Racine Daily Herald in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Jul 1931

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Racine Daily Herald in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Jul 1931

Read an issue on 16 Jul 1931 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Daily Herald.

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Racine Daily Herald (Newspaper) - July 16, 1931, Racine, WisconsinMore and less Grain. St 6. K also it not to the heavens that we fault look in the Majestic end unfaltering March the i taste for Lemons the fulfilment the Laws the mate rial world. All about As there Are Lofti agencies just As exacting Ana the which Are an destructive to interests As chaos would be in the terrestrial world. When a Farmer violate the Laws vegetable growth his feet be come Poison to the soil and barrenness and desolation follow his footsteps. The richest parts the Earth which were the gardens the old world by Man s Perve cae system husbandry have Long since become a desert. Disobedience to god s Laws whether they be moral physical material Are followed As in flexibly by expulsion from the Garden As though it were specially enumerated in the decalogue. It is a matter indifference so far As the Prosperity the Northwest is con the 800 bar plus Corn and half that amount wheat be shipped to oar Atlantic states to Europe. It is As certainly impoverish ing the country As the stopping time. The Earth a unlike the Sun which is never exhausted by giving. It is undying a decaying and in perennial glory rectified and Vivi fies the Earth and like its maker changes not. We need not go to old world to illustrate the Folly and wickedness Belling the Cream Tho Earth to feed the hungry. Fifty eight years ago i travelled through Western new York a d the Western Reserve in Ohio. On the newly under drained lands the former state Aud the Virgin soil the latter every Farmer vainly imagined he was getting Rich by raising the finest wheat and exporting it. At enormous Cost. At that period those soils were capable producing Large crops especially grass an acre which would pasture a cow steer. The Quality that soil has departed with the annual shipments wheat. Long since Bow Ever the Wiser and More prudent saw the inevitable result they immediately commenced to bring it Back to its original Fertility by the use Commer Cial fertilizers and the prudent accumulations and use barn Yard and Green manures. And this practice has had its partial Success. Bat the largest portion those Beautiful sections country under unwise management Are still re ceding in productiveness. Lately a very reliable writer and close observer Ohio informs us that r it takes five acres in the Reserve to pasture a cow a steer. The same policy which has rendered almost Barren the fairest portions the Earth in other places is As Celia Only being done in Iowa. Skimming the soil Iowa its Cream by shipping away millions bushels unprofitable wheat and covering our farms with 10 per cent Moi gages have Al ready brought our people to the door bankruptcy. To change our policy it is hot Neces sary that our Farmers should Rush Pell Mell like a Herd frightened sheep into Dairying any other particular Branch agriculture. There Are thou Sands ways the energies our ers might be directed profitably. Not one third pasture enough is now furnished to the hogs raised annually in the state. Too much Grain is fed to them in summer for either health profit. There is not one tenth the Early Cut and sweetly cured Hay now fed to neat cattle Flat could be profitably done. Many the Idle hours in Winter should be spent in manipulating and preparing such feed for Stock in warm quarters. More flesh Bone muscle and fat can be put in this Way than by feeding raw Corn with Stock standing in mud Snow exposed to the Borean blasts. More steers should raised and fully prepared for Market our Small farm instead being sold in a lean and Lank condition to huge Stock feeders. For this purpose the Small farms must be radically changed and improved from their present condition. And this leads us to the main question grass. The popular question is what kind grass seed should be sown for past ure and Meadow for pasture our experience dearly Learned is to sow All kinds and varieties you can possibly obtain follow the lessons taught by nature. Truly in pest Are variety is the spice abundantly larger crops can be raised greater variety food furnished and diversity grasses will almost Certo ittle guarantee a Suc cession Good pasture from Early Spring to mid Winter As to the Quan Tity seed per acre the Best advice is sow All the seed you have and be Oare Fol Tot it is not spread too wide. But the Field Here widens and our limited time forbids us indulging in our favorite ideas this subject. Grass King. In its direct Money value and a All its collateral and in direct benefits it is Orth More to the world than All the Cereal crops combined. Its direct is nothing in com Parison to its Indin it value in the in fluence it has in preserving the Fertility our farms by Ite manorial wealth in All its forms. Without the modest grass which we tread under our feet the Earth would soon become a Barren waste uninhabitable for Man beast. And we Are prepared to say that no Man can thrive a farm can be grass a wholly Negl toted 03 advantage is not taken Stock raised other grass farms it is supposed by Many that Only such soil As is not fit for cultivation in the cereals Root should be devoted to grass. This is a mistake. We can afford to take our Bent soils for the production this crop and this is the real plan bringing them up to the highest Point Fertility. It Only pays to the Best crops and with All the Richness our Virgin soil our Best about half a the farms that thousand years it will require t our prese Only attain to Sparnon whith tilled Jor a Worku land Dof Cades to Render our farms equal to the mullein Fields Virginia the Trolina. Our salvation from such a result de pends upon the practical recognition the old belgian proverb no grass no cattle no cattle no manure no manure no a District country like ours which is capable producing All the grasses cereals and roots in prolific abundance has within itself the elements Independence a Well As the sources private and National wealth. It can live within itself de pending in a very limited degree upon other districts for the excl Iange a few articles. On such a soil As ours the Farmer has at hand the it ans to secure whatever he desires to apply the proverb just quoted he Mua Corn cattle and manure. Grass and Stock husbandry in a country prolific Corn As Well As grass is the most Independent Branch Man s occupation Earth. And herein consist our great a vantages Over any nation the old world. The preservation the Fertility our soils and consequently the in creased production the cereals can Only be profitably secured by grass extensively. France outside her Vine Yards is poor in with England Germany Holland. The soil England Germany naturally is not equal in Fertility to that France yet their crops Are nearly double per acre to that the latter country. In France the manure one acre grass has to be diffused Over two and to half acres Grain while in England one acre Grain receives the fertilising products j three acres grass. England adopts nature s Laws in her system husbandry while France is robbing the Earth its Fertility and starving her half fed peasants. An intelligent system farming must be adopted Here. And Thor Ough plan Stock and Grain husbandry there is no More limit to the capability these Rich Prai in lands that Tretch away in almost endless perspective than there is in the acorns that exist n the atmosphere the Waters the Ocean the rocks the solid Earth. We must have More grass. Not the coarse sour useless grass our sloughs jut Sweet nutritious hat Inake milk butter and cheese grasses which make the higher order and Mutton. Grasses a Yich will develop the highest Type that noblest animals next to , the horse. Grasses which will produce that animal which is worshipped More than the Bird hog. Suggestions about serving dinner. We take the following from mrs. S w. Oakey s hints to Young House in the midwinter Scribner the table should be carefully Olds the table cloth in line two Large napkins placed at the h and and foot the table with joiners to the Center every plate wiped before being set upon he table the Glass clean the Silver polished the Salt cellars filled with fresh sifted Salt. A Little stamp upon the Salt improves the appearance when the plates Are Laid two corks should be put the left hand a knife and a soup spoon the right Large spoons crossed at each Salt Collar and Salt spoons the top tumblers and wine glasses the right Hance at each plate a Napkin folded with a piece stale bread within its folds the soup plates placed n the plate at the head the table Rad the Napkin in tie upper one. Soup ladles Gravy spoon and carving knife and Fork go before the mistress ish trowel if there is fish for Gravy spoon and carving knife arid Ork before the master if there is no soup no ladle if no nth no trowel if 3ut one dish meat but one carving knife and Fork. Of you have neither fruit nor Flowers a Bow with bits ice makes a pretty Center. The Side table should be Laid with a White cloth the Silver plates Finger bowls that will be needed during dip Ner arranged tastefully upon it fhe castors a Pat butter with ice upon it and one two spare napkins making it a pretty object. When the soup is the table let the waitress come Qvie try and Eay dinner is served a Good waitress makes no noise. She will stand at the dining room door till the family has passed in and then take her place by Bier mistress to handle soup. When the soup course is Over the waitress takes off the plates one in each hand and takes them to the pantry to a tray outside the door. Permit no Pil ing plates As they Are taken from the table nor allow the soiled plates to be placed the Side table. As the soup is removed hot plates should be ready for fish meat and As the waitress places the hot plate b Afore the diner she removes the cold plate to the Side table. Fish should be served no vegetables. Salad is tie Only thing allowable with fish. If broiled a Lemon Cut in quarters should be handed to be squeezed upon the fish unless fish sauce is preferred. With Salmon thinly Cut slices Cucumber dressed with Pepper Salt and should be served. Before the fish is removed the fish trowel and spoon should be taken off a tray plate before the meat is removed the carving knife and Fork and Gravy spoon should be carefully taken a plate tray. After the meat and plates Are j moved the unused Silver should be Laken off then the Salt cellars. The table being cleared the crumbs should be taken off with a Crumb knife with a Napkin upon a plate then the spread napkins should be taken Oft by the four Corners. Place upon the table the dessert plates and spooned and Forks if for pud Ding sweets any kind if for fruit a plate with a coloured doily a Finger bowl and a Silver knife and Fork. If Coffee is served it should be placed a tray with Coffee cups and sugar it the the table. The old fashion a polished and Bare table for fruit is gone out except where an elaborate table and men servants Are a French jeweler in 1870, sold a lady set giving a Itten pro Pise to Tole the they not Fie wore pm six years a suced Foi something a newer fashion. The courts have finally decided that he must do so and a Lon Don tribunal has rendered a similar judgment where the customer wore a Diamond ring three years before return ing it. A mighty Bear Hunter. A Sonoma county Gal Exchange says Thomas Porter tells us that Syl Vester Scott visited his Buckeye ranch one week ago last Friday and that up to that time a single Hunt he had killed thirteen bears and one Panther. Or. Scott is the most successful boar Hunter in California and his Fame has gone Forth far beyond the state his adoption. A Hunt with Scott the Trail Bruin is an event interest in the life the most experienced sports Man . Scott is a Farmer and Stock Raiser and quite a character in his Way he is an old settler in Sonoma having raised a family a ranch in the mount Ains. Although about 40 years age he has done his share in reclaiming and populating the wilderness. He and two his neighbors have built a school Bouse for their District and furnished Ite census Roll which comprises thirty nine children Scott s contribution in fourteen. He and his boys by then own labors have fenced his ranch com prising in one tract acres. Dur ing the Idle Winter months Scott always indulges his passion for Bear Hunting he has a pack Twenty five trained hounds and when he starts the he scours the mountains for Miles about his Stock until not a Trace the ence a live Bear can be found. A Campaign frequently lasts for a month Seldom less than ten Days a fortnight and rarely results in the killing lest than a dozen bears. Scott is a most remarkable pedestrian. Put Leary Weston beside him a Trail a Bea in the Hills and he will walk their leg off and break every Bone in their Bodie in a Day. He always goes foot keep up with the hounds and is hand to close with Bruin As Boon As the dog Bay him. How he gets Over the ground so fast is a mystery and How he slide i Down Rocky and precipitous descents a he does every Day when the Trai without Ever being injured is a Wonde to his companions. A couple English tourists accompanied i j last Hunt. On their return they wer i loud in their admiration and wonder one them declaring that in following j a sportsman s Bent around the world h 3 had never met such another Hunter no r experienced such exciting sport Elst where. Sentence the Glasgow Batik swim if a. The High court judiciary Assen bled at half past 10 to pats sentence c a the directors and managers. Lew s Potter and Robert Summers Stronach i were each sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment and John Stei Art Robert Salmond William Tavlos Inglis and John Innes Wrig t were sentenced to eight months imprisonment. The lord Justice Cler to in passing sentence Potter arct Stronach said he thought it was Rig it to say in explanation the Senten e which he pronounced that had to e other two charges in the indictment in either them been proved it Wou d have imposed the court the duty f inflicting a very severe punishment because those charges not Only inf t crime very great magnitude but the y would have brought into the Case tiie element personal advantage Asti e motive. For the rest the act who ii they were convicted was one which the y committed for the Benefit the Bank but that did not remove it from t a category far from it i a deed. In sentencing the other prison a ers the lord Justice clerk said that t in court had looked at the distinct n made by the jury and As they had be n already confined since october in a sentence eight monies would meet the ends Justice. Jjck sentences were received in court with evident Marks disapprobation ill the prisoners except Stronach seem 3d relieved when they heard the Lightn is the paper. The grist tax m Italy so much co n planned by the italian Millers Yie fled last year Chew the celebrated matchless Wood tag Ping tobacco. The fion Kett tobacco company new York Boston and Chicago. A co0o% com sore Throat requires Immediata attention As neglect oftentimes results in borne incurable lung disease. Bbown s boo Nimati Boches almost invariably Kive Relief. 25 cents a Box. No better judge musical , the opinions musicians re spec Hng them than Theodore Thomas he says the halon Harnon Cabinet organs Are much the Best this class instruments made and that musicians agree in this Chew Jackson s Best Fawett Navy tobacco. Advert line in the Worril Sincl for circular Witti full free. Begaii a Foster w Street new York a setae lint local nor Jude Bra Spirato a taps Wilh publishers Kab Sedule a a suttion to Cash customers mailed free Tom Cut. Add truss newspaper advertising Bureau 10 Spruce new York Type it ii Miro Agate Judd nonpareil for Onwu urine adv Fri a meals 1 for a cent address Leo p Kruwell 4 co., new York. Hilbert Rob Barnhill Toton. A. A nov a Ulm profit. Anu adm no month and expo Soa Quarant Ted to outfit trap. Bhaw a co Auuusta. Maine. Cob it it am it. To. Call Tea care n j d ,134 Clark it b him Itu re it Raver fulls. Plan Leasand w ill rely he any cured in from in to 80 to Cimias y. Pm Beuie. Is. Chicago. Agents. Read this a agn to a pc Ikiyo t expenses m allow a Liege cot Mission to sell oui new fat d wonder fit inventions. Wei attn u.1iat be qty. Sam ple a Drew seb Kmak k co., . Mich. Awnings tents with uproot Slana window shades a Kkt i i sunlit by. T i Lingo. To r ii i 4c, disc ago weekly Tei Ppd is Rei Independent in politics Biliet spicy and enter Rei ind upend in Long mailed dts Piid for in cents a air real Dent Nugenta it anted t forms and Sample copies Bent Fra teen graph Silay eur address f elegant pm to Lucca a. Agents wanted everywhere to sell to f _ Largo Eon Suins Jaie est in 1lif to entry to and terms the Best nun Iilda nil unto lilt Coj Irpa r u t n it y f q Box s56u t popular Melody in the opera flt lir unt i in Terri. Own help in Mitu Tilix ser lob ill Muld i Pees a Wau and a figure by like fragility m nine cases it ten Trio result disease by Many fashion Ible Belles it is considered a special comp Luiei t to to spoken As frail and tiie it that he naturally delicate face and pit tit it tie Yery different from the Pale Aud ii trick cd faces that meet us the City Thoro High fares look tit from tie luxuriant car rag s wealth a j Glide languidly through Oil wed drawing rooms. If disease we re Unfall Ion Able a it ought to to not a lady in the lint bin would take every possible precaution to be suit the fresh Blooming face Aud Weh Rondlet Fig ure that Only health can give. Ladies Buou i re member that much As gentlemen May fees to Admire the face and form paled Aud pm amt by disease when they choose a tue pre Fer Boom Iris healthful buoyant suited woman. Or Kerce s m a the acknowledged Standard remedy for it Astle disease and Aea Kneaves it Baa the two Fol i advantage curing the local disease Audun cart ing a rigorous tone to the system. It u Elia by drug Vista. that Insi foe to life and health a Cholula maybe an by the Aid and act web s a system Trace Sero Foloi eruptive and othe de condition the which it remedies carbuncles Bilionis women Goat and rip r Here you Cdr Birta Tive idies Salt Leum Emeji pure teas. Liluis Honor six Hii Ile Luc up to in m pianos 1 ire mkndft.3 i Lano co Al 1. I5t i Street n truth is m1chtv1 v.. W my it Kwh lock thu. Mil m Pimm .1 i w h initiate save a Dollar wit Honi Moor pud is Tom debt find in find the Durer to Niti Lenl disco very Tho ask for this Anil j thur Lonn address Fitce Ono dolls Pamn Litls mailed tree Lottel for Ono add Tbs . A. Tom by All Cabinet organs Bat by Ulah kor honors All Woehls expos Mon Kob twklvh1 years fix. At Pic is , Fiji Fiaoo. Isth l h liihlpau.1676 Paris. 1818 and band by Init a Diu 1878 Only Efer awarded honors at aay Aab. Bold for menu illustrated and Rousara. Nee style Anil Prit an mat frn i Mason a Eia Mlih new York Ohio too _ a fonts for Back from the Mouth hell Wise mid full lie r 1 the by Trutt Yanit ii Ivl Eye Tutti Woritt Samantha As a p. A. And p. I. Tiv to Broe Brig stunt links agents Cun put to Louse bin Kab in tier nowhere Bart terms Addiss Lor a enc publish co . Ilium go. Ill _ _ 3bxttet Bay state Organ direcl1 from factory and save Akanu comm Mann. Two full Seu a teds with a Dieato 9 drops for warranted. Other it j its very 1 m correspondence solicited Iti lamp St. Masonic suppl tos for i Olges ind Coinman Deitra Uri u by in a co f bus at for i ire Knitli s Templar a Moi is a specially. Military soc Tail Ard firemen s Grodt. Huldiah an eight pice the National to flirt St to tag interests pensioners Iso Diore and sailors and their Lii irs also Ctm Tali in tees tag Imily leading i Ico Wijt f to clubs a proper blink to Comet Ninon it due under new Ait blahs pro Sion Lii t i Numor a Quai to re Tat r at fat Ribers Wiy and 5 tech cd filed ii pension Olbete it Thorit dumber he a Pennen Otey 101 a u. If i mow a v Tab fun 3 i i is the old re Uible concentrated Lye for family soap making mrs Eich can for making it is full Jasd strength the nitrile to i flooded Aith Socillio concentrated Lye w Ucli is adulterated with out and Rosin an j icon i Maat Sarx but tub Saponi Fier made by the Pennsylvania Salt manuf g co., corsets it k u i 11 l it Paris i Iii Noth i r hip Collet i ii to in Jeanith by Obser in Boft Ann Lxi. In and no Bonea. to to Warsky s51 the Richmond Pink prints Are p Intel Strong cloth in two lately fast they will not fade by we Hulk the Only Cenie Natal medal for pinks give up to these goods after thirty rears this Are admitted to be Best Fin t made. If you wet hone to goods remember and by y them Willob s compound pure cob Linyee Oil and Lime. To to their testimony in favor the use pare i fid Larrr Oil at d fax pretence has proved it to to a valuable remedy for c Sii caption. Asthma diphtheria and All diseases to e Throat and Lunfors manuf Donl Yby a b Wilbor Cue met Boiton sold by All dragging to cos to few. Kat. E will r seminaries nor Nuj and schools Octavo choruses. A Tel ended Stock obese h it Cost Ima can Tisins n. F Allic a Cileo oratorio other chorus Qimat t part sonic Lioy Are much used by hoi Otlea for Occi Plonta try i. Do7en f Send for list Send 10 Lor oar full Book catalogue Ini est g cts for one m us Cal in Cord for a tear. Oliver Rit Sorf co., Boston. C. H. Dillon co., 711 it 843broadtot.tt.t. 1 Jug Chestnut St. Shija. Brick whih Lurya s a Serji kinds 1 circular and Price it address Jahr lahlc.murtnc1 Len twee stove polish not Beattty Pollok so Linborg Iiron. It och Juneann cd. You by wilos., Cauto ii it Tny Frond Ineuzea lob Nat inn Lizott Cui in dirt a Loicl Alec Jour Diu Galst for it 11 Lul cents Mouer s a cod Uvell Oil pure. Pronounced the Hest the get medical world Oivin inf la is War jut tit world s and to Paris told 11. Vic co. By Hunt s remedy. F s rom Katf cures ind Hunt s we euros pain in the bide blk Uinins and nit d s 10 kidneys hand Dpi and Iii airy i in Gina. Hunt s reme Rel ices sleep Irelta an a braces lip twin system void renowned health is . Send for Kkt. Prov Inneo. R. I. I a i Al u tit stack snap did in sole books Strid he Galla. Liow by no nude Lon. Find will fit a Ilion p ices a Mio Clynce for a still Al r lob air. A sonic Palm .7.h Len id 1j fur nil j i it Del y a Ham b Faure fill pics Bend for circa Lojis Bron a t Nalei by. Paul Lyrl a Zinith in in Dnn w Midden a 1. Jury i. Ii medic meet to Belay. The original Only genuine threshers with in roved mounted horse Powers. And steam Thresher Englee made ily Nichols Shepard cd Battle cake a a Day to Anota for my f ire aide . Ten a and ont flt vow a4. Dream p u viol key. Auguata. Maine. Tittl a t3 Purll Culbre he e k it ult tonally. Or. Let Ilell Raar too. Pun for to caul oct s m a Naff Iff habit skin Dise Abka 1 1 Lei wac Pricita Dozot 4ujiifiulu f a Blessing Organ Idov Wotli Itiat a Chart w w Johnson Tii Ain Satin aft to Realier the. Dint he Banc unit a tinny save a Viand All ult atry Lor rapid to if out Lus and for into rum 6 rain Raue raft Nat submit to the i a Liu Niilyn w rec Ilia other Macb Fues Wilca ouch Loat cil t Ursuca. Ftak entire and Luil 1 1 i d 1 huh null can in Iii u ten kluft Praia cd 1 to Liao Lui inf to Tho Rater Rel ill 111.4 in in stun Tom. 1 i and All each time in Rah g an i crato what Luff Romp cat Loua. Pc termly All Tula am Ralu Wior Dir Orilio it Usu us hot Kofity vastly Superior for wheat 1 and s Ita Urai i i in t 10 v Cranful 1 Linsmier in Fiji , Lull it and no Mal ack Meall r to from Oral Salaili. M a and Cara. Of Luu Oil r in t hum a tar fade rang from Hajt to Welte Olaaf Aud two Itsue you Utah Home pow Ira a team i it hapa Rator m Mai Buatti i War. Id steam Ember la it Lebu 1 Hulln Cut Tir a Vimr mate at i Cpd. In Tomro Alfh Tell Gnu Mir tur outta a our Rowh. Send Tat circular to m d Chicano. ice Vivlin played. Price agent Moley in prom a secret Well Worth Tea coat. D cents to Holmes Moore. Uick Bol Davenport. P Ian do s17.t Hohri Don t full to lend far illustrated circular _ rare . Stand Tailo an Corn most productive Wayand dram crops yet introduced each in pack and drum i w. he. Fresno oily. California. To u n c m in Monib at i v then Tina Jan Savylla to. Kippers Huin _. In re town in Tjui so .1 month. Book _ Baxter 17 7 Walls. K. T. Moat Sucre full Atandare the Smith air it i their instruments value a u All Hie leading markets the world recognized As the finest in tons. Over 8o.ooo made anal in dec. New beat work and Iowa it Tricca Send for a catalogue. Tremant 51, Opp Gajtka St pen and 5.0 0 0 pie s unlimited advertising at a n Tost. Autographic Lolita. A ind professional Man have shia j also minus Octura Singer ser inf Macu inet tit Lech let county for the in. Tar inc Are to my Buyerl r to any Vuk Al in Chi tronc Tenn and Wilo our conds for tie Clit a forty lab firn discount Ara Aan plea prices and full part Muli lie prompt Jou May Mew 86 for it unit Street Chicago i. in cac h v to Skf-r., by y a Tickes. No Money i Quinard till made i will Aorl a unlit Villi to Alve Idjao. Mail. Poh Lyald re i in 15 n Good Opi not Unity for agent to add u Ali income walkout rial Ono cent Wilts Lor pm curs to to. Moi i Imam 11, Rance t o., new York teas All the 1 be vet Best Foode direct Frim the in at Hilf the Napial Crit eve. I furred to Lub and Lurke i Mars All exl Hobt. Cazau Gaul terms tie great Aero Tea conic any by Nurt Street. York. To cured free i a infallible and Ninx yelled remedy Tot i anti led t Ortr r p pm to a Boot to a l 1-.knianr.nt cure free Boll unowned Kim culo and Val male treat Isott Anjer sufferer Send inc hit and dream. Agents wanted Foft the history world it Fine historical Etc ravines and it i in tie do Cohun it get and la Trio Moat ill. World Evernue Wishon. It Rella at night Bend in Nazrea and Torma to Addimae Nall Onat Pool Torino c Cut Capo i How to bet them in to. . For afe. For Rno Ilam Tattu e. J. Tel Lahore. Lamp corny Stylita Lam. Afflicted with scr Fula hip disease us Cerous Soros a abscesses a lofty swelling psoriasis goitre necrosis. Eczema diseased Bones please Send their address . I Mustang survival the fittest family medic is that has ihuion9 bar Liq 33 Fermi a for every to Ovid Man and beast i Kveum made in a Erica. Sales Laxo Ethah x7sk. The mexican Volt Nunt in can known for Indio limn till Rwjr a is us bunt All in menu for n Anil ik-u8t, us rules Torii than Ever. It cures All i others fail and ten Don i land mu8.-ie, to us Bone. I every where. R. C n u. 10 Stew. Mut Row in paper

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