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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Racine Journal Times (Newspaper) - September 27, 1948, Racine, Wisconsin The Racine journal times Tel. Jackim too 20 pages�?5 cents but Eutee to join amp a by tex Reynolds the rivals aim new blows earlier Story on Page 20 president Truman and governor Dewey resumed the Campaign word Battle after a i weekend Lull with the president this is not Only the usual Blue Assa Jijong the press and the Repp monday for a lot of people it incan Congress and his rival lend is a Black monday for everyone eng support to the Western Powers who wants peace in the world and in their tug of War with Russia realizes what another War would a president blasts a special interests aboard Truman train a of a president Truman directed his Campaign fire at both the a i Jority of the press and the re pub a lican controlled 80th Congress which he said is trying to a tear up the Bill of moving on toward Bonham Anda prepared address tonight he told texans in rear platform talks i along the Way that he had to tour i the country to inform voters of the a fight Between the Ecial inter mean. It hard to exaggerate the danger that lies in the situation after the Western allies give up talking with Russia on the Berlin crisis and accuse the Stalin ites of Faith breaking and the double Cross. The russians demand that they be allowed to control air transportation adds to the Gravity of the crisis. This would mean a bottling up american. British and French troops and civilians inside Berlin. The allies while referring the matter to the United nations say they w ill take a such measures As Are necessary to maintain their position in Berlin. The person who does no to understand what this could Lead to today tomorrow next week or next month a is an unimaginative dolt indeed. Capital gloomy Over cold War costs and the people a that is the reason in a out telling the people just exactly what the issues in this Campaign Are. For the simple reason that you la never find out about them if i can to face you and Tell you about them because Between 80 and 90 per cent of the press is against the democratic administration because it is for the people a or. Truman said at Austin. _ i a a they re for special the United nations has no real _ Power to do anything about it. Of supports the delegates might pass a resold Appeal to . Driver of this car. Harley Tostenson. 23. Of Franksville escaped injury after crashing head on with another Auto on rapids drive sunday night but was arrested for an earlier hit run Accident. Tion denouncing Russia s stand. But Russia would veto it and the matter would be right Back where it started. The Only apparent Good that can come out of . Discussion is that it will use up time. It in t Likely that Russia even in her present belligerent mood a would slap world opinion in the Northwest the Republican presi-,__u., the dental nominee called for a Enro Ute with add gov. Thomas e. Dewey supported the Allied decision to take the soviet Berlin blockade question to the United nations Security Council. As he swung into the Pacific face by using Force w Hile the world organization was discussing the Case. But after that Well it is a masterpiece of under statement to say that the future does not look Rosy. A a a in View of All this the weekend a disaster to Wisconsin football teams does not seem so important. I mean the 35 to 7 trouncing of the u. W. By Indiana and the 45 to 7 humiliation of the Green Bay packers by the Chicago bears. Perhaps one dwell on a peaceful settlement of the crisis. He added a this is too sober a moment in our history for threats or recrimination. It is a time instead for a real and solemn reassertion of what w e believe what we Hope for and what wre will Endeavor against whatever Odds and difficulties to an aide said the statement showed the nominees support for the Paris decision. Dewey has said repeatedly that a this country must not Compromise any major principles in settlement a journal Ime photo two persons received minor injuries in this car when it was involved in the head on collision. Property damage to both cars amounted to an estimated 51.000. Charge Franksville Man 23, with hit run drunk driving these things at All. But the Packer of the Berlin crisis but has Rug debacle particularly recalls some tested conciliation on a non is thing of interest to Racine fans. _ in Seattle he is scheduled for Many May recall that two Packer players Ken Keuper and Irv comp were scheduled to appear at the annual Good Fellers dinner last dec. 20. To raise funds so needy kids and families hereabouts would have some cheer at Christmas time. The two players did no to show up. And no explanation was Ever forthcoming. Just As it Hadnot been the previous year when two other packers disappointed the crowd and the kids. After the last occasion having failed to get any satisfaction from others in the Packer club. I wrote to e. L. Curly . The manager himself. I told him the 1947 failure after the Date had been confirmed by letter Telegram and Telephone was especially bad because the Good Feller headliners of the sports world were to visit a 10-year-old boy Nell Wachs who was dying but Clung to his keen interest in sports and the packers were his favourites. I informed or. Lam Beau that such other stars As the Brennan boys of notre Dame and the som Aizeki Brothers of the bears gave the lad some cheer that Day just four Days before he die but that Neil had asked a where Are the packers Quot i wrote All this to or. Lambeau hut the great Man did t even offer the Courtesy of a reply. A major speech tonight on Western resources. Dewey will keep i communi8tas out Syracuse n. uj9�?gov. Earl Warren of California campaigning across normally Republican upstate new York told 500 j i w Ell wishers Here that a Tom Dew i by will keep the communists out of the government. The . Vice presidential j nominee stopped for a 15-minute a speech Here in route to Springfield mass., where he has scheduled a major address tonight. A you May be sure that when i Tom Dewey is elected president j he will meet every problem Headon whether it is the High Cost of living the housing shortage or our relations with Russia a Warren said. A with the russian situation especially delicate now w e need a Strong Man in Truman and Barkley on recorded program Washington a pvt president Truman told american women that a the Republican party cannot j be relied upon to bring your children a better the president made the statement on a recorded radio broadcast Abc marking the 10th anniversary of democratic women a Day started by mrs. Franklin d. Roosevelt. On the same program. Or. Truman a running mate. Sen. Ai Ben a w. Barkley of Kentucky said that at that time a Racine Good Fel american women have a two overriding concerns a a the fear of War and the fear that inflation a will make of our Prosperity a hollow and a haunted Barkley said both fears can be overcome with the election of or. Truman and himself and a democratic Congress. After his Auto crashed head on with another car Early sunday night a 23-year-old Franksville Man was arrested in connection w Ltd a pedestrian hit and run Accident that had occurred a few minutes earlier about a mile away. Two warrants issued. Harley Tostenson Franksville was named in two warrants. One charges hit and run driving. The other charges him with Drunken driving. Richard Blysma. 40. 3001 rapids drive was the pedestrian who was injured. His condition in St. Mary a Hospital we As reported As fair to Berlin crisis hurts stocks new York Ltd it a prices were swept Down As much As 3 Points on the Stock Market in a Selling wave that followed a new deadlock in the Berlin crisis. The volume of trading went beyond 1,000,000 shares. Rail shares led the slide closely followed by steels oils metals and motors. Aircraft issues resisted the general fall and remained steady although without much activity. Dealings were Active at the opening but dwindled each hour. Brokers Felt such diminishing pressure indicated some resistance to the decline. On the other hand Brief rallies failed to attract orders. Widest dips were made by Nickel plate u. S. Gypsum. Texas co., Standard Oil no. U. S. Steel Youngstown Sheet amp tube Chrysler Goodrich and International Harvester. Ler and Long a Packer Follower put sort of a a a curse on the Green Bay club. He said a i wish them nothing but bad Luck from Here of course. I done to believe in a curses a not being superstitious. Even if i did i want to use one. Furthermore it would take something besides a curse to explain the packers showing yesterday. But i do have a Good notion to Send another letter to the Packer Boss. If i do it will go something like this a dear or. Lambeau we re going to have another Good Fellers dinner in Racine this year. But never mind offering to Send Down any packers. Wed rather have stars from some other club a the bears for instance. In the first place show up. In the second place they re a lot better football players. Executives Man presses to get out n. Yet daily new York up a the journal of Commerce got out a limited number of copies of its 22-Page monday morning edition with executives Manning the presses after Union Pressman refused to Cross printers picket lines. It looked for a time like the 121-year-old financial paper would fail to publish for the first time in its history. The executives finally succeeded in running off a limited number of copies but did not attempt a full run. Bleacher seats on Sale tuesday Bostons a the Pennant winning Boston braves made an. Unprecedented move by announcing that unreserved bleacher seats for the first two w orld series games w Ould be placed on Sale at to a. In. Tuesday. Never in series history it was said. Have such seats been sold in Advance of the Day of the game. The club said 1.500 seats for each game at $1 per seat would be sold on a first come first served basis. The seats Are in the a jury boxy a a Small stand in right Field 1 directly in Back of the visiting teams bullpen. Beef shipments top previous 48 records a cattle shipments to the nation s 12 leading terminals totalled 133,300 this morning. This topped the previous highest deliveries for the year to Date of an estimated 129.000 head last monday. The most recent previous highest total was around 143,000 oct. 6 a year ago. Bulletins a the Wisconsin employment relations Board asked bargaining representatives of the Wisconsin Telephone co. And the communications workers of America today to meet with the Werb tuesday. Entering the dispute Between Utility and the Independent cwt a without in invitation. Werb noted in action was St. Paci no a Al radio broadcasting technicians flied strike notice against five twin cities radio stations. London pm King George sent word to the boys at the Tower of London to dust off the Imperial Crown. He a going to Wear it for the first time in ten years at the opening of parliament Ort. 26. a British foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin expressed fear the United nations May founder on the Berlin crisis. Chicago.�?4j a butter dropped from 70 to 300 Points on the mercantile Exchange in a lowering Market for All commodities. Chippewa Falls. a about 200 Wisconsin Farmers held a mass meeting Here to organize a a March on Washington to protest a drive to kill the farm Price support Day. He suffered a fracture of the left hand and Shock. Bylsma was walking West along rapids drive when an eastbound Auto swerved to the Side of the Road and struck him. Sgt. Robert Johnson. Usa. Of 1116 Villa St., told police he was driving behind the Tostenson Auto at the time of the first Accident. He said the car did not Stop after hitting the Man and he followed it. Johnson said Tostenson was travelling about 60 Miles per hour when they reached the 1900 Block on rapids drive where Tostenson crashed head on with an Auto driven by Marshall Runge 21, also of Franksville. Two treated. Released. Runge and a passenger in his car. Ruth Kramer 20. Of 2516 Blake ave., were injured in the collision. They were taken to St. Mary a Hospital for treatment in the Rescue squad. Both have been released from the Hospital. Tostenson was arraigned before court commissioner Eugene l. Haley this morning. Preliminary hearing has been set for 3 p. In. Oct. 6 in municipal court. He is being held in the county jail under a $1,250 Bond. Margie knows Winter s near Denver us Margie the Bear got her own Way at the Denver zoo. Margaret who has been living on a tiny Little Island surrounded by a Moat and a Wall Felt the need of warmer quarters with the approach of colder weather. So she climbed Over the Wall. Two High school boys. Sam Mills and Dick Peterson met Margie As she ambled along unrestrained toward the Bear rages. They ran to a Telephone and called police. Margie was persuaded to enter one of the cages without argument. Zoo attendants said she apparently Felt the urge to hibernate and was looking tor Winter quarters. Stop i. S. Cars Vienna. Austria a russian troops for the second Day stopped All american automobiles in route to the american air base at Tulin. American sources said the Roadblock. W hich we As set up yesterday w As aimed at catching red army deserters. The weather for Racine area fair and Cool tonight. Considerable ground fog late tonight and Early tuesday morning. Tuesday fair. Low tonight 40 in Western portion of Racine county and 45 near Lake Michigan. High tuesday 70. Winds Light variable tonight becoming Easterly to to 15 mph on tuesday. Elsewhere in state fair and continued Cool tonight with scattered Frost except in extreme Southeast portion. Considerable ground fog Over Southeast portions late tonight and Early tuesday morning. Sunny and pleasant tuesday. Is Cir highest and lowest temperature recorded la the to hours ended St j p. Ai. Is Tarde v. Sept is. Ims Tannum. 79 Minim . Is Spadaf. Sept so. Ims. Maximum is minimum at j i. In. At i s in tads. Low last Nith. Sept. To it m is a a Jai a a sept. To. In maximum is minimum to Tun tot instr Al i is a a Vin is at p. In. Reds to blame declares Bevin Paris. A up a Russia will i be solely responsible if a the j Black fury a the incalculable disaster of atomic War in i gulfs the world British foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin charged As the Western Powers i threw the Berlin crisis into the i United nations Security Council. The soviet Union formally i charged by the United states j Britain and France with threaten i my world peace seemed Likely to walk out of the Security Council again or at least turn the dispute i into a War of words we hich could j threaten the very existence of the . In a searing speech before the i . General Assembly meeting i Here Bevin intensified the charge i is Laid against the soviet Union i sunday in a 3.000-word joint note sent by the three Western Powers to Moscow and in a 25,000-word i White paper detailing the failure of direct negotiations with Russia which the u. S. State department issued. Vishinsky sulks out. While soviet Delegate Andrei j Vishinsky first listened grimly then stalked in apparent anger from the Assembly chamber in the White Marble palais de Chaillot overlooking the Seine Bevin charged i that if atomic War comes a a Russia a by refusing its cooperation in the control and development of this great new Force for the Good of humanity the .will Bear All the responsibility for the evils which May be visited upon 2\ that Russia has waged a con a tenuous a War of nerves and a cold War against the Western Powers in Germany and particularly in Berlin. 3 that russians proposal for u one third disarmament of All nations within a year was insincere since the soviet Union would not reveal the size of its own forces. He challenged Russia to disclose the strength of her army which he estimated at a at least 3.000.000 to 4.000,000 men. A that Russia apparently is a playing an old trick that has gone through he said that a those who make accusations Are generally creating a cloak for what they plan to do 5 that All soviet action a belies a the soviet statement made saturday by Vishinsky in an Assembly speech that russian intentions Are completely peaceful. Upholds Marshall plan. Bevin made Clear that the Western Powers Are prepared if necessary to face the possible breakup of the United nations As now constituted Over the crisis with Russia. Supporting strongly the european recovery program Marshall plan and the Western european Union of which Britain has been an organizer. Bevin said a Elf we cannot proceed on a world basis As we hoped we must proceed on a regional basis. We must agree with whom we can agree w Ork with those whom we can work with understand and Trust those who Are willing to enter into Trust and understanding with he referred to the soviet disarmament proposal offered by Vishinsky As appearing to him As a a proposal to the Assembly to disarm the rest of the world while the soviet Union maintains secrecy about their own military the West he said is a on the defensive in the cold War. Russia May be certain he added that the West we ill not attack soviet territory. Asks searching questions. A we shall never do it a he said. Quot on the other hand if having secured soviet territory they then use the territory of other states to prepare attacks on us. Then a very difficult situation is created in which we can Only look to our own defense. Bevin then struck at the ideological heart of the problem asking Vishinsky if it is True that it is a the marxist Len Mist Conception that there can be no final agreement with the non communist is it True he asked again a that everything the soviet government does is tactics and that they adhere to their Given purpose whatever they say in the process himself a socialist the British foreign minister then quoted Lenin As saying that either communism or a imperialist states a must Triumph in the end. And that a series of a frightful collisions is i inevitable before that end. A can or. Vishinsky he asked a that w e Are cautious about accepting at face value his statement that the policy of the soviet Union is one of expanding and strengthening International co operation a raise question Stalin still Boss Washington. A us a the state departments a White paper on the Berlin negotiations raised the question of whether Premier Jose of Stalin is still undisputed Boss of Russia. The documents disclosed that on aug. 23, Stalin and the Western envoys agreed in principle on a solution to the Berlin dispute. The soviet Premier promised he would direct the commander in Berlin marshal Vassily d. Sokolovsky to remove All restrictions that had been placed on the Western Powers. But a week later the White paper said negotiations in Berlin showed that Sokolovsky a was seeking to increase rather than decrease the restrictions on putting . To test As secret talks fail secret record see Page 2 j Washington. A amp a the Complete collapse of secret talks with Russia Over the Berlin crisis advanced the cold War to a new and highly explosive stage. Authorities Are frankly Uncertain what May happen next. Both president Truman and Republican presidential nominee Thomas e. Dewey Are being kept closely posted while the United states Britain and France take big three to stand firm on Berlin Issue belief by Wes Gallagher Berlin a 3 a the Western Powers will stand firm in Berlin against the soviets foreign and German political circles Here predict. The United states and Britain Are expected to throw a mighty Effort into the Western air shuttle to keep the soviet blockaded City supplied with food fuel and other necessities. The firm stand and the Airlift these circles say. Will be the westerns allies answer to the question a what is in the cards for Berlin a now that the four Power talks have broken Down. That question is not for the big Power foreign ministers alone. Before a final solution to the Berlin crisis is found it will hit the pocketbooks of the citizens of the United states. Britain and France at least. At most it can Lead to the deadliest world War in history. Ordinary diplomacy has failed. Top level diplomacy has failed. Now the United nations will have a try at it. No one Here expects the United nations can solve it. In finds clues in cancer cell new York a 3�? the new York times says or. Otto Warburg Nobel prize Winner has been conducting experiments on cancer Ceils which he believes a Promise to open a new approach to the problem of or. Warburg Nobel prize Winner in Medicine and physiology is now at the University of Illinois. A report on his recent experiments. The times said appears in s German scientific journal. The newspaper said or. Warburg has probed enzymes or catalysts. In Normal and cancer cells following an earlier discovery of a a fundamental difference in metabolic functions Between the two. The Normal cell the times said a Burns up sugar completely in the presence of oxygen but the cancer cell a merely splits up the sugar by fermentation a in the Normal cell the new spa per said the end of the Coingus Tion of sugar is a Carbon dioxide the Gas exhaled in the process of the cancer cell however produces As its end product a lactic acid. The substance formed in sour milk a the times said. Fact it is possible that it May wreck the United nations. Here is the situation As it is viewed in this soviet throttled City in the confusion of diplomatic talk Over Trade currency finance and the Airlift the real issues at stake can be lost in a Maze of subsidiary problems. The main Issue is simple enough although none of the big four have been so undiplomatic As to say so m simple language. The soviet Union wants to dominate Germany. To do so the russians must smash the propos i de West German state and its economic recovery. By forcing the Western allies from Berlin the russians could undermine the prestige of the w est not Only in Western Germany but in All Western Europe. Europe would see in the Fate of Berlin what it saw in Munich in 1938. So the soviets have set out to i drive the westerners from Berlin. Meanwhile the Western Powers reviewing three years of com-1 promises broken promises and constant retreats before the soviet Union decided to stand firm. East West Symbol. Thus Berlin has become More than a City of 2.000.000 persons j whom the West has promised to support. It has become a Symbol of the struggle Between East and West throughout the world. Last june when the russians launched their full scale blockade of the railroads and canal routes to Berlin from the we est they announced that it was for a a a technical reason. This left them a face saving Way out if the West tried to Force the blockade. Many military and diplomatic men Here believed then that the soviet Union would not have risked War if the West had sent through an armoured Convoy. This action w As suggested by americans Here but was turned Down in Washington. London and Paris. It is the opinion Here now that the Issue has become so great that any attempt to break the blockade we Ith Force we Ould be met by the soviet army. It also was believed last june that if the Western Powers had retaliated economically in other places throughout the world by piling up economic costs for Russia the soviets might have lifted the blockade. This action was not taken. Now it is believed that the stake is so High that no such action would be considered too costly. Their Case against the soviet blockade of the German capital into the Public Arena of the United nations Security Council. The failure of the secret diplomacy which the Western Powers have been practising in the Hope of reaching a settlement with the Kremlin was revealed by the state department last Midnight c Harge breach of Faith. At that hour the department made Public a 3.000-word notice accusing Russia of bad Faith in the Berlin negotiations and of creating a a threat to International published at the same time was a heretofore secret record of 24,-000 words which top diplomats said proves the soviets Are Bent upon using the a a illegal blockade to Force the Western Powers out of the German capital. Thus it appears that instead of an end to the blockade which Premier Stalin agreed to on August 23, the world now is in for a further prolonged East West struggle Over the City. The difference is that from her on the Issue will be before the Security Council meeting in paria with world Public opinion As a stake. Russia s continued membership in the ., is in grave doubt. New East West clashes in Berlin Are feared Here. And the dangers of shooting incidents that could Lead to open conflict Are not ruled out by Best informed authorities. Reveal Stalin a role. The heavy volume of documents which the state department released As a a White paper to show what really occurred in the negotiations Over Berlin dealt at length with the role of Premier Stalin and the unexpected breakdown that occurred after he had agreed the blockade should be lifted. American ambassador Walter Bedell Smith and the envoys of Britain and France had two meetings with the soviet Premier and foreign minister Molotov. The first of these took place on aug. 2 in the Kremlin. Stalin at the end turn to Page t column 7 fog to cover Racine tonight police and sheriffs departments issued a warning urging careful driving coupled Arith a weather r e to r t predicting considerable ground fog late tonight and Early tuesday morning As Racine goes into the last week of september the weather forecast is fair weather with Cool nights. Low sunday night was 50 degrees and the forecast is for a Low of 40 in the Western part of the county and 45 near Lake Michigan tonight Berlin s air lift too planes Short Wiesbaden Ojus a the u. S. Air Force in Europe is too planes Short of what is needed to meet the goal of the Berlin air lift. La Gen. Curtis Lemay said. Lemay who has directed the air lift throughout the too Days of the russian blockade of the German capital outlined the needs at a Farewell press conference. He will return to the United states soon to take Over As commander of the strategic air forces. Phone operators strike in 2 Michigan cities Detroit of a Michigan Bell Telephone co. Operators walked out of exchanges at Royal Oak and Marquette. The company said 30 girls left work at Marquette we Ith six remaining on the Job. Service continued on an emergency basis. About too pickets circled the Royal Oak building the largest manual Exchange in the world. The communications workers of America ind announced meanwhile that its members had voted to strike Michigan Bell throughout the state. No Date for the w Alk out was set. Shoot Tito backers on sight reported order in Albania Rennebohm proclaims Parent teacher week Madison. Win a i a Wisconsin pm rent Tel Cher week. Startin oct. 18. W As proclaimed by gov. J Rennebohm. 1 a the great and grow ing Parent teacher movement in Wisconsin and the nation must continue to represent the highest Hopes and Best efforts for the gov a nor said. Belgrade. Yugoslavia Cav a resistance to the albanian governments split with Premier Marshall tits of Yugoslavia has caused a reign of terror in Albania according to press reports Here. The reports said albanian authorities have issued orders for their militia to shoot on the spot anyone showing pro \ yugoslav sympathies. The montenegrin Peoples front newspaper Pobeda published in to Cetinje capital of Montenegro near the albanian Border was the source of the dispatches printed in Belgrade. Country isolated. The newspaper said Many albanians were fleeing into Yugoslavia. Including army officers and militiamen. It was one of these militiamen who said he had received orders to shoot anyone showing sympathy for Tito. Albania has aligned herself with the com form communist information Bureau in its denunciation of Tito. The split has Cut the Muni eation with the other soviet tiny country off from Tang com satellites since Albania s Only neighbors Are Yugoslavia and Greece. The reports supplement unofficial information received hero during the weekend that there Are Many armed bands in the mountains of the wild and Little known country. Hundreds seized. The newspaper quoted an albanian militiaman As saying a Moat of the people done to believe in the slanders against the newspaper said hundreds of persons including Heads of local governments and other officials have been arrested. Still greater numbers Are said to have fled into the mountains. These facts added to an increasingly critical food situation Lead observers Here to believe tho unrest might possibly flare up into an open revolt. Yugoslavs describe those wha have gone into the mountains and those who have fled into Yugoslavia a pro Tito ;