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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - December 08, 1935, Racine, Wisconsin What our readers have to say. I i sunday journal times bulletin i is Hill lit paid for in of mint tied in this column Ujj ill vol. 5�?"no. 34. Racine wis., sunday dec. 8, 1935. Circulation 19,500 act of Courtesy is recognized dear editor. I would like the Reader of the bulletin to know the Courtesy or i a gentleman Early last saturday j i Quot noticed an old woman who j a ii fell As she got off the j i t in a gentleman of about j nod brushed 1 ripped bus. Instantly 40. Helped her Snow off a r c and walked a i know then who will at in Erous As this o i will be h print p and a Otha thanked him in. Are Many More men t try to be As Gen pay to see this in us for the bulletin it ave trans Pacific air line nears As . Colonizes tiny islands gossips cause traffic jams a h on met a 1 co iti0 a. Al Fuji lid Chi i l Guise the <1 Strait St t lieu w h amp la t h f i it o i h lilt. It 4 h Dis us Sivik the i a then will in Jenav Lor and miss i Brown s new Fui r coat. These Peon in ought to be a fined for parking like an Auto it Ola tor. In a tie la hoi lid help the situation want to to tank the person a w to wrote in a ski Rig for sane it or is Nias decorations Tika year. I Secor lid the motion. Vv., Wisconsin St Pioneer tales Tell of a Racine Island where reef is now ledge Bilder shallow Viater of Lake Michigan May have been Peninsula joining Shore Al wind Point. Experience where can they get it dear editor now that a in near my Oul look his or. Hat d it. Nobody Wool Haven to had Christmas is positive in week we stat of All the Sto we entered t were not sex would say v More. We judo. I wish s. How a pers it if they done to get sex Peri end to me i car somebody w i m Jim ret for work it doing the a it is. They con it Hance at it. Chants see to Hir Mas Tun e is Drave Friend a and i went Job. Vav e be tried i pea use Vee Tern a s being that Fig we it in Ere most to. So last he rounds Al most e very store a n As w e said we need t Hen they e not i by i. No to kirov v what to by w of id Tell me ii get experience you. Set re you can lat s Bee ii a Puzzle solve so i wish t for me. Disgust d looking re i m a Spahle of s then it put person l least give tis a � s hopi in g the Mer id think it Over. I., to rest St in Widt to to expresses gratitude to Rescue squad i ear e i hop As it i t Hank ii squad i i i hers Vav to w h � n i tin ally think a to our c it and will Lime to co do Appet it the. Edition ii to thai to elevate Railroad Reader urges dear Edi the a Ltd North w a horrible ii t a. Before a to. Sure i the Moue to spend it in the w think of angered four Blo. The Hor i Aielt Wes All along Cine then ploy hum can not s lick High t he train h i g i in sle m. Ski among the interesting stories told about the Racine Lakeshore is one of an Island three and one half Miles Long and a half mile stretching from Ortli it West directly of kale. The Story comes Down from e indians who were Here when it. Colbert Knapp came. No living person can testify said we whether the Story has any foundation but Casper Bittorf Pioneer Barber told the Story while visiting Here recently As capt. Knapp told it to him. Or. Bittorf had a Barber shop in the old Central hotel building Block on Washington Avenue. He now lives with his son in Madison. In support of the Story is the tale of a descendant of a Pioneer who told of rocks projecting above the water where the Racine reef is. He was supposed to have seen the rocks in 1844. Or to years after capt. Knapp came Here. Second lame tree loom i p. One of the stories connected with the reef tells of a Lone tree the Story is True there is re of believe that there was an Island the Lone tree was not the one which stood at the Edge of the Lake Bank a Short distance North of wind Point and which All mariners knew Well. The supposition is that at a Day Niani years before the arrival of capt. Knapp the Rocky reef was the location of the Island and that it stretched from wind Point Over Tho Rocky ledge which still exists and is an Extension of the quarries at the rapids and at St. Rita. It is not unlikely it is said. That at one time the Extension into the Lake was not an Island but was attached to the Mainland at wind Point forming a Large Hay. It May have been that the storms wore an opening through the narrow neck of land this Side of the Point. Once a break had been made the seas gradually washed out the rest of the Peninsula leaving Only the Rocky base now the Racine reef. Reef once real Hazard. The reef at one time was the greatest Hazard to ships. Many schooners were wrecked on the ledge. Even today there May be seen evidences of wrecks in pieces of Anchor chains Capstans and even an old boiler. Of such an Island existed on the site of the reef today Racine might be famous As a summer resort. With its Cool breezes during the summer. 3 South sea a of dots will be stopovers on Lon sky route ownership of Mere specks ii Ocean remains mystery u. S. Has claim bitmap list them As British. How land Island in the South Pacific has assumed new importance with the plan for a California Australia airline As it May he a Stopover base. Also Tho 1\ s. Coast guard Cutter Itasca ship used for a Survey is shown standing outside the run fas willing hands pull ashore the casks containing to Weir water Supply for months. Possible routes for the to Tali for Nia Australia air line Are shown on the map below with distances Between possible Stopover bases and the Way the route would link with the Cali fornia China line. An airline operating on regular schedule from California to aul Thalia is Visioned by government officials within two years and already the Pacific is being Quot prospected Quot to find islands which would serve As Stopover bases. Ernie Pyle special correspondent for Nea service and the journal times tells of the plans for the Airway and describes Lite on the islands which May be used As Quot stepping ?� by Erx in Pyle Washington dec. 8.�?"about 75 years ago you might have been sailing blithely Over the South Pacific Ocean when All of a sudden you could have seen far ahead a inn to such a War hounds yowl warnings of plane attacks copyright. 1935. By United press thousands of dollars Worth of gifts Addis ?"<u.p>�?" How the from Mussolini to Arsenal. There s dogs of Dargah Bur saved that of ethiopian outpost from the assault nothing left to bomb a of italian bombing planes by it r the spreading the alarm throughout a fall Gad on was laughingly described by or. Robert in. Hock Man missionary whose Home is in Wheaton. 111. Or. Bookman returned to Addis Ababa from Dargah Bur for supplies. Italian communiques some but the italians seem to have developed the refuse to help. Or. Bookman told How on one occasion three men were buried alive when a supposedly Bombproof shelter collapsed. He and his aides dug frantically while soldiers standing by refused to help time ago announced capture of Tern it saying a Oit s not our rider died Imi t in t hot Adbi i Mon n a Wop in. V or g work tiler lat cot a is use of it for that a p irl to Ling � is n id be Irah Hor a bout o bet made mid of a rated Oran on Tang likes his bottle of Beer Melbourne. A ins a y of Dargah Bur. Irater communiques stated the town had been evacuated by the invaders. It dogs know it us. A every time Aid Raider approach Dargah Bur a or. Hockman said a othe hounds come High tailing through the Camp a mile from town five minutes before we Are Able to hear the planes. Then they disappear in the Brush yowling As they pass through. A oat first we stampeded after them. But now after daily visits during which planes Fly Over us and never bomb us. We have come when the first of the entombed men was released five minutes too late to save his life one of the soldiers dropped on his Knees beside the dead Man and wailed a that s my the whole population of Dargah Bur now is expert at seeking shelter or. Hock Man said and no one Ever is touched by the bombs. For us a ii a Quot know Orang outings liked a a a upon the fliers As visitor Leer nor did a couple of merry Nak Era who passed the Cage of my the Orang Outing at the j j to says orphanage Home need Aid zoo Here. They gave Jimmy a bottle of Beer and he drank it in a moment without getting drunk. We few i that Mussolini Lias slighted when a Day passes without an tir ?t a poor old Dargah Bur it violist of about la i mud huts bul Townsend plants drive to control Congress promises headaches for political leaders a air in been that pint of Piar i tins r h a r 11 ? Citi a v and d a to a re Quot we tre just Louin Tipa Vav with All that the he ave let s share toys is Reader s plea this dispatch from Lyle c. Wilson Washington manager of the United press comes from los Angeles where he investigated the famous Townsend pension plan. Wilson predicts that it will be an important Factor in Western congressional contests next year. By Dyle c. Wilson chair in the Biltmore hotel shop j would be made available to Young i Illinois. Ohio Pennsylvania in isaid most of the 20 Barbers there or persons when the 60-year-Olds j Ana an j other big centers just like resigned to live on pensions. The can t be laughed off. Around newspaper offices i was United press staff correspondent told that Townsend ites include were Townsend ites. A after this next election that plan would Cost $25,000,000,000 or Townsend Bill is going through so which would be spent annual Congress As sure As hell a he told in by old Folk at thy rate of $200 me. A month and create consuming Power which would in turn afe Ryan Riding across the Ocean on a mule. Now the thing to do in that Case was not to throw your bottle away or jump overboard but just keep sailing ahead. And in a half hour or so. You would have seen that the mule was not walking on water but on dry land. It is like this Jarvis Island i,-600 Miles South of Honolulu is a Small Coral Island a mile wide a couple of Miles Long. There Are no Trees on it. It is Flat and the highest spot is 20 feet above water. It to just a Dot in the vast South seas. People were living on Jarvis in the �?t60s. There were even women and children and a mule. The Island was so Low that an approaching voyager could see the Man and the mule Long before the land itself came up Over the horizon. Fine bases for planes. Jarvis is one of three islands Jarvis Baker and Howland which the United states thinks would make a Fine Stopover base for airliners flying on regular schedule from California to Australia. Some government officials View such a route As a probability within two years. So Tho government Bas been prospecting around among the South sea islands since last Winter. Its men have visited every u. S. Possession Down there looked the ground Over and left parties to study the weather. William t. Miller Airway superintendent of the Bureau of air Commerce department of Commerce has made three trips to the South seas since last March on the coast guard Cutter Itasca. He visited eight or ten islands some inhabited some not. He picked out three As Tho most Likely and left men on them. The islands Are the three before named a Jarvis Baker and Howland. The colonists Are modern Cru soes with a great Mary More conveniences than Robinson bad Young hawaiians who study wind and weather in anticipation of the Day when the Isles will be fueling Points for the giant ships. Ownership kept mum. All had to pass rigid physical examinations. The islands Are no has place for invalids. A ship will visit copyright. 1935. By United Pressi Many Lus Angeles Calif. Our a Aud a hopefuls Young and old considerable number of until candidates for the House of representatives begin telling their ate about 7.500.000 new jobs for stories to the voters next year persons under 60. Hot a to control Congress. Townsend ites Sav the Roosevelt plan in this part of the country we have taken the ?� How completely Harp taken the West cannot be known j them every four Mouths with water and food. Most of their sup i plies Are kept. Buried in Case a tramp Steamer would come along and decide to play pirate As Dari says congressional Cand Ere Are Only four youths on dates will endorse the Townsend i cach isl anti to defend their stores. This is part of the country crackpots and suckers who have social Security plan is futile. As next year or take a Licking on where everything except the popu followed various Southern califor it stands now they want $200 a lation is Home grown. They pick a messiahs As they have Arisen month no less. They believe they their oranges and politics right Ard joined new clans As the old can organize in a big Way in the j Send strength elsewhere it is tre leaders faded away. Eastern part of the country As Mendouse Here. Governor Merriam election Day. Whatever Mac be the town off the tree. Tile City is heated by Neon signs. A Universal Enthus i Siam for living and a flair for be laughed off. It has a but the Townsend plan cannot they have Here and ultimately was forced to endorse Harp. Newfangled political and econom War Chest. It claims 2,000,000 to in notions. Within 12 months los Angeles and the suburb of Long Beach elections although it is not Likely have generated three movements designed to the path to a More abundant life. From August 1933, to May National to Bear shortcut election. Golden control Congress. Even after discounting some 3,000.000 members and May to be of the claims made hereabouts for 16 of a real Factor in congressional the Townsend movement an or men. A animation of tremendous Poten j presidential tial political influence remains. It for january. The plan is to buy j May easily be As effective As the coast to coast radio Hook up time there have been vints that the Kun flux Elan or the anti Saloon to keep the members boiling and league in making congressmen writing to their representatives in claim 16 congressmen. Townsend Headquarters claims californian to 20 Congress of rpm to big push is scheduled upon the Townsend ites might put up Southern California Gav e a presidential candidate to run and senators vote right and like to Upton Sinclair to a Send nominally throughout the coun it. Washington during the session of Congress which meets the first Rue week of january. The weakness of the Townsend 1934. Birth Pov erty in Eugene try but actually to grab califor i former senator Frank Reed s a Utopia society Quot and or. Niaz to electoral votes. If that were Kle said stories that the Townsend f. K. Townsend to Harp which possible it would lend startling organization was taking millions organization is its size and the stands for to old age revolving emphasis to the Appeal of some a of dollars a year and misusing the difficulty of administering it. A pensions. Biti it for Tow 11.sci id. A in the his epic plan Sinclair kidnapped californian to democratic there seems to he some haziness about who really owns these islands. That is the reason the government has kept so quiet turn to Page 7, col. I gift Shower to Start soon $30 in Cash also Given by state Street District businessmen. Thing for nothing which or. Townsend offers his followers. Is rung West of Kan a. There Are indications that funds were a othe biggest Damn lie there Ever Arbuckle said the mrs. White is in charge of Townsend plan Headquarters at Alham Gross take of the Townsend move Bra. She told me she and her rent was approximately $1,000 a j group had seceded from the party. Reed s Utopia has straddled Harp is not taking hold in the. Day $365.00 a year. That is the Harp As administered from the eastward and claims 500,000 Midwest and East As securely As return from initiations at 25 cents j Arcade building Here members. It is a secret outfit with its leaders expected. You done to a head and voluntary dues of to j a owe won t be dictated to Quot degrees and ritual to and a desire hear much of Harp coming West cents a member a month. About j she explained. 15 per cent of Townsend Mem l Thebes to a Case of this kind that you can help Rome it is i a 11 pc the or. X can r to give i have a the Patri praises honesty of Market clerk turn to Page 4, column s Quot just looking to what a tragic forecast of heartache and disappointment for childhood but the Good Fellers Are determined that the youngsters of Racine won t be a a just looking to on Christmas morning so have arranged another Street Sale of newspapers next saturday Dee. 14. To boost the boy scout toy fund. Scores of sex newsboys from varied walks of Lile will take part in this drive to bring Christmas cheer into needy Homes. Watch the list grow daily in a othe sidewalks of Racine in the journal times. That the government underwrite a until you get far this Side of Kan big a new Start Quot project on some a. Then it begins to appear. It hers scattered through the coun Virgin acres where everybody has expanded from a worse than try in 4.500 local clubs standing Start in Long Beach pay monthly dues w Here or. Townsend was living at j modest quarters would just move in and Start a new and happier life. Of the three movements Harp the outset in looks the most interesting. An Over a garage. Old Man on a Bench in Pershing there probably will be a lot of that kind of friction before or. Actually j Townsend gets his Bill or Harp blows up. Tops 2 parties income. Harp income is far beyond the j combined receipts of the demo Harp May not get anywhere. I cratic and Republican National Square told me that its Success but it is going to make a lot of committees in the last year or so. Was just around the Corner. She is Okay. Buddy Quot said my Gressional statesmen so Ca Friend Tilting a Dusty Derby a list the sunlight. A Quot listen with $2ft0 a month i m fixed. A get wave a a it a to got weather Outlook Chicago dec. 7.�?" in state Street District businessmen have announced that their f Christ a Mas gift Shower will open within a i few Days and will continue until dec. 24. J the merchants who display gift j Shower cards in their store windows will give a ticket free with each i Purchase of 25 cents and these tickets can be deposited in the j stores where the purchases Are made. Many valuable prizes. Fifty dollars in Cash and nary merchandise prizes including in tric Al appliances shoes Ciot Hii a and a ton of Coal will be Given away free to purchasers of merchandise at the stores participate Var Stern and Mountain states con Harp contributors Are told that weather Outlook for the period of i their dimes Are spent to obtain dec. 9-14 inclusive in addition to giving everyone new members and that Happy for the Region of the j drawings will be held in front of great Dania Hall on dec. 13, dec. 17. I it dec. I the Barber Over Jan allowance of $200 month. Townsend promises make approximately 11 too. Days Are coming. A we Are going into the by centers of population Arbuckle lakes frequent precipitation near Normal temperatures first part part of week below Normal on the third left jobs. Some 3,500,010 of these explained. A owe Are going to take towards end of week. 20 and dec. 24. Luck will be posted in the Quot the stores in tee state Trio. Num Bors windows of tree i a

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