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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 26, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin R i i i what our readers have to say. J is Wilt be paid fori any on Anent toed i Wjk in this column. J i sunday journal times bulletin vol. 6�?no. 15. Racine wis., sunday july 26, 1936. Circulation Oyer 21,000 wants Racine s Beach to regain its Fame dear editor a few years ago Racine was noted for its Beach in fact it was reputed to have the grandest Beach along this Shore of Lake Michigan a but lock at it now at the foot of Kewaunee Street Clay is being spread about using practically half a Block of Sand ruining the Beach at this Point up and Down the length of the whole Beach Are ashes of Camp fires some just half burned Wood and others soldering the latter of which does grand work on Bare feet. Furthermore it seems to be a dumping ground for Glass and broken bottles i know i have a Nice deep Cut to show for it. Now since the Beach is used so generally by everyone in the City Why can to it be taken care of. It be a hard Job to reclaim it and once again give Racine the Beach reputation which it deserves. S., Villa St tales of a wild women make stirring chapter Tennis tourneys starting new municipal clubs to compete until cold weather halts play in wild West s annals playground drama musical festival thursday Reader complains of yapping dogs dear editor i am just an Ordinary individual there is nothing about either my appearance or manner that should cause people to stare and dogs to bark yet today some strange canine rushed out of his Yard and mapped at my heels for a Block. Occurrences such As this Are getting so frequent a person is afraid to walk Down a residential Street with which he is not familiar for fear some strange dog will dash out with menacing bark and hair a bristle sending the cold chills up and Down his spine if indeed the animal does not Relie e him of a bit of clothing or flesh. Much has been said and written on this subject yet owners still do not tie up unruly canine and Many do not even bother to Call them when they Are annoying someone. Can to something be done about it m. F., route 3. Belle Starr calamity Jane others still remembered. Renter s version of housing problem dear editor i Haven t seen anything in the readers column about the housing problem so Here s my version of it. I More than four months ago i started House Hunting today in a still at it. In most cases they did no to want children what they expect us to do with them i done to know i Only have two but it might As Well be a dozen. In fact some people would rather have a dog than a child. As this is a factory town it is beyond me How the working people can pay the High rents the landlords Are asking. We can t afford a decent place to live in because rent is so High. It seems to me it s about time something is done about the housing of human beings. Just because we Are one of the millions who have to work by the sweat of the brow does t mean that we want to live in a place unfit for humans. There May not be any slum District Here modern a wild woman a in the Days of the wild West some of the women were As bold and deadly As the most vicious gunmen. Reo Johnston. Above campfire girl executive. Is a modern counterpart of the wild women of the wild West. Her flaming red hair and that Businesslike grip on her gun Bode ill for any intruder at Camp Mcfadden Ponca City okla., which she is guarding As Deputy sheriff. She has been convalescing since she stopped a Bullet recently. Mat a bad Man nets dividends sex collegian Bashara reveals tricks of grapple a Meanie new Orleans. A a to the average wrestling fan the term a horse radish Means a a nothing a or Ellis Bashara the heavyweight grappler has made the term mean a a misery to opponents. Bashara noted As a a a Meanie a on the mat secretes horseradish pow Der in his hair. Once in the by Hubert Johnson As modern crime has its gun molls the wild West had its wild women who lived the life of the bad men with its hardships and six gun Law. Belle Starr the outlaw Queen was bold and dashing but she was a criminal. Her brother was one of Quan Trell s guerillas in southwestern Missouri during the civil War. The Glamor attached to the raiders possessed Mara Belle Shirley her Maiden name. After the War she ran away three times with Young James Reed associate of the James and younger outlaws. Two times her courtly father brought her Home but there was no stopping her Romance. Reed kills Man. Following the birth of a daughter Reed killed the Man who had slain his brother. Now Belles life became one of dodging Law officers. The couple finally found Refuge at the Home of the bad Man Tom Starr in northeastern Indian territory West of fort Smith Arkansas. The poster billed Belle As a woman with a Little girl and a baby. void the description Belle dressed Pearl the Little girl in boys clothes. While her husband hid she lived in Texas. Walt Grayson a wealthy Creek and his wife we Ere tortured by three masked White men until he revealed the whereabouts of $30,-000. Reports held that two of the men were Jim Reed and his wife Belle. Dan Evans hanged at fort Smith two years later for the murder of a Texas youth boasted that he Jim Reed and their Wilder had done the deed. At any j s rate. Belle Reed formed a stable of blooded racing horses in Texas. Killed by in 1875 Jim Reed visited his. W Ife once too often. He trusted j John Morris a Friend too far Morris shot him for the Rew Ard on his head. Reed lifted the dinner table As a shield but was shot through it thrice. Stories declare that Belle joined the James outlaws and divided her time Between banditry in the North and horse racing in the South of Texas. As an outlaw Queen she has Tennis tournaments will be staged Between the recently Orga a sized municipal clubs beginning this week and continuing until cold weather. The municipal Tennis clubs began their membership drives Early this season. With the installation of several new courts and the improvement of the old ones there has been a revival of interest in this sport last year a group of players who limited practice sessions the club won four out of its seven matches we Ith other clubs last year. Players Are ranked. At present there Are 36 members in the club. On the ranking Board at Cedar Bend the players Are listed in this order menus division Eddie Climic Eddie Stirle Chuck Lizdas Al Liz Das Chuck Jaragoski John Rahn John Sadlon Joe Seifert Tom Corbett Gordon Wibbert Maurice met regularly at the Cedar Bend shovers Don Mortenson Howie courts organized the Belle City Gottlieb Jim Edmunds Eddie Liz municipal Racquet club. Despite Das Herman Frank Gilbert an Lake a wonderful asset first lures then shocks out of town visitors music festival tickets to be on Sale three Days at journal times office by Alice Sankey the first Bright thought that strikes most out of towners visiting Racine is the desire to take a refreshing dip into the Cool 1 Waters of Lake Michigan. Commenting on the glittering Sand and the beckoning Waters they can hardly wait to take their first plunge. At the foot of Kewaunee Street. Barefooted they step out of the car. Their feet land on something very a pliable sort of a Cress Between hard baked Clay and jagged Rock but it is too late to haul them Back. With arms flying Windmill fashion they Teeter to the ledge above the Sand. They leap mind you Down to the Sand in the manner of one the Bathhouse reports that the afoot to Light on a Billowy Cloud temperature of the we Ater is High 68 degrees. The guest thinks it is his Lucky Day. The Host and his guest Don bathing suits so As to let the neighbors know where they Are going and away they go. The scene shifts to the Beach. The ensuing performance is Only one of a series similarly enacted nearly every time a stranger hits town. Instead of parking in the regular provided space adjoining the partner Bathhouse the two decide to Park Shirley test is still open Racine a doubles a having pictures taken for Competition. There have been red templars been described As a a thin High White templars Black templars Arena he rubs his hand through but there Are Many houses All Over his hair and into his bewildered Racine that Arentt fit to live in. The landlords want their rent but we Hen it comes to fixing up a place then they can to afford to or wont. I m sure there Are Many others who will agree w Ith me. I Hope this reaches the Reader s column i d like to hear other people s views. B. M., Lafayette ave foe s eyes. An All big six guard while playing for the University of Oklahoma in 1934. Bashara contends shouldered woman with Sharp weathered face severely Plain relieved Only by hard Blue eyes a mannish woman a Superb horsewoman a straight shot with Rifle and pistol very Quick of action very Strong of determination but with a soft Side for loyalty and for her children. In Short she was a strange mixture of the woman and the Man of Good and of gets Back losses. A Blue Duck a outlawed horse thief borrowed $2,000 of her and a nine out of ten wrestlers Nowa lost at the Faro table in Dodge Days Are College men and not car i City. Swearing vigorously Belle it please be polite letter implores dear editor my pet Peeve is the i politeness of Many people in Public. How Many patrons say a Elf you please a when asking the conductors on our buses for transfers and How Many say a thank you on receipt i have noticed people step in a bus and yell a a Transfer and snatch it from the conductor most i politely. Also in the stores they will take their change and parcels without a a thank a Little politeness to our Public servants goes a Long Way to make them feel happier and i have always noticed that we Hen i thank the conductor or the clerks they always reply with a polite remark. I am sure we we Ould All feel better if we All were a Little More mannerly to each other in Public. A. T., Carmel ave Nival bums. A professional wrestler has to put on a big front. make Good Money he has to spend it. He has to stay at the Best hotels. Own a Tuxedo be a Good Bridge player and talk ifs All business to Bashara. He also draws a line Between College and professional madmen. A the difference Between College and professional wrestling a he philosophize a is the Money. In College you re out to defend the Honor of the Alma mater win your sweater and rate publicity. But in the pro game you re out for entered the gambling room and with gun in hand raked $7,000 off the table. A if you w ant your change gentlemen you la have to come into the territory for it a she called As she backed out of the door. She was jailed in Dallas for horse stealing. escape she eloped Writh her keeper but soon Shook him off As she did Many others. In 1880 she married Sam Starr son of Tom. Husband kilted. Taking up 1,000 acres of land upon the Canadian River in the Southern part of the Cherokee and Knight templars. Now in Racine comes Forth an army of Shirley tempers in response to a county wide contest announced last tuesday and continuing through july 28, scores of Racine girls Between the Ages of 5 and 7 Are posing for pictures to be used of Shir the Beans. Ifs a business promo j country Belle built a luxurious it baseball fan resents Auto top peckers dear editor my Friend and i arrived at the Racine Ball Park to rest our eyes on this picture a Beautiful sunshiny baseball Day with the Park completely surrounded by automobiles. We secured our tickets at the Box office and strode on into the Park took our seats in the stands. No need to look around much for they re nearly All empty my visiting Friend turned to me and snapped a How does this league stand up under the Strain of such meager attendance a then half apologetically and before i could offer an answer a for is this just an off Day a i nudged my Friend and pointed to the fences around the Outfield. The tops of turn to pages column i sit Ion pure and his a bad Many tactics Mustache marvelled hair and cocky we Alk he Calls it his a Oklahoma struts a have been the probable reasons for his widespread unpopularity. Once he entered the ring against Joe Cox at Des Moines now a. The crowd cheered until the building echoed As Bashara entered the ring. This rare reception so unnerved Bashara that he could never get going and eventually lost the match. Suffered fractured Skull. Bashara said that he was tossed around and injured so frequently by a bad Many tactics of his opponents that he was forced into the villain s role. He suffered a dislocated shoulder four broken ribs a broken shoulder fractured Skull dislocated knee and several broken fingers in the period of two years. A fall this got me to thinking a he said. A i decided it would be easier to dish it than to take it. i originated my horseradish trick. I have Many other rough tactics for use he says the discovery of Joe Louis and the subsequent boxing Boom Hurt the wrestling game but that mat Dom is coming Back again now stronger than Ever. Mountain Cabin. Men Rode in and out of her Home on mysterious errands and her neighbors wandered where she got her Money. Sam Starr was wounded and captured by a posse but he snatched a gun and escaped. He w As summoned on a charge of robbing a Post office. Belle advised him to surrender and she put up his Bond. While returning Home he Wras killed in a quarrel at a dance West of the fort Smith Border. Belle soon followed her husband in death. She had refused the company of Edgar Watson an outlaw. Waiting in ambush for her to ride Home from a dance the night of feb. 3, 1889, the outlaw knocked her from her horse with three Buckshot in her Back and one in her face. Hurdling a Fence the Slayer discharged another Load of Buckshot in her face. A Short distance ahead a United states marshal who had been waiting for her stopped her horse and led it Back to the body of its mistress. Calamity Jane famed. The most famous of the gun women of the wrest was calamity Jane the a heroine of the she was attractive of medium height and of full rounded figure. Turn to Page 12, col. I Shirley Temple in a judging the a Queen Ley Temple doubles. Contest Suh open. Numerous honors Are to be conferred on the Small Winner and two others chosen for her maids in waiting. All the contestants will be guests of the journal times at a theater party aug. I. The contest is still open and appointments for free photographs May be made with the g. A. Maline studio Jackson 477. The winners will be chosen from numbered photographs. Zahnis will completely outfit the Queen in Shirley Temple clothes and Shirley Temple dolls will be presented to her and her two attendants. Will appear on stage. When the picture a the poor Little Rich girl a starring Shirley Temple opens at the venetian aug. I the Queen and her maids in waiting will appear on the stage while All the other contestants will attend the showing As the guests of the journal times. Flowers will be furnished by Millers florists and a tiny wrist watch will be Given the Queen by Trauger a jewellers. As Only bust pictures will be taken special clothing is not required. The contest closes at 5 p. In. Tuesday. But find the Sand also a pliable. People walking around have left deep Ridgy footprints that keep their original form unless the Sand we Alker has Learned the trick of sloughing along on the balls of his feet the sensation of walking on firebrands is also experienced if it is in the afternoon. The newcomer smothers a gasp As he sees others people Burnt a Rich mahogany nonchalantly stride along and thinks he must be wrong. He carefully places one foot Down after the other until he reaches the Brink of the Lake. He stands there perhaps having a premonition of things to come As a Breeze hits him but a baby gaily splashing a foot out reassures him. There is a Gay group tossing a big Ball hither and Yon still farther out. A thin delicate w Oman in a suit much too big is trying to float another heavyset Strong girl in a suit much too Small is jumping up and Down. A swell today a a sure is swell today a someone shouts. The guest beams. Drawing him self to his full height and taking a deep breath he gets ready to dip his big toe. He submerges it. A dumbfounded expression comes Over his face. He extracts it and looks to see if it is still there or has Frozen and fallen off. A warm today a his Host comments. A huh a says the guest we Hile striving to maintain his composure. He jerks Back thinking he has been shot but finds he has Only been splashed by a playful Urchin bounding by. He sees his Friend merrily plunging into the nearest wave. Gritting his Teeth he tries the whole foot and jerks it Back again. It is wet. Wet and cold. He furtively looks Back measuring the distance across the Sandy expanse sighs and looks Back at the water. He dips the other foot then decides to walk in to ankle depth. Quivering and quaking he goes farther out. He can barely see Derson Willard Zahalka Pete Schmahl Cutz Burke George Bur Kert and Jack Heck. Women a division Bernice Jensen Violet Zehrt Catherine Frank Margaret Clay Verna Rasmussen jewel Lange Mary Barina Edna Blaesing. Betty Mohr Irma Beau Chemin Edith Hansen Alice rum Butis Ella Poulsen and Dorothy Malmstedt. The club officers Are Eddie Climic president John Sadlon vice president Bernice Jensen Secretary Eddie Stirle treasurer. The club meets for intramural matches on wednesday evenings and once a month an Intra club tournament is staged. The dues collected Are used in financing the occasional outings held by the club. Simmons beaten twice. Trouncing the Kenosha Simmons Tennis team twice was the crowning Effort of the clubs play this year. Matches have been tentatively scheduled with Milwaukee and Lake Geneva teams. This afternoon the club will play at Burlington. The South Shore Racquet club j also presents a formidable ranking list. The players include David Janes Robert Huffner Albert Ruszczyk Bill Becker m. J. Hueffner Steve Holly Eugene Szymczak Micky Mason Rudolph Slivka Steve Marko Willington Cape Edward Kersten William Burton Leonard tre Ireanus William Hood Martin Haluska Arnold Goodman and Edward Fliss. The members of the Douglas Park Tennis club include Jim Michna Gil Nesch John Krenzke John dished Fries Harold Hoffman Floyd Peterson Bert Eisen hut Robert Geyer Bill Finnigan Joe Shymanski Gene Pendel Robert Bronson and Paul Nielsen. Gil Nesch former member of the Horlick High school Tennis team which won the big eight conference title this year is the Captain. In a recent tournament Douglas Park Defeated the Knapp club losing Only one match out of six. Festival thursday evening. Members of the Douglas Park girls team include june Marcoe Irma Beauch Moren Marine Lin Dau Elizabeth Steilein Helen Dok Manitz Pearl Milkie Geraldine Johnson Marion Holz Joyce Roberts Marjorie Huber Irene Dvorak Virginia Fortach Rose Marie Seymour Esther Niess Mavis Caspers and Dorothy Uhlir. Play leaders and their children have for some time rehearsed their part in the annual playground drama and music festival which will be staged at the Washington Park Amphitheater thursday evening. Each playground will contribute either a musical or dramatic act to the show. This week also will see the inception of paddle Badminton tournaments Between the City a playgrounds. Introduced this summer for the first time this game has found wide popularity at the different playgrounds. Scheduled aug. 3, 4, 5 prices Range from 25 cents to $1. Pictures on Page 6 Church a a shrinks a in a project so hazardous that Only Lloyd a of England would underwrite it this 183-foot, 3,500,-000-Pound Steeple of the Central methodist Church in the heart of downtown Detroit is to be moved 26 feet to the main body of the Church to make Way for Street widening. As shown above a segment has been Cut from the edifice so that the Church could be arts Etchet aids surgery details camera misses caught As girl expert sees operation. Vegetables grown on fringe of Arctic Winnipeg Man. A a great slave Lake settlers living in mining villages on the fringe of the frigid Arctic grow their own vegetables Austin Cumming gov has Host swimming out beyond the Ern ment mining inspector revealed Veteran cyclist pedals 8 Miles up Mountain Hartford Conn. A Jud a James s. Armando 38, of this City. Has returned from a trip to the White mountains during which he Rode a bicycle up the eight mile automobile Road to the top of it Washington in 2 hours 20 minutes. Twice he says the wind blew him off his machine but he escaped without injury. Armando is a Veteran cyclist. Lifeline. He stands and concentrates on the display about him but finds even that does no to help. A big Beach Ball lands in his face and he topples Over backwards. A huh a he comments As he goes Down. Spluttering and splashing he rights himself and thanks his stars he has stayed away from bad liquor and has a lot of resistance in emergencies. A it should be easy now a he thinks a now that i am he shouts to his Host a wait for me a finds Comfort at last. The guest flops in and Doggy paddles out a ways. He finds the water still shallow and stands up. A look of terror is seen on his face. He reaches Down and pinches his leg. It is still there but he can to feel the Pinch. He flops Back in and splashes into Shore. He sits and Shivers and thinks he must be having a stroke. Racine persons Are strolling right into the water mothers fathers children adolescents and All. He glances Down the line and sees a Man walking in the Sand carefully placing one foot before the other. The Many a companion is already in the water but the Man himself is looking rather dubious. A the water sure swarm today a he is told. The guest digs himself a comfortable place in the Sand leans Back. And contentedly watches during a visit Here. Cumming said the settlers managed to grow enough fresh vegetables in the few Fertile areas around the Lake to meet their own requirements and re sometimes even to Export some to settlements further North. The a farming season begins in june and extends into August. America seen buying More precious Slones new York. A a More precious stones Are being bought in America reports k. Ikeda japanese industrialist affiliated with the far Eastern Pearl Trade. Ikeda is on a world tour. He found that in Many countries precious stones Are exclusively the property of the wealthy. That situation does not exist in the United states he says. Historic tie found Ogden of the Federal historical Survey Tore Down a barn roof to get a supporting Railroad tie to the one in which the Golden Spike was driven symbolizing the completion of the first transcontinental Railroad. Weather notes Washington july 25.�?oib a weather Outlook for the period of july 27 to aug. I a for the Region of the great lakes considerable precipitation Likely during week with temperatures near or somewhat above Normal. Memphis Tenn. A a a Young woman Clad in stiff White apron and mask stands Uno Strus ively in a Corner of an operating room in a Hospital Here As a patient is brought in. The anaesthetist adjusts the Cap Over the patients a face and the operation follows. But As the surgeon starts to work the Young woman moves closer she holds Pencil and paper and makes sketches and notes As the delicate work in a difficult or unusual operation proceeds. The Young medical artist is Dorothy Sturm. In a few minutes she rushes to her basement studio in the medical and dental building and begins a drawing that looks like a steel engraving. She brings out details of organs a photograph would not show. Use natural colors. If there is a gangrene or other infection that changes the color she tints the drawing in natural colors. Miss Sturm is a medical Illustrator doing free Lance work. Her drawings Are used in medical journals and with articles written by physicians. Some of her work illustrates textbooks and others Are made into lantern slides and Are used for lectures and teaching purposes. Doctors who have rare or unusual cases Call on miss Sturm. In addition to watching operations she works from specimens sometimes her tiny studio will be stocked with bottles containing unusual organisms which she draws. Miss Sturm occasionally uses a Microscope in her drawings. Praised As Illustrator. Memphis doctors who say miss Sturm is one of the Best illustrators in the business first suggested medical illustration to her when she was graduated from St. Mary a College Here and attended James Lee memorial Art Academy. But it was not until she attended Columbia University that she began doing scientific drawing. She became assistant medical Illustrator at Columbia and studied at the Art students league in new York. Miss Sturm attractive with Black curly hair and Blue eyes had to study Anatomy As Well As Art for her profession. Although sometimes a bit gruesome her drawings have a certain Beauty. For her Hobby she does Book illustrations. She uses an individual Type of halftone drawing she perfected herself. A concentrated three Day Sale of tickets for Racine a fifth annual music festival on wednesday aug. 5, has been planned for monday tuesday and wednesday aug. 3, 4 and 5, at the journal times office. Henry t. Larsen circulation manager of the journal times and miss Edna Christensen co chairmen of ticket sates announced today that tickets for the festival will go on sate at 8 a. In. On monday aug. 3, at the journal times office continuing through monday and tuesday and until 6 p. In. Wednesday when the Box office at Horlick athletic Field will be opened preliminary to the festival program. Scale of prices. An attractive scale of prices has been announced for the festival. General admission which includes All bleacher seats has been placed at 25 cents with a fee of to cents for children. The entire grandstand is to be reserved at an admission fee of 50 cents per Pierson. Box seats reserved in front of the grandstand will be $1 each. The grandstand and bleachers have been reconditioned this year so that comfortable substantial accommodations await patrons of the festival. Conduct of the entire Sale of tickets at the journal times office is expected to expedite distribution. Both miss Christensen and or. Larsen have been Active on committees in charge of former Racine festivals. Not Only is or. Larsen handling the sate of tickets this year but Ushers who will serve festival patrons on aug. 5 will be under his direction and selection. Miss Christensen As Secretary of the Horlick athletic Park commission is lending every cooperation to festival sponsors in placing at their disposal All the facilities which the athletic Field offers. Send to Chicago expenses attending the presentation of Racine a annual music festival Are Many. Proceeds of the festival will be used for local expenses As Well As to Send Racine a Solo and choral representatives to Chicago on saturday aug. 15, to compete in the Chica Goland festival contests which precede the Chicago Tribune a festival at soldiers Field. Vicar favors censor for Tomb epitaphs London. A a the Rev. J. W. Huxley Williams vicar of Christ Church Fulham a London suburbs spent his time while in the cemetery waiting for funerals to arrive Reading the epitaphs and they shocked him. He was so moved that he wrote in his Parish Magazine protesting against the a collection of nonsensical Doggerel on the headstones. A How some of the inscriptions passed the censorship of the local authorities i cannot imagine a he continued. He added that they appeared to have been taken from the undertaker s Stock Book of sentimental quotations and were without any pretension to Good English or Correct representation of Christian teaching. save the cemetery from the a ridicule of posterity he suggests that in the future inscriptions should be culled from the scriptures or else the local clergy should be consulted. 2 marriage licenses for i couple Puzzle Bucyrus Ohio. A a two marriage licenses were issued to one couple Here but officials were a Little Uncertain Why although the couple explained the licenses were to be used in two different counties. The following notation was made in probate judge j. W. Schwencke a marriage record a the object of this demand is somewhat hazy to report. We Are assuming no responsibility for the legality for these Bandit climbs Tower his haul 50 cents Toledo. A a a Bandit climbed up a Railroad Tower to hold up John r. Morton Tower Man. His troubles were Worth 50 cents. Horse rides Street car san a the gradually disappearing horse still exists. One hit run ride less Saddle animal jumped aboard a san Francisco Street car kicked out seven windows and disappeared

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