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Read an issue on 16 Aug 1848 in Racine, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Racine Advocate.

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Racine Advocate (Newspaper) - August 16, 1848, Racine, WisconsinI. Racine Wisconsin August 10, 1848. Whole no. 2sn. J l Momm i in in a stut okd. I i. A .1kin. M. A. It s. Ii. I. Itt Mil whit., All Llie of Lite i Labid a am v. of llll1, Lluc l s a k my i m a Jailil .1 Rufflo Ivy Iknou t limn Illey Aru nl1 in info Fol i Liuch m pin Ami ii Ihly any in Pirl null i. Rollou j Hiir Slink liquors by in f Lulu h. No Willi Mil Puli Tim la. It Lair Lovi us ii Foi a i m.-, serenade. M is. S i Sicri do no u s tin i in Lluisi a. Lacin Pii Jiniv s. Co., pick do Minimi Iury i in in. I k Jinil Ilo. Superior i v Tel Ami . Lot Laius hit. I. N ii Ali r . Dill a i m do in Mil Cul kilo a v. I by i t 11 i Itin s. N s. I . I ii i m in i a v. I m j . 5-1. Ami in . i m i Ifni nil All r i. In tin in arc Mil in1, in Cilc ii 1 to i. It Rucci m Atlin in. 1 nit pint vr-r1 Ami a minimal Amii it Oki hut in v ii s. M pm i ii in in a n1.1 line. I ll.ak-. I it 1 Oll ii a in Miami so a. K i civic. N in. S Willlim Lilly mini 1 it kit la in rail. I i Illi i in l stir. I hit. Old i m l Muncy n Piru and at Imus Bimi of ols Iid Jimmilyn Ilai in 11 us Tilc. , Ito to. ii jul ciislc1-. U. S Popr Putni dn., do do t u a. I . Duppy co s tln., do t to i lom1. Do., in. I Ciicle do a. Nil Mil clock curio is. Tiki in. it. I i Dia Imit a i it limn. Stroli i Voninia Sahili Knidon Phi tit and Aiu idol King can. I h r1 apply a i Zhini n a ii 1 1 on i is Ltd ten Al j Hiir Stock of or Milia in Uhnhay is of i rim ip1 i Titan in Tut pallm by Una Otic f Mimi in t i t p in s us fit it Ilio-.c1 in Luis to Pic i n 4 might i nut Ivy the tin Dic l p dial i Nippin i. Til ii i Tinl will n Al . .1 Ulm i is i b3. Iii. Nim i inn in tin pm la on Mil he us in id Dizion Uli runner Slot a Vorva tiiif1 in 01 cold i us Silver u ii 1 a. Tim s c kind mid Prills mine do Ruji in Winhuy s Shiv All . D i. A will v 1. I la did in. Pic .1 Vul a ,1 u i m i s .1 a. Ii pins .11 a tit. Tin j by tits i vat in. Of new Iosim ii i lum.-. Ollic nun i m a. Nim u in i a Nell ainu Tinl no Mil 5-Ilvi-i Una Giuins. Ami 1c j Ami to a. X. C in Xiv Impi m s Mil Siki i in t v. I by Ami i. In tin i c.1 i pills v n n Colin no Ali Nib Raul i t i it i it i la. Mil a is t r i in1 i lol o runs Mil _ .ii., Iho i o at n in 1 204 a. 3 v 1 in 11. N h ii in in Ilkiv. I Niles ,11111 Jil. I ii unit c in in i ii ii in to i. , lion a l is Vihti i Tim Alt in Lins ii Mik Vinn a in St. I u., my a Rikhi b i Nii. Pun . Culi mls on lie Harn a i a . I Miln in is j nil "ii.-. Nil.-, he in Pru at t 1 i an1 i Low any Chi lined i n Nan Mai. Ill Ali la. Ii pm i in in Blini. Pui Fil. I urn y Itol ticks ire .-11 a. I i is t. K. I la s so i re k a tin in i is is no i m Llie 111 in ii to Ltd noun Loim l la i min and in to d Mil u i Voik Mil of tin i m i -. uns in an1 on tin in p in Ajili Mii Iilva us no lit1 nil in i 1 i u k tin1 Lici i Lini in mm.nil1 r . A. Eliiah m1. I ice. Us. Ii i. Ill a i p.1 Ncnair i Ninin in tin i no i Hill run. Lit. 1? 1 a l t n r 1. I i ii ensure i in u jul of . , ii Pun Pili Mil Mil Mill us or i n. I Al o l Ollir v. I .1 i 11 i. I i in l l a o.1-, in. Ii in n. Ivr. M hib s in ice. I.jipn-, c i rns or Jii. n Milli i. C. I. In i. I Mil i. In a. Griir a. Of uni-lu1-. Il1 i re Wiiri d Himl i m tin s r., to p . .1. Ii in 1.-, Hwi v. Iii Jui nil i. In 118, 1 la k. A i Niit of pm hip. Stovis i tin -ikun.xc. Alain s n i. Ii . in n mtg. s hip. I. Ii. L .1in ii. Fill . Us c. Ihlen a to i 11 a .1 i co l us John c in Piu a Caiman Lions a. Loid. Ii. Mill t n l my Hin Hill. In. .1 Lviv Imanil i inc a and Al a. i t it a Siri j did in a i Lici Emu a i and h Copal i id violin snip ji1-. , Pool i and Kail univ rfcs. Iri Dudi Llemit so j lit lamp. Nil i Sulc did act. I1, Cut o Alii. At in tin a 1 w. n a. I lui1 Uko Tali inns. Info Clu Elf s to Len a Lull Allol a i we in Lini i Pull c Lulli , a. Kiili Sti in i my us Tiktin i Rint Mil Hili l. Maitlon hi. to i Tilki it Len ii by. Ill a iln., Cohl in. Cilk Lickl s. C ii . In. Limn i. Sill Sill i Collin Lill Boll l ii uni c. Id i cd a u Illi i . A. Fun i 11 y la i1. U 110imivs.ii.ui. .71 co a t i u in in uni inc. To Unsino j a Iik. fuss or by i a Umu of i A. In. I ihu.n., i i. ii i c Natol i it j., i .11 i Sill Al g. Oil ii i. Iho i skin Mil . Mill1 , 1v.c ii Lin of.1 nips i Oik i f i Ti. do., p Hull in sm.--h do in a Siguil j Oren Ivlin to -. Ilo. Wilu t s. A i if . I in on ppr Vicki Sooil Isoo i h am of i minis Lihr incl Lynul a rus Kin. Til Dimiti i Cli Ililau . I i my inc in Tail Taiin pm Hoolis. L 7 it or . To inv to ii ills Mill Lucy in air in in my they ni. tin i Pun it in Ilii Noums in the i ni-l1. Of ii of Llomis. I in tin in Ilia to Oli Lisl t Rush a i1 a mail. M. Kac Ink As jut ,11 in is Iiona Chi i n i inn of a Mill in in . Till id1 Cut i thu t inn. Tin i in f Lluli in1 1 1 us 111 1111 s. L i a Lof 111. Ill i in Clit tic in Mil nil i inc jul i l k j it 1. H nit in. I ii. Elk a. Co. Of i is ll.icitu1. in i Corn a. . Ivc. Main is. The stiff mitc i Ai i m v a i. Or inf. Noii Tii it a. I. Mid inc. It m a n k i n h in i a n u k m i mum la kill. I i. I l. Oli Sinns la Lviv a r i ii i in moot am m a ii .l s Dull Sturc mini si., i. I l a Tki status Llo i lil in k. Ii. Ii of. Main fp1, u ,1-itn1, ii . 1 ii i la i nil Len ii. Win i Lull in of ii l Kin i no in tin ii it Riniti 1 i ii Lylalu Niu York. Or Jill in ii u l kill i1-, a Mali Al Noti suit to Pii to. N inv ul1 lower i 111 i a i1 to Ilii a no Uli Pitinii a la fills Tyr i to Ltd 1-, tin1 in h Litolf Tiu is lining Iasi 11. 1- Olibri. I Lff Inthir Tirc Ilo in in1 1 on soil. Miili in Init j a i us ii Itil 1 Tinti i is us my Ntlii-i1 tins1, ,11 ohiri.-. Ollisio upon Tom pm is my a-l.. Ii k. Am s. M i u di1 Irr in inuil.-, i rat Ric i Mlls a no i uni . Ill ii St i. Soap am Oil m no sixth -.m i ii 11 ii i r i. I i it p u Isis. A Tel of i Ali Hie hair Tilori c a in Cuil ii Liisu a j in . Is this i y Niu 1 in uni Siumui a will Fittim be to Lisl to to line Lull ii Mirml i i ii m . 1.1. Is is. Stltt am by owl will a nil to i Uil in m Milu in the i Luril inc store of win .1. Hunt. Ulm i n y Lyonil of Blick blown n Uhi no clot Vituli Ulm am i n ,11 c i Cru i r c Lulli n i Slitti -1, non a ii f , in a j. Alpirn lust u1 Ulm . In i i 1, in i win.lt1 i n-1-ilksh.iwlf, is mils ,1 is of ii of i Lorli incl Ann i iraqi mint-1, i s Lull l Del is sikh Al of Linoiel us v.iiikh1 motions Ulm l. v ii nil h- i. Jont Mit Kioes. I it i on in is Looi. Iliff Filip Al Lull a Elf l Pont. C la la Lull a Fol scoot and i Hoos i tuts Ulm r.ilm-. N Oil silk Utu loll i Uil idlis i Tryr is f rus ii in Tirc Coli to to Bur oct i Tiit. Unis Nis spc1 n Mill till Lois Cun Illo Alai Quinn iiiuipi., to Oisin Mill of ton tin to tuntion lit Solil i by in Lor or inlay p Oil ii. K i ii Oil in i. La is i , c. , co., ii Kef Fth and j Ailai-8, a. I in. To nil Ilii Pinr Wiki Kimii Loisl ii Cuil ,1 Ali if a Fortini ii of Ulm Sini Inion Lorils it in i hair Linn of business Ami c idiom i u-fon1 in tins nit a Kol. An mid fill Ali air to a Ivy Rulu item g inc ii n Ilia Mati so an must vill Linin a i Lill lib , hos i by in Trio i Fiji Ilary appoint Oil Lor firt 11 kiting fit in and can Supply Ali c i Ladd in application i offt Anil Alln i lot soil in Llic on Bill in Quay Lola Isis. Simf l wanted. In to Linail lit a Nim pc mayhem s j a Ilii Misti Ulm lot or Lacally lot in Liis Village. I lot Laid Fioro on or Olf tvs Cantu Onazki it school Sec icon will be Nitvini in m.i1. N .1 i Otolini Nail itar Nio july t. No .iriu1 Fri Siml in Fol his of h. Ii. Lluu Ltd. I of. ten if la Rainy Jott in Liliu Sua Irli Siun o til s to if hippy in Lisbon not so m Ilii me. A Niue is soft to it is .Il m. huf to Iionia by 1 nine crime to Nio in n Liml a Glen jilt by Tecil Joni i Jar me i oni tin trial. Ill end. Of Euit i to i u w to land i Liciu or to do j Ricoy knew us Ivron goil feb cd it nov us ail a l in by Job Loo he jilt to Anil in Lily by v. Piil Lens of i Illch ten in Rii i Ziluni must us in nah nins1 not . Must nol fail Hom Opyr or Fly i Riith Anil to by in rat Nhi a Lintt in fire. New Yehh every Day Lite. Ii by Ilu of some our wiil i Horci Nui Titei duty Wiur lick unit a All Ihu places of Popi Jorl 11 Liiri c cily. Ave ii the inc i in und he Liguras Cal it i do not Chi of inti i Llic nips Liml Bool than Lite various Points where ihc1 free and Otis Insl do . A Spius 01 Skol ohcs of the Oysler Uoll. it Hoti an Siil i like of Tiu or Fol City Are now in pm of Puli Iua Tion in Llic new Jill pm York it which , the to in Gigic Llie Allen Tiomi to Green horns inc outside liar Winans of know ing ont i of Lam this idea we Gifu below in us tract on Iho Ifo usos 11 Only in Loci coming while the Rascal s Goti g As list us la can. Is .1 ref Lor my Polar Louse it Cak i ii lured 1 , Donn Nosir Drc Klyair Smirh Lccy pc nuo at tie incl Yon Poi is . a birr yrs a Conli Siruis Kotrc in of snug sounds Salhi for annl he of lilo c Rolon Riiser Lutio ital h the of i a Liis Liing i links Phil Init in with Iho Luani from n n1. Iii Noah kit Hor ing foiling bilking Looi Crowdu of Wall .1 pair of jaw iipicci1, h living in Eini Hatton of Iho one Pic Ulutu Willi sni h to Krilic i Favit he Samson and l in i has Boco iric As Quimod of Ami Hidi b away Chi jul a of in the Coiner kicking by degrees to Bodinof tical and Yon will have sumo noon of i York Cal inn Lioi Ibe. We onic a Crook to count these in the lower of who Uili i tit de on the a Ltd smell of vied grenhi.1 be Viro we got Hull Ali Jongh the Lieut til reel and Obi fed logo Pine in a Beli ovo however that Liore can t he Lehfer than i Myrcil of Llu Tii within Milf of the 1 . They Jit Loo Poi Lant a slice of now to he Ramsli Ting cars who Slop Conri oily after Tiluy Lime climbed the Hig Ulok Crisc at Chr he. Id of Wall Slipel Haven t half the sights. A Voik eating House at Leigh Lulu is a scene a huh us till Well repay the la links of an or a panoramic in if if. Spirit Atid i Lails Chi Tecl be Bill Inch pre served. Everything is done diff Reilly in new York fro id any flu re else Bill in paling the Dillin dec is More sink no than in any other of Lite non econ omy. A Thoro inh Frfd will look at a Bill of Faro order lits dinner lilt it ital himself and bi1 engage to in put Inifi Oil u lot of goods upon a free ii Hont wet Ilc you Are go Tiina your Napkin Lix cd Over your Nan keens we think the Colkin Arl Cle preferable and deciding we Ellice you will take sex Tail or mock or Lac. A regular Down Flownor Guys Llie Kite heu Wilt nose Asho comes up stairs selects Bis dish by in Ilion Ami Swallo svs ,1 by slim and Llie Vanie Battery. As. To digesting it Ihal is Noraj of his Bip siness. He has paid All liabilities loins stomach and that is All he knows or ualies about the matter. The stomach must Muir inc own All airs lie is not in Ihal not less than thirty thousand persons engaged in mercantile or affairs Clino at ruling houses every Day. The work commences punctually at twelve and Froni that hour until Throe or Futter Lam havoc is immense Ami inccss.. Taylor pc Len Ijiri us Natii Liinar in it the i he is generally bad nearly in that which the Rook at Home above a saves for the beg Gars generally hoc own in Ireca cousins just come it is really wonder Ful How men of Rel incl pampered habits who it Home Are As fastidious luxury Anil a Silica la App Lilc can Makr Lliam ind in their Toigo such Masse of stingy meat and lipid and to about Irir by since again under the fond delusion that they have dined. Una Hoy say does wonders and it Ronus Ihal inc fear of losing in makes our More Lair. Princes willing to put up Willi and put Down warm in lieu or Tor Simp Pei a Piring , for delicate in cum meal and molasses instead of or Sklom , re eel the Raees or Oiler lines of gathered round .1 Long Low Black table in Ernie of which is a Clollis Conlan ing. ale y fastened n by he ii the of the Al one of Llie Lable is seated a Little Man Vilh Ringei s like Eagle s Laws who Lias a Lille Lin Box before him from which of lids one eard Al a Lime which he lays on one of two piles which grow by Distri billion Sci Noail. His hand. I Lvery eard that is dealt occasions a commotion and a great change of i ices among sundry heaps of Larue Ivory sonic red ing about on the stationary Tariu on Llie Laboc. You no Money now a then when one of the players is he passes a v or an a up to the dealer and receives equivalent in unions. The while ones a otitis one Dollar apiece and the red ones Yon readily see How easy it is for a Man with a bad run of Luck to lose several Hundred Dolthus in of an evening. And thus the Genie goes on from night till Gray pallid eager Dull beaming reckless and despairing faces gathered ind the Lable Preso Ling a pan Oriti Raof passions which in is interesting yet to Coti Lempkie. This is very incur Setinc of the Temple of Manimon am1, the Devolco Yon Sec Here Are Aclidia de solely by he simple Nuhs red almost Demoniac love of Money. No or phase of unadulterated Liu Nian selfishness is below or he und ibis. The robber who Bis victim to get Al his incendiary who ires a oily in die Hope of not More the Skive of lust of Gold than that Gray headed sinner or that Brighi led nervous , who stands leaning Over the Faro Wal Ehing every As if Llie Dasliny of his. Immortal soul per haps in Llic Issue. To have Here Picl Neil Only establish Mon where gambling is carried on upon the Rosl and Aristo cratic principles. A Brief glance at other Anil far different inst Milinn for robbing fools of their in ency we must Reserve or anole cd number. The cholera is rapid strides Woolward in Krope and has cached Thui i in i c1i p i 1 r to i if in i Onisk the. Defeat of the Bill of the Senate Load Mil slavery Inlo , California Ami new Mexico if settled for the present session of the , Mulh Oul a moment of hesitation it upon the Laboc. In ibis Alliey appear 10 hate had a it Tel appreciation of the me is of the Bill. This is the first action produced by inc Emph lit stand taken by the opponent of the of to too Territo Ries. Although in is favourable Lolly wishes of the free slates in affords no Safe guard or guarantee for inc fun inc believe the Bill hive been passed thru nth the House it not appeared to the Fneels of Jin. Taylor As Poi nisin sonic Aid to him in Llie ruining Campaign Ifil were Laid upon Llie i Ile. J heir action to be Verv much Jilin the gambol of the Mclim m the sane of Llie j Lioy Are Lollie support of Cine Al and like sonic knows thai will him or i re Sieleni it can All it asks for. I Lider Noh a lilt a i May la he Imil is mini Aerial this Vole on Hie pail of . Taylor i regarded been Given to furnish anti Sci gloss ovoid their pos Linn at Lar and Al the same inn ii exp eled in the Sutill turn Lonniel upon their fifi is Roan. To repeat in thai there no i Lara Lee who lever Furni Bleil by it the ,1 in sex Len Sion o. Ila y us prohibited. J is the Suo an l Only Issue before the Viiu it is ing in Sec the Success of Suh an unjust measure in warned. I Sluis the Aiu Weiles of free Sod desperate Are and it warns tin there is inns if la Lohi. until a thorough and Lely of in Bee i ,111 tin Poel lion Cliine climb the th3 who. A few idlers i.-11. Taylor we had nol been Able in Lay in when Pabli Sheil his in found ilium mimic then we give Chi race from Ahcin f of tort of n in Lafr to a Lilbirn of near Monterey in i8j7. Junt i he Lair Finiff or and Ilie at seek to pile1 m in la chair of Llic chief . Ill of All panics and the National Irinod will be my and to j lir so j Kinith Mead i in is army of Only 18 it. If Ever i fill Hal Ollice. Ii must be with or of any i Neil ii none Bill thine the the High in intr or and not . I in not Jona it i , Ami Only yield Laius of t1 to be Coli Wule Rei a inc Samo in which in is by to Irreg pert Iff i j j if1. Hid by. I Roadie Garlt i of j ulv a i. Is 17. If elec de in the i Lucid in us Ellice b-1 i Hmil ii my own in b.1 at Vari nice1 my Char i Hod aspirations to Dies i inns inti to Ltd j Titi by Jln tors of t Eli i incr " to a. , Ronti in Lead i Virlois army the i res Lemia chair by inc a Noril Voiron of inc in ii in i in in her Niv duty to accept the Ollice. Uni while 1 free i avow my Citlai in incl in Ihn us p.1 per Nail inns wherein it is policy of no As on la c Airl Iee of the sea Fra i Illo be Inide Vinod i it i cannot of Tull the Hallof , the in thus Jiu the two Membranous Arinsb sniff exaction of other in to the Toirac j thou d Pir ii that of cart c cd and a liner Assa Ullie arms were As oars has for r dered Hal animal an object of Iizumi a and tint these i ave been proved . Red it . Into Irue history have shoun tin incl tisk to be no less Deservi Iier ii Tion from Aelion than from Llie function Mioc locally ascribed in j com the excessive i Ness of the Beanie Fol Shell to which Llie Way the animal has in muscular Al , and cd Creme in liable to Iva Claire by Heiner losses Riboul Al the mercy of the when Elliis Hap Penang .s noun usual in Erin Rose Llie animal rep Llie frail arc by a new dip Omilion Nufi Helly to inc Arolvi ii , by me. if the Mem Hranous Mantle. This Sircum Marisc served in a number of Kepi in i in an open in the t la of my Imd in trill tie if Contti Titian. 1 hive on Llic Cir Ces under which Only 1 can in induced in accept High and responsible Ollice of president of the to Nicil Siales. Neril Hanley add Hal Rinino , permit ii of i Bjorr Lite people Bif any of in clips that a Ali Viiar. Our , Ira Len in offrim. It affords me Sircal Jile asure in conclusion fully in w re yen in your an Lens Siim the of Llie Bulli of head and bean of the cil unit a Titialii mentioned in lie Ihil in no idler by Hay of Messina by Madame Power re a no film a any kind has Gen. Moved Ilo Pihis Nan rams so the in Carly Ilsc annual Bing really any that lie h is Roucal Colv Riahi i Linn inv the i in Tasy in the of the animal was i .nes.scil, Well Llie Power of he Shell Wien Eil Hei intentionally or Acci i a Xcvi. If. in report of Llic fun Enol of new ii imps Hiie i Rof. S. Tuscon Laining Rel Nitis from nearly every Lowr. In the s ale. Furnishes Llic Folly win Siai Iriti a Hulo Man bar of Schnol d Sarics re Poi de in number of scholars in Llie Winter school attendance in the Winter .eliiinl.s, n of Hchol. in Wimmer schools attendance Llie summer .school.-, i. Average length of Llie Winter schools week Lens Rah of Ilu i ii Miner schools in , s ave Raire Mon Lily Wajcs of male teach ers exclusive of Board my. Average monthly wages of female le..ers-, of Board Mimier of male teachers employed in the Winter St nols . Is i inner of female Lea Ehens employed in Llie Winter schools an omit of Money raised it incs for schools 77. Amount Cen Ribu led in Board a us fuel income fund amount of literary fund 22. Amount raised for the teacher s Zinsli Lute Aboul Wonlu amorini Raisel Lor Llie Henelt 8 j. If to i be lidded what raised in the owns Mil reported Llie. Commissioner of opinion that the entire amount raised would not be much less than which is Rhonl More hair the his . These arithmetical fads Good Evi Dence Hal the Iran ii stale is Deli ruined soil. To keep in Llie Van of the country As she has hereto fire done in inc Mailer of popular a work Cik Lias been defined by Uslice Mitchell of Phil Adelphia in be a work of necessity which May be perform Oil on sunday without breaking Llie Sibbach Laws. Jn1 accordingly dismissed two Barbers who were brought be Foo him Forsh iving on sunday. Of Kkt son. Is Worcester mass spy suites thai More than eight Hundred of the Federal voters of Worcester have enrolled i hair Siam of As members of the i Weedom club of that cily and thai Llie number will go up the Wizig i arc Cir Neal a Spry. Started in , that the Lule j. Adams had expressed an opinion in favor of Ken. To ten in Ference is from a prodicliim1 on the part of or. Hal Taylor would succeed. The Muslim whig id Aiila oried to stale inc sanm idea was to his . But in was1 in connection some Oscr Vairons up on inc ii Ilo Olllie of Llic him Whin parly unit trill n Xirong recommendation to hint Laffman .Mai.i, . The seilers refused by Taylor Al lilo jul halon b i arise of the enormous in All postage in . Tin aug not leis than a Vuu of inc tin.1 late whig National convention which or j Aylor have Laken the slump the Nnami ice. Win i in Jii in m. This gentlemen the Jamison inc for . Ioveino in ibis stale Ito tit tin. 1 Aylor. . The. Linn1. Jacob of Ohio several of lure a in Ember of has boiled and Laken slump to oppose film m or a free up Jueit recently Coni Jian in orator Van Huron in feed Llie lamp of Liln Ray to All Clur Niiya know Iirth i make the photo parly blubber. Tin son is Llie Lilic of a Sci Kly Jap crust cd at Middle inn Conn. letter from item. Of maim1, dated Only in this steam not to Rise very if re much less a boil Len. 1 Aylor than i anticipated. J he Slid Sunli Mcnol is fasl. It is in this Nlaly. A pc lion for free soil is to by held air i Ort lamp Elliis i ont. New Orleans and Clia Leilon Uro Eon by j . The Clirel pained Over the wires on the 17th Insl. To More than and it calculates j of alrica., re 11 Onnor Juliet Uii Don sailed vein on Llie i lib june fur Len co Tittl she Bassoon j t ii., it in -.1

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