Racine County Argus in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Nov 1871

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Racine County Argus in Racine, Wisconsin
16 Nov 1871

Read an issue on 16 Nov 1871 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine County Argus.

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Racine County Argus (Newspaper) - November 16, 1871, Racine, WisconsinRacine county Argus. 1v thursday november 16, 1871. Or sub oct to the decision of Ilio mix democratic a Tiloi Iii convention. Caples arc nearer those of the Constitution and of our forefathers who fought for and to us government principles by Safe guards thut Georgia Constitution and Sentinel in an editorial commenting oppression of the South by Grant and his Myrmidon says then under the Yas general Tho stun of giving Bottor Onca As j Gin inn Patriot of 4s and 49, of dared to Imperial lenders cd Wathington Tea i austrian butchers on wipe out the lust vestige of dying breath "hddi-.mijii, if. Is my turn it to i Mil in flin in Iho Yoli if t on the evening of the election might Hare been icon Twenty one men marching in regular order to the polls under the Tad of their employer with tickets in their hands to Deposit their votes. We Laid their votes but they Wero not their i they were the rotes of the for whom they worked. To arc confident that to will be justified in saving that not one of these Ruen could Tell a Radical ticket from a democratic ticket nor Tunit could give any explanation of what they wore voting for or against or the Candi dates they were voting for or against neither could they give any explanation of the principles they Wero sustaining Trhan they Wero to go through to circling under the command of till irem Ployer. We will state before proceeding farther that this Sceno occurred at the. First Ward polls. The gang of men has bad stat for years that he controlled More votes than any Onn Newny lathe City that he supplied his men tickets and that they voted As he dictated. He is in intense Radical of course and is opposed to anything like a corrupt ballot Box. Justice will sometimes overtake oven a tid ical. This Man foiled for once to cast Twenty one votes for the Radical ticket. Lie had worked his men nil Clay until near Tho time the polls were to he closed and then gave the order to for March and Chai be upon the ballot Box but to and behold he was too late the polls were closed such mortification Chagrin As was visible upon that Man a face was pitiful to witness. Lie ordered a Hasty Retreat. Lie lost Bis own Toto As Well is the Twenty one lie was to cast for his subordinates. The amount of voting done in this Annn net in the interest of the Radical party it known generally would open the ores of Many radicals who Are honest and would like to eco honest toting. The of Power is held and controlled in this state and nation by just such toting. The will of the honest portion of the people is set aside by just such votes controlled by men who Havo no political Fco Dohty and will sacrifice the country for party. We condemn this kind of voting in both parties. There is no expressed will of the people in Sacii voting on tie the will of the people is Defeated and Tho country is ruled by demagogues. There in a Law against interfering or con trolling men s votes and it should been forced. The Radical administration Bas act the example and encouraged the sys tem. It has controlled the elections in the South with the Bayonet and not alone in the South but has Scot its army into the North Philadelphia and compelled voters to March through Long lines of sol to the polls. These things must to stopped and there must be no delay about it either if the liberties of this country and the sovereignty of the people Are to be preserved. Every Man should be allowed to vote interference from any Quarter. We will Tnp port any set of men or any port Mieho an in Earnest and will pledge Themi Elvis to restore this government to Iti original purity. As it is now the ballot is it farce. The Laws lately passed to preserve the purity of elections Are Only placing greater Power in the bunds of the ruling party to defeat the will of the people and place the control of elections in its own hands. This is Evi Dent to every thinking and reflecting Man. Everything is corruption of the worst kind. Our institutions arc being remodeler to alarming extent. The Constitution ii almost a dead letter and Congress legislates outside of it for per Lonal and party aggrandizement con the sovereignty St Etc a and the p co pc. To this Point the government has progressed rapidly within a few years Mure rapidly Trinu unthinking men can see or arc willing to admit. Such men As Carl Trumbull the Wendell Phillips and a Host of who were once the Tirro supporters of Tho Republican never of Tho pres ent Radical to people and with All the earnestness their great Utility enables them to do that the gov eminent of our fathers is Fust becoming no More. Warnings from such men us should not go unheeded. The office holders Anil politicians Tell you there is no danger and ridicule Tho assertions of these great men. Who of these men Are to be believed ask yourselves a Nix dimly honestly and soberly who of them j Aro the Best entitled to belief. But one answer can conscientiously be riven. We ask no office we expect no office our remaining Days Are too few to be ambitious we inv to our re is not denied that the Radical party a so my Tho in warn Enders from week to week the warnings we give i and parties. There has always this the com them result of Ninny years Sateh ing of Menn existed in my Cement of the declaration of Independence a despotic Clement. It attempted a consummation of its principles in the enactment of and sedition Lawa it has raised its Hydric Hend a number of times but the people frowned it Down to last attempt mile at the commencement of die War in 1sg1 and it Luis met with almost Complete Success but Pitt Emore remains to be done. What Luis Sci n done has been slew but sure and it has All been accomplished in the name of progression and Liberty to Vetalis to ionic words of 1 Obs Pierc and Marat the bloodiest tyrants Ever known. Trace Buck the history of parties and you will end that this same Imperial and despotic element Liaro always been the bitter and unrelenting enemies of the democratic party. It has marshalled its forces under a score of mimes Only to be hurled Back by the democratic element which flood by the Constitution was then and us they Ever wanted it to re main. Under the auspices of a civil War this old Imperial party with its Twenty first name another grand desp crate and successful attempt to fasten i Sulf up on the country abolish the vitality of the Constitution and give Tho people its cherished Mode of government. If the people Are Content with it 71010, they will not be a few years hence when they come to realize in full Force that they Bare been basely betrayed As other governments have by Tho false cry of 11 Liberty by filse men. Gress and the president Havo asserted eur Primc. The Constitution and the supreme court live been ignored to people and the institutions of the country arc at the mercy of n dictatorial and irresponsible oligarchy. Coder the requirement of the present administration the clerks of the different Heads of departments arc compelled to Register in Washington and also at their Homes in the different states and vote at both places. The Fountain head of corruption which now exists throughout the Antiro country is in Washington. Con Grosa is the plotter and Grant the tool to execute. In our own state the whole last week s Adi Ocate has a very sen sible article on the practice of printing fraudulent it packs particularly of the fraudulent tickets used to deceive voters and defraud them out of their votes which i were used in this City of the late election. is an extract from the article Nero Vero not to exceed 32 honest splits As near As we could keep the run of them in our mind All the others were democratic tickets with one or two Republican names upon them Are Stirry to say in Cluse imitation of the straight democratic ticket or else they Are headed Republican with Doolittle and Bates name upon them. If or. Blake incl been successful the id Coate would have Suid nothing about fraudulent we think the editor of that Piiper exhibits considerable Check in rending the Public and Candi dates for office a lecture on deceiving voters right in the face of the fact that the tickets which were in close imitation of the straight democratic Iverc printed in the advocate office. It bus been the practice of to prop Victur of that paper Ever since he has been connected with it to obtain a democratic ticket just before an election insert one or More names of Radical candidates and then imitate the printing is closely As it was possible for him to do. An article in the advocate condemning the practice of printing split tickets and imitating the opposition ticket so closely that detection is impossible to any one except a Printer is Only publishing to the world the proprietor s dishonesty and hypocrisy for he will repeat the Emo fraud at the next election. What Sticks in the editor s crop is that after printing a perfect imitation of the democratic ticket with or. Blake s name on it in the place of or. Bytes that his yours agony the inf amies Practised upon her to Day j will in the Morrow return with ton fold retribution Iague the inventory of Tyr Austria lived to Rue the Day that wounded ind insulted. Tho regret in direst woe nil the Gall and bitterness she upon the As sure As there is a just sure is. There is sure will the regret Iii direst All the insult oppression misery and Bru she hns inflict of upon the South. The very Means that have been used to subjugate the South and crush out the spirit of Liberty which Burns to deeply in Tho bosoms of her Puoplo will re nil and smite the North. Those who think Toni the tyrannical Laws now being enforced in he South by the Bayonet Are intended alone fur the Southern states will awake to find themselves much mistaken. As the Sentinel says the inf amies now Practised upon Tho South will to Exten ded whenever and wherever by the ruling Jay Nasty to perpetuate its Power or Curry out its despotic an d Liberty destroying measures. If new York Missouri or Massachusetts should prove then new York missus i or Massachusetts or any part thereof will be put under martial marshal Law. The proceedings in South Are bul the beginning. Tho next step will be an official declaration thai All arrests made under the Given to Lii pre us Lent of the on Tecl suite by the marshals of the United states shall not be subject to investigation under a writ of Hube is Corpus. Thu discretion will he made Universal in its application the Lay is not far Distant in which the North will fuel with ten fold severity the effects if Tho machinery constructed under pretext of keeping under subjection Southern Hohols. The disc re tion1 of Pretini dint is Vin Tranumn us the president is unlimited there is but Little probability that beyond giving directions to. Political affairs so far As they pertain to the next presiden tial election that there will be any cell for the exercise of this discretion in the South or fur to use of such Power. But if one half of what appears in ii in the columns of the press of the North per Taining to the condition of society in the North be True this Day is not Distant at which there will be a Call fur tin i a Urease both of Unton Ninyeh a discretion and the unlimited Power of martial Law in the Northern states. When this Day does come and come in will the machinery which now puts a North carolinian with Stripe jacket and shaved , into a state s prison at Auburn will Transfer n new yorker in similar costume to key West and tie so called republicans of the United states will realize that this so called Republic of their own creation n supreme centralized government ruled by co., a Democrat. De Iii a critic Fidelity. There never a time when it was More imperatively the duty of every Democrat to stand True to the cause than now. The very existence of free government de pends upon the Fidelity of those who be Lieve in Tho essential principles of the repeatedly violated Thev Constitution. It it los suspend eco Tho Fri Hibbens Corpus in time of Pence. Is not denied that authorized Tho president to proclaim quart fall Law pleases. It is not it bus sent Federal armies into peaceful states to interfere with elections. It is not denied that it has squandered away Public lands by giving them to he Rich culpa rations. It. Denied Power Over the Luda concerns of. Flatt the Power to control it is not denied that it Chims the right act Murii armies into and proclaim Martini Law when its president it is not denied that Grant Nas tilt Chi bribes under the softer name of gifts and appointed the givers to office it is nut he Lias surrounded Lipini half Witoff who grow Rich out of the Public Treasury. It is not iiuniu.1 that was re Civ and in the president s family As i share in in Gouw Fisk . It is nut denied that Grunt spends a. Stir e portion of his time at lung Branch Villa Given Hin by. Thenn Torii us Murphy whom he Ippu Intel. Culli actor of new York. H is not Deni Uil that the Lilia incl party has expo Dud within the last five years and Zuur months it inc Piej that in is the author of the Leigh Tariff measures which have the Pei Liiv hundreds of millions of Dol Lars fur tile sole Bonewit of. Rich Mirml ii Turcus. It is not denied that and pm plus pcs in the government departments an forced to contrib Etc a portion of their salaries to u corruption fund. Pc is nut denied that the Radical car net a Uver ments of the South inn is rubbed tic people of in to lieu veers. It is nut. Denied that a engross my by Cuine enormously Rich upon Sii Luricia of Ier Iii Hisiu. It is even by the journal that guv. Bullock of i Urmia Bas the state of it is not denied but no efforts have made to Brini Thi Evua to Justice. We extend our list of Siulc numb facts which Are nut denied until the Cata Logue iilluu1 Colum is of our paper All of which facts show dint Tiu Radical party is corrupt throughout. It is a fact that this party has wholly Forf Cito d the Conli Lenco of the people and fori Ivi a to be banished from Power Democrat i inquirer. So Meino Wengland lady mrs. R _ we another of the Daniels Vonie to invented a newfangled up Para Tus fir keeping the ladies Stock to super cos the time to nightly Carter. It nov do those ladies who of limb but our Viri. Not deficient in any of Glriia vonian Are the necessary if not is exerted that the now born Zeal of stimuli Terby a. Ring of Aladj Cettl speculators who want to get spa Tirol of fit Horriet Mineral Dii Coverlet made in Attali. Pii Tju writes a letter to the Condon times in whiff i he discus yes 1 racism Owocki retort i Miller of will Inu pm fore nmn on Pui Foi Ruf Dinc kit Iling in Rumen i to lit will i me of Luci Quisti on " Republic in this country it in monarchy .1 monarchy versus and can y adjuncts that go to make with the advocates of monarchy of decidedly Abend. A dispatch from North Carolina says citizens arc seized and dragged to jail chilled a Republic. The Cincinnati sanguine the attic d Emo carib party is dead. It has up the perfect Mould of form kick their garters on and stockings up without to inventions. Vvhs acc us to surrender next in Haj Al thou Kli the Clas tic tha buckle. Has. Been adopted d by Man City Bells the free Burn and girls still stick to twine and tape a Vii using1 As primitive Wisp of Straw. To will have nor this new fashioned hip gear we i Tinnin True to our ancient tics. direct assault upon our blow lined at our garnered rights and we will , while we have. N stand a mics be True to your Stock Ings unfurl the Banner of. Be Garter Ait a Iii Sim inc Puii it Mutto of. Lib grandest of Knighthood Ever Huid soit gut maty pause there is Imon Man Young or old. In Virginia but will rally round the Anil sub in Bia drop of blood in of Cecii of the Garter of. Dumun cry Down with i r i c m u o s -1871 hem Cracy made the same announcement about ten times 11 y far Ever since 18co. Grant s collector at Savannah is very property named Kobb and is charged with being a heavy defaulter. John p. Says that under the naval management of Admiral Porter thirty eight millions of dollars were squandered during the first year of Grant s administration. Governor Scott of South Carolina was in new York the other Day and did not hesitate to denounce Grant s invasion of his state in round terms. The late Dean Richmond is alleged to have once said it was much cheaper to buy a Kailimal legislature than to elect a democratic one. Lurlne unit iut iof a crawl Matt petition of Oiler Ibl Ngi Tui s Ltd Sliwi that mid inn ruins Iota Imd to Numen of my Julie identical Thot Nai tonci in and by Iid Lut will i inc Critor therl of praying Ilia Ali inc proving dared that will be pro Rcd before till Dai it in it Iho Mai count Judic of Nail Counis in Ifica hic Mil and a l Liy the of tit pc Luck Choc Prate to the time herein the Argos u weekly printed ind it Kiziu clip of it acne. Dated november Lith 13t1. Fly court 08-lw ill Tim 0. Cour.1 the 24th 1873 111-ujstra.tod. Pure logical journal a first class a Mil t a g a Zine. More than they contracted for. The arrest of general Bates a Loyal his son and Twenty be Ipac exceeded Roy estimate i foes As tie Kun flux Organ of Tii nil in night the in did South Carolina is cer in this City and state thinly More than their diff of t this time was Square line Loyal administration. a Home s that Dnita i As itch the secret Rich As the a Milt of 11 few terms in Congress or in office was never until the Viii a Par by came into Power and it seems to by Linin in Only to the members of that party even now or of they alone it. Sherman Elaine Butler nos Burn an Many other leading Radi eals Are generally to be very Rich and to have acquired their Large for tunes within a few years. The Ninny thousand millions which they As the Lead ers of the party have Luul the control of. Mav and doubtless has something to do with Liis suddenly acquired wealth. It did not use to lie thus. Webster Clay Wright Douglas Manv others after the Best por Tion of their lives in office died comparatively poor. The Art of spending it Yeier in a salary of and then satiny a Fortune out of tin.1 balance was a Radical invention the Patent for which and decisive. They Melmit that Over twelve Hundred negroes in this City voted the conservative , while scarcely half that number of Whites voted Radical. The majority is 1.031 in this City. The election has undoubtedly tolled tue death Knell of radicalism Iii Virginia. Llano Var county which1-was-reported is having gone Radical elects the whole democratic ticket the composition of the Senate As it new standsi2 radicals 11, 8 Are White Anil 3 coloured the a Louft stands conservatives 92 Nuli culs 40, of which 23 Are Whites a my 17 coloured. This gives the conservatives 73 majority on joint ballot. It is new that the f roes will i m in Farly equally divided him tidally by the presidential election in 571. A presiding elder of Brnt while Jiwa cling " As much annoy eur by talking and us paused looked at the disturber and Siirid i a in always afraid to reprove those Sliu misbehave in Church Lii the curly part of i made a great mis Tauc. As f was. Or a Ching a Young Man who sat directly Bottore was con stantly making in you in grimaces. 1 paused and administered i severe rebuke. After the close of tin services one of the official members came to me find said to Iii you mule a great mistake Inan whom you reproved is an idiot. Since then 1 have always been afraid to reprove thuse who lest i should repeat that mistake and reprove another i during tha rest of the service at i least Liere was Good order. J fur which the soldiers making it will undoubtedly be punished. They were not sent there to arrest radicals but to1 manufacture Thunder for the Benc lit of t in Radical party. It can hardly be possible that attorney general Aker Man will permit thu be victims of misplaced Conli Dunco to be placed upon trial or for their Oil Ense against the Precius Kun flux Law. It is no doubt tic that of All the Kun Siux outrages committed in the South Are the works of the Loyal leagues but arc not to in punished. They cum Init Thunbo outrages in behalf of Tho Radical Causo. They stiff in the Back of Northern radicalism and add to its de termination to put Down the rebellion. They k i a live the old passions and prejudices of the War under the military necessities of which the rights of individuals May be trampled under foot and. The Radical cause press. Use of the is a Well known people who breathe through the Are liable to infectious Dis ease and pulmonary complaints one very common Benefit derived by those who sleep with the Mouth closed is that never awake with the painful and disa give table sensation produced by a parched and cracked lips. The Many turn ivs tic air has to make and the mucous secretions it has to pass Over completely arrests All impurities such As dust from entering the the expect Ora i ins which some persons Are subject to clearly indicate How Well even the sooty air of London is arrested As told so Iolj ago in the old store of the three Black Hnin and cation of Oie and Jom Trik a. A c i Rysio gnome or the of mib in. Liow to jul and ethnology or the a Nihil ill lord o Man Tratch i avs Ounn us inc lure of lbt he Lolani to try Tho or and and tiring Liow Ciol Ltd and How 10 and live in accordance Slih hygienic Prin Clakr. Ror traits and leading men ind Womac a no. Cal a Turl if. lira. Tali link children ibis Iju Portor. Much run rail inform told on the in Liliu Day in Given no inc a purus to this the motto ill Rettini and m the Licul pictorial eve. Journal Luigi volume. It steadily increase a la favor Curie the Many yearn it or More than a j club of Tun or More i an to we arc of crony the Root Lienti Prera Lumi. Is. For u number with new in Iclal poster and and a com ply c Lutol i Preini usim. R. W jills pub., 350 droajwaj1, . Of inv in Din Bailey the new York collector whostolen1 several Hundred has been duly Eit. Red according of thousand dollars a year ago now Democrat. Democratic we. Can. Idly believe Power of the administration was used to mnr1 ii a 1, i i. R that if our present rulers arc riot ejected from Power through the silent yet omnipotent influence of the ballot at Tho next election there will be Little use fui1 the exercise of its Powers hereafter. There Are reasons to fear that if the strides we Are now milking toward despotism shall be As rapid during another four years of Radical Rule there will be an end to elect Ive governments in this country. No Man who carefully studies the signs of the Turnce and carefully Marks the grave j in to the sumo corrupt Iti Scals. Tie Clai Slature is largely Republican but the returns show that the same scaly lot of republicans from the Rural districts have been elected. The men who constantly sell their votes arc again re Iii cd by that party giving but Little Hope fur any real Reform. It appears from the results that if clues not in the least affect the standing of .11 can writes from Uruguay where he is living that he no far o f being1 prosecuted for his i thefts but was advised by leading Lalih i cals to temporarily withdraw from the country for fear of embarrassing the or party in Power or of it with after i the next election when there is no further fair of Embiri Russing any one Gamey will return to the states and take on a. New official of Power resorted to by the present can fail to feel a deep cause for alarm or the sol Ety of free constitutional government. The must rally around Tho democratic lag not for the advancement of but for their own salvation for the Salva Tion of the government which is the1 work of their own hands and the creation their will. Detroit free press. Of corrupt tie Republican party if he has 11 record lie can sol his barter Awny the rights of Bis constituents As much As be Plones As Long As be is Label Leil Republican the party will rally at Bis support. Tai Reform which the majority of the class which have been sent to Tho legislature by the republicans will work for will be schemes fur the Benefit of the Hanger ii in the party instead of those for the Ben Eft of the world. Ueke is an it in which has rot been 2iveii prominence by. Those who arc howl chg a Hunt tammany Hall Indiana. Armor of has Tiefilo l to cum Nice cd suits against several he Bibl icons. Who As he has reason to believe has a Windlow tha Stato by false and fraudulent appropriating interest in Large should have been. Sacii As b Eaver a r h a Cassimeris Kentucky Janes All Wool Colton and Viool flannels at Edward my misery s 160 May is ail of Ivere up released if adv Ono in the Price of Parlia i up to buy it old Pricen should not defer so too loud a. S Tiris week Rel tuxes of dominate elect Washburn. Every and incl senator congressman Post nine Ter 0. 8 marital und deputies collect Asi Saori and custom House officers required to Coni tribute funds and work to i cure i nomination and elec Tion under certain penalties. The people Aro no longer left free to vote m they Booie. The lash of the president if held Over his appointees and the of the employer it held his and the sacred right of voting according to Oue i reason and judgment in great u do troyed and the. of this Ottato of thing is directly to Tho Leaden of Tho it dial party. We Are confident that the of that party do not countenance a but what of that it it done and they in Tajn their. Leaden by toting to con them a Power. The party be As intelligent democratic. Caucasian informed our Ropo tit that Henry Clay fed lir British troop s in front of Balti More in 1812. As in item of Lii to a cows we commend it to Elioso Kul piously inclined. Advocate. And be might. Havo informed said re Porter thut it was the new. England Pur now that refused to fur Nish n Man or a Dollar to. Carry on the War at that time if Lac Brj Clay did not feud tile British troops new England Puritan radicals and also acted us spies to de feat american the radicals opposed every War we had with Powers. They Don t believe in lighting a foreign enemy but when they can get a Chance to i fit in Nair own Esh and blood Rind Rob Grid Eon Aenlo Tho in party of their fellow countrymen they Are. Terrible blood thirsty. A tin Republican party is composed of thinking intelligent men. Jitae Iii Jow ital. At this office with democratic names on in the radicals that split Republican tickets were printed them they were not in imitation of Tho Republican ticket but on Tho contrary wort is unlike them us to could make them. We will not counterfeit a ticket and then preach a Sermon in condemnation of the practice As does the editor o f the advocate. We have never imitated a ticket and we never leave that he can do a mean and Din honest trick nod then condemn the prac Tice he s very careful though not to that he done it. A guilty conscience nor were drove i a the first Ward polls by i the eng Nittle Iloyar Noil Intel i Chicago journal. Let us Havi Oft re Pnat a sentence wan Utt Oruro by Grant Fth ont two Aeo. Lie recently proclaim of in rival Law in a i d state which gives Radical majority. One or two tiling must be True Viz either Grant s aspiration for or Aee was insincere or Radical Don t work Well. In either Case the party in. Power is responsible for the results. Behold Here Tho beauties of . A state in which nil departments of the government arc in Radical hands which majority and in they can control the militia is announced to be in Rabi lion subjected to Federal Power sixth of streets an approximate measurement of themes. Of streets destroyed by the great fire shows that about sixty Miles of struck were Laid waste. This give the Reader a fair idea of the the. Conch Iurii Tion nil Tho fact. That nearly All the ruined a True s were literally lined with which were Tho finest in the world will give him a fair idea of of the has Given too near of Sel a recent speech at Boston to . This truthful statement we Annu Rhc n it is Acon that Rem ultican some. One inquires for a recipe for Taffy. Here is a Nice one now in general use in our neighbourhood. One cup of Creamone of molasses one half a cup of sugar a piece of butter the size of a Small Butternut stir All together and buil until it is an Bard As desired which test by caking out a Small bit to Cool on a plate. take about an hour to boil. When done pour on round tins and set in a Cool place. It is fair without Cream. It is very Nice filled with Walnut meat peanuts or other kinds of the Philadelphia Ledger speaking of the frauds in new our own City is now having exposure of and enough has been unveiled to make it certain that the funds of the state and City treasuries deprecated upon in the aggregate to an amount exceeding six Hundred thousand Philadelphia is a Radical City governed by radicals. M Sci basics Are the Palace builders of the not a stick b hewed not a Stone is shaped in will the lordly dwellings of the Rich that does no owe its Beauty and lion ass to the kill of the Mechanic the towering Spires that raise their Giddy Heads among the Clouds depend upon. The Mechanic s Art for their strength and symmetry. Nut in edifice fur Devotion business or Comfort but bears the impress of their bunds. How exalted is their vocation he w Sublime their calling for cog a and Domestic prlcci.1" As. Immense Stock of. Black alpacas and Fine mohair Verv cheap to arrive special bargains in Linen damask Tow Lings and Fine shirt Taj it liens much below to Tull Prico. Alao a Crul Hundred of i English scotch and i n crud so near t see what it is. That Rejino Tichun u Are u. Failure. is. We Don t see it Cun the City Hall that see but go Iri up Devil rods off and you can. See that it is , City bail. If the Amer ican car was the i eni a of Republican institutions crying out your Lri Bear that. Cry., ,1 Oti duo to but they will. Their employer thinking i gent men Are Tho seven Hundred thousand Nigger voters in the South thinking intelligent men if not for the Cannibal niggers the Radical party would not have a foot hold in one Hulf of Tho. States. Party to depend exolus Hively upon the negro vote to main Tuttin itself in Power is pretty Jow j income tax is now a a scaled and Hue collection of Tho internal Revenue is hot Given to the states where it. Because such a course would throw thous Hesky Ward Beecher is not delighted a woman at Oberlin Ohio collected Money for the soldiers orphans and used to Hoy a Bonnet orphans of to act without bread but. Women must have Bun a had no Iii ii. Of american Progress when he compiled his Twenty Poi ind volume1.-. In pub Lily ship pose that men would go right on Yiirs using such words As and How greatly shown Tho tenderness with which official thieves Are treated. No one longer dare to this collector hns stolen so much Buh they let him1 Down easy by a Paragi Ziph which says that he " is charged balance of two Hundred thousand Hemiy Trako in with the of Tern Mur Brici Iam Yabuno inks to Grant for Phy and Hince he asks deliverance from the which will general Grint insult the men of need flaming Appi oved tic Rin Cople of polygamy by pardoning of e n is hardly to be abandon its great advocate ahd1 represent has neglect cd to Virice his admiration by that Orant e feelings May not be toward an they were 1i. On integrity1 in the Ris publican. Pirty by giving them for n Lender a Nian whose 4ileged deeds should have con signed him to the Penitentiary to the class indicated As Likely to Tien Fen ded is so limited in the Radie Jil ranks that it is not probably that Grant will any it tettion to their wishes. The great Issue which predominated in of j toward Vii Ridlin a and pm prevent the stealing of three Hundred Mil sort of moral lion of dollars if we Are to believe con that no cons to Hare uss mod an epidemic from among Rcpt Olica ands of Lazy radicals out of offices and our. Politics ten tableland honest Joii Riili ii Spring Field re Public at. Washington f Well Tam Rouny Juno Sci annually by. Radical ism in new York if there is any spectacle on Earth really painful to a sensitive is a frizzy dry and unkempt head of hair. This is no t Only an unfailing sign of Slov Noess and ill Breeding but because it is wholly Uduc Dossary cd since that indispensable article known As Barrett s hair. Nestor a Tive has found its Way into the. Dress ing room and boudoir of every lady Anc gentleman the improvement in capillary adorn Tient is truly wonderful. 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