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Racine Argus (Newspaper) - June 19, 1879, Racine, WisconsinThe Racine aug is a a. Racine. Wisconsin the trades unions of the various cities of this country have definitely decided to devote the next fourth of july to a grand demonstration for the right hour a Day movement. The report that there is to Boa general labor strike their Heads against the Wall. As the Heads wore covered with Caps the Marks were slight and not noticeable particularly us but a slight blow would be required to fracture the soft Skull of an infant. The culprit denied killing the child at Sontheim. Being under 12, she is not amenable to Lav and will simply be placed in a action. A House of Cor at that time or any summer is denied. Other time this James Gordon Bankett has Pur chased a half interest in acres of Jud Between Yonkers and Willians Bridge North of Jerome Park for the Region is known As the Sawmill River Valley and it is reported that Bennett proposes to erect Small Homos thereon for persons of moderate incomes. Texas has a noted a local option Bell punch Law. Each county in Tho state May decide us heretofore whether Al Coholic beverages shall or shall not be sold within its Borders and should the verdict a in favor of Tho Salo then the county authorities May decide upon the number places to be licensed and provided with Bell punches. The Gal Veston estimates that 200 counties will adopt the Bell punch system and that the number of punches required be about a keep Oktor has been examining a hotel Register at West Point and found under Date of May 26, 1s39, the name of a. B. Magruder Washington. D. Afterwards a distinguished Confederate general. Under the elate of May 29, 1s39, is the entry a. H. , Georgetown and underneath Fred k t. Dent this brings up the old matter of Hiram s change of name., and the following explanation is vent ured it is said of Gen. Grant Whan he first left Olio Home and reported at West Point that upon signing name a. H. In the academic farm and valid Jef notes. Oatmeal contains nearly 1c per cent. It flesh forming constituents. Less wheat but three times the area of Corn and twice of Oats has been planted and sown in Colorado this year compared with last. Henderson of the Rural farm requests us to state that he finds j lamp Black applied with a Woolen cloth j the very Best substance for burnishing the brass or Silver plated mountings of Rural few yorker if you have any raspberries the canes must be tied to the trellis or stakes. The Young shoots that Are now coming will be next year s bearing canes and should be taken Cave of or Sii May to left on each Strong Plant the rest Are superfluous. Radishes should now to freely sup plied with water they will be spongy and unfit to eat. To have a constant Supply of this excellent vege table sow a Short Row every week Bay every saturday. They can be grown Between Tho rows of cabbage and other vegetables but water them freely. Quassa and soft soap is recommended for destroying aphids on and Russia seeks other worlds to conquer. Consequently she intends to provide herself with Tho largest Telescope in the Thorld. Prof. Newcomb of Washington has received a letter from Otio Strung director of the Palkowa Observatory in Russia announcing that the russian has voted rubles for the construction of the largest Tele scope in Tho world. The object Glass be about three feet in diameter. It is expected that Russia will Send this object Glass to America to have it ground and finished. Register at the adjutant s office he was other Woody plants. It is used by boiling four in aces of Quassa chips for it of an hour in a gallon of water. When cold and strained add two More Gallons of water and six ounces of soft soap. With this syringe the Bushes. Tiik Man who farms brains to their full extent year after year and docs not believe in occasional fallow Ings will find at last that brains like land will run Argus. Informed there was no appointment for any candidate of that name but that there was one for a. S. this mistake in an initial was doubtless j duo ton misunderstanding on Tho part of Tho congressman of District in making out the appointment. Tho future general and president replied that the change of an initial made no particular difference to . Ago their Learned Blacksmith comes to Supply the Placo made vacant by the death of Elihu Barritt. His name is Robert d. Coggeshall Home new port r. I., and he has spent All life on native Island except the four years that he served in the army during the War. He was a poor boy was Given Only a common school education and Lias had to work hard at Trade for a living but to Early developed a great love for geology and has found time to pick up a most astonishing amount of knowledge about favorite science. He is now past Middle life but still in shop every Day going Home frequently in the summer to meet in the evening somebody interested in geology who has come to Newport for rest and Lias heard of the self taught scientist. Of the 2ith of Hist Mouth Queen Victoria completed her kith year an age which has been exceeded by eleven Only of the sovereigns of England dating from Tho Norman. Conquest namely Henry i., who lived to the nge of 07 years Henry iii., who lived 05 years Edward i., who lived to be 07 years old Edward iii., g5 years Queen Elizabeth who reached 09 years James ii., 08 years George i., 07 years George 1c., 77 years George iii., 82 years George it., is years and William .iv., who lived 72 years. She has reigned forty two years on the 20th of Juno next a period which hns not been exceeded by More than four English sovereigns namely Henry hi., who reigned fifty years Queen Elizabeth who reigned forty years and George iii., sixty years. The route of Tho Panama ship canal As selected by the Congress at Paris is to extend from the Gulf of Limon on Tho Atlantic Side to the Bay of Panama Oil the Pacific Side. This Isth Panama route. As originally planned the canal was to follow Tho course of Tho chagres River As far As Matachik a Dis Tance of about Twenty six Miles. The Obispo River was to be utilized to Paraiso and a Channel Cut through the Mountain Ridge to Eio Grande River which flows into the Bay of Panama. Tho highest Point to be Cut through is 202 feet this contemplated a canal with the length of the proposed canal will be about forty Miles on one line Aud forty two Miles on theline surveyed by commander Lull in 1875. The project will be under the manage ment of m. De Lesseps and the canal if constructed will be at the sea level in accordance with news on that Poi if we suppose the Money is forthcoming to build it. It is questionable in View of Tho vast amounts of Money involved whether railway transit would not be cheaper. In these Days of improved machinery transferring cargoes is a very minor item in freight ing goods. Get your ticket at the Wagon screamed the doorkeeper of the circus 1 yesterday to a Young Man with a girl on Arm who Lull r. Handful of Small change. This is the third tire you have come Here without tickets when Yon know i can t take the Young Man and girl fell Back and As they did it go near the ticket Wagon Anil yet seemed very anti Unis to see the circus a curious minded citizen edged around and inquired of Mun Why Don t you buy tickets if you want to go " cause i m was Tho whispered reply. I did t Low enough for incidentals when i was fingering on the Cost of this thing but i Don t want the Gal to know How much Are you Short Only 5 cents. I that shillings would pay All Kot lets. We spent to cents 10 the Street. Vars and 5in Candy. I had just so left to pay Way in when she got a Peanut shuck in her Throat and i had to buy a Gluss of Teresa. At last when Skinner stopped to fill pipe the Little boy asked and did the enemy run did they said Skinner. Great Scott How they did run my dear boy they ran to like Thunder that we ran three to keep out o their was Anil we had t thrown our guns away they d have run Over us Oil City Derrick. Household eco Vojir. Political notes. It though till i had pounded her on the Back More ii fifty times and tried to pull the Hou. w. Stoughton United states Linister to Russia has been in regard to the in roubles. He declared that these troubles have been grossly exaggerated and that nearly every material state ment made about them is absolutely false. Many of the letters dated in Russia were not written in that and the Man who farms Laud year after year without bringing brain Power to work will find that land will soon run out. The a pretending but Sweet Little Mignonette should to found in every Flower Garden. Sow some seed in a pot or Box set the Young plants in four Inch pots one in each and train them up for window decoration. I have transplanted Young plants very Success fully in the Garden by carefully shading Aud watering them till they begun to grow. Peas growing Over a foot in height should be supplied with Brush on which to climb. Trim each Brush a Hatchet into a flattened or fan shaped form Sharpen the ends so they can easily be stuck in the ground and set a of Brush to each Row of peas. In Beds of two rows the Brush should be set on the outside., the tops leaning a Little toward each other. Attention to Little things about the farm us in any other business is what increases the profits. Plenty of eggs a few chickens a few calves a Colt or two help out wonderfully. If some of the perquisites arising Ore Given to the Chil Dren for Tho care bestowed they will cheerfully help in the Garden and thus another important item is added to the Well being of the family. Tomato plants should never be Al Lowed to lie on the ground they less and inferior fruit and it will Ripen late if they do. The Best Way is to train them to a trellis made either of wire or of wooden strips. Every Branch should to tied up and later when a Quantity of fruit is formed the tips Piu Chod off you will then be surprised to sen the amount and size of the fruit you can gather from a single Plant. In lieu of a trellis you can use Low spread ing Brush to raise Tho plants from the ground but it is not so efficient. Recent analysis at the Connecticut stoves tinware knives spoons windows mirrors lamp chimneys Etc. An excellent Wax varnish for Furni Ture is Marie by dissolving Over a gentle heat three ounces of Wax in one quart of Oil of turpentine. Dissolve four or pounds of washing soda in boiling water and throw Down the sink to prevent the pipes stopping up with grease Etc. Do this every few weeks Sweet Oil is recommended for pol Ishing pianos. Apply with u Chamois skin and rub with different skins As they become saturated with the Oil. It requires one or two hours of hard rub Bing to restore an instrument to its original Luster. Of bathers should be very thoroughly dried before using them. If Feather buds smell badly or become heavy from want of proper renovation of the Feath ers or i Roui old nge empty them and Wash the feathers thoroughly in a tub of suds spread them in the Garret to dry and they will be As Light and Good As new. Never Lay the pillows or Feather ticks to dry in the Suu Lay them in a Shady place where Tho wind can purify them. Heat makes feathers rancid. Pot plants that become a Thrifty and sickly May to revived by planting them in Rich Mold in a sunny trimming after the season becomes permanently warm. Thus they will often grow into a vigorous state during july and August and be ready for re potting. Oleanders oranges Lemonn camellias azaleas among hard wooded plants May to made healthy in this Way. They must however be protected from Tho effects of sweeping Prairie winds. Tomato Bushel of Ripe tomatoes Cut up and cooked thoroughly Strain through a Sieve when cold add three quarts of vinegar one pint and a half of Salt three ounces each of whole cloves and allspice three ounces White Aud Black Pepper one and a half ounces Cayenne Pepper twelve onions boiled whole in it for several hours watching and stirring for fear of Burn ing. It need not boil hard but simmer steadily. When cold bottle after re moving the onions when they have Well Flavoured the mixture keep in a Cool dry place. Bleaching a Straw if your hat is badly Sun burned soak it in sour milk a few Days. 2. Wash your hat clean in Lively soap suds with either a flesh or a tooth Brush then rinse. Have a tight barrel or Box ready. Drive a Nail in one Side to Dang your hat on. You should sew a thread through the rim to form a Loop to suspend it by have your cover ready take an old dish put in some Coal Stop your nose if you Are not fond of Tho per then throw on some stick Sulphur or Brimstone previously pounded in Small lumps. cents Worth would be enough i should think. 3. First scrub it writ in water softened with Borax using very Little snap then rinse it in Borax water using a Tea spoonful of powders Borax in a Brosiu of water bleach it in the Sun for two or Daniel Webster delivered in Ora Tion on the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument that vast audience from the re round. Every sentiment uttered by Sci evoked the most Heartfelt applause. Without com ment we mib Mit a single paragraph from this grand oration if men would enjoy the blessings of Republican government they must govern themselves by reason by Mutual coun Sel and consultation by a sense and feeling of general interest and by the acquiescence of the minority in Tho will of the majority properly expressed and above All the military must be presidency is not to be contested on the Ohio idea Tho new England idea or the Southern idea but upon a Sunda mental National idea which will Over pow Rall others. The country will insist that there shall to free ballot that the people shall not be cowed by Federal soldiers or United states marshals but that the sovereigns not their servants shall Rule. They will demand too that full and fair expression shall is Given to the ballot after it has been cast with out being counted out by infamous re turning boards or the decrees of electoral commissions. These two things go hand in hand. Free elections and full Force to the popular will As determined thereby will constitute the Battle cry of the next Campaign. All minor issues will have to Way. T i kept according to the language of our j have to Way. Bill of rights Iii strict subordination to facts and Are More to the civil authority. Wherever this Les son is not Learned and practice there can be no political Freedom. Absurd preposterous is it a scoff and a satire on free forms of constitutional Liberty for frames of government to be pre scribed by military loaders and the right of suffrage to be exercised at the Point of the the Albany Argus has an article in regard to Elaine which contains much More truth than poetry. We copy its conclusion there is no Man in Tho United states who is so much distrusted. There is no Man who is regarded with so much interest. The people look on As one who has Flung character to the winds and they Are curious to see How far and Tiow Long he can get on without character or without even the pretence of character. Be is fond of taunting rebels but they have at a disadvantage they never stole any thing. He is fond of taunting rebels but they have a Dis Advant they had real convictions. He is fond of taunting rebels but they have at u disadvantage they put up their lives and All for the things they believed and going into Public Lile poor emerged poorer and without Dis Honor. He is fond of taunting rebels but they have at an advantage no body believes they Are for Sale. He is fond of taunting rebels but they have at a disadvantage nobody jays they Are smart but no dependence can to placed on them a performer with out conscience or respect or. Blaine is the most Brilliant exponent of the be ullity of a venal party in it venal age and that is All he tent than party leaders and will Brush aside All attempts to avoid or change the real Issue. The unt Rummele right of Tho people to elect to Weir own rulers was wantonly invaded in 187g. The machinery under which it was done then the democrats now insist shall be Given up. The party which by its use succeeded in then thwarting the popu Lar will refuse to surrender it and threaten to Stop the wheels of the government if they cannot be allowed to retain it. Whatever the result May boat this session and whatever turn things May take at Washington the real Issue is one for the people and they alone can Settle it. Congress will do Little More than make up the Case. The peo ple have got to Settle it at the polls. Collateral questions however important will have to bide their time. The Ohio idea will have to stand aside. So with All sectional issues. The republicans cannot Force Southern questions into the foreground should they at tempt it. The Southern people have none to push Forward Aud no disposition to bring them to the front if they Experiment station of about a dozen i three Days and if the hat is very yellow different specimens of Corn fodder Cut i a Little Lomon juice will at different periods Tho highest i prove effective. Amount of albumin ids to that Cut aug. 9, of Carbo hydrates to that Cut sept. 2u, Aud the highest digestible ratio to a Sample 1877. Analysis shows a much larger percent j diary Field varieties which confirmed the general opinion that it is much More exhaustive than common held Corn. As the stalk increases in age its feeding value american cultivator. The use of Salt in Tho care of farm animals seems to Aid an economical digestion and assists assimilation of Tho requisite Normal amount of food while it is also believed taut it makes the the Republican platform for 1sso. The truth of the proverb that politics makes strange bedfellows was Well illustrated recently when the Hon. John b. Anskin the freest from political com plications of All our anti tammany leaders opened a correspondence with John Sherman by Means of which Tho latter formally announced himself As a candidate for president. He took that occasion also to define what he Calls the True Issue for 1sso." platform is a revival of sectional hate sweetened with cant phrases follows coup try says the Washington pout i would Spiro to a Public Opin j b Ion should to Emilio Rno a candidate for would not to changed m any particular the issues on which the Republican managers have elected to go to the lemonade to Wash it Down. Did t do flesh harder and gives Tho animal functions a More regular and healthy action. In England the average daily allowance one o them Tiro hydrants up by the of Salt is for calves one ounce per Day 1-year-old animals three ounces fatten ill lend you5 Cutts to make up your j ing oxen six ounces and Milch Cowa said the citizen. Four ounces. Sheep it is said will tub Alt Csc Juuli la. L11uv f ten but Vou be made me Happy for life. Try and contained statements which he 0 free press. You will by gosh but that lets j never stray from in closures where Salt me out i d made up my mind to Tell is kept for their constant use provided the Gal thai the. Tigers had got Loose and of course running water is also found the hyenas Hud run mad but she s Long-1 in the pasture headed and might not have believed it. Thanked Kir. And the Fust time i m in town i la Puy it Back. Hang it i Orter tagger de in Jeven shillings Stead of know from personal knowledge to be false. He farther declared that it was not True that the russian people were

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