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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 12, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin Be i what our \ a a readers have to say. J sunday journal times bulletin i is will a 114 Rny or Ament i h i a column i vol. 5-no. 59. Racine wis., sunday Jan. 12, 1936. Circulation 19,500 Reader makes plea tor Dollar bus pass dear editor j p top it w to ride a who buy parses at Lek Are the ones who Are go least belief it by the straight fare. We v lie ride the bus tues a Day Are tile ones who my need tile Tare reduction e Street car company is go instr let i or fare Fay inn kiwis our a cents per trip. I be today to riflemen top Boone we the j. Clean sidewalks this letter urges lost will tax pm i he tilth it in 11\ Ely Ashai conditions it pavements t Tam As Mal City should have the a i also be business of world again 1 in leap year old practice method of correcting Calendar dates to Julius . I f d in could afford to its cleaned Rry for tile poor they Are so hard up that it is utterly impossible for them to clean their sidewalks themselves or hire some Little boy to shovel them for ten cents. As a new year s Resolution let me suggest to All residents and owners of Homes or business establishments in Racine that they resolve to keep the sidewalks clean. And. Or. Mayor or someone let s have the pavements cleaned too this will put men to work for a few hours now and then and it will decrease accidents. Of you follow the above instructions. Everything will come out Quot Oke i a Oke v a Hail the bulletin it to great it l. Y., Spring is dont snatch Caps Reader tells children Pear editor a the bulletin 1s read by so Many parents i would like to Call to their attention something that i think should not be left unnoticed. Several times in passing school Yards i have seen youngsters take Capa from their playmates to Heads and throw them in the Trees or fences and even in Little Pool of water. Sonic of these same children were warmly dressed with rubbers mittens sweaters Etc. On hut running around the school card without a Cap they caught severe colds. I know one Mother who has kept her youngster Home for Davs at a tune but a soon As the child gets Hack to school she has a cold or an earache i am not saying that every child who has a cold caught it that was hut t did think that we a parents should co operate with the teachers and explain to our children what dangers May re suit from this prac to ice. Thank you for the Bullet n and May it continue for Man years. Mrs. Of. M., Park View. I urges residents to War on ice a rid the and the r in to a dear editor a y i a y that greatly enjoyed in Hope we will Contin through the year of i in the heard so Man complaining about putting ashes on the Corners. I certainly them but f think i i tie too much to ask put on every Corner a style after it freezes. It is danger Tous n that the people help a a a title too As it s f of everybody Why it it family living in a Corner a few of those a sties the knot what to do with any Sprinkle some on the come almost Ever Comer would for Drivers and it would much work either. I think t has done pretty Well so far All. They did t order the i la Eton is e and i chive it bad weather about the i Kiev if we walks v. E r e Way. We w of to Knock wrong edit anyway. Ltd is Quot i vers not str it with a stashes is soon As pos and of course it seems to me. Racine could s for the Good could t each tier House take done to and then Safe t be Cit v after it and they there Bas been knocks y streets too hut i be d a. A. That our own rid kept that so lunch time May he i m is my Peeve a prove ave reviews Rule for left turns a a Dea edit o. This is in answer to e k of Mead Street regarding left turns. The Corre t Way is to turn to the left of the officer and not around him. You will notice that turning to the left of him is very simple in comparison to going around him and there is less Chance of him being run Over. Quote traffic la is oct. I 1935�?"sec. 85.16�?"par. 2.�?" turning left a the operator of a vehicle intending to turn to the left at an intersection or into a private driveway shall make such turns from the traffic Lane immediately to the right of and next to the Center of tile Highway and shall pass immediately to the left of the Center of the int it sect Ion passing As close is Pearl Ca Hie to the left of tile enter of the intersection amt shall leave the intersection immediately in the right of the Center of Lite intersecting hallway tend quote you probably have seen times it turn to Page 5. Col. 4 this year is leap year. Instead of the customary 365 Days it will contain 366. Aside from the tradition that gives Maidens the Opportunity of courting the men and proposing marriage leap year has a greater Sig Ifica Nee. Purn be to a catch up. Tho actual purpose of leap rear is to a catch lips to with the sea sons. The solar year in which the Circle of the seasons is completed the solar Day in which Hie Earth makes its daily revolution and the lunar month during which the phases of the Moon Complete their Cycle do not correspond exactly to the conventional time divisions. Actually the solar year is "65 Davs. Five hours. 4r minutes and 46 seconds of the mean solar time. It is easy to see that if the Odd hours minutes and seconds Are ignored Over even As Short a period a 26 year tile seasons would fall behind four Days and la hours with some minutes left. Designated by Caesar. Leap ear was designated by the decree of Julius Caesar Tribune of Rome. In 46 p. C. It is from the old roman kalends or kalends a method of dividing time into such periods As Days weeks months and years that the modern Calendar was derived. From the same source modified but it Ope Gregory Xiii comes the Calendar by which the civil and ecclesiastical year months Days Are distinguished from solar and astronomical years Days. Until 46 r. There was considerable tampering with the Calendar in efforts to keep the months in their proper places hut in that year Caesar established the new Calendar of 12 months decreeing that every fourth year a Day should be added to prevent the old seasonal wandering. Further adjustments. That did not prove sufficient i however. It was found that calculation gave the year la minutes and 14 seconds too much time. The real error amounts to one Day in 12s years. Each leap year too Many As it was added to the growing total did its bit toward dislocating the Equinox toward january. By i s ,2. The Date of the Equinox had wandered 12 Days backward into the Winter months. Pope Gregory Xiii called a conference and ordered changes in the Julian Calendar. He suppressed 10 Day of the year 1852 to Correct the a of Drift of Hie Equinox and then ordered that the intercalation of Odd Davs on leap years be omitted on All Centenary years except those which Are multiples of 400. This was done because the error in tile Julian intercalation was found to be about three in 409 years. No lamp year in 2100. Now the Gregorian Rule Cive 07 intercalation in 400 years and consequently one year contains "65 Days five hours 4 a minutes 12 seconds this exceeds the True solar year by Only 26 seconds or one Day in 3,323 years. And tile turn to Page 7. Col. 3 England accuses surgeon of slaying wife and maid t its it 2 sewer jobs nearly done pea reports 2 bodies dismembered by person trained in surgery. Good Progress being made on school and not a a Kiln to. And auditors perv Ising pea roil in Racine have report for 1935. � cent age of funded. Number of id listing author Yang la Iii Chang Chin v s i e it i Aid a China Premier Mermaid is miss Yang Hsiu Chang of Shanghai w to holds numerous aquatic records in the Orient. S the North and Voels to be a forced Progress be Henry Mitchell old teachers lose in rating with h a advantages. P 7 i adversity of Indiana Dean holds. Showing St auction oomph men employed a sized projects. The report sin South Side storm by completed and ing made on til school and the filtration addition. In part the report follows South Side storm sewers. Mark u s Thomsen Kenosha started june 19, 1935. Practically completed with exception of son i contract Price $244,718 employed. North Side storm sewer. Geog Ponterella Chicago started Tun 19. 1935 practically completed 1151,01 men St in >11 a 1 933 by Oom in ton ind. A a the Young instructor fresh and vigorous in his pursuits hold an advantage Over the More experienced professors in institutions of higher learning according to Dean Fernandus Payne of the University of Indiana. The opinion in contained in a new Hook a Oan open letter to College ?� which Dean Payne co authored with Evelyn Spiel h Wilkinson of City College new York he cite experiments to show that any differences in efficiency Between the Young and Obi instructor Are in favor of the former. Score card worked out. In one critical analysis the instructors scored 54.74 assistant professors. 54.26 asset Jato professors 54.15, and i Oft sets 50.13. The same study a to compared teachers who had taught from one toll j ears with those who had taught More than la ears. The efficiency score for the flirt group was 55.68, and for the second 48.s2. I a from whatever Ancle the a i proach was made the difference in favor of the Young instructor per j i slated a said Dean Payne. A Oas you would expect there was a w Ide Range of variation in each group. The poorest and also the Hest teachers among those studied were Young instructors with two years experience. Open mind an id. A othe voting insula tor wishes to learn. Explained Dean Payne. A Ohe will accept gladly suggestions for the improvement of his teaching. A othe senior men of his own department who Are Good teachers must assume the obligation of help ing him. It is our belief that this i is one of the major Points to he attacked by the administration a it must be skilfully and tactfully done to prevent embarrassment and to avoid robbing the in new Delhi India Jan. ?" the Man she described As her a Obus Struc tor of his right of final de ins a thousands of pilgrims Are band and asked if his wife had vision in All questions pertaining flocking to Delhi to pay homage to died some eight years ago and if to his ?� said Dean Payne. 3-year-old girl in India tells amazing tale of reincarnation contract Price employed. Maple Rove sewer. Maple Grove combined and sanitary sewers Peter son Racine started nov. La to per cent completed contract Price $26,587 27 men employed. Henry Mitchell school. Jansen construction company Milwaukee started aug. 26 35 per cent completed contract Price $236,525 97 men employed. Plumbing in Mitchell school Strobe amp London inc., Milwaukee started sept. 16. 1935 30 per cent completed contract Price $20,414. Heating construction in school j Thomas heating company Racine not vet stilted contract i ice <20,-816. A tracts total $790,000. Total of these contracts under Dei wet 2627-9609 amount to $799,-0<o and they Are 5<t per cent completed. $501,000 having been expended on them to Date. Of this amount. 35 per cent was on payrolls. According to the resident Engineer. Application has been made to inn ease the Federal Grant from $210,000 to $233,000. Under another Federal loan and Grant $135,000 was to he raised through Revenue Bond Sale and a Grant of $4 8,000 was to be made to finance construction of four additional filter units for the water department and to extend service to Lake Park. To Date nothing has been done about extending the service to the suburb. Two material contracts. On the filter addition originally estimated at $95,000, two material contracts fur pumps and mixing devices costing about $1,600, have been let in addition to the general contract which was awarded to the Bond Gard construction company Racine on a hid of $57,000, anti the heating contract which went to the Thomas heating company Racine on a bid of $33,000. The general contract is about 90 per cent completed and has Given work to 36 men. The entire docket. No. 7233, is approximately 55 per cent completed. $78,000 having been paid out to Date. 27 per cent of which represented wages. London Jan. Ill is a when or. Buck Buxton eminent surgeon and physician goes on trial in Manchester for the murder of his j wife and nursemaid the most grip Ping English courtroom drama since the famous Crippen Case is expected to he unfolded. Or. Hawley la. Crippen of London was h red and executed in 1910 for the slaving of his wife. She was found buried Iii the cellar of his London Home. Or. Crippen went to his death still protesting his innocence. Or. Ruxton. Father of three children likewise protests his innocence in the face of a Strong circumstantial Case built against him. Ryphe prosecution. In the preliminary hearing against the 36-year-old defendant has relied heavily on silence. This a Laboratory cases j against the defendant included the calling of professors from leading i universities a witnesses. They reveal How the minute i dismembered bodies of the alleged murder victims were assembled � paving i and How identification was made 136 men through comparison of fingerprints with Domestic articles handled. Charge jealousy. To e question of identification will play a major part in the murder trial As or. Ruxton denies that the two bodies found were those of Bis missing wife and nursemaid. The prosecution charges motive a in the Case of Iii wife was jealous. It is alleged the doctor threatened before to kill her. Robert James Edmundson a solicitor. Had been mentioned by or. Ruxton to police As a person who might know where mrs. Ruxton was at the time she disappeared. Ile testified at the preliminary turn to Page 2, column 6. Official warns Aid applicants to be sincere deception impossible Iii pension system he states. 3-year-Olj spaniard expert pickpocket Barcelona Jan. La a ins a i one of the smartest pickpockets Barcelona has Ever known turned out to be a boy of three when Manuel Jordan was caught in the act. Manuel s Mother was too poor to keep him. Consequently it is alleged a Nighbor who noticed a natural quickness in the child offered to hire him and teach him a �??� this she did with such Success reports continue that before Long manual to Little hand was stealing in and out of pockets with a skill which far surpassed even that of his instruct Ress. He was finally laugh red handed by watchful citizens who chased him and captured him in a nearby Street. They were astonished at the Speed at which he was Able to run. Stage Accident makes fake a stabbing real Minich Jan. ?" ins a an actor in the austrian Village was stabbed to death accidentally by a fellow performer in a stage scone because the guard had been left off a Dagger Blade. V villagers at Bisco sen a tiny Village near the German Frontier w Ere watching a rollicking Folk farce. Franz Meisel. In his part playfully stabbed Rupert Penn a fellow peasant actor with a Dagger. As lie did so Penn fell to the floor. The a properties Many had forgotten to put the wooden guard on completion of the sewage treat the Sharp Blade. It penetrated to r an 8-year-old girl Shanti Devi who claims to have been reincarnated. She recites details of a previous life on Ean ii which she claims elided just before Hep present life began. In her past life she says she was the wife of a merchant of Muttra United province. She was very much in love wit ii her husband she says and often used to make him potato cakes a delicacy of which he was particularly fond. Her father a Delhi merchant named rang Bahadur did not take her seriously until recently when she suddenly insisted on going to Muttra to see her a of husband and her �??� she said she was particularly anxious to see the boy because it was at his birth that she died on being refused permission to make this journey Little Shanti cried for hours and could not be consoled there was any truth in the child to claims of reincarnation. He replied that they were possible and that i brother who lived in Delhi would come to see her. This the brother did and directly Shanti saw him she a of recognized him As her brother in Law. She talked with him about her past life and her conversation was so circumstantial that her a of husband hurried from Muttra accompanied by several friends. On seeing him. The child fell at his feet in order to a Opay her respects As his ?� she then embraced her �?�??� she failed How Ever to recognize her a husband so new wife. Later the child had some private conversations with her a of husband and he corroborated All her statements. Hunters spend Dollar for 7 pounds of game i n t i r x a t i onal Falu Minn. Our a american Hunters w to entered the United states from Canada at this City have shouldered almost 100.000 pounds of Vav ild game across the Border it was indicated in figure released by the local customs office. The sportsmen paid $3.8s6 for the privilege of killing Canadian Moose Deer bears and ducks during the recent season it was show n. Besides Hunting fees Canadian wardens in the territory surrounding this port estimated that too non residents spent $10,000 for room Board lodging equipment and guides while Hunting. Ment Plant docket no 2817, will be financed by Sale of $598,000 Revenue Bonds and a Grant not to exceed $158,000, total Cost being estimated at $756,000. One contract was completed during 1935, that of putting in the Shore Protection and effluent line. The contract Price was $1 51,827 and Hie work was done by the Edward Gillen construction company of Milwaukee. Docket no. 9609-2627, which will cover construction of the fire station and Bridge pave twelfth Street and build a communist House in Douglas Park Calls for a total expenditure of $196,500, but none of tile work Lias been started. Penn s heart killing him instantly. Buffalo to travel far y Ello Stone National Park ?" a it to going to be a Long move for one member of this Park s Buffalo Herd. A your Hull in being shipped to the zoological gardens at Buenos Aire. Argentina. Weather Outlook absolute sincerity and honesty in providing information for investigators under the old age assistance administration is incumbent on All applicants before any Aid will be granted. George la. Porter director explained. Deception in order to obtain Aid is impossible because of an elaborate system of checking used before any application is approved. He said. When it is disclosed that an applicant has deceived his chances to receive the assistance become nil. For that reason investigators impress on the applicants to be truthful and to give the Best possible information in order that application May he approved quickly. Unfamiliar with Law. The workers emphasize certain Points in Hie Law which will disqualify applicants unless they comply implicitly with each requirement. Already investigators Are discovering that Many applicants Ara not familiar with the requirements. A bulletin from the state pension department stresses the fact that All counties of the state Are required to give assistance to eligible persons. It says the assistance is not payable merely because a person has reached a certain age nor is the county required to pay the maximum of $1 a Day if the applicant has income from other sources or in the judgment of the court the applicant can he cared for properly with Aid less than the maximum amount. The i a provides that the applicant must be 65 or More years of age and a United states citizen either by birth or naturalization. The applicant must have lived in Wisconsin five out of the last nine years immediately preceding the Date of application. During the last year of the required five years the applicant must have resided continuously in Wisconsin. The applicant must have no father. Mother husband wife or child responsible for his support tinder the lavs of Wisconsin and Able to support him. Mort express willingness. The Law emphasizes the fact that the applicant must not have deprived himself of any property in order to qualify for assistance. Felling or giving away his property disqualifies one from obtaining the assistance. A question the applicant is required to answer asks whether he is willing As a condition for receiving old age assistance to Transfer All or any part of his property As May in required by the county pension department or. Porter explained that it is not the desire to take anyone s property from him. But the applicant will he required to express his willingness to have the county reimbursed for the amount of Relief he receives plus three per cent for the time the Aid j was granted. This is to be provided when the estate of the applicant is probated. A person May apply for assistance while he is an inmate of a county Home but if assistance is granted it shall not be Given until he ceases to be an inmate of such i Home. Assistance May not he paid to a person while he is an inmate of a private charitable benevolent or fraternal institution or Home for the aged to which no admission charge As a life tenant has been made. Club to hear expert s talk on firearms comparisons drawn Between Kentucky Rifle Ami modern guns. Mks Rosa Mississippi Bulle a although Only a Sophomore miss Rosa Healy of Natchez miss., has been selected As one of the 25 most Beautiful co eds at University of Mississippi and is one of the Campus Honor students. Benet defines writer s needs do not underestimate author s difficulty he cautions. New Haven Conn. A a prospective authors should not under estimate the difficulty of a writing Carcer cautions Stephen St. Vincent Benet outstanding american poet and author of a Ojohn Browne to Quot although writing is really a difficult process most people think they Are potential ?� the author said. A othere Are Many who believe in the inspirational or untaught songbird theory Al out authors. According to this an author is a kind of wire and if you run enough electricity into him hell turn on a Light. The reaction of an author to a situation is like that of a Slot machine. Actually inspiration is Tho molten Metal of literature hut unless there is a Mold for the Metal in the writer s mind it is splashed about and wasted. A constant curiosity needed. Benet who was chairman of the Yale literary Magazine when a Yale undergraduate said the greatest necessity for a writer is con Stant curiosity concerning the personality of everyone with whom he comes into Contact. But he also must have time to find out in what Fields he can write to Best effect. He recalled that when Sinclair Lewis was at Yale he was writing about knights and troubadours. A Oan author is fortunate to realize $700 a year from his writings a a to t asserted. A Oon the other hand one successful Book might make As much As $70,000.�?� history is full of the shooting exploits of such redoubtable marksmen As Daniel Boone and his Kentucky Long riflemen. Many Are the tales of How their unerring accuracy brought to Earth a Redskin or a Bear at remarkable distances. And yet it is no reflection on the career of those heroes to say that in Racine today Are scores of men a yes and some women too who can shoot with much More accuracy at longer distances than Daniel and his colleagues could possibly have hoped to achieve. The difference of course does no to lie in the eyesight. Daniel s eyes probably were As keen if not Keener than any person to shooting today. The equipment guns sights and ammunition developed Over More than a Century of experimentation and Progress is what gives the advantage to the modern Rifle i men. Tests show accuracy. Many have been the tales about the Kentucky Long Rifle and recent tests with some of these old guns show that they were remarkably accurate at 50 Yards but beyond that distance the accuracy decreased. At least an equal degree of accuracy is now attained by modern rifles at 1.000 Yards. One Hundred years ago it was proclaimed a Good shooting to hit a three foot Center at too Yards. Today on outdoor ranges used by Racine Rifle clubs it is not unusual for marksmen to group to shots close together inside a 10-Inch ring at 200 and 300 Yards. The regular army target has a 20-Inch inner ring at 600 Yards and local riflemen often place their to shots in Good patterns within this ring. A further step toward extreme accuracy. Of course is the feat of some experts who put five shot groups within a seven Eigo tenths of an Inch radius at 220 Yards. Will be discussed at banquet. The contrast Between the marksmanship of today and earlier times will be graphically reviewed by or. Paul b. Jenkins at the annual banquet of the Belle City Rifle club at hotel Racine Friday night Jan. 17. Or. Jenkins one of the nation to Foremost authorities on firearms and a writer traveler and lecturer of note will discuss a othe history of accurate shooting a and by Way of showing contrasts will have displays of historic weapons ranged alongside some of the latest developments in powerful and accurate modern guns. All those interested in shooting or in firearms Are invited to attend the banquet and reservations May be made with any member of the club according to Voyal Ott Secre Tare. In addition to the main talk of the evening by or. Jenkins there will he movies taken at Camps Perry and Ritchie and films on Hunting from a Ofield and ?� i Wes Hartselle will he toastmaster. Attorney demands u. S. Cope with polygamists in Arizona she runs Gas station but Sticks to a horse Saugus mass., Jan. ?" ins a different is miss Dora Winchester operator of a gasoline tilling station two and a half Miles from her Home. Whereas most Young women Shanti w to is a very pretty little5 it was further calculated that Goto business by automobile train. Girl is anxious to return to Muttra j approximately seven pounds of trolley or afoot. Miss Winchester Washington. Jan. Ill or a weather Outlook for the period of Jan. 13 to 18 for the Region of Hie great lakes Snow monday and tuesday mostly fair wednesday and thursday Snow Friday or saturday rising temperature monday colder tuesday or wednesday rising temperature thursday and Friday. For the upper Mississippi and lower Missouri valleys precipitation monday and again thursday and Friday rising temperature in North monday colder tuesday slap on Back sends aviator to Hospital Toronto Jan. 11,�?" ins a because a Friend slapped him too heartily on the Back Signaller John d. Clarke of the Royal Canadian air Force stationed at Camp Borden had to be rushed to a Hospital at Toronto for an emergency operation. Clarke was arranging some flags and in his Mouth he held three open safety pins. When his Friend slapped his Back Clarke gulped and swallowed pins. Kingman ariz., Jan. ?" ins be. Elmo Bollinger county attorney of Mohave county Arizona who recently conducted the presentation of principles in the Short Creek a plural marriage Colony believes the Federal government should act to Cope with the spread of polygamy in the Southwest. Two members of the Short Creek Colony were sentenced to prison. But or. Bolinger declared a of have barely touch the sur a othe taking of More than one wife is not contrary to Federal statutes except in the territories and we hold that state Laws reacting the number of wives Are ?� the convicted Short creepers Are Basing their appeals on this plea. Despite the prosecution of its members the Short Creek Colony could he to times its present size if it wanted to he. It was declared by John y. Barlow one of the face of this unfortunate situation j leaders. I can name More than a dozen j a owe have received so Many thou men beyond my jurisdiction who Sands of letters from people want have from two to five wives and Many children. A of competent lawyer with proper authority and the services of a few a men could Send More polygamists to prison from the states of Arizona and Utah than were convicted in those states during the Edmond to act trials of 60 years ?� Joseph w. Musser one of the leaders of the cult of which the Short creepers Are members admitted Here that More than 25.000 ing wives that we Are using them for fuel a he said. A Oit seems that half the men in the county think that we Are operating a matrimonial Agency. We Are sorry to disappoint them but we Haven to a surplus of women in Short ?� Barlow said letters had been received from everyone from labourers to College professors. All Are being sent polygamy literature which explains in detail w by Short Creek advocates harems and in _ _ the pins which lodged in his persons in the United states Are j Clde tally Points out that one of of he relents Are unwilling to game was bagged for every Dollar make the trip on her Black sad rising temperature wednesday and i Throat. The operation was Success advocates of plural marriages. He \ the Cardinal principles of the Faith distracted a relative wrote to let her go. Spent. K it dle horse. Thursday colder saturday. Ful. Said is 15 to 30 children for each Man. /

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