Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Aug 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Aug 1942

Read an issue on 16 Aug 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 16, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday a bulletin vol 13, no. 14racine, wis., sunday August 16,1942. 8 pages the world last week by Paul Freye magi m tvs. It a w a United states marines open j de up a second front last i week. True it Wasny to a second front in the popular Conception of the Man Euver with Tough commando trained troops dashing onto the beaches of occupied France and thus instantly causing the with draw i of Hitler s hordes from their russian Campaign. But because All fight on this i Globe is related the invasion by j the marines of the Jap held Solomon islands Northeast of Australia i has become a second front. The americans for the first time in the War seized the initiative j and landed in Force on Tula i j Florida and Guadalcanal islands. The action forms a distinct i threat to japanese domination of the entire Range of East Indian islands and even to Singapore and the Philippines. It is a threat be j cause the americans after con j sol dating their positions in the Solomons which the marines even now Are doing can move i ahead to other islands invade i them and recapture them for the i use of the United nations. The japs would be hard pressed j in their attempts to thwart such moves and necessarily would have to Rush reinforcements of All kinds i into the islands to Check these Surprise blows. It is very possible that Tokyo would have to relinquish some of its present ideas about tackling Russia through Siberia. With this fear dispersed the 1 russians might be Able to take another deep breath gird its loins and plunge with renewed vigor into the Job of ousting the now victorious nazis from soviet soil. This May be Only a pretty picture painted with Wishful think ing but the fact remains that the marines have established a second front and it is evident that there Are More to come. T added from their commando invasion boats the marines landed on the three islands and fought their Way Inland with Bayonet and hand grenade against Strong Jap forces. They had to Battle through mangrove swamps Coconut Groves undulating grasslands and clumps of Trees and filtered up the streams where crocodiles lurked waiting to attack the wounded. Germans execute dutch hostages it Beach scenes Only yesterday any photo of a a beauteous babe basking on Beach As at left was symbolic of the Good life at America s popular Shore resorts. But today the american Soldier is e n t reaching himself As above on Sandy beaches that once beckoned Only to pleas sure seekers and now Are an invitation to potential invaders. Voting trends indicate no 1918 upheaval Institute estimates give democrats 122-seat majority plane losses total japs 408 u.s., 188 Admiral denies Tribune charge by George Gallup director american Institute of Public opinion Princeton n. J., aug. 15.�? the question in the minds of Many political observers is whether or not the republicans can duplicate this fall their feat of 1918 when in a period of War they won control of Congress from the democrats. Almost weekly soundings of political sentiment by the Institute i indicate that the situation today is vastly different from what it was in 1918. These soundings show that if the fall congressional elections were held at this time by Harrison Salisbury United press staff correspondent the Shadow of forthcoming american offensive action against the Axis a round the world length ened with a warning that the i a time is Short to prepare u. S. Troops for the heavy tasks ahead. The warning was issued by Lieut. Gen. Dwight w. Eisen j Hower commander in chief of 1 american forces in the european theater. As he spoke american marines in the first u. S. Offensive action of the Pacific War strengthened their hold on the Solomon islands and american fighter forces went into action for the first time on nazis build Dummy forts another front the Western desert of Egypt. Eisenhower did not forecast any Date for the Zero hour of american land fighting in Europe. But he said the time is Short to train and toughen american troops of his command a to stand the most rigorous deny friction. The american commander also denied reports that any friction had Arisen Between the Royal air Force and the american air units in Britain to impede the promised opening of a joint air offensive against nazi held Europe. American fighter action in the Middle East was on a Small scale but it followed the pattern of initial fighter operations by u. S. Airmen in Britain. American fighters went up with Raf squadrons to get a baptism of fire. U. S. Bombers have already been in operation in the Middle East for some time. There was Little specific news of the Solomon islands fighting. However British reports from australian sources indicated that warning foreshadows five patriots american offensive already slain officials learn head of olympic games committee among victims built even with bombs in their Washington aug. 15.�?<u.r a Lieut. Gen. Henry h. Arnold sunday the japanese claimed commander of the army air forces t a Bela ted accounts from the rus he d fits to do trans Orts in disclosed today hat i 110 Sian from ,el1 of the introduction Solomon Island Battle but the Navy j army planes have met 1,459 Jap there of american Tom Hawks said merely that a we were meet anese Craft in Aerial combat and against the Luftwaffe. The first ing considerable on have shot Down 190 of them with Tomahawk went out alone with monday it was definitely an j a loss of 104 american ships. Major i Lyutov a fighter Pilot at bounced that the marines had the fighters did not include the controls. Attacked by six Ger landed and that our losses were operations of the american Volun Man Heinkele the major downed one Cruiser sunk and two cruisers Teer group in China a which up one and drove off the two destroyers and a transport to the time it was disbanded on turning to feats of the Bell p-39 damaged. On tuesday there was july 4 shot Down 218 japanese air cobra Pursuit planes he said planes with a loss of 84 of its ships. Including the avg results the score would be 408 japanese the democrats would continue their Washington aug. 15.�? control of Congress and that the new York aug. 15. a Admiral a. Hepburn former number of seats would be approx a a. Of 1. Director of Navy Public relations brately the same As at present Germany has balt Dummy fort the amen can mannes Are drive my today denied charges that Sucre with a slight gain by the demo Aat a of Teng he norwegian coast i ahead in their task of of Navy Frank Knox had crafts �?�t0 Bluff the allies but actually has my their positions. It was specs shown favouritism to his own news i whereas in the 1940 election been forced to weaken the Garrison a terms May the twi no there Moscow radio said today in be rapidly transformed into an in die release of naval news a the House the Institute estimates a broadcast recorded by the co advanced base for Allied opera that the hostages had been shot Rpp Clare e Hoffman red that if election were today the Lui Bia broadcasting system Here tons. Against More northerly Jap on orders of Gen. Friederich Mich on thursday introduced a democrats would win 276 seats a in the Gergen area German in and be positions. I Christiansen German military Resolution for a House invest the republicans with 162 seats amp infers have built in edition to the pattern of fighting on the j commander for the Netherlands Resolution i r a in Vestiga. A. F real fortifications quite a num russian front was Little changed. The spokesman said information Tion of charges by the Chicago in 1940, would have 154 today. I me spokesman min Nidzon this would give the democrats i n indicated that the germans had London aug. 15.�? a the dutch government announced today that germans had begun reprisal slayings of hostages with five executions carried out today. The dutch hostages known to have been executed already include prominent intellectual and social leaders one of them the head of the dutch olympic games committee. The Netherlands news Agency gave the names of the victims As Willem Ruys director general of Rotterdam firm the count of Lim Burgstrum of Arnheim a or. Waal de of Rotterdam Christopher Bennekers former police inspector of Rotterdam and Alexander Baron Schimmel Penninck Van Der Roye former president of the Netherlands olympic committee. 1,600 persons held. An official spokesman of the dutch government in exile said Tribune that Knox had used his official position to give news advantages to the daily news. This followed the beginning of a Federal investigation of a Tribune Story which the Navy contended revealed secret data about the Battle of Midway. Orders from Knox. Quoted structures for this Pur j Central and Northern portions of thus car refrained from shooting More than five of the 1,600 hostages they hold Only because they believed that the dutch patriots a 122-seat maj i y. Pose and equipping them with the front appeared to be making isolationist Issue. Dummy guns a the russian Broad some headway. In the caucasus political commentators have Cost said quoting Stockholm s the nazi Advance proceeded at a been expressing astonishment Over sources. A the German forces on reduced Pace. Gen. Douglas Macarthur Headquarters announced the victories of a Large number the coast have been greatly re of pre War isolationists in last diced. One infantry regiment is tuesday s primaries including the stationed in the Bergen sector american and australian bombers i overwhelming Victory of rep. Where formerly there was an in j attacked a japanese Convoy Hepburn now chairman of the Jam Don fish in the 26th new Fantry division. Steaming South from Rabaul and York congressional District. It is sent to Finland. J some reports said the japanese Clear that the Issue of pre War a the forces in other sectors Foi ships were forced to scatter out to Hoffman from Miami that he considered Hoffman a charge a isolationism is not having As much the coast particularly in the South sea continued fighting. By wednesday the Navy announced the marines positions on the three islands. Reflection on his conduct of the a a chances a a . �1 tinn effect a candidates chances have been sent out. Troop trains thursday came word that the planes shot Down against a loss forces were strengthening their j of 188 american Craft. Hold on Tula i Harbor a vital position. On Friday the Navy reported the marines were making satisfactory Progress and that Supply ships were getting through to them. On saturday the japs admitted for the first time the Battle in the Solomons and increased their claims to a total of 35 Allied ships sunk or damaged. All week Long the in these figures included Only verified losses of both sides. Planes destroyed on the ground in bombing or strafing attacks were not taken into account. Arnold said that a steady Stream of american pilots and planes is being sent to England. The pilots Complete their training on. ,. I. Other Side in order that they can Vamg Force had us pfc it he. Tech a from Gen. Macarthur s big planes he a so said that a a in who smashed hard at All Jap bases in the area and at reinforcements Rushing into Battle. I Russia and Germany traded blows along their Long War front All week but while the nazis were making dangerous Progress into key areas the soviets had to be Content with attempting diversionary actions on other sectors. By the weeks end the nazis had pressed Well into the first layers of Oil Fields blown up by the reds and were apparently striking out toward Astrakhan on the Cas we can we Are standardizing our equipment with that of our allies for interchangeable operations. The air commander at a press conference described the problems of air plane production As a something like eating buns with Jam first one then the other runs As an example he said a we once had 50 planes sitting on the ground for Lack of generators. This problem was soon solved but was immediately replaced with another Arnold several times referred to american pilots As a one Battle report from the Southern Pacific relates that six p-39s ran into eight Jap zeros flying several thousand feet below. The air cobras Dove to the attack and one of them collided with a Zero wrecking the rudder elevator and vertical Fin of the Jap ship which disappeared in a Steep spiral out of control. Returns safely. A the p-39, which took the col the i vision on its left Wing returned safely Only slightly he said the Republic p-47 Thunderbolt fighters now ready for delivery to combat Heaters Are a a tremendous package of Power and Are believed Able to out Fly and outright any other known a the Thunderbolt carries enough guns to generate a maximum firing Speed and Impact equal to the Force of a five ton truck hitting a Brick Wall As 60 Miles per another High Altitude fighters the Lockheed p-38, or lightning has already fought against Jap ships with notable Success the air commander said. Office of Public relations which he headed until tuesday. informed Hoffman that As far Back As feb. 5 he had received specific instructions from Knox assault Jap bases. Who wrecked a German troop train near Rotterdam aug. 7 might a i be apprehended within the next 48 hours. The spokesman believed however that there would be other executions within the next few Days. All Day radio monitors had been at their posts listening to every for re election As Many have sup have been observed travelling simultaneous air assaults it was nazi controlled broadcast from posed it would. North and the conclusion is drawn believed were being rammed their Homeland for the first Indi rep. Fish s Victory was foretold that evidently the germans Are Home against such japanese bases cati0n that the germans had Carby the Institute in a report pub having to ship part of their troops As Kieta on Bougainville Island red out their threats of whole listed on july 26. Moreover that from Norway to Finland because and Carola on Buka Island. That under no circumstances report based on intensive inter of should representatives of the Chi viewing of voters in the District losses Cago daily news receive any More outlined in detail the reasons Why the finnish army a heavy favourable treatment than that accorded other correspondents or writers. said he distributed Pear Harbor. Knox a instructions to All. Public relations officers to commandants of All the naval districts and to the commander in chiefs of the various fleets. Rep. Fish would win despite his outspoken isolationism before Navy informs girls All sailors a Ham guessed wrong. In explaining the reasons the Institute pointed out that rep i Aren t Lon la fishes former isolationist stand a is j apparently not seriously hurting great lakes 111., aug. 15.�? 300 Jap casualties his chances right now As least for us _ the nth naval District chunking aug. 15.�? a the simple reason that the major warned a Well meaning but mis a chinese War communique to Ltd a pc it 1 e Nativ in informed girls today that All hav reported that the japanese As much opposed Active in Mior Mea gins a Okay mat a Day reported that the japanese War before Pearl sailors Arent lonely have suffered 300 casualties. A a. Heavy fighting in Western Che Harbor As he was and that the Kiang and Tiangsi. Turn to Page 7, column i murder possibility probed in death of Detroit Playboy Pian As Well As pinching the Stalin i asked about it he said that in Grad area. Northwest of Moscow fact that is what they Are. A we want Young men at their prime when they have the Confidence of youth and when they sex French ambassador joins Degaulle Force Ankara. Aug. 15. The russians were launching attacks in the Bryansk salient. The reds also were trying to drive southward from Voronezh to Cut nazi Supply lines into the Southern Battlefront. A Meric an air planes were be coming More and More known in various Heaters of War throughout the world. While Macarthur bombers were harassing the japs Teer groups record Arnold a Fig Gaulle a forces in the Southwest Pacific and while ures on results of Aerial combat a i have Long desired to join Detroit aug. 15.�? a authorities punctuated their investigation into the death of John Duval Dodge today with the statement that a murder is definitely a inspector John o. Whitman or a Jean Chie of the homicide Bureau said prosecutor William e. Dowling a Short time later she said. Dodge s wife Dora Macdonald Kline Dodge came to the Lange Home Ith a heavy Cut Glass bowl to borrow ice cubes to take to a party she was attending next door. Langes Are old friends of Dodge and his wife. A without reason Dodge started abusing his wife in terms so room a miss the Headquarters a comm unique was directed at a a Juliet of unknown Vintage who have been addressing mail in such general terms As a to a Sailor with a lonely a naval establishments have no department devoted to the registering of sailors with lonely hearts nor have they the time or inclination to go to the trouble of trying to find out who might like to receive a Billet Doux from some unknown Juliet of unknown Vintage a the Headquarters announcement said. The Navy pointed out that most sailors a contrary to popular be australian observers believed that the americans steadily were strengthening their position in the Solomons. This View had partial support from Axis sources. The Axis reports relayed through Berlin admitted the it the american marines had achieved their landings on at least some of the Solomon beaches by Surprise and also said that the u. S. Forces were holding at least two Points in the islands. According to the Axis version the american landings were Well underway before japanese reconnaissance planes discovered what was up. Francis Mccarthy United press staff correspondent at Auckland. New zealand revealed that the Sale reprisals for the train wreck. Radio Orange broadcasting to Holland from Britain reminded listeners of the Allied governments Resolution promising full retribution for nazi crimes of terrorism and said the nazis would pay dearly for every dutchman executed. Reward unclaimed. The dutch radio spokesman pointing out that the Reward of approximately $50,000 offered for information on the saboteurs was unclaimed when the deadline was reached last Midnight said a your people Are not traitors. The germans cannot bribe them. Our underground movement remains Loyal to the according to the Netherlands. News Agency the nazi controlled radio announcing the executions the Best possible assault weapons. The troops he reported carried out extensive training and Landing practice in the new zealand area before being sent to the Solomons. Said a in View of the fact that despite the extremely urgent invitation by Christianse the perpetrators of the dynamite no in Rotterdam have been too cowardly _ a a irl to give themselves up the Fol North Pacific came from Pearl of five were executed this Harbor where a naval source said that the japanese footholds in the the names followed u to c u a Llu Ireat i the hostages had been drawn both Siberia and Alaska but j from a Over the Netherlands and aleutians constitute a threat to know there a nothing in the world a a a a they can to do a he said., a older helium former Rench ambassador had Given orders that All persons men tend to become a Little too to Turkey his wife and Georges with information concerning the i abusing is Wile cautious for Modem Aerial com Balay his first Secretary left for Case be brought in for question u8ar 1 by. Beirut Syria today to join the in Dodge died thursday might he said the Ideal age for pilots fighting French 42 Bours a ter be was Arre ted was around 27 years. J Heulu is the first French Amba while trying to break into the except for the american Volun Sador to join Gen Charles de room a a woman Friend miss of. A a i a a a _ a Xiii a it Nnoli Lief have relatives friends and added that the japanese were due in Ciudad an social and intellectual. Pm a a emm Eica i f throw 4a Gen. Chennault a pilots were pounding at the same enemy in China u. S. Fliers got into action in tile Middle East and Over Europe. Word with the japanese included Only Degaulle a he said. A i Felt even actions by the u. S. Army air stronger about it Evhen Pierre la forces since our entry into the Val returned to War dec. 7, 1941. The avg went i hello had refused to return the mignon Fontaine 33. The Playboy son of the late John f. Dodge Multi millionaire j automobile manufacturer died in a Public Hospital a far cry from the surroundings he picked for Fontaine said. A the accused her of spying on him. A few seconds later i heard a she said she found mrs. Dodge lying on the Kitchen floor her lip Cut and the Glass bowl broken beside her. Dodge she said tried Fri and often. To apologize for hitting his wife. I remained unconscious. N a a ii a a mrs. Dodge returned to her Pelley will Appeal sweethearts who write them regularly. A girls a the a a communique said a have pity on the Over worked postal employees. Do not write to any Sailor unless you know him and have his Correct and Complete address. If you do know a Bluejacket came j a. Into operation several weeks be Call of German ambassador Franz himself with a 1,700 000 inherit party and miss Fontaine said she Section conviction a thursday that fore that. Navy and Marine corps von a pen or have anything to do Ance Dodge accepted a Momy want to her room leaving Dodges Nicks have shot Down Many and with the German embassy. Vichy my place a ? 50, a a month for life regime on a first floor sofa after Chicago aug. 15. Up it i it t i greek port Dional planes which were not ordered Gaston Bergery to take which his father 5 final will sped of Pylos. On Friday came word from Cairo that u. S. Fighter fliers had seen action against the nazis Over desert Sands. Included in Arnold a tabulation Lover the ambassador ship on july unfair criticism. J la. Arnold said that the Curtiss p-40 is Soest were being thief helps himself they Are in successful action to meal and $5mesh of vow Fri Madison. Aug. 15 Garrison there but now without to report. They a e w on \ a stories Cost. The British admitted the Over every Type of enemy aircraft a it Calm thief helped himself to $5 another British Convoy has unfairly needed supplies for beleaguered loss of the Cruiser Manchester and the Carrier Eagle in action against Axis planes in the Western Mediterranean. The Only note of cheer besides the fact that the Convoy in said. In a review of the performance of the american planes on the Battlefront of the world. Arnold pointed to the accomplishments and a meal at the Ervin Muetz residence Friday and kept right on eating when Muetze smother appeared for a visit he said he was a Friend of the fled he be Given awarded $159 a month. The Money was dissipated quickly however in a divorce settlement with his first wife Marie of Connor Dodge and in several unsuccessful business ventures. Last february the state supreme court rewarded him $150 a month. Miss Fontaine told authorities that Dodge came to the Home of Howard e. Lange where she is a Roomer and asked whether he could join her and a companion Theodore Kline. Resting on a first floor sofa after complaining that his head Hurt. A coroners report Friday said Dodge died of a badly fractured Skull. Miss Fontaine said Dodge later tried to get into her bedroom. Mailed notice that William Dudley Pelley would Appeal his sedition conviction and 15-year sentence at Indianapolis last week was received today by the clerk of the failing he climbed outside and u. S circuit court of appeals. The tried to pry his Way through a court in summer recess will re window. Miss Fontaine then ran downstairs. In the meantime a Convene m october. Neighbor had seen Dodge and i for a Surprise if they attempt to readers take the offensive. On the russian front the Ger in arresting them originally the germans apparently hoped they mans continued to drive Forward were getting men who would Aid any second front Landing or commando raids on the dutch coast. But instead of surrendering the to i patriots who blew up the German troop train dutch patriots this in the caucasus but there were signs that the soviet diversionary attacks from the far North to the Don Region were beginning trouble the nazis. The soviet communiques re week attempted to destroy a Ger Maine reticent about these attacks but German reports admitted soviet advances at various Points. Patrolman talks Driver into joining Navy new Orleans. Aug. 15.�? or Man army radio station. Killings in Norway. British sources reported that the germans in Norway had murdered three patriots who gave food and clothing to russian marines. It was reported also that norwegian guerillas on the norwegian Arctic coast had killed Sev a patrolman Gus b. Thames stop.,Ped Motorist Nick Matrana to havea Al cd seen summoned police who took him to Headquarters. There according to police Dodge resisted detention so violently he fell and struck his head on a Stone floor. was taken she said Dodge began talking to a Hospital and placed in an got More or less safely to its Des of the p-40s in Libya. Known to family and that or. And mrs. Tinatin was the fact that the ital toe British As tomahawks Kitty Muetz both were away. The Moth Ian Fleet had again turned Tail and Hawks and War Hawks according to or departed after leaving a note about converting All cars to Armor a oxygen tent. never recovered ran away from Battle. The Ai their Model in the series he said for her daughter in Law. She plate and a became such a Bare consciousness counter began tuesday noon the j that reports indicate they Are a fast found the note but not the $5 she that Kline went she said it Dowling said today an inquest germans said. 1 enough to take on any fighter a had left at Home. Dodge drank heavily. Would be started next week. The notice also covered Appeal intentions of Lawrence a. Brown editor associate of the former Silver shirts Leader who was sentenced to five years and of Pel Leys Fellowship press inc., fined $5,000 in the Indianapolis court. Both Pelley and Brown elected Friday to begin service of their terms in order to obtain credit for the time which Wil elapse in prosecuting the appeals. A look at his Drivers License. Then they took each other in. Thames 37, was going to join the Navy anyway. After talking to 21-year-old Matrana both went Over and enlisted. A that cop sure is a Good talker a Matrana said. Re Sells stamp Milwaukee aug. 15.�? i pm charged with re Selling a $5 fed ammunition and dynamited several ammunition trucks in guerilla raids. New York aug. 15.�?op a the Moscow radio said today that the germans had killed 96 of 600 French War prisoners who refused to work at a Camp at Stettin lbs heard the broadcast. Sub launched Portsmouth n. H., aug. 15. Eral automobile use stamp Donald a a the u. S. Submarine Snook William Stieglbauer 20, was was launched at Portsmouth Navy bound Over the Federal grand jury a Yard today. Mrs. James c. Demp today. U. S. Commissioner f. E. J sey wife of a naval lieutenant Jenkins set bail at $500. A 1 was sponsor

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