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Racine Advocate (Newspaper) - April 12, 1848, Racine, WisconsinTo. A Racine Wisconsin april 12, 1848. Whole no. 281. M h in Tiu it nil a. "1 i Ulii. " Us. In Rel ims it v 1 i nil t Iiri Lintl i u m to kill Lolin s u nit Vav win a Mur. i ii Kline to Mil .1-11.t uni Fiji Lewis b Jet ii v1kilm Cimi Lim mrs till i. Ii Lin us i h incl a t i m v t ,1 a i St. a u i la .1 i1. I. Ii. Nui .1 j.mi-, lit r. 11 or and it 11.1. u Mcmeem v Lynli ii Minim x i s Mur in .1 i. . Viu Liiv .1 . Liim i. T u Sov i . I. V. I-.11. i .1 .1 int. I n.i., a. 11 if i a Mil . a Elnah i ilium ii or i us tin. 11 in ,1m k. Time v . i ii i. I j. I a. I to i . I ton a. L a i v it l a real pirate. La tic tic to Toni Oli Luinis very i of Oisin i by a a civil Vurlis Lilc bini.1 1 Nile is Juile in affair clip Ravior of Tiu fellow who Lias ii Crl Ori Ioctl Liis part jul Kolii cil from thu a virus Sligo Liin ving Linin in Iliin inn his Natin ail Al new pleas Ami , Ort lir Ami bloody Rel Ilc Alli s Heads soul ships Willi nicely balanced our Ilii in in lit rails and Low Black Auhoon rth Wilh Rupil us i or by livid a Groos or is tin sailors say Hail Way to Lucien nol Liing at All and ii i Lunvia so cpli1." talk of Jill i ii iut old tilt cil inc Lucu Ankurs or Ilii a Lilly Nancis and if by a Anuial i Vila Ion in Vallui Iliani is Mara Clad in Iho Wiir almiral of a Morrii . Is Lioy hog Fli a f.alilii1 and us j or Lur s itiusi1, ,.iid to a Hull at the Ilion of tin y Ami Tiblis Xvi Liua his ii Iva Viu a Muir str til is almost in in in in Uri t Lily Fasin ifli1 in infill us Elliis to ii n of to . Thon Lulu re on it kill Nuvil ii ii Rizui Aziul of Tiu in sight to i or top there shouted the offer of the Ilc Elc in a few minutes Al Ier his or Tler for bracing no Tho i inns Hail been executed. Fore top there have Yum got your eyes open Aye Aye Well what do you make out on inc weather Bow a barrel or cask of some a barrel Well it s to he hoped there is Sorn Lomg in observed the Purser 11 to Morrow is the Foit of july perhaps this is a god Send from old Neptune in Honor of the the Obj pc was now plainly in sight and the Caplain coming on deck the ship love Lomi Boal. Lowered and sent for it. It proved to be what Ihu top Man had when close along Side it was a to me How any one. Could make out its charac Ter. Upon freeing it from sea Sweetl Ami Hnis Ling it on Board it found to be completely enveloped in a mass of animal Mailer barnacles sen suckers Long Worms irid u kind of hat Een Lipede were entwined in n Linn and solid layer from three to four inches thick. Tin1 Cooper was sent for and Ufier n Good dual of Active exer Tion Ihu lipid of the cask was exposed to View. Ii. a s.i. Win and now of All those who go Down Mai Iliin there was much Curi e sea in ships and do their mls speculation afloat among the group o in the Waters you t find a 1. I f Sll 1 i nil. Mil Miullo Sll Lulli Iliili i Mia t in. L i 11-1 i i. I w in m i. U h Xuy ii r. I a i . J m i in lir i Al .1 a u ilk i a it 1. , a i 11 to. i -1 t i Miln j u Thum ii ii i or Nin ii n , ii k ii a Ury h i. In .1 u i. Ill. I a i u u i. .1 . . r n i ii. or u i ii i i 4 ,11 Plevi say i-.-, ii Cali i. P. A i1. Gnu it. i in i t w to t tsp. v.1m i. I. Tin1 Tui by ii. U. Ill in in i in -.r. A i la Lull in. In sri. I.-ii.1 Mil 1 a i in Lull Lulu i la till1 1 i in a i. In in Kinniry ims. in a in Piu in who apart from the question of a lav1 pros Oil the coast of Sina Alra Ami Java have any More fur i than a modern boy of eight years old live for Gross or die Devil. Alas fur the Gootel Voltl pin Lical Siml Jie Olickal both have been swamped in thu floods of Utilis Lariat ism Otien nailed in their lives their deals they were not Ali Vidette. In this a ihei.1 i said in resemble them inn Wilh a Ihfe re acc the old Wiiri always and the new poetical tis h., is often if nol ii Wilys Piral Icil. The piratical Havi Nir thus nearly pias an element of tin social stall and a very Iron enl scepticism As to and room Tif inn taken pos ses Siim if the Simlie mind it Beho oies Mie. Ahnne in introduce a real pirate Nin Jinni Tail society to Nice his no car by in assert m of his claims to Cor. I Ali Nee u Ullh this View 1 have added epithet an in Verible Urale in to your Ideal lied hovers and All such kind of fanciful Craft. My Ivee Booler was Jive and Hearty hut a few years since and i presume his now inasmuch us he wins a Middle aged Man with .1 Good Constitution and my Surv if it has Hal a Leith Romance in it has a Good Deal of Tiili v hit h i something in these Days of Ami magnetism and quark medicines. Dili where shall i a i see Island of a in res with Gur to Black As Oik of the Crown from which it is named far off in the distance of the heal Ifill is the first land fill at t 11 i 1 .1 ,1. i nil i t i in i a Miv .in1 in .hi1 i v Llic i v Par 1 la ,1 la m if i .lc., i if ,11, Thi in u v urn 1 fan in a. In. In .ii-Lnml. Uliuli will n inline ii in tin no Alu i. A i Mil Vii. in a will a tract t. . v in fi.lhil-. I r Amin i . Inlall ii t m i 1.1 i. M. j .1. I7. U1 .mill1 in i n. . Ii n. ii Lilly Llull and circa Mstan is Ami it Novig lie group of spectators As to the time our Price had been in the water. Three years was the Sho Lesl period allotted by those who had most experience at sea while among the Junior officers there was a considerable diversity of opinion and ii much More lib eral allowance of time to i la it la you what i demurely interposed one of the Young you recollect that Columbus when he was coining Home on his first voyage was Highl a a Tern by nor Bosler just Here off he Western islands and in order that the knowledge of his Froat discovery might net be lost in Case he foundered As he was expecting to do every moment he wrote two letters enclosed them in i m cases with Wax put the cases in barrels Anil threw them overboard. Then is no us count of Shtur Ever having picked up and of course must have been float ing about until this 1 guess is do the barrel is full of some objected one of the he Fet auders. I replied the Dily hut it is die. Seu Waler Al in die course of three hit oklred and Liliy years has Leal Tell in we find the of Wax inside All safe.1 the Carpenter having at last go raped his Way Down to the head of the barrel proceeded to tap it Wilh a Gimlet. Upon calling who cask Over a Clear colourless Kiiji streamed from the orifice Dill Tisi Nir around a Gratcl id that Trade several old tars were assisting no the operation snuff up the air with evident Deti Juhl. A cup was brought and filled. The Earp nor passing it to a midshipman sea May in imagined la in was Wilh no or to the nosing in Wili n Twig Dii iary feeling of pleasure thai we the midship Mati to Liti i Lien Lonnal and the first lieutenant in on a. Unit to l inn win. .1. Iju Mccur Kii m. V i1- w , i .1 a. I lie Hill Lull. link i , i a unit. I ii i n 11 self ii. S. Ain no. In Ilii i. Ii. 11hv. I Liyiu-i-..7 .1. T i v 44 j him ii 1. I t. 2 a my Roll i la is -., if i in us. .1. Limit no Ilif tin1 i Mjalli v.1 1 Siml for mile he k Duj Imio in. I t Zikik tin1 Joni of. . Win. J. If . ,111 i.u1u f. Vav. A Crane. Up the deep ravines and Green valleys dotted with the in Intel. Els i relies Ami con ins Siml Long the sleep Anil rim Rcd Lull sides of die of i m i cd claimed As 1 Sloop the o the a orvello my supported tin Feln oiitl.1 the zen u Lovely Anil a inviting u Audi Fol real Ioctl one of the ii cheers of the ship did Yon Ever hear Hal remark about Lisl men Idini to he View ii were ii Alime ii re Yon Mould Lind i hints of a Dill Ernel Hue i la to bound. Those dark g Rue n slopes Are nothing my Pota Ioc Palch is or is equally Slit indy and Bushy vineyards and As for Pimsant looking i la bet you Ronld nol get within fifty rods of them the myth and Slench with which they Are . There is nothing like a i ortngiiesi1 Villa in the the glance for an optical m he further discussion of the beauties of i Jores which despite of Lam Lieuten ant s contemptuous opinion of portuguese Hii Mcd Lobo Horlivy of its nit like Island of Drlores was in by a thu Hientan who Lottich ing his Cap to the Allicer of the Dock re ported something floating in the water a few Hundred j arils Olf Llic weather beam. Does it look like demanded the lieutenant. Why replied the middy in looks to me like a Bunch of sea Weed but Jem Jones of the for top says he thinks it is something More than sea Weed and Jones has got eyes like a Hawk. I in nothing but some piece. Of a spar with collected round laity i pm a lev k us Kwui. It. However there is to harm in look by pirates. Nili etl and air for a moment or two tout Hud it to his lips and handed it Hack to the Tirol . The first Luff raised it to his lips. Fin the Captain. Jin so ii tin first in if. Very said Iho Laplain. Or Vilish Good ression did he first Luff. At this moment the officer of the deck interposed to Cut Shor i the rising discus Sion. That said he to is acting in a queer kind of Way. Since she was reported about Hall an hour ago she has allured her course ant is heading up for us As close As she can lie. She has Hying that i make Nodi Inglat her fore and main masts but j can t Tell shul her sli3 has a hag Al her Peak or not. 1 suppose she wishes to speak Well Square away and give Bur a Chance to do replied the Caplain. The attention of All the was by this order directed to the advancing ship and upon looking around again for Lac first object of barrel of it had most mysteriously there was a Rumor current throughout the ship during the Day that the barrel had neen seen on ils Way to the Captain s store room but an extra Glass of common ship s whiskey Given ostensibly in or of the fourth but in reality a Jack suggested by Way of comm nution for his share of the prize was All Hal was Ever heard of that cask of Well seasoned hol lands. The stranger having backed his niacin Topsail under our Lee Quarter announced in answer to our Hail that he was in Hundred Ami ten Days from Sidney in new South ant that the Day before he had been boarded ing at it u Little nearer. Take a. Pull Oil the Larboard braces us up or. I1, report to Ilie Captain a nondescript at the Hare mention of the word pirate there fins As Strong a sensation through out tile Knight Heads to tall Cier ran through a new York i drawing room upon the announcement of an English lord or a mustachioed French Mir wifi. On of the Quarter Boals was Al once lowered away in Mcd my the first lieutenant placing himself in the Stern slice pushed off and was soon on Gonril the stranger. We had nothing to do but to await his return. In the meantime speculation was Rife As to inc Circum slain of tin piracy and the probable where Abo tits of the Frue Hooters. J Tim report of the lieutenant upon his return was to the effect tha k English j Man Haj been boarded Early in the fore j noon of the d to before by a Boa from a Clipper built Brig after been summoned to Linave to by a shot from n Long gun amidships. The Brig showed no hag hut appeared to be w. Wilh a Spanish looking set of Fellows in red 1 Caps and Blue Woltch shirts mud it Addi i lion to the Lisl Gnu she carried Elliree or four Tades on a Side. Upon coming on Board the boats Crew at once set about plundering the ship apparently seeking Only such articles As they could use on the Brig. In i ice the optic or of the boat announced in pol test manner and in broken Lolo the Lemiiux Passen Gers and Crew that his Craft was merely Short of sea a lords and lie should simply help himself to such things As he blood in need of. How much of Elliis for he Nince was due to the Lac that he knew there hardly i possibility of there be ing any specie on Board and thai the ear i go wits Bulky and of but Lille value it is impossible to say. J Laving helped them selves to a new fore lop sail several Bales of no ass and rope Ilire or four barrels of pork Anil biscuit to nil sundry articles from the tool a Hess and Steward s pantry the pirates quietly got into their Boals and Well off to their Brief which without farther in lick filled her Mam lop sail and stood till to the South West. A Long passage Hail already great la re j thied the Stock of provi Sions and the pirate s exaction left him Wilh barely ten Days Supply a Vii after putting All hands upon the Possi ble allowance. It was this Iha made him so anxious to speak us. Supplying him with Boef and bread Eno Nirh to his him for the remainder of his voyage to bat1.k him to Oil Bye and binding on , Sloots up on the track of the pirate. Is of a Call showed i sell Lite rest of the Day although some iwo Hundred pairs of Eves were Kepi on the a Leleh and provoking enough it was when ton dead certainly there was a pirate within a Hundred Miles of us. The next Mornini however we were gratified with the sight of a set give it up so and with every thing set alow and aloft and Bowlins hauled taut we commenced a regular Chaco. At length we got cur enough to Semi a shot dancing along on die water ahead of him when he at once put his Helm up and came Down under our Stern she proved to to a Beautiful i or tvs Giese look Bijj Craft with tokens of inc slaver in every line of her finely moulded Hull and in the spread of her Square Yards and taunt Lap ring top masts. However we had nothing to say in her or her business and she h. seen nothing of the pirate we filled away for upon the suggestion of the first 1 Luff. Who says hut thai. The fellow has gone into is close by and As he appears to have been Short of grub he has perhaps put in there for potatoes and onions. As to the onions i m Sura he could do but or for the Fayal onions Are almost equal to those of Madeira and the Madeira onions Are a Motis the world we came to Anchor in the Road Stead of Orta. Amid a Fleet of Yankee whale ships who were laying in their stores of vege tables am fruits but no pirate was to be seen. Ortii with its White washed buildings looks pleasant enough from the sea but As. Soon As Yon set foot on Short Yon Siml yourself in a Little filthy dilapidated town. The streets perhaps Are not so disgustingly dirty As those of new York but they Are very narrow and the houses Are old and mean. On the opposite Side of the Road Stead Risos the Beautiful Peak of Pico us tap covered with Snow and enveloped in fantastic and Ever varying Clouds and with its Steep sides clothed with vineyards from whence come the i Ico wine of the new York Market. There was no pirate Bill the first Luff had promised then were plenty of onions mild As new milk am big a your of which Wilh Oiler fruits we Laid in ii Good store inasmuch As it was whispered that we were going to run by Madeira without slopping it Funchal until our return. Ten Days from Hal time and we were becalmed right under Llic Tumulis 1 Cak i Tenerillo e. By his Lime the exile men Aboul the pirate had diet away the fellow Hud slipped of not Only out of the sign of lilo Sharp eyes at our fore Topmast Cross Trees hut apparently out of tin minds of the loungers on inc Quarterdeck Ami the conversation for the Lime flowed in iwo pretty nearly equal an abuse of the Calm and the other a in Dupion of the Majestic Peak four punier of Levi Iris the sleep Leal was Gul hut i Here was no Bollom at hundreds and hundreds of fathoms. If Lac Ocean Ever dries up so Thiol the i eak of tone rite can he viewed from the present Bottom of the sur rounding sen it will unquestionably he Houghl to be the most astonishing Innon lain in Lite world. thing must have an end even a Calm in summer among the canaries and at last a Gimle and a favourable cur rent set us around the Island to the Road Oleal if Simla Cruz. There was Quile a display of shipping Anchor Ami tin City looked really enc Haining with its yellow and while washed arct chm along the fool of the Era Fry kill in must be Hal this was my first Visil and i had no idea of what a hot Anil disagreeable Hole the chief town of Tenerife really is. U what a Fine 1 exclaimed As our Gallant ves Sci was slowly before the first Light of the into Anchorage. Fine own indeed exclaimed the surgeon who had had sonic experience of the place in a former visit a line town for priests beggars and thai s interrupted the Purser hut i Dun l know Hal in is any Especial reproach to Santa Cruz. You May say in of almost any Spanish town that i Ever had the Lack to Ami this is the. Land that was once peopled by the inches and in i. The caverns of Ilion a precipitous rocks it Are said still to hold their inn Mylei remains. Mysterious people who. In is said revers ing the order of things allowed every woman two or More husbands. What an argument for As hearing on the merits of that much talked of system but As showing its proving Hal in the social slate there is nothing however absurd or contrary to our reason or our prejudices Hal May not under cer Tain circumstances be done. Ami there on the very a shot from which if i recollect aright took off Nelson s irm one Niji it when he was Oul on Lional ser vice and Ihen far away up the dark ravines stretch the vineyards that produce some of Iho finest wine in the world no beit the name Tunc Rifle has come to signify in inc american Market everything Hiil is abominable in the vinous Way. My reflections were Cut Short by the rattle of the Chain Cable As the Anchor dropped from the. Hows. A boat was soon alongside with several dark looking officials in Dingy Gold hire who proved Loho health Oili cers. Paul Bijur was at Onee granted and we had permission to communicate Wilh the Sli orc. In a Man of War coming from a healthy port there is never so much trouble Wilh the quaran Tine 1ml in a merchant ship nine cases on often nothing can be More vexatious. Of All Lac modes of annoying a quiet Voy Ngor including Customhouse regulations passports there is nothing 10 equal the , useless and barbarous quarantine Laws of about Hall Lac ports in Lac Globe. Our Anchor was hardly Down Anil Pra Tique obtained when the boat was ordered to lie manned. It was decidedly uncommon and rtt dig for the skipper to hurry ashore in the first boat and a Good Deal of conjecture was wasted As to what the old fellow had in his Eye. The most reasonable supposition was Hal he walled to get the weather Gunge of his middies Wilh the Black eyed senoritas of Santa supposition that gained in strength when it was found that the first lieutenant had so much work for the men that no boat could go ashore for two or three hours. There wan evidently Collu Sion Between the two oldest officers of the ship. In about in hour s time a Large boat with to or three soldiers in tic Bow and a couple of officers in the Stern sheets came along Side. Upon being piped Over with All honors the elder of the two offi cers advanced to the first lieutenant and presented to him a note. The lieutenant glanced his Eye Over it and Polilli by led he Way into the Captain s Cabin. T if conjecture was a Little Cucit Ltd and wild before it was now Stark Starling . Whal could it All mean and Hal hint move of the first j taking the spaniards so suddenly into Koerbl consultation in the Cabin wan a . I Shaw observed one Hal is Only because he Don t like to unroll his Spanish Here before us All on Lite Quarter dry Don t you believe replied an Uthit if there is anything the Tirol u Ignant k proud of it is Hix Spanish and he in uncool in fake after fake on the produce some Erfil Cuenl among Liei i de capt in Crew who to i Stihl see with our were once All in presence of tin lieutenant and the Spanish officials while our boat s Crew were observed ascend the rigging and easting off the Kels let the Sain Ulrop from tin Yards. The pirate exclaimed a halt dozen voices and there she Lay As Plain sat the Day there could be in doubt of it the Brig was the free Hooter of the All agreed that site Hud wonderfully piratical air but was a Tittle curious in had taken the Eye of our astute old skipper to first discover it. Am thus was explained the reason of his hurry gel in Hore. Before anything Scmid leak out a id Imp knowledge that a piracy had been committed. 1 Pou Landing he had at once an audience Wilh the governor i neral and communicated to him his suspicions of the Brig which j had come a Anchor the evening before Ami which had had no with the Shore. The consequence wag an order to our first lieutenant to accompany the Captain of Lac port Oil n Visil to Llic suspected Craft. Upon housing the sails there Hung Iho identical fore Topsail Wilh All its Marks described by Lac English Captain Hales of canvass and rope Wilh thenan Iok of the Sidney makers and the barrel of beef and pork Wilh their English hut what will be done with him of the lieutenant upon Hill re turn from the execution of his orders will they hang hang not a Bil of in but they la serve him Al most As badly As if they did. To proven to be ii Rich Lellow from the neighbouring Island of Irand Canary who has fora Long Lime engaged in the stave Trade. Lie has got Money and that will save his neck but they la strip him just As clean As they Are now going to strip his Brig and the lieutenant pointed to a crore of red capped sailors who were busily engaged in unbending the Brig s sails Anil sending Down her spars. The Heel Clipper that for years eluded the English cruisers off the african coast had at last fallen into the clinches of the half starved officials of Santa there could lie no Nubi of her Fate die would be condemned while her Captain after being put through Iho processes of the Spanish courts would be in Ned Loose to commence again if he could Muster the his Trade of slaver and pirate. I ily we could not have him before he a anti to exclaimed the Captain. And have sent him o the United replied the first where he would have been at once indignation celing got up in his ourselves served Wilh Wrilon for never replied the i would blow him out of water sooner. No. I would have taken him into Gibraltar and Given him up to the there. Gibraltar is not much of a town for sym Pathy then there is plenty of Law and Justice for such Takino it your House u on lire said a stranger Rushing into the parlor of a sober Cilien. The answer of the latter to what cause am i indebted for the extraordinary inter est which you Lake in Lac of my House a gentleman taking an apartment to the Landlady i assure you Madam 1 never left a lodging but my Landlady shed tears. 1 Hope said she it we nol because you went away without tin lath crisis is Herrich. In the of on the 17th nil., estimated the whole sustained by the 220 important failures of business firms last year it cock to Tea ten store we robbed in Baltimore a few agent of the Lea company in an advertisement asks the thief to recommend Lac Tea to his Friend

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