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Racine Journal News (Newspaper) - August 10, 1920, Racine, Wisconsin The Racine journal news vol. Xxxix. No. 186. Racine. Wisconsin tuesday afternoon Augustio 1920. Sixteen pages. Price three cents. Reds take Cie Chanow in their drive for the capital poles Gung to Warsaw refugees Rush toward Danzig on the Baltic sea As the Buss forces continue to Pound their Way ahead. Many anxious to Board ship for the United states Warsaw Aik in Hon. Usz Niewski. Polish minister of War. Has resigned and a. Been us c&Quot&Quot<1d by Genera sol Nozewski. It was reported Here this morning. Paris. Aug russians have captured the town of uie Chanow thus cutting the Warsaw-1>ttnzig rail to to according to reports from the Quot French military Mission to Warsaw received but the foreign office today. Lolk a aug Ion members of the polish government Are rein Tarn to leave Warsaw says a dispatch from the polish capital to the la it Ndon times bearing a monday Date. A a it Clear there is the greatest reluctance to going says the cot in a pendent. Since the departure of the Cabinet would probably be the signal for the appearance of a rival the danger for the roles the dispatch intimates lies largely in a Lack a it of organization and the existence of rivalries get Ween the White and red. Guards for the defense of the City. Express men Given $30,000,000 raise f. S. Railway Board a or it a cos wage award 0.000 men Are affected by new decision. Chicago aug the United states railway Lubor Board today handed Down a decision increasing wages of employees of the american railway express company $30,900,090 yearly. Eighty thousand men not provided for by the recent $600,000.-<�?~0o railway wage award Are affected. The four unions affected by the boards decision Are Hie brotherhood of railway and steamship clerks. Freight handlers. Express and station employees. The International brotherhood of teamsters. Chauffeurs. Stable men and helpers of America the railway express Drivers chauffeurs and conductors local no. 720. Of Chicago the order of railway express men. President of the express unions who were present when the award was handed Dawn were Nomo Smital on the subject of its acceptability but the general impression was that the labor Board had been slightly More generous than either the unions or the express company had anticipated. Two of the unions had demanded increases of $"1 per month while the other two asked an increase of $2,5 monthly. The brotherhood of railway and steamship clerks freight handlers express and station employees will hold a grand Lodge meeting her tonight to pass upon the award. About 66.000 of the employees Are said to be member Sof this Union. Berlin aug. To a the Rush of relish refugees toward Danzig on the Baltic is continuing unabated save a dispatch to the tag Ematt today from Kot Mosberg East Prussia. The families that Are fleeing bring Only their necessary clothing. Danzig adds Hie message is overflowing with poles seeking passage to the United states. Parts. Aug military decisions reached at the Hythe conference Between premiers Lloyd George and Millerand and their advisers were As follows according to the French foreign office first that it was impracticable pud unnecessary to Send Allied troops to Poland. Second the integrity of Poland s Quot Western Frontier a. Guaranteed. This palpably Means that any Effort by Germany to us the present crisis in an attempt to regain any of a the territory ceded to Poland in the Trout f f Versailles would be decisively negatived by the allies. I third that the allies would continue sending munitions and skilled officers to Poland. Blockade measures would possibly he taken later it was said but French opinion questioned the effectiveness of so h action Hamilton Beach officials and men Confer but fail to agree says Cox depenos1 upon fire works Street committee 1 favors improvement petition of Flett Avenue residents to have Concrete i curbs and gutters is Given favourable action. The Street committee of the coun Lahner troll Ohlf via re. Oil last evening went on record As Mooi i Roudie away Ive favouring the improvement of several main closed for a month str its by building thereon Concrete j curbing and gutters. Residents of or More. New agreement is reached in Gas Plant proposition supervisors act David Lawrence tells of j contrast in methods pm both sides claim played by party leaders failure to live during recent notification ceremonies. Up to agreement claims Harding men will stage quiet Campaign a by David Lawrence it copyright 1920, by the journal Newi Flett Avenue petitioned for improvements of that kind and last evening the committee decided to recommend the granting of the petition Lake action was taken on the petition of the property owners on East twentieth Street from Asylum Avenue to Kearney Avenue. The committee also favored the oiling of additional streets acting fax. It. _ ,. Orally on the proposals to Oil Green of the labor j Street gentle from the St. Paul troubles at the Hamilton Beach Man tracks to nineteenth Street Charles a fact wring company s Plant being set Street from St. Patrick Street to rap tied for at least a month and possibly drive and eighteenth Street from a much longer period. The controversy Racine to Holborn. Has or will be put up to the officers of it the petition providing for the the company who Are now at water changing of the name of Fulton Road Bury. Conn in charge of the Branch to West Boulevard acted on fax Plant at that place. I orally. All of the eight or nine Hundred the Resolution providing for the in employees who were let out because spallation of a new drinking Fountain i of the factory closing have been and in front of the City Hall was reported to another tentative stipulation is agreed upon by City and company attorneys scope of original project is enlarged. Petitions Are referred to proper committees extensions Are Whitewater Man is will believed to be ing to organize new local farm Bureau. Of great value woman probation officer wanted seek dry fines the Board of supervisors this Vised to seek employment elsewhere for adoption. Morning at its August meeting in the and they Are expected to congregate the committee also discussed the court House were read and referred to Mayton of. Aug. Ion comparison at the factory tomorrow to receive and applications for Gas main extensions the proper committees. Definite of the Cox and Harding notification take away their tools. And decided that All streets on which action on most of these was deferred ceremonies would be As valueless a the plan to take Over the Racine end of the Gas business of the Wisconsin Gas a electric company has been slightly enlarged upon in a new tentative stipulation agreed to Between City attorney Gittins and a a attorney Jackson of the company be resolutions and petitions presented Gerdav afternoon. The tentative stipulation is the same As that drawn up by the Rity attorney and submitted to the company some time ago. Except an attempt to compare tile respective qualities of the two candidates them so Lvi. They can be contrasted hut my compared. And just As each candidate is a different Type of Man. So was the notify eat it a ceremony in each Case a different Type of affair. The Harding exercises were harmonious with the Small town Celebration idea. The Cox notification was distinct big City function indeed this was practically the result of applications of that kind Are made until the afternoon session. From hot n to. Enlarged scope of the a conference held in the office of should be inspected personally by the George w. Hull. Of Whitewater. Wis. M,0>ect which originally provided for Fred j. Osius at the factory this committee in order that no streets came a communication declaring he the taking Over of the portion of Tho morning. Of a resent at the session t Whf up extensions Are not needed Are was willing to meet the Board with Plant located within the or were h p. . Re present Tiv affected. The aldermen feel that in reference to the farm Bureau Organ p j a a of the International association of Smuch As there is some Chance of Iza Tion. Providing the body was in a Racine i he new stipulation machinists. Albert j. Linck agent of a pal Terestea in the formation of such an which is to be submitted to mayor local. 437, International association of machinists two representatives from the assemblers department two from the polishers. Two from the machinists anti two from the tool room of the big factory. F. J. Desius very much like a state fair with big of the company. W b. Of Neil and Washington. D cd. Aug in. Recommendations that express rates be increased $30,000,090 to absorb the wage award announced today by the Railroad labor Board will he tiled with the interstate Commerce commission it was announced today by t Harrison general counsel for the american railway express of i pan. The express company has already before the commission Sion an application for rate increases approximating $ 72,000.-009 to meet increased costs aside from advanced wages and should All of its recommendations be adopted by the commission express charges would be increased so As to produce As much As $100,000,000 added Revenue annually. Crowds plenty of bands. Marching clubs and cheers. The. Republican managers depend Bob Albright Foreman of the machine shop. The conference lasted More than should be some restriction on the extensions put in for the reason that the City will have to reimburse the company for the installation Cost in event the Plant is bought. Other applications Are expected to come in this evening and the committee will take those into consideration at the same time the examinations to be some time next week. Ltd for their stage effects on simplicity i two hours and the troubles in the and solemnity and publicity outside of factory were gone Over from the time Ohio. The demo Ratu managers de of the first strike to months ago. Pended for the stage effects on jazz and its settlement and agreements up and concentrate their attention onto the present trouble. Ohio. From the discussion today it was a delivery of the speech by gov. Cox apparent that the whole trouble is Coxe will was secondary to the instilling of in Over Section 4 of the articles of agree thus asm into thousands of party Niento entered into Between the 00111- workers who event Back to All parts pan and its employees when the initial of Ohio with plenty of Ginger and wat settled fighting spirit. The speech itself has i it spa Dpi a it follow a been printed in the newspapers of theget 4 when conditions arise reception planned for f. D. Roosevelt Vingut shed entertain guest Candi organization without comment it Armstrong and to the company in Yves referred to the committee on eludes the taking Over of the portion agriculture. Of the company a property located in a a. Guilbert presented a claim of the immediate Violini v of the City and $1,506.72 for having furnished plans at Lakeside. And specifications for the proposed j the stand of the mayor on that nurses Home at the sunny rest Sana proposition is not known although it Adrium. This was referred to Tho if5 known that he has favored the Nur committee on sunny rest a Little Chase of the Racine Plant whether later in the session when supervisor a favor the a Purchase of the Reuter stated to the Board he had additional portions of the Plant which been handed the plans for a fresh consist mainly of extensions to take air Pavilion a which could he con Anuj or town of my pleasant strutted at a Cost of $1,800. Super remains to be seen. Visor Anderson declared the county Severance damage sex minded ought to go slow on securing any More there is no reference in the tents Dis-1 plans and specifications. He referred Tive stipulation to the rights of the to the Bill presented by or. Guilbert company to Ria in Severance damask i Iii or lil Quot Ltd Quot us i i. I Yia Rii. ,. A Mixi tit of ii i i v a a a i <1 111 itis is expected to Gryf ted if such a procedure were to As h result of the. City taking Over the at Misjak be followed the county after a while Darlne Plant. The stipulation pre add kiss. A a a a a 1-----�? a us country w her the governor started be rep the productive output must socratic candidate i of Estes this in Onaiti it it by 11 temporarily the working United states Arr thing of Wii y hours Shu he reduced Neas to enable noon on thursday George Langdon is cited for bravery Racine m an honoured for Gai. Of nations on the basis of economic advantages and the foe of High Laxa Tion with splendid political Organiza could build a nurses Home on a that it seated he the company for the stg is paying for specifications and plans. Nature of the cite attorney contained when Franklin d Roosevelt. Dem it was shown that the fresh air a such a Ciau a hut City torn eve git for president of the vision had not been ordered so there tins to a a the stand that the question arrives in Racine at would be no expense in that regal a Severance damages had no place in he will be Given a sunny rest committee was instructed the. Stipulation and that the question to to inroad rate fixes the Lause has stipulation. J states that the City and the company Way e Harding planning political Battle continued on Page ten Marion n aug questions of political strategy together Vith Many details of party management were ply in consideration by of a Natosi Harding today in consultation v if Active leaders of his Campaign. On the nominee s calling list Yvere win h Hay it. The Republican National chairman and Harry Daugherty or a managed the hat Ding pre convention Campaign and since served As a member c the Campaign sex Yeutive committee. I Cal leaders from Many part of the country have urge a the candidate to Rome to their communities during the Campaign and Many similar requests have reached party Headquarters detailed reports of the Sra Tion in every state also had been compiled a Headquarters for submission today to senator Harding together with the conclusions of the Council of party leaders who met in new York last thursday. My Lea Cit jut Assi Fra conferred upon him he enlisted vim Canadian troops previous to the Entrance of the United states into the War and gave excellent service As indicated in the following citation issued a the Dominion of Canada government a put. George i an Don no. 7 37. T 7. Nineteenth Bata lion. First Central _ Ontario regiment formerly 120th Bat William Lueckfeld. A 12-Vear-old Anion for conspicuous gallantry and Bov Resi it King at Franklin Street. Had Kne Misumi standing. Joseph Hamata. Chairman of the j ,10a a Jiu it a a a the the i Erht to a 1ury trial to determine that there was a misunderstanding democratic county committee with a ated in the petition that it was the the necessity for the cite s taking Over lion and lots of Street parades while in regard to the above was apparent postmaster George Herzog. T. M. Of the petitioners that such an the Plant to a so stipulates that Harding would normally fit in with an through the discussion. The men Kearney. Peter Myers. Charles free officer could do much Goon there our new Psi to bar Groes further than the the democratic style of campaigning appeared to labor under the impress Man an j Dan Metcalf will meet or. Period mentioned stipulation Drayven by the City attorney \ i r�?T.f00,Lian i Sion that the Rule had been violated Roosevelt and the probabilities Are matter yeas a t 1tv./ ?.? presented to the company for its the Percher Extension As Well is the of Groat event. There Are Lakeside become a years anyway. The same is said to he True o portions of the town of it pleasant adjacent to the Rita i i in it % and which Are now receiving Gas service. It is contended that when the City extends its of beyond its present r. J. Alberie had been held up am Borders again c of extensions will he robbed of $3,Moo. Bein part it to great value and that they should seems to have been the cause of All speak at the Junction station where a the trouble and that it appeared he band will discourse music As the Dis boys leg is broken As truck hits Auto has been running the factory during the past 3,0 or 60 Days. Cause of first strike or Osius further said that he to anguished visitor arrives. He will be the guest of the committee at a luncheon at the elks club at noon and an informal reception will he tendered Chicago Holdup men after being notified on saturday evening by the police in Chicago thai Devotion to duty hot a never failed As a runner in carrying out his try. On oct. 19 mall. 191 s. At Naves Ltd and night to was continuously on duty and carried Hilt message through building occupied Quot he the promptly Undot heavy fire Hor this a he has been rewarded Yvion the i. C. M a intimate friends of the Voun Man were informed of these facts sunday at a meeting in Kenosha of the american volunteers first Wisconsin Camp of the Canadian expeditionary forces when one of their number disclosed the information a which he had brain a re i Tom. Koss a it backing into a space in front the first strike and bring out the fact As to the Caus of that strike. He Ca i left upon or. O Neil to give the de tails. Or of Neil explain of that there his left leg broken above the was an agreement at that time to a this afternoon when the mom 65 cents an hour and this was in part Ber was squeezed Between a Racine discovered to be wrong and the Dif pure milk company truck and the frence was adjusted with the com american Mitten. This matter was gone into at railway express company on i Uke Groat length As was the trouble which developed when a demand for 6 5 cents an hour was made for girls and boys in different departments and when the demand was refused the machinists declined to work factory ordered closed. In reference to the present trouble. Would like to go into the details of from 1 30 to 2 of clock at the latter hour a will speak from hulks club porch us at 3 o clock payroll of Tho Contin plumbing no _. lion to Oji in lip d i will make Brief remarks at the Northwestern depot platform. Pany .97 6 cottage Grove Avenue Ana not be tem n dint off from t1 Racine svs it enl that purchases Avenue. He was taken to St. Mary a Hospital in a private automobile. The witnesses to the Accident say that the by was standing on a heavy Timber m front of one of the Large Street openings into the building he was looking intr the building one of the cd from a Magazine article. Would Stop trucks using Mound ave. Mrs. Emil Kark is Back from Europe a Petiton against the continued use of Mound Avenue by heavy trucks is of the building for the purpose of taking on a Load. The truck backed info the Heht Machina of the milk company with the result that the front end of the latter was badly damaged. It was in that Way that the boy was jammed Between the Light truck and the building. New Coal company is organized Here mrs. Emil Kark. Wife of or. Emja Kark. 1546 College Avenue and us being circulated by residents in that per intendant of the Kark maternity Street. It is the claim of property Hospital returned late yesterday from owners that Mound Avenue is being Europe being accompanied by her used exclusively by the Large Auto Niece miss Gertrude Wiley. Of eng tricks which a employed in carting land. Who will make her future Home _ crushed Stone to it the Western part of m Racin mrs. Kark spent three with the election of it officers the the City where Road improvements Are months in England. Holland and Ger Baumann Coal company is nov fully in Progress. Many inspecting the hospitals in All organized. R j Quinn has been aside from the damage to the pave three countries. Elected president of the concern menu which is said to be considerable. Or k irk and or and mrs Peter mrs. Anna n Baumann vice presi it is claimed that the rumble of the Sinnen met mrs. Kark and her Niece Dent. And Fred a. Baumann Secre True. Is annoying that they pass at new York haying left Here three tar treasurer. The company oper through the Street at All hours of the weeks ago in the doctors car. They ates two years. One located at 10$ Ria and night and sometimes on Sun motor both ways having a most in main Street with r. Riegelman As its a _ v Trp miss. Hark says that superintendent and another at 1507 re a a a Germany Are bad but sixteenth Street w Ith John Mako sky or of Neil said that they were giver orders to Clos tim manufacture of the carpet cleaners in the local Plant As the factory in the East was ready to manufacture them. This made it necessary to reduce the Force and they Laid off about 27 men in the machine shop. And a number in other departments. In fact it was necessary to a due the Force in All departments. Hymn the men were Laid off in the machine hop Titer was no Obj action a continued on Page 7.> May refer suffrage Bill to committee Nashville. Tern aug Ion introduction today in both houses of the Tennessee legislature of resolutions providing for ratification of the Federal woman suffrage amendment was forecast by party leaders who predicted that the measures would he referred to the judiciary committees. Hearings it was expected. Quot ill he concluded by the committees in both houses a vote in either House leaders declared. Was unlikely before the latter part of the week and probably not then. To is also pointed out that the stat commission will allow the of pan damages and that Suh his coat stolen by three men. Deputy j sheriff Basinger and Deputy Kui wow ski began working on the Case. Thev were under the impression that it Anc the. Trio had to Raolia. A a Quot Quot Quot a 1,�?~ pay fort a it a the county officers found a coat in tension to Lakeside As Well As the Center Street having a masonic pin on extensions in the town of to it debits Lapel a Whit soft Collar in line ant in the Ini mediate Vicinity of a Quot pocket and a variegated coloured neck City if that it True it is held a in tie in another pocket. On Nhoung Tah it City might As Well include those Chicago the coat yeas identified As the extensions in the original purchasing1 one worn by a Alberich when he was project As to wait for the commission held up the officers Are still we orking to fix the value and allow Severance on the Case. Soldiers May soon leave a riot City damages for them Fate of res dating action. Just what Fate the Resolution offered he Alderman Rei or and now before the committee of the who will meet with is problematical. It is known that the Quot re is a feeling Ong certain members of the county est i rank Ort. 111. Ii that there should he no Purchase 1a, in Fira ins a tinting to they a a a labor chiefs to ask for amnesty of the Plant at this time there Are several reasons assigned for their stand they feel that this is no tim 4 bandits hold up train in Chicago masked men attempt to Rob Pennsylvania express near Englewood. It Are foiled in purpose by Steward. Washington. D a. Aug. accompanied by six labor Union official and former representative Meyer London of new York Samuel combers. President of the american Feder j action of labor is scheduled to attorney general Palmer Tom urge the proclamation of a Genera amnesty for political prisoners. With indications pointing to Early departure of Illinois militiamen who have been on guard Here since last week when the anti italian riots i broke out. Local author tics were pro to Toko Over Tho Plant As k l a r oar today to take Charbo of Tho of Valuer and that Tho situation. A number of extra deputies pric Quot the commission Yville place upon have been sworn in for temporary Earth plan will be a in exr is of what vice and Many citizens Are affiliating it inn d and would be under Normal we Ith the Law and order organization Price conditions. Formed to prevent further demons tra the main. There 1s a feeling that Lions. The Quot Ity is in no position to take Over suspects rounded up in connection such a Large proposition when Large with the rioting Are still held under surns of Money Are needed for Ethel Are _ importance to position of their cases about forty to people than the Purchase of the Are in custody but be formal charge Quot a c Ca a n i i rioting Are still held under surns of Money Are needed for it Orrow to military guard awaiting a noun e projects and projects which Irenr Rai a ment of civil authorities a a to the Dis door Ned of far greater important Ive been tiled against any of them. What action will be taken after the condition. Papers have been flied a not stated there is enough food. If Only there 1 b the men engaged circulating the Money to pay for it. Petition but it is probable that it wit a be presented to the Council or Street Fri Puii i a cd i a ii Aii a committee with a View of Haring the u la Cill to kill truck route changed. Lacrosse wis. Aug to a the a i Aerial mail plane. Chicago to St. Paul. I surrenders to Chicago aug arme i plane flies Over daily mail route actor passes away London aug to the actor died at the Lawrence Mem rial associated Hospital Early bad been ill for two months at the Chicago aug to Walter Hospital suffering from in internal Dis Ornith. Government flier left Here at order his wife and a is were at the 6 20 this morning for St. Paul. Minn., bedside. He was 7< years of age. Superintendent. The company is now erecting a a w office building at its. Then Monda night held up the Nev North years and a modern unloading York Chicago Day express train on Fie device with Coal houses is being con Pennsylvania Railroad Nai Engle strutted the company has sue to cd station in the suburbs ceded in obtaining its share of Coal a dining car Steward who resisted during the Coal famine. Or. Bau on i bandits was shot Mann is an experience Coal Man. The bandits boarded the train at a haying been engaged in that business Englewood station. James o Neill. For it. A St Vears the Steward was taken to a arrived Here at 10 30 o clo k. The plane left for re Quot twin cities at 12 10 of clock this noon. San prevent i Pedro Coa Hili a Alex. Gas Nln it so far there has been no consideration of the rescinding Resolution by the committee of the whole. Tiler will be a session of that body this evening but its main business will be the consideration of the High a Ftp it yawl crosses Atlantic in lamp Days in the first flight of what is expected _ to be a regular daily mail service be peace treaty with Turkey tween the two towns. Smith carried four passengers As Well As a cargo of mail i one Landing at la Crowe. M a. Was on the schedule. Smith expected to me in St Paul us afternoon. This afternoon. At Englewood suffering from a bulb i wound in the jaw. The robbers jumped from the Quot Tram Between the Englewood and downtown station and escaped the four robbers were negroes. Police Learned that the wounded Cowes. Isle of Wight. Aug. what is believed to be a record passage across the Atlantic for a thirty a t. Of a yawl was made by the to j Steward was the first Man held up. France today Phon. Which arrived monday morning and that his resistance probably saved a after making a nonstop run. It in the passenger from moderation. Eres t Rance. Aug from Cape race. New found a when one of the robbers opened fire the peace treaty with Turkey j land to Bishop s Rock. Solly islands a passenger in the dining car pulled is aged Here at 4 �8 of clock a distance of 2,1#i Miles in fifteen the air Brake co re. And the train Stop a Days and nine Bourn Ped. Our n new serial cake outlaw of torn started in last evening Issue its by Edgar Rice Burroughs author of the Tarzan books and ii a Romance of England and France in the Days of Knighthood. Aug. Francisco Villa marched in a school bonding matter. To san Pedro monday night Between j to is Quot ape it Quot a that the tentative Gas 1 he lines of a cheering populace which company stipulation will be signed a Quot Etri him with cheers of a Viva Yil within p. Few when that has behind him came his band Ltd. Been done the next Steo of the City faithful followers which with their j attorney will in in file in application Bader surrendered to the i la Huer with to a Slat Railroad rate comm i a la government under terms agr he non to fix the Price which the City upon recently at Sabinas. Will 1�&Quot required to Pac for the por As he Drew up before the main or it of the Gas Plant it intends to take Plaza of the mexican town a cheering Over. Throng of 3.000 gathered around him a the chieftain indicating that he was weather forecast. About to speak to the Wisconsin fair tonight probably i a said. Because becoming unsettled by Wedna Oday further fighting in Mexico Means in afternoon or night not much change Terven Tion by the United states in temperature. A a they Call me a Bandit. They Call maximum time the worst Man in Mexico but i minimum a 9t would preserve our nationality by j a avoiding Range. M t or a ii

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