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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - July 5, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday a bulletin vol. 13, no. 8racine, wis., sunday july 5, 1942. 8 pages the world last week a by foul Freye this review is condensed from associated press and United press dispatches from monday june 29, through thursday july 2. Winston Churchill admit a ted thursday that he had added a muddles and mismanagement to his a blood sweat and speaking to the House of commons in reply to criticism of the conduct of the War the prime minister revealed that the fall of Obruk had been a utterly unexpected by All concerned. He said that he had been informed that Obruk had been Well garrisoned with 25,000 troops and with supplies for 90 Days. By Way of explaining the debacle he said that heavy enemy attacks on the Island of Malta had prevented the British forces from impeding the flow of Axis supplies to the african War theater. Churchill assessed the position of the allies in the Middle East As a a near disaster but said that reinforcement had arrived or were approaching the Battle the front on these he pinned his Hopes for Victory. But he said a at any moment we May receive news of grave Churchill praised the defences of the russian troops and also lauded the United states victories Over the japanese at Midway and in the Coral sea. He also spoke of How the u. S. Aircraft Carrier Wasp had replenished the Malta Garrison with planes. That news had been revealed by the Navy department wednesday. Breaking the wrist hold. The Chin carry. The hair carry. Gals prepare for another War time Pinch hitting Job the army a drafting lifeguards too these Days and soon girls May have to replace them. With the Aid of movie starlets Dolores Moran and Marian Hall lifeguard de Perry shows some of the important things to remember when rescuing a drowning person. First Perry shows Dolores How to escape from the victim s grip by twisting Mariana a wrist and pushing with the leg against the Abdomen. Next Perry shows Dolores How to apply the Chin carry. Third trick is the hair carry methods a Little painful but effective. Ready to Rescue now Dolores keeps an Eye on swimmers from her lifeguard Tower. De. Note a they Dolores help help a offer draftees Job service looking for a victim. A con women can fruits without sugar civil air patrol takes new Job gop voters reverse views on world Union Survey finds Midwest less isolationist than Seaboard by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., july 4. A after watching the events of the last two years the american Public has undergone a profound change in viewpoint on International affairs a a change which May determine the whole future course of american political history. Isolationism the doctrine of the Nineteen twenties and thirties has Given Way to a great revival of interest in some kind of world league or concert of nations after the War. The change has been most marked in the rank and file of the Republican party the party which was the consistent foe of american participation in the last league. The ghosts of William Borah and the elder Henry Cabot Lodge old gop enemies of the league will shudder to hear not Only that the country As a whole is now in favor of american participation in a Post War world league but that in the Republican party the number approving such can women can fruits without juices when sugar is omitted. A require the addition of water but sauces and served As fruit juices using sugar ter is not required. Extract the use the smallest possible Quantity to drink is More nutritious. They can says Don t. Allen juice from the Riper fruits by 4. Can fruit juices to serve As a j Brown Quirar state director of the office of Price crushing heating and straining breakfast fruit. Fruit juices May a the counselling service at the administration. Pack the remaining fruits closely be canned unsweetened to use As 5. Do not attempt to can with Racine vocational school extends Allen has released the following into jars without pre heating and sugar permits As in making up Brown sugar. Rits services to the youth of the sugar Canning tips prepared in add boiling hot juice to cover Small batches of Jelly. Remember 6. Honey and syrup May be whose Light planes and civilian1 v a u a i j when Churchill finished his Community now being ducted one Wisconsin county and based adjust covers and process in hot that the food value of jams and substituted for sugar. Honey is pilots have turned in valuable in a Muling Nellh Isif Ron speech commons voted him an nto the army and Navy m the fo1 on elimination or use of but Small water Bath according to the rec jellies and preserves is just in a Strong Flavoured food and Quot we pm la a g tuned n valuable a a la overwhelming ballot of conf Flo ing of sugar in Canning commended time. The less Juicy Ergy value plus the pleasant May not want to use too much of work on coastal patro1 against do cd ithe county a counselling. Lib e jobs i. All fruits will keep if canned fruits such As apples peaches and Sweet taste we All like while the it. Honey and syrup May replace submarines is leaping into Aneth american Institute of Public jobs in the army jobs in the Navy without any sugar so no fruit pears when canned without sugar,1 food value of fruits canned As Aii of the sugar measure Fop or breach with All the enthusiasm ppm Al Quot Washington july 4.- wide a step has increased from four in w Utu a i a Jevery to to seven in every to in world the civil air patrol be Short space of one year. Dence 475 to 25. Aaa Tokyo radio s lord Hee Hee is j. and educated jobs in a be Marine corps jobs in need to waste fits summer. Us t ate saturday afternoon with the air Force jobs in the coast car can be added when the fruit the Glare of the Sun hitting guard and merchant Marine train is used Small amounts can be the eyes of the British defenders or critical and essential in saved from the weekly allowance. Gen. Rommel Saxis forces struck destries getting ready for War do this desserts with Little us at Madruh. By monday morning service appraising the individual Gar be used extensively the Axis claimed the capture of Long term planning for each in More later this coastal defense Point 175 div dual. Miles from Alexandria and by those interested May also be 2 since sugar does help re Eugene Ore., july 4. A the monday afternoon the British and cure copies of booklets issued by tam the flavor color and shape of japanese voice that broadcasts fitted Thev had evacuated the the women a interests Section of the fruit it is Wise to can each Axis propaganda from the Tokyo spot. The Battle had been fought the War department. Bureau of quart with at least a Small amount radj0 station Speaks swell a gamer fiercely through Daylight and Public relations Washington d. Of sugar use 2-4 Tablespoons of Jane see quite naturally for it be Moonlight. A c these booklets Deal with such sugar per quart. A Little More Longs to american born Ameri with that position As another subjects As a the Soldier and his sugar will need to be added when can educated Charles Hisao to Anchor Rommel drove ahead and health a a a the Soldier and his served. Ship his name 1s anathema sent his armoured units plunging recreation a a the Soldier and his 3. Juicy fruits such As berries among students and alumni of the across the desert Sands for 45 religion a a the Soldier and his cherries currants and plums University of Oregon Here from Miles to a spot about 120 airline uniform a the Soldier and his should be canned in their own which he was graduated in 1934. _ _ _ can a a sentiment on the league question and his Miles from Alexandria on tues food a the Soldier Day. By this time it was official in revealed in London that Gen. Studied programs. Sir Claude Auchinleck had As miss Dolly Smith Counselor at sued direct command of the p1� Racine vocational school has British eighth army replacing been making a personal study of Lieut. Gen. Neil Ritchie. The educational programs of both Rommel continued to push on the artly and Navy and has Eom Ward forcing the imperials top de information in these areas Retreat before him and by wed take off coat texans urge shortly after graduation he was i taken under the Wing of Yosuke Matsuoka former foreign minister of Japan who was graduated from Oregon u. In 1900�?to give it Many a headache of embarrassment since. Blaspheme u. S. San Antonio Texas july 4. Today Yoshii is chief announce the counselling service continues _ wide world a a take Mem offer for the International Section of mesday was Only 70 Miles from the service to youth in aiding them Victory if you wont do it for the broadcasting corporation of Nile River Delta. By this time plan their College course a f. A a that the Advire of a Japan blaspheming against the London quarters were hinting at Choos it an occupation and evaluate Oriun. Snais me advice of a nation of his birth in the Campus the possibility of rendering the their interests and aptitudes. Group of South texans urging Here they Call him a lord Hee Suez canal unusable if Rommel the office is open for the sum american men once and for All to Hee of Japan a or a Yoshii the should get that far. Mer months from 8 to 12 each break their bondage of Coats and Yokel of then the British took a stand week Day morning for appoint summer time Yoshii a is the English speaking ,. Voice on the regular japanese if it s sensible and necessary to overseas program for the West whipping their forces into fair ments. Defensive shape along a 40-mile front from Al Alamein South to the Salt bog depression of Pattara. Here the line held according to thursday reports and even was Able to repel one tank breakthrough achieved by the Axis. Continual harassing of the Axis units by planes was reported from Cairo Headquarters. The u. S. Coral sea hero nominated for vice admiralty Washington july 4.�?0j.pj the War Effort to Cut off shirt tails coast Section of North America and abandon pants cuffs they a which is heard on the Pacific gue Why not kick in your coat and j coast from 8 30 toll p. In. Daily. Tie too usually made of Wool this program is carried by two mohair or silk anyway and there Tokyo stations both powerful by not Only help win the War but enough to be heard on almost any win it in Comfort All wave radio. The South texans chamber of Yoshii was born in the Straw rear Admiral Frank Jack Fletch Commerce started a Campaign last Berry growing town of Banks army airmen joined in these at or task Force commander in the summer but it Wasny to too great a Ore. He later moved to Portland tacks bombing Obruk and Ben Coral sea Battle was rewarded Success. Where he attended grammar and Gasi and hitting in general at the for his distinguished work when now Ray Leeman editor of the Grade schools. Rapidly lengthening Supply lines president Roosevelt nominated Sou a texan has brought the fight sent to Tokyo. Upon which Rommel had to depend him for promotion to the rank of Bac in a the open taking full and after graduation he went to to keep his armies moving fast vice Admiral. Vantage of the tactical position of Japan where he enrolled in the Fletcher commanded a task Force feed by the War and the patriotic Tokyo Imperial University As a # Tutti frs to Vahia pact Nin re which on May 4 attacked units of Appeal. Graduate student. After some a jul Herb Noddle East pincers Janan esp invasion Fleet at Anchor fresh in his mind was the com study he was steeped enough 4 1 was doing its Best to close fort car the Harbo of Tula i mint of the Taft Tribune which japanese nationalism to be de Down from the upper Side also. A Cap Taj of Florida Island in the originally editorialized on the no dared a a a Success by the Tokyo big triple offensive against the Sullivan group coat no tie proposition As follows newspaper Nichi Nichi. He All but annihilated the enemy i a Down Here we did no to Stop with i shortly thereafter he was As russians began monday at Khar Kov at kursk and at Sevastopol. Nerp Thorp the naw Caid sinking that Sissy stuff of just pulling off signed to a position in the Broad the russians admitted ground lost or Daman eng 2 japanese vessels our coat and be pulled off casting division. Apparently he throughout the week but said that damaging 12 japanese. A a., and destroying six Dianes with a our pants it followed orders Well for Early in some of the German spearheads in reps of Only three then the editorial explained 1938, the government controlled had been trapped in attempting Dianes the menfolk in Taft got Comfort Nichi Nichi wrote an extensive their wedges into the lines. Hit three Dave liter Fletcher air Able tor the duration of warm article praising his a Fine work draft attacked Tho main body of he weather in Slack suits made in for which it dubbed him a Japan s capture of Sevastopol wednesday Jaynese Fleet in the to rely of Cotton. Radio afternoon but on thursday the j t a a d Arshi Nelipow the new the san Benito Light expressed the japs May love him but the Fyne the clatafhcnntitrr1161 japanese aircraft Carrier Ryusaku the that most texans had a1 Oregon alumni do not. Denying the claims of capture. And a Beavy Cruiser w the sunk in ready stolen the Thunder of the a a addition 25 enemy planes were anu1�?oc<jat Pete cd us of smoke poll the commandos struck again j shot Down As compared with a loss dudes and. Bin Quot. A a a. C a last week. But this time in of six of our aircraft. On the packed husbands Wear pm in hot a military secret 1_ spa Thor in inv that tractors May go Back to steel wheels Minneapolis july 4.�?<p>�? the cause of a smoke pall Over the North West was a closely guarded another part of the world from the following Day the same task Force weather nowadays anyway a that now familiar French and Norge a resumed the attack and inflicted newspaper said Gian coast sectors. Macarthur j heavy damage on a second Jap sent a band of the heavy duty anese Carrier the Shikaku which raiders against the japs at Salaj was left ablaze from torpedo and Maua tile enemy base on new bomb hits. Guinea according to an announce last february a task Force to Mairow to a to ment wednesday. The attackers commanded by Fletcher Partick Milwaukee july 4. A intoned or wounded 60 japanese rated in the attack on the Marshall tractors and other farm machine a Quot a May soon be in production phoned newspapers and a radio gathered some valuable inform blasting the islands of Jaquit and without rubber tires. Stations for details Only to be t00 a Kin. Farm machinery manufacturers i a Iven vague answers meanwhile Gen. Macarthur a Fletcher whose Home is at la awaiting government regulations air planes were ranging far and Plata my was born in Marshall for 1943 production schedules Are measure or any portion if it. One that can be generated by upward has been kept by Means of a third to one half is a Good pro 50 000 volunteers organized in Tion wide opinion surveys repeat portion saccharin cannot be used d. De at intervals since 1937. Successfully in Canning because squadrons wings a groups in All heat makes it hitter of he 48 states. The changes in the Republican since the army took Over con Par and or be nation As a 7. Do not use a heavy syrup on Tryl of the nation its Ajr Iines and whole Are shown in the following any fruits tins year. Learn to in much 0f their equipment and with table based on the vote of those Joy the fruit flavor enriched with the countr it in j Over the air j with opinions a Little sweetening rather Han Page Noble the Cap has in masked by the sweetening. Stonel f Couri which. 8. Fruits retain their natural in Many respects bears the same appearance and shape and food relation to the main commercial value Best when processed in the at routes As does auxiliary truck . They should eith service to . Or be packed hot or covered with but it goes even beyond that in hot juice. The open Kettle oven making vital time saving Contri and pressure canned methods May buttons to a War program in which time is the one main essential. Also be used. Victory food on u. S. Menu cuts mileage time Cost. Under the supervision of Garnet n. Hughes executive officer of the new York Wing an economic Survey was made for a republicans favor . In league opposed oct., 193723% 77% july 194144 56 today. 70 30 All voters fax or . In league opposed oct., 1937. 33% 67% july 194150 50 today. 73 27 through the years the Institute has found about one voter in every five undecided or without an opinion on the league Issue. If the undecided vote is included in Washington july 4.�? wide Long Island War production Plant today a totals the National result world soon the american which had frequent Calls for Small housewife will be advised of a vie j shipments of parts tools and oth tory food specials by the u. S. Or materials and got them by department of agriculture. These Victory specials will be notice that there is a surplus or an is 59 per cent in favor of american participation in a league 22 per cent opposed and 19 per cent truck motorcycle or private car. decided. In one month 286 such trips cop change recent were made covering 14,780 Miles i. It win be noted that Only with involving 422 hours spent in Tran be Pat year have a majority abundance of the food article sit and costing $1,700. The Cap republicans come to favor the named. The purpose is thus to estimated it could Cut the mileage least a idea one of the factors tag the seasonal fruits and vege to 11,040 reduce the time i causing the change has Likely been tables soon to come on the mar transit to to hours and operate Wendell Willkie a outspoken Posi a Tion in favor of greater american participation in world affairs. Under m r. Willkie a leadership the Republican National committee accepted a ringing statement of inter nationalist principles at a meeting in Chicago a few months ago. The course of events and the sets so that they will be fully at less than half the previous Cost consumed. The Cap now has been entrusted a their use will help beat the j with these missions Axis says the agricultural de a new Jersey Shell loading j apartment for two reasons Plant has to Send samples of All 1. The specials Are expected to its new a a runs to the nearest u. S. Insure Complete consumption of army proving ground and can to the perishables while they still Are continue production until the most palatable. Sample has been okayed. The 2. Their widespread use will Cap now makes those deliveries conserve the canned and processed and production has been seeded foods for the periods when the appreciably. Public May face rationing and for there Are infinite possibilities the military forces who receive for this sort of work including a preference on foods which can be Chance of carrying air mail on shipped in compressed form. Now abandoned routes and the the department does not pro Cap under National commander i Willkie Charles Hisao Yoshii a lord Ilee Hee of Japan the a Yokel of your autograph please judge pose to make a Victory special of Earle l. Johnson is looking into world wide character of the War every seasonal fruit and vegetable All of them. Have also played their part in re crop but Only those in which the aligning Public sentiment on i surplus promises to be larger than or i. Al i ter National affairs. Institute sur the Market normally would take. Rec Niers Ineneo Veys in the past have shown that the word will be flashed along Rii. To wholesalers distributors and a a Iii Oil Dinicu irs retailers. Grocery stores Are sex when there is a profound change in National sentiment on an Issue the chief Factor responsible is the Chicago july 4. A up a the peeled to display such items prom ninth naval District made a fresh Impact of an event or series of intently and Label them As Victory. C. 1 a a. Events. A n a it it specials. Appeal for he loan 01 a Lilllan while there had been some in divorce u6cr66 the Emblem is to be a Large v binoculars to the nations sea growth of pro league sentiment and a Market Basket filled with fighters describing these instr j up to last year the major change july 4. . Fruits vegetables and other foods. Ments As a desperate needed for a ter the japs had put us Edwin a. Rowlands of Pittsburgh i retailers Are to be asked to use. A., ,. Vinto the War by leaving their steel who claims to be americans no. 11 the Emblem in their newspaper cd is Quot a a Quot tone of autograph collector wants the Auad re slug the first National Appeal of to graph of a judge on a divorce supplemented by information Luna Equire decree from the agriculture department l a Rowlands filed suit for divorce and food Trade organizations. Menta have been received calling cards at Pearl Harbor. Regional changes. Even More remarkable than the gop reversal is the present Atti in tue of the once isolationist mid North West was a closely guarded. Quot _. Housewives it is planned Are to was Bintou from All parts of the i die West which is actually More military secret until it disappeared i from the former Esther a Burt be show the Deal rated foods country compared with 50,000 j in favor of a league today than because the full published Story j Ness of Janesville wis., charging b de Var Etc of was contributed for Navy use in world a the Seaboard areas would have been information Val her with indignities. Abnormal Sun lies of chickens will War l at that time however the change in sentiment by table to the enemy. The autograph collector married be added to top Victory special list More types were cent hate the sections in the last five years is everyone noticed the phenom miss burtness a year ago after ill Engvy now is especially seeking shown below Enon and hundreds of curious Tel meeting her in Kansas City while r l. Trying to get the autograph of quinine substitute Hellen Keller. Miss burtness was what the Public did no to know wide striking at timor Island town la., on april 29, 1885. Bases of the japs and at one of a the biggest enemy concentrations Dier Norv o at Rabaul on new Britain. The the planes also hit at celebes Island. Becomes state Park i was the True extent of the Haze Placer Ville Calif. a eight acres of land near Coloma where James Marshall discovered american Pilot dives fires Jap warship somewhere in Australia j Nugget which led to the greatest july 4-�? up american Pilot capt. Gold Rush in u. S. History will of farm machinery and labor May 1iktlicj. Ivl Iod jul to icon w do a a a Cal in state supervisor of the Kansas 111 a Geotgia Btl Tud braille program at the time and Albany ga.�?0j.r a a sust Imade arrangements for Rowlands., ,. Preparing to go Back to steel j from Montana to Chicago and from i to meet the famous Blind woman. Tute for a quinine May be found m wheels if necessary agricultural the Canadian Border to As far Rowlands has the autographs of an american Shrub known As engineers were told in Milwaukee Sou a3 Iowa. Knowing these More than 2,000 famous persons Georgia bark. Quot. r James c. Andrews of the department of biological chemistry of the University of North Carolinas school of Medicine has been experimenting with the medicinal properties of the Plant. Other scientists also Are study ing Georgia bark known scientist week. Facts plus the Speed and direct Bis elaborate album. H. D. Valker of the University i Tjon 0f the wind would have end of California in an address at the abide even an Amateur forecaster closing session of the american draw up a pretty accurate society of agricultural engineers weather map for the entire mid on Jan 24 1848 the Small enl i 2>nyen we no predict a the return of j West origin of the smoke was on Jan. 24. 1848, the Small Gold steel wheels. Brush fires in Northwest Canada Walker added that More pooling near Alaska. Tafb Carl Zeiss and Bausch and lomb glasses sizes 6x30 and 7x50. Minnesota leads the 13 states of the ninth District with 94 binoculars turned in ranking that state third highest in the nation. Other states in the District rank nationally include All Tumins being indicated in parenthesis sixth Illinois 55 15th Michigan 20 15th Wisconsin 20. Bond seller becomes lieutenant general Waukesha wis., july 4 it it from private to lieutenant Gen j i Auy as6pincknya Rubens and Tom Gerrity dived his bomber i shortly become a state Park. The be necessary to Aid in the War fancier neglects spouse eral in one Day is the record is orders for As much As too pounds v a japanese warship i state of California acquired the Effort. Los Angeles u Job Robert to abolished by miss Nettie Davis have been received by the depart. _ to la during wednes site from Ferley Monroe a negro vegetables Are rotting in the Koontz was granted a divorce on miss Davis accomplished the feat ment of agriculture. The Bush in period from july s to aug. 31. Thinks that a league will not work avs mass raids a Tinct tap Anh janitor a snap rms Emir crap it re i j Al _ a , Wisconsin allotted 3,568 bicycles Washington. July 4.�? up a Wisconsin will be allotted 3,568 bicycles during the initial ration ass fed i less econ Mic and pm a a a a tical barriers Are destroyed. He favor u. S. In league 1937 today n. Eng. Amp m. A. 33% 71% East Central. 33 72 West Central. 31 76 South. 44 78 far West. 27 74 arguments pro and con. The typical american who favors american entry into a postwar organization gives one or More of the following reasons the Institute finds. He believes that some kind of league in the Only Way to preserve a lasting peace and outlaw future wars and that no peace will be a its raids a asst lae and janitor. A Superior court gave Fields of Many California farms l. Grounds that his wife spent so by Selling $4,000 Worth of Warnow in full Bloom of Pink and on occupied new Guinea the state the land in a $3,100 con e. Sinclair of Calipatria Calif., much time feeding her 23 cats j Bonds in a drive sponsored by local i Green grows Best in the Damp j ? i reported. He return j Aem nation suit. Monroe claimed told the delegates because of the that he was neglected and had to i retailers. Ranks is determined by j wooded places Between Here and de to his base safely. It was Worth $10,000. Shortage of farm labor be treated for malnutrition. A sales volume. 1 the Florida line. According to the office of Price unless the United states takes a administration. The state also prominent part in it and that the will be allowed a Reserve of 432 United states should take a a for adjustment of county quotas. Turn to Page 7, col. X

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