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Read an issue on 1 Apr 1908 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Index.

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Index, The (Newspaper) - April 1, 1908, Racine, WisconsinThe Index april 1908. Socialists show the Way from present Mutt through collectivism. Like new pm ise of utilization socialism films tar Bis Eimil the at Tention onh of tin and the bowl j i Piilini and tin n u line no Reavon to in a eliau0 e of the system do nol As u Rule to Bear Arij Olimi ibo a it i until of i Iti omit i h of the Woi Kluts Cia Fiti on of of to la Tlacil eco Ionn and a ii Himed Luiu Iio i Ivl in la the principles of Sumii Luisiii most other people have onh a Igne idea of its Biss Soti Ilcisin is in the foreground of in Komi Allbin stands fur a new Uon of course people who i Lleve that whatever is will i fore or und that i Iii n n hid the Ai me of it is ii Tulej useless to argue but Miri h no do item in in Bislimi that the prising i on sums ale the end of All Thieu i that hive not replied Hie i and of our n Iti Mil dam Loument is Oleir every i Vav inc ton and eve 11 v m Vav poll Tell till to us and it would in sul if u hid reached tin i my thin should both be on i ii u i ult hum l of a ii Tuimil air soul list i him us Utah not to be traced to the work of India Liml agile tutors or Iliin tic persons and we All Filipu Fiel the disadvantages of tin he ownership of the menus of production and distribution on a Large Sci observe How the railroads stent car companies and Othi r Public corporations to erupt out Lenni cures to notice How our life in sunup us Ings Are snip la furnishing funds Lor High fun Aliis lion the urgent on mrs Combine into trusts which Are tin in Lenil by binks and the me it inst the Oil Trust the steel Trust ind nil the other trusts Are regulating prices ii How More Over some of these Trot St Are non ii the he filth of the people then we nil must also comport Lipeml that the owners of Toluse bin i to my strips of paper which under Iii pies ent system stand Foi i Spital i Litu ally decide How ninth wish ill in for our Loftlee Imd on in end h in much for our i iodine and our Iii and How my h wide to spi my for live i in v have the in is to How or How Short n til n u e ire i i n ill d t i in e Purecki Cui dip sum n i on tint the in in inn w thins i Vav n ship jul on Bis of n in i omit tins in n in do Sappy jul tin simple bet Gnu hand Wink and a Minnie Woik for pre Adseh the mime in Ison the sin ill m my fact users with their Little Maili inn their Small c Altal and their Little Toik or go nil Are non using Ili Iven ii i the tit id and who be the so Esse til i n n Thev lie Viil re follows fir from 11 Inu it f in ult or High att Lii Init lit i in v ale nun who have Les Knou ii l in Immi i i p ii it thin is 1 11 n it u me in poll Len s i in us h ivc i Lou m Mal Ile Vonzu in ulu the Fin la of the Tiger or tin i him of tin St Lue ind Iii it 11 i m loped it is these coir a wolds nun who in a to the w ill m Niv n inti it my diligent m Mill i Tun i be the i i. I pow r of their Ipili m ill i my Mill to Etudes of ii Ini working sin ill met of hits ring Boit thit Liev ,111 s l is More goods m inn do inn w crowd of it i r stores in i we k scores of such so ill Iii Hiitt driven to the the of the Niam Niolu stoic Hue to be id if the Ponci will Mike Tilini ins clerks and Grin Onslo allow them Hilp swell his income in Hoit the so ill or Foi minis him in in Poi by lion of come Icil Iii him i i in i in c it Compi Iii u ill lid to Hie Greate Aptil Liki non menu Ion m net Hie Greit i Ipi till to the Small i Lipil Ili to in i on i i i ii i k i p ii til a a 11 Ivi no it i s in Ion Keech r h of i i u Risiti of Oil kind 01 at Iotla i s i Inin i m i a w m l ii ii t i p team Little Holli in Tui oui Socol order m in Litov be coins my to a lad Der of w ii h tile mid lie rounds be Toru it 1 he Ilist St Utt in it 1 is 1 n t Nti in n n i h 11 i i i in by Mii sonic Mil i Job i Ilist Ott t d whup triv no inc ship Nui Nln int t it u i t to i 1 f i o it to num Lursh p am re i tit i r t n tin no nit Ion in pro i and Mil u 1 i in nihrr5 if n it i i l to jul the i result not i 1 Tius t ilk Iii in u u in i t h Hen is m Ipoh cation blink h 1 in in 1 Ihmi o in is n u do it for membership Iii the social demo critic party i i suts n p i m pin p a i i i n s i i i i t Onesti Titi n f the m i ill t 111 t i p i 11 i i i in i i i in ont Lions in Thi i Utu Luu i k in in Toci in do Nick r in in i u v i s name in full fill ii All sell to ii Wott state m5h1zei 618 site St Sci he capitalism and woman deplorable Phrot of fair sex system one it tin d ii a u Iii of life Danili r in i n i i m Nihi i in tin i ii Iii i i -111 i i i 111 ill in n i m in i i f u in i in n in n 1 i i n i i i i Tim i i u h it d i i i i in in n t in in of i i v n i u b ii i i Fon i d t i i t to 111 i i u i i in is of in Mil 11 in thin.-, a o n i i i i n i 01 i i 111 Jinja i o i u i i la 111 11 Iii i Tell t Ili a ii in i i i Ilni i i in 1 i him i is la m tin i i i of i in 1 ilk i l lit i i i i i 1 of till u i i Rimi i i n i i i i Sill i i i ill to Al p 111 1 Iii Illel ii i i 111 1 i i 111 i1 lot of till im1ui Lull 111 a Uhl de tin a pin Chili Ilu Lii ii Iune and Ilin is in in tin still my in l less i ill of Ilu n i to i Uli in it Tui no my i h i it f m in ii bin a Hiil 11 cum in t n Piilini if i r Mil n s l ii i it 111 in i i i i in Tun dim u v he in n r u in n i big in m Siil ii i 11 i Hll h u 1 i 111 i is my ill ill ill to it to u Iii u i in in i la lil n Tun d u i at v. N1 him Iii ii Llull poll Lulli Foi n him u n i ii i Neil a n n u Ith Ilmi n of m in i d in 1_ i h i 1 i i i i i i i ii i 1 111 i mow on 11 n m i tin Bikih nil s ii ii Ilu c in Lull _ i inn i1 Pipi in i u i Liui i hoi i i ii in ii la i Hilll Lill 11 ii 11 i 111 Hull jul Pihi i in Tali of in i n ii Iii Lull ill ill 111 i ii s it i till s inn i b in i Mil in i in do la l n j l inn of dil Tii Cut mid be Ilu i i of mull i Thi v i Ili to ii inn inn Sil mis ims Illus Houst a 11 11 i 1 x Iii Nti in ii i my ill Lull s Sti p Iti Ilii tin a ii inst nip Imilsi in do Trinu in i it Diluci lion lib Ilu big i 1 i unit of the f inn him ins s i ill due a Lii of the Pion i lit his i no the Iii ii of poem Ilu Pill of e Uio Ini Nimtaj in Lillie Init tin Nim Iii of Litt i Lui in Sim to wild c Iii he tint i vein me tin h Jiuu 1 11 built l Iii Iii i h and t in in Kip h i look jul i i Toliu i i Uli my in in h Mil in r Matt oni inh i in Kur just As n Tuii Mil Mil it h it in 1 ill til i n u on i i is ill 1 11 to i of f t Ion in tin in ill Mil of Ilu i it Ili to ii i 1c Llull i Iii i o m1m.t of till my Hulu i Phi i of i Himi to bestial it i Tutti he Ith who is a socialist who is i 1 s Ali nun who s no s to f l in 1 r Alj l p an to b hit i in i i s it lie i i i s i r i us v s to is Iii i r in if i 1 i n in out. T t Ivi t b a Righta try d 1 bicycle sundries and repairing general hardware is i oui go Oil Betoi e of buy sold at lowest possible prices Villa St. Hardware store 1206 Villa Street wis phone 793-1 ring Means f i i in h Tanvi l l toil Loir Uhi r i u 1 to 1 in Lyrelle soil. Inc in Levi l j 1 i t to to Jtj and i i i i i i i in1" t i r if i i i Thi i s is 11 i i i is no More i Ihan in own in ire for in Lurous and to s s r hut t i i i i is s t i that no i i Fahil t inn tin i in of in a Kiiker in 1 r an 1 i i d i n j i r n l if own in Maln a a f r i tis s ii is in 1 i of a i ids Fri to is t w Rei lie Iii ill it ill Iii i 1 Iru the sweets of i 1 in r and the t id Willir Fitt i on his that Al 1111.11 be their share of nor t Lui Bimla slave that one maj seek his pm Wisuri Whu on Thi. Golden Rule shall dare in behold in him the modern Solia at the atom pop Iii he kill Niccols this to real Ifni is not i pit int i in or Man Dei teed a them Lor i n lorm of Poueu socialism is tin Bilut pm is in Abou e Ipi to list if son in evolution is not 11 ii by a Aroln incl c h uis c in i Topio id by Jim 11 in i jul ii i 111 in Suile i m ii sin Lizul Iliesiu Cipiti ism Slusi blues of Hii Inin Iio miss hive sin i mini cub Atli i in inti Iril development v comes a dualism of s i i u ii nun i in v i mass we turn to the Luht Bont ill Tillson is built on tin Toni Pititti Tuzii Irple Socle Luisiii in is the collective Ponnu ple is in India to Iii thit Iii Tilisi is Alibi Cut ii menu to he i 1 n tit to Mankind Vve us the e Froit no to Niovi Low my conditions m inking toil n Lii Jiu produces ool Lect sch but thu ownership of Indus is tit collect ivc Huice the distress of tin Oil Nuil iss a fair question. Collective ownership even pm n t lil i i i Uin tid Dun in uni is i Hubli ii o ill i s i i. Perfi 11 thin it i tin u of thu Noik or will in Luh Tiiu and in pub the ii Urh Nufi mull ii inn it ins Phi r Bun in ill the worlds his Orv before Thi must see to it thit ill tin is. Eng us in Miu to a l the Peop Mil not u i i void few if i f n n n the nut i of i Ting tin Mitis a of me a n i Iio Tiu and i tit f i in it t no t a is Euini i Lin thu Vav i worker i Pudei the d m n it n no of l Nils re v i Tol Ului Uoti to n. N i the in i i sir i Tro Dom i lieu in the u Ilin is Hla r. I1 in what is left now under capitalism t some economic of Acu Lonte Nipoti in of Ouis not a thou bind Milis Ivy in is pit pit Mug itself and its k Uli is with us Imi Puitz to us dist wiil Ali Minim f lets it this Ifcic risks us in i will i it in i ii is i m 11 in a priv 11 inv 11 in lib i ill inc i Mil til the Pipit i Mil ill tin in ins of a toilet Tion b i i 111 n t in i n Ovi i by the col l Iii into i i i i so i i Hisni n v i n it id in drunk like a so i 1 m in mini in u is not i ii and is n t ii in m l i Ott c uis f toll ctn Lodi ii lion will be lilt to Thi in Ople to in Iki thin put Ite pop Erv if Icv i ii i Isi thur i lollies their fun Iii then pots then Vihti Ami t Ible i inn i mid Witlen thu Iron lieu to wins Mil t in is Pho Toffi Iphus in i us i Ditomo Bills horses c Uriu is pleasure Boits toys Uit Ilus bios cars spec gains Combs in vips its and Caus is ii livid so Ai inv things More most pipe own As their private to d n will be ilium own in vate in priv to tin n la its in tent Nob Colv i no Vav ill i it in i Nied or desire to dip Xvi hum t p Sissions and will hive in he Huovi tin use of All ii p no uis of Vii filth Pio Mil de in he to Ipei Itne 1 ibor of the comic Imti is Good houses Good plus in to work my Publ to Etc now line so cheerfully an Svercel pm m i Lair will he kindly answer us m Mcluin w ill he Tell us Lee is i of t Tho overwhelming mass of the p due my working class o a t Fia Artel ail Meins of Muf Ivo Pii Dutton have Heel Takin in the Liu Lorils my the in Itil the 11 t w n Pevito prop Illo Kutason a higher and More Noble life my i 1 n i my of the Plush in sufi Lullu Llull 1 filth of Crowth i in but hip mental and Moi in Hilt i in to them be it or i Vil i i a r room and Utu i .1 w the Liss Bird work and ii i Iii Uii ruins of our p pit mid i e the Power of in urn l i of Qto unlike that which tin i Iii to u id n in i Uii rip higher and i in Niue Jiobu Marshall. I res ent in Mon of economics a preacher socialist time to end present system Sayi Denver Cleroy Man. Henrj i Nikki i in of Denver for Manj Jears Pat Tor of Bethany in Pkt Church has come out strongly for what lie forms Christian socialism save i demur Piper tint the Iii Tuple of Broth Erh Ine As taught in Holst is a much i put of Sou Ilcisin is to is of Chris my tint the Tine solution of present St be 01 minds in thu Reiling of i1 Ili Istir involve i s the 11011 i la isl l Uhl Lull substitution Thi i i i u in inti u h in in i com India to inti the i inn i Muriam ins an no uncivil tint i c Scio Silil in the future Calm Emte ills Inonu up ment re it in a g sins Ilion ills Imi Ioui lenient in part was. I in tend to Ulvog. Ite socialism in a Down town in l on sum in v Diuver in huh of Hist in socialist Fellowship his in in established and its ii Litton i in in tint i w11 Inu i lie inline motto in the so Neil of in Lustre is each inn Lui a Milf ind the take tin him St Hie Ohio Stan Spir it i Inni Thull it i 11 c with stud a Sistini Mil in huh tune to end it Iron l x i of Linet co in cent to us i it the we to tins end Ven tie u h it in the of socialism. Not Riih Misti Imti but Deli icon Cyas i m kinds so i ilium eau ment of tin Ali by tin Popli and for the i m i i ingot it St Ilone with the enormous it Moalc inequality that is so i ilk d a f it r of our time this inequality Cincot be attributed to in do Duil in a Billyj or Ihli genre its explanation is sign ply that under Thi pus int a few hive the legit Raj rat to the multitude that n is Omil Entov to the Ideal of Deir Irao As it is to the Ideal of Chest vanity the or i Makham said to a re Porter i this question will cause imitation Niue it the clergy of this Countis within the Neit few years the tune is must the Cleigh of the whole country their influence to Ward a is Lutious of the present in dust Al Piooli in and they will United by find Anil develop the it solution along the of brotherly love As preached by Timis Christ hns Tiamu Sinnot successfully abound in the hearts and Hes of All under the present spin me of Industrial life the olt Dili Iti in question can a Man list i1 Ssan in business and stil he i thai Oinui Christi inv one Aust ii unti conditions thit answer Mii to be in dual All ten nos Are workup to Ward the goal of soil ism i lie lick in evolution in i i Idun achievement of this p Ortii us in Koil Malonff these lines in belief Mil Accordini to in Istle the Oij All monopolies should governed in and Foi the people As a whole president although a re Public in nil in ill i no circumstances can he be lied i so canst is Aid ing the a Iii of Soti ilium to a marked degree his politics Are All along these lines a dualism ind speak of them in "in1 Beith is they both the pc Eit Pimp Lyle of Broili Eil Imiru Iilva Iii Mph Alons these lines until do House of mammon. Plenty makes i poor the cd cil s la turn every vol in u pm him in a simple in an Euh Wil my Lipo Creti to lorm it moves in Uio is i Irele in the contradictions Neil i in it in Iii it Beni Ilc to them so that it Thi of tint h it a Mph do. Or pretends to a i i tin i in lion to Cert in born of Ter Senate of the United states so named by a congressman tulu a i unt of the of the i s11.1 Ben Ite but their Way t this is the opium p into Mph in an ext Cudtud congressman John m who rises to excoriate the upper Blanch of the nation Al As a House of Alau Winou nothing is Sild about a Den of thieves that is Litt to be inferred or Prou Eik in Del no to make Good Ilius re tint Hilf the members of the spin e line thur campaigns financed by the trusts ind Are in fact the a Reitzie. Of the a Coupon tons and bound to do tin in or was tint 1 to lit Uon it hems known by nil who Eji to ind i irs to heir butt is pc l to Hiu sin h a pointed Anil emphatic Sti temp it Tome from Mem Ber of con is. Pm if the do trip is thus mule direct it Lints no room for doubt ii not line the Senate would in i n i i i i n Imi itself Guch a i Upu ii i my upon its Honor in t u Ine Iii of n inordinate body h i the the Eno t i i Niton states tinder can in i i i i n i i ill Honor it is ulu u in in h s i i no i 11 it is in i ill no Root Sochi m i Irh Ili inane hosts that will i it Vii peal to reason

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