Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
9 Aug 1936

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
9 Aug 1936

Read an issue on 9 Aug 1936 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - August 9, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin What our j readers have j to say. J to is will by Paia furl \ i any a or it i j a it a j a Reader assails Myra North comic dear editor i agree with b. M. Of route 4, Kenosha in voicing hts criticism of the comic strip Myra North. When it was just published it started out Fine but gradually i have eliminated it from my Reading. Now i Don t even pay any attention to it. There is also the a comic a Dan Dunn in the bulletin which i m sure Many would like to have replaced. I thought comics were supposed to be comical but Dan Dunn is everything else but. 1 sometimes it in t even Worth Reading. Why not have it replaced by a out our Way i m sure the majority would rather have that. Besides it pertains More to every Day life. Let s have our laugh each sunday morning with some More pleasing comedy. K., Harbridge St lauds City. Wants swimming Pool dear editor i just want to Tell you what i think of our City. I think Racine is the finest City i Ever lived or been in. I just came Back from the Pacific coast and i bummed my Way Back visiting All leading cities. Racine seems o have things other cities do not have. Only one thing Racine needs and that is an outdoor swimming Pool then our City will top them All. I am sure people who visit other Parks and cities will agree with me. I have been told by tourists who have been in Racine that our City is the most Beautiful City of All Quot that they have visited. It sure makes a fellow feel proud to get such compliments on our City. But i notice some people do not appreciate our City. I mean citizens. They carve their names everywhere under the Sun. I wish they would Cut that out so our City will be the cleanest As Well As the most Beautiful. E. V. A Blake ave sunday journal times bulletin vol. 6�?no. 17. Racine wis., sunday August 9, 1936. Circulation Over 21,000 defends loiter ers Park they re not hoboes just men enjoying nature says Leher pal of actress husband no Only a patient she says ancient lamp site found in Colorado fort Collins ins a another discovery of a Camp site of the ancient Folsom people supposed to have lived in Colorado 12,000 to 15,000 years ago is attracting the attention of scientists to the Foothills North of Here. Several years ago the first eld j shabby clothes Are no disgrace declares woman golfer. Racine wis., aug. 2. Dear editor this is not a a pet peeves but it is a protest. Something in the Way of an answer to the letters i have seen in the bulletin concern. Aing the men who Are said to a hang Donee of the ancient culture was about the Parks a speak or j Washington Park. Found in the same area. Implements of chipped quartzite scraper tools and other artefacts were being studied by archaeologists from the Denver museum of natural history who have established a Camp near the site of the discovery made by t. Russell Johnson a graduate of the Colorado state College of agriculture at fort Collins. I have heard and seen in print that these men Are a bums tramps hoboes and morons a and it is quite time that someone took up the Cudgel pen or typewriter a not in their defense but in protest. House famine held serious water sprinklers get Reader s Goat dear editor Here is my pet Peeve that will certainly top them All. Have you Ever walked Down the Street and then have to Cross the Street just because some idiot has a a Dud add throwing off water on the grass and on the sidewalk it gets my Goat. Just the other Day i walked Down the Street and without warning some fellow turned on the w Ater and there i was wet and a Long w ays from Home. So listen you a water wasters a if you like a Shower turn one on in your own Home. The Public does t want one. J. P., Blake ave cant we have Buck Rogers Back dear editor recently an article concerning the a Myra North special nurse a comic strip in the journal times was published in your column. I wholeheartedly agree with the writer. The drawings in the aforementioned strip Are terrible. To be exact the expressions on the faces of Lew Wen Myra North etc., Are so bad that no one in our family even so much As glances at them. This strip has a plot which is not definite. The scenes change rapidly and Are so ridiculous. I for myself enjoy All the other comic strips and the rest of the journal times. Why can t we have a Buck Rogers Back in a Myra North so place i am sure it would improve our comic Section considerably. Otherwise my family and myself consider the journal times and the sunday bulletin two swell papers. Thanks editor. For the space in the bulletin if this comment is printed. B., Mead St Golf fees draw another protest dear editor i certainly agree with j. That the increased fee for Golf is in i have been at Washington Park several times each week since before the clubhouse opened this season. I have played around the course alone Day after Day. I have walked Home alone repeatedly through the w oods up the Steps to Washington Avenue Down along the second Fairway and up Valley drive Over the Hill by the cemetery along the Brick walk on r it i the far Side of the River and Down expert urges building i the sixth Fain Vay to Mckinley and of half million Homes up Howland these last three t0 annually. Cleveland. A ins a Industry and business interests in Industrial communities throughout the United states must co operate to remedy the serious housing shortage now existing George t. Trundle jr., prominent Cleveland consultant on Industrial management declares. A industrialists All Over the country Are talking about the shortage of trained workers but the housing situation is just As serious As the labor situation a trundle said. A the trouble today is not merely one of finding trained men it is one of housing them As Well. In Many cities the housing situation is offers contrasts. Trundle contrasted the estimated surplus of 300,000 family dwelling units in the nation in 1930 with the estimated deficit at present of 2,000,000, show he said in recent surveys. A the United states chamber of Commerce is More than conservative a trundle said a when it states j that Between 380,000 and 420,000 new dwelling units will be required annually for the next to years to meet the deficit provide replacement for 750,000 sixth Street in the late afternoon or Early dust of evening and i think i have met and talked with nearly every Lone Man who frequents Washington Park. Loving my fellow men and women or. Editor i usually Greet them when i meet them a out in the open and if Opportunity offers Stop and Chat this Friendly habit of mine does not reach to the City sidewalks but it has Long been part of my regular procedure in a open spaces w Here my feet press a Good old Mother Earth and my eyes search for Birds and squirrels in the Trees. Of course i am occasionally rebuffed by some ritzy Dame out airing her dog Friend or strolling. In dignity with some other kind of a Friend but As i Long since Learned to spot this Type at a distance the cold stare i get does not serve to squelch me in the least. News Sleuth tunes an ear to of Racine Here a glimpse of Ordinary Folk being themselves. A i was Only a patient of Mary Astor a husband a protests Broadways blonde Norma Taylor above whom a nurse testified to seeing in or. Franklyn Thorpe s bedroom at breakfast time on several occasions. The testimony was Given in miss Astor a suit at los Angeles to regain custody of her daughter. Fighting King of River men invincible until he battled undersized sheriff in Saloon by Hubert Johnson a a in a a Salt River roared. In a a ring tailed Squealer in a a Reg Lar screamer from the old mass Assip i Man but he did t laugh at the next alleged joke. A stranger you re about As Lively i As a wet Hen afloat on a Shingle a j by Alice Sankey a daily feature of the newspaper is a what noted people Are Here a a bit of variety what some of the not quite so noted people Are locally saying farm woman Selling fresh dressed Chicken at the door a you buy Chicken from me As a treat then i turn around and buy fish for about the same Price for my Spanish american War Veteran a what became of my uniform Well sir it was so full of lice when i got Back from the tropics that they made me take it off in the Back shed. It made a Nice Salesman leaping out of hotel Racine and wildly gesticulating at loaded bus heading toward state Street to Driver a they Bud can you Tell me How to get to the North Shore station a Grandfather of Winner in child contest beaming a she ainu tone to show off but w Hen she thinks nobody a looking you should hear her Little feet a tapping away a new name a problem recent Bride a i can to get used to signing my new Little boy to pal who forcibly ejected him from his tricycle a a you re a dirty rat of a wart faced Snoop a candidate for office a i called on an old Friend in one of the w Ards to take my nomination papers around. We both laughed our Heads off when i discovered she was a sister in Law of my soloist at band concert a was my face red w Hen i started playing the wrong piece. I switched so fast though i guess nobody waitress a has anyone a Check for the big Booth a customer a a who a a big brute a recent picnickers i ache in every Nasty customer to walking ice find Malayan City after ten years Singapore. A Olp a the lost City of Yong Pong inhabited by 5,000 chinese and situated in the midst of the Malayan Jungle was found by a British government official while flying Over the District. The official w to Wras employed in the land office of the native malay state of Johore saw a Large settlement in the heart of the Jungle which he did not recognize. Next Day he drove to it and to his amazement discovered that it Wras the lost City of Yong Peng. The government was unaware of the existence of the town although it has been a thriving agricultural Center for nearly to years. The inhabitants who Are chinese work As rubber planters on an area of More than 10,000 acres. They have built the town As their Headquarters and provided it with All the amenities of a native civilization. A suburban villages also were found around Yong Peng and were in fact a series of virtual republics hidden away in the British protected state of Johore All working peaceably. The area is Only 20 Miles from a main Road but lies in a Region Little frequented by englishmen. Says she saw Poer Host Tennyson a nurse holds he walked beside her. I love the women and i in Choc Ful declared the irrepressible Mike. Cream bar Salesman a a what a the at first the men loafing about the Park were shy and rather reluctant to enter into conversation with a Lone woman but now their greeting is As Friendly and Spon Teneous As my own and we Chat like old friends although i have never Learned the name of one of them and i doubt if any of them know my name. Always i have found these men stretched out on the grass turn to Page 2, col. I of fight i m half wit Hoss and half cock eyed Alligator and the rest of me is red hot snapping a you rile me. I a you to laugh. Stir your Trotters. Get up on your Hind legs for in a going to give you Turtle. I can hit Uke fourth proof the ai1_ Predest Licking. You Ever got lightning an every lick i make in i in your Mike gets �?onuf.1 a is that so a challenged the lit the Woods lets in an acre of Sunshine. I can out run out jump out shoot out brag out drink and out fight rough and Tumble no tie Man and he sprang at Mike Holts barred any Man on both sides the River from Pittsburgh to new Orleans and Back to St. Louis. Come on you flatters and see How Tough i am to chaw i ainu to had a fight for two Days an in a Spilin for exercise. Cock a Doodle Doo a a a roaring Mike Fink the keel boat King bellowed this from the deck of his keelboat. Nobody a and accommodate an expected an i Nual increase of 485.000 families. A the country could probably a Call by Telephone sorb half to three quarters of a i 7 a. Million Homes a year for the next j goes 19,000 Miles to years on the basis of present Sydney. A a due to the j Cepter the Challenge needs and the immediate distance from other centers of Civ a. Regular irishman. Worst in Small towns. Iliza Tion Australia is confident it Mike was a regular freckled is harder a climbing a peeled sap done to know the situation is not As appear has More Long distance Telephone j faced red haired irishman with Imp heels ent in the Large cities As in the Calls than any other country in twinkling eyes. This strapping j a is that so a returned the pig smaller Industrial towns trundle the world. J he Man weighed 180 pounds All my. A Well in a Ned Taylor Sher asserted and in Many of the latter a report of postal authorities Bone and muscle. He was five feet Iff of this county and if you done to and sent him sprawling with a blow under the ear. The Little Man Lay Flat on his spine with boots and fingers bristling. Every time Mike charged he was clawed and battered by the human whirlwind. A Onuf a Mike yelled. A stranger you re Chain lightning you re so Tough to chaw you make my Grinders ache jest by looking at be. What might i Callye Licking you the Homes Are practically All of who Are in charge of Long distance copied. He cited As an illustration Telephone Calls show a few feats an Industrial Plant in a Small mid of the past year to be As follows West town which cancelled an am a Call of 19,000 Miles from Syd bilious program of Plant enlarge i Ney to Valparaiso via London and nine with a Stocky Frame and Broad shoulders. His sleeves were rolled High for action and his open red shirt revealed a hairy Chest. Mike had a took to the River As ment when it Learned there would j Buenos Aires with perfect recep i Quick As an Alligator can chaw a be no housing accommodations for Tion. L/e.ly.,unf1a. And would Sug a gift the hundreds of mechanics and As frequent Calls from Sydney if men s clubs Sembler who would have been London san Francisco and Given jobs. Of the Public courses circulate petitions protesting the increased Rete among the golfers which practically everyone we Ould sign rabbits raid gardens with pleasure. A request for sea d. J a a it i i son permits allowing play on All it Lyca by Lewira Public courses at reduced rates London. A a one of the should also be made. Racine is worst sufferers from Rabbit inva Way behind the times As usual. Sions is Kin Edward at his wind golfing is one of the cleanest Sor Forest residence fort Belve and most healthful of recreations Dere. Where he has become a keen and should be encouraged rather Gardener and planned Many of the than discouraged. It is a sport that a Beds himself often helping in the the whole family could enjoy but work with his own hands. What family can afford two dollars the Cost for four or More for an afternoon s play there must be poor manage his gardens Are among the love Liest in the country but rabbits j Easi Yas thou a the sating from the surrounding Forest and around a conference table Park have Wroght havoc no with to to South Africa. One Call from Loa Angeles to Sydney that occupied 53 minutes and constituted As far a time is concerned the longest Long distance Call Ever made into Australia. At regular rates it would have Cost $900. A conference Call from London to Australia that embraced Johannesburg Bombay Sydney Melbourne Adelaide and Perth where everyone participating i Diane and River pirates. The River talked and heard each other As men could be compared with cow boys having their own language on his first Fla boat trip he could a a holler loud enough to outlast the boat horns. He was an excellent Rifle Sharpshooter and w As ruled out of the shooting contests because he was unbeatable. He could dring a gallon of Corn liquor a Day. He was a Champion among Mississippi River men were primed for a fight or a frolic. They were Strong from Poling or rowing their boats along thousands of Miles of treacherous River. Their life was a constant fight w Ith the River in Board your boat and shove off in five minutes i ii arrest you and your Crew a Fine Sharpshooter. Mike moved a a quicker a a Nigger j in a thunderstorm a As he put it. Mike was a shooting fool. One Day he saw a sow and her litter on the Mississippi River Bank about 40 Yards away. A a in a wolfish for pork a cried Mike and grabbed his gun. A a done to shoot Mike a he was warned. A this is a settler a Wall a growled Mike a if i can to get meat ill snip their wigglers just to keep in firing and reloading and firing again he shot off the Tail of every pig. Kills his Friend. In the Spring of 1821, Mike and matter can t you hear or do your feet Hurt a Salesman a Vanilla or chocolate a shoe on other foot Man Reading about Astor Thorpe child custody Case a looks to me like he kept the child because he had something on her and now she wants the child because Shes got something on Salesgirl in dry goods store to customer a have you been Over to so and sons mentions competitor store today they re having a swell Sale on that kind of neighbor lad w Ith sad look a took my homing pigeons 15 Miles away this afternoon let Mem Fly and they re not Back High school student a no i w to gave the party or who it was Given for but wre had a lot of Boss a do you Call this a Story a a me a a Caine to hear a word you Radium Price Cut third in 15 years Victoria b. C. A a the Price of Radium has dropped More than one third in the last 15 years major Harold Brown of the British Columbia cancer foundation reveals. Brown said the foundation had just purchased 3h Grams of Radium at a Cost of $30 per Milligram. Fifteen years ago he said the Radium would have Cost $100 per Milligram. Ment on our Public courses if the standing the efforts of the local Jramon la Peak climber it must charge approximately the same Price for 18 holes As daily fee private courses charge for a whole Days play. Public courses have been built to provide recreation for the common people while daily fee courses Are for the purpose of making Money for their owners. We pay 50 cents for the Privi keepers who annually slay thousands. Taking a Leaf out of the Book of the Duke and Duchess of York his neighbors at Royal Lodge Windsor the King has decided to have his 200 acres wired and Palisades. This Barrier will be about three Miles Long three feet High and covered with Fine mesh wire net two friends Talbot and Carpenter and customs. I served with Gen. William Ashley ifs supposed to be joke. J in the new country up the mis Only once did Mike meet his Souri. Lege of playing 18 holes on Sun j Ting with an additional six inches Days saturdays and holidays the of netting and paling buried in the Only time Many people have ground. Thus it is hoped to pre turn to fag col. I 1 vent rabbits burrowing through. Gives up Hobby Al 77 Jackson Wyo. A cd b a William o. Owen for whom it Owen in the Teton National Park was named and the first Man accredited with scaling lofty grand Teton has been forced to cancel his climb of grand Teton this year due to threatened blindness. The 77-year-old Mountain climber had planned to retain his title this year of the oldest Many Sas Well a the first to climb the pm Tiff match and that was when he was on a Bender in a grog shop in Westport on the Ohio River opposite Louisville. Everyone laughed at his a a funny stories except a sober Little Man in a Corner who sat in a pensive mood. A stranger what ails your Lnu Ards a queried Mike. A you look As pleasant As a dead Catfish on a Sandbar. In a Mike Fink and when i Tell a Shorter i expect folks to Mike and Carpenter agreed to Settle a quarrel Over a Squaw by shooting a cupful of whisky off each others Heads at 60 paces Carpenter gave Talbot his possessions and said Mike was going to kill him. Carpenter took his place and at the crack of the Rifle dropped with a Hole through his forehead. Mike vowed he had aimed wrong. The next year Mike boasted that the shot had gone True. Talbot shot ii Tbs to so7,? Mick flt urn Little Riib with re text a or 16-Inch ice slab found underground Findlay a a 16-Inch thick slab of ice was found a foot underground by workmen at the Findlay waterworks. The workmen were forced to abandon their operations because of the ice although the temperature was nearly too degrees. No key so Man punches in door Columbus ims a Carl Mark 42, does no to feel As Strong As he did a few Days ago. Returning Home with no key to unlock the front door Mark punched in the Glass door. He was rushed to the Hospital with a severed artery in Husiow London. But a Tennyson s ghost walked the night the great poet died. It walked beside the a old the a old woman was a nurse who saw the poet laureate through a desperate illness in 1888-1889, four years before he did die. She Wasny to really an old woman. She was still comparatively Young when she nursed Tennyson. He called her that in jest. Her name is miss Emma Durham. Today the 89-year-old woman lies in a London Hospital with a weak heart. Fond of him. Miss Durham from her own sick Pillow told How fond she became of the great Man How she hardly left his bedside for Days and nights on end. A nobody but me was allowed in the room. For hours he would lie silent then suddenly say a a talk to me old woman. A i would talk quietly of anything that came into my head. He liked to hear my voice. I by september Tennyson was convalescent and could go out walking. But in spite of this he was melancholy and depressed. Miss Durham remonstrated with him saying a my lord you ought to be ashamed of yourself for grumbling that Way. You ought to express gratitude for your recovery by writing a writes famed sonnet two weeks later As miss Durham was lighting the candles in Tennyson a room the poet said a will this do for you old worn an miss Durham said he read a crossing the bar which he had written while crossing the solent. She was so delighted she ran from the room forgetting to Light the candles. So he recovered and she left him two years before his last illness. When he fell ill in 1892, miss Durham was on duty in an Isle of Wight Hospital off the South English coast. Anxiously she followed the news bulletins. She continued on fatal night. A on oct. 6 we heard he was sinking. That evening i went for a Long walk by myself and when i turned to go Home it was dark. A suddenly from a Little hedge at the Side of the Road stepped the figure of the poet dressed in Wideawake hat and cloak he used to Wear on the Downs. A in silence he walked beside me step by step and somehow it seemed quite natural he should be there. When we came to the Crossroads he vanished and i went on to the Tennyson died that night a i heard later he lapsed into unconsciousness at 7 30, the exact time at which his form began to walk beside me on that playgrounds prepare for lantern fete event scheduled for Washington Park thursday night. Eleven municipal recreation areas will spend their last week of the official playground season in last minute preparation for the annual playground lantern Parade. Forming one Large Circle in the Valley on the Golf course at Washington Park the Parade will get under Way thursday night at 7 45. Artistry rather than Quantity has been the Motif of the playground lantern making classes. The number of lanterns this year has been restricted to 50 Small ones and 25 lanterns with wooden frames. A Central theme has been chosen by some of the playgrounds around which their individual parades will be fashioned. Shoe tossers compete. In the inter playground Horseshoe tournament staged recently at Lewis Field George monday Lewis Field representative won first place in the senior division by defeating Vernon Birch Knapp in the finals. Al Laudonio Lewis Field won the midget division Crown from Ralph Schone fratt. The Cadet title went to Richard Poplawski fratt by virtue of his win Over Rocco Laudonio Lewis Field. Chess draws big Field. Dick Seitz Lake View found Competition in the cub division especially close but he won out Over Giese Marquette in the final match. The inter playground chess tournament held at Lewis Field also Drew a Large Field of entries. Bill Hass won the cub division title from Richard Galizanski Marquette. Bob Callan twelfth Street won the Cadet title by defeating Walter Wisnewsky Marquette. Harry Prins Lewis Field won the midget Crown by winning from Edgar Hastie twelfth Street. Herman Zierke Douglas Park won from Frenchie Pouliot Lewis Field in the senior division to gain the title of City playground chess Champ of 1936. Ping Pong scores. In the Ping Pong tournament at Lake View recently Allen Simonson Lake View won the cub division Competition from James Jerstad fratt 21-9, 21-15. Eugene Simonson Lake View won the Cadet title from Sylvester Kayon Racine Street 21-13, 21-18. A Zbos co Mano Racine Street was forced to go into the rubber game of his match Writh John Krenzke Douglas Park but the Southside emerged As midget Victor 21-10, 17-21, 21-15. Herman Damaschi Lake View w on from Frank Rorek Racine Street in the older boys division 16-21, 21-18, 21-14. Heat in Hay fires 3 Michigan barns Adrian a spontaneous combustion in new mown Hay destroyed three barns in the i Clinty of Adrian and Iii Al a a reckless bicycles Hazard in Singapore san Francisco. A ins a reckless bicycle Riding has been added to the hazards of Singapore so called a wicked City of the far East and that City is now facing a serious traffic problem for the first time in its history. Once slow moving rickshaws constituted Singapore a main traffic problem. Today speeding and reckless driving of bicycles have become so prevalent and the Accident rate so High that the government requires All bicycles and their riders to be licensed. Repeated offences bring revocation of the License and Riding without a License entails a jail term. Rickshaws have been subjected to a licensing system for years much As taxicabs in America. Their number is gradual being reduced As transport in the Orient becomes modernized. There Are now 6,000 rickshaws in Singapore As compared with 20,000 a few years ago. The abandonment of the Rickshaw is being carried out gradually to avoid throwing Large numbers of Rickshaw pullers out of work. Weather notes Washington aug. 8.�?<u.ra�? weather Outlook for the period of aug. To to 15.�?for the Region of the great lakes some rain indicated latter part of week near Normal temperatures. I

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