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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 20, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin L what our readers have to say. Siwu of paid for any comment coed in this column. I j Sun Day journal times bulletin vol. 6�?no. 36. Racine wis., sunday december 20, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 today editors of the sunday bulletin renew an Appeal for More and Hefter contributions to this column. Hereafter pet peeves and trivial complaints will not be deemed worthy of consideration or space in this deportment. Constructive criticism if of City wide interest is Welcome of course but this newspaper contends that occasional words of commendation for some movement institution or person might be a Welcome Relief for most readers. Above All. The sunday bulletin especially invites intelligent interesting and original opinions of sufficient importance to Merit their presentation before other reapers. The sunday bulletin will pay i for every letter accepted for publication. Young master grieves Over dog dear editor this morning my Best pal Buster died. Some mean Nabor Pov sent him. dog was the c Loset Friend i Ever had and i want to let you no that it almost broke my heart when he died. This Man i know who he is too is making the safest Christmas for All of us and i Hope he has a Heck of a Christmas too. A 8 year old boy l. J., Lasalle St of the Quot meanest Mon could know the depth of the sorrow he caused he probably would feel Pongs even Keener than your grief. But Don t be too sure you know who the Mon is jumping to conclusions is dangerous and unjust. We re in America Reader rejoices dear editor in these Days instead of grumbling and wrangling about this and that about the Case strike situation about the things we won t get for Christmas and about the general economic conditions in our Little City Why not look at it this Way a so it s Home again and Home again. America for me my heart is turning Home again. And there i Long to be in the land of youth and free Lumberjack shaves his Beard with a him a a v Yusi amp of life full of abused ideas 66 it Isnit the Money its the principle of the thing a is Only an Alibi to hide real feeling. By Frank Lovell a wild Bill Elmlund. An Eatonville wash., lumber Camp worker was indignant when he heard that a movie troupe on location in the Northwest had refused to believe that Lumberjacks often shave themselves with axes. So he grew this luxuriant Batch of whiskers. Then As movie Colony doubters invited especially for the occasion watched Elmlund selected his trusty shaving Blade from its rack and very carefully sharpened it Down to an Edge that would have delighted the thumb of any master Barber. Quickly Elmlund applied the lather and with deft hand started the a on its appointed rounds. Down each Cheek across the particular furrows around Mouth and Chin the a clipped whiskers with a thoroughness that astonished spectators. Many inventors owe famous discoveries to Lucky accidents by Hubert Johnson it to practical use. The Accident Lucky accidents and strange usually happens to those who have twists of Chance have produced prepared themselves for a visit of 99 kept on Elf Lohi i fat inventions. A broken Down lady Luck by hard work and earn where the air is full of sunlight a j j and the Flag is full of a Henry Van Dyke. It seems to be a wonderful thing that we Aren t in War torn Spain now or Russia Germany or Mexico. It seems to be a great thing that on Christmas eve you and you will be free to hang a picture of the Christ child on your Christmas tree and in your heart without the slightest interference. It seems to be enough to cover All Little worries and yes even great worries to live in America g. H., fifteenth St that i the spirit the Christmas spirit a and a Good thing to remember Nett thanksgiving too. You might have mentioned Mony cities that have lest to be thankful for than hat Racine. Mixing valve led to the discovery of a Quick drying lacquer. A cracked thermometer produced synthetic est thought. Because he Dawdle Over lunch one inventor Learned a be indigo. A defective steam valve Cret that made him a Fortune. Developed a brainless Wood and made the inventor a millionaire. Gunpowder which changed the Coures of history was discovered by the wildest Chance. However Luck alone did not produce these discoveries. In most cases the real inventor needed insight imagination and the ability to seize his Opportunity and turn Goon sidewalks letter pleads dear editor a the time has come a the Walrus said to talk of Many things of shoes and ships and sealing Wax of cabbages and Kings a and May i add Slippery sidewalks big eight play to be faster j u i p a curtailed advantage of big Center fades in basketball. By Reith Brehm elimination of the Center jump there Are almost a thou should result in a faster Brand of Sand pupils attending Horlick basketball and higher scores in High school and most of them have the big eight High school Confer a Good Long walk to go to school ence this season. The rules change on cold Windy Days this Long which Calls for use of the Center walk is a distinct hardship but jump Only to begin play in the first it is made much harder and Dan and third periods and after double serous too. By the Slippery Condi personal fouls and technical have Tion of the neglected sidewalks j been committed should in fact i have just read an article Tell alter the entire style of play in ing about a Small town that put that circuit. On a real safety drive not a Bluff j with the team scored upon get and got surprising results. Slip Ting the Ball out of Bounds under invents brainless Wood. William h. Mason the inventor was attempting to produce a cheap paper from fibres made from exploding Wood. In the Spring of 1925 he treated his fiber by putting it through heating machines of various kinds in a Wisconsin paper Mill. One of the machines was the four Drinker in which the water carrying the fibres flows onto an endless Belt that forms the papier by draining off the water. Mason took the sheets from the four Drinker and placed them in a steam press to dry. One Day Mason left one of the sheets in the steam press while he dined with one of the engineers of the Mill. He thought he had turned off the steam when he left. After eating the two friends talked for an hour Over their Coffee cups. Mason returned to the Plant to find that the steam valve had failed to shut off the steam and the fiber Sheet had been baked instead of merely dried. Although he believed the Sheet to be spoiled Mason decided to test it. He found that he accidentally had invented a Strong and almost Waterproof brainless Wood. He built a factory and the product was used to make door panels and Many other carpentry and Cabinet jobs. Mixer broke Down. The research staff of a great Industrial Laboratory was seeking a Quick drying finish for Automo Gotham magistrate has a xray eyes new York ins a a defendant recently discovered Here that he was up against a magistrate with a Ray eyes when he pleaded guilty to violation of the eight foot Law driving his Auto alongside a stopped trolley car. The defendant tried to set his Fine. He said a i plead guilty your Honor but i hop get you can Only Fine me $10. His that s All i the magistrate informed the defendant that a new Rule set the minimum Fine for his offence at $25 and added a will bet if i were to turn you Over the other $15 would fall a a How a you guess it a the defendant asked As he dug up the 15 Bucks. A when you be been on the Bench As Long As i have you get a Ray the magistrate answered. Anti War factions in u. S. Glad Wally missed being Queen by Rodney Dutcher to get the United states into War group in the Side of the British some Washington which is interested Day it was figured than the pres ence of an american woman on keeping the British throne. First and Foremost in America out of War is quietly celebrating the outcome of the King Edward mrs. Simpson Empire affair. Those both in the adm Nistra will be hard enough. Without that everyone in Washington agrees it will be hard enough for this country to stay Tion and Congress who insist that of toe next big european War neutrality is Worth whatever it costs were almost in a panic Over the possibility that Edward Chi might stick his Chin out demand that mrs. Simpson become his Queen and get away with it. Nothing would be More Likely Racine a enrolment at u. Breaks All time record school total new Mark Madison wis. A special a a record september enrolment of 253 students from Racine at great Pride and growing interest of the people of Wisconsin in their University. This is a referendum the University of Wisconsin out of the Homes of Wisconsin that beings the total number of graduate and undergraduate students now attending the states University to an All time High of 10,024, it was announced recently by the registrars office. Eclipsing last years total by 12 students the Racine enrolment increase however was not As heavy As that of 1935 when 59 newcomers entered the state University. The University As a whole shows a gain of 1,011 students Over a year ago and the largest fall registration since the no one can mistake. This outpouring of Confidence and Pride doubles the determination of the presence of a Strong anglophile american ambassador in London in the first years of the last War is commonly believed to have helped bring us into the conflict. Those who rate highly the gifts of the american people for sentimental hysteria Are sure the existence of Queen Wallis plus the British gift for propaganda would surely have turned the trick next time. Also officials recognized existence of a substantial faction in England which Felt Elevation of mrs. Simpson would have been Good strategy and might Clinch an Anglo american Alliance. Lord Beaverbrook led this pack. Ponder abdication reason. At the rather tremendous soviet embassy reception in Celebration of the new russian Constitution foreign diplomats and new Deal big shots discussed the British life is full of idiotic principles. Every Day in every walk of life the much abused word a principle principle principle a is dinner into tired ears. I a it Isnit the Money it s the principle of the thing a a you hear it several times a week. A Beautiful Friendship that had endured for years crashed because of two business partners Dis a solve their Union for the same reason. In a a Kaintuck a two Hillbillies Blaze away at each other because of a mysterious vague intangible something they Call every Day women who Way Down deep in their hearts still love their husbands go to Reno for a divorce because of the i a principle of the i principle in itself is a wonderful virtue. But if we were True disciples of the real and Best principles of religion there would be no room in ban against shooting our hearts or in our minds for these fort Worth. a base Little a up Rinc p is a that Perpet for several years a City ordinance discord strife and in has prohibited Hunters from happiness shooting ducks at Lake Worth,1. F we understood the principles near fort Worth i christianity wed know that this fall one Duck killer Cir these a ther Little a a principles real cum vented that Law by catching y on a Are Altos for pig headed ducks on a Trot line. A regulation nes a stubbornness selfishness 450-foot line was set in a shallow Anity Anc the sort of Pride that part of the Lake its Hooks baited get l before a with grains of Corn. Ducks Swal j Lowed the Corn and the Hook and lighting contest drowned within a few minutes. The cruelty of the plan so enraged Walter Hale Lake officer that he watched the line for 48 hours but nobody Ever came to inspect the trap the task finished Elmlund let his face speak for itself. Aside from a Nick or two Here and there the shave never could be recognized As a Home made product. And Hollywood s scoffers now converted agreed they had a taken it on the Hooks ducks to evade of Garden club seems important a Ore than 1900 years ago a child was born in the stable Hale searched the statutes and an inn in an out of the Way found there was no Law against catching ducks a merely against shooting them. He did find however that Federal and state regulations prohibited trapping of ducks with cruel tactics. War dominates news of week turmoil Over abdication of Edward refuses to die Down. Every member of the staff to situation even More than they did maintain and Advance the present the 400-Pound Sturgeon on the High standing of the University of banquet. Wisconsin among the major uni verities of the government Aid through by a men who had alleged avenues Mars spun the Globe half Way around this week to bring civil strife to China As Well As Spain. It started with the kidnapping of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek head of the banking government by marshal Chang Hsueh Liang former supreme War lord of Man province of the roman Empire. And a blazing Star burst open the heavens above that Sheepfold to give a world that lived by the sword a Promise that men some Day would learn to live in peace. At Christmas time it always glows again in Symbol in Brilliant j lights that Shine from tree window or Mantle piece a fresh reminder of a Torch of eternal truth that has blazed through All these centuries. Perhaps that is one of the Many reasons Why this Christmas lighting contest conducted Here by the Racine Garden club seems to possess so much significance and importance. Through its president mrs. To. Anderson 317 West Boulevard the Garden club has issued an Appeal urging every Racine resident to join the contest. Rules and entry Blanks Are printed on another Page in today a bulletin. Of inside information debated Churia Chang who led during whether Edward had been forced National youth administration to abdicate by baldwins insist projects has been the main reason ence on a course most calculated in keeping More than too students t k la dominions to at the University this year. The ,. ,. Student employment Bureau Di-1 Crown or by re Maent in he reded by miss Alice King has Cabinet and parliament against a perv sidewalks Are a real menace its opponents Basket it will no i Biles furniture and the like. The founding of the University. Prior p Ayed an important part in in spoke his mind in Public a creasing the enrolment of the now and then especially to groups Racine is getting so Well known longer be possible for one team to chemists knew they were on the on some matters can t we put on control the Ball during the major right track but the result of the a big drive for Safe driving and portion of a game. Under the old experiments always was a clean sidewalks to make walking rules a tall Center could give the scoring team immediate Possession Safe too this Winter and get a Little favourable notice i m sure 0f the Ball and another Chance to thick Jelly like mixture. One hot Day a Batch of the thick stuff was prepared and put in a to the present record the largest number of students 9,013, Ever to attend Wisconsin was in 1929. 2,400 freshmen enrolled. Among the students enrolled Are More than 2,400 freshmen. The japanese invasion in 1931, is leading mutinous chinese troops. Secret negotiations were started to effect the Generalissimo a release but the Best divisions of China a army were ready to try for a Quick Rescue. Twenty other dignitaries also were held at the University by finding work for of workers and failed to rebel capital of Shianfu needy students. Trend nation wide. Registration for the full of two semesters usually year runs qualify As a figurehead and a Stooge. Baldwin one hears the cause of the strife revolves around Japan. Chiango a govern places i ment has been relatively Friendly More Faith on International Finan to Tokio. Marshal Chang de Caesar would have laughed. Those Brave Little lights casting their Friendly beams out into the cold Winter darkness try to illumine mrs. Anderson explains the real meaning and intent of Christmas. They Tell an old but Ever new Story of Many a Progress Ever since those Days when the tramp of Rome s legions raised dust on roads All across the known world. Rome a Fleet ruled every charted sea. Beat those swords into ploughshares great Ceasar would have laughed. But which has endured the Power and the glory that once was it would be appreciated. This is meant As constructive criticism not just a kick. North main St you Ore rights Slippery sidewalks Are a menace. They Are especially dangerous to those who deserve the most Protection from the Community a the aged and the Small children. Praises efforts of girl scouts dear editor score. This made the tall Center very valuable. He will still be a valuable Man under the backboards but a lanky Pivot Man will not necessarily be needed to develop a Strong offence. Accurate shooting and fast floor play will compensate for Lack of height. A fast break a Factor. The fast break will undoubtedly be used by Many teams. This will add new problems on defense since great Container to go into the mix this is one of the largest first i from 500 to 700 larger than the is than he does on Romance mands that China declare War on re me s or the Promise Given to year classes Ever registered at first semester enrolment. This As a Means of bringing America Japan. He wants to resist further toe world on that miraculous or. Just for Luck a chemist put some caustic soda into the Jelly but the machine broke Down and to the mixer it was found that the several Days while the mixer was being repaired. When the mixture was wheeled to the mixer to was found that the turn to Page 12, col. I Wisconsin. Out of 2,400 freshmen Means that the total registration into War on Britain a Side 71 Are from Racine. Commenting on the dented enrolment for at Wisconsin for the present year a Prece probably will run from 10,500 to Many celebrities agreed that a combination of the two factors penetration of China which Start Christmas eve in Bethlehem this fall 10,750, which will be Well in sex had caused Edward to be forced or. Glenn Frank president of the Cess of the highest full year Reg j out. University said a this record breaking enrolment is visible evidence of the is ration in the history of the University which was 10,077 in turn to Page 16, col. I tradition nothing to him. One Diplomat illustrating de turn to Page 17, col. I i have seen so Many comments he scoring team must immediately on the Good work of the boy drop Back defensive positions scouts for Christmas and other netting a Basket. Things. I think attention should awarding of the Ball to the be team scored upon out of Bounds speaker of evening never had Chance when Long winded chairmen delivered a Quot few introductory remarks9 at meeting of club is called to the Good work the girl a so have an effect upon stall scouts have done in the past. Tog to the late minutes of the game they have done much in re a pro acct a Lead. Where the team pairing toys filling baskets and has a Toad a three Points or bet giving parties for the less Fortu tor difficult to break up Nate people. Let s hear More a stall since the Ball will revert from people who have had similar toe leaders even if the Oppon experiences. They Are a Fine or ends succeed in intercepting a pass a animation and my hat goes off and scoring a Basket. To the girl scouts. A. M., Douglas ave All of the organization which work to distribute the Joys of Christmas deserve Earnest Praise. They deserve More than that they deserve prompt tangible assistance. Chicago shopper praises Racine dear editor i certainly take my hat off to the firms who Are giving their employees a Bonus this year is Turr. To Page is col. S of course such a situation would make expert handling of the Ball by the stalling team imperative since they would be forced to bring the Ball in under the opponents Basket and an interception would give the latter an immediate shot at the hoop. Others May follow j if the big eight a Experiment is successful and the change made permanent other Wisconsin schools will practically be forced to follow suit. The Fox River Valley Confer turn to Page 6, column la by l. Bicycle bicycle a Fellows the meeting will now come to order and g. Launcelot will Lead us in singing to what a Gal was editor s note members of this organization always use the words Fellows or men in preference to the Mere for Moi salutation of gentlemen in order to express their camaraderie and Stern americanism. The g. Launcelot referred to is none other than g. Launcelot Beaver Board. Of the Duke of Windsor Wera being entertained by this club Tho members would address him of Quot Eddie Quot for the adm of informality and rugged individualism. A take a Bow g. Launcelot a fall right Fellows snap into it now and give or the j. David j. David Doodle dash to you a was talking. In his capacity As president of the organization he was addressing the ring around the Rosie club which meets every fortnight in some convenient tavern for free lunch and discussion of stupendous problems and momentous world affairs. After the hubbub had subsided j. David lustily banging a Beer bottle on the table arose and bellowed a Fellows i now take a great Deal of pleasure in introducing that Prince of Good Fellows what Magoo Siam who has been conducting an intensive investigation into an alarming situation that has developed in the Indian reservations. Views with Alum a Fellows i View with alarm a nay i shudder at the very thought of a the perils that Are being brewed in a thousand wigwams tonight. A Fellows i a at this juncture j. David s roving eyes a Ever on the Alert for a pretty face a j which his life was in such dire Dan trim ankle or a full bottle a focus 8er that it often Hung upon a de in grim disapproval upon the thread what Magoo Siam sue countenance of this newspaper Cor needed in obtaining documentary evidence of a dastardly plot for an respondent. Pointing a Bony Fin armed uprising being concocted by Ger at this Humble scribe he Thun the american aborigines who have dered a you representatives of press remember that whatever i have to say Here today is not for been victimized by Subtle prop the Ganda of some of our foreign foes. A gentlemen a i mean Fellows the redmen Are ready to strike. They Are prepared to loot and Pil a a done to worry a replied the Cor Lage and murder because they have respondent a whatever you might have to say is never either fit for publication or worthy of publication j. David gasped glared gulped a Glass of water. Then he resumed a Fellows i stand astounded at the amazing revelations made to me a few hours ago by our speaker of the evening. Life Hung on a thread. A after weeks of Effort a during been aroused and fanned into fury by a Campaign of despicable lies and deceit. A Fellows the indians have been told that the White folks want to give this country Back to them. And they wont have it. A Fellows i now take a great Deal of pleasure in introducing what Magoo Siam. Give him a big hand what Magoo Siam also spoke. De with the creation of the japanese sponsored state of Manchu Kuo five years ago. The archbishop Speaks. The younger brother of the abdicated Edward ruled the British Empire this week As George i but turmoil Over the unprecedented situation refused to die. The archbishop of Canterbury highest prelate in the anglican Church assailed Edward As Man a who disappointed Hopes so High and abandoned a Trust so he castigated the former King s Circle of friends Many of whom Are americans calling their standards a a alien to the Best instincts of the British people. Friends of Edward who As Duke of Windsor sought seclusion at Baron Eugene de Rothschild a austrian Castle were Quick to express resentment Over the archbishops remarks. In the House of commons outspoken a a Jock Mcgovern urged a the Bishops to Deal with unemployment instead of a kicking a Man when he a american league. Recommendation by a subcommittee at the inter american peace conference at Buenos Aires for creation of an american league of turn to Page 2, col. I where Are the legions that once held the world in Thrall blown dust on the winds of time these 19 centuries bloodless shadows marching through oblivion with the shades of All the other armies Man has raised. Above change and time. But the spirit of Christmas still marches on. And this week it will Shine again from bulbs and candles in hundreds of Homes in the City of Racine to indicate that the vision once mocked by Caesars hosts still lives imperishable and ageless in millions upon millions of hearts lightening the fear and discouragement of unnumbered generations of men. All of the worlds armies have not killed it All of the worlds fleets have not touched it. It is above change and beyond time. Hold Mem new York. A uns a two men Albert Lazenko former pugilist and Walter Schevchuck 26, a convict wounded by bullets from the same gun in a bitter quarrel were placed in an ambulance to be taken to a Hospital. Although both had bad head wounds their hatred was so Strong they continued their fight in the ambulance by kicking each other. It was necessary to hold them until the Hospital was reached

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