Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
24 Dec 1950

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
24 Dec 1950

Read an issue on 24 Dec 1950 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 24, 1950, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday journal time bulletin vol 21, no. 34racine, wis., sunday december 24, 1950 8 pages Between the lines by Tex Reynolds Mem Oriel of a rift. Too \ Ive to display but Merer forgotten artillery Queen of Korea Battle on Beadi head of Quot Simoi of More than three of codes ago when the Outlook Moi clouded by a or and uncertainty of Tho future at it it today forint the theme for this guest Cloumn by Lon j. Hurley Soi Shelly drive a Boi toss no of too i am thinking this War clouded year. About Christmas morning. 1917. / was a very Little girl and i canted lots of presents which i did no to get. I remember my stocking. It held Orange and Candy a Small Gilt washed Chest to stand on my Dresser. And a Flower vase with red Rosea painted on the Side. Not much for a Little girl and Mother knew i would be disappointed. But she had had no Money to spend for gifts that year. My father practice the patriotism he preached and when he thought of american Soldier boys in Muddy trenches he bade my Mother give our Christmas Money to the red Cross. But. Mothers understand that Little girls want dolls and books and Gay Caps and scarves. And Don t understand so much about soldiers and War. So she came and sat Down by me on the bed. And kissed me and said. A Quot there Isno to much in your stocking. This year a. But just think. You got Well of the flu. And we tre Safe and warm and we have plenty to eat. And we All have each other. And i love you. And then she talker about the Little girls who had no Homes. Whose fathers were killed. No were separated from their mothers. A or starving homeless. With them. And i somehow caught the vision of what she was trying to Tell me. And realized How really Happy w e should feel. And later in the Day the girls next door were out on the sideway showing off their new mittens. And parading their new dolls. And shooting fireworks. And telling about their toy sewing machines and cooking sets. And i went out to join them and they wanted to see what i had gotten for Christmas. I told them that i could no to show it to them. And they were very curious and asked All kinds of questions. But All i would say was that i had gotten a very Fine gift but i could t show it to them. So they concluded that it was something too Nice to bring out of the House. Which it was and All the children in the Block kept asking me about it. And i became a figure of great importance. Having something too Fine for Christmas to show to anyone else or to play with. In All years since i be gotten Many gifts. So me very line one counted in dollars and cents. But for the life of me. I could t Tell you what they were or the years i received them but i can remember my gifts of Home. With Loving parents. And warm Security in that War year when so Many in the world were in anguish and despair. And i think that any Mother who has a Little girl. Or boy might Well deepen his or her appreciation of the same gifts this Christmas morning with a Loving kiss. For Christmas is a a of together time. And if there is a Little boy or girl. And a father and a Mother. They should be Happy so Long As they Are All Safe and together. Mary and Joseph might have found separate lodgings in Bethlehem the night their babe was bom. Tarn to Page i col. 3. Open hearts to children by gait Frt i adults tried to make the Christmas dream come True today not Only for the Young but for the sick and unfortunate across the land. There were Many stories about children who had Christmas Early this year because doctors feared they might not live until dec 25. But Linda Mchargue 3 4, had outwitted the doctors. Linda of san Pablo. Calif. Had an Early Christmas last year because it was feared she would die of a fibr cystic disease of the lungs the Richmond. Calif. In a fund Campaign and Linda has been treated by or. Harry Horowitz of Oakland. A Horowitz has been giving her pancreas gland substitute and Vitamin injections. Linda has gained 13 pounds and Horowitz said he Hopes for a a Complete recovery cards pile let at Camden. N j. 9-year-old Pat Grover who set a record last 2 threat of War a casts Shadow As world prays h is am Blackhead Korea delayed a us a arts Llerve is Queen of the Beach head Battle. The army and Navy big guns reach out and rip the enemy when he still is Well Back from american infantry lines. That to Why so few v. S. Sold ors have been killed or wounded Here. Carrier based planes keep the. ,. Communists pinned Down during w the Day. At dusk the artillery begins to Lay its Wall of explosive death around the front it throws out up to 10.000 shells before Dawn. It is the first time in the korean War that the artillery has come fully into its own. Out in front. By world War ii standards there Are not a lot of guns but says Brig Gen. Roland p Shugg. The beachhead to top Artil Christmas when she got 27.600 Peryman. A american artillery cards in one week got 10.000 just Christmas. Technique is abreast or ahead of a other Dav. That brought the for Tler p 0?1? not 1�&Quot a a and nation., to. Tortured by a great War. This will a artillery has come into its own a a �?1�?ti0. Or us a he prosperous Christmas Christmas to about 40.000. In years. But the threat of a new the deluge began last year w Hen conflict has put a Damper on what Urr. An newspaper published her request otherwise would be a joyous Cele. For a left Over cards to paste in bration. An army does on the defense for shut is he herself because to is not Strong enough to Stoffic offic a uld she go in manpower to attack. So on the m0�?z in on week Han and defense it uses Gunpowder instead Olber of manpower. We Excel in the techniques of rapid and controlled massing of different fire Means a actually the beachhead is just a conventional artillery setup on a limited scale. But the enemy has Little artillery. We do not need to divert outs guns to Knock his out. And blow up red Plant on Beach in Korea i Rrth altona4 it my prayers for peace punctuated by the rattle of sabers will go up throughout the world this Here because of the character the operation a said Shugg. An artillerymen in three wars. In american his in the holy land pilgrims making the journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem the route travelled on the first Christmas by Joseph and Mary will Pray at the Church of the nativity. It Clear Bethlehem roads in Nazareth where the boy Jesus lived a Midnight Man will be celebrated at the Church of the q annunciation scene of Mary s visitation by the Angel Gabriel guns. There charts a person tory. It was a Christmas 11-year-old Larry Weathers of Shelby. No would remember for a Long tune because of a kindly newspaper editor. Larry to father. It. Logan Weathers had wiped out a. Cur observation a chm gun no a to protect. M Nazareth .uu., under Israel planes have free Rem of the skies a to to men Anfu d re a hero s death or in liar Rule. The Road to Shute pad Lance men. Aina Mea a neros Aea. In Rehem has to be cleared of dragon a. Far off Kobo. For the first tooth tank traps and barbed wire Amel nun is ump of there would be no Christmas at the israeli Frontier with Jordan a of meter. It package beneath the tree from before pilgrims a limited number ranges from hulking self pro Larry Quot dad. But Many More than last year Peled i a a Mill. Howitzers to Coe icy Jim Bannon editor of the Van pass on the stoned Road to Little 105-mn, Field pieces Clarksville. A times readout Bethlehem. See a Measle charts Larry to father and started a a Oren Tokyo the Christmas spirit but the nerve Center i it in a member Larrv Quot Campaign. Christ was new denied crowded tent Well away from the a Rarda and , poured in m Dir Plav and Dolored paper Mas Rara Ana presents pourer in Streamer decorating restaurants rom a. 48 states Japan and to frequented by americans As Well _ Measle Rea. As strictly japanese establishments Fiot cd on them in red i did t bring Larry s father Western Europe was ready to and Blue Are scores of concent a Back. But it taught the lad that celebrate its most prosperous lion numbers a registered target the world if full of kind people. Christmas in years. Italy was areas covering every possible route Stream user Stilt hopeful. Hundreds of thousands of of enemy approach. Pilgrims poured into the country Snell hit every �? Dur at do Quot to calf a the Santa Fea during 1950 to take part in the my the night and if the Forward a mainline. The chief paused for Cejp big lion of re a in Catholic artillery observer see reds a is minute so it Crew could play of �?oouns1 Dollar preaching All they do is bark a Santa Claus to 18-year-old Jill into the italian Economy cent ration number. Wednesday Miller bed Ridden with a heart in France sales reached new night 30 reds walked into one Jimen m her Home beside the record in the stores night clubs measles to and were dead seconds tacks glittered with preparations for a a Busy season of merrymaking with a. Jotun. Mo., a tj0usands of americans in Paris be called Down within Jon Vard. Bulcken Moth a of five turned As their Best customers pc Down Whin 200 Ards Don the request of a childless in Britain there was satisfaction Texas woman who offered to take with the economic recovery which one of the children As a a Christ made the country Able to get along Mas .�?� without new Marshall plan Aid you can see find russians had factory to make grenades Hung Nam beachhead Northeast Korea up a u. S. Army engineers have discovered and blown up a big abandoned red korean hand grenade factory inside of the Hung i Nam Beach head. It contained Brand new russian manufacturing equipment Worth around $100,000 a othe factory was All set to continue producing if any reds got into it a said maj. George w. Mcmaughan of san Antonio tex., who discovered it along we Tith third division infantrymen. The manufacturing equipment a was hidden in what looked from the outside like regular North korean Homes. Inside there was just one big room in each House. Floors were lined with Lead or Zinc. Grenades were loaded in the houses. A machine shop to make i grenade cases was hidden in a nearby Cave. The american discovered and destroyed 5,000 Gallons of Industrial alcohol in a second Cave. Alcohol is used in manufacturing grenades. Stainless steel mixing vats and loading machinery with russian i markings All were spanking new. In a weary world worried by War Clear Young voices Pierce the gloom a that once again soon All May be Calm All May be Brights with the Jirayer later. The fire is so accurate it can tippy7 a hero in this family state authorizes flames kill 3 Gas co. Transfer m Madison or a the Public chinese poised for Yule push Tokyo ?"<11 a pm it re than half a million Chines communists massed for the second communist invasion of South Korea and perhaps a Christmas new Richmond wis. If Tippy a Collie dog. Was t of american outposts. Lightning Quick. Every firing Battery has the Chart and the concentration num mrs. W p. Johnson. 32. Texas britons still severely rationed. Melby family before he certainly Ber. A mass communist assault City. Texas said she would like w0ujd manage to have a would run into a tremendous con nothing better than to adopt cent ration of shells. The russians of mrs Nad e Clark s children i or a _. The victim traditional Mait a. Of artillery by or Mark a a d her have t to so no of of Voun not Al Sci ,0rmer act Cut we a m we try a nor at Sandringham their country b i0 Horn talked Here site and an office building at 239 a Quot a a a. A. Home _ .1�?". Corn hcs a. Main St Dianne. 9 years Dis son. He said his Mother was unable to provide for experts say. Not toys. Genera Shugg. Former chief of sick and the army ground forces on the them joint brazilian a. S military mis Jim Randall. Station a feb Sion and later a top ranking Mem newscaster read the letter Over Ber of the american Mission for the air. The two room Clark Aid for Turkey is third division Home now is crowded with gifts artillery commander. He is one of of food clothing and toys from the army s leading artillery a listeners who were touched by thormities. Raymond s simple note. With Santa by. To. Now neat was operating a or on his parents to farm near Baldwin Shaft. The two firms Are across the 38th parallel. Fou fresh were mrs. Edwin armies were said to be rolling and her children South from the manchurian Border old and Edwin to move in on . Forces bracing affiliated. A. Years old. For a new defense of the South Watts a chemist and Salesman korean capital. When his coat caught in the with the Power company owning whirled around and off his All the common Stock of the Natur the Sheboygan paint company attending the firm s annual Hartford. Conn p a a doctor who posed As a stand in for Santa Claus wants no More of the Job. A youngster Walker up to him. Kicked him in the shins and snapped a Othats to for last year. Eve assault on Seoul and the outnumbered United nations 8th Al service commission authorized Plymouth. Wish Ltd it a a few army. The Chines communists with Fkd Ltd member of the Carl buy some property in Racine from their Christmas tree a Mother and7 the Wisconsin natural Gas co. At children perished in a fire were reported o be a covet of s312 096 children perineal in a re a organizing into a 640,000-Man Good Christmas and would spend to a a a the property include land and a their Home at cry Sui fighting Force for big push it at their hearthside. The Royal Tippy has been Given credit for structures on the East end of the Lake saturday. A a _ _ family but mrs twice the american army to boys a Oare All in the got. Artillery Gunpowder per division the family to plight was corps and army. But even they cloned when her 9-Vear-od it on in us Aik the americans lightning Raymond. Wrote a Quot letter to san cd bus u d of of 6 ability to shift firepower artillery tax asking for food and . Feet. His head struck the floor of a1 Gas company. The shed in which he was working. The Gas company said it no Tippy the boy to inseparable pal. Longer needed the property grabbed him by one leg and pulled him Loose from the machine. Mrs. Melby was indoors when she heard Tippy Barking outside. # looking out. She saw the dog or Ottiss if in i cd splotches with blood. Running to the door she tried to Calm the dog. But he whined and ran Back and Forth towards the shed. Finally mrs. Melby understood and ran out to find her son unconscious. Rushed to the Hospital Here. Neal w As Given several blood transfusions and now is under treat ment for a Skull fracture and multiple cuts and bruises. Teeth Marks the danish office of informs chime calling to each other from flans Christian Andersen to fairy on one leg Are testimony to Tippy s lion new York City. Parish to Parish summoning people tales. Danish mothers still show efforts. In , people traditionally to worship Peter to july to their children and � observe Christmas eve rather Snow Falls in Large flakes White read to them the simple verses than Christmas morning. It to the and or so to s Down. When for As the first verse a big event of the rear. All work the sky clears Snow casts Blue Mother now will read aloud the a Parachute Pioneer erases in the afternoon. At five Shadow. On Clear nights its very simple song. The Little verses Al. %cljlv.�?. To of clock Church Bells in town and crystals reflect the Light of stars will take wings upon her danish n a5hington fir it. Us a. Country begin to a of chime rapid of the Snow covers the coun Tongue Matthew b Ridgway just named beats of the Hammer against the try Sid and droops Over the roofs a ofor they Are True for now and Aye the new commander of the eighth Bell. Summoning people to worship like White frosting Over the old and Golden words that say. In Korea was a Pioneer of in Candy lit and decorated Church flowing in cake. Birds would go in following one another a 0�"��tion< dunce world _. ,. #. Is Home again families sit Down hungry were it not for the thoughts like father Only few Are found. °perallon5 Dunn Quot o a band together in a tight Union. J a othe essential que Tion is the. Flames of Universal brotherhood to the traditional Christmas Din a sch Rise spontaneously in the but never one like Mother a. Quot a Ril the pop also announced in his following has there truly been which today bums brighter than Ner after dinner the Christmas hearts of Good people who then and the verses go on to Tell of general Ridgway planned and 5to<x word message the discovery rediscovered the Tomb of St. Ever in the hearts of free men. Tree is lighted and Exchange Cut aces of bread into cubes and All the great expectations of Chil Carre it i our a the first Large scale 0f Tomb of St. Peter and Pas Peter May we All take courage and on a crumbs and drop them out of win Dren and the final revelation of airborne assault in l. S. Military Sib a be Bones of the apostle be a Oto such a question the final this Day and in our god to name on Christmas eve the children Dows. No. Better Clear the Snow their Christmas in Faith and Joy history. That was the attack in Neath the great Basilica which conclusion of the work and the consecrate our lives and our Are allowed to to in up ?� then. Window Sill and leave the and glory. 194 on the Island of Sicily Oft the bears the hint s name. Studies answer with a most Clear prayers to the realization of a w a their Christmas gifts stacked bread there lest the crumbs Dis a a a Southern tip of Italy. A Union of free nations the ?t the Tomb of the Prince of world in which shall reign the into the soft Snow out of banish Christmas is Steep general Macarthur designated pontiff mid. Offers the Only Means the apostles has been rediscover True spirit of Christmas peace on Jned in old traditions. Christmas is Ridgway to take command of the by which they can defend peace eds Earth Good will toward ?� Denmark celebrates Christmas eve with family dances around tree Young generation ?"<u a a department store Santa Claus Here justifiably wonders what the younger generation is coming to. An 11-year-old boy Cam up to him and shyly whispered that he wanted a wife for Christmas. Was a Enang me Zirm s annual go Christmas party when the tragedy Dew t a coot?5 occurred. He was overcome by Korea s grief Shock and was removed to a bos _ _. Pita at Sheboygan for treatment Seoul. Up a president Syng Coroner j a me Hildebrand of re pm Dan bite to in Gem Sheboygan county the cause a Alton h Waker commander of of the Blaze had not been deter the u s Fly he that Quot Korea. Mined. The Watt it year round to a. Kiuei in a jeep truck cottage burned to the ground. The co a on. Bodies of the children were found Sai Law. A general Walker will never he in the ruins of their Beds. Mrs feet from f�r8�ttcn by korean people. He came to us at a time of great Watts to body was six the front door w hich she apparently had tried to reach after discovering the fire. Hildebrand said the bodies w Ere burned almost beyond recognition. Adversity and he maae our cause his own. There has never been a finer Man nor a More True Friend of Korea than general ?� by 777,�?t Walker to successor Pope Calls on free nations to band together for Liberty Mac hopeful in greetings Tokyo rpm general Macarthur extended Christmas washes to Quot All members of the United states Vatican City a Pope Russia and its communist ?.el armed forces in the far East com re it i Lites Mand and to our Brothers a Pius Xii said in a Christmas Mes a a a. Speaking of excavations which arms. Age that the fee Nauru o t Bave mute Way for to years Macarthur to message said world can defend themselves breath St. Peter to Basilica he a with the United nations before against aggression Only if they said us As a Symbol of Ever growing at the foot end they Are put to appear bed a Young world lost in pleas reach of the Small Birds ant dreams. Where Santa Claus appears Denmark he is called the Man a but the Danes have own gnome like a on Issei have two Christmas holidays and usually enjoy a a White ?� a White Christmas a the Danes ofter have a Denmark the Farmers put out a the cd St of All nordic festivals. Eighth army shortly after the and meet the common danger a sheaf of Arain raised on a Dole even in Heathen times midwinter Jep Accident death of it. Gen 0f an aggressor now to comes from Yum they have moved it from the or a it a Ere held round h. . I outside divest to feed the Birds at Christmas shortest Day of they a bin res he is expected momentarily to but he warned an a of aggressor a. I a a a were made and blood offerings leave his duties Here As army can find a Fiji column in the in a favorite in danish Homes to appease evil Powers. But gifts Deputy chief of staff for adminis Temal discontent of Many nations Book of verse in stiff cover and gentleness and peace belonged traction to assume his new com where there is Lack of the second most important said was question the pop air. Ill whether relics of the a int have Christmas of Usu i for Dionne quilts been found. A Oon the margin of the Tomb there were found the remains of North Bay ont. A up a spiritual human Bones which however it Christmas for the Dionne Quin and moral cohesion. Is not possible to prove with cer Tuples will be a family affair As yes. Wrote it in the Days of our grand this Day some Christmas Cus the 55-year-old paratrooper nowhere in his christinas Mes Dainty belonged to the mortal re usual. White parents. The drawings Are simple Toms Are not altogether free from general he jumped with his men it age did the Pope name a possible Mains of the apostle a the Pope a nothing special is planned. Is a called of verse in Peter to ?� stiff j. Krohn to Yule even in Heathen times. And Mand. The Christmas. Time and again you la and charming and resemble those influence of both old Heathen and see Snow beginning to fall As soon made by Vilhelm Pedersen for the Early Christian tradition. There As Church Bells begin to a okie a first illustrated danish edition or Tern i Page l col. 4. In the Normandy Campaign is a aggressor. But Nis reference to said. West Point graduate class of 1917, the threat against a Ofree nations a Othis leaves intact however and the son of an army officer. Indicated that he had in mind the historic reality of the Quint so to father Oliva Dionne said. A Oit will be strictly a family Celebration As in other ?�

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