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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 19, 1936, Racine, Wisconsin What our readers have to say. Is will be paid for l any comment coed i i in this column j j sunday journal times bulletin vol. 5 no. 53. Racine wis., sunday april 19,1936. Circulation Over 21,000 another viewpoint on stalled Motorist dear editor i read with considerable interest or should i Gay disgust the squawk of s. J. N. In last sundays bulletin. Now s. J. N. Done to you think that instead of putting up such a holler about giving a Man a Quarter after he is Good enough to Stop and offer his assistance you should have been thankful for his service i think most motorists would have been thoughtful enough to have offered a tip in a Case like yours. So s. J. N. In my opinion the cheapest Man in town is not the one who accepts a tip for his service but the one who squawks about paying it. So if you Ever happen to run out of Gas again a few blocks from a station i suggest that you take up your Cross and walk to the Gas dispense they will let you borrow a can and then there is no towing service to pay for. I am not the Man who took your last Quarter but just another Motorist who would gladly pay two bits for getting pushed half a mile. Thanks for the bulletin it is very interesting. O. S., Grove ave women crowd men in Many lines of work _ n o r i h c i i of few a Experiment with feminine news staff a failure danish braves coming indians troupe will entertain earning Money for trip abroad a never mind a advice in cheerful poem dear editor Hever mind when the Day looks sort of Dusty. And your grit is getting Rusty and your courage somewhat Musty never mind keep a tugging at the tether head and heart and hands together through All sorts of wind and weather being kind when your Burden nearly bests you and no Sun of smiling rests you and All sorts of trouble tests you never mind a course the Road is often Muddy and the skies aint always Ruddy but of you la jest Stop and study you will find that the fellow and to sunny has kept saying never mind a. Who a a Winn in slopes a spinning since the beginning m. P., tout St Calls roaming dogs menace to children dear editor the quest in of letting dogs roam has been printed in this column before. I read All that was written about them but it seems evident that people who the words were directed at did not read it or of they did certainly did not Benefit by it. If you had Small children that had to be kept in the House because of being frightened by dogs you probably would keep your dog close to Home. A very Short time ago my Little girl was Riding her tricycle in front of the House. When she got off it by Hubert Johnson As the years go by women Are pushing their Way More and More into occupations previously reserved for men. Not Many years ago a woman newspaper worker was a rarity today the newspaper woman is nothing to be excited about with women pursuing All sorts of occupations from ditch digging to executive work. Lord northcliffe British newspaper magnate who ordinarily had extraordinary Success in newspaper ventures was a Pioneer in the use of women journalists but his experiences were bitter to him and amusing to others. Northcliffe was imbued with the idea that women did not read the Ordinary daily papers with interest because the Reading matter appealed chiefly to men. His conclusion led him to begin in october 1903, the daily Mirror a newspaper written and edited by women and catering to the woman Reader. This venture revealed to lord northcliffe what has been revealed to men since Adams the Mere male cannot gauge a woman a mind. The girls of the Mirror seemed unable to differentiate Between their social life and their business duties. Witness bares fiasco. A every moment there was wrangling Between the lady reporters and Edi tresses who bounced in and out of the rooms like the fun j by characters in an English pantomime More intent on squabbling than on working a related a member of the Mirror staff who witnessed this journalistic fiasco. A amidst the banging of doors would be heard such epithets As a creature a a impossible person a or a cat a intermingled with a i say you shall and a i say i wont. A that Wasny to the worst of it j however. The poor males about the place were turned into messenger boys. One thoroughly disciplined and subdued married Man was even sent shopping to match ribbons. A fall the ladies stopped work to have Tea at 5 Zelock every after j noon no matter How important the news. The ladies divided themselves into cliques and one set growing Public interest responsible for wide Extension in works scope says Racine conservation Warden Peterson recalls Days when main duty was to prevent violations and arrest violators Broad co operation with Many groups now an important function he reveals. Led by a real Indian chief whirling Thunder this group of members of the Chicago danish athletic club will present one of the outstanding features of the entertainment program to be Given at danish brotherhood Hall sunday evening april 26. Program of dances and gymnastics to be Given by Chicago group at brotherhood Hall Here next sunday. Original danish Folk dances revolutionized gymnastics evolved by the danish educator Niels Bukh and dances originating in born in the United states but have taken up work in the danish athletic club because they want to keep alive the customs dances exhibitions in the principal cities under sponsorship of the leading danish newspaper Polit Iken and Niels Bukh who is a Leader of a Well known Folk High school for physical education. The club will give several exhibitions in the United states before leaving to earn Money with which to help defray expenses of the trip. An outstanding part of the program next sunday will be several Indian dances. A real Indian chief whirling Thunder is the Leader Rise of the old time a game wardens to the present title of a conservation wardens is explained by Warden Arthur j. Peterson of Racine As having been due to wide changes in recent years in the duties assigned to those appointed to that position. Due to the co operation Given by sportsmen a organizations and the press the Public is generally conservation minded and the result is that duties of those employed As conservation wardens now Are much More comprehensive than they Weer to years ago or. Peterson declares. A activities of a conservation Warden in Wisconsin Are More varied than they Ever were a he asserted. A in addition to regular duties patrolling his District preventing Law violations and apprehending violators which were the principal duties of the old Type game wardens the Warden now co operates with All divisions of the conservation commission and other state and Federal departments. Co operation is Broad. A departments with which the wardens Are called upon to cooperate More or less frequently include the Public service commission Board of health Public land commission department of agriculture and markets and the United states biological Survey. A few of these activities would come within the province of the old Type game Warden. Today Wisconsin a officers Are a conservation wardens in the True sense of the word. A in regular Law enforcement payment of pensions is obtained through contributions of 3 per cent of the salaries of wardens one half of the Money obtained through the Sale of confiscated guns fishing tackle illegal fur fish and game and All fees collected by wardens in court cases. Or. Peterson resides at 2123 Clarence Avenue. Eligible for retirement at half his regular pay. A fund set up for the ethiopian Bas loses his pyjamas in Battle Makale. A ins a Ras Mulu Hieta whose army was Defeated by marshal Agoglio in the Battle of Endetta lost his silk pyjamas in the Battle. When the italians captured the stores of ethiopian supplies they found a Cache atop Ara dam containing cases of Champagne liquors dozens of suits of brilliantly coloured silk pyjamas Camp Beds with inflated rubber mattresses and special european food delicacies. The new world will be presented and other forms of education and and instructor of this group and to come into the House a big police dog ran up and jumped around her j speak to another set. Almost knocking her Down. She was too frightened to move and stood screaming until i brought her into the House and quieted her. After four scares from dogs in one morning i decided it might be better if she went out Only when some older person was with her. I am sure if some of the dogs were looked at it would be found that there Are Many without a License. Why can to people keep their dogs tied up maybe you think your dog needs fresh air More than children do. I am not the Only Mother who has to Stop my work to Chase dogs away and quiet children. Please consider the children and keep your dog tied up. At danish brotherhood Hall sunday april 26, at 7 30 p. In. By groups of Young men and women of the Chicago danish athletic club. All the members of the club were enjoyment of their fathers and forefathers. Leave next month. Members of the club will leave next month for a trip to Denmark e. F., Villa St Reader is grateful for returned purse what a a Little fire a one afternoon during Tea time the City Eitress rushed into the reporters room and announced that there was a big fire near the residence of London a lord mayor. The lady reporters ignored the Eitress except to remark that she was a a most extraordinary person and that they had important engagements elsewhere. One of the men covered the assignment a the witness concluded. An Able journalist named Bolton usually had charge of the Mirror when it went to press. Among other duties he was authorized to preserve order. To have done this i required the patience of Job the i cunning of Machiavelli the Grace of Don Juan and the Wisdom of Socrates Many married a a experts of the Mirror declared. One evening a visitor at the Mirror office found Bolton besieged by a Phalanx of angry women. A do you realize or. Bolton a exclaimed one of them a that i where they will give a series of cited. He will go with the club to Denmark. After the clubs exhibition there will be a dance to which All who attended the program will be in dear editor i want to reach a lady living on the North Side through the bulletin. Last tuesday afternoon i went to the Rialto theater and lost my purse. There was a card inside to identify me and i was hoping and praying the purse would be re. Turned even though the Money was been working for hours on taken because of a set of keys. This Story but that indescribable my Little boy and i had to a Aik person Over there indicating the Home and i went to bed that night City Eitress has Cut it to two feeling pretty Blue. About la Oclock inches a a lw., in a i a it a Quot 1 a my dear Madam Quot nervously Quot As or. And j ventured the cautious Bolton. A i whole want and week stirs interest that she had my purse. I was so speechless that i did no to think to ask sometimes have worked a her for her name and address. I gave her As much As i Felt i could that night but want to do More later. I want you to know this lady a husband Isnit working much and that she Hadnot been to a show since january. She certainly is an honest person not to be tempted to take the Money and leave the purse to be turned in at the office. I will appreciate it very much of this is printed in the bulletin. I do Hope this lady will write me As she knows my name and address. A. C. R., Packard ave How about making Quarry a Reservoir dear editor the Rushing of the Spring Waters of Root River has erupted a thought j Day on a Story which never appeared at so there Bolton. A that May be True a retorted the woman icily a but my Story is a Good several other women broke into the discussion All talking at once. The managing Eitress burst through the group like a human Tornado crying excitedly a now or. Bolton you la have to decide what to do a when his Friend left Bolton was arguing still. Some months later Bolton a Complete nervous wreck retired to a farm to raise poultry. The women a paper was too much for hard boiled editor. His from two usually slow minds. J household did no to dare mention the with slight Cost to the City we daily Mirror in his presence. A to to r could the circulation of the Publica swim Ming pot. A i Uon Feu from almost 500,000 to 20, Why could t the. W. A. Work into rats become sad but die happily from new Poison Washington. A ins a a new Poison bringing a weird delayed death to rats was described before one of the round table purpose is to Call Atten meetings of the american physiological society convention Here. Lion to important Mes two University of Chicago scientists Harold g. O. Hock and Paul r. Cannon described effects of the rodent destroyer which they modestly described Aso propel betar Omally Barb Turic acid. At first this strange Poison depresses the rat said the scientists. He feels discouraged and wonders whether life is worthwhile. Then a Day after taking the Poison he Senger in paper. Graphic movies of crashes help safety Campaign Kansas City. A ins a an automobile runs swiftly through a Stop sign and crashes into another car. Another automobile zigzags along a Road on top of a Cliff and suddenly dives Over the embankment to be reduced to a Heap of junk for below. Sirens scream and ambulances Jerk to a Stop Load up with Accident victims and Rush away. A Nice scene a says Lieut. H. W. Racine inventor develops device to save Auto fuel in a modest machine shop which formerly served As a garage at the rear of his Home 1727 Lasalle Street v. Duncan is manufacturing a product which he believes eventually will be in such demand that it will require a Large manufacturing institution that will fur work the wardens co operate Nish employment for Many persons joke Smiths find much raw material for their More or less skilled manipulation in the general sub-1 ice a ape ctr eject of weeks. These Days there is every kind of a week that the ingenuity of Man can conceive of being promoted by the Public feels Gay and Happy and the world j hey Range from the ridiculous to is Bright again. The Sublime. From a Fly your and on the next Day comes Sud Kite week to Community Chest Den death. A fatal edema of the week. In fact it was Al lungs produces death. Finds gems hid for 3 centuries in Jade Buddha Kansas City. A ins a for 300 years a chinese Buddha kept with inscrutable countenance a secret locked in its bosom of Jade. Three Silken bags of tiny bluish gems remained concealed in a Hole plugged so skilfully that it escaped detection As it passed through an unknown number of hands to the John Wanamaker collection. From there it was brought to Kansas City by Frank Glenn proprietor of a local Book store. Glenn noticed the plug and removed it. With a Long wire he probed the Interior of the figurine and brought Forth a tiny Parchment Roll covered with chinese inscriptions. Further investigation brought the gems bursting from their decayed bags. Many of these so called weeks which have for their purpose the exploitation of some selfish motive should be held up to ridicule. They serve no purpose except to their fond sponsors who Hope to derive personal gain from the promotion. Put on Calendar. Now comes National want and week to take its deserved place somewhere in the Long list. Examination of its qualifications for consideration will indicate whether or not it deserves the attention of the general Public from one end of this Broad land to the other. Want ads offer a Peculiar and distinct service to the average american family. They touch the every Day activities of most of us in so Many places that to numer turn to Page 7, column i mighty Good most its All a part of an educational film being screened by the Kansas City police in the interests of safety. News cameramen Are on the spot to catch every detail of the a a accidents including the violations or carelessness that caused them. Victims Are made to appear More realistic by Liberal applications of Tomato Catsup. Northcliffe had to change it Era construct a Tunnel or a ditch i min a picture paper to turn the Between the River and the new tide and make the Mirror a sue Quarry which is located on the 1 Cess without a woman on the Northwest Side of Racine near Hor staff lock s dam the River in one place is not More than 20 feet from this immense excavation. This Job would not be a great engineering feat. On the contrary it would be very simple. When the Snow begins to melt turn to Page 4, column 7 woman fire fighters. The invasion of Many unusual professions by women has been a feature of the last few decades. Not even the fire fighter is Safe from the Competition of women. In turn to Page 3, column i Nab speeder As he hears safely talk Atlantic City n. ins a Harry Blair 19, got off with a $4 Fine for speeding through this resort at 55 Miles an hour. Gus Bauer the patrolman who arrested him testified a when i stopped him the radio in his car was tuned in to a safety Council speaker who was warning against fast driving. Blair told me he was so interested that he did no to realize How fast he was youth steals bus to impress girl p0uce discover Salinas Calif. A up a police were mystified by frequent thefts of a 32-passenger school bus. They always found it abandoned later. Eventually trapped with it Roy Marzorini confessed he used it to go calling on his girl. She was impressed by it he explained. Colonels defy Fate Toledo. A a Toledo Sll Kentucky colonels have decided to hold their meetings hereafter Only on fridays the 13th. Wave of suicides hurled Back by Danube brigade Budapest. A a the re current suicide wave in Hungary has been stopped at the Danube. Inspector Joseph Balog commander of the Danube life saving brigade praising the work of his men said a a there a not much Chance of suicide candidates using the Danube As a River styx because we pull 97 per cent of them out while they Are Banks of the Danube once were a favorite spot for persons who sought to end their lives. Its different now and they Are compelled to abandon Hope of drowning. British judge scores use of americanisms London. A ins a despite the fact that the a Oxford English dictionary explains the word a a Bluff As a to hoodwink by assuming a fictitious bold front a Justice Longton refuses to have the word use in his court because of its american taste. During a recent divorce Case a counsel said a the was Only a do not use that word a Justice Langton interposed. A i wish you would avoid these americanisms. It is much better to use English even if you have to say whenever necessary with the wardens of Michigan Minnesota Iowa and Illinois in protecting the game and fish of borderlands and Waters. Some cases transferred. A co operation with the Federal wardens proves extremely valuable particularly in cases involving migratory Birds and the Lacey act. Wisconsin wardens frequently turn cases of this nature Over to Federal wardens when the situations can be met better in Federal court. Help of the Federal wardens also is valuable in tracing shipments of illegal furs outside the state. A another phase of co operation in Law enforcement which is proving More worthwhile constantly is that made possible by the statute making All sheriffs Deputy sheriffs coroners and policemen sex offi Cio Deputy conservation wardens. According to Law these groups must assist a Warden when notice is Given them. A there Are 69 wardens in the state and they have jurisdiction to make arrests anywhere in the state. All wardens Are under civil service and must pass one of the most rigid examinations of any in the state government notices great change. A during the past couple of years great change has been noticed in conservation of our fish and game. While i patrolled Racine and Kenosha counties it was possible to make As Many As several arrests in a single Day for game violations at present it is very difficult to make this Many in weeks. This is largely due to Public opinion sportsmen Farmers and the support of the newspapers and co operation of the courts and other enforcement agencies. A the Racine county conservation league and the Isaac Walton league have been very instrumental in making the Public a conservation minded. Not Only Racine county but the entire state has a gone conservation a especially noticeable the past two years and since the appointment of h. W. Mackenzie As director of conservation. Mackenzie is noted As a conservationist and has years of service in the conservation department he has the Confidence and co operation of the Public at Large. A there Are nearly 7,000 sportsmen in Racine county who each year take out Hunting fishing and trapping licenses. Also a great Many non resident fishing licenses Are sold at the various lakes and towns in the Western part of the county. This Revenue goes to the conservation department where it is used for enforcement fisheries Upland game Etc. All fines derived from game violations Are turned into the state school on Job it years. Or. Peterson has been engaged in his present position to years the first three of which he hat charge of Racine and Kenosha counties. In to years he will be the product called a a car Buret is designed to save gasoline in the operation of automobiles and to improve smoothness of motor operation. A reporter witnessed a test. Riding in an automobile owned and driven by Chris Helding route 3, Box 277, he observed that before the Gas saving device was applied to Carburettor the Auto went 15.6 Miles on a gallon of gasoline. In contrast following the installation the car went 24 Miles an increase of 8.4 Miles on a gallon. That is More than claimed for it by or. Duncan. He promises Only from two to tour Miles increase. Or. Duncan has worked on carburetion virtually All his life. He said he never has been satisfied with the operation of carburettors. After working a number of years in its development he submitted a Model for an experimental test in 1930. It continued in the experimental stage two years and then was placed on the Market. Improvements have been made since and now an entirely new one has been patented. The device which is composed of 21 parts is an automatic Carburettor control and top Oiler. Plump fugitive ethiopian Ras requisitions pursuers wine Makale Ethiopia. A in a Ras Kassa Sabat a Short plump Little Man is the Center of one of the funniest incidents in the ital Ian ethiopian War if anything about War can be funny. Since last november general Mariotti one of the italian division commanders has been working might and main on the Tough Little Warrior who is the nominal lord of much of the Danail desert Region As Well As Large territories approaching Lake Ashanti from the East. First Mariotti moved against Sabat with a column that drove through the Danail fought Clear of an ambush and finally put the ethiopian chieftain to rout at As by. Sabat after that was finished As a fighting Factor. Keeps Good jump ahead. But he still was at Large with a Small bodyguard. And for the prestige involved As Well As definite Progress toward the ultimate peace Mariotti wanted him either captured or surrendered As a prisoner of War. So a manhunt started for Sabat through the mountains. Somehow Sabat his followers diminishing to a handful managed to keep one jump ahead of the pursuers. He made at least a Hundred promises through native intermediaries to meet Mariotti in some Mountain fastness and talk the situation Over. But he kept none of these rendezvous. Finally he ran out of mount Ash retreats and with the simplicity of the native mind or maybe the cunning he moved quietly into the native Quarter at Adi grat hiding there at the very time that Marshall Sadoglio High commander of the italian armies was making Adi grat his Headquarters. By the time informers told the italians where to look Sabat was gone again. Sergeant gets his Man. Mariotti still in charge of the Hunt located him once More in the mountains and sent a trusted sergeant of native troops a Bim Bashi to talk once More with Sabat. The Bim Bashi found Sabat he talked to him. In fact he a still talking to him after a month. Every now and then a runner comes to Mariotti from his faithful sergeant with messages something like these a bras Kassa Sabat would like a fiasco of wine. Still talking to a Sabat would like a bag of flour. He May surrender actually it All works out very Well for Sabat will do no More harm while the sergeant accompanies him everywhere arguing with him. And for the first time in months he seating and drinking regularly. Hero of Arctic Rescue seeks fliers License Seattle. A a William l. Lavery 22-year-old Alaska air plane Mechanic who aided in rescuing 102 russians marooned on an Arctic ice Floe in the Bering sea two years ago is training Here for a pilots License. Lavery was decorated with the red and Gold order of Lenin medal was awarded $2,500 in Cash and 30 Gold rubles or about $27, a month for life. He was born in Fairbanks and has participated in several other Alaska rescues. His ambition is to become a transport Pilot and return to Alaska for service. Weather notes Chicago april 18. A w a weather Outlook for the period april 20 to april 25 for the Region of the great lakes first part of week comparatively dry precipitation Likely within latter half Cool for the most part pants will replace old garb of siamese Bangkok Siam.�?0j.r a by order of the siamese government the a panting a the National a a pants of the siamese is abolished in favor of european trousers. The order has caused consternation throughout Siam. For centuries the natives have worn the gaily coloured a panting a which was a length of material some ten feet Long and three feet Broad wound round the thighs so that they looked like very Short shorts. Only the women May now continue wearing the

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