Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
12 Apr 1942

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin in Racine, Wisconsin
12 Apr 1942

Read an issue on 12 Apr 1942 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin.

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Racine Journal Times Sunday Bulletin (Newspaper) - April 12, 1942, Racine, Wisconsin Sunday bulletin vol. 12, no. 48racine, wis., sunday april 12, 1942. 8 pages the world last week condensed rom ignited press and associated press from sunday. April 5 i through saturday. April la 1942 by Paul Freye w7hen Lieut. Gen. Jonathan Skinny Wainwright received his orders to go to the Philippines he was disgusted because he was afraid he d miss the War. He was at fort Clark on the mexican Border when he got his orders and a Friend said that the general was afraid something might break Over Here and he would be stuck in the Philippines missing everything. But general Wainwright Hasni to missed a thing in the Philippines and the Only thing that is missing him now we Hope is the withering Cross fire from japanese artillery aimed at Corregidor the Island fortress in Manila Bay. Fort Mills on Corregidor along with three other tiny Island forts drum Frank and Hughes in Manila Bay forms the last Strong bastion in the Philippines and even now the japs Are directing their heaviest gun and plane bombardments on them in an Effort to wipe them out. The Gallant troops of Bataan finally weakened by Short rations disease and Lack of Relief crumpled under the blazing attack on fresh enemy hordes thursday and had to surrender. About 33,000 americans and filipinos Are dead wounded or captured on the Peninsula. About 3,500 sailors and marines were evacuated to Corregidor just before the end came. The Jap attack on Bataan had been a fall out for 15 Days. Last weeks news dispatches mentioned several a a firsts which gave a hint of the impending doom. Monday came first word that the enemy was using Light tanks. On tuesday a War department communique mentioned heavy losses on both sides for the first time. Wednesdays news that the troops had retreated to new lines was the first mention of the giving up of substantial ground. With the bad news on thursday came word from Gen. Macarthur Headquarters in Australia that the former Leader in the Philippines was a deeply grieved and that he had vowed vengeance for the loss. But Corregidor still holds Navy torpedo boats Are fighting a sea guerilla War throughout the islands a Jap Cruiser was sunk by one of the Craft Friday and the filipinos themselves will act As guerillas until they Are w ipod out. Meanwhile the japanese Are extending their occupation to Cebu Visayan and Mindanao islands despite heavy losses inflicted on Landing parties by isolated defenders still Able to fire guns. Many of the japanese How Ever will be released now for heavy duty in other parts of the Pacific War theater. One of those far Eastern Battle fronts is Burma we Here the japs now Are Able to bomb the British front lines rear bases and cities without opposition. By a reeks Send the imperials had retreated further from prime and Back toward Burma a vital Oil Fields. This withdrawal combined with saturdays news that the negotiations in India had collapsed and that sir Stafford Cripps we Ould return to Britain made things look bad for the defense of India for which Burma now is the front line. India Wras threatened by air and sea also. On monday the japs raided two coastal towns presumably by Carrier based planes. A sea Battle raged in the Indian Ocean near Ceylon. The British admitted thursday that two cruisers. The Dorsetshire and the Cornwall had been sunk and on Friday torpedo Craft does 300 Miles an hour in air too on water. Laps paid heavy toll to smash Bataan line steel and plastic Armor guard this military motorcyclist. Unrest oils German held european areas greek guerrillas reported seizing nazis As hostages Mosquito planets Pilot gunner fights and flies lying prone. Flights of fancy Ultra streamlined weapons of War such As these will be the fighting machines of tomorrow believes George w. Walker noted Detroit Styler of Industrial products. He foresees hydroplane carrying three 1200-Pound torpedoes armoured motorcyclist with greatest Protection Ever enjoyed by such a fighter Mosquito planes made largely from plastics Small fast deadly. Where stars and stripes still Fly in Philippines Bataan Peninsula and its lofty Mariveles Mountain background now in the hands of the japanese invaders american soldiers Are taking their last stand at this Corregidor Island fortress in defense of the Philippines. Lieut. Gen. Jonathan m. Wainwright reported to president Roosevelt the a Flag was still flying on Clark Lee associated press reporter made this picture looking North from Corregidor across bomb wrecked roofs to Bataan. Status of India s millions in War Effort still unsettled inflation would add too billion to War Bill higher than in september 1939, at the outbreak of War a a danger sign indicating Early stages of a serious inflation spiral. It said inflation added $13,500,-000,000 to the Cost of world War i. Questions and answers in the Survey included q. What is inflation a. It is a Large increase in Money and credit available for spending without a proportionate Rise in supplies and goods available for Purchase. This results in higher prices. Q. What has been done to Check president George w. Mason of i inflation a. Higher taxes Sale Nash Kelvin tor corp., declared Efine Bonds and a certain in a radio address today that it amount of Price fixing have put a Small Brake on inflation. Q. If stronger brakes Are not Washington april . A uncontrolled inflation we Ould Cost the american taxpayers an additional $100,000,000,000 on the nations War Bill the office of Price administration reported today. In a question and answer Survey explaining inflation and its causes. Opa said the Cost of living in january 1942, As 13 per cent official cites goal of firm Detroit april in a . A new York. April up a fresh reports of violence and unrest came today from european countries dominated by Germany. The British radio reported four poles we Ere sentenced to death for attacks on Germany military transports at the Border of Poland and East Prussia. Greek guerillas who recently wrecked a German troop train killing or injuring 1,000 soldiers were said by the Bec to have taken nazis troops As hostages. The patriots were continuing to fight in the mountains and one group recently raided a port stormed the residence of the governor killed him and carried off his guards. Luxemburg sources at London said that More and More residents of the tiny duchy Between Germany and France a Are being sentenced for anti German bbl reported also that the archbishop of Vilna Lithuania had been arrested by the German occupation army and that soon afterwards the Catholic archbishop of Kaunas the primate of Iltha Niaz was wounded severely and a priest w to was with him was killed. The germans reported that a an Accident took All the bbl reports we heared Here by lbs. Execute French soldiers. Vichy unoccupied France april up a Paris newspapers arriving Here today published an announcement of the execution at Abbeville of two French soldiers convicted of slaying 21 civilian hostages during the Retreat from Belgium in june 1940. Lieut. Rene Caron 45, and sergeant Emile Mollet 37, were charged with having shot and Bay on netted their victims in the streets of Abbeville now occupied today so far As indians full Partick by the germans. Pat Ion in the Allied War Effort was the hostages the reports said i concerned were part of a group of 78 arrested the allies sought More than i Washington april �? for great Britain and the United by the belgians for National be merely getting a great population Long trip travel by passenger a 1 states. Presently the soldiers of purity reasons at the outbreak of in a their Camp. To mobiles in the United states Middle East will Wear boots and War and handed Over to the French in the face of the Gorman Advance. The convicted soldiers were shot to death by a firing squad. New Delhi India april la. Our a japanese occupation of any part of India can mean a Only misery and starvation a sir Stafford Cripps warned today after announcing withdrawal of Britain a offer to Grant India Post War Dominion status. Deploring Indio a refuel ainu a proposals Cripps appealed to the Indian population by radio to give the United nations a every assistance in combating the by the United press rupture of British Indian negotiations left the status of 389,-000,000 people one sixth of the worlds population still unsettled Himalayas and Quetta near the Afghanistan Border. These commands cover a country of 1,808,-679 Square Miles that stretches from the Snow covered Himalayas to the steamy forests of Madras doubled in the last year. The shipyards currently Are working on 300 vessels of All sizes and types. The air Force is not formidable but is growing and recently a and from Burma a Jungles to arid number of Assembly plants have wastes in the West. Been completed where american building 300 vessels. I planes Are put together by to patrol the thousands of j Hgt Styf ?cfttt5?r super Miles of Shoreline India has a Al sly a of american technicians coastal Navy whose officer per american and British warplanes sonnet has been increased 50 per j a1ls0 afe moved into India cent and its enlisted personnel As rapidly As possible for the fight against the japanese. Indians industries should be As great an Aid to the Allied cause As the manpower she can Supply for the Battlefront. The International labor office rates the country a leading Industrial nation and the factories not Only motorists stay close to Home Washington april op> flown under in Australia the United nations were continue manufacturing a. Based on past experience prices go up first followed somewhat later by wages. If it remains out of control inflation results in big col. Pearsall to leave for Leavenworth Post Milwaukee. April Llu cur a col. Charles a. Pearsall 64, head of veterans administration Here for 21 years will report May i at the Wadsworth soldiers Home and Hospital Leavenworth. Kansas to succeed col. L. Chapman who has been called to Active service. ,. Pearsall began his career at i Ani in morale is j11#1 Leavenworth 37 years ago. His Transfer was ordered by Gen. Frank t. Hines Washington d. C., director general of the National veterans administration fulfilling the general a 20-year-old Promise that colonel Pearsall would be allowed to end his Active career As head of the Kansas veterans administration facility. They made a bid for tens of i already has dropped by almost 40 shoes made there thousands of new soldiers for per cent due to nation wide tire the War gave great impetus to More growing of foodstuffs on a rationing and gasoline restrictions a country already Industry con More urgent basis for intensify in the East and Pacific Northwest scions. In june 1940, the gov cation of production in the eighth 1 the american automobile associate Ament ordered compulsory ser ranking Industrial nation of the Tion reported today. I vice or skilled labor and 10,000 world which has steel Mills Tex the aaa estimated that Gaso not. Currently employed were retire factories munitions works line consumption by private pass cruised. Another 15,000 trained and air plane factories. Enger cars now is 20 per cent j workers soon will be ready for Well trained army. Below april 1941. The shops after completion of soldiers from India diction another indication that motor training in Industrial and techno Guys led themselves ii the test War i is a a a to Home Cal schools and in this one they have fought came from the a pack ser in Burma Malaya Somaliland Vic it which reported that visits to Ethiopia and in Libya. They Are Parks in the first three months of the year dropped by 30 per cent. Well trained and Well equipped veer dropped you per Cern a Empire is there and Ani their mar Alp in Hiah some private resorts depending Ine Mausn Empire is Mere Ana on motor borne patronage the service said estimate their business is off 50 per cent compared the Indian army has been expanded rapidly since 1939, when it numbered 160,000. Within year the four military commands Wudl a year ago. Totalled 500,000 and a year later transportation problem the figure was 1,000,000. More Thomas p. Henry of Detroit than 200.000 Are in service outside i president of the american Auto India serving under British and Mobile association predicted today Indian officers the latter trained at the military schools of Dehra Dun. Bangalore and How. Where France to be ready for a state of i siege came just As the Axis was plish ment in the history of Civ getting set for Spring drives in a other War sectors. Jerman tanks smashed at the russian lines All up and Down the Long front and especially at the Southern defense. These at that a unless some Means is found to keep americans 28,000,000 pass Enger cars rolling a a serious trans v a tin v win r Tydir Iryck 2,000 cadets Are commissioned rotation problem would result i be Alicles. Era produced nationwide curfew annually. Musing not Only hardships for. June ills pro Duce Vir Ashington april a India As is the United states millions of motorists but possible a e sandbags used the Petroleum Industry War coun is divided into four military com i impairment of the War Effort. I a8ams bomb attacks in the Al cil proposed today a limitation on mands with Headquarters at asserting that the private pass j cd countries and 30,000 tailors hours of operation for All gasoline Rawalpindi in the Northwest Enger automobile had passed from Are Buty making Khaki uniforms. Filling stations country. Throughout the Poona near Bombay in the South it Naina Tai in the Foothills of the came news that the aircraft car was the goal of his firm to Pruner Hermes England a first ship Duce War materials a Between is. A Awa . Is a a a it a a a -1 Quot a a a Quot Carrier and other vessels. Greatest peace time year of pro All of Nash Kelvin torn Sll plants most of rises in costs coupled later with ing their hammering at Jap bases which Are located in Michigan and a Sharp increase in War labor on new Guinea and on timor. But Wisconsin have been converted to was unable to assess values in a up and Over in the British Isles such a mercurial Market Busi other preparations were being War work accords t0 Mason Ness finds it difficult to plan made Gen. George Marshall chief a Neva Plant will be erected by ahead and Congress has no occur of staff of the u. S. Army arrived the corporation in Louisiana for ate guide for enacting a sound in London wednesday with Harry construction of flying boats for tax pro Gray. Hopkins the u. S. Lease lend and j Navy q Isnit it possible to solve the mini Strator. Both rushed into. Problem by printing More Money conferences. This news along achievements of american in some governments have tried with a dispatch from Vichy that j Dusty on arms work since Pearl it. In the end there was National Germany had warned the Popula Harbor were described by Mason bankruptcy. Tion of the Brest Peninsula of. In n i of. A the greatest Industrial a com q do wages Ever Rise More a rapidly than prices a. In every inflation in history wages and a no other nation has equalled salaries have lagged behind the or can equal this accomplishment a j 8eneral Rise. He said. A without it our nation j q who suffers the most from would be helpless uncontrolled inflation a. These Mason asserted he believed the who depend for their livelihood a horrible and terrific race for on returns from insurance policies production of death dealing in annuities pensions Money in the tacks were thrown Back said mos i Gines a will be won by America Bank Bonds Etc. Cow but it gave an indication of even against the armost unbelief q. How can inflation be j doing his duty. A once a member is equipped the yen la incr mar Abie read a ?4 Powers stopped a. There is Only ones Louis Rothman 44-year-old with whiskers a he exp lamed a the rap Duit ids tons e ame time. Gen. Rommel threw today he said the capacity of Way an effective wide scale clerk and founder of the club sex can go Forth and do the work. N the automotive Industry to build government program to stabilize planned the idea we be got to stamp out Compi Acen of Doh ids ii Rulh to a report by the automobile manufacturers association that of the 498,000,000,000 passenger Miles run up in an average year by such vehicles Over 50 per cent or 274,-000,000.000 passenger Miles was for necessary automobile use and j be whiskered men to remind Public to remember War new York. April a if identification a he declared. A and i of re a on he you re out on the Golf course or Monty Woolley convinced me that he declared that in line at the movie Box office and the one thing people will talk i 2 of Ith a a Man with whiskers Steps up and about is people with whiskers and than 12 500 too were a Ith whispers a have fun but remember j that a what we need people talk i we re at War a done to get peeved ing about us so we can get More them i hell be a member of the combat members to denounce Compi Acen pendent complacency club and hell be be doing his duty. _ a once recklessness and caution mixed in drive enemy lost Chance to press attack late in december by Clark Lee Melbourne Australia april wide world a japanese officers spent the lives of their troops Prodi Gally to break the defense of Bataan by sending them Down roads under artillery fire. Recklessness and caution were oddly combined in the Campaign. Thousands were killed by Shell bursts from defense guns and hundreds of other japanese piled into american barbed wire and died under machine gun fire. The japanese might have avoided the entire costly operation if they had pressed their attacks late in december at the right time. They might have smashed the american filipino forces before they Ever reached the mountainous Peninsula. Early in the in Vasion they could have landed on Bataan then virtually unmanned behind Gen. Douglas Macarthur forces and blocked the approaches. Failed to see move. Instead they moved cautiously and lost the Opportunity. Equipment available to the defenders proved its Worth but there was not enough of it. The army seemed to have Only one or two pieces of the United states most modern equipment one radio direction finder one fully equipped anti aircraft Battery one Squadron of torpedo boats one group of mounted 75�?Ts. The movement to Bataan was so Well screened that the japanese apparently failed to detect it i Learned of the movement toward Bataan Only through an accidental meeting with a filipino officer at san Fernando North of can equip and Supply her own Ion dec 12. I knew he troops but make essential items i rationed South of Manila and when told he was moving to Ward Bataan i guessed the army was going there and acted accordingly. The movement toward Bataan really began that Day shortly after the japanese landed at anti Monian and Vauban in Southeastern Luzon. Our forces there Small and inexperienced withdrew under orders. Began dec. 21. The withdrawal from North began dec. 21, the Day the japanese landed on the Eastern Shore of lingayen Gulf. Thuc enemy advanced quickly despite terrific losses and threatened to turn Macarthur left flank. Some american units were trapped on the Mountain Road leading to Baguio the summer capital. Part of these succeeded later in rejoining their units. Others took to the mountains where they have been fighting in guerrilla style Ever since. The japanese never attempted to land on the Southern Shore of lingayen Gulf where Macarthur a main defences were concentrated. Their main forces including tanks was diverted by the 26th filipino scout cavalry. The 26th fought the japanese stubbornly for five Days gradually withdrawing to the South and East. Destroy War supplies. This Brilliant delaying action gave Lieut. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright then second in command time to draw his army Back from lingayen Gulf toward Bataan with nearly All its guns and supplies. What be carried was destroyed. Navy men set fire to the undefended Cavite naval station. Fort Wynn guarding Subic Bay was destroyed As Well As the Olan Kapoo naval station. Military installations around Manila were dynamited and set afire. By 3 a. In. New years morning the movement to Bataan was com India is Rich in natural resources and her steel output should play a vital role in the War. The largest steel Mill in in the last two years the country a output has increased by one third. Manufacture munitions. Ordnance factories Are making four times As Many guns and 24 times As Many filled shells As two years ago and in All 700 different items of munitions Are manufactured. In 1941, 3,000 armoured a luxury to a necessity he pointed ast year they produced 80,000, 000 pieces of army clothing. India is one of the worlds greatest sources of hides and has an extensive leather Industry. She also exports dried potatoes and cereals. India has some of the worlds could not be eliminated without re is and millions of the entire poorest the maharajah Are heavy forces at the British in Libya and forced them Back. The imperials fended off some tank attacks Cairo reported but the area South and West of Derma was in danger. A c Ecret Ary of Navy Knox said tuesday that new methods of new things a is being challenged prices. Stimulated and employed full j a Force in a faster production of better products of defense and Mach i Ilc go Lilied invasion than can be matched by _ j a i _ _ a c any other washed ashore in Spain a we know the War can be won Gijon Spain april pm that it will be won a Mason de a machine gunned whale appear London april 111. A up a sure we expect people to have by if we want to win this War. Fun and entertainment and not be everybody who comes to America. ,. A a sad All the time because of the War. J from War zones is shocked by our some thousand tons of bombs but we can not let them forget j indifference. We be go to give a pm i were dropped on the Ruhr Valley the War. Every place on All Occa 1 something not to be shocked the Rhineland and other parts of Sions Well be reminding Mem. Western Germany in four nights that a the Only Way to right now the club is driving of Raf attack this week the air the clubs members will be spot for members in a newspaper and ministry news service said tonight. V. Dared. A and we know that on entry mistaken for a submarine by ted by their whiskers and Roth ver Tising Campaign. Later buttons an average of a Well Over a ton Cornu use announced Loamy new ii a a .----i.t-i-. A �?.�?. Jusa Compromise profit fabulously Rich but 250,000,000 indians Are engaged in agriculture at a subsistence level Low even for Asia. Millions can neither read nor write and Only 30,000,-000 can do both. Only about 15,000,000 children Are receiving formal education. The people Are of Many races i plated. The last blacked out truck and there Are 200 languages and i Convoy from Manila in Bright a thousand Odd dialects. 48-hour week clause included in Compromise Washington april Llu or a chairman Carl Vinson dem of the House naval affairs defense had caused a Sharp drop _ w _ Ijar to in a boat successes in the past How Well and How quickly we patrolling aviators was washed Man got that thought after hearing and posters will be distributed on a minutes was reported by the has drafted week. By Friday three More ves build the implements of War will up on a Beach near Here today. Sels had been sunk and saturday morning came acknowledgement of a a Ore Down. Depend the number of sons and sixty feet Long from nose to Tail Brothers who return to us after i the whales hide had been Punk the War is hired by machine gun slugs. So much comment about the Chin a National basis and an auxiliary news service to have been dropped of a the Man who came to corps of women and boys and girls while the attacks were on. Denounce complacency will be organized. Whiskers will a this a a bulletin added a is a Kwa id to have Soma Tom of a overlooked in Tho auxiliary. 1 heavy labor legislation including provision for Extension of the Basic work week in War industries from 40 to 48 hours. Moonlight crossed the Bridge South of san Fernando on the Road to thermos and Wainwright men blew up the Bridge. Report fatal crash first since 1938 St. Paul minn., april Llu a officials of the Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis and Omaha railway said today that the Savage wreck in which at least five persons were killed was the first fatal Accident on the line since september 1938

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