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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 5, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin To Otic Kacin journal times sunday i Umetin july 5, 1942. Says Australia s now counter blows delayed what is happening in the australian War tone under direction of Gen. Douglas Macarthur has the japanese invasion threat ended can Macarthur strike Back from this vital Allied base a Veteran of the far Eastern War United press correspondent Harold guard who has seen at first hand the fight for Malaya Singapore Java and new Guinea supplies the answers in the following dispatch. By Harold guard United pres 8tm correspondent somewhere in Australia july 4. A a Australia almost certainly is Safe from invasion for at least three months but it now is evident that the australian based counter offensive by the United nations is unlikely in the next six months. A major shift in japanese strategy resulted from the Coral sea and Midway Battles and the american bombing of Tokyo. I have seen the results of that change in reconnaissance flights Over enemy bases North of Australia both before and after the turning Point. Ten weeks of touring Allied bases and flying with Allied pilots on bombing and reconnaissance tasks had convinced me that a the Allied command has taken a lesson in thorough preparedness from the japanese and will not attempt a counter attack until the gun is fully loaded and cocked. The Allied bombing of Sala Maua has destroyed the effectiveness of that enemy base. A the japanese have replaced losses and rebuilt bases with amazing and effective rapidity elsewhere. / a bombing squadrons so far have failed to break the enemy a grip on any base. Land forces Are needed to Knock out any enemy base. Three months ago i flew Over Rabaul lae and Salamata and saw at least three japanese invasion fleets poised for an attack on Australia. But a few Days later that Fleet met the Allied forces in the Coral sea and Allied bombers began attacking the japanese bases. Replace bomb losses. Since then i have flown Over these three enemy bases again and the reconnaissance was both encouraging and discouraging. In be patriotic celebrate with records Quot song of the marines Quot Quot we did it before Quot Quot Marine s hymn Quot Quot army air corps Quot Quot kiss me goodnight Quot Quot yanks Are coming Quot Quot Good Bye mama Quot stars and stripes forever Quot and hundreds of other popular records Cou raging because Sal Amaua a effectiveness As an air base has been destroyed. Discouraging because the same can not be said of Rabaul and lae. At Rabaul the japanese constantly Are replacing their heavy bombing losses to keep up the outposts fighting strength. And at both places the japanese Are demonstrating their Knack of rapid reconstruction. I saw intense incendiaries transform Rabaul a wharves and warehouses into leaping flames. Yet later reconnaissance pilots came Back with stories of new buildings springing up with amazing Speed. The same is True at lae where hangars blasted one night seemed to be almost restored the next. The lesson i Learned at the advanced bases was that land troops Are the major consideration in determining any strategy. It is futile to try to win a Battle or a War by Aerial bombing alone. The japanese demonstrated the Correct tactics throughout the Pacific. In Malaya alone they used More than 700 Modem aircraft. Are Well prepared. They showed extraordinary skill at throwing Large bodies of troops ashore with Speed and safety always covered with ample aircraft. Japan a major victories always i have been with an army whose keynote is practicality. They never approach any adventure without j thorough preparedness full respect i for their enemies and a set of tac tics based on an Assumption of i their infantry a Superior numbers. The americans australians and British were slow to assimilate these tactics although Gen. Doug Les Macarthur Headquarters now is aware of them. That is Why i done to expect major i Allied activity possibly for the rest j Eft this year. Six More months May give United states Supply i agencies time to get the needed material to Australia. Whatever the difficulties confronting the suppliers in the South West Pacific they must be overcome before Macarthur offensive i can be launched effectively and with any Hope of Success. Machinery now stalled. The japanese undoubtedly Are aware of the Allied position in Australia but the Coral sea and Midway Battles must have stalled their tactical machine. The bomb i ing of Tokyo and other japanese i cities by Brig. Gen James Doolittle also conceivably May have led the japanese to change any plans they May have had As regards austra i Lia. Japan contracted an economic headache by the Conquest of the j bulk of the Pacific a natural resources without markets plus i millions of hungry restive Peoples which any immediate adventure i toward Australia would Only aggravate. Thus it appears that a stalemate has developed for the moment in the Australia theater but that continent must remain the Allied Pacific stronghold. So to do so it must receive More and More offensive fighting strength including planes in sufficient Force to wrest air supremacy from the japanese. Just received a Large shipment of albums 1.60 red own a portable phonograph to take on your picnic wonderful or Stock Dedo up be patriotic a Trade in your old records Brothers cd cops stopped play and went to work Parkersburg w. A. To relieve the Monotony while cruising around police Lieut Harry Dougherty and officer w. S. Hamrick play a game with Auto License numbers the Winner being the one who spots the High est number in a Given time. A i see 330-199, so i win a said Hamrick. A not so a said Dougherty a West Virginia licenses go Only to 200,-000 and they pursued the car discovered the �?�3�?� on the License had once been a a a by to denote a truck License and arrested the Driver for improper use of License plates. These artists sketches show some of the Many jobs the Sassy Little jeep can perform. Above left As Supply car with open Back and Sailboard and carrying portable switchboard a a Field Telephone Exchange. Above right As a fuel Supply car re fueling a heavy tank in the desert the jeep can also carry drinking water to outlying Post in the desert far from any water Supply. Below left with a steam table mounted on rear the jeep serves As a roving cafeteria speeding hot food to front line trenches. Below right with its wheelbase lengthened 12 inches the jeep is converted into a fast ambulance than can accommodate at least four Stretcher cases. War teaches new tricks to manufacturers of hats world War la produces versatile jeep Toledo july 4.�?the busiest recruits in the army Are fast moving four wheeled hell Bent for election Blitz buggies called jeeps. Already working a full schedule on far Flung fronts the More Active service seen by these Tough lethal jackrabbits the More new uses Are found for them. Rookies use them to deliver messages generals to inspect troops. With a few changes they make first rate ambulances that will haul 4 casualties. Low Silhouette gives them front line advantages. In Battle they can be used As weapon carriers. With a .30 or .50-caliber machine gun mounted on them they become highly Mobile and effective weapons against ground troops or planes. They lug 37-mm. Anti tank guns without a whimper. Engineers at Willys Overland motors builder of Standard design army jeeps believe the bouncing broncs uses Are relatively unexplored. Here Are suggested jeep jobs portable Powe Plant for aircraft searchlights smoke screen spreader to cover a tank attack Mobile dump truck to fill holes made by enemy bombers on Airfield runways Field radio car Field Telephone Exchange Mobile anti aircraft unit to protect land convoys and combat Parachute troops water Supply car to service desert outposts medical unit for front line surgery first Aid fuel Supply car for tanks food Supply unit for fighters at the front Mobile combat unit for protecting Bridges and Railroad junctions auxiliary firefighting unit Mobile air compressor to pump up deflated tires. The jeep is also seen As a peace time Boon to Farmers. When tried out on the farm by the u. S. Department of agriculture in a series of experimental tests it was demonstrated that the jeep could pull a 16-Inch plow Cut seven inches deep in Bottom Cotton land could pull As much As 1300 pounds without wheel slippage could cult pack and Harrow in one operation. In one test the jeep hauled a 1700-Pound Wagon loaded with 4500 pounds of Corn for a distance of 13 Miles and counting the return trip the jeep used Only one gallon of gasoline or .02 Gallons per ton mile. A farm experimenter used a jeep to disc a 20-acre Field so Muddy chains were required on All four wheels yet the jeep accomplished the Job on 20 Gallons of gasoline or but one gallon to the acre. By James Marlow and William Pinkerton new York july 3. A wide world a its an old trick with a new twist taking a Rabbit out of your hat and putting in milk. The War taught the hatmakers that one. Its also giving them new ideas with Cotton pal leaves and grass. Until the War started in 1939 the hatmakers were doing what they had been doing since the turn of the Century making Felt hats from animal furs Muskrat Beaver but mostly Rabbit. In addition to the Homegrown kind they had been importing Rabbit skins by the millions White ones from France Gray from great Britain the Central european rider for hat wants old Job factory worker 47, yearns to duplicate his world War i work Indianapolis up a Claude Downs a Blade Painter in a local propeller factory would drop his tools in an instant if he could have his world War i Job again. He was a dispatch rider in France for world War ii hero Gen. Douglas Macarthur. Downs is 47, and registered for selective service in april. He is married and has a family but is i ready to fight if he a needed. Downs Job in the last War was to countries Australia new zealand. When War Cut Down the imports they needed something to mix with Rabbit fur to make up for the shortage. They found a substitute in Casein fiber made from milk. Now they Are making medium priced hats with approximately three quarters Rabbit and one Quarter Casein fiber. Most of the higher priced hats however still Are made entirely of fur. The too million Dollar hat Indus try with about 580 manufacturers and 28,000 employees normally i turned out approximately 21,300, 000 fur Felt hats annually plus 6 million Wool Felts and 21,775,000 straws. This estimate is according to Ernest f. Hubbard editor of american Hatter who figures three Rabbit skins before milk was introduced a went into every fur Felt hat. The hats before final factory shrinking for headgear Are about three feet tall. Skins always needed. Experiments have been made to increase the amount of milk fiber in hats thus reducing the amount of skins needed but Hubbard says a the time will not come when what we Call fur Felt hats can be made entirely of milk. Some skins always will be although the european imports have been shut off Hubbard says the Industry will continue to turn out fur Felts without shortages being too apparent because it has supplies on hand and expects 1 More from Australia and new zealand. The highest priced fur Felt hat i on the Market an Ermine Beaver Sells for $150. It is an off White color richly trimmed and comes in a hand sewed cowhide Case carry messages from Mac Arthur s ined with purple Satin a head men of the new army specialist corps Are pictured conferring in Washington. Left to right they Are h. P. Seidemann general administration Charles s. Cheston Commerce and bul Ness personnel Dwight f. Davis director general and Brilliant o. Hotchkiss engineering and technical personnel. The director general ranks As a major general his assistants As brigadier. Specialist corps set to replace s swivel chair soldiers army we deliver nearly 5,000 Miles of a wire so 316 main St Jackson 2666 Tine it will float in the air can be spun from a single i Lump of Platinum. One Pound now in our new location 242 Mila St. Specializing in repair parts and service for All makes of electrical Home appliances. Balance of radios a stoves a washers a Irones and phonograph records etc., All at reduced prices Lubye a 242 main Street Between Dixon s and Buff bpm s Washington july 4.�?after three months of admitted fumbling the army specialist corps is supposed to be Well under Way with its replacement project which is intended to free desk bound army men for Active duty. Its men a qualified citizens either too old or physically unfit i for regular army duty have already begun to seep into army desk jobs according to specialist corps officials. Samuel Boyd specialists information chief says he already has had requests for As Many As 300 workers for one area and that in two weeks a steady flow of men will begin to shove regular army officers off their swivel chairs. The program he says should be running full blast within a month. Much Lott motion. Latiere have been stories in Washington that the specialist group was merely a a a paper organization which army eyed Fis Hily and that its prospects of operating As per schedule were exceedingly Skinny. It is True that army Hasni to been too aware of the Agency a doings for an army press officer accompanied this re / Porter so that he too a could find out what was going according to the specialists spokesman there has been a considerable amount of lost motion and general confusion. When the House appropriations committee help up the funds the corps went ahead and operated with borrowed personnel a procedure not particularly conducive to efficiency. There has been a lot of nonessential controversy within the ranks in some ways similar to the a a argument Over uniforms. For a while there was a dispute As to whether military procedure would be observed whether the directors would rank As generals and whether the uniform should be fancy or Plain. The director general Dwight Davis ranks and is addressed As major general. His assistants Henry Seidemann Charles s. Cheston and William o. Hotchkiss rank As brigadier. The military Salute will be observed although it is not obligatory now. The uniform will correspond to regular army style but the earlier announced Scarlet shoulder straps Are out the Cap Emblem is to be Silver on a red background. A a wis your House with owning will to about to to 14 Doreas cooler inside it has been proven by responsible research authorities that the above figures Are conservative. Get your order in Barly estimates Giron and the uniform coat wont be belted. 200,000 que Tion Aires. Pay for specialist officers is determined by taking the base pay of corresponding army ranks adding allowances and then pegging the salary at the nearest civil settee rate. Specialist officers May get a Little More than an army Man in some cases slightly less in others. In answer to voluntary written requests specialist has sent out 200,000 questionnaires which Are returning at the rate of 2,000 a Day. More than 15,000 personal interviews have been conducted in the last three months. Office personnel has leaped from 50 to More than 350 in that time. Credo of the corps is that nobody of draft age and potential value to the regular army is acceptable. Men below 30 Are ruled out unless they happen to be one legged or possess some other definitely disqualifying condition. If the candidate is physically Able to fill his appointed tasks and has no defects which May make him a future liability to the government he is eligible. A we Arentt after Muscles a one officer says. A we Are buying brains. Wed just As soon have a one armed lawyer As a two armed replacement service to army works like this army requisitions lets say 300 administrative officers for the Supply service. Specialist corps checks its files selects that Many Likely candidates and subjects them to a physical examination. Their papers go to the War Der apartment where if they Are found ineligible for regular service they Are tentatively okayed. Then they Are recommended to the Secretary of War by director general Davis and Secretary Stimson is enabled to make appointments below the Grade of major. From major up they re subject to regular presidential and congressional appointment. A tentative limit of 30,000 was placed on the corps in the beginning but officials say now that it May expand far beyond that number. Possible working agreements with Navy and marines eventually is contemplated. Passes on ineligible. The specialist corps is trying hard not to tread on army a coms. A Liaison officer has been appointed to smooth the path Between both Camps and any ineligible candidates for the corps Are supposedly passed on to army if their qualifications Merit the recommendation. So far there Hasni to been much Brush about physical qualifications of the first la candidates referred to the surgeon general a office flunked their army physical. Incidentally there is nothing in specialists by Laws which would prevent a we Oman from becoming an officer if she owned the Correct qualifications. Listening girls first trip to Hospital Westmont n. a Frankie Conway a Blind a pugilist has been bumped around but he never had been inside a Hospital until he Cut his Finger while shaving recently and had to be taken to a Hospital for treatment brawn excels brain for Job educator ten years takes employment As rail fireman Waynesburg ufos after to years As a schoolmaster a. J. Pettit has taken a Job As a locomotive fireman because he believes he can make a greater contribution to the War Effort by using his brawn instead of his brain. Firing a locomotive is nothing new to Pettit. That show he worked his Way through Waynesburg College to obtain the education that enabled him to become principal of the Morris High s school at Nineveh. Unsuccessful in his efforts to enlist in the army air corps the 36-year-old educator snapped at the Chance when the Pennsylvania Railroad asked him to come Back to work As a fireman. Now he a firing a locomotive on a run Between Pittsburgh and Washington a. Rails doing Good Job. A the railroads Are doing a great Job in this War a Pettit said. A Only you done to realize it because we Ere not making guns and shells and tanks. But nobody else would be making them if it weren to for the Pettit has Given up his educational career entirely. When the War is Over he to return to his books. Pettit is married and the father of three children. Headquarters to col. Mathew Tinley commander of an infantry regiment. He always got through but was hit in the Arm by flying shrapnel and once was blown from his motorcycle when the germans Laid Down an artillery barrage on the Road he was travelling. Wears mete plate. He wears a Metal plate in his left Cheeky a souvenir of a Bayonet charge a Over the top in the second Battle of the Marne when he abandoned his Cycle to join his regiments sortie. Downs has nothing but Praise for Macarthur and confirms stories of the general a disregard for personal safety. A a there a a Man for you a he said. A and if in a needed that a the Job id the Case is decorated with four Ermine tails from the animals used in the making. Accompanying the hat is a paid up insurance policy for its full retail value. Predicts greater use for synthetic rubber a synthetic rubber probably will be More commonly used than raw rubber after the War according to Harold Vagtborg director of the Armour research inundation affiliated with Illinois Institute of technology synthetic rubber has Many advantages Over raw rubber or. Vagtborg claims. He predicts that after the War Industrial raw materials going into finished products will be so different As to be almost beyond recognition. He believes manufactured goods will be lower in Cost and at the same time More Beautiful and durable. A Good head of hair is a valuable asset in both social and business life. Don t Quot make your big mistake by neglecting its care. Inform yourself concerning Scalp disorders their treatment and recovery. Gain Relief from itching Scalp by eliminating Dandruff and stimulate a More Active growth of the hair. We invite you to consult us without obligation. Pultz amp Hazlett Barber shop 508 sixth Street Ballet master in shipyard Portland a the War has wrought Many changes. It even made a shipyard worker of a Ballet dancer. For 30 years Alexander Oumansky danced and directed ballets in every part of the world. Now because �?�1 wanted to do my part a he a building ships. Grandpa goes to War Methuen a John Rossi 60-year-old italian Grandfather who get his wife a permission to join the army in world War i because of two Small children now is bandmaster of an american infantry division a somewhere in films developed and printed at red Cress yay get i big album Tise prints tor the Price off Ordinary else prints. Complete. Athi fresh films it lowest prices red Cross 5 Modem drug store Racine awning co. 1675 state St. Lion Sid Awn Dvo hang is Jackson Sci Al us a by a of co siding buy mow while its available f a Nova a Stock of Roll siding asset Tes siding and insulated Brick siding. = estimates cheerfully give 5 i acceptable terms special terms to workers in Defenso Industry f Badger roofing a siding co. 1 1604 Douglas Al a Phon Jackson j9is 2 distributors of Logon Long products ryders sport Coats 12.95 others prom $7.95 you will recognize $17.95 values in the lot. Go to ryders for greater selection. 2 pan suits 25 30 35 we still Hove o Good selection on hand. Now is the time to buy that extra value 2 Pant suit Don t wait girls Hobo Coats station Wagon water repellent. In Rose Blue or Naturel. Regular $6.95 value. $495 pants larger selections greater values remember be charge for alterations when you buy Al ryders. Polo shirts 2 ,1.00 regardless of the Price Yew expect to pay a go to Ryder s for a greater selection and value Garter top Slack. Sox 4 or 1 Jio a Mill Purchase. New Bright patterns Ell with Garter tap. Value to 50c. Atn. Shuts 4 a a 1.00 Mill Purchase. Rayon or Tattoo. Slightly irregular. To 75c. Vernal 330 main St. Ryders

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