Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
27 Apr 1947

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
27 Apr 1947

Read an issue on 27 Apr 1947 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 27, 1947, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday bulletin vol. 17, no. 51._racine, wis., sunday april 27, 1947._ 8 rage legislature facing Issue of veterans Bonus fear of War is widespread poll reveals by Georgi Gallup director. American Institute of Public opinion. Princeton n j fear of Are r my throughout the unit j Al states than my Ven in every ten oiled by the Institute say i another War is Likely j 5 year five out of every j k it May come within ten nobody loves him Mother learns secret of girl s death diary three measures up for hearing and Bingo too this nervous attitude about prese a world conditions with no peace settlement among the major Powers underlies Many other a american attitudes on current issues. It explains for example be Large Public vote which polls i have found in favor of peacetime j military training. It explains the country to cautious attitude toward reducing the army Navy budget. It is closely related to the Public to i dissatisfaction with the Progress of i one United nations organization to i Cate As reported last week. Tee fear of War is shown in the following poll results including a trend Over the past two years. Do you think the United states w ill find itself in another War bin say the next 25 years a no yes 38 69 65 March. 15 March. 46 abc., a tag today the late ate but no 4519 16 73 18 t poll also asked a sep a parable Cross Sec open. 17% 12 19 9 a do you will finc la within c think the United itself in another states War 1 years it the vote was yes 50 per cent no j 38 per cent no opinion 12 per a cent. Of is c h widespread fear of War exists then Why some observers i ask. Do the people want to follow b a of Tough policy with Russia won to the current fears sooner or i later make the american people want to soften their tone toward the soviet thie chief reason for the current attitude toward Russia appears to be that the american people remember with distaste the bad experience they had with appease 1 men in the 1930s. Appeasement of Hitler Musso Piru and Hirohito Aid not prevent War. Up Tea icy is no More Likely to Lead to George w. Ziller All 538 pounds of him was arrested in the Illinois state House and questioned about alleged attempts to bribe legislators. Ziller listed in police records in Reno los Angeles Aud various Illinois cities is known As a othe fat Man nobody ?� painters plan 3-county strike tribute to heroes of Bataan and Corregidor asked time changes in 16 Stales ?" id a the Buzz i bombs were falling on Tendon j when Juan Groom Felt the Sharp pain in her Chest. Perhaps it came fir Das she 1 walked Home through the blackout from a dance breathing moist i night air. She could stand it at first and she did no to say anything to her j Mother who was having a hard j enough time anyhow. Juan was 16 then in 1941. And there were four j other children. Mrs. Sydney i Groom had All she could do what j with rationing and shortages and i the Buzz bombs and German planes. The nights Juan had to spend in a Damp air raid shelter did no to help. Soon she was coughing badly. Finally her Mother took her to a doctor. He said she had tuberculosis and he sent her immediately to a Hospital. Could still smile. She weighed 106 pounds then and she had the eager brightness of any Normal teen age girl. She could smile in spite of that stabbing pain and she did. The nurses liked her. One Day she seemed even weaker than usual and her worried Mother talked to the doctor about it. Standing just a few feet away i from the bed w Here Joan Lay apparently sleeping. The girl did no to stir As they talked but later when her Mother j had left the room she asked the nurse if she could get her a diary. The nurses chipped in their six pences unit they bought her a lit i tie leather bound Green Book. Juan wrote the first entry in a j firm. Round schoolgirl to hand a doctor told 1 three months to live. Must Start a j diary. Am not ?� i for More than two years then she turned a smiling face to her Mother and sgt Oke confidently of getting Well. And in the quite of the Long nights she confided to the diary books her real pain and fear. I in the West. He sympathized with tear stains on writing. I them. He Felt sorry for them. A Ofelt breathless a she wrote of Quot and 1 want the pm ple eur she had been in Hospital nearly out of order. Fill of Nic Kels a Mary Kurcinka can t make that Call. Pay dial phones in Chicago hotel Are too Jam packed with Nickels to take her Coin. Reason of course is the strike. Gentlemen of the press please a a a a a you too can save our democracy by Frederick c. Othman Washington up the gentlemen looked iowan the press gallery and said please. The expression in their eyes was anguished. And i was Putty in their fingers. Rep. John w. Mccormack of mass., the minority whip fingered the seven Lead pencils in the pocket of his wrinkled Black Vest and Mummy i have j fixed his gaze seemed like on me aboard an undersized Stool directly behind the congressional clock. Chopping the appropriation of the Interior department almost in half he cried was a Republican doing. It was he said a crucifying it became two Little Green slash of the Hopes of the people Madison. ?"of a acting gov. Rennebohm asked the Resi Milvy ackee a painters dents of Wisconsin to observe today t in feeling is very wide in three counties planned to strike Day that an opposite pol monday after wage negotiations broke off Between the a f l. Union rent mood or Iema it or Ltd summarized in one statement from a voter polled four weeks ago by the Institute. He said Quot if we let Russia get away with or aggressive policy a a hell Start reaching War than appeasement. The cur a ,. The people and tale Milwaukee painting and decorating contractors association. Union officials said the group was refused a 15-cent hourly raise in line with local building trades increases by the association which declined to raise by any amount the present $1.50 hourly rate. Some contractors were reported by the Union to have signed contracts for increased wages and would not tie struck officials said. The strike is sex fleeced to affect about 1,000 painters in Milwaukee Waukesha and Ozark be counties. Out for More and More in were bound to have a our hands. Dictators never hem to Stop if you appease it Ute Ion Jirout r of a firm than that Hoot the her policy general George Marshall Ceas Secretary of state loll found the weight country toward followed by his Decet Mir. James f. Byrnes. Today to killing finds a High of Altitude among All ups in the population. Veterans ung Middle aged and older Vot a democrats republicans men. A men All think another War is Ely within 25 years. Broughton cancels speaking engagements w. A. A i Fth Wheeling Arles e by i lighter of 1 Ess and Gri or cig Aret lighter causes trouble for patient ?"omo a Rich Ard Imlay 46, a Hospital patient filled his cig Aret lighter with fluid in Kik out a cig Aret aint prepared to Light it. Excess lighter fluid caught fire burned his Finger and set his clothing on fire. Imlay ran to a faucet to put out the flames As a Day of reverence in memory of the heroes of Bataan and Corregidor. A othe sacrifices made by both the living and the dead who fought so valiantly and with such great Devotion to our Flag will live forever in the hearts of All americans a Rennebohm said. World Church Council claims 105 members Buck Hill Ralls. ?"<>�?" the world Council of churches now claims a membership of 105 Church bodies in 36 countries. The provisional committee of the world Council terminating a four Day melding Here reported the mennonite Church and old Catholic Church of Germany and the coptic Church of Egypt had joined the Council to raise its membership to 105 Church bodies with approximately 175,000,000 communicants. Earlier or. Marc Boegner of France said the world Council never was intended to be a of super Church and its purpose was Quot to serve member churches in giving them a Means through which they can Manifest their Unity in their common ?� or. Boegner is president of the French evangelical Church and new York a w a Daylight saving time began at 2 a. In. For at least one third of the nation to 140,-000,000 population largely in the Northeast. Changing the clock is not so popular in the South West and Midwest where the Rural voice is stronger. The hour lost by turning the clock ahead will be made up sept. 28 when Standard tune returns. Radio program times were advanced one hour in Standard time areas As the networks changed to Daylight saving time. At least three of the chains however plan to make recordings of some programs so that stations in Standard time areas can broadcast them at the usual time if they desire. Airlines retained Standard time schedules. All or most communities will 1 observe Daylight saving time in new York Connecticut Maine Massachusetts new Hampshire new Jersey Rhode Island Delaware Vermont and Pennsylvania. Several communities will of two years. A terrible pain. Unbearable. Weight 83 ?� the writing was less Clear now. Sometimes the pages were scrawled illegible. There were tear stains on them. To know Quot he continued without averting hts gaze a that the democratic party had nothing whatever to do with this Bill went too far. The republicans went too far. He said. They even Slit the approx the entry dated april 15, 1947, said a Ogot Panicky again. M us no to lose Faith. Mummy was coming but doctor rang her to say not so Good. Of god please give me ?� the next two entries were illegible. But the writing on april 18 was Clear again a Obright but very cold. Saw doctor telling Mummy about exam. Said not to worry just a bad ?� it was a a Obad turn a four hours later Joan was dead. The nurses had kept her secret. They had never told her Mother about the diary. But they wrapped the two Little Green books with Joan to clothing and sent the Little bundle to her Mother. There were tears in mrs. Groom voice As she read the diary aloud to her other four children. Privations for the fisheries service in new England. Did not they realize that most new England fishermen also were republicans he Hadnutt closed his Mouth before rep. Charles a. A i Leek of another prisoner kicks Hole in Walls escapes jail Cave in Rock. Iut Olp the county commissioners agreed they needed a new jail. Their meeting to discuss plans for the new building was interrupted by an announcement that a i prisoner had just kicked a Hole in the Wall and escaped from the old one. I the prisoner Stanley Kerr who was being held on a drunkenness i charge was recaptured a few slip it cd and fell arid sprained his one of the presidents of the provi exalted ruler of Back. I signal committee. Curfew in Calcutta Calcutt ?" or a a rigid cur j hours later. Few was imposed on wide areas it was an old Story in new serve it in Maryland. Indiana i i of Calcutta to Check an outbreak Hardin county where the Walls $69,300 shadowing Nois Missouri Tennessee and of hindu moslem rioting which of the 58-year-old jail Are clotted Michigan. Has taken an unofficial toll of 14 with new bricks replacing ones the other states will have Little dead and 90 injured within 24 knocked out by escaping prisoner no Daylight saving time. I hours. I ens. Ind., the curly haired Republican Chirl was on i feet pulling at his Pale Gray pants with one hand and reaching for the microphone with the other. A of Hope the newspapers print what the gentleman from Massachusetts just said a he roared in my direction. A Oit will prove that the republicans Are trying to Cut the costs of government and the democrats Are resisting stubbornly against this Economy the people ?� the opposing sachets sat Down took their eyes off me and glared at each other while the House went to work with the celebrated meat a on president Truman to j Interior department budget. The president asked for $295,-420,420 to take care of indians build dams investigate seals operate the alaskan Railroad and do other things too numerous to mention Here. The appropriations committee said this was exactly $138,881,173 too much. A. And up they jump. So the Silver tongued clerk began Reading the 81-Page Bill and at each new paragraph a Democrat or a Western Republican would jump up and propose an amendment raising the Ante for the Bonneville Durn the Apache indians and the fish. The rest of the republicans then w Ouid vote almost without exception and with More noise than at a Ball game against the amendment. This was Economy Day in the House anti would be spenders had no Chance. About the Only Fauna that got As much Money As president Tiu Inan wanted were those alaskan seals. The lawmakers approved the $69,300 he asked to investigate the sea going beasts that juggle rubber balls on their noses these seals Are about to get us into an International Jam. There have been complaints. Unnamed nations have charged 1 that our seals eat so much there Arentt enough fish left in Northern Waters for people. The Interior department will spend the seals at dinner time. It was a pleasure. Rep. Mccormack always glad to help or. Halleck. Madison Vav the major issues t is Quot ten the quest i bemused for Vav i Cut will come tip for i airing wednesday i on Day the Straits and Mihuta in it tee will meet it Sidet three by a noses for men i sir Iii in the Ailt world War la one of the also red but the Conin provide for Immiti bonuses of $50 to 3 the other Mea stir men to in future j the amount to lie future Legislatures various taxes the commute t $28,000. My annual Otis luxury taxes of 60 per cent on r j mated that $128,000,000 Louii Lay bonuses Avera j state s 300,000 Veti tits up to $900 for i i who died or Wen j Vul e. The measure Ca i the taxes on liquor increasing cig Aret 3 cents a Park my envisioned. A to us of to a in. Put Gage Heaters hotel and jewelry. The second Bill is per cent surtax on or corporate incomes years 1947-56 and bonuses of about $ 1957. The third in divert Money from to Highway and Genet i have a future Legisla on the bonuses to be Aho up before the wednesday will be a provide an educate guru $30 a month for Chih in ans killed in the War Bingo hearing the controversial also will come up for Ano he when the Assembly it committee. Meeting the hears argument on a joint ton to Amend the consult permit Bingo games spi n civic religious Frateman patriotic organizations t5 also will hear a by Day that would prot it shit food and drinks i several major by labor Are scheduled f turn at tile commit the Senate Tabor i ment committee will turn to Pate 3 thursday. Ssue of by in col. I . Assembly to tackle holy land problem iced that he had j Lodge visitations and j age ments in the hop j id be Able to preside i Lodge convention at i � e. In july. Broughton loved to Ohio Valley i pita i Here for treat j uries suffered in an c cadent sunday at Fly i audience shows mingled moods at in Security Council meeting a lure 1 to wed that fractured Neces leation for to Days what does the audience at in Security Council meetings think about Nea photographer Arthur Rickerby wondered so he took his candid camera into a in session at Lake Success n. and surreptitiously snapped the onlookers. Result a the exclusive pictures below indicating reactions ranging from apparent boredom to intense concentration on the delegates words. Legion Post purchases hotel for clubhouse Sturgeon Bay. ?"0j.��?" it i � a a of the Archie larks hire i f a St of the american legion said to it they had purchased the Bay \ few hotel As a clubhouse for Tyrcha c came after three negotiations with the a ran of foreign wars in attempt to obtain a to tie used jointly by the ans to organizations iding was purchased for and a Slid to be the priest a of adopted Kyo a it up a father Edward Antigua founder of the Nota boys town was made an Rary member of the Tokyo s com i Jpcik c k. The delegates orate away but apparently this Chap thinks he ran find out More about what to going on by Reading his paper. Three Little girls from school above pay close attention hut at least one of affectionate Trio right is just too too tired. A ova for Victory it to much More Likely that those upraised fingers signal a of Okay on a Date for 2 of clock. From top to Bottom these faces suggest thoughtful consideration. Combative disagreement and Wistful Hope. New York 43 Oga Tiiu and interested g mapped last minute Strafer handling the explosive holy problem As representatives it countries converged in new for the special p Alestine Bettie United nations Asse which opens monday. The five major Powers Lead by agreeing on a slate c flyers for the session which under Way at Flushing bark a. In Cost monday i the five Power agreement of the vice presidents w a g 1 the or India or the Phi ii a it it India reported to have the e East minute moves. Slated to furnish tee Char of the six Assembly c mar j were Egypt Canada czech j Varia Poland Mexico and i Den. In a flurry of last in. Note i Argentina announced she w propose the creation of an member committee to inquire the Palestine situation in another Field meant in authoritative source said the major Powers May he near Ai ment on a governor foe trim this source said by a nominated for the a St Wold judge of the supreme c of Norway and former in Justice. Britain and american Dele informed Russia they we Gnu i to consult their government the nomination. U. N sources Howes Erbel. That would be acceptable to opposition from is Vilc. The . Military Stair c Mittee planning a Glt p Force abandoned Hopes of Rem unanimous agreement on be Basic principles in the face of to much russian oppo it a on a person close to t said the committee up its discussions Mon fanes of the five Deles reported drafting a letter of to in Itta to carry the report to Security Council. This informant said the com tee contemplated no rec mar it Tion that the report be kept be

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