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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 23, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday journal time bulletin vol. 13, no. 15racine, wis sunday August 23,1942. To pages the world last week it by Boul Frye Quot Phe allies both the troops who do the work and the persons who stay at Home and read the j newspapers had a taste last week j of what they have been hoping j for offensive action. It takes offensive action to win j a War and in two Heaters of this global War the Axis can lick its wounds and reflect that blows j struck by the allies Are Only the forerunner of More to come. The allies struck in two widely separated areas. British and Canadian commandos american rangers and fighting French attacked Dieppe on the French coast wednesday. On monday u. S. Marines the same kind of commando trained troops which were fighting in the Solomons raided the Island to Makin in the Gilbert group Northeast of the Solomons. It was that kind of offensive action which cheered the United nations. Now despondent because of the russian reverses of the East i pm european Battlefront. A it Xarhis is not an invasion a the a British broadcasting company warned the Loyal French j wednesday As thousands of troops poured across the English Channel to the Beach at Dieppe about 60 Miles away. But some of the French patriots either did no to hear the broadcast or they heard and paid no heed. Because they piled in to help the lads who were aiming at German gun emplacements fortifications and ammunition dumps. For nine hours the Battle raged. Then the allies withdrew. Both sides suffered heavy losses. The allies lost Many of the tanks Winch they had landed. The allies lost about too planes to about 150 for the nazis. But the allies gained something. They gained the knowledge that the German defences while extremely Stout were not impregnable. The affair was regarded As a prelude to an invasion of nazi held Europe. When it was Over the German radio announced loudly a an attempted invasion of France has been in possibly the Best indicative key to any Success the allies will have in an invasion of Europe is their superiority in the air. An y umbrella of planes covered the Landing commandos and troop. Big bombers protected by fighters blasted at the germans. American flying fortresses using their i famed bomb sight to Best advantage destroyed the key nazi air j base at Abbeville 35 Miles above j Dieppe. Altogether the americans i made 2,500 sorties that Day Over Europe. The next Day the americans raided the railway Center of Amiens. East of Dieppe while 500 fighter planes including americans. Made a big Daylight sweep Over France. On Friday some flying forts were attacked by 20 to 30 German Focke wolfs Over the North sea. Six of these Best Pursuit fighters that Germany has to offer were shot Down and none of the americans were lost. A Washington announced Mon Day that the marines were Well established in the Solomon islands. Fighting continued tuesday and wednesday and by thursday Washington was Able to say that the marines were a mopping up the japanese. On Friday came word that a Force of 700 japanese which had attempted to effect a Landing in the Solomons had been repulsed. Saturdays news included the fact that major James Roosevelt son of the president had been second in command of the Marine forces which had travelled northeastward to destroy a Jap seaplane base on Makin Island j in the Gilberts. A Quot the russians had hard tasks in a their War with the nazis. The invaders plunged steadily ahead in the caucasus nearing the vital Black sea base of nov Rossik after capturing Krasnodar. The Ger i mans were Able to hold off diversionary attacks by the reds in four j Central and Northern areas and at j the same time mess a reported 800,000 troops for an All out drive across a he Don and against Stalingrad. Key to the Volga Sriver. A Drime minister Winston Churchill spent four Days in Moscow in conference with Premier Josef Stalin and with ranking British american and russian military men. No stretch of the imagination is required to determine what they talked about. Churchill also visited the Middle East War theater. Drazil got Tough last week. Announcement of the loss of five ships Axis submarines came monday. Anti German riots flared during the week and on saturday she declared War becoming the first South american nation to make the actual declaration. Women police guard factories women police officers the latest Eye openers of the War done to have to be big amazons to handle recalcitrant individuals As shown above. Its All a matter of Jujitsu a series of trick holds for throwing opponents. Beatrice Prince 115-Pounder at the Timken roller bearing company Plant Canton Ohio demonstrates with a 220-Pound fellow worker wearing a Hirohito mask. Miss Prince whose Job Calls for spotting saboteurs and putting them out of commission shows How to unseat a husky male a no at Little trick that might prove Handy for a girl in a crowded subway train bus or trolley car. By learning Jujitsu girls can take Over the jobs of Able bodied men needed by the War program. T of is i a map july War production up but Short of expectations Public ready for Levy on every family Gallup poll voters approve idea of broadening base naval Pilot radioman forced output More to land on primitive Island than tripled since dec. 7 by Joe James Custer with the u. S. Pacific Fleet at sea delayed a patently White men had stopped i finally the Leader approached and off there before a said the Pilot croaked a guttural a hello. Me when their Mother ship akan a a _. Done them As dead Mcgowan finally by Means of laborious Illery tote William and Miller were wading through sign language Mcgowan Learned Mcgowan 25-year-old Navy Phot Alligator infested swamps fight that there were no other White Alexandria looked at eng fever bartering trinkets men on the Island and no towns to the natives for Aid in escaping but there was a Mission or a by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n. J., aug. 22 Public willingness to accept the tax Burden imposed by the War goes far beyond the Conception of politicians or government officials. The majority of people throughout the United states interviewed in recent Days in a Cross Section Survey by the Institute believe every family not on Relief should pay an income tax to the Federal government levied in ratio to ability to pay. Moreover and this is the significant fact More than six out of every to persons in the lower income group most of whom have seen exempt from the income Levy Are willing to pay at least something in the form of an income tax As a Means of defraying the Cost of the War. Would be Small tax. In the Case of Many families such a tax would obviously be Small perhaps Only $5 a year. But if adopted a Universal income Levy would mean that approximately 31,000,000 families would have to pay instead of an estimated 11,000,000 or 12,000,000 who had to pay this year. While few persons Are eager to pay taxes the willingness of the majority to make much greater sacrifices to help meet the Cost of the War is another example of the capacity which the Public has repeatedly demonstrated for being ahead of its leaders. In every important aspect of the War to Date the Public has been ahead of the government either in favouring measures that were later carried out or in their readiness to make those Savages with their tattooed bodies and Bone pierced noses he help thinking of what happened chinese. Petite Lesta Jane Saylor another of the new policewomen has just give the old head to to a 220-Pound Man by Jujitsu and above she pins him to the floor by twisting his foot. The wife of a Soldier mrs. Saylor enjoys her Job helping Uncle Sam. Capt. Dan Van gunmen Timken police Captain found All the women unusually Apt pupils. Like the Royal Northwest mounties they always get their Man. To the shipwrecked j by Lack of fuel from the Island where their scouting seaplane had been forced Down a Gin Job some distance away. The natives did no to know there was a War but they had been Mcgowan and Miller were on warned about the japanese. The grandfathers perhaps the j a scouting Mission Over the Coral the bribe of a Leaky Fountain fathers of those same natives sea when they found themselves pen paper and a flashlight Lens Are said in South sea legends to far from their ship and their brought Promise of guidance to have seized a group of shipwrecked chinese sailors Back about 1850, put them in a stockade and eaten them one by one after fattening them on boiled Sago with Coconut Oil dressing. A i kept telling myself that it was a lot of baloney those stories a but i help shuddering just the same As those Bushy haired natives looked us Over a said Mcgowan after his Rescue. But the natives of Little Rossel Island off the Southeastern tip of new Guinea were More frightened than angered by the appearance of Mcgowan and his radioman w. A. Miller 23, of Phoenix Ariz. Did no to see a woman. Implements of War 7 per cent Short of july forecasts Washington aug. 22.�? a production chief Donald m. Nelson reported today that War production in july was three and a half times the rate of november 1941, the but he said combat plane output was not up to expect fuel almost gone. They sat Down the Mission. The seaplane was in a Lagoon off Rossel Island and removed to the camouflage of edged up to the Beach through overhanging foliage lest it attract razor Sharp Coral Heads. Japanese planes. While Miller remained behind j finally after four hours of Rno nth before Pearl Harbor the trigger of the planets machine j climbing Over rocks and through gun Mcgowan began reconnoitre Jungle growth the Mission was ing the apparently deserted Island reached and a emr. Sate pan a a an automatic in each fist. melanesian missionary greeted the Tiona and other a flow snot so a then suddenly a band of a american fliers with a meal of a. P fives crept out from the deep Ripe bananas Fried pumpkin re Aoudia Einoris. Foliage surrounding me a the Pilot boiled Chicken and yams. The Nelson said that the july related. Next Day Mcgowan and Miller output of planes guns tanks Felt pricking. Returned to their plane by a Dingy ,.materi a i Felt a prickling at the Nape with four native oarsmen. Ships and other War Materio my neck. They were Short then they set to work repairing als was 7 per cent Short of the compact gents ranging in Hue their radio while curious natives j production forecasts made at the from cafe a Lait to dark Choco sat on their haunches for hours beginning of the month. July a out late with Bushy hair decorated watching silently and spitting out put however was an improve str earns of Betal nut juice warned against swim. A after several Days the terribly hot Sticky climate began to Tell on us a Mcgowan related. A we not once in their Days among with huge Combs Flat noses the natives of Rossel did Mcgowan pierced by polished Bone Orna and Miller see a woman. Ments enormously stretched ear a we Learned that All the women lobes and their bodies covered had been hustled off into the with fantastic tattooing. Rugged Hills into the Bushes a i can Tell you the gun butt _ when we were first sighted a squirmed in my moist hand but Lagoon but were warned that a big is at the rate of s54.000.000, annually. The presidents goal was ment Over june indicating Progress toward the scheduled objectives. Nelson told reporters that june production of War goods had risen started to take a swim in the j a a value $4,500,000,000, which schools to make youths Quot air minded Quot this fall fish make Kiki a we finally arranged with a native More intelligent than the others Maya to take us in a Dingy to Missima Island to the North , of Oitt. Cooper a radio set. A $40,000,000,000 for the year of 1942. Compiles Box score. Nelson reported the following Box score on july production As compared with june a aircraft up la per Centre arriving at Yong a Bay near combat planes up 6 per Cen but the Corner of Rossel Island we j up t0 expectations heard from a native that four i ordnance up 26 per cent and by William f. Boni particularly the civil aeronautics we Ide world military editor administration and the United _ Washington aug. 22. Wide states office of education under 1 mystery planes had landed not a very close to world the a air schooling of commissioner John w. St Debak i very far from our own seaplane.1 naval ships up 22 per menu american youth will swing into j or its willing Spade workers Are i Drew our american insignia on a considerably ahead of forecasts full stride when schools open next leading educators and aviation in a piece of paper and the Frozy lot major combat vessels a mate month. Thus lasts. Its tools Are the Prin head of our informant bobbed up really behind expectations for it is a project so far reaching Cirals and faculties of 27,000 High and Down excitedly. Minor Vesseis. In scope that its effects Are bound schools and its materials Are the a four More lost american Navy j merchant ship tonnage up 6 to be Felt not Only in our War half million or More boys those planes on our Little Island a per cent and nearly on schedule greater sacrifices than have yet Effort but in the even greater schools graduate each june. Seemed for the month. Air age that is expected to come the primary purpose is to fur a a runner was sent with a Mes the last approximate figures on with the peace. Nish pre flight education to this same t0 the four other planes and actual numbers of weapons pro has joint sponsors potential untapped Pool of Man tw0 Days later a message came do cedi rather than percentages its joint sponsors Are the de Power for army Navy and Marine Back signed by four Navy pilots were Given by president Roosevelt Artmont ref memo Rio Onri and air forces to bring these in nip they were at a Mission Only three hours walking distance from there our seaplane came been imposed. Trend rises sharply. The Public a recognition that everyone must pay More taxes has shown a Sharp upward trend during the last year and a half. In december 1940, a year before Pearl Harbor the idea of an income tax for everybody was approved by an Bare majority in an Institute Survey. Today that majority has grown to overwhelming proportions As indicated in a Survey on the identical proposal. 1940 favor income tax for All families not on Relief 51% opposed. 41 undecided. 8 a a everybody a in Senate committee hearings on the tax Bill last week Walter Cooper of the american Institute of accountants advocated the elimination of All personal exemption in order a to directly impose some Small measure of responsibility on every person in the United it is Clear from turn to Page 9, column i today 70% 25 5 apartment of Commerce and most a a forces to bring these Young a sters up to military age with a tin fish sink 4 Jap boats destroyer another vessel damaged Navy says Washington. Aug. 22.�? a a the Navy announced today that american submarines in the Paci working knowledge of aviation. A some of the beginnings May be very Small a says Charles i. Stanton Caa administrator and one of the prime movers in the in june. He said then that May aircraft production was a nearly 4,000,�?� that tank production was Over 1,500 and that artillery and anti tank guns production amounted to nearly 2,000. Strikes at critics. Nelson presented his production figures in a formal statement. Then at a press conference he struck Back at critics who said he should Power Over the the web army Navy and maritime commission Are working for Hitler would have to wait six months for Oil by Howard w. Blakeslee a there Are 1,300 Miles of pipe lines would be required. Complete wide we orld science editor. Line in the caucasus. The Wells j by unknown is Germany a present new York aug. 22.�? wide Range roughly Between 2,500 and i Seju or urns18 them. World a six months or More 10,000 feet in depth. There is rela a a s. ,s0 information is that show Long Hitler will have timely Little shallow Oil production. Available or e8foff says Ger to wait before he begins to get a Germany has an enormous 5 very. �?of11 facilities much Oil out of the russian Cau problem in rehabilitating the Cau j Iorgu transportation Casuso if he conquers those pre Casus Oil Industry if and when it. Imaikop Hitler already has coins Fields. Falls into Germany a hands. 1�?o area tha Abs it he May have to wait consid a one problem is in designing i i a a a a a. La Erakly longer before he can get plants. Two fabricating materials. Egloff mat muh the Fields Back into anything like three shipping the materials to can restored to production for Down and we had spent a week of torturous nightmarish travelling away from feast on calf. I air schooling program. A it May be j United with the other pilots no More than a physics course j the occasion was celebrated with i which sets its problems in Avia j a feast of roast calf which my Tion symbols a shop course in i Gowan described As a just about which the boys build Model planes j the tastiest meal i have Ever exercise More rather than Book cases and wheel j armed services Barrows or a geography course i several Days were spent in re that considers the Globe from the paring the five american planes air borne rather than the land a11 a which had been battered just one thing he said a to win bound aspect. About by the heavy swells among this includes High schools. The Coral reefs. The web chairman said there a but Small or not my guess then one morning a native boy was no difference of of lion on would be that 75 per cent of our blamed Tepi to bad clambered Quot what the most urgently needed High schools will be giving some a ree cat hum Coconut military items were and that they sort of aeronautics instruction to Sou a that an air plane was a were going to be Given the right of Fie have sunk four japanese non their Junior and senior classes this a Way Over everything in order to combatant ships possibly sunk p e be8an. A bring our Star pts j defeat the Axis enemies one destroyer and damaged one at least 150 teacher training in a s frantically that it looked a there is no struggle for Power non combatant ship. Sti Tutins among them the uni ii6 0uv�u of july ass. 1 have the pm were a Nelson said one of the non combatant ships verifies of Minnesota Illinois re l aus i when asked whether the armed a merchant vessel was sunk in the Oklahoma Utah and North Dakota disk rants and me Siuea i services had veto Powers Over his full production. The caucasus. Four erecting and the germans in months. Probably / six under a peace time schedule operating the plants _ americans would need a minimum a Germany has no Large Back i of one year to restore the Cau ground of experience in designing i Jurf Louava Melv declare Casus Fields after the russians operating and building Oil pipe 1 a b had devastated them. Lines and refineries of the capacity j Lar or ii Axis Powers Hitler May be Able to Cut the operated in the caucasus and j american record. He has had a drilling on such terrain As the plane landed in a Lagoon. It was actions one of our Squadron Mcgowan and five others flew Navy communique number to ted without charge to the ground t0 3 nearby base and. A repair Caida to me Gruna Crew was sent from port moresby. A far East schools of the civilian Pilot train gasoline was flown in and the my program. Stranded men took off circling web was taking every step that going a step beyond pre flight in a Farewell to the natives whom i can be taken to see that materials education 22 High schools have they had been among for 18 Days. I were flowing to factories Manu aleutians area. All the other and Franklin and Marshall College Craft successfully attacked were gave aeronautics courses this sum in the Western Pacific. Mer. Other teachers were admit transport is included. A i. United states submarines need combat aircraft. Nelson said that the number one question was the production of combat aircraft. He stressed that have reported the following re arranged to give flight training this i Mcgowan was a bedraggled suits of operations in far Eastern semester to to boys 17 and Over i sight when he returned to ship Waters a a a a a a a two Large cargo ships sunk. A a b one Large transport sunk. A a c one destroyer damaged and possibly sunk. A a d one medium sized cargo ship damaged by one torpedo hit. �?o2. These actions were not related to the operations in the Solomon islands. A North Pacific from each of their senior classes.1 Board and told his Story. Army Captain writes will while surrounded by japs factoring such planes. Nelson described combat aircraft As a the Best offensive weapon we a the flow of materials is getting better and better All the time a Nelson said. He said that some difficulties had resulted from going ahead turn to Page 7, column i or did he Ever admiralty announces ? of being c i loss or submarine Montevideo Uruguay aug. White Plains n. Y., aug. 22. Or More feet. Neither a to a somewhere in a Philip have the pleasure Pines Jungle on March 6, a United strafed by a plane armed with �?o3. A United states submarine states army Captain surrounded j four 50-caliber machine guns and has reported the sinking of a by japs included wry comments going some 200 . At a Dis re Aifa i a Mav Al Quot Large japanese merchant ship in on his predicament in his will Tance of Only four or five Hundred y y be the Aleutian area. Written in letter form the legality London aug. 22.�? up a the 4. The above actions have not of which was pondered by Surro patently a full year to get ready. Caucasus. 22.�?�?observers expected to been announced in any previous Gate court today draftee Kows All the answers Belleville. Ill aug. 22.�? a a a Central Illinois draftee filling out a questionnaire at the Scott Field induction Center came to the space provided for names of his parents. He wrote a Mother and ships would be followed within Register this week 91 Nonnee hts a Elm ii a Horl Leoti a i w nevertheless his difficulties Are a some Oil Wells Are under water amazingly complicated. In the Caspian sea the drilling these difficulties Are outlined i taking place from the Shore similar by or. Gustav Egloff director of to operations in California and research. Universal Oil products company. His estimate for full Russia refines its Petroleum from hours by a similar declaration restoration of the caucasus Fields the caucasus right in that area. A War by Uruguay. Brazilian is one year at american rates. Germany can try the same. Or they ambassador Joao Bapista Luzardo a the caucasus a he says a is can transport the Oil right Back reported to foreign minister Al estimated to be producing some to safer nearer refineries and to Berto Guam that his country con thing like 560,000 barrels of Oil refineries already built. tiered that a state of Belliger a Day 85 per cent of the russian i but that is neither Quick nor 1 ency existed with the Axis Cou production. Easy. Tankers tank cart and pipe1 Trine a Ham. Today. Navy department Day that the brazilian decision to go to War with the Axis As a result of indiscriminate submarine n a attacks on brazilian merchant Busi Sioss Liq sags May be alive. Whether the Captain Lamont t. Clark of Lake Mahopac is alive is not known. If the letter which somehow reached his attorney is admitted to probate it would Dis advanced registration in the pose of an estate estimated at $60,-business education department of too. The Racine vocational school will a a Sherman a definition of War is be held on wednesday thursday entirely inadequate a the Captain and Friday from 9 a. In. To 3 p. In. Wrote a but the old gentleman students Are urged to Register at never had the advantage of see this time. Classes will Start Mon i ing the effects of a modern bomb Day aug. Is loss of the submarine upholder Captain Clark wrote that his in doing so paid an almost unwise was in Manila and a possibly she is he gave instructions for disposal of property to friends and relatives if his wife is dead. The court is withholding the provisions pending determination of the Clarks Fate. A we keep looking and hoping for Relief but to Date nothing doing a Captain Clarks letter said. A if it comes soon you May hear from me again but if it does no to you probably wont As i understand there is no mail service across the dropped from a height of 20,000 styx xxx. Prec dented tribute to the services of the vessel and Crew in a arduous and dangerous duty in the Mediterranean. A it is Seldom proper for their lordships the Board of the admiralty to draw distinction Between the different services rendered in the course of naval duty but they take this Opportunity of singling out those of his majesty a ship upholder under the command of Lieut. Commander m. D. Wank Lyn for special mention a said the communique

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