Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
19 Jul 1936

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
19 Jul 1936

Read an issue on 19 Jul 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 19, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin I what our readers have to say. La will be Abt comm to this paid far Tat i ird Cabman. I ii ii i j sunday journal times bulletin vol. 6�?"no. 14. Racine wis., sunday july 19,1936. Circulation Over 21,000 Appeal or drive against weeds dear editor i live in West Racine and there Are a great Many empty lots in this Vicinity. I think something should be done about All the weeds j in these lots which Are now hip High. They Are leaning All Over the sidewalk and the sidewalks j Are now half As wide As they should be. Many of the weeds Are going to seed now and the wind blows the seeds onto the lawns. Most of the people in West Racine Are interested in keeping up j Nice lawns and it is almost impossible with All of these seeds blowing around they should be Cut before they go to seed. It would also make it easier walking. You either have to walk on the weeds or step around them. It is awful to walk by them at night because of the bugs. I Stamps play Active roles in Day s news one Issue influential in locating canal in Panama. Barber branded As bluebeard is a Oman of ice Sphinx like Calm held at murder trial As witnesses reveal stories of ghastly horror postage Stamps have occupied the pages of history As Well As the pages of collectors albums. Innocent Stamps actually have caused War Between nations and at least one Issue betrayed its country. The United states was considering construction of a canal across the isthmus of Panama in 1902. The French had started a Cut across Here to hoping that something is isthmus Many years earlier but done about this. It will improve abandoned the project. Now they offered their rights to the United states for $108,000,000. But army engineers were surveying Nicaragua for similar pos our City. Thanks for the Fine bulletin. M. B., Cleveland ave would improve Golf links Road dear editor May i nominate another Public Roadway to replace twelfth Street now being improved you know As Racine to worst this Road is that god forsaken strip of gravel which connects Johnson Park Golf course with Highway 38. The Shell holes on the Johnson Park Road Are not quite As big or As numerous As those which were featured on twelfth Street. But twelfth Street had nothing at All to compare with the endless succession of Small evenly spaced bumps out on the Park Road. These bumps become particularly effective at the Park Speed limit of 15 Miles an hour. Sibili ties and there was much debate in the u. Senate Over both plans. The Panama canal was favored but the Cost was excessive. Despite warnings of danger from volcanoes Many senators favored the Nicaragua project. Stamp brings War. One Day senator John c. Spooner of Wisconsin received a letter from Nicaragua. Its stamp showed it. Mom Tombo Nicaragua s Active Volcano. The senator declared that this was an admission of the danger lying along the route of the proposed canal. After the other senators saw the stamp the Panama canal won. In 1927 Paraguay issued a stamp bearing a map that showed the Gran Chaco belonging to Paraguay. In 1895 the area had been divided Between Bolivia Paraguay and july 29, 31 set for vocal tests of musical fete a grinning Skull testified in the trial of Robert s. James when los Angeles health officer Charles Decker used it to show7 with grim accuracy the injuries which brought death to the third mrs. James. What i would suggest to fix the Argentina Road is not an expensive paving bolivian officials inspected the program but Only a careful Grad stamp and drafted Curt diplomatic ing and oiling Job. During the notes. As a countering blow the summer months the Road has bolivian postal department issued heavy traffic the work on it a stamp showing the Gran Chaco should be begun immediately. How about it Park Board c. Z., Osborne blvd says Racine needs swimming pools dear editor i should like to take up the Cudgel thrown out by one of your correspondents of recent Date regarding the swimming of girls at the Quarry. Being the Mother of youngsters of High school age i am curious along with thousands of Otner mothers regarding the deplorable absence of swimming facilities for our Young folks. The Days Are few when Lake Michigan is w Arm enough to safely swim in besides Many of us live More than a mile from the Lake Shore. This Means a mile walk Only As so often happens to find the w Ater too cold. The Quarry is dangerous and children should not be permitted to swim there. The problem then is we Tho is to blame for this Lack of adequate neighbourhood swimming pools in this City. I would suggest those in authority travel through the South where every City worthy of the name builds pools a Large Safe and sanitary. Every Park or playground has at least one Sand lined or tile Pool w Here Little children As bolivian territory. Frontier guards shot at each other in the resulting bitterness and horrible War w As brought on. Mistake arouses nation. In 1900 san Domingo issued a stamp showing that most of the is and belong to her. The Island is equally divided Between san Domingo and Haiti. Hundreds of enraged haitians grabbed their weapons and marched into port a Prince demanding that they be led to War against this a invasion a Calm yourselves was the substance of the government to advice. San Domingo averted trouble by apologizing and blamed the trouble on an artist s mistake. Another bizarre Story concerning Stamps was revealed when an Assassin to shot killed the wrong Man in Austria. The victim or. Hugo Wittendorfer was an inoffensive person and the reason for the murder Wras perplexing to authorities until Gregor Kusch Nier Kuschnariw russian exile stepped Forward to declare that he j though the Bullet had been intended for him. Pettendorfer resembled Kuschnir Kuschnariw. Czarist fight Moscow. A Austria is full of communists who w Ould take Delight in killing a czarist a the exile observed. The inquiry brought to Light a new division of a Little organization which is out to beat Moscow. It pledges loyalty to a Czar Cyrill Robert s. James remained silent contemptuous almost indifferent As the grisly Parade of skulls and serpents passed through the courtroom. Couple to wed at Home plate player to marry childhood sweetheart at night game. Alfred r. Hilker. Los Angeles july 14.�?"Robert James the 41-year-old Barbershop bluebeard has preserved a Sphinx like Cairn throughout one of the most incredible criminal trials in the history of the state. He is rapidly becoming a legend of the cold blooded. Suave and handsome James sat calmly and heard himself described As a fiend who murdered his seventh wife by sticking her leg into a Box of rattlesnakes. He heard in Stony lethargy the charge that w Ith her insurance in mind he drowned her w Hen the Snake Poison appeared to be working too slowly. He never flinched when the snakes themselves Diamond Black rattlers were brought in their Glass Cage splashed with their deadly venom. Only one comment. Only once during a Long and terrifying ordeal did his stoicism open wide enough to show James in another aspect. That was w Hen prosecutors tried to prove that he had also murdered his third wife for her insurance. The anger pumped a Bright color into the Pale Sallow Cheeks of the former Barber and he said three words a Oit Isno to fair through the rest of the Long grueling trial James just sat immovable apparently slightly bored j indifferent to the threat of the i noose and accusations painting him. Or in planning As the most morbid monster of 1okiu Canning modern times. There must have been emotions parading behind the mask like features of the red headed Barber As he heard himself pictured As a or. Jekyll and or. Hyde Type of Lothario. But they did not show. Bad tempered husband. Throughout his life two sides of Robert James to character have alternately expressed themselves. At the tender age of 16 he Drew a Jackknife in a Street Brawl with another Urchin and slashed the boy on the Arm. Later Between his frequent marriages he was soft spoken and kindly. Married eliminations will be held at venetian theater. Sister Niece seventh wife third to Cousin women dominated James to trial As they had his life. Left to right. Mrs. Eva Murphy his sister who testified to his Moody and irritable temperament Lois Wright who told How James made love to her though she was his Niece mrs. Mary James the seventh wife whose death brought James to court and mrs. Grace Yarnell to whom James tried to make love while her Cousin his third wife was dying in a Hospital. As Well As adults May safely swim at All hours and where every High j Wladimiro Witsch Romanoff a preschool has a Pool with regular in j tender to the russian throne who reductions in swimming. I lives in obscurity at san Briar Kenosha ten Miles South has a France. And it does its feeble Best swimming Pool in its school. To Stem the flood of communist perhaps those in authority do propaganda from Russia not realize that our City of of european Headquarters Are port Unity sadly lacks advantages maintained in Vienna and Paris Beautiful Washington Park while the organization Kuschnir Albany. N. Y. A lab a under Bright lights wednesday the weather permitting outfielder Bobe became harsh Quot and cruel Quot. Loane will saunter to Home plate was ill fated Winona and instead of swinging a Bat will Wallace his third wife whose push a wedding ring on the Finger memory caused his Only Remon of attractive 19-year-old Barbara France in the present trial. More japanese to Manchukuo More intensive settlement program. Needs a swimming Pool. It would be highly interesting to hear what other mothers have to say. Thank you. We enjoy the sunday bulletin. C. D., eleventh St resident praises july 4 activities dear editor i think that this fourth of july Christmas seals. Was the Best celebrated of any i have Ever seen. The elimination of fireworks except in the hands of experts was a social Victory and the number of those injured by explosions when compared to past years is enough to make anyone feel that Racine has come to its senses and that maybe we Are civilized after All. The contests and fireworks this past weekend were very enjoy Able and citizens of Racine apr predated the entertainment afforded them by the City. I certainly Hope that this na-1 tonal Holiday can be celebrated Kuschnariw said is worldwide. In Many lands friends of the movement maintain quarters where russian monarchists May be sheltered for Brief periods As they travel about promoting their plans. Austria sympathizes with any enemy of communism and allows the czarist free rein. Stamps used like seals. To raise Money the russian royalists have issued Stamps used like one of the Stamps Shivers went through the courtroom when these witnesses were brought in two Diamond backed rattlesnakes a of lethal and a a lightning a shown Here in the Glass Case in which they testified through experts who interpreted their activities. Have i told you All about our trip hey done to go bears a portrait of grand Duke Nicholas commander in chief of the Czar s armies in the world War. Another has a russian Cross with anti communist slogans. The other Stamps Bear slogans and pictures of distinguished persons of old Russia. By Alice Sankey interspersed throughout the City at intervals too frequent for Comfort Are Many of those disturber of the peace generally classed As returners from vacations. But at still More frequent intervals Are those still More annoying citizens known As the re sixth Street Bush he lives downtown. Another gets away. The Man who just returned from his vacation takes a stand in the Middle of the Block in front of a dime store. A woman saunters out. A hello there Mary Haven to fusers to listen to the ret umers. Seen you since i got Back from my from vacations. Between the two groups there is constant friction. Comes Forward for instance a Man who has just returned from the Black Hills. There is a gleam in his Eye. He stalks victims. He stands himself at fifth and trip to the Black Hills where i saw the hidden City and the nameless Cave said by archaeologists to be Berg of Oakland Calif. The 22-year-old baseball player who is hitting the Ball better than a .265 average will be married to his school Day sweetheart on the night of a baseball game in other words. Miss Berg agreed to come East rather than wait for Loane to go West at the end of the 1936 International league season in september. Bride offers explanation. A oat any rate a she said a Oit s still leap ?� the wedding will be Public providing an admission is purchased for the night game Between Albany and Rochester. The ceremony will precede the game. An improvised altar will be constructed Over Home plate. Al Mamaux Albany manager will Lead miss Berg to the altar. Howard Mcfarland a teammate of Ardmore okla., will be Best Man and Holder of the ring. Miss Jeanette Parkinson of Baltimore Secretary of the Albany club will attend the Bride. Altar to be bedecked. Flowers and ferns will surround the altar. The wedding March will be played by a jazz orchestra and the principals will March through an aisle with the players on both teams assembled on the Field. And while the stands Are hushed loud speakers will broadcast the ceremony which will be performed by 21-year-old elder Dean Vanwagenen of Provo Utah assigned to the upstate new York area by the mormon Church. Miss Berg and Loane Are mormons. Loane will not be in baseball uniform. He will be attired in Street clothes. He will not participate in the night contest resuming play As a married Man the next Day. Lash to be abolished in German prisons Berlin a a the lash is to be abolished in German prisons. In the new penal code crimes of violence will be punished by bread she was Hurt in a mysterious automobile Accident on pikes Peak in 1932, but lived to drown later under equally mysterious circumstances in a shallow Bath turn to Page 3, col. I Canada to import millions of wasps Budapest. A ins a fifteen million hungarian wasps will be exported to Canada this summer by or. Kenneth Morris the Canadian biologist. These wasps have an important Mission they have to kill the lop Hirus wasps which destroy the Pine Trees in Canadian Woods. In the last years Over 10,000 Square Miles of Pine Woods were destroyed by the lop Iri whose Only enemy is a hungarian Wasp species. In 1934 and �?t35 Many millions of hungarian wasps were taken to Canada As cocoons and carried on efficient warfare against the lop Iri now or. Morris employs a legion of workers in Izsak near Budapest to collect 15 million cocoons during the summer. Tokio. A a a More intensive settlement program for Manchukuo and efforts to improve conditions in the fishing and farm villages at Home Are planned by leaders who seek to strengthen Japan to economic Outlook. According to reports from government sources Japan will attempt to Send 5,000 japanese families to Manchukuo next year. An increased subsidy for each household w ill be granted. Previous efforts at settlement in Manchukuo Are said to have been satisfactory although the japanese traditionally Are a Home Loving people and not enthusiastic Over colonization or emigration. Situation causes concern. The Home situation is causing concern particularly because of a desire to Cement National feeling after the feb. 26 incident. Cabinet officials have expressed a desire to relieve the plight of agricultural and seacoast towns which have been hit by Adverse weather or scant crops. As a result it has been decided to strengthen the social works investigation commission. The general committee for the fifth annual music festival w hich is planned for wednesday night aug. 5, at Horlick athletic Field met during the last week and selected wednesday and Friday july 29 and july 31, As the dates for the elimination contests for five classes of vocal soloists and choruses. Included on the general committee Are h. Mann business manager of the journal times the general chairman Frederick Schulte general musical director John f. Carre general choral director John Opferkuch chairman of the band committee and miss Dorothy Lawton festival director. Hilker As chairman. The committee selected Alfred r. Hilker As chairman of the festival eliminations committee. His selection to the chairmanship of this important committee was believed by the committee to be the logical Choice inasmuch As he has served in a similar capacity in previous journal times festivals and has a background of experience which will prove valuable in this year to competitions. His musical background which includes the maintenance of his own studios accompaniment for Large choral groups including the philharmonic society and direction of musical organizations including the choir of the Grace Baptist Church makes his chairmanship of still greater significance. Contests at venetian. Festival eliminations for choruses and Tenor Bass baritone Soprano and contralto classifications will be held at the venetian theater. Soloists who have not already sent in their entry Blanks Are urged to do so at once using the Blank to be found elsewhere in this bulletin. Information regarding the required contest numbers All of which Are now in Stock at Wiegand bros., May be obtained by calling miss Dorothy Lawton at the journal times. Among other chairmen chosen during the last week Are or. Walter Gearen who will serve As drum corps marshal Henry t. Larsen in charge of ticket sales and Ushers with miss Edna Christensen As co chairman. Italy family tills one farm 918 years Florence Italy a a Giuseppe Pierantoni descendant of a family which has lived on the same farm for 918 years has been awarded a prize by the government. Records show that in the year 1018, when barbarians still were Over running the italian Peninsula a peasant named Pierantoni reclaimed a plot of marshy land in Mont Labate which has remained with and been cultivated by his family Ever since. Last year the a Fedelia Alia Terra to prize As it is known went to Antonio Castellani who surrounded by his 19 children and grandchildren was proved to be working the same land at Queri cola which has ancestors had worked for 709 years. The woman smiles a set fixed and water a Plank bed and re smile. She shakes the Man s hand hurriedly and rushes Down the Street calling Over her shoulder a Ojust remembered a dental a old showers shocking but won t Cool you off j main streets where sooner or lat a ointment so sorry a Charleston s. C. A if it a As a Cooling off method the cold Shower or Bath is discredited by Roper Hospital officials. A Oshun them in favor of w Ater in the future Quot As Harmles and As i of vey Well As it was this year. R Here to thanks for the Orthy a sunday ?t m. S., Wisconsin very St would bar women from Quarry Pool dear editor a complaint was made to this column a few weeks ago about the turn to Page to column i advise. A cold water shocks does not Cool and Calm ?� another summer hint a watch your Salt intake a exertion during summer results in the loss of much of the body s vital Salt through perspiration. This Breaks Down physical resistance brings on headaches and possible spasms say the doctors. They advise dropping a Pinch of Salt in drinking water occasionally. Or if he has lived in Racine Long the Man shoves his hands in his enough someone he knows is pockets and scowls. Then he bound to come along. Strides Forth j brightens goes Over to the Arcade a Friend who shakes him by the and into an office. He is warmly hand and tells him he is looking greeted by a Friend behind a desk Well. A Oby the Way a he cautiously be a of ought to a says the Black Hills gins a you probably Are anxious Man a of just got Back from my a to hear about my trip through the ?� the Friend to expression changes. He visibly backs away and says a you or you or a i suppose took a trip a meanwhile striking an attitude of defense. A West sixth bus comes along. A Owhy yes. Got a minute in Tell Tell you All about ?� the Friend boards the West a badlands. Nature has done a treacherous thing there eroding those Multi coloured a escape Worth $5. The Friend reaches into his desk drawer and extracts a Check Book. A there a he says hurriedly writing on it a ois the five Bucks i owe ?� then he looks the other in turn to Page la col. 5. Diced lighting. The new code also will do away with the prohibition of conversation and the addressing of prisoners by their numbers. The Heads of convicts will no longer be shaved. Special police guard subways in London London a a several million persons travel on London to subway and Street buses every Day unaware of the fact that they Are being watched and guarded by a band of secret police. The police plainclothes men and women Are employed by the London passenger transport Board and have full police Powers under a special act of parliament. The Force numbers 40 and others May be added soon. Kidnapper in prison works on invention Stillwater Minn. A . A prison Walls have failed to retard the inventive efforts of Albert a. Robbins serving a 25-year prison term As a Finger Many in the Leon Gleckman kidnapping in St. Paul. Before being sentenced Robbins was working on plans for a portable a scanned cold Camp refrigerator. Robbins now believes he has perfected a practical plan for a a portable Thermo cold Camp refrigerator for Hunters fishermen motorists picnickers and vacation lists. Plans for his invention were placed before the state Pardon Board in connection with his application for commutation of sentence a a a it retired Hangman As Barber finds shop boycotted Bolton eng. A a men done to like being shaved by an sex Hangman. That is Why William Billington of Bolton the sex Hangman can to get work. Billington a Barber succeeded his father As Hangman and took part in 105 executions. He abandoned his Trade in 1905 and returned to what he Calls a civil ?� but As soon As his name had become known customers kept away from his shop. For thirty years Billington has been in and out of work although he is considered a Good Barber. Crumpled Felt hat is circling world St. Louis. A a a crumpled old Felt hat which Albert e. Wickey St Louis wore for Many years is making a free trip around the world. Last reports were that the hat nicknamed a Zwickey a arrived safely in Frankfurt Germany from Rio de Janeiro where it had been shipped on the Graf Zeppelin. Wickey retired recently after 18 years service with the railway express Agency. His ambition was to travel to the Remote parts of the world to which he shipped packages for Many years. Financial circumstances however would not permit travel so he decided to Send the hat. He labelled it carefully requesting transportation companies to carry it free. A Wick Eye started its journey april 4. It gathered labels in Many of the Large cities of the United states and finally was carried Down the California coast into Mexico. From there it was taken into South America a duty free a passed through Peru then Argentine. There it was placed aboard the Zeppelin. Family serves Church total of 260 years Minneapolis. A a a father his five sons and his son in Law have served a total of 260 years in the methodist episcopal ministry in Minnesota Iowa and North Dakota. The a pulpit tradition was started by Rev. John j. Parish now 83 years old who still is preaching at Onamia Minn. His five sons Are the Rev. Earnest Parish pastor of Central Park methodist Church St. Paul the Rev. Herbert h. Parish pastor of Edgewater methodist Church Minneapolis and executive Secretary of the Minnesota Temperance movement the Rev. L. Parish Winona Minn. The Rev. J. L. Parish. Pine City and the Rev. George o. Parish Valley City n. Their brother in Law is the Rev. F. Kenderdine Mcgregor Iowa and their Uncle the Rev. Justus Parish Lester Prairie Minn. All have served 20 or More years. The family tradition began when the father an Ontario Stock breeder and Farmer began preaching in his Home. Subsequently he gave up agriculture to enter the ministry. After preaching in Minnesota communities he retired at the age of 77. The urge to preach however was so Strong that he returned just last year to Active ministry in Onamia. Weather notes Washington july 18.�?"0jj3 a weather Outlook for the period of july 20 to july 25 for the Region of the great lakes considerable precipitation Likely during week with temperatures near or slightly above Normal. Syndicate projects Pacific Monte Carlo Sydney Australia a a an australian Syndicate with $2,-500,000 capital has launched a project to establish a Pacific Monte Carlo at Noumea new Caledonia. Edouard Mercier member of the legislative Council of the French Colony has undertaken the task of grouping All the tourist interests of Sydney Barrier reef new zealand and new Caledonia in an Effort to make the new Casino a rival of its prototype on the French Riviera. Wittenburg Bible prize Portage ?"<u.r>�?"a by Hie printed at Wittenburg Germany and containing a foreword by Martin Luther is a prize Possession of William e. Brauer Portage. The Bible is enclosed Between Inch thick wooden covers bound with pigskin

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