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Racine Argus (Newspaper) - November 13, 1879, Racine, WisconsinMerchant failed to pay 0 a 1q11 news and the lady Good him. In 1811 keepers of saloons and res Quch it was found the debtor had died the Racine att Gug e. I. Eor Aii Wisoon ars Tot my. Of the speech which Abra Jan Lincoln made at Indianapolis on Way to in february 1361, and which gave the first Public expression of his intentions in regard to the seceded states is about to be presented to the Public Library in Indian that ruin us. Never wears. _ _ is a accounts of the massacre and imprisonment of the Whites by the Sav age files the name of the Indian Wom an Susan shines out Radiant. It is Sel Dom that history has recorded the acts 0 u braver or More sagacious woman. The nation should not fail to suitably acknowledge such humanity and Fidel Ity which resulted at last in bringing tile captives in safety to their friends. E asters Sinema is said to be men Scad by famine the prices of Grain Are higher than they were Over known be fore and the poorer classes Are already suffering severely. The Harvest is a extremely poor one and during the it is expected that the Popula Tion will be in a terrible condition of want. The cattle plague has increased the evil there being in Many villages not one beast left alive. Twenty two nationalities on or about the 1st of october owned sea going vessels having in the aggregate capacity of tons. Of these vessels on Tho 1st of september great i Britain owned with a tonnage of and Tho United states representing tons. These figures show Tho relative Mari time importance of Tho two nations and the United states is ahead of All the others excepting great Britain. Four Scotchman one of whom was lord Dunmore have been indulging in real heroism. A pleasure yacht was in Tho hebrides leaving four Aon three and two children on a desolate storm swept Rock eleven Miles from the coast. They Clung there with. Nothing to eat and suffering in tensely from cold for a Day and a half. No boat would attempt the perilous voyage necessary for their Rescue until Dunmore and his companions put out in an open fishing smack. The lives of _ 1 3 to Iwa More and More which he is at hit writ s end to know How to invest into associations con ducted by his own countrymen Here and the Benefit will accrue to both countries. The present trouble in England will thus tend to bind even closer the commercial interests of the two countries. Englishmen already own Large Possession in the West and every year will see the number of such proprietors increase. Within a very few years there will be a daily mail Steamer to sentiment sense. Rothko is so it seems be forehand. Tion of i other por animal and they stand sex Tiomi of an Jessive boiling better than beef or Mut colonies and the eyes of other folks Are the eyes books Ore embalmed minds. Tame is a Flower upon a dead Man s heart. Harms ass and unhappiness Are Quali ties of the mind not of place or position. It to Hope and Joy is real riches one to fear and sorrow real poverty. Tace wit is like a Diamond it May sparkle but never shines is worn but frosts in Buzil in the province of Sao Paulo Brazil several severe frosts occurred during August lost which have so seriously injured the Coffee Trees that the crop for 1880 will be reduced one half. Lady Patent last sensation in the United states circuit court at new York As the appearance of miss Helen Maria Macdonald of Boston As a practitioner in a Patent Case for the alleged infringement of a Patent of her own. Tape Worms in writer in nature gives several instances of Tho discovery in hens eggs of minute specimens of the Ditoma Kvatum. 1 boy appear like a Small of a Millet seed or a pin s head. It is believed by Helminth Logiste that these develop into a species of tape worm and it is therefore Wise to eat your boiled hard or otherwise Well cooked. Organic . L a tuck Berthelot estimates the possible number with our my laments As our of compounds of acids with alcohol w ju11 j witches none Ore just Aliko yet each believes his own. 01 i at 1 400 with such a future Young chemists need not despair a a 1 air Cunnig nor sieves his own. F no new compounds for in Matt Enof conscience first thoughts of filing feet at Ctjuhu-a1-3 us thoughts Are Best. The Yoke a Man creates for himself wrong doing will Breed hate in the kind perfect love has a breath of poetry _. 1_1t__ of Flat Wirtl Lotf in matters of conscience nest we Como j probably the aver matters of prudence last annually is about Usu cum thousand Aid of these 5 per cent Only have any practical value. Colors or . Hunt re Marks that the cause of color variation m is quite unknown to . It can use s. Written in Mil plan i album. Omil Voroni time i will a Ripe my brow a my nolo and i will your Namo in the botany not to Loun Wlinich climber eth not Tho Pound. Mistakes of the 1ipe8. Among the funny mistakes made by compositors doubtless through bad the following Are noteworthy the Chicago times was recent made to allude to the holy of holies As the baby of and in the same Issue referred to the panic stricken citizens of Memphis As the Prairie Chicken this is almost As bad As the work of the Telegraph in sending Taylor s heart of Leal can this be Over the wires As heart of Lead can this be lying or the new Haven in pub Lishing a Sermon made the Clergyman cry is there no barn in Guilford Richer far than Gold. Lilo can Brili is to Roe no in runs time or love i could and by me no wealth or it Tiou would be love did not Alire. Not the re clip a n my Idoni a i mine to own one True heart very Minim no or you acid me alone love is Richer tort in Roll heart Iii Vur to Tibet or Noil. Jefferson s fake Sll. Jefferson s last hours were enlightened by the Christian s Hope but there is something pathetic in this blending of a father s affection and a philosopher s Fate. Two Days before dying Thomas Jefferson told his daughter mrs. Randolph that in a certain drawer Taur Anui Usu. Alert Sharp sighted Quick witted men who have to do with travellers. Domestic Economy a crr cup whte sugar half cup cup Sweet milk three eggs Well beaten three cups flour one table spoonful baking powder thoroughly mixed with Tho flour season with Lemon. medium sized clams drained in a colander then chopped flue add to that five eggs Well beaten Pepper Little Salt one Large table spoonful Nour drop in hot fat in frying pan serve immediately. Bisen quart milk one heaping quart of flour five Tab e spoonfuls yeast two eggs one table spoonful melted butter one Teaspoon Ful Salt set the mixture without the orcs and butter Over night As a sponge add in the morning and in Waffle Irons. Egg Cap bread soaked in n pint of milk two Itmari leaving any property. Since or for 74 years this Case has been registered in the court calendars and has not yet been dismissed principally on account of the impossibility of find ing the complainant who hid to any 1 Ruble As costs of trial. H a loses with ache a the trouble it la Cavard a a. 1 mated. From tace saw Mercury horses like human beings Are subjected to the Moit excruciating tooth aches audit is Only within few years shift any attempt has been made by veterinary surgeons to allay the Paia and extract or fill their Teeth. It is Only after Pat Tut study too that one is Able to discover when a horse suffering and upon what tooth to Light would Puzzle indeed the phenomenal Philadelphia lawyer. When suffering from Toothache horses Maui fets the greatest impatience Imd Are vicious and unmanageable and bite and kick continually stable men and managers at aus in Uii my. Eggs two cups Indian meal one table times have been badly bitten spoonful lard or butter one table spoon Ful Salt. Beat bread a nuns to a or kicked by horses suffering f us East beat bread a nuns to a Toothache. Who at other times Are the smooth Batter beat eggs very Light most docile of creatures. Ine exp ii .l.nrtmine. And stir All to ment8 by veterinary surgeons melt the Gether very hard. Very quickly. Eat hot. Irish potato . And stir All to bake in shallow tins take half a Risho Pound of potatoes after they Are boiled and mashed very line half a Pound of butter half a Pound of sugar and six Eil perfect love Nas a Reum a a 13 que in Kiiu which con exalt the relations of the least not Why the same species instructed human beings. In different locations should be of Din wer instructed Liu Niqui u if Ono marches abreast with obstinate Erent colors or Why the same Flower men who will Rush on guns and spikes Votry in tint during the Twenty he must share the consequences. I a Heab properly constituted can accommodate itself to whatever pillows Tho Vicissitudes of Fortune May place under four hours Grenata of t Ous. Toward it. Words Are messengers of Good or evil spiritual forces Angels of bless ing or cursing. To uttered we control them uttered they control us. Jil m nearly exhausted party were All the saved. _ a dog and gun Oving Over the farm of Mary Jane Pratt of Iroquois county 111., and she of dered him off the premises. Ohvo i Ain t in any danger i Ain t Hunting old was his reply. Bet Ning to the House she brought out a Guu and blazing away killed the Hunter s dog. He threw up his hands and yelled do of mean to murder of you Ain t in any danger i Ain t Hunting or she implied but she brought the Blessing of a House is goodness. The Honor of a House is hospitality. The ornament of a House is cleanliness. Tho happiness of a Houyou a Content ment. If All men were to bring their mis fortunes together in one place most these have a White Bloom. As the traveler proceeds southward they assume a Pink color and 400 Miles further South they Are Crimson red. The . Klein in Tho last number of the astronomy Viclie Nash refers to the new formations the lunar Crater by mus and a .1 Luis. My. In an old pocket Book she would find something intended for her and after Ward looking there she found the Fol lowing verses written by him lit vaulted its dreams Are no of Roy bosom Why Bitlick in tens i to to Lily Latnem 1 Welcome tic Liore we Biol. Crowns .11 my Orr Liili Bari a my eggs. Cream the butter mix with the other things and beat until the better is very Light. Flavor with a of wine and a Little grated Nutmeg or if of refer use Lemon or ments Mae by veterinary surgeons have been of great practical advantage and they Are gradually getting the nut Ter Down to a perfect science. What is the Mode of treating tooth ache in a was asked of a Veter Inary surgeon the other Day. Well they differ according to Cir no stares. Sometimes a horse is in the stable and sometimes in the Field when attacked and the operator must use his judgment. Generally however Orun would to glad to Toko their own Home again rather than take a portion out of the common Stock. Conclusion that for the present it must remain undecided whether or not they Are due to action. Vapor Are occasionally formed a the surface of Tho Moon which Are of Sun client duration to mislead a number ibo Taille of i i in to two Raplis Wilt me ions i liw Dud i deut i will Bear them your love o j Niy liar tetik lir with. Tue coming year 1880, i am glad to says Tho editor of the London Worril is to be conspicuous by Tho rare peculiarity of boasting live Sun Days in february. Now ,01 weather Wise people live screed for centuries butter it As you would for butter your dish and Lay slices All Over slowly be y the Bottom then Curron a and clean washed we picked then Ian j a Roneel. Gome. Bread Aud Batter 1hen currants Etc j n the Boss Dan. The bread thing after the of observers. Oter Ellade with British Bareau of statistics report that r a to this country Aid that with the rapid 51 her Accorne o cattle increase was from 70 to each 1 000 inhabitants in 1850 to 84 in 1800. This was in cattle on farms. In 13.0 the cattle of the country was Only .0 per 1 000 inhabitants. This decrease in numbers 6 Ives an indication of the weight of cattle kept improvements in Breeding better care and earlier Matur Ity this has come alone through Breed ing to improved Stock and principally till lir one member at least of the British government appreciates that there is going to be something of a 11, Ireland. Sir Michael Hicks Beach co Leonid Secretary speaking at birding Ham the other Day said he was con that the agitation in that Island m assumed the worst form nazism. When the presen Wico with Honor and War wit ministry find a moment s relaxation labor of conducting hostilities against Savage they vote their attention to the at Home and in by Means of shorthorn the herefords have exercised a Erable influence and it would seem that this is to be an important one especially so for far West herds Aud on those of the Southwest and of Texas. So have by of y i univ pc Rev far the great herds of Texas 3 not been much imbue need improved blood. The prevalence of Spanish fever among improved ism. Oncu suck taken there has operated against the Honor and amelioration of the cattle ther. J to looked for wed g interest As show my live Stock of just every kind has been Strong. Since the census of 1870 the population of the states has increased about 25 per cent. Tho increase in farm animals has been about 20 per cent., but the m aaa been us Usu crease in the weight of Tuimala intended for the Butcher in Tho last ten yews will show to think that the increase in j i 1 Llott 0 tills cd Usu l increase in american exports there 13 corresponding rapid decrease in Britus exports. In round numbers the exports from the United states to Grea Britain Lor the last fiscal year amounted to while the Export from great Britain to this country in the same period amounted to about t journal de Foj Sique describes a up enking machine made by m. Fabor which consists of three parts a bluing arrangement an apparatus for producing could and an articulating apparatus. Tic first seeds a current of air through the Larynx which is an Iron Reed the length of which can he varied so As to vary the pitch of sound. The articulating apparatus is in two parts one for producing vowels and one for consonants. The former act by the current . The consonants Are Given by pieces whose action is very similar to those of the lips the Teeth and the Tongue. Worked by fourteen keys. M. Gabriel the sounds Are monotonous and not perfect but Tho words and phrases be understood. The description 111 coh31uui.1j-ms a of extraordinarily Good Omen for the Harvest and Trade generally. So that if the famous depression does not come to an end within three or four months i really do not know who will to to there is a by and by. I. O. A amt Lilly we live in Tho Nacri pros the Telic re is i place All my it Ulicy will but Only try. Ulicy tcl1 los 0 a whore Many enter in. It s hot a Roasli Tor Iny 0 Anil sir. L nut. Rov a Otic May it they s Wylo win tide Giorc below. Tint when they Lunoc till ii ital world Tioy May to glory to. Jehovah up wow i Accosta Boll go All of uni Nolc yonwolvci., re jiul. Anil Anil sob. He we must bom Veitii arc Mill holy Olio at. 1 Jinrae and Heitli ii to the Woll met our univ Only Doft. Now. Thouc Wii my Thorn if we try How we stray toll cd o a u by mud by l. C. Go Okemi the agitation against vivisection has taken a deep hold in both Germany and Switzerland. Numerous Tion leagues have been formed and the countries have been flooded with pamphlets on the subject. So intense a degree of feeling has been aroused till lilt new milk beat up four eggs with half a Pound of powdered sugar mix them Well together and pour the custard Over Jour bread. You May add two Teaspoon Fuls Rose water or any Flavouring extract you prefer. Let it stand an hour or two before going to tie oven. Half an hour will Bunko it. is . Pound of sugar twelve eggs nine ounces of flour the rid and juice of one Lemon. Beat the elks and sugar Well together after first beating the elks Light. The Lemon juice May be added to make them easier to beat have the Whites beaten till they stand alone then add them to the elks and Sun and justly Cream in the flour at the same time be sure to cease beating for to continue utter the flour is put in is a certain Way to spoil the cake. Sponge cake bakes More quickly than any other variety. Cucumber up the cucumbers into Small Dice. Sprinkle Thorn lightly with Salt and let them stand a few hours. Pour off All the Salt water and add for each quart Naif a cupful of White Mustard seed and Aqua Ter clip Fol of Black Mustard seed and two polls of red Pepper unless you Are fort Unate enough to be Able to procure some of a Beautiful tiny variety when you May add two dozen. Mix Well to aether put into Glass jars not quite _ i a of to Vii can e u. Giver is not sufficient to form any Opin Ion As to the machine. Gyi Lici j in a n filling the jars and cover with Strong cider vinegar. Next Day add one Inch More of vinegar in close tightly. 1 780 Boston a town containing about 000 inhabitants is built on a Gemi Ishad which is greater in length than breadth. I think it is larger than Geneva. There Are gardens Meadows and Orchards in the Center of the town and the tote defective tooth is found at the sides of the jaw where the Sharp Points have lacerated the flesh. A file must then be inserted and the Points filed Down and in a Short time the animal feels relieved. But this is not actual Toothache. The gradual growing of the molars and the sharpening of the edges however leads to it. How can i Tell when the How has the tooth no Why it s easy enough you can Tell in. I the manner in which he holds his head. When a horse is affected it goes about with the head Down and the lower lip drooping and if the is pulled Shanly the creature is ready to jump and prance. Then again the eyes Ore fired and if the is compelled to Back by the pressure of the rein on his Teeth the agony is terrible and the at Tention of the Driver is thus attracted when Tho Teeth Are badly decayed Are they sometimes but As a Rule they Are is filling much to it is impossible almost to do the Job successfully. Wads of Hay or other matter arc frequently placed in the cavities but nothing More and it in. Only done to keep out the cold water. What instrument is used in cutting Down the a singular shaped instrument called after tooth the has been aroused generally unionists and of make so will show no Tho weight of animals slaughtered has fully kept Pace with the increase of How could the United states have exported such increasing quantities of beef and pork to fore in nations beside supplying Tho increasing Quantity needed from year to year at Farmer. Tax Yakoo toffouk.1. 4. New australian delicacy is finding its was into the London markets in Tho shape of dried Kangaroo tongues. The tails Aud skins of these m Long been utilized the former for rank Olin cd him the most naturally men who have risen from Humble life to wealth and High social rank Baw been Sham Croften of their parents and shown them Little attention or respect. Such treatment indicates a vulgar in ind True Nobu Ity follows a different method. Bichard kurd an eminent Bishop of the Church of England at lil Synop of to the close of the last Century was a Man of courtly manners of great learning who moved with distinction in Tho Best society of the kingdom. George . _ u in _ _ Acu inst Tae ienuiu5 their names have been so covered with opprobrium that they found it necessary to defend themselves earnestly in Public addresses. All the be Keril. The following Verso contains every letter in the alphabet escort will Zeal we to win nod s 110 5 lov0 we cannot Coqui dior or acc mid Xor walk with him every one has heard of the rogues galleries in which the police keep. Photographs of noted criminals. If a thief or vagrant newly arrested is suspected to be an offender to is taken to tie than one or. Two stories. To establish a Honeo by Given Oino another Long ing soap Tho latter for leather recent enormous de Striction of Kanpa. Roos has Given considerable impetus to these two trades. Struck b the waste of food occasioned by the Slaughter of so Many thousands of these marsupials whose bodies Are frequently left alone to rot there fallen a War Roo settler made an Experiment in curing the tongues of some of the so. Highly that a considerable Trade has sprung up in this commodity. The Are usuary House to it Dom higher Thev Ore of tip fun Ono or new a j Brick or Wood covered with boards and slates having Fiat roofs in Many places lightning conductors nearly All of which Are three pointed. There Are one or two straight streets there Are no remarkable Public buildings there is a tory spacious protected by islands which leave Only two narrow channels a state of things rendering town impregnable if fortified. This All that i have to Tell you about bos ton the inhabitants Are devoid of Deli Cacy Honor and knowledge and there s a Sld Gull i if a slide is employed tooth is Cut it is filled Down. When a tooth has to be drawn a Strong pair of forceps Are How do the horses stand the opera without much trouble when a Good hold is obtained on the tooth a Light twist is Giren to loosen it and then when a ten Pound pressure is obtained the tooth is drawn out by polite Man he had Over known. He however never failed to show the utmost respect for his Mother a Farmer s wife of no education but of Ster Ling character. When be entertained Large companies at the episcopal pal Ace he led her with a stately Courtesy to Tho head of the table and paid her the greatest deference. The High born families who sat at his table his conduct so becoming to a son and a gentleman. There a no killing the suspicion that to be an Oen gallery and confronted with the por trait. A photograph is an important auxiliary in the still Hunt Lor a default if a Vinink cashier or has an insurance. Secret absconded with Money enough in Possession to Wiir rant incur ring the Cost the detectives will Fri wetly circulate copies of his photograph. Experts can usually form some judg l b ment of the course his journey probably take and will put a cheap portrait and notice of Reward offered in the hands of thousands of railway conductors and brakeman hotel clerks Hou boys porters Cacy Honor Ana know uts not much to be said about their upright Ness any More than As regards that of the French who Are settled Here and whom the native born citizen detest life in Boston is very wearisome. There Are no Public amusements and so much superstition prevails that singing via Lin Phing card playing and bowls forbidden on of Albert Latok occasions a. Great loss of blood docs it not on the contrary a Ter the first few hours the bleeding ceases but i have known horses to bleed to death from having a tooth do you use aesthetics to Stup Ify the of no nothing whatever. It is Terv painful but the horses Bear it Well about Tho charge. Do Jon charge charges vary greatly. The Price is regulated by the amount of Price is time expended on the animal s Mouth the the horse Etc. In cases of valuable horses we charge a Little extra. But the Ordinary fees Are from s3 to for extracting. I have charged As much s50, however to very valuable vat. V ports a curious Case recently the court of Belo Osesky province of Novgorod. In the year 1805, a Fly loaned 300 rubles to a me chant for two months and received it Bill of of the Canton of to is the Only Divi Sion of the swis Republic that has tows far readopted capital punishment Low another Canton considering the expediency of taking the step and it is All the Swiss can tons these two have been Tho most Back Ward in respect to Public school m tru Clinion

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