Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
26 Jul 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
26 Jul 1942

Read an issue on 26 Jul 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 26, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday or bulletin vol. 13, no. I Racine wis., sunday july 26, 1942. 8 pages the world last week a by Paul Freya president Eduard of Czechoslovakia a poll indicates Ham fish leads in n. Race Benes govern ment in exile believes that Germany will offer peace to the allies if she does not score a decisive Victory by oct. 15. Benes believes the russians will hold out but he added a if a second front can be established within the next three months to divert a certain proportion of the German forces from the Eastern front it is probably that things will develop quickly and we might be Home within a these words were an Echo of a renewed plea by Maxim Litvinov. ,._. Russian ambassador to the United it la Quot 15 j of a represent Tulve states who made the headlines Ham Uon Flash Lead Republican Campaign called test of congressional isolationists by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., july 25.�? the congressional race which is attracting the widest National at japanese planned blow at before sending peace envoy wednesday when he had a conference with president Roosevelt. The discussion came after it was revealed in London tuesday that High u. S. And British officials were holding secret talks presumably on the second front question. It was no longer believed that Small scale attempts to divert German troops could succeed in the Western part of Europe. It would have to be a fall out or nothing. As Benes said saturday in London a there is a certain risk con isolationist before Pearl Harbor who is running for re election in the 26th new York District. His Campaign is highlighted by three of the most unusual factors within the memory of politicians. First fish is opposed by the president of the United states. Second he is opposed by the titular head of his own party Wendell Willkie. Third he is opposed by the candidate who is most Likely to head the Republican ticket in his state this november Thomas e. Nee ted with it but the risk next Dewey. Add to these the fact that year will be even Tittle re a hordes meanwhile 1 were striving to give their own answer to the question of a decisive military Success by oct. 15 and the key to the solution was hidden somewhere in the Rich Oil Fields of the caucasus. The Battle for this vital area Between the Black and Caspian seas is raging now with the russians making their final determined stand at the Northern approaches to the Region. Sunday the russians admitted the loss of the City of Oroshi Novgrad too Miles North of Rostov but the reds gained slightly in the Voronezh sector at the Northern end of the Southern front. On monday the reds made further gains at Voronezh but it was not enough to take any sizeable pressure off the nazi drive which advanced Southeast of Oroshi Novgrad. The fish is campaigning in the District which includes the presidents own town and that his election is a test of How isolationism before Pearl Harbor will affect a congressman a chances and the importance of the race becomes obvious. Chance to win. Despite these problems the indications at the moment from an Institute Survey of Hamilton fishes District Are that he will win the Republican nomination and that he has a better than even Chance of winning the election in november. Because of the Many complicating factors in the race the institutes Survey required a careful probing of what is going on in the minds of voters in the 26th District. If rep. Fish wins in november the question will inevitably arise Why do voters who Back the War Effort return to office a candidate who took an outspoken soviets retreated further toward non interventionist stand before Rostov tuesday and by wednes Pearl Harbor Day the germans had reached within 20 Miles of Rostov the Point where Hitler was stopped cold and driven Back last november. Thursday came word that the russians might consider the City of Rostov itself a so Quot untenable and it is necessary indeed vital that the general Public be Able to draw Correct conclusions based on a realistic appraisal of the facts. The purpose of the Institute study was not so much to measure in terms of precise percentages of no military use in the defense just How Many people plan to vote of the caucasus. Friday the Ger for or against fish As to deter mans claimed capture of the City mine by Means of Long and info but it appeared that the russians Mal conversations with voters in still were defending it. The reds his District just what attitudes lie had not admitted its capture by behind probable voting intentions. Saturday. Effect of isolation stand. A 1rcraft of the u. S. Army lost. The results Point to two Conlu no time in joining squadrons sons regarding the fish candidacy of the Raf in Africa in making Quot a High seem valid at this time smashing attacks on the Axis bases. A former isolationist stand and the British Fleet was also 1s. Apparently not seriously hurting shelling the sea coast ports used bus chances right now at least for for supplies by Field marshal the simple reason that the majority Rommel. By weeks end the u. S. A voters in the District were As Pearl Harbor attack awaited Assurance supplies were Cut by Robert t. Bellaire former up manager in Japan. Lourenco Marques portuguese East Africa july 25.�?Japan s War lords made full preparations to strike at the United states even before sending a final a a peace ambassador to Washington. I can disclose now that the japanese army leaders attacked Pearl Harbor ahead of schedule for the Sake of Surprise when they were convinced that president Roosevelt would not Compromise on delivery of additional War supplies to Japan. Quot a a Quot Quot a a a a a a a a a. \ blood donation to be broadcast planes had dropped tons of bombs on Obruk and Madruh and had also paid some attention to Crete where the germans Are said to have about a Quarter of a million much opposed to Active Entrance into the War before Pearl Harbor As he was. 2. Rep. Fishes supporters Are inclined to resent the Entrance of Parachute troops ready to drop National political leaders into the from the skies on Alexandria or Fht. Republican leaders and and Cairo or port said or wherever j ministration officials to their Way they Are needed in the desert War. The Fleet shelled Madruh six times in to Days. The British imperials led by new sealanders and australians made some gains in actual land combat but the fighting was almost continuous and fluid. It was still a Battle for time. Gladiators u. S. Glider troops learn ins and outs of invasion work using 9-place ships at a Midwest Airfield. Passed by censor j by turn to Page 7, col. L Bank deposits jump in state Madison july 25.�? a the resources of Wisconsin a 467 state Banks jumped 28,855,793.78 from Able worry among the australians. April 4 to june 30, dates of the last the japs landed 2,500 fresh troops j two Bank Calls the state banking department announced today. The june 30 resources totalled $621,003,025.43 compared to $592,-4 j 147,231.65 in april. The total de were on top of the japs almost Asj i Hpe nod in soon As they were started. How Crft s29.�33829.,5 government securities holdings in state Banks on june 30 totalled $124,309,594.74. Japanese invasion forces struck another blow at new Guinea thursday which caused consider at Buna a Northern new Guinea port directly across the Island from port moresby still held by the allies. Bombers of the United nations radio station Wren through the co operation of the Racine county medical society will attempt a unique special broadcast tuesday from 6 30 to 6 45 p. Rn., when they interview a person while he is donating a pint of blood to the local blood Bank. A the program will originate in the surgical department of St. Luke a Hospital where interviews with the patient the physician and the nurse will be conducted while the blood is being removed. Herb Mann program director of Wren will handle the broadcast. Program guests. Present in the room during the program will be or. William Kruel resident physician at St. Luke a miss Frieda Peterson nurse or. Gorton Ritchie pathologist at St. Luke a and St. Mary a hospitals Edward Kwapil past president of Tho. Racine blood donors club and Arthur Morey of 1337 so. Wisconsin Avenue a member of the club who will make the donation and Secretary of module local 82. Or. Mann said the broadcast was one of the most unusual Ever to be attempted by Wren and disclosed that one of the reasons it is being conducted is to instill persons with the desire to give their blood to Aid in the War Effort. They were sighted How Ever and gave them no mercy. They dropped 45,000 pounds of bombs on the invaders sinking a. D ,. V a a transport and Barge and forcing i Robert k. Henry commissioner other ships to pull out. It was re 1 of Bank my. Said that a decrease in ported that the air attack had left the Loans and discounts indicated the japs without Means of re that merchants and manufacturers treat. Were not compelled to seek credit a for current business purposes that a or Lal warfare Over Europe Farmers had Rady Money and were picked up slightly during the j not seeking credit against their week. On sunday the russians growing crops or Dairy products raided Koenigsberg in East Prus the Deposit increase was some Sia while the British hit Northern what larger in the Industrial Cen France and enemy coastal ship ters. Henry said but a comparison Ping. On monday the Raf struck of the state county by county indict Northwestern Germany bomb rated the same trend everywhere. Ing Industrial centers. Duisberg in Germany was hit wednesday cd re a. N a and the reds again bombed Koe of pm Rector begins Eigsberg. On thursday the Ger Cal yer a c a mans ranged Over Britain in the Quot in 1 or 0t Vicc boldest move in some time and on Washington july 25.�?up a Friday Koenigsberg was struck for president Roosevelt congratulated the third time. The Raf joined Phi director j. Edgar Hoover torn Friday wih smashing blows at Day on his 25 years with the jus the Ruhr and Rhineland areas in j Tice department and said that his eluding the Duesberg sector j service to the nation had been a conspicuous in efficiency in effectiveness and in starting As a clerk in the Library of Congress Hoover later joined the Justice department and after a few years was appointed to the unit which or. Roosevelt said he brought to the a forefront among All the Law enforcement German forces Battle to Cross Don River cd Utiss Lead drive through Rostov sector by the United press i were disabled and others were Ningpo in their attempt to seize the red army fought the Ger forced to withdraw. Huge fires j bases from which Allied bombers Man offensive against the Cauca were started and the enemy base might attack Tokyo sus today in a great Battle at Ros j was threatened with destruction. The most important Battle on Tov and along the Don River front in China japanese forces of the russian front continued to i copied the River town of sin Center on the lower Don but red . Subs sink 5 Jap ships Washington july 25.�?<�>�? the Navy announced today that United states submarines operating in the Western Pacific had reported sinking five japanese ships including one modern destroyer and damaging and possibly sinking a sixth vessel. The submarine activities were reported in Navy department communique no. Too which said a far East a i. U. S. Submarines have reported the following results of operations in far Eastern Waters a a a one modern japanese destroyer sunk. A a b one medium sized Tanker sunk. A a c three cargo ships sunk. A a d one medium sized cargo ship damaged and believed sunk. �?o2. These actions have not in the months that i reported developments at Tokyo leading up to the War and six months of internment following Pearl Harbor the picture shaped up As follows Japan a military leaders made full preparations for this War last september before Saburo Kurusu was sent to Washington. Total mobilization was ordered and after freezing the japanese army at full strength the War lords established a six months deadline in which an agreement must be reached with Washington or War would result. Advanced for Surprise. The army leaders figured that was the longest period they could wait for assurances that they would receive supplies from America for the japanese War machine. They then decided that or. Roosevelt would not Compromise and the army leaders advanced the War schedule for the Sake of Surprise partly because newspaper correspondents were predicting that the deadline would come in six months. There still Are Many facts about the japanese situation that cannot be reported but the following statements in regard to what has happened behind the enemy propaganda and censorship screen in the Pacific May be made 1. This is a War of races As far As the japanese army leaders Are concerned and even japanese liberals who had been Friendly toward americans in the past have been swept away by the nationalist tide. 2. Japan planned this War with careful consideration for her weakest Points including vulnerability of Tokyo to fire bombs. Thus building of air raid shelters was restricted and fire fighting was promoted on the theory that if the people had no place to go during an air attack they would be better fire fighters. Peace with Russia. 3. Best informed sources in Japan expressed belief that for the time being the a undeclared peace Between Japan and Russia will be maintained purely because it is inconvenient for either nation to Challenge the other but that Japan will attack or try to outflank Siberia when and if the red army is Defeated in the West. 4. There is a general belief in informed sources that Japan now is attempting to avoid an Early direct attack on the soviet Union by out flanking the russians in the far East As a result of seizure of american islands in the Aleutian Chain. 5. Japan a attention at present is believed to be entered on breaking the Alaska Midway Panama defense line of the United states although that program suffered a heavy set Back in the Battle of Midway. 6. As far As i could discover any propaganda offensive against Japan will fail because the censorship is tight enough to prevent the people from receiving any but official news and the Only formula for american Victory seems to be an old one a get thar fastest with the mos test 7. Latin american diplomats exchanged at this port said that they repeatedly had protested against conditions under which they were interned in Japan. Alfredo Lertora peruvian Consul at Yokohama As an example said he had been in close confinement for six weeks in a Small room in the grand hotel and that the windows were closed and blinds drawn. Lertora said when he told police he feared a nervous breakdown he was permitted outside for an hours walk daily with a uniformed guard. Ralph Oliver Reiner a presbyterian missionary born at Waverly neb., said that he was arrested at Keijo Jorea and beaten with a rubber Hose at intervals during 16 Days when he was questioned about alleged spy activities. He displayed big welts on his wrists Back and Knees. His wife is now at Berkeley Calif. Immediately after United states army planes raided Tokyo Industry centers on april 18, the japanese informed the u. S. Embassy that if Tokyo were bombed again shops would refuse to Supply it with food. Allies continue bombing massed vehicles in desert with the British naval air service in the Western desert july 25. A up a naval aircraft pressing their virtually non Stop offensive bombed a concentration of Axis been announced in any previous tanks armoured cars and motor Navy department transport Southeast of Al Daba this was the first time in Many j Early today weeks that the Navy had issued in defense of Stalingrad. Axis spearheads led by mass Changhsin 50 Parachute raids admittedly were driven through one soviet sector before Rostov and advanced in a j second while other enemy forces battled to Cross the Don River on a Broad front East of Rostov and hold Bridgehead on the South Bank. One such Bridgehead was wiped out by the russians but Berlin claimed that others had been established. Miles South in again. A ther news of the week eluded the appointment tuesday by president Roosevelt of Admiral William d. Leahy to be chief of staff to the commander in chief the revelation by the Navy that u. S. Subs had sunk three More Jap destroyers at Kiska in the aleutians bombing raids agencies of the world. The Bronx Duck Tail ifs a quack men s hair do of army counterattacks were smashing into the German lines on two other important fronts Voronezh and Bryansk. At Voronezh the russians reported that the enemy was being pushed Back across the Don River and that red army forces had established themselves on the West a report on american submarine operations in the Western Pacific where Early in the War they extended All the ways from Waters North of Australia to Waters surrounding the japanese Homeland. Under the Light of a Golden Moon naval squadrons soared out of this advanced desert base before Midnight and a Little later swooped in upon the enemy base blasting motorized units in All directions. Soldier actors rib wac # where s my Girdle Cla squeaks new York july 25�? up a Bank you be heard of the Bronx cock up he Brianik sector. A big scale russian offensive action a the German communique also Tail no doubt but have you Ever geared to have made important Progress cutting into the enemy defense positions and killing some claimed the capture of both Ros j heard of the Bronx Duck Tail and novo Cherkassky 32 Miles Tov to the Northeast where severe Street fighting was reported in enemy dispatches that acknowledged the russians were still in the Battle North of the River. American built Douglas and Boeing bombers were pounding at German bases and Supply lines. Week of raids. On other fronts United states army air forces in North Africa ifs the latest and quack est if you la Pardon the Pun of All the various broncs extant. It Isnit a drink it Isnit an animal ifs a masculine ? Hairdo. The process is simple and according to Many mothers there so Are the lads who Are going in for it. 6,500 troops. Navy will launch new aircraft Carrier Newport news va., july 25.1 a up a implementing the growing emphasis on air Power the Navy will launch the u. S. S. Essex first aircraft Carrier launched since the United states entered the War you sit Down in the Barber reported a week of damaging chair Willie the modern Barber raids on the enemy and the Des picks up comb and scissors. Even Ert land front West of Al Alamein tally you emerge with a Pompa a at the Newport news ship build virtually was unchanged. Dour in front and a straight part ing amp dry Dock company Plant in the australian zone Ameri Down the Back of your head after next Friday. Mrs. Artemus l. New the fashion of during the week by u. S planes the president s congratulations can air planes including new the fashion of a woman a updo. Gates of Locut Valley Long Island on the japs in China and Secre were in a letter of greeting on the Douglas 24-a dive bombers Bat then the Side hairs Are swept in n. Y., wife of the assistant Secretary of state Cordell hulls speech occasion of the Graduato of the tired the japanese so furiously towards the part and Finger tary of the Navy for air will calling for an International police 19th class of the Fri National to with bombs at Buna and Dona on curled Over. Christen the Essex the fourth ship Force to keep peace after the War j lice Academy founded by Hoover j the Northeast new Guinea coast it resembles the Tail feathers of i in United states Navy history to ends. I in 1935. That one transport was a if two a 4irk Bearth Nam fort Devens mass., july 25. A a a life in the new women a army auxiliary corps is just one darn Girdle Bobby pin and knitting Needle after another to some of the soldiers at this fort but they Duck behind the Protection of theatrical footlights to express their View. The a Kwa acts Are being taken for a none too gentle ribbing in a skit in the musical comedy a Park your Khaki a which is written produced staged directed and acted by men on the fort roster. The show opens a three night run tonight for the entertainment of the Camp and its going to be Tough for a fort Devens doughboy to rate a Date with a woman Soldier from this Day Forward. A a where a my Girdle Clarissa a squeaks one Soldier actor As the curtain rises to reveal the a a girls stepping coyly from army bunks at reveille and grabbing for their unmentionables. There a heavy Competition for the single boudoir Mirror As the girls primp for the Days tour of duty but those who get lost in the Rush occupy themselves by straining at old fashioned Corset strings. Their skirts provide the coup de Grace army blankets Courtesy of the quartermasters department. They make goo goo eyes at a handsome male Captain who shows up for morning inspection he gives a blonde a calling Down because a you forgot one Hobby Pink a and then they trip gaily off to duty armed with knitting bags and Needles. For a finale they Tell the audience in song a you toot on be a sweater girl a convict Soldier of subversion Chicago july 25. A a in what was believed to be the first conviction of subversion within the armed forces the sixth service command announced today that a first class private in the u. S. Army had been sentenced by court martial to five years in prison for sympathy with Germany arid Japan. Maj. Gen. George Grunert commandant of the sixth service command formerly the sixth army corps area announced the sentencing of Hans Geisler a German born who was inducted into the army As a selectee one year after he received his citizenship papers. Geisler was tried by a general court martial at fort Sheridan ii before which he was charged specifically with violation of the 96th article of War. Attended bund meetings. Grunert said Geisler who was born in Breslau Germany in 1905, and immigrated to the United states in 1926, had a professed admiration for Hitler and attended Chicago bund meetings in approving the sentence and ordering its execution Grunert emphasized that while the Federal Bureau of investigation a is waging a vigorous fight against spies and saboteurs among the civilian population the army is doing everything within its Power a to combat subversive activity in its Grunert said that in addition to the five year prison sentence Geisler faces loss of his United states citizenship. The army court s sentence Ilia provided that Geisler be discharged Dis honorable from the army and forfeit All pay and allowances

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