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Quanah Tribune Chief Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1936, Page 12

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Quanah Tribune Chief (Newspaper) - January 3, 1936, Quanah, Texas Certainly. Every user will Tell you that the last cup of admiration is As Good As the first. It is this uniformity that has won it so Many friends throughout Texas a product or Duncan Coffee company a Southern institution Wmk is Akk fighters in Little More than a half Ltd or her1 have been 14 v. Rid heavyweight boxing champions. Several pertinent facts Are revealed by an examination of the records. All urn americans except Schmeling and camera. Johnson was the first coloured Champion. Sullivan held the title longest and Tunney was the Only undefeated one he retired after holding the championship two years. Here Are the champs and the Date of their Rule John l. Sullivan 1882-92 Jim Cor Bett 1892-97 Bob Fitsim tons 1897-99 Jim Jeffries 1899-06 Tommy Burns 1906-os. Jack John on 1908-15 a Quot Willard. 191 &Quot>-19 Jack Dempsey 1919-26 Gene Tun no 1926-28 Max Schmeling 1930-32 Jack Sharkey 1932-33 Primo camera 1933-34 Max Baer 1934-35 Jimmy Braddock 1935-?. Over 300 different languages and dialects Are spoken in China. The lord is in i Temple let All the Earth keep silence before him. Hebrews 2 20. \ i a Thor of a Volt where the West Hegins Dies Arthur Chapman age 62, journalist and author who composed the famous poem a out where the West begins a died in december of a Mclart ailment at his Home 410 e. 57th Street. York City. The poem of Only stanzas follows new three out where the handclaps s a Little stronger out where the smile dwells a Little longer. That a where the w est begins out where the Sun is a Little brighter. Where the Snow that fall Arr a trifle whiter w Here the Bonds of Home Are a wee bit tighter that a where the West begin. The Kies Are a trifle Little out where bluer out where Friendship s a truer that a where the West begins out where a fresher Breeze is blowing where there Slaughter in every Stream let flowing where there s More of reaping and less of sowing that a where the West begins. Out where the world is in the j ii. Making rl01> Here fewer hearts in despair Are a thing that s where the West begin where there a More of singing and i less of sighing where there More of giving and 1 Les of buying and a Man makes friends without half trying that. What n the West begins. Or. Chapman was born in Rockford ll., and became a reporter for the Chicago daily news in 1895. Among his works are1 a a caucus a mystery ranch a a the Story of Colorado and a the Pony i Hen and now seme of the older folks of Tenall Long distances trudged daily rain or Shine sleet or now in order to acquire air education at the a a District school. Nowadays some 2.500,000 Rural children an transported by bus to approximately 24.000 con Solidi dated schools. Woman Page by mks. Marg a Kei Stute Al to Speed expensive Home problems to be a fashion rights anywhere adopt the tailored Mode Patt erns 2102 and 2348 you la to considered a face High Quot Iii fashion if you include one or More smartly tailored fuck in your Winter wardrobe. Have Yea Ever before beheld such tailored perfection a pattern 2102v it clean it it. Precise lines give you the Assurance that make you throw your shoulders Hack your Chin up see How gracefully the bodice shapes upward Huggine Tho Throat How smooth and sleek the hips ifs smart in sheer Wool or Wool crepe. Pattern 2348 is a soft Young thoroughly wearable shirt maker of the go any where Type which makes up nicely in Challis Jersey Wool appearing Cotton or one of the new Dressy woolens. Illustrated step by a t e p sewing instructions i a eluded with each pattern pattern 2402 is Avail Able in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 30. 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 size 16 take 2 % Yards of 54-Inch fabric. Price Loc. Pattern 2348 is available m sizes 14, 16, to 20, 32, 54, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Size 16 takes 2f"s Yard-54-Inch fabric Price Loc. Send fifteen cents Loc in coins or Stamps coins preferred for each Anne Adams pattern. Till Tkv Genth 30c for both write name address and style number. Be Suke to state size. Order your Winter edition of a n n e Adams pattern Book you la he thrilled with Tho smart designs it pictures clothes for All occasions. For All your family. Adorable easy to make. And helpful advice on being the charming. Perfectly groomed woman. A Book you la love and consult fro Quentlyn All season Price of Book fifteen cents. Book and pattern together Twenty five cents. Address orders to Southwest Magazine co., 2402 pattern department 243 new York n. V. West 17 the Street the Valle of ideals new year new resolves new trials with the question of How shall we meet them it is Safe to say that each will be met in As Many different ways As there Are pen pie. But sometimes lives of persons so influence us that they May become a guiding Factor in our decisions. One evening a party of friends were visiting the old fashioned Way exchanging idea and ideals. In the group was a Mother who is trying to raise her children with the ideals of truth. Honesty and ability to work. Most of the mothers present were a a modern mothers that sincerely loved their children yet had been swayed to the ideals of a doing others before they do during the course of conversation i overheard a a a modern Mother say to an old fashioned Mother a you know i often think of you and the ideals which you Are teaching your children. Don t you see they will have no place in the modern world hut will be beaten Down because they can to Cope with today s cunning. There la just be no place for your a i m afraid i could never agree with you a replied the old fashioned Mother. A i still believe that even in this modern world truth honesty and Industry will win Over running craftiness and it so happened tha it several nights later i a tuned in on one of Tho special memorial programs for the late will Rogers. The depth of feeling the trueness of love and absolute sincerity of the speakers who happened to be personal friends of the beloved humorist advertised and unadvertised products if i were to come in your Home today and a a you a who is the Best Cook in your Community a you May find it hard to answer the question. Not just one person but a group of persons would doubtless stand out before you. Then again i might ask you a who is the Best manager in your Community who seems to have most for the income and Money expended a i would t mean the extravagant one but the one who managed to have pleasure and Comfort yet Laid something aside for that Well known Quot Rainy i am almost sure you could name me that person As in practically every Community there is an outstanding example of real Thrift and Good management. Perhaps you have often wondered Why a certain person is so fortunate. You probably called it Luck. However i Ani positive if you investigate you will find this person studies the Means to the end is a careful buyer with a Good sense of values. Determined to find the a a secret of Good managers i visited a number of communities and it ought out the women most often put Ken of As Good managers. I was impressed with these facts first is was a desire to learn How to get the most for the Money. It was this desire on their part that helped them to a find the three out of every five women that i interviewed told me Tho same thing about a getting their Money a Good recipes the cold invigorating Days of Winter create in us an appetite for Sweet things. Then too. The body needs a certain amount of Energy buildings foods. With these two facts in mind we Are suggesting that you try the following delicacies that Are both delicious to the taste and Energy producing. Gingerbread squares 2 cups sifted flour 2 Teaspoons Calumet baking powder by Teaspoon soda 2 Teu it Poons Ginger i Teaspoon cinnamon c Teaspoon Salt i 3 cup butter or other shortening cup sugar i egg. Unbeaten continued top next column fall 8�? those who would drive at an excessive rate of Speed must expect to pay for the privilege judging from tests conducted by the american automobile association. Different makes of cars were tested at various speeds and the ratio of Gas and Oil consumption to Speed was found to be about the same. An automobile which goes 18 Miles on a gallon of gasoline at 30 Miles per hour will go but 12 at 60 Miles and eight at 80 Miles. Oil consumption is seven times greater at 55 Miles per hour than at 30. A a Ratliff a Gold medal chill con Carne and Tama its make a delicious combination dish for the evening meal order today from your grocer enjoy music in your Home with sea lion ire Tor famous artists Quality recording Price 35c a 3 Tor at All music stores songs of the Southwest i is 12 Ohi Bankhead is. Nations Brothers Shelton and marshal Magnolia Ink Tim playing i Ney Khz knew. W. Leo o Laniel and his hillbilly boy. Chinatown my Chinatown old time singing and playing 0312 the grave beneath the pin est la Enderson Brothers the wandering of boy is Way olt West vocal Huet with mandolin and int 03121 on the Royal glory Road Coats sacred singers till what a Joy to sing. Sacred singing with piano accompaniment Osage stomp Novelty hot dance Hoh wills and i Tesa Playboy olt with it. 03096 03of6 l l 0.3026 i 03194 030 03065 Novelty hot dance with singing Bob wills and i Texas playboys old time singing and playing Hor wills and his Texas playboys Novelty hot dance with singing Farmer Sisters the Tennessee Harmony girls i ittle Home in Tennessee vocal duet with guitar just like Duhon my Star of the sky vocal with guitars nobody s Darling it mine a Hie Light i rust doughboy the Waltz you saved for me vocal with i i it Ali Hose Good old Oki a Hom ast. Louis by i is. Four or five times. The Maple on the Hill instrumental a cont. Outstanding Melstone re Jordi 13315 tumbling to Heder Gene Autry i it to vocal i Quot Ria inst. A cum. Old Missouri Moon enc Auire a Jimmy Long with y deling inc inst. A cum 6_0�-5t on treasure Island Prairie rambler a hat dance with singing take me Back to my hoots and Saddle. Old time placing with singing 6-01-59 dont forget me i itt i e Darling Tarter i Amu v a gathering Flowers from he ii i Side with guitar 6-01-53 Roll along Prairie Moon Prairie ram he ers hot dance with sing Rig the Oregon time dance with singing 6-61-54 shorty s Nightmare the westerners the Nancy family Boi Dahn wheel vocal with inn minimal accompaniment we he is kor Brunswick Park Avenue Impi Ete pm Al of record corporation Dallas. I fax 4 impressed to most profoundly. Without exception they spoke of the rugged honesty courage ideals and the never tiring labor to serve others As an outstanding characteristic of that True Friend of the people will Rogers. Here was one of the largest broadcasting systems giving valuable time some of the finest people in the world speaking in Praise of a truly honest Man who dared to live his Lite of ideals. I thought of the millions of people who were eagerly listening to each word and echoing in their hearts the same sentiment expressed by the speakers. I could see in my minds Eye this splendid True Type of Man Well deserving the love and Praise bestowed upon him. Then my mind went Back to the conversation i had overheard Between the two mothers. I had hoped the Mother holding to the High ideals was listening in on this a memorial program to hear the worlds appraisement of a Man who dared to live his ideals with sincerity and following the a memorial pig ram i was even More convinced that old fashioned principles of honesty and truth still paid the highest dividends if will Rogers had left us nothing else but his example of honesty and kindly deeds in a distraught world his life was not lived in vain. I pass these random thoughts on to some one who May be a struggling up the Hill and who May have become discouraged because of an honest Effort to do right. The example of our Friend will Rogers to sult a an one should give new Hope and courage. 2 3 cup molasses % cup our milk or Buttermilk. Sift flour once measure add baking powder soda spices and Salt and sift together three time. Cream butter thoroughly add sugar gradually and Cream together until Light and Fluffy. Add egg and beat Well the molasses. Add flour alternately with milk a Small amount at a time beating after each addition until smooth. Bake in greased pan 8x8x2 inches in moderate oven 350 degrees 50 minutes or until done. Cut in squares and top with molasses whipped Cream made by folding 2 Tablespoons molasses into by cup Cream whipped. Sprinkle by folding with Coconut Southern style. Courtesy above recipe from a the new Coconut treasure Bonk general foods corporation. It was surprising to me that the Good managers All purchased Standard and nationally known products. Done to you find that nationally known brands Are higher than unknown brands a i asked each one. Without hesitation they All agreed that such products were slightly higher but they convinced me that though higher they still were the Best buy. The fact is that merchandise nationally advertised and Well known makes it imperative for the manufacturers to produce Only Quality products. And products must have Merit to keep a hold on the buying Public. An inferior product May flourish for a while because of salesmanship but in the Long run it Falls Down in sales. The outlay of Money for National advertising is so Large that advertised goods must have Merit to justify such an expenditure. All women interviewed from every walk of life told me pretty much the same thing that they take chances with off Brand Mer Chandise because one failure might Cost the difference Between a known and an unknown Brand. Two of the women outstanding in Thrift and management told me that thy used advertised merchandise As their main shopping guide. The interviews were interesting to me and i wish i might report them in full. It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that a cheap product is not always cheap that it really pays to buy the Best if you can afford French fruit dressing 3 Tablespoons Lemon juice 3 Tablespoons Orange juice 4 Tablespoons Oil % Teaspoon Salt i Tablespoon sugar. Mix All ingredients Well. Tine for fruit salads especially Range or Grapefruit salads. Ham with pineapple have slice of Ham Cut i Inch thick. Brown on both Des and place in baking dish. Spread lightly with prepared Mustard. Cover with Brown sugar pour around it the juice from a can of sliced pineapple. Bake Abou i to hours in moderate oven bating occasionally with pineapple juice. Cover with slices of pineapple for the last half hour of baking or saute pineapple slices separately. Think it Over our greatest riches Are not the jewels around our neck or on our fingers but the precious jewels of kind arid Loving thoughts and deeds. Great Salt Lake shrinking great Salt Lake is still shrinking. This is largely due to the fact that farms and cities Are using More and More of the water from the streams that previously fed it. As a matter of fact great Salt Lake has been shrinking for Many centuries. It was once a great Inland sea known As Lake Bonneville. At that time it covered some 19,-000 Square Miles of Central Utah or an an a equal to twice that of Lake Erie. Traces of Shoreline have been found at 17 distinct Levels the highest being 1,000 feet above the present level. Ost a deciding Factor in Italy a ethiopian warfare the economic Factor will largely affect Italy in her East african Campaign. American military experts believe. The utmost importance therefore is placed in the collective action of nations against Italy through the league of nation an particularly on the firm St and taken by great Britain. These views Are predicated on professional military judgments that while Italy can conquer Ethiopia it will be a Long and costly Effort. I Bis opinion is supported by the Progress of the italian armies to Date. The appear to be following the Normal Elirse for operations in difficult colonial warfare that is proceeding to Advance lines then consolidating and building lines of communication to the rear. The communications it is contended present the real problem for the italian forces while obviously the most effective tactics for the ethiopians Are to fight delaying actions and attack the line of communications throng forays and night attacks. It is contended that it the ethiopians pursue these tactics and do not attempt to meet that italians in Mas. Tho effectiveness of machine guns tanks artillery planes and Gas will be reduced almost to the minimum. If the ethiopians employ the right tactics officers Are certain that the efficiency of italian fighting will depend mainly on discipline and control of Small warfare. It is estimated on reliable authority that seven out of every to pounds of Ole Margarine and other butter substitutes Are used by Farmers. Final Cotton Roi estimate the 1935 Cotton crop a estimated at 10,734,000 Bales by the department of agriculture. December 9. In its final forecast for the year. The revised figures was 407,-000 Bales or 3.7 per cent below the estimate of november i and was 1,098,000 Bales larger than the actual crop of 1934. It was estimated that 9,-362,343 running Bales had been ginned from the 1935 crop prior to december i. The estimate for Texas was 3,050,000 500-Pound b a i egg of with an average yield per acre of 138 Pound for 1935 com pared to 112 founds for 1934, a v i

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