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Racine Daily Advocate (Newspaper) - May 25, 1853, Racine, Wisconsin Escape of s010mon Horthrup a right in the great Lacondria swamp concluded i the dogs had not gained upon me since i struck the water. Evidently they were confused. Now their Savage intonations grew More and More Distant assuring me that i was leaving them. Finally i Stop Ped to rest and listen but the Long howl came booming in the. Air again telling me that i was not yet Safe. From bog to bog where i had stopped they could still keep on my track though impeded by the water. At length to my i came to a wide Bay on and plunging in and soon stemmed its sluggish current to the other Side. There certainly the dogs would Bra confounded the current carrying Down the Stream All traces of that mysterious scent which enables the Quick smelling hound to follow in the track of the pursued. After crossing this Bayou the water became so deep that i could not run. I was now in what i afterwards Learned was the great Pec Ondria it was filled with immense Sycamore the gum. The Cotton Wood and Cypress and extends. Lam informed Tho shores of the Calca Sion River. Eft thirty or forty Miles it is without an inhabitant save wild the Bear the wild cat the Tiger and great Slimy reptiles that were crawling through it every where. Long before 1 reached the Bayou in fact from the time i struck the water until i emerged from the swamp on my return these reptiles surrounded me. I saw hundreds of Moccasin snakes. Every log and trunk or fallen tree Over which 1 was compelled to step or climb was alive with them. They crawled away at my approach but some times in my haste i would almost place Rny hand or foot upon them. They Are a poisonous bite More fatal than the rattle Snake s. Besides. I had lost one shoe the sole having come entirely Ofle leaving the upper Only dangling to my an Cle. 1 saw also Many no gators great and Small lying in the water or on piece s of float Wood. The noise i made would Usu ally startle them when they would move off and plunge into the deepest sometimes however i would come directly upon a monster before observing in such a crises i would Start Back rim a Northwest direction my object being to strike the Pine Woods in the Vicinity of master Ford s. Once within the Shadow of his Protection i Felt i would be comparatively Safe. My clothes were in tatters my hands face and body covered with scratches received from the Sharp knots of fallen Trees and in climbing Over piles of Brush and flood Wood my Bare foot was full of thorns. I was be smeared with muck and mud and the Green slime that had collected on the surface of the dead water in which i had been immersed to the neck Many times during the Day and night. Hour after hour and tiresome indeed had they become i continued to plod along in my Northwest course. The water be gun to grow less deep and the ground More firm under my feet. At last 1 reached the a Doedre Tho same wide Bayou i had swam while outward i swam it again and shortly after i thought that 1 heard a cock Crow but the sound was faint and it might have been a mockery of the. Ear. The water receded from my advancing footsteps now Iliad left the bogs behind me now j was on dry land that gradually ascended to the Plain and i knew that i was somewhere in the great Pine official c. l of till City. Kilt of am i uni Kii Tylik. Avid mesday 31obmxc 3iay 23, 1833. . At no time has the cause of True i Iii nil of Hui misty by in to hopeful a wore genuine spirit of Oen Querney Jire Vail ing Neil Light hint now kindles upon the tops of tic mountains Squill yet descend upon is in a Golden Day. Lint Limni u t lat fonts and austrian despotism nil Imperial us Eros. And political tyranny can no longer Avail to Stav the Progress of Kree i Riidu Isles and to control the Roii Cienci is Ami honest convictions of men. The exercise of this Putin Power in the old George Smith i Banks. Papers in the state and out of it and among the latter the St. Let ii Republican and Thomp son s Bank note reporter arc warning on people against the issues of these irresponsible Ond the efforts of Smith to control our currency. We entirely Greb with the stale it Critter in the following timely remarks we have no reason to change our opinion in regard to this project of George Smith to Rule out the Bills of the Banks established under the banking Law of on state. Now that we have a so Stern of on own which is designed to be perfectly Safe to the Bill Holder we think our people should frown Down this Effort to Force n circulation of these foreign Bills upon in to the detriment of Ous Home Banks whose managers have gone to the expense of paying a heavy Premium for the Purchase of Strelis satisfactory to the comptroller arc compelled to pay n tax of one per cent while this Atn limit a concern has no other Security Tymn the word of George Smith for their redemption and whose circulation cannot be taxed the first red cent. Hon. I. P. Of the democratic journals of our state we no Tice arc warmly engaged in canvassing the merits of this is Tutor so that there is a fair Prospect of his Good and bad Quale ties becoming Well known. The nuke Sofia Chrono Type Hopes he May live Long to represent our state and her Sterling democracy at the Capitol of the nation with the Saint ability and faithfulness that have hitherto marked his senatorial the state Joey Istir finds fault with this endorsement and insists that he has mis re presented Tho democracy As a whole. Thereupon it goes into a review of the Public life of or. Walker and proves him one of Tho most contemptible of Dei iut we have no great Deal of interest in these family quarrels and no great for them and Only cull attention to this one. As showing what is the spirit that pre vails in the midst of the harmonious de Short Way round and in that manner shun them. Straight Forward they will move a Short distance very fast but do not possess the Power of turning. In a crooked race j there is no danger of them. About two o clock in the afternoon i heard the last of Tho hounds probably they did not Cross the Bayou. Wet and weary but relieved from the sense of in j Ron curated u staut peril i continued on More caution will work together for and afraid however of the snakes and alligators than i had been in the earlier pen Tion of my flight. Now before stepping into a Muddy Pool 1 would strike the to. World which forges heavier Clui ins and bind them move tightly on the limbs of its subjects which stills the cry for Liberty by the head Man s axe and banishes free speech from it resistance of on tin subject of oppression Here lit Home the sneer it what is termed abolitionism the Compro Mises and slave Laws designed to Perpe Tomt Tor with a stick if the water moved. Would go round it if not i would venture through. At length the Sun went Down and Grai Biilly night s trailing Mantle shrouded tin great swamp in darkness still i Sli Imor de on. Fearing every instant i Shoula fee the dreadful sting of the Moccasin or b crushed within the jaws of some disturbed Alligator. The dread of them almost e dulled the fear of Tho pursuing hounds the Moon arose after a time its mild Ligh creeping Down through tha overspread ii branches loaded Down with Long Pundi i Moss. I kept travelling Forward hoping All the while that 1 would soon emerge into some Isis desolate and dangerous Region Init after Midnight. But the water grew de Pei and the walking More diff Milt than Ever. I perceived that it would be impossible to proceed much further and knew Over what hands i might fall into if should succeed in reaching a human Habi tation. Not provided with a any White Man would be lit Liberty to arrest me and place me in prison until such time As my master should prove pay charges and take me a an stray and if so in Fiji mate is to meet a Law abiding citizen of Louisiana he won deem it his duty to his neighbor perhaps to put me in the Pound. Really it was Dill cult to determine which 1 had most to fear dogs alligators or men. After Midnight however 1 came to a halt. Imagination cannot picture the dreariness of the scene the swamp was resonant the i to quacking of innumerable ducks since the foundation of the Earth in All. Probability n human footstep had never before penetrated the recesses of the swamp it was silent now silent to a degree that rendered it oppressive As it was when the Sun was shining in the heavens. My Midnight intrusion had awakened the weathered tribes which seemed to throng the morass in hundreds of thou Sands and their garrulous throats poured Forth such multitudinous sounds there was such a fluttering of wings such sul plunges in the water All around me that i was affrighted and appalled. All the fowls or the air and All the creeping things of the Earth appeared to have As together in that place the Purve property. 1 was pose of filling it with clamor and confusion. Not by. Human dwellings not in crowded cities alone Are the sight and sounds of life the wildest places. Of the Earth Are full of them. Even in the heart of that dismal swamp god had provided a Refuge and a dwelling place for millions of living things. The Moon had above the Trees and 1 resolved upon a new project. Thus fur i travelled As near South As Possi ble. Turning about i now proceeded in a they show what Are the tendencies which arc designed loan Cost but which they Only decelerate. Mind is being Misscare thinking. To cover was there so much fret thought is now. This shall pm body itself ii substantial action and then to to us potion the world Over free Soili sni. Which supposed to bar. Been annihilated never was so Strong and Vig Orous is Barl so Strong n hold on the hearts of the masses of the people. The. Slave Tower has not triumphed forever Noi shall its odious Iii Lity Rule Over this heritage of the free. When the great question is Liberty or slavery we know How the american people will decide. Pres Wiiest i Kirce is taking great pains n my using immense exertions to unite and Koc together the harmonious democracy. But the elements Are so discordant Nind interests so conflicting we fear he will hardly succeed in his benevolent undertaking. There Are a great Many who want office and it nil who i ave been promised some share of the spoils for the part they have played. The cannot All be served and so there will b grumbles and fault finders. And there arc Lin Riu and of the latter in one sense More of the former in another whose rival claims arc to be considered and so administered upon As that the Union shall be preserved and secession prevented. The 1 re is Ilcent is quite disposed to Grant n resonable share of the plunder to the progressive democracy. At any rate the great government table cloth shall be shaken for the. Benefit of Young America. But n serious difficulty will Rise even Here. Among those who lie like it the Rich Man s Gate availing for Tho Cranis Are several who have injured the displeasure of sir. Mercy. Go. Saunders for instance and the Niu Lucity to in Jodlo with the sex governor s politics and he neither forget nor forgive. Now George wants a claims it under the 1 res cent s we question whether the Secretary will even let the clogs come and Iek his sores. Ave see nothing but trouble for ii president and the harmonious demo Crncev. It will be seen from n paragraph in another place that there is. N probability of ten. White of this City receiving a foreign appointment. That the general meant to Lave something we has been Busy Long while setting Liia corns so As to make hem Tell when Tho game inns played. It is mid that knowledge of the Spanish will. Secure him the must be that if any Liing. A German opera at per Ormanec of tic Gonrand Zimmerman n i Iusi til opern under the direction of or. In Latkin is to be performed it Milwaukee again this week on Friday evening. Our citizens Are invited themselves at this rare treat by the editors of the Sentinel. Vie have no doubt but that the entertainment will be Worth listening the question is still mooted whether we really have a Bourbon we arc inclined to the opinion that it will not be settled very soon. The statements on either Side Are very contradictory. The latest we have seen is from the Buffalo Republic which sir. The dry nurse of Tom in Dian Dauphin is in n. Orleans on a Hunt after evidence to sustain the preposterous an-1 exploded pretensions of we Hope the reverend gentleman will not Overlook an affidavit sworn to by a we Man Over 80 years of ape named Mary Ann Williams who says she is the natural Mother of the 17uv. Elonzer Williams the pretender to Bourbon legitimacy. She states also that the first intimation she Ever had of his pretensions to a Royal birth was from one William Woodman an Oneida Indian who came to her about three years ago and her if she would be willing to go before a magistrate and swear that Eleazer was not her son. But was Given to her to brim up. She told him she would do no such Thina. As Bhe knew him to be her son Klinl Eleazor hns since mentioned to her that some of his friends thought he was not an Indian but Deso Curli d from Royal parentage she told him it was no such thing that he her son. She further swears that his lather was Thomas Williams and not Louis the sixteenth and on this Point we do not see How she can be mistaken. Sentinel Calls the following terms of Union with the whigs proposed 113 yesterday very 1. Let the whigs adopt the Pittsburgh platform and we can then have n legitimate Union. A. Let the whig convention dissolve and unite with us on on will the Sentinel inform us How there can be Union on better Arcasie terms the whig and democratic Baltimore platforms Are substantially alike and the free democratic plat form presents the Only antagonism to if we go Back to the old platforms there is Small ground of Choice. Tho free demo crave want and will accept no Union which will Compromise their principles. If the whigs of this state arc not willing to repudiate the bal Imore platform they Nigist. Go their own inv. Aso Trieb members of the Massachusetts struck for More and propose to pay themselves 50 per Day hereafter instead of tvs do not earn whether their employers have acceded to the demand. If they Don t there Are plenty of Strong minded women who will do the work a contemporary it less than old prices. Ska Bati Wixo is Plemlie novel t if a project is on foot in Paris which hns for its object to give to the parisians the refreshment risen bathing in the Central part of the City. I3y the process of in Hydraulic machine placed in the still Waters of Dieppe the Waters of the Johann cd about Miles Distant would be Brown into Large which would in Rev into Paris and into n Large Basin placed in the Centre of the Park of Mon Cunix. The Copen Liture is calculated at five or six millions of nines the railway company from Dieppe to granted the Privi Ege of laying the pipes All along the Road and lie government has Given to the undertaking he free use of the Park of Jon Denux Valet rail Wnuck is Democrat publishes n Call and counter Call inn. Meeting of the stockholders of this Road o of fact. Directors ac., truth the following com ment by reference to another will be Cen that the Fox it incr Valley Khil rond do Oak has broken out again. Up to the hour of oing to press no deaths had taken place Al Lough it is stated on our streets that on of Tir chief engineers was badly Hurt on Satur a inst. How Tome people treat their mini Teft. We lately heard some which having been spoken of Only in Pri vate conversation we do not feel at Liberty to mention with particulars of names and places. The facts were such As 1. At a society meeting it was suggested that the pastor s salary was too Small for his circumstances and the increased expenses of living and it was at once voted to add to it. 2. A gentleman said to his "mr.------, would you not like to go to Europe 1 you have been Here Many years with Little time for relaxation. You need to recruit. You May draw Oil me for the but that pastor has not yet found a time when to could leave his people for this proposed tour. 3. a handsome buil Ding near his pastor s House containing among other things two Roums neatly ear Petcy and furnished with proper conveniences. One was for the pastor s study and the other a Large Ante room where he might meet committees or Converse with the ladies might hold their society meetings the use of it was Given to the pastor without rent. 4. His pastor a Check for si000, Waul Library expend this in buying them and leave the books when you have done with them for your 5. The pastors of the churches in. Were surprised at the Bey inning of the pre sent year to find All their outstanding Hills sent in receipted. There Are several ministers in the place. Some one suggested the thought and the plan of Hunting up and paving Olf the debts of the ministers was silently carried out in All the religious Soi i ties. We assure our readers that this is not a dream. A considerable number of cases like number 1, have been reported this season in the it. Chran. The following epitaph is by Moore on in at Torney named Shaw a acre lies John Shaw Al Gorncy it Law and when he died the Devil cried Nivens your Paw John attorney at by Telegraph by Spee latent. Jurat Kfaft Lute Porter of tilt late lord Jersey came to some Kiin l complained he Ronld nut stay Willi tin jerseys because Lily Hidy was tin very latest woman in u Well but Liat Thoni a women of fashion Are Lute you can sleep afterwards 1 a no sir that s not nil for my lord is the earliest gentle Man in London and Between Tho two i get no sleep it 1 mentioned Hie circumstance of a Man from tin country visiting his Friend in town and Bolh sleeping int lie same bed with it Ever meeting for a of j a linux wife of a Fisherman in mail Smith. Living on tile Lake Shore had her leg broken yesterday afternoon by the rolling of a ing of Drift Wood which she was attempting to remove upon the Bench. Ahre Steu. Under sheriff Conover yesterday received a private pcs Patch informing him of the arrest of Hugh drum who scraped from Wattke Sha county after shooting his Mother. He was arrested on sunday she Milf Council of Peoria Sentinel. Jhc ii Liana slate Sentinel says the sales of real Cota Tuin Indianapolis during tic Hist Throe months. Averaged about a Day. Making nearly a million of in All. Cambridge muss chronicle states that lion. C hns. Surnanur declines to deliver the address lion Giro the " store As social Ion of the Dane Law school of Harvard University and that Hon. Caleb gushing been elected in his Stead. S. Sherman Wile of or. Sher Man of West Troy n. Y., Hung herself on the Lith instant. Cause excitement of mind occasioned by the influence of spiritualism. Der Phenix aus Nords Weiten is the name of anew paper Start cent it announces itself of the democratic progressive and will advocate anti slavery land Reform intervention free Trade and free schools. Success to it. A Latta pc tiny 000 Worth of shoes Are made in Haver Hill mass per annul. The prospects of the business in that Vicinity Are very Flat strayed. On or Alnut the a Ihlma. From tic ral Wcarl Wonc Mack cow. Unco Venus old while i on her kick. White of nolo her ecu Invy Iveth calf. One voir Llna ii Iep or. Be and while while pot her forehead. Will _ Thomas Racine May 21, to Bridge builders. Will receive a the Oft cd 1 of i nine pc Millet until Llic lit i Tor Tuil Dunc a 1 urn Bridge Nereus Hoot River it Tom Kum of ilk ruin Street Mccon Lonc to i Lynli Anil to be seen lit the Vilice of Lar Nelcy. Ira c. I Ink. Jeri Lel commit tick. Racine May Dili St 100 Noz. Lilies Anil gents a Lilac and coloured kid gloves just received it a keys. 78 in int. Tust splendid lot of drab j which will Melok Ioir tit w 1. t in shed snarl of turpentine took. La Ine Foxtail Jbf 1, reported Fob the advocate. Buffalo Hay 24. Markets was very quiet holders waiting the effect of steamers Uchs. Only Dales we heard of were 100 extra Southern Ohio 31j, Avi Kat Market quiet no transactions. Cons in moderate in Milci scarce. Sales Befurt steamers of uu., prime fio. Whisker Small 20 Eta. Canal freights unchanged. Jacw Youk May 24, 2 r. M. Fuits with Little receipt Western and state. Market easier the former and heavier for the latter demand less ii tic for the prime and at the East the close the Market was heavy with Little inquiry for exports. Canada Dull and heavy 5c. Sales Western Ca Nal 4.i10u Bali. I 58 for common to straight 4 87 for mixed and fancy Mich ican Indiana common to Good Ohio. , steady. The demand for milling also fur sales bus. White Micki Igan 1 18 bus., prime White Gici caste 1 00. Closing heavy. Oaty Dull. Western scarce Sale state and Canadian 4ha i. Mir plenty and rather easier closes heavy. Sales bus. 60a62 for. Unbound and Risafi a for Southern mixed c4n6s for White Southern fur High mixed Western and 70 for Jersey yellow. Light de Mand Good sales of prison 22j, Ohio of 1 Ork very Large sales limited prices tend downward for a mass for prime. Beef abundant Dull and heavy for country mess 12au i Lor re packed Chicago for country Antl City prime beef. Hams Dull 12ial4i." gut bleats plenty and Market for shoulders sea fauns. Lard plenty Halo. Lin Tvr and cheese steady. The following is from Lobert Macon it circular of Mav 10th. We continue to receive very scanty supplies of Grain in i tour. This Days Market ruled upon the whole steady with a Good attendance of buyers. The rates of this Day were maintained for All description of foreign wheat and business transactions is to a Winter samples a Nisi r 1 Penny per by. Ainer Ienn and prime English a Simi Lar change. Consumptive demand and depression on Friday has recovered to Day. Inquiry for White but yellow is neglected. Joe Tenry s circular is. It the Corn Market this Dav ill yrs of hour were unwilling sell except of in much done but. At lust weeks prices there were Large anvers. Fine wheat had advanced 12j per 70 White Ines in Corn scarce. Yel Low plenty m d is cheaper. Lard firmly maintained full in notation. Beef and pork More in retail Only aeon steady with tendency to move in improvement in value. Sholde b Saleable bios. Cheese in request. Cotton. M change since Friday. Sales three Days 0 Bales. New Yorac May 2-1. The Steamer Franklin Liverpool Dutes to huh. And London to Lith. She brings he passengers and a Large cargo French Merchan including eases for the new York exhibition. The Franklin was off Sandy Hook at 8 o clock last night past the Sti Amer bound East. The Steamer Washington Lon Chatt Oto Cowes 7th. The Amer ii to arrived of on the 9th. The Arctic on the Lith. The City of Manchester telegraphed Olf Lolly Hood the 10th. The grand lie caption of mrs. Stowe and party it Stafford took plan a on the 7th. The famous address of England was presented to mrs. Stowe by the Karl of Sam Fosbury and responded to by the Rev. 31 r. in parliament the discussion of the budget had commenced. Ministers in All misses had obtained n majority. It is not really certain that the whole series of measures Wilf Jinks. The examination of members of the last Board of admiralty concerning corruptions in elections still continues. The pcs Timon disclosed corruption in the into Derby Cabinet of grossest kind completely disgusting All parties. Advices from Paris announce the Prospect of the consummation of the Long talked of fusion of the Donal Iii party. Sanguine Legolin hints look Forward to the restoration of the elder Branch the emperor has sent for committees to inquire of the deputies into the Ngea of the people. They were to report to ror. Advices from constantinople annoy not the demands of Lussia Wei e Likely to be satisfactorily arranged the French envoy having ceded to them. Post of minister of for eign Afi Yiirs has been appointed to the count san Louis. Tho London times of wednesday has advices from Shanghai to the 30th of March. The British residents were preparing to embark on Board ship on the Goth in Case of emerge once. The chinese have applied to the British Consul to protect Nankin and quell the rebellion who referred them to the colonial govern or at Hong Kong. New Kork May 23. The Steamer Union readied Fier we rare 8 o clock last evening and the Uncle Sam with 400 passengers and in Gold about 10 o clock this from Aspinwall and bring details of the California news to the 30th, already Reneir. Cd by Telegraph from new Orleans. The Assembly me candles Maine liquor Bill was lost by a vote of 14 to 24, use new Gold discoveries at negro Hill were said to be very valuable. Extensive Otis. Face diggings have Boon disco Creel near Sacramento City on the coast Range. The murderers named a Kerman Art and Thompson nicer Hung at . To on the 29th Ulf Stewart was a native of taut Twenty years Ackerman in in later dates from Australia arc Gold accounts Are More sitting Thuu Over Newyork 2m. A Large lire occurred at Brooklyn div stroking the Block enclosed by Willoughby and Adams Ste. And Myrtlf Avenue about thirty dwellings and were turned. Loss Boston May 23i Tho Village of Camilla was nearly All destroyed by fire yesterday. Loss about partially insured

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