. C. W. Cd a to. A?"the Star Polaris called the North Star is almost stationary in the ski. But of course it seemingly turns Over As the Earth revolves. All the stars Are Distant suns held in their paths by Gravity a Force Moon especially when new Moon present on Hie Earth on Ivriy Tai Falls near Perigee or the time and extending through All spa e. When the Moon is closest to the stars of the summer sky. Earth. Moon Light can have Little Nie 1947 summer sky map is to do with the Rase. Because Moon very interesting. In the South is new Ori eans up a a let imp1y reflected sunlight the giant planet Jupiter a world ,., in the apr of Mhrrlalr? n 7 a h. A Lal Quot or Quot in As�oibit.k Quot Quot Quot it it a a not far to 11,1 country i responsible for so n1? it it of Quot of own 11 Hin quote Quot he cast of you wit find Many matrimonial ventures hitting Quot eely by hollowed radiance. Antilles a giant Sun. The discos the skids. Dust off superstitions. By of the nature of Antale i that is the opinion of or. E. W. I the weather gives the True an one of the triumphs of modern Sci Burgess professor of sociology at ser. In our part of the world ence. You will want this summer the University of Chicago. He said storms and Clear weather often sky map. And it is yours free. Marriages previously were of an come in two week cycles. These with the compliments of the Jour institutional nature a ruled by the cycles Are not always two weeks Nal times. Address your request male while the woman remained in apart but two weeks is close enough for superstition. When a warm wet Cycle of weather Falls near the time of new Moon it will be Cloudy and Rainy and the nights will be unusually dark. Then two weeks later the cold Cycle will fall near the time of full Moon. � n i tile Days will he Clear the skies 11101011 cult Roi re ills. ,. ,. Las vegas. Nev?" a a when will be Cool and perhaps frosty. When thin particular weather and Davis dam completed and the Moon combination Falls at planting Colorado Rixer rises behind it to time As it does in the Spring of form a new Lake the entire Beta 1947, differences Between the Light and th4 dark of the Moon seems vivid and All the old superstitions Are brought out and dusted off. Plants set out in the dark of the Moon in the Spring of 1947. Root crops and All others too will ret a Start in warm wet weather anti w ill be in rugged enough condition to resist Frost. But plants set out democracy in marriage called hard sledding the background. But today. Burgess said the newer companionship Type of marriage is run on a More democratic basis with the two sharing be Spons ability. A Othis new he said a ois certainly nothing to be condemned but it is More difficult to make will be mostly Blue and the nights survive. Irish in new England in 983, he says Salem n. H?"<u p a the site of the first Christian missionaries to come to Amenta almost 1.000 years ago is believed to be located amid old Stone ruins in North Salem according to a newly published Book. William b Goodwin says he believe the mis Mouanes to have Benn Irish Guider or monks who in the Light of the Moon will just a Ameti convert the Algonquin be coming up As cold nights a for it to prof. Selby Maxwell care of the j Ouma i times. Enclose stamped self Addre it sed envelope for reply. Copy night. 1947, by John k Dill co i Colorado dam threatens will be under then roaming the Salem too big bulbs Ahu. Only 2 Usa a j to cd Maup j Hartford farms Norri it x slut la or i muh so Powe Chat War cd no comprehensive service to Industry business and Home has Long been established. You la be Troubie Tiee when we do the Job lot you with full insurance Protection. Phone Jackson 4061 Sorensen hovers 11 la Lockwood ave. I in i Book. The ruins of great Ireland ii new England Quot Goodwin by the Tom villages found at North Salem existed from 983 to 1030 a d. He bases his opinion on i. Toi Leal records left in icelandic history anti the sagas. Wildcat Oil Well sets record for depth Oklahoma City a fur a the duller at the Superior Oil Yan Indian culture water. Richard Miller director of the Nevada state museum said this destruction of All records of a tribe which existed Only in this Region of the River a ois an irreparable he said Petroglyph Rock inscriptions and ruins ranging Horn Mere pits to Large ides of communal dwellings will he sealed Pear and they will be too Young off in a a liquid Tomb Quot he Esti and too tender to resist much late mated that $8, we to $12,000 would Frost. It goes without saying then that a radish or a Carrot with Hie bulk of its Plant underground will be Able to resist a Frost in the Light of the 1947 Moon much better than a Little Tomato Plant will. But Hie same would be True in any other year Given the same temperature and rain conditions. Superstition also says that fences shingles and All other unpainted Wood should be put out Iii the dark of the Moon to prevent lie necessary to pay for excavating the Indian lore before tile water rises but the project has been abandoned because none of Ute Federal Agiu Tes is equipped to assist. Bull sessions prevail As collage diversion Moscow Idaho or a Trull sessions Quot Are still the most popular company s Well in Caddo county Curling. Here again it is All a mat diversion among College students Oklahoma have it let a new world record Foi deep drilling a and they tre still going Down. At la t report1, Hie depth was 16.935 let of 167 feet deeper than the previous world record of i Hillh feet get by hic Pacific Western Iii company in Kern county California. The Superior to Well is a Wildcat in Oil terms meaning a Well drilled in unproven territory. It is called the no 51-11 Weller. Ter of weather. When Wood dries out on one Side while the Oiler Side is wet it curls. When Damp Wood is strongly dried on one Side it usually warps. Shingles should be Laid in Cool misty weather of possible to give them a Chance to dry slowly in place and Strong Bright Sunshine on newly Laid shingles is bad no matter what the phase of the Moon is. Question and answers. Q does it always rain on every funeral directors Jiei Leburia funeral Home Jockson 2782 7545 Leroyette of Maple a Survey conducted at the University of Idaho by i of. Robe t l. Ormsby head of the philosophy department revealed that 3 1 per cent of students questioned placed informal discussions at the top of their preference for spare time activity. Runners up were sports preferred by he per cent attending a movie 15 per cent drinking Coffee or cokes at a Campus eatery Winch also includes Bull sessions to per cent playing chess five per cent doing Odd jobs around Home four per cent and just sitting and thinking three per cent. Something new in Chenille goods barroom ensemble spread Roy and drape Barb set Ray and double Scot cover boy rays end Chenille rays Choice of seven colors reasonable prices Call Prospect 6821 visit us the first part of thi Weik the mall groomed Mon it the one mho visits Ona of oui Thompt Tau Loelf tor o haircut a that a or a mat Toga. Look to this shops for better service Papak a s Sarber shop no is i St. West Racine Barber and Beauty shop i Rte saah Linglan a. Hazlett Barber shop sit sink St., Csc. Sam hotel Racine Barber shop it a Mann Bias it Pai s to too. T .1 is. Louis plans a push Button 2d world fair War study Ziy of the a going run to i Merit of it i executive Iris Leffier a hip or Dent of the a la ii to \ fall Duck Hunt May be limited to 30-Days a Day Washington -<4v Albert m Day. Director of the u. S. Fish and world service said yesterday Hie fall Duck Hunting season in the Eastern states probably will be limited to 30 Days at the most but Western and Prairie states May have a hit longer season. Day said increased numbers of Hunters and decreases in the Duck population probably will Force a general reduction in bag limits As Well As reason. The extent of tin reductions will not be determined until Spring Survey now under Way Iii the Breeding area Are rom pie Ted he added. The Duiz to. Eason last year consisted of 4� Days. Dav said the government is considering longer Hunting season along the flyways of Western and Prairie states than on the East coast a because the Western states Are in a better condition regarding ducks and the Hunting pressure is not so great nevertheless westerns As Well As Eastern probably will be Hin item in a log than the 45-Day season of last fall he said. Two i students launch Odd Job career Oklahoma City up two Young air corps veterans. Charles Chuck Wister and Buck Mcphail both newlywed Aud to found it hard to get by on tile $90--a-month each Drew attending Oklahoma City University on the . Bill. They decided to Start a Jack of All trades business called Chuck and bin k Quot a Owen tre not proud Quot said the Youthful business men. Well take anything we Tan do painting cleaning hauling junk just anything Quot to the veterans Only capital is St slightly used army truck and their Homes will serve As offices. Their wives in Orraine Mcphail and loan Wisler. Both think the fit it business a a wonderful idea Quot will take phone i alls. They have no doubt of Success. Even before they were to begin work neighbors writ flooding them with Calls. Hands across the sea in same pants pocket Richmond. A a to Richard l. Anderson gave an old suit to a War Relief hive for Holland. In the pocket was a new York tailor s name and also Anderson s. With no address. Jan to. Van Der tas a dutchman of Brue Kelen Holland received the suit wrote the tailor for Anderson to address and now the Ric Monder has his thanks. A Oit a great feeling to have a hunk like this hat pen Aud to know you the helped in make at least one person Happy Quot Anderson said. Then he added a othe Way the clothing situation is now. In the a Good mind to write and ask that Guy to a find the suit Bai k Mork natives nine out of to american babies now Are born to native parents while Only 25 years agin More than one half of them had at least one Foi Ngn Mirn Parent who. Nill litre Annil of a is telling friends that she and dancer Lent Dega it Bottom will be married next August. When Sci divorce front film director Kenton becomes final the to anlage will Climax a Friendship begun years ago to parts. Stage Star eyes films Hollywood it film producers who air looking for a Good actress Are hereby notified that a girl by the name of Kath Hitoe con Ell is available. For years the great lady of the american stage supposedly was unobtainable for pictures. Some thought she would never consider films. But Tain t so. She likes them. A of go to the movies often and no one enjoys them More Quot she told me in her dressing room at Hie Biltmore theater. A of would love to do a but there is a hitch. A othe picture would have to be just right Quot she said. It would have to be a Vita i Acie i to it inc age 4 49 a character i could be Hove in and i would have to make sure that i . Not making a mistake she explained that she a built up a reputation in tile theater and it might be destroyed by a Wmk it a picture. La a is it survivors Goshen id up when mrs. Catherine be in a ii died at Hie age of 96. The news Democrat did t have inure to list All her survivors she left i by living descendants nine children 58 grandchildren and 120 great grandchildren. I a Ikuine i ii i a a a Uinn it re it i to Arl a talc Tai in in i a i i 11 in it a Oft y ii is Al o Hie Centennial of Washington University at St. Louis and Fulton and Westminster College Iii the Aiea. T no Leer Tvorik in anal. The rioted St. Louis historian aul also that Ai my engineers will have completed by 1953 the $39, j too too canal by pass my the Chain of rocks Narrows in the Mississippi r ver. Morton Abo suggested that present studies of atomic Energy might re it it in the f a Bein powered by that Means and he come the first fan of the atomic agr no mime has been decided on for tile International exposition but Morton Sugge Ted the Vine world the a United natron of Hie Jei of i i Merlon Tai a Allis made but fair. Advocates of tile fair Point to the gains made by the City when St Louis a boat to Munthe wot id exposition m la 4 n rec Vivete widened budding of great Beauty erected my most of Forest Park one of the car get to recreational Center in Hie United states. Came into being As a result of Hie fair. Morton Lias reviewed the need for rehabilitating huge it Recti of of St Louis to tip sit t in exodus of Citi it % to of lands county and other parts of the nation he contended that it a Hie Bast of Hie fair of 1904 and held since that time by other die an inter rational exposition would work a t Ena is a Nee of , Maudr it and civil Vel Fai it a for the City father of nazi gets 8-year term Alon. Belgium up degree 73. Father of the former belgian nazi Leader i eight a i g die. War sentenced to years Urpin on Merit. Der Erie was accused of mid rect la causing the arrest of several belgian during the want Eiffel cd a chalice to Peak in own defend get lie denied the charge Ami sobbed. Leon Degi Elie fled to Spain near the end of the War. State Grants Aid to 61,379 in april Madison Vav is a r Public assistance Grants to 61,379 persons aggregated $2,493,073 during april tile state department of Public welfare reported the caseload included $1,792.42 to 17.147 old age assistance recipients $16 864 for 5.146 persons on general Relief. $610,535 to 7,098 dependent Chil Dren $50,454 to 1,299 Blind pet sons and $22,799 to 419 totally arid permanently disabled person pm temperature lit or to of the Ai planned the Hue get some Gen i retiring professor to speak at Beloit mme a Carey it Harold r a i at fax f it a it it a Beloit Vav 11 g v e 14 pre the Baccari n 05 i r. I t i Nhi it Peru inc a a i and hipped in the pah can n to Mobile the in passed in both his irs put he p red h Lteif lip and continued on his v a it awnings Are a Good investment in Home Beauty and Comfort. Plenty of Glt of owning Ryoti to v Uranec Dicot on sizes o we of Moke rom of Index. Racine awning co. 224 a a a it. Jacks $542 Orew Pearson 5 15 pm condos mor Sjef ho#41��e 5 30 pm neatest Story Ivet 4 withe pm Ger skew the desk Beek re be a these seeet�0el veers waiter Wickett Lomita Perse Jimmy the Pobst won i is theatre gm><4 Roo Belles so e Oil feth>oe<4 beet monday daytime shows am Himi of heat Wise Eti w be Ber Little it4 Beek new breakfast cub ladies a # Jow Reet my in reel All churches Bessie Metier breakfast i heels Weed Gate Drake Ted Maizee i of am key Baker skew i 4$ am Story Tim j ?5 pm a we to a it Kew 4 write j 4$ pm musical met be i of pm Wolfer Sterne i 15 pm Ethel 4 Albert i 30 pm Bride de greens j of pm a ladies be seated 3 of pm ski Farrell Shew Wren dial 1400

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