Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
13 Aug 1950

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
13 Aug 1950

Read an issue on 13 Aug 1950 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 13, 1950, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday journal time bulletin vol. 21, no. 15 yanks Battle to Clear their key Supply lines As reds push Forward Brief civil defense on bombing Glt to fight to save vital port of Pusan at railway Center Tokyo sunday a a wished two Road blocks on the american troops handicapped american main supp a one and. The communique said these a Ocon by Che Severance of their main tinted to hamper vehicular and Supply line battled desperate wire by on the South Central front face 24th division to protect the port of Pusan. The communists have thrown Gen. Douglas Macarthur to a bred Chi and across out a Paktong. River and have succeeded in get Midnight communique report Ting reinforcements across. De heavy fighting under Way Macarthur to communique said in the sector West of Mir Yang a communist prisoner of War a town on the vital Railroad chimed that the North korean line that runs from Pusan of a that 1 the Arajj 18 h regiments of the fourth division had crossed Taegu. The communists have Stab the Paktong Southwest of Chang Yong. That is the area that the american 24th division is defending. A Othis is the first time in the Ever had my main Supply routes Cut in More than 30 years of military service Quot maj. Gen. John Church commander of the 24th division said. A joint army Marine task Force ,1tm non Tam Ufa Nirid on the Sou Hern front also was in trip v a head Lar trouble a Force a of about000 . Korea Urilt. Gen. Wal communist got in behind their on h. Walker commander of a1 lines and Cut their Road lied ground forces in Korea said 12 Miles from the front. The ? that he still has Confidence in the find the marines were driving to outcome of the korean War but Ward Schinju warned that there will be More task Force Kazan the f go Allied disappointments. General lauds valiant 24th Bare official facts on danger death in Case of attack by Joseph l. Myler Washington �?"1the i purpose atomic destroyer and so the most Likely to be used. It destroys practically everything government told civil defense within half a mile of a ground planners to get set for your Zero a the Point directly under the four a kinds of of Zic attacks launched separately or deadly Circle. It emits deadly in combination radiation for a few seconds but it gave them the Stark offi practice by no radioactive Cial facts on the ruin an death we could expect in such 2. M or it in severs attack and Ala ?t ?.vtis vice and Assurance that much the distance of the air burst. But mercy under fire the strained expressions and tense attitudes of the Marine Stretcher bearers in this Battle action picture Tell the Story. Rescuing a wounded Comrade under heavy fire they Hope to Duck North kor Ean bullets successfully enough to get him safely into an Aid station. Photo by Stanley Tretick Nea Acme staff correspondent. War rougher Thon football with american troops in Mccarthy tells Acheson is to legion blame Shell links Korea soviet can be done a Oto reduce both the casualties and the physical ?t within limits that is. Nothing will help much if you Are Are within half a mile of an atomic target Center. Issue Book outside that deadly Circle to a distance of eight Miles the a bomb to damage limit Protection is �? but it will require a Overy comprehensive and detailed to make such planning possible the government armed Federal state and local civil defense of it also produces a a base surge turn to Page 2, col. 4 facials with a fact crammed 456 ?t advise delay in parenthood Washington our a the government suggested that ? exposed to a bomb radiation a refrain from begetting offspring for a period of two or three Page handbook called a othe of Washington a a the teds of atomic it con and the marines Quot the commune Walker who also is commander que said a continued to be plagued Korea it it pm Marine it. Karl f. Green Bay. Wis. A a we a a a of Lulu set a the a tvs to f,7 10 if by heavy infiltrate on of enemy Sydell played four years of foot Joseph Mccarthy a w�s., said be considered. North koreans Are using Muni Complete information yet publish 24th division Aroa to conf i with troops and Guerrina dressed As Hall for tha Toni Var Ltd new Ich the blame for a othe korean death the Wisconsin senator renewed i Bons newly manufactured in de on hat a bombs do and what sen subversive influences was due to United states has evidence that gains the most authoritative and the division commander maj. Gen. Refugees who attacked supporting for the University of Wash the blame for a othe korean death trap Quot lies partly with the admin his attack against Secretary of Russia a military spokesman said. John h. Church and his staff. The fiend Art Llerve units in rear area. To a ton but the buy never had it a Quot i it re. him this answered a claim by so 24th division is battling to liquid in 1 re or it so rough As he did at the wrong cation leaders a who sabotaged state Dean Acheson. Calling him in answered by to Quivis Twyl nov Luis Vav i. . A to. a Vns to Condor to Tho Anil ,. Reports confused. And of a North korean or Rhino a the korean arms ?� i a of vast danger to the nation and vat it representative Jacob Malik Daet e enem it Rige a n United press War correspondent fun a a Mccarthy made an unscheduled without naming him implying during the United nations secur n a Tong River Elbow. Symonds reported from the Sidell and two other marines 10 minute speech at the state that he was responsible for the ?cl1 meeting thursday. � pretty in re ?t Gene syr Nond reported from the Jeweh my other a ruses american convention Here. Arms program a sabotage Mal attempting to dismiss of during a talk with newsmen of on hat he on the Artiller Machiner gunner who himself he spoke a few hours b01 a repeats former charge of to by this nation to link the Walker declined to say whether he was launched by some 400 com was under american air Stltt Thev Resolution proposing an invest Congress last year by Bip Arti of Orth Quot Korea had to contended believed american forces will be munits armed with automatic were strafed by american planes 8a,Ion Campaign against action decided to make a $10, a and soviet munitions Heine Able to hold the Paktong River weapons grenades and mortars. And none got a scratch. It Hap -1. It Quot y munitions being line. Confused reports from survivors opened this Way t / a 4 american forces Are still a pretty said red tanks altered the artillery Jed g hours l./0 v visits hard pushed everywhere he said positions but it was believed the e j n i. A i a and the reds have a great pre weapons referred to actually were a v e vv3s on Tkv s v d qty i so plot i it dominance of manpower on All self propelled Field guns. Do with Marine combat fronts. A him not going to Prophesy j one american unit managed to photographers sgt. Frank Kerr j Oslo ?" a Trygve 000,000 loan especially for pm used by the communist Daggres ing South Korea a he said. A but Kjad been left there two to years not one Bullet Ever got to Korea. Ag0 Wicen russian forces an i he Only Money spent on Korea bounced their withdrawal from was $200 for bailing wire and that North Korea has t got there spokesman showed report he told the legionnaires that ers a Pentagon briefing photo he said. A Oit is Imossi withdraw to the rear. But parts of Yakima. Wash., and Cpl. John Sandved in on ids tray so Acheson to state department was cad he of a 120 my russian f Uvino in. He via Trio c i i Atlantic weekend Quot after a Brief graphs or a i umm russian mor Hie for our forces trying to hold the four artillery battalions were Flynn 859 42nd ave., san fran line to have adequate strength pinned Down through the Day. Cisco. Everywhere. No sizable Force of american the Trio rounded a Bend in the a naturally we Are hard put infantry was on hand when the Road and a red machine gunner sometimes but i still have con reds attacked but late in the Day opened fire on them spattering Tidence in the outcome. But there marines arrived and moved into the jeep with bullets Are sure to be some disappoint the Hills to counterattack. Driving. He slapped the jeep ments yet. Yanks gain Hill. Mls Rev use and Tore through Rice in charge of the $10,000,000 loan. Tar Shell which had been obtain Stopover in Copenhagen where ache on a Man always found j \ Mich Acheson is a Man always Louna de intact in South Korea. He talked informally w Ith danish prime minister Hans he Toft. The . Secretary general was put a Quot he said so def was accompanied by his wife who will soviet re remain for several months. And can and can tto be done about them. For individuals caught away from shelters by a sneak atomic air burst the government had this advice hit the dirt. Or the floor instantly. You Tell know a bomb has gone off by Tho a sudden increase of the general done to look at Tho Light it can scorch your skin. Roll into a Ball for Protection against it do what Yon do quickly a split second can be the margin Between life and death. Stay Patio seconds the worst is then Over. If you can avoid fatal injury for another minute you the survived. A othe effects of atomic weapons Quot was prepared and published where there has been disaster Fot it bore the Date .195o�?� and this. America and Success for soviet spokesman said was Clear a Ohe has helped indication that it was made this under the direction of the loss amp a attain its two main year it Alamos n. A a bomb Labora ends China and Poland. Meanwhile two army regiments paddies into a Village. A owe would like to take up the Slack All along the line but we tw0 0tber machine guns just struggle to plug up All the moved onto High grounded get of opened fire. The jeep was hit. Holes just like we the been doing the key southwestern Communia again and caught fire. So Sydell in inc Coxhead in since july 3.�?� Lions Center of Schinju and Marine and is buddies raced into a Walker Praise the work of the orces advanced on City from Bamboo Grove and threw them a a a �?o7orcm 24th division which has been Stu a selves on the ground with a i0rce Ine u forces fighting since that Dale. A a Kesman for Gen. Doug Asj Mogun bullets ripping Over for six hours they Lay there no Chance to rest. Macarthur said disorganized reds a this outfit has been in for on Tho Southern front soon May i in declined of comment on his a the High explosive missile bore tory and published by the defense talk with he Toft he reiterated Mccarthy repeated his former numerals in arabic and letters in department and the atomic in his belief that United nation charges that Acheson was resp no russian Ergy commission forces would not be forced off sible for a $90,000,000 loan to com he said that this Type of mortar supplies the Basic facts de South Korea or unit Poland while his Law Firth Shell made in Russia had been sense planners must have to Cope was representing the poles and used extensively by the North wr1 atomic blast heat and Radia that he sent Alger Hiss to the koreans. It t in 11 assumes for practical Yalta conference. I big ovation. Mutton it Ort equivalent to 20,000 tons of bib Day their Bridgehead course is Clear. Developments should to give up in Korea our the Security that was one of the a practical conclusions Quot listed in the new handbook on the effects of atomic weapons. While studies of the hereditary results of atomic radiation Are still in a preliminary stage tha Book said there is evidence that the danger of bomb victims producing deformed children can be a greatly reduced Quot by such a period of restraint. The danger would not be eliminated entirely however. Some of the Gene mutations which May result from exposure to atomic radiation can be transmitted Long afterwards. They May even result in grotesque deformities after several generations of Normal births. Empire building a quite resistant Washington a a new York to Empire state building would be a quite resistant Quot to atomic blast a defense expert said. It might not survive a near miss or an underground atomic burst near its foundations. But it possesses a othe most important factors Quot of bomb resistant structures. What makes a building a bomb purposes that the attack weapon 2�f, Broutt out a to is a a of nominal atomic bomb of the a t my eaps is. Pub the legionnaires gave Mccarthy Lunate enough to have borne the abandon Schinju and fall Back 20 Brunt of almost the whole Battle Miles to Handong. So far Quot Walker said. A Othey got on the East coast diagonally there and take r one bloody nose after another opposite the southwestern Offen Council Resolution states that a standing ovation at the begin and then our own planes roared act on must continue until Ning and end of his speech and in to strafing the area the the North koreans have retreated interrupted him three times with mannes could do nothing but lie beyond the 38th Paralle. Be to by applause. The senator said he had their own free will by Force or come to the convention a Ojust As a in Oklahoma out a defense spokesman in accompanying comment said that the Empire state and other big City skyscrapers Are taller than the through negotiations. 2 korean reds after Taejon. I had hoped to pull Sive. A u. S. Relief column joined an 4 it the 24th out and give them the South korean forces to Check a after six interminable hours rest they deserved but a threat communist drive on the biggest they raced out and jumped aboard developed in the South and i had and Best Allied Airfield in Korea be tank. Sydell pointed out one a i of i to use them there. So uth of captured machine gun posit on to the tank surrender selves men but their Mission we tas to a Othen i pulled the 25th Divi Pahang. Sion Down there and brought the red troops 24th up along the Paktong River within a mile which had thrust of the Airport fell evacuate wounded from the Battle with u s. 25th division in i figured this would quiet and the division be fairly Back to regroup. Would get american infantry took advantage g at least a Little rest. But now this of the withdrawal to blast villages too has been one of our hottest which might provide cover for a ?� new red attack. My tank led area and they could no its up to in ?" 4 a two North korean lieutenants walked into american later Sydell came Back with lines waving a Safe conduct passes Quot the Lank and pointed out the Posi 3nd surrendered. Non but the red runners had Dis american planes have sprinkled appeared into the Hills. The passes liberally Over enemy Sydell said wryly i could no to lines. They Are invitations to sur compare it to an afternoon of Render. The two lieutenants were int which knocked Japan of world War ii. Provide a scaling Laws. Oklahoma City a 4p> a rut it provides for the first j designers of bomb resistant build Johnston Murray today for the time a scaling Laws Quot which will Ings would like. The second time was officially de permit planners to calculate the resistant buildings which stood up the Mccarthy Resolution draft cared Winner of the democratic effects of More powerful weapons so Well against the a bomb in cd by the Marinette county Dele a Nond Natiw Nas governor in okla it supplies a Chart of these effects Japan were reinforced Concrete he a for bombs up to to times More structures no More than too feet the state election Board an powerful than a nominal. High. Bounced the official canvass of officials said the scaling Laws a but we do not think a building a recount showed Murray won also could be used to obtain a that is three times As High would by 260 votes. A Good guess Quot at the effects of by three times As vulnerable it the the total vote was Murray Drogen bombs Quot if they prove feast spokesman said. 235,830 Coe 234,870. Ble. Some scientists think he to in general to stand up against the first official count of the bombs might be 1,000 times As a bombs buildings should be Able july 25 Runoff showed Murray powerful As a bombs but others to resist pressures of 90 pounds w on Over we Tilliam o. Coe by believe that figure is greatly sex per Square foot on the sides and Tion a it is for a a full fair impartial non political and non partisan investigation by a legion committee. ?t a korean George Washington emerges from Battle smoke by Hal Boyle off in Breaks Between american Pahang air base in to howitzer fire thundering against Rea aug. 12�?"�?"a Young hero guerrilla infiltrated Hills West of Rosenberg. W Ife of one accused the psf a to regimental combat team. I of the South korean army the Field the armoured column atom spy and sister of another marched toward the liberation of pushed Back to Aridge within 14 was held fire gutting Pahang. The commander of a South korean outfit pushed Stead negro infantry unit. Northward through the Hills idol of troops. The 34-year-old Mother of two Chicago a an expectant order spy hearing for Mother of two new York Uris mrs. Ethel the first North koreans to use them. Heretofore few red officers have been taken prisoner and none surrendered voluntarily. The lieutenants were waving the red coloured passes Over their Heads As they came toward positions of pump a to of in $100,000 bail for a Miles of Pahang. The tank column hearing aug. 25 on a charge of Musi in Asp child Veteran was preceded by patrol from a conspiring to commit espionage Mother to be told ily bordering the Highway from an leading a Battle hardened South Small children was the seventh Mother was refused a court order gang. He drove toward a Junction korean army element towards american arrested in the Klaus under which she would with a Strong american armoured smoke blackened to hang one Fuchs atomic spy ring Roundup task Force which Rode through third in ruins was Kim i Che. And the fifth to be charged direct three ambushes to save this vital a 28-year-old colonel whose elec in with espionage. She was a fifth air Force fighter base six inc personality and Success in cased of helping her husband. H a a Miles Southeast of Pahang. Combat has made him a kind of Julius 32. Recruit her brother pct air v?._,. 5 guerrillas open fire. Military George Washington or u. David Greenglass 28. As a spy. An Iron ring of tanks Artiller. S. Grant in Korea. # ack ack guns and doughboy held three divisions of the american. � a. A a the airbase securely after a night army who have had him with Mam i Tai to unveil of terror. This morning the Torch them quarrelled to have him Back miniature Wisconsin was put to 60 abandoned Homes a and every higher commander of within 40 Yards of the end of the the korean army also has tried to. Guerrilla is disguised As have Kim permanently attached Admiral William d. Leahy will approved her proposal. His for unveil a scale Model of the Battle a of never heard of such a pro give up custody of the unborn child to her estranged husband. Mrs. Marion Hiller. 26. Who exe this Moi Superior judge Rudolph Desort she feared she would be unable to support the baby and a son 4, by a previous marriage. Her husband George o. Hiller. 25, accused of cruelty in her Pend Fleet ing separate maintenance suit had 1009 votes. Murray is a son of former governor William h. Alfalfa Bill Murray. Coe is an Oklahoma City lawyer. Murray will oppose Joe o. Ferguson Republican in the general election. Ferguson is a newspaper publisher at Pawnee. Believe fires in sky i to be shooting stars Portland. ?" a a Flam ing objects that soared across Aggers Ted practicality is the books to keynote. It suggests Only measures that can be carried out with a reasonable Quot amounts of time Money and Effort. It says a extreme Quot undertakings such As dispersion of cities and construction of vast underground facilities is beyond its scope. The National Security resources Board the Agency responsible for civil defense planning will follow up this Book with a country wide 70 pounds per Square foot on the roof. Quot to blueprint which will be handed to the Council of state governments to Lucky tag a pfc. Eugene Buckley smiles As he exhibits dog tag that probably saved his life. Buckley was hit in Battle somewhere in South Korea. The Bullet hit the tag and were believed by authorities to be j perseid. A Type of shooting Star m Chica. It 8 frequently visible in mid August an0,her Srb report will be he. A r tue issued in the fall pebbly in octo i sad its l a it Quot Peck Tion for the ind Vid of 35 it from Ual citizen. It also will be based on Southeast to Northwest Over North a w. The handbook issued today. Era Oregon and Southern Orv. � Fri Quot o on the Book tacitly assumes enemy i my on at 8 30 p. In. U �. Bombers can get past our air de a a morale Conger Caa commune f military experience shows for 010 we family. Cations employee at the Dalles ,. A a / of a up nip the contest was based on a Fame Orso 4 it that even under the Best defense a a Vav be conditions at least 25 per cent of1/5 Standin m the Community. Of f i to to fal1 the enemy to attacking planes win fax of Quot Ial Progress mechanization my stars and explode. It Brough Weir Tarm and participation m a a farm and Community work. What to expect. _ Illinois picks farm family Springfield 111.�?" up a or. And mrs. Willis Felton of Princeville and their two sons and two daughters won the Illinois typical farm family contest at the state fair. Eleven families competed in the contest. They w Ere picked by popular votes conducted in districts by daily newspapers. The felons operate a 204 acre farm seven Miles South of Princeville. Felton is 42 and his wife is 38. Their children Are Geraldine 18 William 17 John Ligand Jean to. A new car was the big award air. Rip reveres had crept into the Horny a a a nipped fire wherever he goes so has his shop Wisconsin in ceremonies at postal. Jude Desort said and i to reach the airbase the amen Fame spread that civilians vol to e state historical museum Here won to enter the order. Mrs. Hiller tank column wheeled through Untener to joint him. Therefore he tuesday. Leahy will arrive Here might change her mind after the glanced off creasing his Arm St arching flame and raises his own replacements As he monday and be the featured child is Bora and she has Nad a pit. Exclusive photo by Nea a. A in i i______>4 in. Ii i ?" a a a Cha mild a fiut a University of Oregon astronomer j. Hugh Pruett said the objects were sighted As far South As that being the Case a othe of ran Walls of sniper fire in Pahang itself. As Mustang fighter planes took marches and his units never Lack speaker St the unveiling Cere Chance to see it she must be Given j Acme correspondent de Hoff i every Opportunity to reflect Quot for soldiers. Monies. Maw end bus strike Eugene. They also were reported feels of atomic weapons Quot tells new York up a a two Day from Bend and Oswego ore., and american cities what to expect 0 d Wildcat strike by bus Drivers from on lines carrying 350,000 daily an a bomb bursting about 2, passengers was called off sat-000 feet in the air. The air urday. Service was resumed in burst is the most efficient All-1 mediately on the 16 affected lines. Lac enter Wash Pruett said perseid normally reach their Peak of visibility Between aug. La and is. I

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