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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - January 05, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin What our j readers have to say. X i will be paid Furj \ i i Ana commit i we i i i in this column j v sunday journal times bulletin v of. 3-no. 38. Racine wis., sunday Jan. 3, 1936. Circulation 19,500 poem bares woes that followed Yule j i ways bears poem flit before Christ Ais out the night after so Here is one about dear eld it1 we Are about the but How a a Christmas it. The night after Christmas twas the flight after Christmas. And All through the Flat. Every creature was wide awake barring Hie cat the stockings were Hung on a Heap in a chair. Cuite empty of Candy St. Nick had put there. The children were All doubled up in their Beds. With pay tvs in their tummies and aches Iii their Heads Mamma heated water while i in a wrapper. Was walking the kid who is not a kidnapper when out in the Street there arose a great chatter. And i put Down the kid to see what was the matter a tue hed out in the entry threw the door open wide. And found an old gentleman standing outside. I looked at him closely and realised then twas the doctor in to sent for that morning St ten. He was dressed in an Ulster to keep him from chills. And ins pockets were bulging with boxes of pills. He came to the Nursery and opened his pack full of fresh Paregori and Strong ipecac. Rhubarb and soda mints Fine Castor Oil. And Pink sticking plaster rolled up in a Coil. The children All howled in a chorus of pain. And the kid lifted up his contralto again. He Felt All their pulses and looked at their tongues. Took All their temperatures sounded their lungs. When he d dosed All the children and silenced the kid he put Back his Medicine Down the Stair Slid. Jumped into his cab and said to the Driver in excellent Humora he to just made a a of fiver. In to twelve hours behind my appointments i fear. But i wish it was Christmas each Day in the year up. Families. F. Ghz Blake ave a a More to clerking than making change dear editor obviously there Are Many in to to e same predicament As r. D. Of Forest Street and j. I of Case Avenue. Many Young people have gone out to look for clerking positions during the Christmas Rush and Hale met with failure. J. P. Of Case Avenue stated that he or she has watched clerks waiting on customers and has even Learned to operate a Cash Register and therefore lie thinks that he is experienced. I would like to Correct a Little misunderstanding. In to not siding with Hie store managers of Racine. In fact i too went around to stoics to secure a clerking position. But i would like to inform j. P. That clerking is not Mere order taking or Cash registering. Clerking implies salesmanship w Bach in turn implies the ability to create wants. The managers of mores Are looking for experience \e111-r, that is Why we were nor life Ltd of course a one cannot become experienced unless he is Given tile Opportunity. By son Eon els3 will have to Tell j. P. Where to get the Opportunity i can t. Thank you. J. Frank ave dim House numbers not of much use dear editor i work for a downtown store and do much delivering of Mer band especially at night. These dark Winter a its help none to Aid my Peeve. In searching for House numbers i sometimes have to scrutinise Hie entire front of the building to find the numerals some houses to not Hale any identification in them. I believe it would he a help to us delivery boys if the numbers were placed Iii a conspicuous position even aided w Ith a flashlight the numeral Are hard to read if they ate placed under ledges eaves. Loofs or covered Twili vines. It would save time and much annoyance. Which originates from misleading surmises to have Good sized numbers. Because Lions s in certain sections of the City Are built on larger lots there is no uniformity in the graduation of tile numerals thus making it hard to make out. Also House numbers Are painted Oyer and Are covered with the same kind of paint As the House is. So i would suggest a contrasting and outstanding color for the numbers. This Aid will be not Only a Blessing to messenger and delivery hoi s but likewise to Jour friends and associates. It r. V., Mead St Little Archie himself writes about a of horns in the midst of the world to current Legal confusion there stands one Law that judges juries and attorneys have been too per cent powerless to upset. No flaw has been found in it although it has been studied by millions of schemers. Health horse racing statesmanship and ditch digging come equally under its strict Reg Illarion. It works just As Well up among the Clouds As it does on the Earth. In fact the weather Bureau is on of the few human agencies that seems to know Best How to take advantage of it. In so doing said weather Bureau simply goes on the theory that what goes up must come Down. For it is this Law a the Law of averages a that is the foundation of modern Long distance weather j forecasting. And if the Law of averages which so far never has failed to work bears out present calculations of the country leading weather experts the coming Winter is about to treat the United states to one of its most trying programs. See saw Winter. There Are a old fashioned Winters and there Are mild Winters. But there is an in Between a ii i Etc the most destructive kind known in so called temperate climates. It is the a Osee savvy Winter a first freezing and then warm. This is the Prospect that lies before us. The weather specialists say for the next three months. In making this prediction the specialists explain the it the weather he a Way of balancing its budget of cold heat and humidity. It does this by a series of swings toward unseasonable warmth or unusual cold each period extending Over several years when one of these swings commences however. There is always a marked in Between Jear when the weather a Osee saws Between hot and cold. Opening up the weather Many to Book of averages it is found that tip to two years ago. Init Winters occurred with one �??� at the beginning of the series Over eight successive years. These called for an equal number of counterbalances and the first one came in 033. I gust Winter s cold the records show was again quite As severe Over the country As a whole As it was in 1933, although the absence of heavy snowfalls made the Low temperatures less apparent to or. And mrs. Citizen. Now the a Osee saw Vear is not Only due to occur but its imminence is attested by several meter ology a1 signs. Attic yields War records civil War Days recalled by documents of Racine soldiers. Place. Of Alt. I Sci. It dear editor May i submit an article written i Quot Little Archie himself the name of the composition is �??� horns is found on the Heads of j animals tinder the hoods of automobiles in brass bands Ami on All dilemmas. Animals such As discontented cows use their horns for offence and defense. Automobile horns is used mostly for offence us whets a lot of cars get tied up in a traffic Jam. Fir when a Feller wants in take his girl Riding and is too Lazy to get out of his car a incl walk up to the House and ring the Bell. The offence in this Case is to the girl s Nabors. One of the horns in a brass band is known As the slip Horn. It is so called because most anyone would he willing to slip its player something if in would Stop Plaj my v i dilemma has two horns but none is allowed to take More than one. To Hen my father chooses the right one it always turns out to he the wrong one. A drinking vessel is also called a Horn. It is so named because when some men see others 1 using them they try to Horn in on the party. In Olden Days the Horn of plenty was our Teecher Sci. A Cimbal of abundance. Now a Horn of plenty is the sax fone. The boy next floor practices on two horns i a Day. Iii former Daze Hunters used to carry powder in horns. My Grandfather sex it took them so Long to Load their kilns the squirrels to die of old age while waiting to get shot. G. Cd. Holmes ave i raises a question on in shovelled walks Itear editor i have been told that there i a City Law which states that All sidewalks must be cleaned within in hours after a Enow storm and that if the walks in front of residences Are not shovelled the police Are right there to warn the occupants. But How about school property and factories More than 24 hours after the big Snow storm Christmas Day the walks in front of the Nash factory on Phillips Avenue and the walk in front of the Howell school on Washington Avenue were not cleaned. Phyllix Avenue is the Only Cross Street to Uptown and hundreds of school children have to travel his Street yet the walks from Denven Avenue to the St. Paul tracks Are never shovelled and turn to Page 3, column 4.j Waves to he Short. Cold air coining d it Van from the North drifts to East or West As it crosses the Border into the United states. Ordinarily these cold Waves continue their course and Are gradually tempered by the warmer country Over which they pass. I the insult is that at their extreme limits their effects Are much less severe this year the <1 rifts of cold air Start on their Way but proceed Only a Short distance when a wave of warmth rushes up front the s uth. This terminates the cold up i abruptly. The warmth then lingers in the path of the next cold weather which in turn is succeeded by another warm invasion. Winters such As these May be depended upon to wreak More havoc than any Otlmor sort. Their most serious inroads Are in the Field of Public health. Quirk shifts damaging. Second Only to its effect upon health such a Winter disrupts business. Industry and agriculture. Seasonal lines of Good move slowly and the commercial picture is further distorted by the difficulties of transportation. Already the Winter see saw is at work. Shifts of As Many As 35 degrees in 24 hours Are being reported from a dozen widely separated sections. As the Normal cold intensifies these shifts will 1 become More extreme weather i specialists warn. The t All time record to Date for a 24 hour temperature shift is that reported by the last Bvrd Antarctic expedition a front 16 above to 65 degrees below. I engrossed honorary discharges of the late Luther place Ami James Reed with records of their service in the civil War penned within a Blank on photographs of the easel Monument were found during the last week in the attic of a residence at 102 7 Villa Street. Henry Seitz bought the Holts in 1927 from heirs of Luther place but never had looked in the attic until last week when he found the scrolls. Enlisted Iii lhc�2. According to the record. Who then lived in the Tow n pleasant enlisted aug. 21 and was mustered into service As a member of company ii. Twenty second regiment. Wisconsin Volunteer infantry sept. 2, 1s62. And was honorable discharged Lune 12. Isti7�. The picture of the easel a Monument and re Cora of service were presented to members of Bis family april 17, 1896. He died in i 9 21. Recd also was for in the town of Ai pleasant and his record of service was approximately the same As that of place except that he was killed ii. The Battle of Kenesaw Mountain in june 1864. The service record and easel Monument picture were presented to his wife. Josephine mrs. Reed. A Cousin kept House for place until his death. She died about six months before place did. Racine Man in s. America reports 11-foot cabbage Norman for the j. Buenos in r. Krause Engineer i. A ase company now Aires explains that he is not a candidate for the world famed Burlington liars club when he submits to the journal times a newspaper article with Pilot Paph of Vav lint is described As the tallest cabbage in the world. He a Ojust wanted Racine residents to know that Down in Buenos Aires Many things Are done in a big ?� a inasmuch As Racine county is much interested in the development of cabbages. Mich an incident As this should not pass in Nozic ?� he wrote adding a Oas to whether such a Freak Plant As this has any further v Hue remains to he ?� it feet tall. According to tile newspaper the stalk is so meters about i Lis feet i tall and its leaves Are exceptionally Long some measuring so centimetres about 31 48 inches. Tho article explains that the owner of tile Plant obtained the seed while on a visit in Spain. It says that about 14 months ago the Man noticed that one of the cabbages he had planted was far out trapped Miner writes note to wife As death closes in London. Ins a on a carefully preserved piece of crumbling Blue tone is written the world s most Beautiful and a poignant love note and All the Money in the world could not buy it even grim death staved its band awhile before mercifully taking into its shadows a doomed Miner who. W writhing in at by in the darkness of a Gas filled chamber six Hundred feet by Low surface scrawled a last Farewell to his i wife pitifully waiting at the Pinhead. Message on Stone. Seech parties Stu n Blin it among the Cai nag caused by an explosion in the North Gawker Colliery near Barnsley came across the body of Albert Edward Ibberson. Horribly burned hugging his death note. Bending to pick up the body one of the men noticed the message on the piece of Stone just four words that gleamed in the flickering Light of the lamps and gripped the hearts of the men a9 they traced the message a Farewell Fanny old pet. X x ?� there were Marks on the Stone whet his burned hands had rested while he scrawled the four tragic Little words and the crosses for kisses before he lapsed into unconsciousness. Airs. Ibberson broke Down when told of her husband s Nus a go. A owe were everything to one another a she said. A Oit was just like him to think of me when he knew there was no Chance of ins coming Back. A owe were ?� a Ohe would not have time for much and a old Petit was a term he used throughout our four years of married life he knew it would help me hear this trouble a Little. We Vav Ere so ?� the Stone has been left in the scaled death chum of in the dept tis of the Earth hut a photograph clearly showing the message Bas been Given to airs. Ibber son. Playing a Indian is almost fatal Worcester. Ala is. A ins a playing Indian was serious business for 4-year-old John Hassett who almost burned at Hia own stake. The Youthful Brave in full Indian regalia danced too close to his Back Yard Bonfire the trimmings of his elaborate leggings caught fire and univ the destruction of his suit by an old growing the others. It continues prize �??� a and so with the Pride which inspires ail Amateur gardeners. He decided to take special care of his �??t after it had grown to the in ight of two metres which is extraordinary he realized that he had a a prize do to Possession and in older to save it from drooping with the weight of its own foliage lie propped it up. It is due to this propping that it now has a Sharp curve on Tho two metre Mark the Only curve on the whole Stem. Which now measures Over three and i half metres. As the cabbage continued to grow. Don Juan Martinez found that to stick was no Liger of any ii and so substituted for it cords w Inch he carefully tied near the top of the Stem and then affixed to four Points two on the Wall and the other two on the posts of the Verandah a Olike the Story of a Jack and the ?t the cabbage continued to grow taller and now while Only 16 months old it has reached a height of Over la feet and is sup ported 1�> eight cords the upper i most of which is affixed to the top of the Stem by Means of a Metal i Cia nip. A oin order to Aid the growth of the Stem Don Juan Atrip it of the larger leaves eve a two or three Days and in order to do this and see How a things Are getting along it he Lins to use a step ladder. Tallest on record. Although he has Only lived in Ca lie Mozart for a matter of just Over three years lie is now one of the no abilities of the Street All because of his famous cabbage and he has been visited by any amount of people including an inspector of the direction de agronomic w to told him that it is the tallest on record in this country. A another remarkable Factor in the life of the cabbage is that As yet it has not gone to seed and it is for this that the agricultural authorities Are anxiously awaiting in older that they in to Experiment to see whether a new family of giant cabbages has come into being. A Odon Juan and his wife have handled their a prize to cabbage with great Pride and attribute its growth not Only to a Freak of nature but also to the fact that they have treated it with great care. They expressed the intention to continue caring for t to see just How far it will ?t and As his step ladders Are already getting a bit Short it is probable that he will soon have to substitute them for a fireman to ?� find u. S. Slang in Shakespeare american English comes closest to language of Elizabeth. London. A ins a american English comes closer to the Good Obi elizabethan language than that spoken by the 1935 englishman. In the midst of a controversy throughout England Over the use of a Sameri canese in the Hollywood made a of Midsummer night s ?� two eminent British shakespearean authorities rallied to the defense of the Warner opus. Bonier hold tradition. A american English is the English of Shakespeare s Day with its own somewhat conservative ?� prof. J Isaacs of King s College told International news service. A oin certain Mountain districts of the american Border states and in tie South Shakespeare s own voice has been preserved together with the older ballads of tradition. So that it would be True to say there is More likelihood of finding elizabethan English in America than in England. A Oit is not Hie elegant language of today but the popular meaty language of idiom and intonation of the people. Idioms like Shakespeare s. A Olf Shakespeare were to hear of someone being a fired out. He would recognize a Liq from his own sonnets. If someone said he would a Tell the world it Shakespeare would regard it As a tribute to his own a twelfth ??� or. G. B. Harrison author of j Quot Shakespeare at work to to and three i volumes of a elizabethan Jour Janis a said a of Good Deal of nonsense is j talked about the american accent j those who have never lived in Arneica do not always realize j there Are almost As Many different brands of american accent As there Are states. A othe extreme kind of twang certainly jars one but so does the accent of a Man from the English ?� Carol is reported giving up Lupescu for German Bride Bucharest a ins a Bucharest is bearing reports about King Carol s intentions to break his Long relationship with re handed mine. Lupescu and get respectably married to a Princess of Royal blood. It is also reported that he approached his divorced wife Helena with a View to effecting a reconciliation but that she declined the offer and the King is consequently looking for a suitable Bride. Carol away from i hive. It is a fact that for the first time in to years Carol spent his Sumner holidays without Lupescu. It is also True that Prince Friedrich of Hohenzollern Sigma ringer tile King s Uncle and the head of the Hohenzollern Branch to which belong the Kings of Rumania. Has been in Rumania on an important family Mission at the court of his Nephew. Queen Marie Prince Nicholas Ami sex Queen Elizabeth of Greece Are in constant communication w ii ii Carol. The greatest secrecy surrounds these family councils. Rumor has it that Prince Friedrich of Hohenzollern sigm Ringen will be entrusted with the Mission of finding Carol a wife of German Royal blood. Horlick High to give play Many in cast of comedy mystery to be staged Jan. La. Warsaw installs traffic Slie cops Warsaw. A ins a the City of Warsaw has organized a women police Force to guard women and children against the dangers of traffic. The girl cops Wear Nice Blue uniforms with shining Silver buttons anti Broad Salver bands around the sleeves. Applicants for police service must he High school graduates. Under penalty of losing their jobs and claims for old age pension the girls have to swear a solemn oath not to marry for seven years after joining the Force. The Chrls will lie trained in a special women police school for their jobs where strictest military discipline is maintained according to an official announcement. Lack of haircut sends them to jail rain of jellyfish Falls Iii Australia judgment due to 201 London a a motor cyclist who met with an Accident has been speedy Given until Christmas 2018, to pay a judgment entered against him. Or brother saved him Iron serious j tim cyclist is Henry Hepper. Of Burns. Rotherhithe. St Ai Elrod Rne. A ins a a rain of jellyfish struck Frankston. Victoria a Tow n on the coast of port Phillip Bay. During an Early morning Shower hundreds of Little Brownish creatures were 9een to fall from the skies and the streets were soon covered. The science teachers in the High school gathered up specimens and put them under a Microscope. They were half an Inch Long. When the Sun came out the jellyfish All perished. Scientists think they must have been caught up from the sea by a a i whirlwind a a s Prague. A ins court sentenced 2 9 prison terms up to because they failed to have their hair cropped Short. Tim 29 defendants pleaded that they were going to he dismissed bar Nat to from military service soon to return to their business in private life a waiters merchants clerks assistants actors Ami the like. As such they Vovou d have had great difficulties with their hair cropped Short like convicts. The court held that a military order was an order and had to be obeyed. An old fashioned melodrama a othe Wasp s nest a is the three act mystery comedy which the advanced dramatics class of William Horlick High school will present saturday evening. Jan. La in the auditorium of the woman s club. The plot revolves around the adventures of a group of character who come on halloween night to a othe Wasp to nest a the old deserted Mcdowell mansion in a Dens Wood near Roanoke a. Many in cast. Tho role of Roger Mcdowell the hero is to be played by Arthur Liegler. His pal Steve Nelson ii played by George Bronson. The role of Nancy Merrivale the girl whom Fate and the train robber Send to help Roger in his adventures is taken by Muriel Melcher. Others in the cast Are John Johnson Ralph Springboro Francis Preston to Seitz. Oswald hav Gaard. Emma Beresh. Doris Gilman and Josephine Pace. Those in charge of details Aras follows scenery Walter Pinnow Warren Fregein Marshall merlins Robert Zobac Raymond Mohrbacker Ralph in Iller. Donald Powers and John Loizzo. Properties. Costumes. Properties Harold Bishop Eleanor Hansen Edith Olsen Lorraine shimming Julia Barishnik and Helen Luedke. Sound effects Harold Bishop. Costumes Winifred Barth. Bert Robey Elizabeth Heusdens. Emily Riekert and Lucille Rasmussen. Ticket sales the girls club. Tickets will also be on Sale at Wie-1 Gand s. Publicity and finance Lillian Waisanan. Sam Dubow Robert Leutner Edmund Christensen Ervin Vrana and Shirley Spencer. Posters Ushers. Window posters John Johnson Katherine Gifford Warren Fregien Joseph Firtko Lucille Ultsch eur a military j Nice Hensley Eugene Eberhardt George Knudsen. Carol manner in soldiers to Throe months and Marguerite Fredericks. House managers Robert lentil or and Sam Dubow. Ushers Arnold Blivas Robert Edward Fitch Harvey Larsen Ervin , Richard Johnson John Tishken Arthur Simcek. Merrill Mulder Charlo Schlevensky Melvin Kruse Edmund Christensen and William Bendell. The curtain will Rise at 8 15. Weather Outlook sin twins in class Hiawatha ?" a Helen Burns teacher at a Rural school near Here does not find it easy to keep Correct account of certain a j pupils. She has three sets of twins Middle of week Snow with rising j in her school. Washington Jan. 4.�?" . A weather Outlook for the period of Jan. 6 toll for the Region of the great lakes Snow and much colder monday and tuesday fair temperature Friday and saturday

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